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Star Light, Star Bright
Date of Scene: 05 April 2020
Location: Titan's Tower - Lobby
Synopsis: Starfire returns to the tower. Hugs are given. Pizzas are eaten. Starfire takes the entire jar of mustard, and nobody minds.
Cast of Characters: Colette O'Connail, Koriand'r, Gar Logan, Terry O'Neil, Kate Bishop

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    The message Colette had sent to Garfield had been brief, and not very to the point. "Found someone who you should definitely talk to, when's a good time?" Perhaps another potential then, like the new Hawkeye?

     In the days following the fight with the robot spiders, the idea of anything to break the monotony of ignoring press attempts to get some statement from the denizens of the tower is probably welcome, anyway. Things are getting a little quieter though as no confirmations come through - there's still one bored papparazo parked out by the bridge, but he's tired of photographing the pizza delivery guy and is taking a nap in the back seat of his car when Colette drives past and stops in the Tower's lot.

    Colette, as usual, arrives at the tower slightly before the appointed time. On her way out of the car she pulls a small stack of pizza boxes from the passenger seat and brings them with her. She rings the bell at the tower, and stands by the door with the stack of pizzas held up in one hand like she's waitressing. She's wearing a distinct smirk, and for some reason there's a jar of mustard balanced on the top of the stack of pizza boxes...

Koriand'r has posed:
    The Tower. This place had mixed memories for Starfire; a lot of good memories that had twisted to... bittersweet ones. Fights, anger, otherwise. But as the time went by, the negative memories had faded, leaving behind the thoughts of friendship, even if they rang a bit hollowly with the passage of time, and the presence of the negative. So it was with a fond smile that Starfire gave the Tower as she spies it in the distance, the woman twisting in midair - a comet, perhaps, as she goes to land upon her feet, the alien princess not there one moment, and bizzaow! She was there now!

A surprise, maybe, unless one spot the greenish comet coming their way.

"Hello!" she says, lifting up her hand. "I have read your message, and I am people to meet you... you are... Colette?" she says. "Or the pizza delivery person?" she asks. Why did she ask the latter?

Well, her nose had quirked up, picking up on the pizza scents. But that jar of mustard balancing atop?

Her eyes narrow. That was suspicious. Someone had been doing research!

Gar Logan has posed:
The Tower has been fairly quiet since things with the mechanical spiders. Gar has not been doing any interviews at all, and they don't have a formal PR person to really handle this kind of stuff yet. That's what happens when a few people are trying to get to know each other better, end up in a battle, and one thing Gar said led to media reporting the Titans might be back.

So, he's tried to ignore it. He's even been quiet on social media, which is unusual for him. Very unusual.

Word had been sent over that there might be a meeting today, someone he was familiar with, but for the moment he kept himself sequestered off in his room. For now.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Colette is ringing the bell for the second time when Starfire puts in her appearance. This appears to be somewhat normal - Gar apparently isn't keen on answering the door.

    Starfire's cometary arrival is missed by the snoozing press photographer. If his boss ever finds out, he's probably going to lose his job.

    Starfire's arrival could hardly be missed by Colette though, what with being accused of being the pizza delivery girl. She is almost tempted to claim she is, but does not. Instead Starfire's arrival is greeted with an oddly wistful look, rapidly followed by a smile. Colette holds out her free hand to shake. "Yep, Colette. That's me. Nice to meet you, Koriand'r." Her pronunciation is remarkably good, more evidence of research no doubt. "I brought pizzas because that seems to be the thing to do around here. I blame Terry for this. Hopefully you'll have a chance to meet him soon - a good friend of Gar's. I brought mustard because I heard you like it on your pizza. I have to admit this seemed unlikely, but better to come prepared, hmm?"

Koriand'r has posed:
People sequestered in their rooms. Raven a gloomy gus, even /Gar/ sequestered in his room.

Truely, this was most distressing. Which might be something that Starfire was picking up from the Tower now, too. Far from being a place of joy and merriment, it seemed... darker. In many ways.

The princess frowns as she looks up at the tower itself, looming over her in the night. Perhaps that is more why she left. That slow souring of the memories. She felt that creeping back.

But she chases that away for now, to put a smile, bright upon her lips as she looks to Colette. "Please, you can call me Starfire," she says, reaching forward to take Colette's hand with an overgentle grasp, and give it a shake. "I have met Terry, I believe. It was he that put me... well... started the thought of coming back. And having a dinner here. When you invited me, it was..." she pauses a moment, looking back up at the tower itself.

"A sign," she says, her voice quiet with thoughtfulness. "What sort of mustard is it?" she asks, her eyes snapping back down to Colette. She had eaten just an hour or two ago.

