10094/Down in the mucky muck

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Down in the mucky muck
Date of Scene: 12 February 2022
Location: Rogue's Room
Synopsis: Remy takes Rogue to buy a pool table. She gets to see some of Remy's old friends. They touch hands. Very scandelous.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy had made some promises about a pool table and a bar and drunk rednecks. Now that he has a bunch of vampire jewelry to pawn off for cash? He can afford the necessary road accessories to take Rogue on a proper adventure down into the deep bayou's of Louisianna. They'd taken a private jet, one paid for by blood diamonds off a vampiric mistresses finger and had a car waiting for them when they landed.

He's wearing his typical out of the house attire. Black body suit, brown coat, tall black boots, and a pair of reflective sunglasses. Also a grin. "So, it been a while since I'm home... I /may/ still owe a few people money, but I don't think that be a problem. They don't even know I'm here... but it worth noting, non?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue. Sunglasses.

Leather bomber jacket over green hoodie and black tanktop, a pair of jeans with torn knees and butterflies bedazzling her thighs. She carries her luggage behind her on a pair of little wheels that roll quietly upon the ground.

A hand runs through her two toned hair and she looks over at him with a grin.

"These spur'a the moment trips are fun though. Ya know I used t'dream that I was gonna be an adventurer? Travel the world lookin' for the most beautiful places, and then... I dunno. Dog cashin' a ambulance, I guess."

She hooks a arm around his and leans over to get her lips close to his ears. "Woof." She says in a sultry tone to him before leaning back again, and smiling.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I use to dream of being a respectible business man who owned a reputible establishment dat catored to an upscale client list dat would wait years to get onto." Remy tells the Bell beside him, smirky grin on his face as he peered at her over the rem of his glasses. "We don't always get what we want, chere... but if ya try sometimes. Ya just might find." Snap point at the black Sedan that pulls up for them.

"Ya get what ya need."

He opens the trunk and puts her luggage inside. "I hooked us up at da Hyatt near Bourbon street. Spared no expense." It's on a Vampires dime anyways. Might as well get the very best out of it. "Jus gotta meet wit someone before we head out into the Bayou. If we don't tell'em I'm heah, things will get real ugly." Since the kind of person he means, they definitely know he's in town.

Once they're seated in the back, because they have a driver yo, with Rogue wrapped on his arm and him lazily lounging out with his foot on the door panel, she woofs in his ear. "Ya keep dat up an' ya'll be a dog chasin' a bone." It's all in good spirits here, we like to have fun.

Rogue has posed:
Of course Rogue is impressed by the car just appearing like that, and his little take on the song lyrics. She just shakes her head though, and relinquishes her luggage to him.

Once inside, with the car going, Rogue just leans on him now, having removed her jacket she drapes it over the seat beside her, then smiles at his little jest about chasing bones.

"I'm sure..." She says quietly before she glances around the interior of the car. "Hopefully there isn't another Vamp attack while we're gone... Jean said she was gonna take this super serious now, and I bet the Professah might get involved soon too. He doesn't want this crap takin' down the school..."

Rogue looks down at the ring she's wearing though, and runs a finger over it. "Those damn blood suckers sure know how t'pick out their fancy baubles though..." She says wistfully...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
It's spacious. Most of the back seat was converted for comfort to cart around Business Executives, leaving the driver with precious little room for themselves. They're getting paid a fortune though, so they can suck it. Remy smirks at Rogue, but sombers some at the mention of the vampires. "We prolly shouldn't go now, but I figure if we don't, we may never. Could all be vampires before end of the month, non?" His wrist lays against his raised knee and flicks fingers out in a shrug as he looks through the tinted window at the passing sight of a home he's not been back to in forever.

"I figure they let us know... and I got plane on standby just in case we have to leave quickly, ses pa?" It had been an interesting couple days to be sure. The only saving grace having been all that gaudy, bit expensive, jewelry he was able to boost. Like the ring...

He turns his hand over, the one attached to the arm Rogue is hanging from, and there's a ring held up by the bottom loop. "I took dis one for you. Don't read into it too much. Just thought you like it. Cus it got an Emerald."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes zero in on this gift he presents her, and it just makes her grin. She reaches out to wrap her fingers around it, then tips it over in to her palm. Her eyes glimmer at the glimmer in the emerald for several moments before she looks over at him.

