10019/Fire and Damnation

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Fire and Damnation
Date of Scene: 07 February 2022
Location: Brooklyn
Synopsis: Emma and Selene skirmish, and various heroes are caught in the line of psychic fire.
Cast of Characters: Emma Frost, Selene Gallio, Tabitha Smith, Megan Gwynn, Andi Benton, Negasonic, Jan de Wit

Emma Frost has posed:
It's a few blocks outside of Mutant Town. Emma Frost has been walking from it, leaving after a small stop by the hotel that she used to own some time ago but had since sold in the months past to someone better suited to run it. She would be walking through the streets, occasionally telepathically sweeping about her, but not too particularly focused on anything that would be going around. Only passively paying attention for any sort of danger or anything. Going along the sidewalks and enjoying the freshly fallen snow while making her way towards a subway. Wearing a mink coat about her shoulders to stay warm.

Selene Gallio has posed:
    A shadowy figure stands up at the top of the building over looking the street, on the sidewalk is the former white queen. "Found you." Says the figure to herself and with a snarl, she shows off a toothy kind of smile. A sighing kind of hiss escapes her mouth and she fades into the shadows.

    Back on the sidewalk, the shadows of a car are enough for Selene to slip through and step out from behind, allowing Emma to feel her with their shared telepathy and she grins, the vile hate behind the motion fully felt through the mental ether.

    "Emma. Darling. It's been too long." With the final word she brings her hands back and then shoves them forward, trying to throw a mental push into Emma's mind, to try and knock the woman off her feet.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Sometimes the best way into Mutanttown is in foot. Where everybody know your codename. Of course They don't always know your Pizza order. Like any store does as Tabitha emerges from many of the numerous places.

There's at least 2 whole pies for any single New Yorker! True Tabby Fact!

Pastel green denim jeans, her red leather bomberjacket and a hint of a yellow tee peek out while matching spikey belt and collar accessoirise her waist and neck and red leather combat boots keep street sludge of her feet.

The short wild blond hair is kept out of eyes with red fgramed pink lensed cat-eye sunglasses on her nose as the woman bumps the door opoen with her backside while both hands curl and aim a huge slide of pepperoni pizza at her lips to avoid a greasey mess.

"I swear you can't get a decent slice in Westchester and Harry just refuses to let me experiment in the kitchen at the hide away!" she says before biting and backpeddling into probablky a very bad thing.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn steps out of the pizza joint right behind Nega and Tabby, yawning and stretching sleepily, "Mmm, that was tasty but now I think I need a nap!" still it's nice to get out and about! Dressed in black jeans and a bright green shirt under a short grey jacket, Megan stands out like a sore thumb even in mutant town with her signature pink hair and iridescent dragonfly wings.

Andi Benton has posed:
In the vicinity, Mania is busy wrapping up a couple would-be pick-pocketers. Even in Bushwick, otherwise known as Mutant Town, thieves try to take advantage of others. The added risk here is that some of the thieves and potential victims have a variety of unique abilities that makes things much less predictable. These two? Seemingly normal so far. "And stay there," the strange, black and white figure with the angular eyes and spider motif says, behind a mask that happens to be her face right now. Neither symbiote nor host are aware yet of other trouble brewing, at least partly hidden by the alley they're in.

Negasonic has posed:
    "Maybe it's because your 'experimenting' usually ends up being costly to repair," comes a dry voiced response from Ellie, who just so happened to be walking alongside Megan, trailing behind Tabby. She's the quiet one in group outings like this, but she occasionally pipes up with a comment here and there. Like now. She's dressed in semi-futuristic cyberpunk style clothing, with a huge scarf that wraps around her neck, a heavy black coat with lots of pockets and buckles, black pants, and heavy black boots. Her head is uncovered, displaying her closely-shorn black bristles. She appears unaffected by the cold that's now breezing over her scalp. Her fingerless-gloved hands are tucked into the pockets of her heavy, long overcoat.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is caught by surprise by Selene. She really should pay better attention to things around her. She would be sent tumbling off her feet, scrambling up to them while she would face off with the Black Queen. "Selene, lovely. I was thinking you had forgotten me." Forcing herself upright with a twisted ankle, Emma Frost would heavily reinforce her shields while going to send out a telepathic message to the surrounding blocks. <<Everyone, get out of the area as quickly and safely as you can>> HOpefully to get any civilians out of the line of fire that was always the messiness that came with the Black Queen and herself.