Her stomach gurgled anyways.

Gar Logan has posed:
It's not the first time someone's come by and tried to ring the bell. Without the code to access the Tower lobby, nobody can get inside. It's an extra security measure that comes in handy.

But, whoever's down there seems insistent on being seen. Gar might just have to go down there and see just who it is, make sure there's no trouble to deal with, nobody looking to make a scene. As he rolls out of bed, he glances at the clock and it doesn't immediately dawn upon him that he was supposed to be meeting someone. All will become clear soon.

He exits his room, heading to the elevator to take it down the conventional way, rather than using the open shaft to fly.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Starfire. Okay. You can call me Colette." She grins at Kori, shaking her head slightly. "Sorry, I don't have one of those fancy code names you guys have. You met Terry? Really? Did he ask you for an interview yet? Because he will. That's his thing. He works for the Daily Planet, and seems to be specializing in interviewing superheroes."

    The handshake is interesting. Colette heard that Starfire was rather on the strong side, and obviously she's being careful. Colette's not quite sure how to react, whether to make her own grip a little tighter to compensate or whether to match - as a result it's a slightly awkward handshake which results in Colette giving a brief, slightly embarrassed laugh and rubbing the back of her neck when it's done. It occurs to her that Humanity may need to develop new forms of greeting, given the sheer range of potential grips the planet is having to deal with.

    Colette swivels the ceramic mustard jar around so that Kori can read the label, though the label is in French so how much of it she can make out will depend on whether she's been doing much French kissing. "Best mustard I could get my hands on. Pommery whole grain. You know this stuff? Delicious. "

    The change of topic is somewhat welcome in the awkwardness of waiting for Gar to answer the door. She did message ahead. He's supposed to know. Colette glances at the bell, considering ringing a third time, then looks back to Kori. "Gar may be asleep again. He had a few injuries to recover from. Nothing too serious though I think. Don't suppose you remember the door code?"

Koriand'r has posed:
Starfire probably would have been okay with either. Unless Colette was super strong and torqued on Starfire's hand, well. She had no desire to show off her strength at all. "He kinda interviewed me already with his boss, Lois Lane," she says. "I think," she says, kinda narrowing her eyes as she considers, tapping her index finger on her lower lip.

"They purchased me food," she says. This was her big takeaway.

Finding no awkwardness in the handshake - at least that she was expressing, she flashes a bright grin towards Colette proper, the embarrassment in her laughter perhaps glossed over for her to, well. Just interpret it as laughter.

"Oh! I know of this mustard! It is French!" she says.

How did Kori speak French? She may never tell. Floating up a little bit, she reaches out her hand to snatch the vial, coming back down again - even though she was probably tall enough to snatch it without the help. "Injuries? I have heard about these spider-robots - after the fact," she says. "Or I probably would have come," she says, idly.

"I do remember the door code!" she says. Stepping forward, she taps upon the keypad.

Bee-doop. A negative.

Kori scrunches up her face, and tries again. "Hmm. I remember it very clearly," she says, thoughtfully.

Gar Logan has posed:
The door to the elevator opens. The door to the Tower does not. It's been over two years. Perhaps the code changed.

When this happens, Gar squints in the direction of the front doors, then he hesitates and stops. The elevator doors begin to slide shut on him, then a green hand interrupts the progress, tripping the sensor that guides them open again.

Is that...?

Surprise reigns in his expression and body language, and suddenly the pace of his steps picks up.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Oh, Gar and a couple of new friends handled the spiders pretty well," Colette says. "It did get a little hairy when more and more of them kept showing up though. A second flier would have been really useful. Especially one who can fire bolts of energy!"

    Colette rests a hand on the shoulder of the puzzled Tameranean. "It has been a few years, Starfire. They probably changed the code. "

    It had been a few years. Almost three years, the tower stood empty. Colette knows this pretty well - she lives locally. Like Starfire she remembers when the tower used to be busy, filled with life - though unlike Starfire she only experienced that at a distance, seeing the great T-shaped building lit up against the darkness of the bay at night.

    She probably has a better idea than Starfire about just how empty the tower has been in the intervening years, though. To the natives of St. Martin's island, the darkness of the tower has been ever-present. Local kids claim it was haunted. If Colette had been a few years younger she'd probably have played the game of 'how close do you dare to go.' To Colette, the current state of the tower is not so gloomy. Relative to the last couple of years, it seems full of life and light. Gar's living there now, the alien bird-man Kian has moved in, and she, Terry and Kate have been regular visitors.

    And yet, the tower seems remarkably empty right now. Colette frowns a momentary frown of mild annoyance, and reaches to ring the bell a third time.

