10101/X-Men: Graduation Day Pt. 1

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X-Men: Graduation Day Pt. 1
Date of Scene: 12 February 2022
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: Graduation Day for the newest batch of X-Men recruits is underway and off to a promising start. The Danger Room is put to good use, evaluating the adaptability and teamwork of some of the most promising potentials.
Cast of Characters: Scott Summers, Monet St. Croix, Xi'An Coy Manh, Kitty Pryde, Tabitha Smith, Negasonic, Gabby Kinney, Megan Gwynn

Scott Summers has posed:
It all seems a little unnecessary in truth.

Life in Xavier's mansion is rarely dull, at least not for long. There is always something happening, and while much of it is simply the day to day life that one would expect to find in a school full of the gifted, some of it certainly relates to the fact that the school is also home to the protectors of Mutantkind. And the protectors of humanity from those mutants who are not quite so inclined to co-exist peacefully.

And while Xavier's first students might have risen to the challenge, have taken up their places amongst the X-Men, taken on the greater responsibility that comes with that title, they are certainly not the only ones. Not every student that passes through these walls is either inclined, nor suitable for membership on the team, there are always those who do show that promise. Who do insist that they are both willing and able to live that sort of life.

Which, of course, is why Scott Summers -- Cyclops -- has gathered a few key figures here today.

And what, prey tell, is so unnecessary about that? Well, while Scott has summoned those few select individuals to the Danger Room he has chosen the oh so exotic location of... the main classroom from the western wing. Oh, it is pleasant enough with all the wood panelling and the late afternoon sun streaming in through that windows that are half-iced over. But it is also right upstairs. This might be why some might accuse one of the X-Men's senior field leaders as lacking imagination.

Naturally, Scott has taken up a spot at the front of the room, casually leaning against the teacher's desk at his back. He patiently waits without a word as those invited filter in. Glancing at his watch and apparently satisfied, Scott abruptly straightens, gaze flickering across those gathered with a faint nod.

"Thank you for making time today. Some of those here spoken with myself or one of the other senior X-Men expressing a desire to take on a bigger role with that side of the school. Some of you have kindly agreed to stand in here today and offer some assistance. Regardless of your reasons for being here today, I hope each of you take away a few important things from all of this. Being an X-Man is not for everyone and there is nothing wrong with that. But the desire to do more with your abilities is the most important first step that you can possibly take," he says quietly.

Always count on Scott to find time to deliver a lecture.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix is present wearing her normal outfit. She sees little reason to wear some of the gaudier things that she's seen on the others. She's for once not floating and is just standing, making sure to purely by aura stand out - she's not the tallest nor the bulkiest, but as far as she is concerned she is the best. Superiority would radiate off of her and smugness. As far as she's concerned, all this is purely for regulations. Her presence here will be simple to achieve her ends.

So M is simply listening, trying not to look as mug as she feels (and mostly failing). But therea re no interruptions from her. No commentary nor any speaches. She's just listening over as Scott gives the reassurance to those that aren't -nearly- as good as she is that will perhaps fail or be let in.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh is here to provide assistance and also documentation. She'll record the happenings through the school surveillance system and do any necessary editing to make it a presentable educational tool. She wears a men's style suit, with a white jacket and tie combined with black pants and shirt. Her jet hair is cut in an asymmetrical bob, the left sid of her head buzzed and showing multiple silver earrings going the length of her ear.

She, too, keeps her piece verbally, her hands clasped behind her back as she stands off to the side. As the school's librarian and lore-keeper, she tends to make herself present for anything that might be construed as an 'event'.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Up in the control room, Kitty Pryde is reclining in a chair, feet up resting on a section of the console she won't hit any buttons with them. She has a bag of trail mix in her lap, picking an M&M out of it and tossing it into the air, then catching it in her mouth on the way down.

She picks out a crispy rice thing next, tossing it up and letting Lockheed catch this one. He's curled up on her shoulder, craning his neck as Kitty alternates the food between herself and him.

"We could set off the fire sprinklers," she suggests as she leans to peer out of the window and down at the mockup of the school room below. "Nah. Save that for later. Bobby maybe."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby slips into the danger room and quickly doubletakes as she sees the current sim is a classroom and then looks out the door then back in.

At least she's in a uniform. It might be a more updated version of her old New Mutants costume but it's comfy and serviceable for looking like an X-Man or X-Intern mostly. Yellow chest shoulders and cleeves while figure hugging black synthetic leather materail down to her yellow boots. A red jacket over the top to handle things like pockets and gear that neeed spockets a skin tight uniform.

Taking a seat of her own she flashes smiles to everyone and an extra wave and a supressed urge to hug the crap out of Shan emerging from the library. New Mutants "Think I have those papers on plasma kinesis I gotta return soon." she says under her breath and smiles a goofy grin. She might have spaced out on due dates.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie is present, slouching sullenly near the back of all the available seating. Her buzzed head is uncovered, but the rest of her is dressed in black, black, dark grey, and more black. The clothes she's taken to wearing lately is slightly ahead-of-its-time, a mixture of dystopian future meets monochrome cyberpunk. Her clothing might make a slight jangling sound, due to bucklery, but she seems fairly planted in place as she watches Scott address the group through hooded eyes -- they don't scream attentiveness, but she's watching and listening. As dry as the material may be.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney had her attention split between New York and Gotham a lot these days, but thankfully travel between both was easy enough. The motorcycle she'd gotten awhile back was certainly getting some miles put on it though. She, too, makes her way to the Danger Room stepping inside with only a breif glance at the classroom setting and Cyclops up front.

She wasn't wearing a trainee uniform--she'd never been given one. Instead she wore a black bodysuit that looks as if it might be meant for the motorcycle ride. Or something else given the apparent padding where body armor would be most useful. Maybe it did double duty. "Hey, sorry if I'm late!" she greets cheerily only to find a spot to plop herself. Ellie gets a little finger-waggle of a wave in greeting in spite of The Grumpies going on.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn is as eager as many trainees to become a fully fledged Xman..She even came dressed in her training uniform, fully expecting there to be some sort of test to pass. Or will this be just a big lecture tally thing? Whatever the case she slips in just under the radar, catching the last few words that Cyke says, trying hard to blend in and not look like she's too late..Or too eager, or Yknow, too nervous..

