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Jean's Jacuzzi
Date of Scene: 13 February 2022
Location: Jean's Jacuzzi
Synopsis: A nice hot dip in the hot tub, with hot sandwiches, and hot foot rubs from Kitty on Emma's legs. Remy is hot without his top on, and Jean not knowing where to change her clothes is so hot. What am I even writing at this point, it's so hot.... MMMH! KIFK FIGHTER THE MOVIE!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Jamie Madrox, Emma Frost, Kitty Pryde, Remy LeBeau, Jean Grey, Tabitha Smith

Rogue has posed:
People know about the jacuzzi.

But how many people have SEEN the jacuzzi?

Not many! Jean hides in her room and reads books, and such, its so boring!

But today? It was a planned affair, with Rogue having made fliers, by forcing the fat kids in the computer lab to make her fliers. They'd been passed out, and a sandwhich restaurant in Salem Center had been hired to cater the affair.

This is how it is now. In Jean's bathroom, the counter is covered in sandwhiches of all variety, and two employees of the sandwhich shop are being paid and making their way out, whispering 'What the hell is this place?' on their way out of Jean's bedroom door.

The big 'master bathroom' is filled with booze in coolers, and the balcony doors are open to let in some cool Spring(ish) air!

The big jacuzzi tub is bubbling, with some fresh scented lavender soapy bubbles, and there is music playing out of some wireless speakers, and Rogue's phone.

"Party, party, party, party!" The Belle says as she rushes across the bathroom in a denim coverall set that has been turned in to cut-off shorts. Under the coveralls she's got a green and yellow bikini top on, and in her hands she holds a big bottle of apple ale!

"Come one, come all. Welcome to the famous bathroom! If you'd like a dip in the jacuzzi.... It fits... four? Maybe six, if ya get in there real tight! So feel free. Otherwise, we got lots of food, and some seats out here on the balcony too! Whatever you could want. Enjoy!"

She's so in trouble, when Jean find out...

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie Madrox did his part helping distribute those flyers. That said, as it is, he's right behind Rogue as she starts calling out for the party. For the moment there's only the one Jamie, but as everyone well knows, that's a thing that can changes at the drop of a hat (as long as it's a heavy-ish hat that causes some kinetic impact).

As it is, Jamie's in a pair of boardshorts and flips flops, with a beer in his hand as he takes a very long series of gulps and heads for the Jacuzzi. "Best idea ever," he tells Rogue as he walks by her.

Emma Frost has posed:
How did she get here? How was she able to make her way in as one of the first and attired with something clearly appropriate? And only borderline scandalous.

Emma frost would casually sway her way over towards the group, smiling over. "Anna, you do such amazing entertainment. I do believe that I should give you a bonus."

Emma would muse over while coming over in a long mink sarong thrown over her side, white gloves on her hands, and a two piece bikini that was by Emma's standards almost modest. She wasn't here to upstage anyone, after all.


Kitty Pryde has posed:
The sound of footsteps coming through Jean's room and towards the bathroom can be heard. They are definitely footsteps. But they are kind of slowly taken, and there's a... floppy sound accompanying each of them. It draws nearer and then finally, someone can be seen in the doorway to the bathroom.

Kitty Pryde steps into view, taking an exaggerated step because she has to. She's wearing swim fins, and those don't work too well on land.

She also has a green inflatable floating thing about her waist, with the head of a dragon. A diving mask has been pulled down over her eyes, and there's a snorkel sticking out of it up top.

Beyond that, she's wearing a black bikini, and her hair is pulled back in a pony tail. On her shoulder is Lockheed. He has a bunch of suntan lotion on his snout, applied thickly like Spicoli on the beach. "We ready to party!?" she asks.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Party tiiiiiime!

Remy is here, stirring the pot. Literally.

He's brought in a huge barrel from the garage where he'd made hunch punch three days ago. There's orange slices and watermelon and peaches and cherries. There's apples and grapes. There's golden grain. There's champaigne. There's orange soda.. And there's five gallons of it.

