10073/Imma break them ankles

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Imma break them ankles
Date of Scene: 10 February 2022
Location: Basketball Court
Synopsis: Remy follows medical advice to the letter and Rogue doesn't find him out when he shouldn't be. They bond.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
After having his brain scanned and assured that he should be mostly okay to be out of the medbay, so long as he took it easy, Remy made his way back upstairs to find a proper pair of clothes. Sweat-pants, a t-shirt, and his usual brown leather trench coat keep him warm in the late winter cold. Stumbling around outside with a cigarette burning between his fingers, the Cajun crunches through the melting snow in a pair of converse sneakers, headed towards the basketball court.

For reasons he honest to god doesn't know.

It's getting a little late for kids to be outside, but a few of the other teens are still throwing slushy snowballs at each other. Turning to watch them, he takes a few steps backwards and a drag off his cigarette. Smoke coiling up from his nostrils while shouldering into the court through the swinging green gate.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had been checking on Remy just a few hours ago before the scan took place. She was going to check on him again when she got back inside. Right now? She's walking Jeepers, the yellow lab that Remy bought her a couple summers ago when she was working as a car hop at the diner down the street from the school.

Rogue, in a heavy peacoat of a dark navy hue, with a red scarf around her neck, and a dark grey wool knit cap on, blue jeans and boots up to her knees, walks down a shoveled pathway out of the lake area, with Jeepers on a leash. Jeepers is wearing a camo doggie jacket, with aviator sunglasses over his eyes, happily trotting along with his tail wagging as he spots Remy first.

Rogue spies the man walking to the basketball court and grumbles...

She, and the dog, intercept him. "Hey.... what the heck? Did ya run out of the lab?' She asks, Jeepers already approaching the cajun on his leash, to wag tail and doggy greet him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
While he is far from 100%, and likely wouldn't be for a while, at least he's not seeing three and four images of Rogue approaching him. Already he's aware that he's probably in trouble, but that smile tho! "Eyyy Chere..." Kneeling down in front of Jeepers, crushing the cigarette out after a drag so that him and the pupper can reconnect. He rubs behind the labs ears with both bandaged hands. "Qui est un bon chiot, eh?" Totally flirty and absolutely not sheepish you caught me grin directed up to Rogue.

"You know me, Anna... I'm a peacock, you have to let me fly..." Still floofing Jeepers, even letting him lick his face without a care in the world. "I talk to Hank, he say it fine if Ol Remy go for a walk, so long I don't over do it. Was just going to...." He's on the Basketball court... Remy glances around with a raised brow like he's not really sure how or why he came here. "... just going to... re... lax.. Okay maybe I aint ready to be out-"

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers is all tail wagging and tongue lickings. His aviators shielding his eyes witha reflective mirror finish to them. How Rogue got a dog to wear sunglasses is anyone's guess.

Speaking of Rogue, she just stares at the Cajun as he and the dog greet each other like old friends. "Are you /sure/ Hank said that?" She asks with an underlying tone to her voice. "I mean... I don't see a trail'a destruction in your wake, so I suppose he did."

She glances over to the court then where there's a few discarded basketballs laying around. "Ya come out here t'shoot some hoops?" She asks next, knowing full well he's never been in basketball before.

"Ya sure ya wanna be out here? We could go inside, and I could make ya some cocoa or somethin'?" She asks then, reaching a booted foot out to bump his shin lightly.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I may have paraphrase a little bit what he say, but yeah basically..." Remy's red eyes flick up to look at Rogue, grin spreading over all those white teeth. Nails run back across Jeeper's head, then around to curl under his jaw so he can look at himself in the reflection of those baller glasses, "You handsome as me, non?" Then he's standing up after the shin nudge.

"No, no.. nothing like that, chere. Maybe I smoke a joint or something, I don't really membah, but I know I had a reason." Pointing around the court like the answer is out here and he just has to see it to remember. But she's offering an escape, so he latches onto that.

"Oy, wait, yes.. I came looking for you!" Snap pointing at her, "I go by your room and Jeepers gone, so I figure you out here somewhere walking him.." He nods definitively, "Now I find you, we can go back inside to relax, which is what the doctor order anyways. See? Everything work out... You buying dis?"

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers continues to greet happily until Remy goes to focus on the lady, which he's used to, so he immediately goes to focus on the squirrels he sees off in the woods, staring at them with his glasses like a serious soldier boy.

Rogue just keeps her eyes on Remy as she stands there holding the leash. "Hmm." She says then with a smirk showing to the Cajun. "I bet." She says back at him then before she offers him her free hand, gloved in a wine-red glove. "Come on, ya medical runaway." She says then with a slight grin as she starts to turn him back toward the pathways leading to the mansion.

"So the scan went well, I guess? No brain ... leaks, or whatever?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Jeepers hasn't been forgotten, not with him looking like he's about to yappie yap after a family of squirrels like a Vietnam soldier. Remy smirks at the Lab, tail flicking, staring from behind his shades. The Cajun turns to Rogue, but points at Jeeper, "He look like me when I see a card game.." A small smirk, hand sliding into the one offered to him with his fingers curling inbetween Rogue's.

"Oy. Said I aint no more damaged than usual. Which is saying something, non?" The smirk grows exponentially, letting himself be led, along with Jeeepers, back to the Mansion. "Hands weren't burnt either. Thumb was broken, but he have it set..." The thumb spika splint is held up on his left hand. "Just need to rest and not do nothing stupid for a few days. Should be fine."

"I know you were worried you may have to replace ol Remy, but you still stuck wit me."