"Normally if ya gifted me things like this, I would wonder where it came from, and if it needed t'go back. But since I /know/ this game from some serious freaks, I'm all for it." She says before leaning over to brush a kiss to the side of his face...

Her limited touch control has come along way in the last year. "Thanks, Mistah LeBeau." She says back at him before her eyes go forward to the driver who is doing his job all good.

"Hey, Mistah Driver. Check out this bling." She shouts up at him before showing off the ring so he can see it in the mirror.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
It do be like that sometimes.

There's always a fair chance that the things Remy gives could be criminally obtained, but he does try not to take stuff from people who can't afford to lose it. He's come a long way from his kleptic ways over the years, right? So domesticated. He grins at her appreciation of the gift though, he stole that one fair and square from some pretty terrible people who definitely deserve to have stuff taken from them.

"Ya welcome Ms. Marie." He says with a side glance at her showing off the baulber to the stoic faced driver who peers at her through the rear view mirror. It looks lovely, ma'am. he says deadpan. Like a fish. Not a bass, of course, but definitely some kind of fish.

Remy snickers at him and shakes his head, back to peering out the window as if he's expecting something that hasn't happened yet. Not so much worried, because he's not worried. Not COMPLETELY worried. There was a good chance they wouldn't be cross with him.

His fingers drum his knee, "Pull over." He says suddenly, turns to kiss at Rogue's cheek, and then pushes open the door. "Gotta go see them..." The dark clad men standing near an alleyway holding an umbrella over another smaller womans head. "Won't take but a couple minutes..." He's grinning, so it can't be bad, right? Right....

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has that ring on in a flash just before Remy has them pulling over. She looks up from it to watch what he's doing. "You sure you don't want my help?" She asks him, but he's already getting out and leaving her behind, which makes her antsy...

Left in the far, Rogue just stares out the window and watches...

RA second later and the Driver has a pair of wedge heeled boots showing up beside his face, then a full on show of the Belle's body gliding up to sit in the chair beside him. She exhales, and drops her hands on to her thighs, then smiles over at him on her left. "Heya, Sugah." She says to him in her deep Mississippi accent. She upnods out the window. "You're from around here. Who are those people?" She asks him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The Driver doesn't look out to where Remy headed, where he's animately talking to the group with his hands. Motioning around and back and forth as they calmly reply to whatever he's saying. The woman is very clearly in charge and very clearly unamused.

He looks to the boots beside him and then back at Rogue by way of rear view, "Part of an old crew. They run this part of town... and Remy isn't allowed here." The deep rabbit hole of Remy's past goes down all the way into the darkest parts of the city. The things he doesn't tell, the secrets he keeps.

A moment later and one of the three big guys in suits slaps Remy across the face... and rather than hit him back, he holds a hand up at the car, staring at the tinted window... shaking his head.. He hopes she understands, then straightens and hands something to the woman who nods.. then turns and walks back into the alley without saying another word to him.

Two of the big men leave, the last one crosses his arm and sends Remy off with a nod towards the car.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smirks at the driver as she sits beside him now in the front seat. Her eyes go forward to look out the front windshield. But the slap sent to Remy catches her sight again and she's about to move for the door when she sees him signalling her not to...

It takes all her will power to obey that desired command, and she squeezes her hands together before she looks to the driver again. "I'm gonna kill'em." She mutters then before sighing softly, using some breathing techniques that she was taught to get her anger down, because anger means... no control.... dangerous skin...

Rogue just floats up off the front seat then, and basically presses herself to the roof as she glides back in to the back seat once more, leaving the driver, alone, and likely questioning wtf this girl is...

Once in the back seat again, Rogue straightens her hair and looks out the window again to see the 'bad people' making their exit?

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy takes several steps away from the one remaining goon, then turns to head back to the car. Sweeping to pick up his glasses that got thrown off by the slap. By the time he's pulling open the back seat and climbing in, he's got his always charming smirk back in place. "Dat went better than I thought it would." He tells Rogue, which begs to wonder what he thought... "Sorry, if I tell you they maybe not so happy I come here..." His cheek is red, not cartoonishly, from the slap.