He's standing over it with a long broken off piece of broom so he can stur all the way to the bottom of the 4 foot tall barrel. Like a witch. Or a Warlock. Or just a Cajun admittant to Hogwarts.

Wearing a pair of black swim trunks, flip flops, and big toothy grin. He's all muscles. Not that anyone cares, but he's super hot. Thankfully nobody cares. His curly bangs are hanging across his face, periodically brushed aside to rest behind his ear. "Who want zombie juice?"

Jean Grey has posed:
... there are fliers. So, presumably, she knows. No Eye of Sauron required.

Jean, however, maintains the outward pretense of being a responsible adult, and so she goes about her day focused on matters other than caterers arriving at the school and being led up to her bedroom. Even though it's the weekend, the headmistress position is not a simple 9-5 job. Given that people live there year round, even on the weekends, there's 'business' to do. Right now, with spring on the horizon, there are things to handle with the grounds and maintenance staff. A big estate like Xaviers requires a lot of upkeep!

And yet, because it IS a weekend, Jean doesn't kill herself. She spends the early part of the day working in her office and then takes a break. The perks of being the boss!

And naturally, she heads up to her room. Maybe just to change. Maybe to read her nerdy books. Maybe to luxuriate in oppulence of her bedroom (it is pretty fancy! and neat, for all these snoopy visitors) and enjoy a soak!

Instead, she arrives to find a party under way. A party in her room, and she's among the last of the guests.

"Anna-Marie..." That has a distinct 'mom using your full name' tone to it. From the reaction, maybe she didn't expect quite THIS level of spectacle.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
It might be coming up on spring but the planet and the weather might not have caught up just yet so Tabitha arrives still fairly dressed for the outside. Or at least training as she seems to have come from the danger room in her X-Suit. Her old training one atb least. The bumblebee black and yellow colors of the close fitting outfit half hanging off once she started up to head through Jean's quarters and into the bath room. The top half of a string bikini in pink tied around her beck and back while the little bows holding the bottoms up peek up from where the top half of the uniform is tied by the sleaves to keep it from falling down further. Though the way the suit clings to her bottom half. It's hardly needed.

What she also brings seems to be a cooler.

"Hey guys, it's not a proper party without the finest white powdery SNOW!" she says and sets the cooler down.

It's actual snow and not cocaine.

And with hands free the rest of the X-suit is discarded though someone might think it would be an idea to put it back on. The perils of Danger Room training apparent in a bunch of bruises and cuts of varying levels of healing from neck to toe.

Either she's dead serious about graduation to full full X-man or she might also be in a self destructive phase.

Why not both!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just laughs softly at what Jamie says while he heads for the jacuzzi. "Try not t'drown in there, we may never find your body." She tells the man before she grins at Emma, and the arriving Kitty. "I like the tube." She tells the young Miss Pryde. "Where's Bobby? I thought he said he was comin' t'this shindig."

Rogue reaches for one of the cups then to offer it to Remy.

"Fill me up, Sugah." She says to the Cajun with a big bright smile.

She's about to address someone else, when Jean walks in, and Rogue opens her eyes wide for a moment before she spreads her arms out wide.

"Surprise!" She goes with that angle....

"Look at this! It's all for YOU!" She tells the Headmistress then. "Sandwiches... booze.... whatever Remy is making... and.... FRIENDS! The most important thing is friends, right?" She asks, all smiles to the big red-honcho of the place.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Uh oh, there's an adult here.

The adult who the room belongs to.

Remy is nominally an adult..


As soon as he hears Anna-Marie... Remy isn't an adult anymore. Hell he's not even here.. He's climbing down the side of the mansion over the railing. Did he just abandon everyone to explain this to Jean? Yup. Does he feel guilty? Nope.