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers is quick to let these pesky squirrels go when the leash is pulled and his humans are walking away. He bounds after them to get in their way as they walk.

Rogue just smirks at what Remy says, as her eyes fall down to the dog in the cammo vest and jacket, she always dresses him up in some kind of costume, which is why he's so used to it.

"Worried?" Rogue asks, glancing over to the Cajun. "You seen how many thirsty followers I got on Instagram?" She asks with a growing grin. "Why, I could have a whole line gathered up outside'a this place, just waitin' for me to choose the replacement." She boasts, always eager to show off that bravado of hers!

She does smile at him more calmly there-after though. "I'm glad you're okay though. But, god, why'd ya have t'blow up the pool table? Ya know how much I love pool..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"...Two things..."

Remy clears his throat and starts with a furrowed brow, "One... Thirsty instagram followers aint Remy. Some fat guy in his mid forties looking at pictures on his cellphone in a beefy hand while hovering over a public urinal between loads of domestic beer from Milwaukee to Seattle don't seem like a proper substitute for Le Diable Blanc..."

He stops, then starts, because Jeepers is jumping around them in their way and he can't help giving him the attention he craves.

"Second thing... I didn't blow dat table up, it was just my powers did that... I mean I did, but not really. If I hadn't been dere, maybe it still unblown up, but maybe the whole wall gone, cus I help make it not so bad a blow up situation. Once again, ol Remy a hero, wit no regard for reward or praise. Selfless."

Cast covered hand to his chest, right over his heart.

"A pillar of community."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just grins at his response as he pauses them to deal with Jeepers a bit more, but the dog relents to try and chase after some of the kids playing in the snow, right at the edge of his leash! "Well." Rogue starts.

"I'd assume law of averages would mean one'a them has t'be hot, right?" She counters about her internet followers. "I think thats soemthing I learned in one'a these dumb math courses they've had me in." She is of course grinning again at these words before she eyes his injured hand.

"I suppose that's fair too. But, I'm gonna pester Jean for the money t'get a new pool table, and you gotta go help me buy one, so I get the right kind. I want an improved one. One that is like, what the pros would use... Then we lock it away so the kids can't get their grubby hands on it... Nor the adults with explosive powers."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"So you only wit me for my looks.. Well it about time the truth come out." Remy jokes with a side smirk at Rogue when she explains the law of averages to him. His fingers wiggle in the cast, flittering across his face, and half turns as if truly wounded by her figures. "Even if they that Channing Tatum un bel homme... You think he good as me? Pssh, I push x to doubt."

As for the pool table. He inclines his head, squeezing his fingers around hers. "Could forego seeing if a pool table in the school budget and just let me get one, non? I do feel guilty I don't notice it going glowy before I did and it wouldn't cost the school a dime.. We still go look for an improved table, eh? Wit the very best felt and proper craftmanship."

"I know just the place, too."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs softly at his first words there, while they walk up the pathway a little closer to the stairs up to the patio above. "Oh yes, you got my figured out, Mistah LeBeau." She says back to him while also giving his hand a squeeze, being careful as ever, since she can really squeeze when she wants to!

Jeepers beats them to the stairs and waits as he stares off at the yard, then looks over at the two again.

"You didn't really blow it up, so I bet Jean would feel bad if ya bought a whole new one yourself. But, now you got my interest peaked as t'this 'just the place' place ya bring up comes t'light." She speaks with a sly grin showing on her visage now. "So maybe we'll see what we can find, and see how it goes?" She asks him next.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I've had you figured out a long time, Chere." Remy bluffs, he'll never really figure Rogue out, but lord help him loves trying. His eye squints, half smirk when he glances over at her and motions her forward with a little tug of her hand in his. "Lady first." Since Jeepers is a proper gentleman that waits, Remy will pretend he is too.

"You know I don't really care about money." Flicking his hand almost dismissively of such a crazy suggestion, "Besides, I win it in a game of cards anyways. Totally legal, cross my heart..." He even does so, running a finger down the center of his t-shirt.

As for the place he mentioned? He grins and up nods a few times, "You love it. Smokey, full of terrible people too drunk to realize they being scammed.. Your kind of place, Ms Instagram."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue smiles as she takes the steps first, with Jeepers running up alongside her. She glances over her shoulder at him. "Oh, ha ha." She says back at him with regard to the Instagram joke. "But yes, that does sound like my kinda place." She adds as she reaches the top of the stairs, pausing to wait for him.

"Places like that lead t'drunk jerks thinkin' they can get somewhere with me, an' give me an excuse t'toss'em over the bar." She says quite happily at the injured Louisianan man. "So if that's how we get a new pool table for the place, then count me in." She happily states, showing it off with a big smile now that they're up on the back patio near the doors to the kitchen and dining hall.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I can't take you no where." Remy says with a mock sigh of exasperation, as if every place he takes her ends in them fighting a bunch of drunk rednecks... Which isn't not true. Mostly she fights them and he steals peoples wallet, but that's besides the point, right?

"I figure you be interested. Besides, they owe me one." Who doesn't though. Remy LeBeau, the many of a million and one dirty secrets and hidden favors. "They should make a movie about me." A little self advertising as he follows her inside, popping the collar of his jacket on the stoop so the snow doesn't get on the tiles of the kitchen. "Besides, I think we can use a break from crazy invasions and blown up mansions..." Turning to her, patting the air, "Don't get me wrong, I love adventure and excitement as much as anybody, but eventually someone IS going to blame me dat tings keep going boom."