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Not Nailed Down!
Date of Scene: 09 February 2022
Location: Medical Lab
Synopsis: Hope manages to get Tabby some medical help from Rogue and Jean while Remy figures out he probably needed assistance too. Much wincing and owies dealt with,
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, Hope Summers, Rogue, Jean Grey, Remy LeBeau

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The fun part about being an explosive mutant is the partial immunities that sometimes arises. And after the last big explosion upstairs not so long ago, there's plenty of word about it. Mostly between whether it was Hope or Tabitha that did it.

Of course that still leaves things like cleaning up. The trashed Rec-Room can be dealt with later, but those caught in the blast might need help and some are getting it hear and there.

Which leaves Hope the unenviable task of escorting Boom-Boom down into the sub basement and the medical lab.

The afformentioned partial immunity meaning while she can take heat and fire and energy like a champ. Blast waves and solid walls are not in her wheelhouse of durability.

So in comes via help from Hope, a very messed up, bruised and bloodies Tabitha Smith. Dressed in what should have been pink jeans and a cropped yellow X-Men logo sweatshirt, just with lots of dirt scorch and singe marks and more than a few tears while the girl is a mess of bruises everywhere, cuts, scrapes and a lot of building debris shrapnell in her back, arms and legs from where she went through walls.

"Che, cher, Cherry Bomb!" she seems to be singing off key on the way down so she's awake, that's a good sign considering the trail she left through the mansion.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope is assisting Tabby as carefully as possible, using the powers copied from Kitty to keep the part of her arm around Tabitha's back intangible so she doesn't make anything worse. For being just a guest, she has an eerie knowledge of how to navigate the Mansion above and the base below, keeping Tabby awake with requests for songs or just idle chatter, asking her questions and making her think to keep from passing out. Some are likely aware of her backstory, though few likely realize just how well she knew some of them previously. It's hard to talk to someone when you don't know if they're the same now as they were then. Very especially when your 'then' is in a far distant and alternate future.

"Aaaaaaaaalright... We're here. Lets hope there's someone better at doctoring around than me." Guiding Tabby towards one the beds to sit, she calls out, "Hello? Anyone here?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is here.

She steps out of one of the small store rooms in the back with some boxes of supplies. Restock duty. She quickly sets them aside though and walks toward where the two of them are, wearing a black X-Men jumpsuit, the default boring variety, the Belle brushes her hair aside as she reaches where Tabitha is. "What on Earth happened now?' The Belle asks, her eyes going over Tabitha's form, noting the visible injuries, before they dart up to Hope.

"Is somethin' goin' wrong upstairs again?" She quickly asks as she reaches for a medical kit...

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Liiike heeeyyyy were here!" Tabby states and finishes butchering what might be her favorite song. Once in the med lab she lets Hope guide her t one of the benches and with a very paiuned groan starts climbing herself up and on. The girl frowningas she tries to pick which side to lay on but since her back might be looking like a porcupine, she just settles on her stomach, folding her arms under her chest to help get some elevation and pressure of her chest.

"Soo, like pliers and duct tape right. Walls are not the worst thing I had land on me while banged up. Dumpsters are like way worse." she says and looks around to spot a Rogue. "Heeeeeyyyy. What ever you heard up like stairs. Accident. I ain't ever done that with my powers before!" she says like she's tryiing in her concussed way to take any blame for the destroyed rec-room.

Hope Summers has posed:
Hope cringes as Tabitha talks about the mess upstairs and looks to Rogue, "It was my fault. My powers got away from me and I kind of... blew up the pool table? And it would have been a LOT worse but Tabby made an anti-bomb bomb that helped contain some of it? Remy has some cuts and bruises, but Kitty was getting him patched up, and I have some scrapes and bruises but I'm fine, and Tabby took most of the blast, it threw her through a wall." She's doing a terrible job explaning things, but she's not one to let someone else take blame for her screw-up.

"I'll help fix it, I can totally help fix it. I just.. sorry." She gives a lame little shrug and flops down into a seat to look at Tabitha.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue pulls her gloves off and sets them aside, then starts to take items out of the medical kit. She is not a doctor, but she did stay at a Holiday Inn last night!

She also absorbed Carol Danvers who had some field medical training, plus she'd been working with Hank as a nurse for awhile now...