    It's not required. Colette catches movement in the corner of her eye, and peers through the glass front. There's Gar, finally! The moment of annoyance passes in an instant and she waves through the window to Gar, grinning very wide indeed.

Koriand'r has posed:
    "Yes, but it was my code, friend Colette," says Starfire, the edges of her lips turning down into a frown. Taking a step back from the tower door, Starfire looks up. There was always an entry in through the roof - unless they patched that up as well. She could always knock on windows, but...

Probably best to stick to the plan. "I cannot let you into the tower," she says, finally, turning back towards Colette. "So we will have to have this meeting out here," she says. Although she pauses, noticing Colette's glance through the window.

Turning, Starfire presses her face up to the window, looking through it to see...

Whatever negative feelings were in her gut vanish in a moment. Was that? Is it?

Smile is bright, and Starfire waves her own hand frantically.

Gar Logan has posed:
It is. A couple years older, but just as green, hair just as messy as ever.

There is a moment where Gar looks uncertain of how to react. It's one thing to have new potential Titans to get to know. It's another to see someone he already knew, someone who went through the same things he did, felt the same senses of pain and loss.

If Beast Boy was the heart of the team, Starfire might just be the passion.

His tongue sticks out of the corner of his mouth for a moment, just the tip, as he bites it gently. It's a look of apprehension. He already went through hell and back just getting Raven to relent a little when it came to anyone else staying here, but Starfire was always cheerful, bubbly, quick with a smile.

The green teen approaches and there's a moment where he tries not to laugh at the way her face looks against the window. Colette is still there, but right now he's only looking at the one with her. Once the door is opened, he stands in the space created, a mix of apprehension and underlying anticipation. "Kory..."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "Hey Gar, I brought you a surprise." Colette's grin stays fixed. Watching his reaction is fun. "Only apparently Terry was planning the same thing and I've spoiled his surprise by accident. I only just found that out though."

    Colette raises the hand holding the stack of pizzas, lifting them slightly just to indicate their presence. "I brought pizzas too," she says simply.

    And Colette steps aside. This is Starfire's place, not her's. Starfire's door. She's not going to go first. Not going to step between Starfire and Gar. Two old friends. Family, as Gar has said in several occasions, back together again after three years.

    There is a pleasure in watching something like this, in seeing two old friends meeting after so long. Of course given the circumstances in which they parted it's not as simple as that, but Colette feels fairly confident that given the two people involved, other considerations are likely to step aside and not get between the two Titans, just as she has. She has come to know Garfield over the last few weeks. They've talked about how he was the 'heart' of the team, and she's seen that side of him enough to believe it. Kori she doesn't know, but even a few minutes spent outside a door with her gives Colette the feeling that the Tameranean is the kind of person more prone to looking at the positives than the negatives.

    Also Dick's dossier said something along those lines. At some point she may mention that business to Gar, but right now she's just happy to watch two old friends greeting each other.

Koriand'r has posed:
Kori was a fire, perhaps. Quick to anger, quick to care, sometimes a tornado of back and forth emotion. Was this tower hers anymore? Was it ever?

Starfire did not know. She measured home in friends, and it was in this moment that she was home. Not because of the steel and ceramic that made up the tower, but Garfield.

And Raven, but if Raven had issues with Gar being there, well... Starfire and her always had an interesting relationship. Polar opposites, really.

But that might be why they get along so well. "Garfield!" The door had been the one thing protecting him against alien invasion. And now that his only shield was out of the way... Kori was through it like a rocket. She had perfected the scoop-hug, as Gar would no doubt know. A way to approach someone with such force, but scoop them up in a way that did not harm them.

Whether or not the tight hug that usually followed did was another matter.

"You are here within the tower! I have been warned," she says. "Terry was supposed to bring me for dinner as a surprise, but I could not wait any longer," she says, beaming a smile proper. "Have you met my dear friend Colette?" she says. Even though she pretty much /just/ met Colette. "You must have, but she has been most pleasant and friendly so far," she says, her smile exhuberant upon her features, whether or not she managed to snag Gar. Raven had been wiggling out of hugs for /years/.

Gar Logan has posed:
Oh yes, Kory's moods could run very hot and cold without a lot of mild in in between. Often, one knows where they stand with her. That makes her valuable beyond simply being able to fly around and hit things super hard.

Her hugs might be on a level with Gar's, and he has the momentary disadvantage of not knowing exactly how she was going to react. The energetic waving looked like a good sign, but he still stood by without knowing what was really coming next. Would there be talk of Doomsday and everything after? Would it remain in the past, if just for now?