Scott Summers has posed:
Sprinklers might certainly prove a point about expecting the unexpected. It's not the sort of thing that Scott would go in for, to all appearances. Pranks are not really his forte and definitely not the sort of thing he does in for. Which is what would make it a surprise, right?

But no, he most certainly has no made any such suggestion that Kitty or anyone else intervene in that sort of way. That might be fun. And while he is not completely incapable of it, nothing about this particular session has anything to do with fun. More about things that are closer to Scott's heart -- duty, obligation, preparedness and of course, teamwork.

Tucking his hands behind his back, Scott slowly walks back and forth in the front of the illusionary classroom. Such a great tool, the Danger Room. The image around them is perfect, the very picture of the west wing classroom. Aside from the fact that it is a cold, blustery day with flurries upstairs while down here only sunlightly pours in through those great bay windows. There's something to be said for virtual reality at times.

"All of you have demonstrated a strong ability to make the most of your powers. All of you have demonstrated -- whether in the Danger Room -- or in the field itself that you can effectively protect yourself and others. But being an X-Man is about more then mastering your powers. It is about taking that next step. It's about showing that you can work with others to be something greater then individuals and being adaptable to whatever you find yourself facing. You have to stand ready to lay everything on the line, even when far too many of the people you help will always hate and feat you," he says quietly.

This then, would be where the surprise comes in. Or likely not a surprise really. Not for those that know Scott. He's never one to let an opportunity for a lesson, for a training session to pass by without seizing upon it. So the surprise is not having the sprinklers suddenly go off to soak those in attendance.

Nope. This is where the entire roof of the classroom is suddenly ripped away.

It might all be illusionary, constructs of hard light and advanced technology, but with the roof ripped away a flood of cold washes over all in attendance. Bright beams of light shine down on those assembled in the virtual classroom and surrounding the now devestated part of the mansion stand a half dozen towering figures, each at least fifteen feet in height. Robotic features peer down at the gathered mutants as those spotlight pour out that blinding light from their chests. Then, acting as one six hands raise up, a brilliant, deadly looking glow starting to build in the palms of those giant, artificial hands.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Sentinels. Predictable. Monet St. Croix goes to quickly setup a network telepathically whether the rest of the group wants it or not. <<Scatter! First priority is locating survivors and extracting them. Rest of us will hold off the Sentinels long enouh for a search and extraction. There may be injured so take care in evacuation.>> First priority after all.
    Then M is going to spin around, going to break into a fast dive at roughly six hundred kilometers per hour to zoom along the Sentinels in a circle, trying to make herslf a target for them. Preusming they have some form of targetting assessment, she goes to dive, zig zag, and weave while changing speeds, trying to make herself a harder target to hit while drwing most of thier fire.
    <<Present a distraction for them while any survivors are located and extracted. Sentinels will be vulnerable at connection joints where the armor is thinner to allow for greater flexibility. Any servos will be more lightly protected. Go for disabling shots to limit their mobility in the field>>

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde has in an earbud for listening to the happenings in the Danger Room without needing to have the sound piped through the speakers. She picks out a pretzel stick and tosses it up, but it bounces off her lip and onto the floor. Lockheed hops down to scarf it up. "Better than a Dustbuster," she praises the dragon as he returns to her shoulder.

As Kitty hears the cue, she reaches over to tap the return key on the keyboard. The command to transition to the next part of the scenario already entered and waiting. "So much more effective if they don't know what the Danger Room is," she comments to Lockheed. First time students often get such a surprise before it's revealed the rooms hard-light capabilities. If not so strenuous as an attack.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh had not been informed of this particular tactic in advance. Rather than panicking, however, she simply sighs a long suffering sigh. She had been hoping for a sincere ceremony and perhaps an edifying presentation. Instead, Cyclops has initiated yet another combat simulation.

Karma is not particularly well-pleased by the choice. Especially in this suit.

<<At least I can observe and not participate.>> she says telepathically to Scott and Kitty. Xi'an has already graduated, after all, both from the school and into the X-men. She sees enough of this sort of thing in the real world and doesn't have much patience for simulations. She stands to the side, out of the way of things, and lets the students engage with the Sentinels and such.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Why would you sim a classroom if it wasn't going to get trashed. So when the inevitable happens Tabby scrambles and tries to not make herself a target as much as any of the other students do.

She even throws a chair because that is how you know it's a fight.

To the mind link that Monet puts up Tabby she thinks her acknowledgement. <<Distraction, okay! On it.>> Bombs stream from the blonde's hands the size of volleyballs to the closest Sentinel's armpits trying to at least start making sure hand beams and hands can't squish and grab anyone. <<I really, really hope they didn't set this to horde mode. We'll know if we can topple this batch!>> she warns while giant robot armpits explode with cocussive plasma detaonations or as Tabitha would normally say.


Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie's pale eyes slide in Gabby's direction, because the movement is a visual distraction she can latch onto briefly, and catches sight of the wiggled fingers of greeting. She gives a chin toss, a brief, upward head nod, in reply. Her roommate, as perky as ever. However, Scott goes on and, with a sigh, Ellie's eyes drift back to his studious countenance, blinking slowly. She stuffs her hands in her awesome jacket, dipping her chin down into the high collar it offers.

    That is, until Sentinels descend on the area. Because, of course, they do.

    With a resolute sigh, Ellie stands and checks on the status of her fellow students and teachers. Being part of a team means not going off on one's own, and ensuring that everyone is working in tandem. If Ellie was in a grouchy mood before, she's even surlier, now. This was supposed to be....well, it wasn't supposed to be this.

    Sending out an affirmative thought to the mindlink -- no actual words, just a sense that she understands and will comply -- Negasonic begins building up a blast, tracking a Sentinel moving close enough to be able to harm someone. Thrusting her arms forward, she sends the blast at the offending attacker, Ellie's eyes blazing with the explosion. She doesn't stop there, delivering more and more powerful blasts to the Sentinels.

    You want distractions? You got 'em.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
If it were jsut a lecture it wouldn't have been in the Danger Room. This wasn't the first time Gabby had gone through some school based scenarios, or dealt with Sentinels. Both in and out of the Danger Room. So while she was expecting--something--it wasn't necessarily this. It's taken in stride with a quick clap of her hands together in a 'let's get down to business' gesture.