Jan de Wit has posed:
Honestly, he'd never really ventured into Mutanttown. Jan, for all his travels, had avoided a place he might fit in. Strolling along the streets, bundled against the cold, he takes in the sights of the place. The evening had been one of exploration, curious sight-seeing and being alone with his thoughts.

But, then he wasn't alone with his thoughts - with Emma's message to the masses. That itself, had him very startled. He blinked a few times, looking around for the source of the voice - clear as it was. The thought of telepathy hadn't even entered his mind, pun intended.

Selene Gallio has posed:
    Selene takes a step forward, and lowers herself, hands dropping down and fingers curling in a viscious threat as she bares her talons for show while she revels in Emma's mental projections. Selene's body is covered in black shadow, ash and mist, and as she stands, staring Emma down, the Black Queen's garb shifts, like thousands of spiders wriggling into a preordained position on her body and lacing their legs together to create her outfit. A victorian number, a tight corset with zero room for the black haired woman to breath, a dress that would normally have been high fashion in the 1700's England, has been modified during it's creation to be a mini-skirt instead of a large bustle and hoops, the fabric is gone, left hanging loosly around Selene's thighs, showing off her stockings as she snarls forward.

    "Emma, don't put yourself down so, I'll only forget you about a century after your burrial." The witch says, hands starting to pool a sort of black purple energy in her balled hands. "Come, let us dance once again, like we used to."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"That's the Itis! All the best stuff does that!" Tabby says to her fellow mutant. "If you feel sleepy then you know it's good. Counterpoint. If it's after a drink. Go straight home. That's not itis, that's being roofied!" The blonde says and turnes her grin to the snarky Negasonic.

"Think of how much money you can save if you have soemone that can flash fry a pie in less than a minute. I getting better at directing my plasma so you know less splattering and crawling in the back of the over to clean while my ass hangs out and my legs dangle." The Virginian trailer trash still thinks it's a worthwhile pursuit to investigate.

Mental alarm bell sent through the area gets a groan and a clench of her eyes shut as the noise in her brain is suddenly not made by her.

Taking a moment to wolf down that slide because it was good and clearllt Tabitha needs to carb load, she chokes the pike down awkwardly before turning to her fellow X-Trainees. "Don't you have working on your day off?" she sees the Grayscale Queens of the Hellfire club about to have one of their momennts and groans. The looks to see if any civillians are clearing out fast enough. "Think we're gonna be on crowd control ladies. They really should just wait for Rogue's next mudwrestling night and sort it that way." she states and hmms.

"This should be much more gentle than mojo bots. So umm, Pixie, port any stragglers out of here? Negasonic, we're picking off any flying debris and shit before it can hit porting people. Least till we run out of people then we can take put shots at tall dark and way too sexy for an evil chick?" she asks politely. sure they might have better ideas but might as well offer a plan first being the slightly more senior X-Girl.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn smirks at her companions,"Heh I'll be alright, maybe I just ate too much. I'll fly it off!" she does arch a brow at Tabby though, "Wait what's Itis anyway?" but her thoughts are Interupted - quite literally - by Emma's warning and she blinks as she peers around. "Woah wait what? Ms Frost, what's going on, maybe we can.." oh great, it's the Black Queen..But but they were given an order, a nit so exciting order and she sighs. "Ugh, Okaay, fiiine." making a face she climbs into the air, already scanning the area for civvies who might get caught in the crossfire. Finding a few, she doesn't have time to explain a# she ports them several blocks away to a nearby park before searching for more innocents.