"The pool table is gone?" Rogue asks.R
She moves to look closer at Tabi's wounds then. "And Remy is okay?" That's clearly where her priorities lie!

Some of the med equipment is already being used to clean at the girl's skin. "Lie still." Rogue tells Tabitha before looking to Hope.

"What's done is done, at least it couldn've been worse? Maybe?" She doesn't really know! Not until she gets upstairs!

Jean Grey has posed:
Evidently, there has been an incident! An emergency!

And its no surprise that when things get blown up around the school, SOMEONE is going to go and tell the Headmistress. Kids tattle! Also, well, blowing up a room is the kind of thing that's hard to miss. Whatever tips her off, once she knows... she knows ALL. Because while Jean does not usually live up to the all-seeing 'Eye of Sauron' reputation she has among some of the students, when there's trouble, she's very much capable of getting a mental image of nearly the entire school population. In this way, she evaluates the situation in moments rather than minutes, no doubt checks in with the other teachers and adults already on the scene, and quickly makes her own way down to medical.

Thus moments later, those fancy high-tech doors on the basement level hiss open to allow her into the medical bay.

"Is everyone alright?" this she asks, despite whatever sense she might have of it from the emotions in the room. She doesn't ask what happened, though. Obviously she knows. "Do I need to get in touch with Hank?" She pauses, then, lifting a pair of fingers to her temple in the very familiar gesture of telepathic focus, before looking to Rogue. "Remy... he probably needs to be brought down too. I'm speaking with them now."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Stooooop apologising Hopefull!" Tabby reassures and smiles in that goofy happy way someone does when drunk. Punch drunk sure but close enough.

"So didn't think that would like work at all. Tried to make new bomb using Hope Bomb, absorb bomb. Too much, barely shaped charge to keep mess down. New record!" she rambles in explaination of her side of events.

"Maybe one day I can do that in a fight but don't think other peoples energy agrees with me!" she states and unfolds ger arms and lays flat, groaning as her front resist via pain and blast waves still bruise on their own without walls. But it beats laying on a back that's loaded with contruction shrapnel of wood, metal, nails, and even drywall tacs. That yellow seatshirt is probably a loss since there's enough red to match the X-men logo on the front. let alone all the dirt caking and muddyingbwhere blood and sweat soaked. And scorch marks.

Tabitha Smith. Mistress of the Hot Mess.

Hope Summers has posed:
"Remy got banged up a bit, Kitty was helping him, but I don't know which way they went. Tabby took most of it," Hope nods to the woman with the bloody back full of splinters and plaster bits. She looks back to Tabitha and shakes her head, "I should have better control of this. I used to have... I don't know what's wrong with me." She sighs and flicks a glance towards Jean without meeting her eyes, "I accidentally copied Madrox's powers and had a few duplicates pop out and then THEY ended up copying powers, only one of them got Remy's powers and I've never had Remy's powers so I didn't know how to -stop- making the table blow up. Remy tried to absorb it, and Tabby made the bomb to help counter the blast and contain the force. Kitty phased most of us, one of the Madrox duplicates was vaporized but the prime seemed okay. He wasn't bleeding or anything. My duplicate that blew up the table got banged up so I got some of that damage with she reabsorbed, but its mostly just bruises and some scrapes." And that's where she runs out of breath and waits for whatever censure might be coming. Then adds, "And the pool table is vaporized too. Sorry."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue spares just a second to look up at Jean striding in before she goes back to Tabi's wounds. She doesn't hesitate to rip parts of the clothing open that she needs to, even setting some strips of cloth aside where necessary.

Hope's details about what happened upstairs, has Rogue shaking her head for a moment. "That table had a uneven leg anyway..." She mutters, letting Jean handle the bulk of the response though.

Instead, Rogue takes a second to tie her hair back, then prepares a few bandages with healing salves on them. "The burns, and bruises, are gonna be what hurt the most for the next week or so, Tabi." The Belle explains. "I'd say stay down here t'night, we can get ya some pain killers, and give ya enough for half the week or so, until you should be doin' just fine though..." She mutters as she applies one of the bandages, coated up with Hank's special healing juices (shutup).

Remy LeBeau has posed:
First they went to the wellness clinic, which is over there. Then Remy stumbled around with a massive headache for a little while trying to remember the way through the mansion because he was having a pretty hard time focusing. When he eventually stumbles into the medical wing, he's still barefoot, and his shirt is gone. Because it got blown off... truly it was an epic thing to behold, ask anyone.