Hell, he had a Bug Out Bag by the bushes... which he rifles through quickly. Pair of pants, he pulls those on... A t-shirt, it's yanked on quickly. And his trench-coat. "Ahhh Beautiful Betty..." He strokes down the old worn leather. Then pulls it on and starts inside the mansion... hopping one one foot as he pulls his shoe one, then on the other side!

Headed for the stairs that will lead him up to the second floor.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would just look from Jean to Rogue and back again, moving to make a show over of innocence, "Why, Jean.. You have such a lovely vista here.. The least hte rest of us can do is appreciate it as well. I'm sure that it would make us only look at you with even more awe than we already do to see what sorts of things you surround herself with."

At the presence of Tabitha, Emma would let out a sigh. "Then it seems over like the baser needs have been tended to. I have however brought as something to share.."

Emma would slowly snap her fingers, and move to then go over to pull out a platter of some /extremely/ high grade chocolates. Very, very high grade.

As in 'fly in chocolatier from Belgium to have made' tier.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde turns and sees Jean. She duck-walks over to her, swim fin-clad feet taking exaggerated steps until she reaches the redhead. "Awesome of you inviting all of us!" Kitty says, the swim mask making her voice sound like she's talking in some kind of echo chamber, and speaking as if she believed that's what Jean had done.

Kitty's arms get wrapped around Jean, if Jean doesn't fend her off. The inflated dragon head gets in the way, caught between them, and makes that inflated object squeaky noise as Kitty hugs her friend.

Lockheed, he just rubs his face against Jean's, smearing some of the suntan lotion on her cheek.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie flashes Rogue a smile and then sidles over towards Kitty, bumping her shoulder with a smile. "Nice snorkle set, Pryde," he says, reaching up to flick his finger against the very end of the tube, making it go _pwng_.

As for Jean's appearance? Jamie just gives the redhead a big smile and a wink, shrugging. "Enjoy the popularity, red."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The cooler with snow in it is dragged to the area with the snacks and maybe Tabitha's added some beer on the way in as well so she's not just bringing ice.

"Emma, sometimes the simpler things can bring people the greater pleasures. The KISS principle." she states and winks to the much more affluent blonde and eyes the tub while grabbing a beer or her own to twist open and start chugging.

On her way through everything Lockheed and Kitty are offered smiles and a fistbump for the purple dragon. Then the woman offers the winged flame thrower a beer or at least a sip of hers.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean raises one eyebrow a bit higher than the other as she meets Rogue's explanation, her expression perhaps suggestive of not quite buying it. It lasts for three, two, one...

...and then breaks into a smile, as she laughs. "How can I argue with that?"

And still! Jean is clearly not quite sure what to make of all this, moving through her bedroom (checking left and right to check on her stuff!) to stand beyond the door in to the bathroom. All rumors of the palatial state of her quarters aside, there's definitely not enough room for everyone in there, comfortably. Although it seems Remy has made some room. She puts her hands on her hips, peering in through the door... only to get ambushed by Kitty in turn. A very swim-ready Kitty (and Lockheed!).

"Oh... don't mention it. Everyone, just make yourselves at home." Beat. "Well, not TOO much at home."

This seemingly lets everyone off the hook. Besides, if she gives them all detention, then how is she going to enjoy the fancy chocolates? Because Emma's offering in particular is definitely the one that draws her first, as she approaches to snatch one off the plate. It's popped between her lips and savored, as she continues to look around, before finally looking down at herself. There's a slight problem of logistics here: where does SHE go to change, when her room is occupied?

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's cup goes unfilled, and she looks over to see that Remy is gone. She turns around completely to look out over the balcony. "Did he fall?" She asks. "Ranger's don't fall off cliffs..." She mutters before looking back in to the others...

In Remy's stead, Rogue parks herself on the chair beside his barrel of hooch, and she starts to stir it herself, the barrel held between her knees as she is wearing those denim coveralls, and grabs her straw cowgirl hat off the table to drop it on her head.

