10043/Nefarious Deeds in Abandoned Places

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Nefarious Deeds in Abandoned Places
Date of Scene: 08 February 2022
Location: Ruins -- Roosevelt Island
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Satana Hellstrom, Emma Frost, Remy LeBeau

Satana Hellstrom has posed:
     Sometimes a girl just wants something pretty. Sometimes something powerful. And in this case, perhaps the item she had was both. But now it's reduced down to a curved fragment of metal, charred and no longer serving either function. Satana pulls it from her jacket pocket once more, examining it. She'd been told that this abandoned structure had a dealer willing to help her procure a similar piece of magical goods, and she looks around to see if this is the case. "It's very dangerous to stand me up," she says under her breath as she strides through the ruins, stepping over debris with ease. The night is chilly, the building haunting, and the sound of rats scampering through the old building simply add to the ambiance.

Emma Frost has posed:
This isn't normally the place that Emma Frost would remotely spend time at. But sometimes a woman has to get some things that can only be retrieved in person. In this case a cache left by someone that owes her a favor that hse's gone to retrieve, personally. So as she's sweeping around she can't help but notice some of the others there,perhaps.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Not wise for ladies to walk alone."

A tall figure descends from the ruins heights and lands neatly on his feet. "Not in dis city." Remy LeBeau speaks with a heavy accent, his eyes ever forward. He wears a long brown trench coat, watching Satana for a moment, though hinting that Emma may have been nearby as well. Perhaps Emma would've picked up on the psychic signature of Remy LeBeau, knowing his mind and all that.

But few can withstand the recklessness Remy imposes. "Awaiting company, no?" He looks at the item Satana happens to possess. "Hm...valuable?"

Satana Hellstrom has posed:
     Her fuse is short, her collection is down an item, and her demonic source was unreliable! How dare it! So for a moment, her hope is restored, and that fiery feeling of rage quells. She's suddenly all smiles, "Oh, it isn't?" she asks, looking at the tall fellow who's emerged from hiding.
     "As it so happens, I am awaiting a gentleman. Technically, I await a good number of them," she says, laughing to herself. Ah, succubus jokes. "But yes, tonight I am looking for a match to this, but intact." She holds up the metal. It looks like a quarter of a jeweled egg, one that would open. It's got a bit of charred... something... attached to it, and the picks more of it off. "So I'm definitely hoping you're the one I'm supposed to meet," she says.

Emma Frost has posed:
There's a sensation as Emma Frost picks up the telepathic aura, bare as it is as Remy Lebeau. she would come out herself, out of the shadows to glance at Gambit. Then nod to Satana,"I take it that you're both out here for your own little agendas? Or do we all have our different little ideas and we wish to make sure that we're not overriding one another's?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy looks at Satana, getting the -vibes-. There's something off about her. Something....not right. His hairs are standing on end. Though as Satana talks, how she's waiting for many gentlemen, Remy seems to whistle. "Everyone has their fun in one way or another...dat one just ain't my style." Remy seems to smirk, one corner of his mouth lifting and his face follows suit for the cheshire grin.

Though With Emma emerging, Remy frowns a bit. "Emma Frost..fine night non?" back to Satan, the egg. "Oooo...that looks shiny and expensive."

Satana Hellstrom has posed:
     "Ms. Frost! Lovely to see you again. I didn't know you shopped here," Satana purrs. "I'm just here to make a deal. Though I'm starting to think I might have to look elsewhere for this little guy's twin," she says with a pout, playing with the little bit of metal. "It had a tough little life, and now it is dead. May it rest in peace and may I find a replacement." She seems friendly enough, for the moment. Or maybe she just doesn't like hunting with an audience. "I take it you're not here to supply me?" she asks of the red-eyed man.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would take a glance at hte egg, "I don't believe you wish to get competitive with her, Monseir Lebeau, no matter how wild your talents. Of course, far be it from me to speak of valor and discretion to yourself." Glancing at Satana and listening, "But of course."