He gets his answer in an emphatic way, scooped up in that hug by the Amazonian woman. "Kory--oh!" he exclaims, swept off his feet so easily, going from vertical to horizontal in no time. "Terry was?" he asks, catching that part before adding quickly, "Colette..yeah, we've talked a bit." Answers are a bit clipped because he's getting squeezed a little, but not for long.

He turns himself into something Kory might remember from home, but might not remember showing him anything about. But, Gar does not forget, and soon he is up atop her shoulders in a green, somewhat catlike form, one from Tamaran itself. This 'feline' has small hands much like a rodent's, plus a long, bushy tail that's about three times the length of his actual body. Those hands take hold of her hair to hang on. "I missed you!"

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "I guess I owe Terry yet another apology," Colette says with a grin. "In my defense, he never mentioned this to me, or I wouldn't have spoiled his plans. I had a PI tracking Starfire down for a while, and he finally came through. If Terry had told me he'd already found her, I'd have called off the bloodhounds."

    Colette leaves the two hugging, stepping over to the bar to put the pizzas down, and heading behind the bar to root around in the drinks cooler. Her voice rises up from the chilly refridgerated depths. "Yes Starfire, we've met. I've known Gar uh... well only a few weeks now. But long enough to know he's a nice guy, and that he's a little lonely. I kind of figured he'd appreciate a hug from you, that's why I went looking for you."

    Colette pops her head up over the bar. "I need to refill your fridge, Gar. Wanna give me a shopping list and I'll go do a run? In the meantime, there's coke or water. Or watery coke if you want a cocktail, I guess."

Koriand'r has posed:
A squeal comes from Starfire. Yes, a squeal. This was either a good or bad sign, depending on how Raven you were.

As it was, though, the small animal that Gar became was squeezed at that moment, her smile sparking gigantic upon her features. She does bring her cheek down to rub against the fur of it. "How did you know about zanzats?!" she says. Or the 'zanza cat', as some called it.

Even if it was kinda rodentish. Or monkeyish. Really, Tamaranean animals were weird. It was Colette that draws her eyes admist the cuddlehug, her green eyes seeming to alight with all the more fire. "This is a joy unto me," she says.

Unfortunately, if Colette thought she was getting away from this, she was in trouble.

Floating her way now, she brings one of her big amazonian arms to wrap around the woman and pull her into the hug. Well, hug with weird Tamaranean cats. "Have you been speaking to a lantern, Gar?!" she asks.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
When Terry got Colette's text, he was in the middle of snacking on an italian sub. That was then. This is now, and there is an italian sub that has been abandoned on Terry's kitchen table. Terry himself, however, is arriving at the Tower parking lot as we speak. Er. Read.

How could he make such a fast trek in such a short time? This is easily explained by the fact that he is currently covered in fur, and stepping out of a veritable hole in the fabric of space.

"Okay... that's getting easier. Maybe," he says with a smirk. Only because previous attempts at going where he wanted before today ended up...

Well, let's say that Paris is lovely this time of year.

He can't go in like this, though. Fortunately, the portable mirror he carries takes care of that in a cinch, and it is a thoroughly human Terry who steps up to the door, punches the code, and walks into the lobby.

"Colette," he calls out, "You wanted my ass?" he blinks a couple of times, adjusting from outside to inside lighting.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar, the green zanzat, does not seem capable of smiling any more than a normal cat could appear to, but that's what he's doing right now, whether inside or out. The rubbing of cheek to fur - and it is pretty furry, like Persian cat furry - leaves him clinging to the side of Starfire's head as that extra-long tail winds around her closest arm a few times.

"Ever since the Titans broke up, I thought about what I'd do if I ever saw you here again. I studied Tamaranean animals and I thought you'd like seeing this one the most," Gar explains in a moment of solemn seriousness amid the smiles and laughter. "I guess I was right." Nope, no talks with Lanterns.

He adds, "Sure, Colette. We'll need to make a big grocery run soon from the looks of it, and.." The zanzat's attention turns toward the door and he deadpans when Terry walks in, "I thought that was me, dude."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Colette had not thought she was getting away from anything. The thought that she might have to had not crossed her mind. She's only just met Starfire like five minutes ago, why would she expect to get hugged?

    "Oof! uh... okay. Yeah. " Colette blinks a little and wriggles herself into a slightly more comfortable position to be super-hugged from. She gingerly half-wraps an arm around Starfire to return the hug in a half-startled, half-awkward and half-amused fashion, because a Starfire hug counts as one point five regular hugs.

    Colette gives the green Garzat a bemused expression. "Just um. Glad to get you two together again. Even if it turns out the whole thing was unnecessary because Terry totally beat me to it, which I am going to have words with a certain P.I. about. Next time I want someone found, I am just going to offer the job to..."