Via the mindlink that M had established she quickly shoots off a thought of <<Seen inside the heads of these once if you want to root around and get some visuals M go ahead. About three years back.>> Even as she offers this though, she's already bounding over a desk to launch herself for the doorway further into the 'school' to throw it wide open. Her powers were more close combat, and Ellie and Tabby had 'explosive distractions' in hand so she works on clearing a path to escape and look for potential rescue-ees if htey were included in the scenario.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn mutters under her breath once the lecture ends and the battle begins. Of course it had to be Sentinels. She's never liked fighting robots, mostly because they tend to be pretty immune to most of her abilities. But of course, Pixie has learned to be very resourceful, and there's more than one way to skin a cat Afterall!

She nods to Monet, taking to the sky and zipping around like an oversized insect..While she can be pretty squishy, she's very fast and agile in the sky, and right now she's surveying the surroundings, searching for anything that might be useful as a weapon against these oversized metal heads..And of course she sweeps the area fir any civilians who might need to be evacuated..

<<Acknowledged..I've got eyes on the sky, if there are any civilians, let me know and I'll get 'em to safety!>>

Scott Summers has posed:
It is a tactic that they use sparingly, but sooner or later everyone at the school goes through it. Of escorting the students about, of showing them the Danger Room and then leading them out -- except not actually stopping the program. Of putting them in a situation where they do not know that they are still in the Danger Room and then unleashing some sort of threat upon them. It's effective enough, but like any good trick it's best not to overuse it.

That way it is possible to even catch one of the senior staff with it. See? That's the sort of prank that Scott can appreciate.

Does letting the participants know that this is a training session instead of a live attack lessen the impact? Perhaps. But this is the beginning of their Graduation Day, not the end. So as the ceiling of the classroom is demolished, as brick and mortar and timber tumbles down into the illusionary classroom, Scott just edges to one side, out of the immediate way of the action going on in the center of the room. Desks tumble over, chairs are thrown and the gathered mutants -- at least those present as more than just observers -- spring into action.

<< I'll appreciate your insights after the exercise. Particularly on how they work together and how they adapt. >> Scott replies over that mental link with Xi'an and Kitty, though his attention otherwise does not shift from the main event playing out in front of him.

"Sentinels can seem like an easily beaten threat. Something long since dealt with," Scott says calmly, lecturing even now. Or perhaps simply giving reminders. "But do not forget that they have been built to deal with us. They learn your tactics and develop the means to overcome your powers. The best defense is not to fall into patterns and to change opponents before their programming can provide them counters," he offers up.

Those giant hands stretch out, reaching into the shattered remains of the classroom itself and those energy blasts tear out, ripping into the floor underfoot, blasting a crater in the middle of the floor -- and sending splinters flying in every direction as the desks and chairs there are absolutely obliterated.

Fortunately however none of those gathered are still standing there, scattering as they do, taking to the air where they can or launching a barrage of explosive blasts back towards those heavily armored robots. It's enough to driving that initial assult back, the figures that surround the classroom on all sides temporarily pushed back.

Scott Summers has posed:
The good news? As Monet and Megan take to the skies, they will be the first to see that there are not in fact a half dozen sentinels. Only five. That's something right? The problem. They do not exactly look like standard issue sentinels either. One of them has a visor where it's 'eyes' should be. A visor that looks surprisingly familiar -- especially given that it is worn by the teacher hosting this session. The second's head seems to be reconfigured as well, shaped as if wearing a bright yellow, flaired 'V' mask. Still the third sports giant wings shaped with metal feathers while the forth looks like a coolant tube has exploded, ice leaking over it. And finally the fifth sports what looks like even larger hands and feet than the fifteen foot tall robots already have.

One of those optic blasts takes a bead on M before lashing out, ruby red energy beginning to chase her through the skies.

The sentinel with the Marvel Girl mask motions towards Pixie and a wave a sheer force slams into the young flying woman. The over sized Sentinel moves with surprising agility for such great size, leaping into the class room itself as it stalks towards Gabby.

For her part, Negasonic seems to attract the attention of the Ice Sentinel, those hands coming up again. But this time instead of energy, a flood of liquid nitrogen blasts it's way at the explosive mutant.

And as for Tabby? Well, it seems like she has attracted the attention of an angel. An angel with jagged metal feathers. Which are promptly lauched towards the bomb generating mutant.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh does not appreciate this sort of prank. She finds it far less than amusing and practically irradiates that with her closed off posture, her arms folded across her chest. Of course, she tends to have a somewhat glowering expression as a default, so it might not be entirely clear to those who don't know her well that Xi'an is, in fact, a little bit pissed off.

<<I fail to see how yet another Sentinel exercise is measuring anything new about them, even if it does take them off-guard. Couldn't we have had an exercise about community service or leadership or advocacy instead of yet another interminable combat drill?>> Xi'an says telepathically to Scott and Kitty alike. She presses her fingers to her temples. She will require ibuprofen once this is concluded.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The priority is keeping the Sentinel's attention on them while Gabby goes to search for the injured and Pixy goes to extract them. For now, everything else is purely secondary to keeping the enemy occupied. They can always fall back if they need to <<Access data from Gabrielle. Appreciated>> M would go to try and pull up memories and visuals from Gabby as the Sentinels would go to engage them. Then the Sentinels with the.. Specific masks of faces coming out at them would have M just sort of -stare- for a momental pico-second.
    <<They seem to have imitated the powerset of the ones that they've based themselves aestthetically on. Take that into account when evading or engaging them.>> As the optic blast goes over at her, M goes to dive hard, it searing past her, scorching ions in it's wake. <<Try and draw them away from the school>> The attacks will now have a lot more collateral damage. the school has cover but that risks those who are injured being flattened. So priorities.
    <<Even if they can adapt to powers, they are still vulnerable to the laws of inertia. Kickback, concussions, kinetics.>> M goes to do another barrel roll once more, trying to draw some of the fire towards hereslf once more.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Another M&M, this time Kitty catches it in her mouth, crunching on it rather than waiting for it to melt in her mouth. Really does anyone ever wait that long? You can probably get to the tootsie roll center of a tootsie pop faster than waiting for the candy shell to melt.