His eyes are squinted as he gets into the glowing interior and his arm comes up to block out some of th elight streaming down into his face. "Do we need all these lights?" Quiet... he leans against the wall and slides down onto the floor until he's just there. He's covered in scrapes, cuts, and has a bandage wrapped around his head. Heavily packed on his right left temple. Dried flacky blood on his cheek down to his chin. BOTH of his hands are black from the tip of his fingers to the second knuckle.

And his thumb is broke. He doesn't seem to notice though. Looking around as if he legit can't see further than the tip of his nose. Didn't nobody shield HIM.

Sexism. Absolute SEXISM.

Jean Grey has posed:
As Jean listens to both Tabitha and Hope's explanations, it's convenient she already has her hand on her face... so she can rub it. "Oof." That's about the best she can do to quickly sum up her reaction to all of that!

Still, she's rarely one to get angry at their students for power slip-ups, and Hope is still closer to that definition than any other. "That definitely sounds like... a whole big mess. But from the sound of it, the table was the worst of the casualties." That's putting a kind of silver lining on it, best as she can. Although it doesn't quite cover the runner-up in that category. Speaking of...

As Remy comes stumbling in, Jean turns back with a bit of a shocked expression. "You stumbled down here BY YOURSELF? I told them to have someone escort you-" Shock turns to annoyance and pure exasperation, before she quickly turns toward Rogue. Probably unecessarily, but still. Instinct. "Would you?"

Then she turns away, and with that same lingering sense of heightened frustration, moves toward one of the cabinets at the side of the room to fetch some first aid supplies. Jean's not Hank, but by necessity of both of her professions (not even counting 'Mutant Hero'), she has a bit of training. "You almost certainly have a concussion," she tells him, echoing the remark about the light. "Get him seated, comfortable, and -still-."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Hooooope sweetie, just be glad it wasn't my powers!" tTabby points out in slurred speech while those with better skill and reach look after her medically. "I powered on when I first discovered boys and hormones. I blew the roof off my school faffeter.... Luch room!" she explains. "And powers like sometimes link to emotional states at the time." she says and winces when Rogue starts extracting things and leaving Tabby in a tattered bra for covering when she eventyaly gets up.

"Ow! Safeford is Diametric Rogue!" she half jokes as antiseptics sting and do exactly what ther are ment to

With Remy entering the blonde woman just shakes her head. "Can we blame you? Your power.!" she states with a tease. "We're sturdy us exploders Jean! I coulda made it here but Hope is like nice like that and guilty concience" she says. No way she'd have made the walk to the elevator on her own.

Hope Summers has posed:
"I can get him settled.." Hope makes the offer, since Rogue has her hands full of antiseptic. She pushes up to her feet and moves towarsd where Remy is slumped against the wall, helping him up to his feet and over to one of the chairs. Making sure he's upright and seated and not going to tip over before shuffling back to take her seat near Tabitha. She offers a weak smile to Tabby and shrugs, "Mine activated when I was.. six? Seven? Something like that. Bishop shot me point-blank, in the head. My powers kicked in and I copied Cable's telekinesis to stop the bullet, then Cable time-jumped us way into the future because his slider was broken and we couldn't go to the past, only forward."

Rogue has posed:
Now Rogue is looking up to Remy coming in like some kind of patient out of a zombie movie. She watches him slump down to the floor before she hears Jean, then Hope take over. 'Where did your shirt go?' Rogue asks the Cajun in French.

Her eyes look over to Jean before he can reply though. "Can you help with concussions?" She asks the Headmistress, and resident Mind Girl, before she looks back to Tabi and smiles softly at her. "How much pain are you in, from one being very little, to ten being oh god, oh god, make it stop?"

She's already surveying other wounds before she turns to go get something from a cabinet.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"No..." Remy points over his shoulder, brow wrinkled curiously wondering where his escort went... "Kitty was wit me." She was, he distinctly remembers that. His hand reaches back to point over his shoulder at the door, where there are not Kitty's, and then at the room where there are still no Kitty's. "She was wit me, I know dat.."