But he's got no real ego to worry about having hurt in this situation. Say what ya want about him, he doesn't mind taking an L. "Anyway, we good for a day. But we gotta get out of town before tomorrow afternoon."

The driver pulls away and starts driving them towards the Hotel again. Not needing to be told.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue jsut has her hands on her thighs when he comes back in to the car. She's furrowing her dark eyebrows at him but then shows a faint smirk as he settles in to the seat again.

Once the car is moving once more, Rogue exhales, her body relaxing a bit beneath her clothing. "Ya realize how hard that was for me, right?" She asks him, her voice kinda low now. "T'not get out there, and turn all'a them inta meat splats on the concrete, yeah?" She asks again. Her bottom lip is bit for a second as her eyes go forward to look at the driver, and where they are going, but then she shoots them back over to the Cajun man beside her again. "I realize I don't get this whole ... mob city crap, but... it feels t'me like the people around here could use a bit'a my kinda medicine...."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy nods to Rogue's, understandable, anger. He reaches out and slips his hand over the top of hers, lacing his fingers through hers. "I know, chere. I didn't really tink they be so mad, really... I swear.. I just playing before, oy?" He runs his finger down the center of his chest. "Cross my heart, ses pa?" Though honestly, he takes a breath and shrugs. "It hard not to agree wit you, but I deserved dat." He says, indicating the interaction with a point back with his thumb directed towards the rearview.

"I paid it off, but I owe dem a lot of money for a long time. Part of da deal was I don't do any business in dis part of town. NOLA a big place, plenty of city for everybody. But da club we going to right over there."

This part of the city is set right up against the swamp. Nestled between deep bogs and crypts like veins in a green wound.

"So it really my fault. Just should have led wit paying tribute stead of talking my way out of paying it."

Rogue has posed:
Without gloves on, Rogue's mood is everything when it comes to touching her skin. But she's calmed down again, so he's safe from her mutation and its retribution for daring to touch the Belle of skin danger!

She just listens, and just nods her head several small times. "I get it. I've seen tv shows of the same nature." She jests in light hearted tones. A smile is given to him again and she rubs her hand and fingers against his.

When he motions to where they're going she looks outside. "It's... pretty." She quietly notes before her other hand goes up to brush her wild hair out of her eyes some, the white locks brushed aside. "i've read a lot about the town, and watched some Youtube videos goin' on tours." She now says, with a little grin sent his way. "So color me an expert on the place now..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I should have said someting, I know." Remy flicks his fingers, he's always trying to do the right thing, which ultimate comes out as the right thing for him, even if he didn't mean it that way. He doesn't press the point though. She's agreed and he didn't die when he touched her hand, so she's most likely forgiven him.

He grins at the touch of her fingers running along his and her due deligent research on the city. "Oh, well clearly dats true. But maybe, just maybe, Ol Remy know one or two spot even Youtube aint seen yet, non? We see though... Maybe you bigger expert den me. Hell I not been here since five years ago... Lot change in dat time, eh?"

Rogue has posed:
This draws a laugh from the young southern gal as she shakes her head gently. "I wouldn't go /that/ far she responds to him. Another deep breath is taken in through her nose and gently released between her lips before she looks over at him, then lays her head down on his shoulder. "I'm sure you know the deepest, darkest, dankest, places in this town. Which is sayin' a lot since apparently it's becomin' America's version of Venice, or so they say."

She smirks at this as her hand goes up to take her sunglasses off her hairline. She drops them on her lap before she eyes the back of the Driver's head.

"He's one'a them, isn't he?" She quietly whispers. "He's a spy..."

Now she's just being silly!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy snort laughs at the idea of New Orleans sinking into the sea, "Prolly best place for it, to be perfectly honest. Dis place is a shit hole full of shit people." He's from here, so he knows. The driver glances back at them. Then faces forward. His own glasses are removed and tossed into the seat on the other side of Rogue. "Dere some pretty dank and dark places out dere in dem swamps. Ya know they bury all dem dead above ground cus the water level too high?"

He sucks at his teeth. "Should have seen it during Katrina." He was just a kid, of course, because they're all in their early 20s. But you don't forget a thing like that.

As to the status of the driver. Remy narrows his eyes curiously and leans towards Rogue to speak in comspiratory tones. "Probably." Not even sounding like he's joking.