Negasonic has posed:
    "It's a made-up condition suffix to cover all ailments, real or imagined. Schoolitis means you don't wanna go to school, for example," she offers to Megan's question. But, then, the psychic alert is sent out and her genial(?) conversation drops to silence. Ellie's eyes immediately begin looking at the surrounding area, scanning for danger, points that need addressing, and so on. She nods her head to Tabby's words, finding no fault with what's said. She's perfectly capable of protecting innocents before they're escorted to safety.

Andi Benton has posed:
//Did you hear that, Andi? A voice in our head.//
<<I hear your voice in my head all the time, like right now.>>
//That is not what we--//
<<I know what you meant. Yes, I heard it. And yes, we're going to see what's going on.>>

So much for listening. Mania points a clawtip at the forehead of one of the two she's wrapped, up to the mouth in order to prevent any shouting beyond muffled noises, saying, "Stay." Then, another line of webbing is cast, used to draw her out of the alley and up toward a nearby rooftop so she can survey things. A few buildings closer, and she sees them. The one in white, and the one in black. Others fleeing, others doing what Mania did, which is not fleeing. From here she perches, eyes passing over others to see who may be in need of aid.

Emma Frost has posed:
Going to force herself upright, Emma Frost has given the best she can warning to anyone else in the area. Hopefully the others showing up know enough about Selene tos tay out of the way and get out of here. But she can only defend herself now. "Shame that the last person to engage you wasn't able to hurt you more. I had high hopes." Ah well. Hopefully this time there's no one clos eenough for Selene to drain to a husk.
    "If you insist." Emma goes to try and attack Selene again mentally. This time Emma doesn't try to use pain. She doesn't try to use sensation. She doesn't try to use deprivation. Instead Emma attempts to blast Selene with the psychic sense of nothingness. The void. The emptiess of everyhting. Simply nonexistance, of floating over in nothingness, not a single thing for infinity around but the abandoned body. If she could.

Jan de Wit has posed:
Sharp eyes find the source of the commotion - though Jan's still not sure how he heard her so clearly. He... recognizes those two! From the Hellfire Club! He moves a touch closer, keeping behind a parked car fro the moment. They were verbally sparring before, sure - but this looked a lot more lethal.

Demons and witches were revealed that evening and now... a fight between these two. Instinctively, he crouches a bit lower - still keeping an eye on the situation in case there's anything he can do to help.

Selene Gallio has posed:
    "Such a shame." Selene retorts, though her ribs still ache, and she had to devour a whole family of five in order to recover from that injury that the blonde heroine gave to her. Pissed, the witch, feeling the tsunami of mental power being forced her way, sees the retreating tide, and is well aware of the mental swarm that's about to wash over her and so she finds some high ground.



    A Mountain.

    Side stepping to the nearest car, she SHOVES her hand into the shadow beneath the mirror stalk, and in that moment, her arm is swallowed up and from beneath Emma, between her feet, a hand reaches up through the shadows and tries to scratch at Emma's calves and thighs.

    Even as quick as she might be, the psychic blast still hits, and the nothingness washes over Selene, dropping her down to slump on the ground next to the car uncomfortably. Hopefully the physical attack against Emma was enough to break the concentration, and allow Selene a chance to get back her senses.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Boom-Boom puts some of that carbloaded calories to work and starts running almost at a sprint to make sure that there's something between civilials and portals and fighting mutant Mistresses. Both hands keep their guard up but know bombs are thrown yet, much like Missile Command you don't waste your bombs or game over early.

"Don't wear yourselves out doing this ladies. Still need to walk ourselves out on two legs!" Luckily the current lack of flying stuff makes it easier to keep watch.

Of course ever the hot head and an occasional opportunist Tabby sees the Black Queen use a car for cover. The expression on Boom-Boom's face could give most evil mutant ladies a run for their money.

There's a sweep of the blonde mutant's hand as if she was bowling, and a flourish of body appropriate for the sport as a bomb leaves her hands and rolls just under the car at about the size of a volleyball.