There's a Hope though. Remy helps her help him up with a few twists and tugs, then leans on her all the way to one of the medical beds. Glancing up at Rogue with one eye closed and the other squinting half so, 'I honestly don't know, but it it dat was a brand new shirt.' Said back in French. Suffice that you can count on Remy losing his shirt.

Mark it down.

"T'anks, chere." Smiling at Hope's assistance, "Don't blame ya'self for dat back in the rec room. I'll get us a new table... or a poker table... maybe a flat screen." Without much adue of nothing, he adds,

"Besides, Tabi right, dat MY power did tha, not yours. So if nothin', ya blame ol Remy, cus I'm fine wit bein' the center of attention."

Jean Grey has posed:
Tabitha's insistence at her sturdiness earns a very skeptical-sounding 'mmm-hmm' from Jean, even as she deals with her first patient. Although amount she can do is fairly limited, as these things go, as Rogue's querry soon prompts her to explain.

"Help, as in with my powers? Not really. It's physical impact to the brain, causes all kinds of- if anything, his thoughts are a bit scrambled like this." Getting hit in the head: psychic defense! "Although if he doesn't cooperate, I can mentally sedate him." A Jean threat! "But there isn't a lot you're supposed to do for a concussion aside from keep the patient still."

Which seems to be Jean's focus now. Of course the medical beds in the sickbay are all kinds of fancy, and she adjusts one so it would put him at a nice, slightly-elevated semi-sitting, semi-laying angle. There's even a kind of built-in headrest slash brace. "Get him settled here," she instructs Hope, as she takes over helping. "And you, Cajun, don't fuss or fidget. These things have restraints," NATURALLY, they end up with all kinds of weirdos down here! "and I'm not afraid to use them." Also the just putting him to sleep option.

Once satisfied with all of that, she looks back over to Rogue. "Right, what was I- yeah, not much else to do. Pain meds are bad in this case. We can put on a cold compress for his swelling. Then Hank'll have to do a scan to see if there's any actual spinal or cranial damage to treat, that's outta my league."

In the meantime, she's rounded to Tabitha, with the kit she fetched. Evidently, diagnosing Remy was unecessary. He's clearly concussed! But Tabitha is doing her loopy I'm fine routine, so Jean gets out the little flashlight thing to move in front of her eyes. "Follow this if you can."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Hope, that both sucks and is awesome!" Tabby admits and looks a little sad or probably just tired.

Missing the first question about pain meds and then catching the second about actual pain. "So like sixes and then "Diametric" when it's touched to bring up that safeword.

"Rogue, maybe no pain meds? I'm not drunk but maybe it's not the best for me." the girl says somewhat skittishly about the good drugs. Impulse control and pain killers. Tabby might actually have some sense of self preservation despite the clear evidence to the contrary.

The light in her eyes and the movement is tried to follow but she just seems to cross them and occasionally roll them up in her head at the briightness while she squints and tries to shut some of it out. "I could really, do with my shades like now!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue pauses at what she's getting then, and just adjusts to grab a couple of sleeping masks instead. She walks toward Tabi, reaching under her bed to get a blanket for her that she sets on the side of the bed. She offers the sleeping mask as well. "this should help. We'll turn down the lights once we get you both settled." Rogue says in a calm tone before she looks over to Remy and starts to walk around the bed to get to his new seated position. She sets the mask for him down there too.

"Better your shirt than your pants." She says to him in English this time, showing him a smirk for a second before she looks back to Jean and nods her head softly.

"Well. I say we put him in restraints just to be sure." She adds with a faint smirk before putting her hand on his shoulder and giving it a light squeeze. "Ya'll got lucky that nobody got worse off than this, I suppose..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"These are new sweats." Remy protests as if Rogue had said she was GOING to destroy them, black/red eyes squinting at her coming into view the closer she gets. "Ne bon, chere..." The restraints are giving a critical eye, then Rogue and Jean are given a critical eye. If not for the hand squeezing his shoulder, he might well run out of there.

Well probably not, but he MIGHT.

"So what I hear is, give Remy some pain meds." Brow raised, hands raised, they're all mangled up. "Where Josh at. He needa fix dis. I need these fingers."