    "TERRY!" The timely arrival of the not-cat Terry is a welcome distraction for Colette, who's somewhat at a loss after being hugged so enthusiastically by this total stranger. His comment is less welcome. She reaches her free arm behind her, scrabbling around for a can of cola to hurl at Terry, but doesn't find one. She thinks momentarily about lobbing an tiny little sphere of darkness at Terry's head, but she hasn't really experimented with scaling them down to nerf dart levels, so thinks better of the option.

    Colette struggles for a few moments to /not/ make the obvious response, because that might count as breaking the promise she'd made to Gar to let them take things at their own speed. To her great relief, Gar says it himself before she fails to restrain the impulse.

    "That." Colette points at Garzat. "It's totally Gar who wanted your ass. "

Koriand'r has posed:
    Certain Earth idioms Starfire would never quite understand. It was something about the language structure, and all, that would forever leave her naive as her alien brain tries to process some things or another. Hugging midway, there comes a lot of talk about people wanting people's asses, and she stops, her brow furrowing in that usual way that she did when she just did not understand something.

But because of the nature of asses in general, she probably elects not to ask questions.

Probably for the best.

So she locks her eyes upon Gar, for the most part. "You have made yourself to look as something very, very cute," she says. "It is a zanzat, as you know," she says.

"I had a pet one when I was a child, and although you are not my pet, I am pleased to see you as one nonetheless," she chirps, smiling brightly - and letting the hug, as it was, fade from the warmth of it.

Meaning, she was just loosely holding her arms around Colette, even if she was still cradling the Garzat.

"She has brought pizza and French mustard, so for tonight!" say Starfire. "We are saved!"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry puts his hands on his hips, one eyebrow arched ever so slightly as he adds to the chain of deadpand, "That remains to be seen."

His eyes flit over to the impossible-to-ignore golden presence, and then back to Colette. "Ah. I see." Someone has quite a tally accumulated with Terry. A certain redhead might be cashing those in soon for a fancy dinner.

"Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag now" boy is he ever "Looks like I missed the happy reunion! Miss Starfire, it's great to have you back in the tower again."

Terry walks up to the group, peering at Gar, "Gar, are you trying to market yourself as a new type of Pokemon now?"

Gar Logan has posed:
"Correction: I am always cute," the Garzat says before he ascends to the top of Kory's head and gestures, with little zanzat arms spread wide, "Behold, Friend Starfire has returned to Titans Tower! Let us rejoice and commence with the eating of pizza!"

Dramatic, that one. He hops off of Kory's head, if only to bound over toward Terry and hop up onto his shoulders, clutching an ear with that hand-like paw. "No, I am obviously a Tamaranean zanzat. Ask Starfire about them sometime." After leaping back down, he morphs back into his more familiar green teen self, though that long, fluffy tail lingers for a few seconds longer. He had to concentrate hard on remembering all the details of that creature, and the tip of it swishes to and fro. "And why? Are you a Pokemon trainer now?"

Talk of asses, claimed or otherwise, has come and gone as far as it seems.

Then, the question. The important one. "So..Starfire? Does this mean you'll be hanging around some more, or..? I can get you the new code."

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    "You're allowed to catch him, Terry - but don't keep him in a pokeball. That would be just mean, you get terrible wifi in those things. " Colette smirks a little. "Almost as mean as not letting the cat out of the bag. Who puts a cat in a bag anyway?"

    Colette lets her arm drop a little sooner than Kori does. It's not that Kori hugs aren't nice. Quite the opposite. It's more that Colette is not used to them. Colette is not used to Starfire at all, and Starfire is an experience. Not, Colette reflects, an unpleasant experience. She hasn't quite decided what she makes of the Tameranean yet, but if nothing else it's an experience. Of that, Colette has no doubt.

    "Starfire, Terry. Terry, Starfire. A pointless introduction as you've already met." Colette gives Vorpal a rather jokey glare, eyes narrowing. "You could have told me. Do you have any idea how many pizzas Giorgio's would sell me for the price of a good private eye for however many days it is since you found her? Many, Terry. Many delicious pizzas."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate rips past the car with the sleeping paparazzi on her motorcycle from the Metropolis side of the bridge, driving probably much too fast and too reckless for her own good.

She also probably gives the poor guy a heartattack waking up to the noise and startlement that he was quite literally laying own on the job and missing... things...

She parks the dark purple bike by Colette's nice car and slinks off. Pausing to grab her sword, sheath it, then grab her bow before walking up to the front doors. She honestly doesn't care if the reporter gets any shots of her walking up to the tower, if he is even awake in time.