There's a hissing sound underneath the vehicle and just near by is a Tabitha counting down on her fingers.

Tick... Tick... Tick...

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn rolls her eyes at Ellie, "Tch, schoolitis. Too funny!" but really she is feeling sleepy and not in the mood for a battle. Seems the others have this under control so she continues to evacuate civilians, focusing on crowd control. Yay, crowd control. Nit exactly exciting or heroic but maybe she'll get home early. Maybe.

Negasonic has posed:
Ellie doesn't have much to say. No quippy one-liners or anything witty like that. Just a steely, glittering gaze as she sets to work of protecting people from any direct or indirect harm. So far, thankfully, there hasn't been much in the way of flying debris, but she's helping to keep people moving in an orderly fashion to exits out of the area. She speaks calmly and firmly, directing people with few words, assuring children that things will be okay, just keep moving along.

Andi Benton has posed:
Mania's strange, all-white eyes narrow at the fight that's taking place, and it's doing so in ways that are clearly abnormal. The internal conversation continues.

//We should fight them.//
<<Why? It's not our fight. We don't even know the one in black.>>
//We should do something?//
<<I'll know what to do when I see it. There's stuff going on here that we might not be able to even do anything about.>>

In the meantime, she scouts out better spots to watch from, while keeping in mind potential damage to property or stragglers.

Emma Frost has posed:
The sudden yanking from Selene to Emma has Emma scrambling away, shfiting from offense to defense to mentallybat away the tendrils. This slows her attack enough to get Selene free of Emma's own mental assault, and teh two are once more left in a position of equals. At least as much as there could be with the way the two tended to brawl with one another. However, that goes to put Selene near the car and the bomb-omb that had been put right at the car by Tabitha. Emma is going to scramble behind the nearest cover, recognizing the shrapnel that is going to blow.

Jan de Wit has posed:
Flashes of what is to come rolls through Jan's mind, the man looking wide-eyed at the car that Selene sought cover by. "Good lord." He whispers, ducking more behind the car he's found for cover. Was it like this all the time in Mutanttown? Perhaps that's why he never visited!

The man peered around the other end of the car, looking to spot where Emma had been. Hopefully she's not near a bomb as well!

Selene Gallio has posed:
    Selene's eyes are dazed, and unfocused as she raises her head up and a hand up to her forehead. "Fuck me Emma." Says the Black Queen, frowning deeply as she starts to try and push herself back up onto her feet. When


    The sound of metal shifting, glass shattering and the silence of drama as thousands of pounds are put into the air for only a moment. Selene is on her back and lifting her hand up as if to stop the car from landing on her when-


Tabitha Smith has posed:
For all the reputation Tabby has as a reckless hot head and nut job. She has always had very good control of her bombs and how much BOOM goes into them. She just isn't always aware of how squishing something is despite it's appearance.

It's only the one bomb anyway. So far.

Sinking into a more normal crouch, almost between something a Spider-Person might do and a sprinters's starting pose.

The fingers counting down. the last one is aimed at Selene.

The Middle.

Birds are flipped as much as the car is on it's way to rolling over and landing on the Black Queen. All the while Boom-Boom's grin is possitively giiddy and manic.

"If she ain't dead she ain't happy and maybe worn out. Metal Itis!" she says and throws in a nice call back as her felow X-Girls finish up on moving civillians. "Emma honey, time to bail maybe?" she states supervillains are never that easily dropped.

Tabby clearly made a friend.

Emma Frost has posed:
Selene is going to vanish over to whatever she's come from. Emma Frost would glance at Tabitha Smith, "Good. That should deal with her for a few minutes. Everyone, clear the area." Having recently seen Selene be punched at near full power by an enraged Kryptonian, Emma has no particular faith that this has done anything more than inconvenience her. So Emma is just going to work along hobbling on her twisted ankle.