<<Eh, I don't know, Shan,>> Kitty replies. <<I mean yes those things are important. But the X-men aren't a public advocacy group. We're a secret super hero team. Those are things that important, but they aren't really why we have X-men. We need people to advocate to stop Sentinels being built. But if they are, we need X-men who can oppose them.>>

Kitty checks the monitors, making sure everything is running fine. <<Anyway, I think the real complaint is that a Sentinel based on Bobby would stop the attack to go pull a prank or throw a snowball at someone's head. Not realistic!>>

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie's eyes are ever-roving, trying to keep track of just which robot needs encouragement to peacefully piss off. As a result of her heightened state of alert, she notices the great big ice Sentinel turning its attention toward her. She narrows her eyes, timing her move as best she possibly can -- diving and rolling away just as its liquid nitrogen attack begins, encircling herself in a shield of her own energy, in case she's not quite quick enough.

    On the way up, however, Negasonic fires a volley of attacks -- one, two, three, four -- smaller in size, but quicker, and all aimed at that ice Sentinel's hand. And, in line with Monet's orders, she begins moving toward the 'exit' of the 'school,' trying to lead any Sentinels who are tracking her...in that direction, and away from others.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
With a grin as her bombs fly and explode and make a heck of a racket. Tabby works at making sure she can stay out of other robots' lines of sight.

<<Pixie!>> she calls through the mind link.

<<Can you portal me and Negasonic onto shoulders and head height? Negaboom! If youy can try and aim at their necks and downward. Take their heads off and any possible extra power stuff and backup brains?>> she suggest. Sentingel or ArchSentgigel as the case may be gets Tabby jumping and rolling and ducking as she lauches more bombs. At least with her recently perfected psionic controll she can keep the bomb flying and turning back to try and make the hit to the Warren shaped Warbot. <<Teleport Headshots would be sooo handy please Pixie!>> she thinks really loud. <<Just try and make sure the lead is good cause damn they fast!>> she says while trying to bring down her oversized opponent via bombs and splash damage.

Of course just glancing attacks still hit and hurt as Tabby catches a few cuts and blasts and splinters from the X-Sentinel trying to bring her down. Sentinels can give harder than a lot of mutants can give back and then these ones have familiar powers that hurt just as much.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie nods her head in reply to Tabby, <<No problem.>> Then, after Tabby has a chance to further expand on her idea, Ellie thinks to Pixie, <<Hell. Just teleport me inside one and I'll blow it up from the inside out.>> There's a tinge to this psychically-sent thought that carries with it the idea that Negasonic would really enjoy blowing one of these suckers up from inside, watching it completely explode to pieces.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney doesn't stop moving even when the floor behind her explodes. She's already through the door, and a quick glance over her shoulder informs that one of those Sentinels is coming toward her as well. She dodges to the left out of the immediate line of sight thanks to the wall in the way making it seem as if she intends to just run down the hall.

Instead she leaps onto one of those fancy entryway tables that always seem to line the walls of the hall, and springboards off it above the door. Just in time she hopes to come down ontop of the following Sentinel.

While she does so she focuses on the command sent to her via M recalling what she'd been shown of the Sentinel head that was in Genosha. Where the transmitter unit was to break down their communication. Then the main electric switch boards. These are envisioned and their general location inside the Sentinel which sehe 'thinks' toward Pixie to give her information on how to hopefully deal with them quickly. Negasonic might get the visuals too to help with areas that are suitable for exploding.

And down she comes at the Sentinel chasing her with a claw shkkting out the back of her hand to try and wedge the large bone in the joint of it's helmeted neck.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Well, this is pretty typical..Except when it isn't. <<Ohhhh I get it..They're like sentinel versions of the original Xmen..Which means...! Ack!>> she yells as the Marvel Sentinel attacks her with a force blast, sending her flying backwards into the air..Fortunately she manages to catch herself before slamming into the ground, <<But we know the original Xmen..Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Iceman, Beast and Angel..We can do this!>>

She catches Nega and Tabby's requests and nods, teleporting the former to the inside of the Jean Sentinel, the latter to the shoulder of the Angel Sentinel. And then more thoughts are sent her way via Gabby. She nods to her, narrowing her eyes upon the Marvel Sentinel, <<Gimme some cover while I tear these guys from the inside out..Sihal Novarum Chinoth!>> and she ocuses on Phoenix Sentinel's communication box first, attempting to port it out of the giant bot. With all that's going on, she'll have to deal with these one by one..

Scott Summers has posed:
Unleashing a prank-playing Bobby Sentinel -- even a holographic one -- would almost surely violate any number of accords. Starting with the Geneva Convention. Scott Summers is not a complete monster. Though there may be those in the Mansion far less ethically-inclined then he.

May the Fates take pity on them all.

"In a perfect world we would be able to identify and take out threats before they ever arrived at our doorstep," Scott says over the din of battle, that voice well-practiced at making himself heard during field ops. Despite the convenience that telepathy offers in such situations. "Which means that we need to be able to play defense as well as offense. But just because the enemy brings the fight to us, just because they choose the battleground does not mean we need to let them dictate the rules of engagement to us," the dark-haired X-Man adds.

In some respects, Scott's biggest asset is not that ruby-red optic blast that can punch holes in steel. It's his tactical mindset.

It is not as if Karma has not raised a fair point. There are many ways that mutants can contribute to the cause afterall and in some respects blowing up threats might be the least of those ways. Right up until you need exactly then. Then there is no room for error. << Perhaps. This is not the last of these sessions and not all of them will be focused on seeing who can blow up machines the best. Again, focus on how they work together, how they change tactics. That's the next level that each of them will need to take >> Scott offers up in turn through that mental link.

As if to add that needed twist of multiple priorities to the scenario. Amidst the scattered remains of desks and chairs and bookshelves, quiet cries sound out, images of students, fellow mutants spread out in the ruins of the class room. The bystanders that seem to populate so many of these conflicts.

The classroom -- even in ruins -- is a confined space. Drawing the threat out into the grounds is an excellent notion, giving more room to manuever and offering up new strategc options. And the Cyclops-Sentinel pursues Monet quite willingly, soaring through the air in pursuit -- which is something that real Cyclops certainly cannot do -- those ruby-red blasts nipping at her heels. But with each passing second the gap between M and those blasts seem to close as the robotic intelligence works on analyzing her flight patterns.

The liquid nitrogen attack of the Iceman-Sentinels seeks out Negasonic... and manages to only find the edge of that shield protecting her. Then those explosions drive back the attack entirely. But it seems that just like the real Bobby, the robotic version is capable of playing defense too, that flow of liquid ice suddenly building up and building up into a slick, frozen barrier, a literal wall of ice. Meanwhile, underfoot that slick surface begins to creep over what remains of the floor.

