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A Day After All The Trouble
Date of Scene: 06 April 2020
Location: Gar Logan's Bedroom, Titans Tower
Synopsis: After the mechaspider battle, Gar wakes up in bed with a Terry next to him.
Cast of Characters: Terry O'Neil, Gar Logan

Terry O'Neil has posed:
It was late, so late that it might actually be very early. It's hard to tell. Suffice to say, though, that April's Fools was a very exhausting day for Terry O'Neil, between turning into an actual cat, performing involuntary superheroics, ending in the Caribbean, and then attending April's birthday celebration, attending one Harley Quinn.

That last part was a blur. When Terry showed up at the tower, he was covered in confetti, facepaint (which by then had smeared and only left one tiny heart painted on his right cheek, a la Harley's tattoo), and smelled faintly of booze (he had had /one/ beer. Or three. To no-one's surprise, he was a complete lightweight). How he got to the tower was hazy, too. Somebody might have dropped him off. It was probably Harley. It probably was her, by virtue of the little baggie she had left him with and which he clenched.

He didn't really think too much as he made his way in, found that Gar's room was still unlocked from earlier, and stopped by the green dude's bed. He managed to crawl in, tipsy as he was, without knocking Gar over or waking him up, after kicking his shirt and jeans off. In his mind, it made a tipsy sort of sense- Gar might freak out when he saw the news, Colette said, so he said he'd be there for Gar when he woke up. It made alcohol-sense, therefore, for Terry to literally be there.

As morning comes over the Tower and filters through the large windows in the room, Terry sleeps like the dead, one arm lightly draped over Gar. He doesn't snore, fortunately.

Gar Logan has posed:
Sleep. Good thing, sleep. It's a way to rest and recover, for the body to recuperate without lots of things going on to prevent it. Gar often doesn't sleep a whole lot, just because he can be high-strung, tugged in different directions, and just a bundle of energy.

Energy, which he's been lacking ever since the incident with the mechaspiders and all that. The dreams were weird, the body sore but not too bad, but things were frazzled, off. His body just sort of shut down for a while and told him 'Time to rest, you fool, and don't get up for a while!'

As such, by the time Terry's finished with his apparently eventful party, Gar is still crashed out partly in and atop the covers, a line of drool seeping into the pillow his face is mashed into. Initially, he hardly even notices someone else entering the room and sliding into the bed with him. Probably part of his dream.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry's sleep is fitful.

He's in a place that doesn't necessarily make sense. He ha the impression that things are happening right out of the corner of his eye that vanish as soon as he turns. And hanging over him there is a strange half moon.

No, no half moon, but a smile.

He looks up at the pale, glowing presence and he reaches out with his hands.
"Where did you go?" he asks, a lump in his throat.

In the real world, Terry squeezes Gar slightly to him, mumbling something unintelligible.

But the moon doesn't answer. It only smiles, enigmatically. No matter how fast or how far Terry runs, it keeps growing ever more distant. Slowly, at first, and then it almost becomes a shooting star, fading into the darkness.
"No! Wait!"

He comes awake with a start, and blinks furiously as the light floods into the room and assaults his eyes. He doesn't remember getting this much sunlight in his room.

He closes his eyes and groans a little, trying to fight the sleep that's still weighing him down. That's when he notices his arm is draped over something warm. He slowly opens his eyes.

Gar Logan has posed:
There are more dreams the Titan experiences, some good, some not so good. Some flashbacks, leading to occasional tossing and turning, if muted, a murmured 'No..' once or twice, but nothing so violent or loud that it would seriously wake someone up.

Oddly enough, from time to time there are animalistic sounds. Does he, perchance, dream animal dreams as well as human ones? With the time he's spent as various creatures both big, small, and everywhere in between, would it be any surprise that some of it bleeds over into his subconscious? And he does have such an active imagination...

For the moment, it leads to nothing more obvious than a sort of muted bark or yip, a growl or a purr. Listening to him could be like visiting a zoo. As for that subconscious, he burrows closer to the sense of something warm nearby.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry slowly opens his eyes once again as something burrows into him. Yep, there's definitely something warm. As the world finally comes into focus, he finally notices who it is that he's sleeping with.

As expected, there's a marked reaction in him. Cue the blushing, the heart rate going up, the warmth. He freezes for a little while, some while at least, before he finally dares to move. At first, he thinks of disengaging and sneaking out of the room... but the warmth is enticing, and the morning is beautiful.

He decides to stay where he is, and moves closer instead, tightening his hold on Gar. He finds himself smiling at the strange sounds and leans in, touching his nose to Gar's available cheek to nuzzle him, one hand moving up to stroke the Titan's messy hair which, contrary to Gar's claims, looks exactly the same regardless of whether Gar has just woken up or spent an hour in the bathroom 'getting the syle just right.'

Gar Logan has posed:
Nobody ever tell Gar he doesn't have to take so long with that hair. Whether he puts two and two together and realizes it all ends up looking the same no matter what...he might not be ready for that kind of realization.