Also either Colette texted her about meeting up here tonight or she has the building under surveillance, because really who actually believes in coincidences.

Regardless Kate peers through the glass, then knocks lightly with the knuckles of her archery gloved hand.

Yeah she still doesn't have a door code.

Koriand'r has posed:
Starfire's experience included the scent of burnt citrus that she tended to get when she went too long without bathing. Like someone left orange peels in the oven just a touch too long. Not necessarily unpleasant, but it aggravated her when someone mentioned it.

"We /have/ met," she says. "I do not remember - do I owe you an interview, Terry?" she asks.

"I would..." A pause, as she watches the Garzat leap to Terry proper, and she claps her hands together.

"It can be very expensive purchasing food for myself when on my own," she says. "But still, it is good to see such life within this building! It has been so... dark when I passed it in the past."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry smirks, "I don't know. You seem pretty untrainable, Garfield Logan," the redhead reaches over to swat the tail, but it disappears before he gets a chance to. Darn.

His attention is divided between Starfire and Colette speaking now, "Well, considering that over the last two weeks I've managed to nab interviews with Power Girl and Miss America Chavez, I can't imagine why you didn't think of me when you needed to find Kori here. I mean, it runs in the family. April has Harley as her room-mate. It's like we are fated to run into interesting people." Or be them. He shoots Colette a laser-sharp glance when she talks about letting cats out of the bag, then he answers Kori, "Oh, you bet you owe me an interview. Don't worry, it'll be part of the whole feature I am doing about the Titans getting together. I can't imagine they could get going without you, Starfire. Gar forgets what day of the week it is and Kian doesn't even speak Terran... have you told her about Kian yet?" he says to Colette, "Because you should. Between Gar and Kori, you could get that bird boy acclimated to earth in no ti-"

Knock Knock Knock.

He turns around. "There's someone at the door."

He walks to the door, and it becomes clear who it is. "Hey, it's the Hawkeye!" He opens the door, "You need a code, don't you?"

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan holds up his hands. "Totally no pressure. It took me like two years just to come back here, and I had to stand up to Raven looking like she was gonna erase Terry, Colette, and I from existence. But there are some newbies around who..well, I think the Titans being back would be good for more than just us. Think about it? For me?"

He adds, probably trying to sweeten the pot a little, "I can be a zanzat again, tooooooo..."

But yes, he'll make sure she has the codes she needs, both for the building, various things on different levels, and of course her own room. That one might not have changed.

After sticking his tongue out at Terry, he retorts, "I don't /need/ any training, and it's..Thursday, right? Oh yeah, Kory, you'll have to meet Kian soon. He's also an alien from another world and he loves flying." He suggests to Colette, "We might need a few more pizzas, and a solid funding base sooner than later."

Last but not least, he gives Kate a peace sign. "Hawky! S'up, yo?" Gar was a little down after the spidermech stuff, especially after he saw a bit of the news, but the spirits are on the upswing again.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Terry's eye lasers deflect easily from Colette's shield of shamelessness, causing no more damage than triggering her natural smirk response. It's not a particularly difficult response to trigger.

    Colette extricates herself from the bar and the scent of burnt citrus to greet the new arrival. "Hey two-point-oh! Come see who's here. Hawkeye, meet Starfire, Starfire, meet Hawkeye." Finally, she's introducing two people who haven't met before.


    They're going to turn out to have met before. This kind of thing happens so often it would be a surprise if they haven't.

    Colette shrugs the thought away. "Starfire? Hawkeye here is an archer. She helped Gar and Kian deal with those spider robots the other day." No mention of the contributions she or the mystery cat man.

    Introductions aside, Colette considers something else Gar said thoughtfully. "What did you guys do about funding before?" she asks. "I mean you could maybe rent out a floor or two of the tower, you'd be able to charge premium rates for office space here. Law firm or something would pay top dollar for a Titans Tower address. I figure I can help out a little with funding short term at least if you need it. I'll see if I can twist Daddy's arm a little. He's not exactly Tony Stark rich though."

Kate Bishop has posed:
Kate slips inside when Terry opens the door for her there. "Hey, looking good.. not blown up then.. good. Very good." yeah Kate wasn't involved in the whole yeah Terry is fine, the whole gone missing and all episode was worrisome. She did see the Cat guy but she doesn't have enough data, yet, to say one way or the other though on this front what may have happened.

Gar gets a grin. "Always a new nickname... I suppose that is better than 2.0." a glance to Colette. "No offense..." then back to Gar "Thought I would stop by, see how you were doing since we put you to bed to rest the other day... and well others are here so that is good too. Also if we are serious then yes to Terry's question, definitely a code and a plan."