Scott Summers has posed:
Individually Sentinels can be deadly, a match for any mutant foe particularly if given the time to observe and adapt tactics and power. One, two, maybe even three of the robotic threats might be brought down by the same power, the same tactcs, but adaptation is inevitable. Which is why teamwork comes in, why changing targets is so valuable. Which the team demonstrates remarkably well, whether through M's telepathic link and organization, through Gabby sharing her first-hand knowledge of potential vulnerabilities and of course, the combining of Pizie's portals with Ellie and Tabitha's explosions. As that Angel-Sentinel rains down it's razor sharp barrage overhead, it's is suddenly greeted by those strategicly applied explosions to either side of it. Smoke begins to bubble out a moment before the robotic head is ripped off entirely and the remains of the sentinel begin to fall towards the classroom below -- right towards where the injured mutant students are sprawled out beneath the remains of their desks.

Of course ganging up on foes does leave some of them open and unobstructed. Even as the explosive pair amongst them finishes taking out one foe, the Marvel Girl-Sentinel suddenly seizes Ellie and Tabitha in that unseen grip, holding them pinned and vulnerable in mid-air.

For Gabby, that stealth attack certainly plays to her strength, the agile Beast-Sentinel hunting her down, but unable to easily fit through the doorways -- and other holes blown in the wall by the attack. So she is able to seize the moment, seize advantage and land on the back of it, digging that claw into it's neck, beginning to pry off it's head. But the advantage of the robotic anatomy is abruptly on display as the sentinel's body simply rotates. While she digs into it's neck, it's arms are suddenly very much able to reach for her with their crushing grip.

There's something that Hank can't do. Even on his most flexible day.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix is currently coordinating amongst the group. Passing along internal data from Gabby to the rest. Now that the area is fully evacuated. <<Their size limits their maneuverability. Their weapons are on physical hardpoints. They must look or rotate their arms to aim.>> She would elaborate.
    <<Pixie, continue to take off chunks of them as you can. The rest of you, destroy them internally as most effcient.>> M isn't charging in herself, mostly focused on doing erratic maneuvers so she can't be targeted as effectively. It's taking most of her attention to coordinate the group teelpathically and share data, so she's not fighting unless she has to.
    M is doing her best to keep the impromptu squad coordinated with locations in each 'Sentinel' and damage taken so far. And for once is -not- passing along those smarmy, superior comments that are the norm for her.
    Right then as the Marvel Girl goes to make a 'grab' at Ellie and Tabitha. This has M counting down in a signal to the duo.
    <<Pixie, be backup if I fail to teleport them out of the way.>> Then a warning sent to Ellie and Batibha <<Engaging the unit from the rear>> Monet has spent roughly nine minutes, seventeen second doing lopo de loops and evasive maneuvers at slightly under seven hundred kilometers per second. Thanks to her continued movement, most o fthis speed has built up in inertia. Monet then goes to take a moment to ensure that the 'Marvel Bot' head is rotated away from her since the physical charger seems to be on the front of hte head (thank the designers for being incompetent as engineers to make things so inefficently). With F=ma Monet is thus dive bombing towards the back of the head with -all- of that build up momentum and all of her considerable strength.. Aimed if she can right in the neck joint.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh keeps well clear of the combat as she responds. <<I'm well aware of that. I've been in enough such fights myself to know their ubiquity.>> She responds telepathically. <<I am merely disappointed. I was hoping for a more civil and social affair, rather than an outbreak of holographic mayhem. I suppose it's my own fault for not growing suspicious when things began in the Danger Room. I never have liked it here.>>

She has gotten out her phone and is, at this point, engaging in a rousing game of mahjong.

Negasonic has posed:
    Just in the nick of time. If Megan hadn't sent Ellie elsewhere, that Bobby-Sentinel was making with the slippery floor and that doesn't bode so well for keeping one's footing to keep sending out disabling blasts at the robots.

    Once Pixie's deposited her inside the Marvel Girl Sentinel, Ellie uses her knowledge of its inner workings from Gabby's mental walkthrough and goes to work. Stablizing herself as best she can, she takes a few moments to just...really build up that crazy energy inside her, her entire body arcing with unnatural light swirling and bubbling within a black nimbus-like aura that surrounds her.

    She gathers her inner strength with a growing roar, thrusting all of the energy and anger out of her in one massive blast from inside the Marvel Sentinel. The blast should be more than enough to ruin its internal circuitry, right? Well, if it's not? ... Wearing a dark smile, the Negasonic Teenage Warhead's already preparing a second megablast.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby knows about the concept of telefragging, past relationships with teleporting sorceresses can have a great influence on tactics. But the risk of being teleported or stuck phased into an object is still real and dangerous. <<That is a good idea. Hope there's room.>> she admits and feels the telkeportation go off and Tabby almost slips and falls off before grabbing at a spot she can han on at the base of Angel-Sentinel's head. It means she doesn't have a hand free but then she doesn't actually need them. It does make her next trick easier though.

Hauling up so she's half hanging half kneesling from the sentinel's neck and collar the free hand is reaching up and palm out there's the glow and then crackle as Tabby lets loose a fairly concentrated and wide burst stream of plasma blasting ferociously into the Metal Feathered sentinel's neck and there goes it's head. Though as Tabby jumps free to get away and move on to the next one she feels herself levitating and helf in mid air.

This does mean Tabby might not have her hands free. But she does not need them. To anyonme able to see it looks almost like Tabby is blowing a kiss at Jean-Bot but soon a ball of plasma apears and grows and grows like someone have her way to much bubble gum and it's inflated to the size of a basketball.

Once again with that psionic control to float towards a different Sentinel's chest. Timed right things should go off right as Money clears the torso and moves to decapitate Marvel-Bot.

And it should make for an epic BOOM! when the Elly's own detonations hit with Monet's like a vice attached to a rattle gun.

The additional explosion at Bobby-Bot's face via Boom-Boom making for a bigger light show yet!

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie, directly following all the explosions, is going to send out a concern-strained thought to everyone who can hear it, <<Someone needs to get everyone out of range of this debris, 'cause it's comin' down. Quickly.>>

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Oh, shit." The remark is both said and sent verbally when the Sentinel that Gabby is atop starts to twist in that very un-alive way. It's a make or break decision and she decides to break to get away quickly. Namely her claw which snaps off wedged still where she'd been prying. It's the quickest, easiest way to let her bound back and away while she yells out to the faux students, "Get to the basement!" That's where they usually went when things were going south. The sound of fighting outside was still evident, so she could only do so much right now to distract the one she was with. It was now that she really, really wished they let her use her guns here. Sure it wasn't 'safe' for other kids, but this was training, right?