Gradually, he becomes aware that he's not alone. Where is he? Last he knew, he'd gone to sleep in his own room at the Tower, in his own bed. It's been long enough. Time to start waking up again.

Turning a bit at the nuzzle and the hand in his hair, he murmurs something Terry might not be expecting at all: "Mmm, that's nice, mom.." Then his eyes crack open and he's looking at someone who certainly is not his mother. Blinkblink.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry blinks a little. That was certainly not something he was expecting. As Gar blinks open, he realizes he is probably doing something incredibly, terribly stupid, and it only seemed attractive because of the warmth. Kissing aside, this was kind of being a little too bold.

"S-sorry," Terry says, turning redder. "I... went to April's party. I was drunk. I came back to check on you and... sort of..."

Gar Logan has posed:
Did Gar just mistake Terry for his...?

No, he didn't.

Yes, of course he did.


He blinks a few times as Terry once again shows a complexion that becomes much more like his hair color. When one is naturally pale, it really shows. "So, uh, hey."

Gar hasn't exactly snaked his way out of the closer proximity to the guy, literally or figuratively, but some of that sleepy haze is wearing off a little faster than usual with the unexpected bed companion. "You got drunk? Dude, you're eighteen. That's not even legal!" Something snapped him out of it real quick, though he adds, "But it's kind of funny you found your way here instead of your place." This is noted with a little half-smile.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"Guess I just went to the place where my thoughts usually go..." Terry replies with his own half-smile. As an experiment, he touches his nose to Gar's cheek again, "And yeah... it was dumb of me to drink, but it was April's birthday. And after the day I had..." he pauses. How much does he want to give away? "I was so worried about you."

Gar Logan has posed:
"What kind of day did you have?" Gar wonders, going into a lengthy stretch before rubbing his sides. Somewhere along the way, he's found himself back in a shirt and shorts, and he yawns. The nose to cheek coaxes a curious look out of him, and he returns it before adding, "Some really weird stuff happened yesterday."

He begins to sit up, using an arm to prop himself up by the elbow and face Terry. "But a lot of stuff sort of turned into a blur after I went all Jurassic Park on that spider."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry slowly turns to face Gar, rubbing his eyes a little. He realizes that he is now very much underdressed. Still, he tries to keep his cool. "Well, a birthday party with Harley Quinn is an experience. But what happened before. I mean. The spiders, all of that stuff- it was my first ime covering an actual event like that. And when that asshole had you on your back... I thought you were going to..."

He trails off, shuddering at the thought. "Then some stupid-looking cat thing leapt onto the spider. That's the last thing I saw, though. I got conked by debris kinda hard, next thing I know I'm in an ER. As soon as I could get out I came over to see how... how you were doing. I kind of feared the worst."

Pause. "And then I apparently got drunk out of sheer relief and bad advice from Harley, partied with April to release tension, and came here and got into your bed, essentially breaking all your boundaries..." he bites his lower lip.

Gar Logan has posed:
"I was hoping we wouldn't have something like that happen the first time we tried to go out and do something," Gar admits, rubbing the side of his face slowly. "I just wanted something normal, where we could talk about things and get to know each other better, but then all of that happened."

He's still tired, but gaining more alertness as he shifts in place to sit up and drape his legs over the side of the bed. "And I still don't understand anything with Harley Quinn. Like, at all. Everything I ever heard about her...she was crazy and didn't care about whether or not she hurt someone, and now she's your cousin's roommate and you're partying with her and getting drunk with her and it's great if she's serious about being good now but I'm kind of afraid of her."

He clears his throat, thoughts seemingly bouncing around from one thing to another. "You had to go to the ER?" he asks, concern dotting his expression. "I got shocked and everything just sort of went sideways. I saw this weird-looking cat and he was wearing nothing but cargo shorts and who honestly does that? But he was kind of, you know, handsome in a way too."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"You took the time to notice he was handsome, huh," Terry says, with a twitch of the corner of his mouth. "I am sure he was handsome. I didn't get to see him up close. I was kind of preoccupied with the fact that you were about to be turned into a skewer by a spider."

He sits up, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Raven is far scarier than Harley is. And Harley is trying, she's chaos incarnate, yeah, but she wants to put her past behind her and turn a new leaf. Everybody deserves that chance if they want it, i tproves they're not too far gone."

A pause. "... so he was handsome?" he asks. Come to think of it, had Gar ever said /he/ was handsome? The little voices start. His green eyes dart across the room. There are his jeans, and his shirt is over there. Man, did he play football with them? He doesn't remember taking them off.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan explains, patiently, "Every animal I see, I study everything about them in case I ever find a situation where I need to be one. Of course I noticed, even as I was about to pass out." He gets up from the bed and stretches, then he glances over a shoulder. "But you're kind of cute, too. So don't feel too jealous. He's not the one in my bedroom right now."