Attention bounces back to Colette and she starts to walk over to Starfire offering her hand out. "Nice to meet you Starfire, and yes there is another Hawkeye.. old dude.. gave me his name after ceremonial combat but I felt bad and let him also keep using it." she is so full oof shit, also sass.

"As for funding, I can probably emmbezzle a lot from my father and help out.. he isn't Stark rich either but he does go to all the same events as that crowd... he is billionaire rich just not.. like.. Wayne rich I guess..." a shrug. "I just have to do it without him realizing I am shuffling cash around the trusts.... " she peers around the lobby. "How expensive is this place to run?"

Koriand'r has posed:
"Hawkeye of the two points, pleased to meet you! I am Princess Koriand'r of Tamaran, but I am mostly called Starfire," she says, easily extending her hand - exhibiting a soft touch as she takes Kate's hand in her own, giving a small squeeze. "I am grateful that you were there to help them," she says, glancing back towards the pizzas.

Her stomach growls, audibly.

"I would be most happy to speak to Kian! If he is new to Earth, there were a great many things that confused me that I can help with," she says, although her eyes end at Gar then, and she bites her lower lip. "I would... be very happy to have the Titans together again. We ended on such a... poor note, I would be very happy to turn this around. But first..."

Stomach growls again.

Koriand'r turns, and picks up the topmost pizza from the stack. "I will be examining the kitchen. I need to see if... um. I need a place to put this pizza!" she enthuses. She knew where the elevator was, and all.

So she was off!

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Bon Appetit!" Terry calls out as Starfire heads to the upper levels. And thus the Titans have invited a new resident to move into the island- Tom Nook will probably make the announcement tomorrow...

He pauses. Maybe he has been gaming a little bit too much of late. "I'm not blown out, I was just conked out." Yeah, Terry is keeping a tight lid on /that/ secret for the time being. There was no reason to overcomplicate his Not So Mild Mannered Reporter narrative, not when he was on the cusp of getting a front row to the Titans Back Together World Tour.

"Sounds like you ladies can help with funding a bit. Don't look at me, my mom's a P.I, so she's successful but we don't have a mansion. You could always hit the old Robin- he was a member, right? See if he could shake Batman for some handouts. Maybe hide the tower funding in the batarang budget. I imagine it's larger than you'd think."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan shakes his head, waving his hands back and forth. "No, no, no. The Titans are not going corporate, and we're not gonna run the place through anything shady. I never asked Nightwing how stuff was funded before, but I'm sure there's something on the level that would work. But man, I am not having CEOs and secretaries around when I get out of bed and forget to put any clothes on and.."

Oh, right. Everybody is there to hear that, and now think about that. "I'm just saying, I don't like the idea. It could make some problems for security reasons, too," he explains, scratching the back of his neck. "But we'll figure it out."

He grins lopsidedly to Kate, that snaggletooth showing. "Thanks..I just needed a couple days to rest up. I hadn't been in a fight like that in..a long time. And then that cat guy came to the rescue but all I was thinking about at first was Terry getting buried. I still don't know how he got out."

He merely gives Kory a knowing nod, letting a slow breath out. "Well..we'd love to have you back, too. Just take your time with everything and...she's gone." Probably used the open elevator shaft, too. If he flew all the time, he would as well.

"So, yeah!"

Colette O'Connail has posed:
"You're not supposed to /like/ your nickname, two-point-oh!" Colette objects. "That's the whole point. It's supposed to be just very slightly annoying. Not so much you hate being called it, just so much you'd rather be called something else but don't get to be. That's how it works." Colette stares at Kate for a few moments.

    "Fine! Hawky. Whatever." Colette throws her arms in the air and stalks off, apparently sulking about having lost the argument that never happened and would have had to take less than three seconds if it had. Which is about as long as she's stalking off for too. She probably enjoyed the entire experience. It didn't smell of burnt citrus, after all.

    Colette fetches a slice of pizza for herself, as Starfire had thoughtfully left some for the rest of them and there's no sense in letting Giorgio's pizzas go to waste. She eats happily as she listens to Garfield's little speech. "Garfield. Gar. If it's just a bit of pizza money and some basic daily expenses, I can cover that, but you're going to need more. I can talk to my father about it. Maybe I can persuade him to throw some sponsorship your way. There would probably be tax advantages for him to do so. Hawky can try the same with her old man without embezzling anything too. That'll at least help start things up while the details are worked on. You should get a lawyer to look into the situation though, 'cos /someone/ must have been covering the expenses of this place for the last three years."