"Come get me you big Beastie only not really but man this sucks...Inside sucks." With that decided she does exactly what she's good at: Improvising.

She whirls to race down the hall toward the big window which she launches herself through hoping to lure the Sentinel out and away from the others.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
There's a lot going on, and Pixie trusts that Nega and Boomer can take care of themselves in their new positions. She nods to Monet and is ready to port out more pieces of essential Sentinel equipment as per Gabby's instructions..But suddenly there are straggling civilians who are about to become pancakes!

She narrows her eyes, <<Sorry, gotta port these civvies to safety too! Be right back!>> and she dashes towards the civilians on the ground, summoning a large enough portal to teleport them away..This may take a few minutes as she scans the area, making sure she didn't miss anyone before focusing back on the Sentinels..Indeed, defence is just as important if not moreso than offences..Good thing she practiced porting in a split second.
Because this battle is gonna require a lot more porting than she expected..

Scott Summers has posed:
<< Rest assured, you will be in charge of the Citizenship portion of the training and evaluation Xi'an >> Scott promises over that mental link. Does the X-Men field leader sound faintly sardonic through that psychic connection? Surely not. Everyone knows that he doesn't have anything resembling a sense of humor.

The tactics on display are sound thus farm though anyone glancing towards Cyclops might be unable to read that fact on his expression. Fortunately, everyone involved seems to be taking the exercise itself serious enough not to be paying undue attention to the X-Men Field Leader. And he wouldn't have things any other way.

It is no easy matter, staying one step ahead of the Cyclops-Sentinel as those eyeblasts continue to zero in on her, but Monet appears to be managing quite nicely, seemingly taking that random path to keep from being pinned down. There are not many who could truly pick out a flight pattern that is truly random, but thus far she has succeeeded. But with each passing moment the sentinels gather more data, grow more adaptive. It is the danger in letting any fight with them linger. So as M swoops in to decapitate the Marvel Girl-Sentinel that optic blast follows her unerringly, striking her at the same moment she smashes through the neck joint. Adding the chaos, it is the same moment that Negasonic's build up of power is unleashed, exploding outward, right along with Tabby's added blast exploding nearly at the same time. The Marvel-Girl Sentinel explodes outward in all directions, absolutely blown away by the simultaneous attacks. Though being in the epicenter of such a blast may not be the ideal place to be.

The Beast-Sentinel grabs for Gabby -- and comes up just short as she breaks off that claw in it's neck and scampers away, darting back through those more narrow confines after calling out for the students to evacuate. And it does indeed pursue, simply taking the most expedient path of literally smashing through the walls in an effort to catch up to the nimble mutant, more bricks and mortar tumbling all around her as it follows close of her heels, launching itself through the window after her -- and bringing half the wall tumbling down with it though it seems to hinger it not at all.

while the others keep the remaining sentinels busy -- two down, three to go -- Megan is fortunately looking out for the welfare of the simulated bystanders. Even as the falling wreckage of the Angel-Sentinenl... soon to be joined by the Marvel Girl-Sentinel begins to rain down, Pixie is there, gathering up those young students, vanishing with them just in the nick of time as that wreckage crashes into the shattered classroom, leaving more ruin it's wake.

While Beast-Sentinel chases Gabby and Cyclops-Sentinel looks to blast M, Tabby and Ellie from the sky, the Iceman-Sentinel remains in place, that growing globe of ice offering it protection from Tabby's bombs. Instead it begins to radiate cold. Bonechilling cold that spreads, sapping energy, spreading ice across the ground and causing a cold mist to begin to form, seriously beginning to effect visibility...

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Pain is an inevitability of things. Everything is predictable in the end. At the point Monet commits to a course with inertia and power, she is committed to it. The Cyclops-Sentinel has a clear line of sight on her, her trajectory does not afford her anything which might inhibit the blast of it or give her partial cover, or obscure her from it's trajectory. She's completing her smash-through of her target right in time for the Sentinel's targeting computer to fully calculate her path and positioning, compensate for it's own.. And then blast. The impact hits her, and is AGONIZING as she would be blasted along through the ground, skiping roughly and brutally. Her invulnerability taking the worst of it, but she still has second and third degree burns along her body and multiple bruised ribs from the concussive impact. Her mental link sputters, but after a moment she would put it up again.
    <<Give Gabriella support if posible. Focus on immobilizing the enemy units and going for disabling strikes if possible. Give Megan cover in evacuating the area.>> Then going to try and get some secondary information.
    <<BGabby, you are familiar with the school's power system? If so, give us the location of the nearest large circuit wiring if possible.>> Time for a contingency plan since they needed to give Megan more time.
    <<Ellie or Tabitha, focus on attempting to disable the units if possible, if not slow them. Go where Gabrielle informs you there are large power capacitors and free them if viable>> It's a contingency plan for a reason. But as M is getting up, she's going to fly along the ground and skim it. In the literal sense, being about half a meter above it with her body fully parallel to it. And is going to looop around towards the Cyclops-Sentinel. She's moving to try and keep along a course to the ground, aware o fit's targeting capacity and giving it -no- room if she could to let it draw a bead on her. <<Use evacuated areas of the school for cover. Do not worry on further collateral damage>>

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Does she know the school? DOES SHE KNOW? She only spent most of her first year here getting stuck on rooftops and other places from exploring every nook and cranny. While it may have seemed like childish shenannigans (and in some cases it was) she was doing what she'd always been trained to do: Scout a place. She knew so many nooks, crannies, and the power grid was definitely one of them.

<<Gotcha,>> Gabby sends back along with a rather detailed description of where the various power outlets were. Breakers. Bypasses. Even secondary systems she pointed out to avoid as they were for the lower levels where other students could potentially hide.