Andi Benton has posed:
Mania's eyes track the..bomb? No, more than one, coming from the blonde-haired woman. The explosions that follow are enough that an arm goes up in defense, though as she looks around there is no sign of Selene afterward. Hopping down from the rooftop, she lands a few feet away and rises up. Speaking of spider-people...

"Would someone like to explain what that was all about?" she questions, both eyes more narrowed by now. She is looking mainly at Emma. Not the first time she's seen the one in white. Hard to say what terms the last encounter left them on.

Jan de Wit has posed:
Such horrible noises! The crunching and squishing. Not good. Jan slowly stands, still keeping the car as cover. "What on Earth is going on?" He looks to Selene, the familiar face from the Club. "Why was she attacking you?" He asks, not moving from his 'safe' spot behind the car.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha Smith picks herself up and on feet that are actualy working and moves to give Emma some help and take the stress off that ankle. "C'Mon, lets find you something cold for that anklle and a place to sit while you wangle up a limo home?" she says and looks for the nearest bodega with anything that looks like outdoor seating. Frozen vegetables. Natures Icepack and the secret of the frequently beaten.

Mania's presence gets a hmm and then a shrug. "Old beef. Probably over a boyfriend or girlfriend. That's always the worst grudges. Jesus monogamy sucks." she states and grins at the outlandishly wild guessing she makes.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would shake her head at Mania, "Only one monster trying to consume another. Something to best get out of the way of." Her commetns would be directed at the questions from Mania and from Jan De Wit. "So something to stay as far away from as possible and if you see it flee as you're best able to and stay behind cover. Just two monsters laying into one of their own kind."

That being all she said. Tabitha's assistance being pushed off and Emma offering no further explanation.

Andi Benton has posed:
Mania's arms cross, striking a figure that could strike discomfort into the average person. For those that have seen more, perhaps not so much. Attention is paid to each of them, along with the remaining evidence of the brief fight, then a shoulder shifts in the effect of a shrug. "If you say so. We are not getting involved any more than that. We have others to turn in to the police back there. They were stealing." A claw-tipped finger points in the direction Mania had come from.

Then, she huffs. Still, the area of the mouth only faintly moves. "Monsters, relationships, whatever." A line of webbing is suddenly sent out to stick to the side of the closest building, and she swings away through use of it, gaining momentum before returning to said alley.

Where, as it happens, the two thieves are gone. In the time it took to go witness the 'monster' battle, the webbing already dissolved enough to let the pair escape. That, and what hasn't looks like it was shredded in some way. Fuming, she kicks over a trash can before looking to the rooftops.

//Mutant Town is annoying, Andi.//
<<You can say that again.>>
//We just did, but fine. Mutant Town is annoying, Andi.//
<<That's...we're leaving now.>>

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The offer if help being refused is met with an eyeroll and a shrug. "Fiiine, walk it off!" Tabby says as dismissively as Emma. <<If you were crawling I wouldn't be letting go. That bitch is scary. No shame in taking help there. Shows you're better than her.>> the garishly colored blonde caringly thinks at the other blonde but leaves the matter. "I'm expecting that my life just got more interesting. But Imma brag I got one over her. That's a notch on the belt!" she states and chuckles as she ponders going back for more Pizza

No way it's open now after that kerfuffle.

Jan de Wit has posed:
Monsters fighting monsters. Still, Jan is a bit outside of his understanding in all of this. Wait, does that mean she was a mutant? So many thoughts run through his head. "If you're sure. You should see a doctor for the ankle, though." Jan comments to Emma. A glance to Mania and Tabitha as they say their peace as well.

Clearly, that was enough excitement for tonight. Jan tightens his coat around him, he starts towards where his car was parked. Mutanttown was weird.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would shake her head over <<Tabitha, Selene is a monster beyond that which you can compreend. If you see her in the future, just run. Evacuate civilians, but don't stay in the line of fire>> She's focused on walking to maintain her dignity. "I will." Spoekn over to Jan in passing as she would give a look at Mania.. And then Emma is on her way, going to pull out her phone to move to call for a cab.