    There is a struggle with a particularly gooey string of mozarella that limits Colette's farewell to Starfire to a vague "Mmff! Mm mm." When the cheese battle is won and Starfire departed, Colette glances briefly at Terry. "I found the idiot covered in dust and stunned cop. Terry must have an angel looking over him. He didn't even do the 'where am I' question, and after a couple of minutes of being even more vague than normal, he was even fit enough to help the medics with getting that stunned cop onto a stretcher."

Kate Bishop has posed:
"Trust me I have no problem taking money from my dad.. he is kind of a jerk and sometimes I really wonder about his business partners..." she thinks about it for a minute. "Anyhow if my mom was still around she would donate to a cause likee this I am sure."

She also heads over to the pizza. "But no I won't be talking to my old man about funding the Titans or my being a Titan or .. nothing. He would not react well to all this. He really doesn't like heros.... at all.. which honestly is why I am skeptical of him. Him and Jamison. What do they have to hide." she is only half serious as she takes a big bite of pizza. "But Colette is right.. who has been payign the bills?"

Honestly she is letting Colette's whole arguement with herself over nicknames go. Because Hawky also isn't spectacular but best to not press her luck right now.

"Oh hey did anyone else notice the stalker reporter out by the bridge..." hooks a thumb to Terry "Not this one.. the other one."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Claws out. "Wait. What. Stalker reporter? Who is edging in on my turf?" Terry bristles. Figuratively. For now. "Why haven't you told me? Who is stalking you? I claim right to the exclusive by the holy rite of 'dibs', you know."

He walks over and stands by Gar's side. "Maybe we need to do a Patreon for the pizza fund now that Kori is here. I saw her eat at the café... her powers must jack up her metabolism just as bad as yours."

He holds up a hand, "Also, can I say that we should probably have no speedsters in the team until we have a steady cash flow, because I have heard that they can eat you out of a fridge in a day."

Gar Logan has posed:
"You might not, but that's not something I want to be a part of. No embezzling." Gar seems quite adamant about this. "I'm not a money guy, but we'll figure something out that makes sense. I think a lot of people would like to get in on helping fund us once word gets around more, but we're not gonna, like, look the other way with something just because of that. But if /Batman/ wanted to help us out...that'd be pretty sweet." Oh yes, it would.

His attention shifts between Terry and Hawkeye as the stalker type is brought up. "I've been sleeping." He knows he must have dressed appropriately because nobody's freaked out, so that alone is a relief. "And I'm getting a little hungry too, now that I think of it." Can't go wrong with pizza.

"Let's just let the rest sort itself out, but we have to do it honestly," he says, ending his thoughts on the matter for the time being.

Colette O'Connail has posed:
    Colette picks up an unopened pizza box and carries it over to Gar, holding it out to him. "Hungry is why I brought pizza, Garfield. Help yourself. And I'm gonna set up an account for you guys at Giorgio's, tomorrow. It's the least I can do. Giorgio is a good guy, if you recruit a speedster it'll put a big smile on his face and that's fine with me. I can afford quite a lot of pizza, at least."

    Colette smiles faintly and nods towards the remaining stack of boxes. "Hawky, Terry, do help yourselves before it gets cold. And don't worry about the stalker reporter, Terry. He's the least of your concerns. The vultures have been circling, he's just the last of today's batch to leave. You better get your reporting boots on before you're beaten to it."

    The pizza in Colette's hand smells good. The box has an indecipherable squiggle on the box, and could be anything, but the smell indicates several types of cheese, something meaty, and a generous amount of basil. She raises it slightly towards Gar in a 'take it' gesture. "Also I'm going to get a lawyer to give you call in the next few days, Gar. You can talk money stuff over with him. He'll do the research for you, find out what funding is in place and so on. You don't need those kinds of worries, we'll get other people to deal with it for you as much as we can, okay?"

Kate Bishop has posed:
Hawky there holds up her slice of pizza and takes another bite. Unlike those with supermetabolisms or superpowers she will need to pay this off later in the gym. But that doesn't mean she isn't above eating some pizza now with her new friends.

"Fine no embezzling from my jerk dad." she says agreeably. I mean she is going to keep embezzling for herself, personally, to finance her arrow addiction, and replace wrecked bikes. But she won't embezzle for the Titans.

"That seems really reasonable Colette."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan waves his hands again. "I don't want to talk to lawyers! That's not my thing!" But..Raven would be a bad idea. Starfire probably wouldn't be a great way to go, either. Kian wouldn't know what to do and might not even understand it. Colette? Terry? "Let's just get the food fund going for now and see who else comes back. These things have ways of working themselves out."

That's all the responsibility he's apparently ready to handle for one day, as pizza is accepted and snacked on. Overall it's been a good day, even if it's not Thursday like he thought. He might even have to hop on social media later. Starfire was back around!