Raven gives him reason to pause, as does Harley. "All I'm saying is, I dunno. I guess, be careful. They say leopards can't change their spots, and I don't know if she's a leopard yet or not. If she's really able to change and she is, great. Being around the Joker could make anyone nuts."

Eyes slide over toward what Terry's looking at. Yes, it would seem those clothes did end up left behind.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry blushes. Okay, first compliment. "Yeah... I'm in your bedroom..." he rubs the back of his head, looking down at his leg- any point rather than looking up at Gar. There are a lot of complicated feelings going through him right now- Gar's proximity, the bedroom. //The bed//.

Being complimented. That's a first for him. At least coming from a guy he is interested in. Well, any guy, really. He smiles a little, Gar did say he was-


Terry looks up.

"Wait. *kinda* cute?"

Gar Logan has posed:
"Yeah, in a totally dorky, 'I'm overthinking this way too hard right now' way, because..I'm kinda the same way sometimes," Gar admits.

Only just sometimes.

"So, dude, stop worrying so much about whether I'm gonna kick you out or not...even if I have no idea how you got in here," he goes on, because he's like 99% sure the door was locked! Sometimes that 1% actually happens, and as far as he knows Terry doesn't have any special ways of getting inside a locked room.

He clears his throat, checking his shirt and shorts. Good. They're on. "And you /did/ climb into my bed with me and I didn't tell you to get lost, right?"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry relaxes, and then he smiles a little. "You don't remember? I came during the afternoon. You were so tired you probably sleepwalked when I knocked on your door. Then somebody was at the front door so I went to answer it. I think you went back to bed and forgot to lock."

He grows a little quiet, and nods "... yyyeah, you didn't boot me..." He looks up, looking for Gar's eyes. "I admit, I liked waking up like that. I've never. I mean." He clears his throat. "I'm just tripping all over. I liked being that close."

He stays sitting on the bed for a little while longer, a hand resting on the warm patch where Gar used to be. Then he slides off the bed and walks over, to get his pants so that he is decent.

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan admits, "I don't remember you being here earlier. I was dreaming about a lot of things, like you and..that cat guy, yeah, and..just a bunch of stuff that's been going on." He's looking at the door suspiciously, heading over to check. Unlocked.

"And I liked waking up next to someone else. I'm not really used to that," he says, voice growing a bit smaller, quieter.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry finishes pulling up his jeans and stands there for a second. Then, he takes a few steps closer to Gar instead of putting his shirt on and lets his hands rest on the green Titan's shoulders. "You know. If you'd like doing that again at some point... any time... I'm not going to say 'no'. We don't have to do anything more than just that. Snuggling I guess." His caution and his fear of pushing things too quickly have a hard time playing he balancing act that is confronting his desires. He thinks this might be a good balance.

"You know..." he steps a little closer, "No matter how that fight went, you kicked butt. You're a hero." He pauses, and blushes just a little more, "My hero."

Gar Logan has posed:
Gar Logan impulsively steps back and leans into the body behind him. "I think that would be cool," he says, content to leave his answer on the simpler side. Time will let that sort of thing play out more naturally, to let them take things as they come, but he still reaches back to mess up Terry's head at the 'hero' part.

"I sort of felt like myself again out there, just trying to react to stuff and help people. I know you'd have done more if you could have, so don't think you weren't doing good either with what you could do."

It's just that the cat guy was the one who saved him.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry smiles, "I did alright."

The proximity is still a little intoxicating, and Terry feels his heart rate rising a little. For a moment, he considers giving rein to some of his more impulsive ideas... but then he notices the time on the alarm clock, and its face tells him other things are in the cards for him.

"I have to go to the Planet, work starts in an hour." Which is not enough time to drive to his apartment, change, and drive back. But if he decides to experiment a little with his feline side's ability to... make holes? He might be able to make it. Provided he manages to land on the rooftop where he can change into his human side and take the elevator down.

"I'm gonna be busy this weekend, have to go back to New York and help mom paint her living room, but..." he leans over and touches his nose to Gar's cheek, "Why don't you come by Monday night after work? We'll watch a movie. Potential snuggles on the couch, provided you don't eat all the popcorn?" He leans over and kisses Gar's cheek, and then he turns around and reaches for his shirt to get dressed and be on his way.

Gar Logan has posed:
"Yeah, you were fine," Gar agrees. There's value in documenting whatever these people who may or may not all end up Titans together are doing. It could be a big seller someday, and imagine all the lighter moments and goofs. Then he gives Terry a little nudge of a shove back toward the bed, not enough to actually knock him down, but only after returning that little cheek/nose affection. "Just don't come around all drunk, all right? I don't want us doing stuff we both aren't aware of, if you know what I mean."

The Titan gives a thumbs-up, however. "Yeah, you gotta go make that money, and you don't want Lois thinking you're slacking off. If we're gonna hang out in a few days, surprise me, okay?"