The ice is seen and she veers her path running straight for it. Legs slide out as she baseball slides along the icy path toward the other Sentinel luring the Beast one along in hopes that they collide while she... small as she is... skates off who-knows-where.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn narrows her eyes, still focusing on getting stragglers to safety. That's her primary concern. But as one of the Sentinels begins to explode from the inside out, it seems that both Negasonic and Boomer are too close fir comfort. "SihalNovarum Chinoth!" she yells, teleporting them out of the way and in the clear but still close enough to fight. She is not entirely up to date on Nega's forcefields, all she knows is that she wants to get them to safety. Better safe than sorry right?

<<Looks like Marvel Girl Sentinel is down for the count, how the rest of you doing? Need any backup? Anymore civilians?>>r

Tabitha Smith has posed:
With Pixie on noncombatant egress, it means Boom-Boom is going to have to come up with something new when the Marvel-Sentinel drops it's fake TK hold on her. Elly might have a shield to take the rough landing or close by Tabooms but Tabby herself is gonna have to think because she is way squishier.

Pixie manages to catch them at the last second but for Tabby it might not quite be.

It's a reach but Tabby aims a bomb and detonates it point blank to herself and the ground and with a hint of where to aim from Monet's suggestion, the blast wave propells Tabitha at Beast-Bot. A second boumb charged at basket balls size as she lines up with a very loud "WOOOOOOOO!" screamed out as she fakes flight and arcs at the Sentinel with large hands and feet that might be distracted still by a Gabby.

When reaching the sentinel Tabby sets this bomb off as well as close to to the Hankinator to try and blow it to pieces via neck and armpit opening.

Or at least towards live electrical circuits as Monet is plotting and as a result set her blasting away again hopefully to her next target and not the scrolling walls of the danger room like a badly aimed pinball hitting Sentinel Bumpers. How much of this blasting Tabby can subject herself to is probably a dwindling number by now.

The Danger Room might have safeties against lethal force but Tabitha is only immune to the heat and plasma of her bombs. But because pretend lives are at stake. That's just part of the job.

Scott Summers has posed:
As is almost always the case, regadless of whether it is after an actual mission or a Danger Room session there will almost inevitably be an info packet waiting for them in their rooms tonight, detailing their success, pointing out potential areas of imporvement and grading out their tactics and teamwork. Scott does like his routines. But for the moment it would seem that he is content to watch the end of the scenario play out without interjection.

Pain can be a pretty effective teacher. Sometimes that most effective. And while Scott is willing to put virtually every tool to use to make sure his students are prepared for what comes, he's not a monster. The Danger Room safeties are of course in place preventing the worst possible injuries. By the technology is advanced enough to make one feel like the next best thing until the lights go our and the program ends. Definitely not something that beginning students need to worry about. But advanced students? The risks go up when things become serious.

Monet is certainly in the advanced class now and that blast shows just how dangerous Sentinels can be -- without leaving a permanent reminder. Either way, she quickly finds herself pursued once more as the Cyclops-Sentinel continues to chart it's pursuit course, the gap between them significantly narrowed and those beams once again zeroing in on her, missing by inches as the frozen yard of the school all but explodes in her face, or leaves her showered with shards of brick when one blast misses her head barely, blowing a gapping whole in one corner of the house as she utilizes the mansion itself as an obstruction.

Again, it is a smart play -- utilizing the powers of the Sentinels against one another. Gabby leads her sentinel on a merry chase. Agile as it is compared to it's fellows, it is not a match for the teenaged clone. As it crashes through the wall in pursuit, as those live wires send that burst of electricity through it, the Beast-Sentinenl hits the ice and immediately goes skidding on the ice that is crawling over virtually the entire room now. It hits that barrier that incases the Ice-Sentinel, the extreme cold radiating there almost immediately making it's armor brittle. Right as apt-named Boom-Boom's bombs strike home. Great rents in the armor open up, the sizzling, fried circuitry beneath exposed as the sentinel slumps. Lifeless.

Of course, without Megan's efforts to fist clear the classroom of all innocents /and/ to zip them out of harm's way at the last moment things might look bleak indeed, and the growing injury toll the session is taking could be even worse. And while a third sentinel might be down, Cyclops-Sentinel is very much still up and running. As is the Bobby-Bot, behind it's walls of ice, radiating that cold that has almost completely filled the room with that thick mist and growing flurries. The floors and walls literally creak and buckle, the weight of the spreading ice threatening to bring everything down around them.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
And even as the Sentinel evaluates her, Monet evaluates the Sentinel. Tracking how fast it can rotate, how quickly it can aim. Taking into account how it hovers. How quickly the servos on it can rotate and it can adjust. Some times she lets herself a litlte off route, seeing how well it can target her. And even as it calculates her path.. She calculates how quick it can clculate her path and respond to her motions. The parallel math takes awhile and some further experimentation to get it with an cceptable margin of error.
    Monet pours on the speed, letting the Sentinel target her arc and to commit to it's trajectory. Then Monet is almost sonic -booming- in another direction. When the Sentinel had committed it's targetting array to one direction..
    It was limited in how quickly it could reposition itself to aim it's weaponry by it's body, no matter how accurate it could shoot at her. So by going out of arc and hopeuflly at a degree to which it could re-arc at her.. Monet is intent on just charging up RIGHT behind it if at all possible, going to try and LIFT it iwth both hands by the lower 'neck' over at a servo, moving to thrust it 'up' in midair to try and yank at the 'back' of the dome, trying to get it's disruptors to fire up and into the air over at the flying Angel-Sentinel.
    <<Megan, teleport the group out of the way. The building is collapsing>> the building is secondary to the lives it contains. It can be rebuilt. And has been multiple times. <<Attempt to neutralize or disable the Sentinels to give us cover to retreat>> The goal is keeping people safe. Not to take all the Sentinels out.

Megan Gwynn has posed:
Megan Gwynn finishes porting innocents to safety, and scares the area, still zipping around randomly to avoid stray bullets. Fortunately she catches Monet's order in time and nods, <<Roger that!>> peering around, she focuses on summoning portals to teleport all of her allies out of the way of the collapsing building. Gah, where'd that even come from? Either way, she'll worry about it later, focusing on porting her allies to a safer location. "Sihal Novarum Chinoth!"

Negasonic has posed:
    Negasonic isn't a gentle damage-dealer. She's explosive. Her body is built to handle that damage, her bodily protection increasing exponentially with the more power she builds up. However...she's not as good at precision attacks that mitigate fall-out damage. Which is why she's so concerned about the people in danger of catching that fallout damage. She can destroy with the best of 'em... But, preventing damage is much harder.