Jean Grey has posed:
"It definitely could have been worse," Jean finds herself agreeing, looking back at Rogue from the exam she's doing. "Hope's powers... they're potentially pretty limitless. Just on her own. And then she..." There's a thought, and a brief pause, and then Jean stops herself, as memories come back that are not, strictly speaking, totally hers. For a moment, she reaches to touch Rogue's mind, and just hers alone, summoning up a vision of a fractured crystal surface, reflecting dozens of images, of many of the X-men. Hope is central in these, engaged in some sort of... struggle with the Phoenix. If anything, Rogue should remember them better. Jean was still seemingly *dead* while they saw the strange display.

"... she's something special, anyway. So in a way, it's lucky, that it wasn't any worse than this. But clearly she's going to need a lot more training than what... Cable gave her."

More weirdness, speaking of her time-displaced quasi-child. They need a word for that. Clonephew?

And while she chats about Hope, it is not for Tabitha to rest easy. "And you! If you're going to try stuff like this, I wanna see more logged Danger Room hours. Improvisation is important, but you need a good understanding of the fundamental physics of your powers before you jump to the 'try it and see.'" Finally, she stops the invasive light show is finally finished. Lecture over. Diagnosis time. "Alright. Your response is a little weird, but not too bad. Might be mildly concussed, but definitely not as bad. Still, bedrest for both of you. Settle in."

Jean has spoken! "No more meds," she reiterates. "Just rest for now. If we can get one of the healers in here, they'll sort you out- otherwise, I'm deferring to Hank for any further treatment."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I should start getting glasses made of the same stuff Cyclops does!" Tabby rambles. Like a lot.

"Like super good for glare on my bombs. Like normally lift no problem but thas just like super extra right now." she tries to reassure. The blacket is at least used for extra head resting and cushioning of torsos for now.

The mention of restraints gets a giggle. "Better him than me!" she jokes and then mutters a little more hushed to herself. "Maybe later."

Rogue being all could have been worse gets a smile and a chuckle.

Jean getting into Headmistress mode gets a nods and a suprisingly compliant "Yes Ma'am. I been training out on the lake shore where less damage. But like upstairs. I just had to try something. Couldn't just jump on an exploding pool table too big. Had to try mitigate even if it was pulled out of my dinged up but shapely ass. Lemme be proud 'kay Ma'am Jean Ma'am!" she says with giddy playful tones and smiles.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gives Remy a once over before she just pats his arm lightly and shakes her head. A moment later and he'll feel the sleeping mask come down on to his chest. "Take this, put it over your eyes. We're gonna warm this room up some, and pipe in some slow tunes, make it like a day spa for ya'll." She says in a warm tone before her eyes look over to Jean.

The 'vision' that she's shown ends with the Belle just gently nodding her head two quick times, her white looe bangs waving against the sides of her face while the rest of her dark hair is tied back behind her head. "Well. It wouldn't be a normal day around here if someone wasn't on the verge'a goin' full nuclear." She grimly quips before a blanket is laid out across Remy too.

"We should go check on the rec room though, then come back an' check on these two trouble makers in a bit."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy winks at Rogue and then glances over at Jean with the biggest, most saddest, but still pouty faced and Remy cute frown. "Fiiiine...." No drugs. Not that he's big on them, persay. He takes a deep breath and lays back on the medical bed, trying not to get sick at how the room spins a little, then covers his eyes with the sleep mask. "I shoulda grabbed a shirt." Hindsight being 20/20 and all.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean reaches out a hand for Tabitha's shoulder, and gives her a little smile. "Stuff went sideways and you tried to help. That's a good instinct, regardless of the outcome." She does sound proud!

...but she will definitely be reviewing those training hours!

Turning back, she ambles to check on Rogue, wwho is, in turn, fussing over Remy. "Looks like you're nice and settled in," she announces. Then she turns slightly toward Rogue before canting her head toward the exit. "Alright. C'mon. Lights out for these heroic do-gooders. Behave, and rest up. Someone'll be through to check on you a bit later."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Iss bioelectrical, not nuclear!" Tabitha states. "Ions and like electrons and electricity I generate myself. Why all the sugar and stuff!" she explains and maybe kind of wiinces at thhe hand on her bandages shoulder. So fresh and so scratchy and stingy.

With the women prepping to go be authority, the blonde looks over to Remy amd frowns through her own sleep mask. "They watching so like behave!" she states and happily lets herself nod off to sleep off the concussion once she's allowed. Can't scramble that brain any worse.