    It's a beautiful display of teamwork and group spirit, how concerned her fellow mutants are for Ellie's safety in the midst of all that mess. Such is the chaos surrounding them, they forget that she has a forcefield that naturally surrounds her when she's blasting and charging up to blast, again. She'd have been safe, had she dropped to the ground, falling from the exploding Sentinel.

    However, being teleported by Pixie gives Negasonic the opportunity to aim another well-charged blast at the nearest Sentinel -- Iceman's Sentinel avatar -- aiming the explosion in the area of its neck and head, determined to blast its head off, or at least fry its internal works. Because she's seen their internal works both psychically and in person, and she can easily aim her explosion points, this should work. She holds her breath to see what happens, glancing quickly to ensure there aren't any others in immediate danger.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
That Ice Armor is going to be a tough nut to crack and as Tabitha lands finallyy and skids inton the Danger Room's scrolling walls that gibe the place a false sense of space the blonde woman picks herself up and just starts trudging back to the fray.

She's not moving anywhere near as fast as she was as use of bombs and taking a beating adds up. From expldiding sentinels, feather darts big as machete blades, TK squeezing. Tabby is not doing good as she limps and groans as she charges up one last bomb. It's big, roughly the size of a beachball and a few feet in diameter.

There's a shove and the bomb is let loose right at the feet of the Scottinel and all that brittle brittle flooring beneath it from near by Ice-Bot's cold aura.

"Tick... Tick... Tick..."

There is a BOOM! Even with an exit teleport and or the Sim Ending. That BOOM is still happenings. There might be some waiting before the next Danger Room session.

With a grin as the bomb is launched, Boom-Boom falls back into a portal and flips off the SentineX-men as explosions and buildings and electricity do their thing and flatten the last two of the five robotts.

Through the portal Tabby lands with a thud on her back and groans.

"Did we get 'em?"

Scott Summers has posed:
Of course Scott did not exactly make it a secret of what he expected to see from them in this session, what would take them from good showings as students to good showings as X-Men. Adaptability and teamwork. And while Cyclops might be just as difficult to read as ever, it is hard to imagine that the team did not manage to tick off those boxes with this showing. And though the Sentinels might have grabbed the attention, they insured that they took care of the innocents in harms way as well. Even if they were all holographic.

The outcome of the session might be in little doubt now, but sometimes that's when carelessness can creep in and Scott keeps a close eye on things. He watches as M lures in his Sentinel-Self, as she puts that great strength to work man-handling the robot, turning that visored optic blast to work, directing it towards the remaining sentinel threat, helping to blow apart that growing defensive dome of ice that protected the Iceman-Sentinel even as it showed off just how versatile -- and deadly -- Bobby's power can be.

Of course it is not just Monet putting a dent in that defensive dome. Tabitha's explosions pepper it, punching holes in the ice, disrupting that flow of cold, the rising icy mists that threaten to leave them blind and at a serious disadvantage -- and then escape courtest of Pixie's portals.

And then there's the other use of the portals of course. Defensively, they have helped to get teammates out of harm's way. But they are also used to invalidate the enemies defenses -- like putting Negasonic right next to the Bobby-bot. It's not pleasant in that dome, the sheer cold far beyond what an average human can hope to stand up to. But they don't have to for long afterall and when that massive explosion goes off -- joining Tabby's bombs and Monet's redirected blast, Scott gives a nod of his head.

Up above, the Cyclops-Sentinel is still technically up, but it is clear that Monet has the edge know, that she is steering the sentinel towards a crash landing soon enough. So his next words are no surprise.

"End program."

With that all the illusionary destruction and hardlight constructs fade away, leaving them in that empty room. "I saw some interesting tacts and some effective teamwork. As always, you will find the after report in your rooms tonight. Please review them and come prepared to dicuss and breakdown tomorrow. What I can tell you is that you've all earned the right to continue to progress on this path. The schedule for your next steps will be posted soon."

"Good work everyone," he adds. It's not every day that one gets praise from Scott Summers.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would float down with the others and shrug. "YOu performed well." To the rest f the group that had gone in it. "Thank you for running the scenario and monitoring it." To the group of senior members in the control room that had probably gone on to mahjong, donut, coffee, or American Idol on smartphones.

"At this point within the venue we would be ensuring that any useful data left in the systems would be flushed and rendered unretrievable, then falling back to the nearest defensibe position while awaiting for reinforcements." Of course, with a teleporter they had a lot more flexibility.. Presuming that at this 'point' in a fight that Megan could do anything.

And M felt that it -was- necessary to say what she would have done after because pedanticism and the needing to get the last word in no matter what if it was peripherally related toa nything.

Negasonic has posed:
    Negasonic simply straightens and rearranges her clothes. There are a few bits of damage to them here and there, but nothing major. Still, she levels an unimpressed look at Scott, who decided to turn this social gathering into a teachable moment. It's not like she's having trouble seeing his reasoning, but she doesn't have to be happy about it.

    When Monet lands and begins lecturing, in her own way, Ellie rolls her eyes and turns her attention elsewhere. Let the divine miss M talk herself blue in the face. The job is done and results will be delivered soon. She's sure there'll be more than a note or two for her in it. She doesn't want to think about it. "Whatever." She pauses, looking to Scott. "We free to go?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby seems happy at the result. A pass is a pass, an A grade is just icing on the cake if there even is a cake. The next hand gesture is a thumbs up and a smile though she soon collapses back with arms and legs sprawled wide. The training suit taking an huge beating with holes and rips and cuts and bruises visible where black or yellow was torn cut or blasted away to expose skin all over. A few trickles of blood down her forehead and face as well.

"Least we got Pixie time to get the non combatants out!" she says in a pained and groaning voice and smiles. She'll take that as the win. Schools can be rebuilt after all, especially hard liight hologram schools.

Scott Summers has posed:
"You are dismissed."

And with that Scott walks towards the exit, slipping out the door, no doubt off to confer with Kitty and Xi'an, or perhaps to start putting together those review packets that he expects them to go through.

What? Certainly no one expected a party, right?

Duty. Obligation. Preparedness. Teamwork. Adaptability. He certainly never said anything about fun.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would go to casually maneuver along. "Very well. I will be requesting as well the simulation parameters for future review. ordinarily civilians do not appear outof midair after all. I want ot ensure that for future training scenarios there is some methodology to it or that it is understood for tactical planning that they shoudl be expected."