She beams a smile at Jean, when she comes around to the idea, then nods. "Get yourself some'a what Emma's offerin'. Then get yourself a sandwhich, an' some hooch. Then get in that jacuzzi over there, and let our fine man of multiples feel around for your rubbah ducky."

Whatever that means.

"Kitty, get your dragons in the jacuzzi too before the spots fill up."

She looks to the door, feeling like she just heard a dark choir song playing, but then its gone again, which makes her shake her head. "Change your clothes in your fancy walk-in closet, duh! I put on the flyer that people aren't allowed in there. There's gotta be SOME limits around here after all..." The belle says with a big pearly white smile shown.

Stir, stir, stir!

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie looks around at everyone and then rolls his eyes. "I'm going to go to the actual Jacuzzi," he says, pointing at it with both index fingers. "If you guys want there to be any room left in there in a bit, you'll hurry up! Heat makes me multiply." This is a lie, but only a few people will actually be sure that it is a lie.

Jamie grins and heads for the Jacuzzi, kicking his flip-flops off and then dunking himself in, beer in hand.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would just glance at Tabitha, "Why darling that is such a trite term. Simpler things can bring pleasures. The same way that one might wish to sit in front of a television and watch a cable news program. Things are much -better- enjoyed when they are engaging."

Emma would go to casually pop up a small chocolate to her lips, making a casual show of flitting her tongue over it to make it melt some, then taking a small bite of it.

Smiling at Jean and Rogue, "Good. The two of you do present such a unique dynamic. Something the rest of us should engage in more often." She would note in passing. Glancing at Kitty with a bit of amusement. "Might youc are to have something else brought in specifically for the event? I can have something flown in."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Lockheed paw-daps back, and waits for Kitty to grab a hand towel and wipe the suntan lotion from his snout, before he does a swan dive, or at least a plop, into the warm water.

Kitty works the swim fins off her feet, while shoulder-bumping Jamie back. But with great care as the room is crowded already! "I guess I should probably slim down, this is going to be a tight fit," she says, eyeing the hot tub and all the people. "Remy, get me a-" she says, turning around and looking about.

"Huh, where's Remy?" she asks. She removes the mask and snorkel and goes over to get herself a drink then. To Emma, she says while filling her cup with some of Remy's whopatooey, "Oh we're probably already going to be jammed in pretty close."

Drink in hand, Kitty goes and settles into the water. She leans over against Jamie's shoulder, then leans forward, turns and 'fluffs' his shoulder up like it were a pillow, and you could that, then leans back against it again. Squirms. Gets comforts comfortable. Squirms again. Finally settles into the water with a sigh.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Walk walk walk.

Remy comes into the hallway by way of the kitchen's back entrance with his hands in his pockets. Several students are EYE BALLING the upper floor where there is MUSIC that they weren't INVITED. "Ya know..." He says unto these students. Kneeling down to get, relatively, at their eye level. "If you ask real nice, Jean probably let you go to her party." See, now this is JEAN'S party.

Remy's down here covering for Rogue, that's all.

Blame it on the head mistress that way Scott can't throw a temper tantrum. The web of LIES and DECEIT will gro exponentially. With a roll of fliers, that he carefully doctored, to have JEAN as the one who has sent out invitations. A stack is left hither... a stack is left thither.

A stack is given to Hambone because that kid will make sure they get into all the right hands.

"Jean's jacuzzi party, make sure nobody find out about." Mums the word, Mister Remy. Mums the word.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The  ominouschoral music gets a grin. Tabby lives next door to the owner of that them music so she giggles. "If it plays too long, anyone hearing it will be goth in an hour." she jokes and makes her rounds.

The blonde does circle back to Emma and hijack some of that chocolate with the total intent to swipe it and poke her tongue but contact with the chocolat kind of changes her mind as the taste gets her blue eyes wide behind her glasses, entirely pink and translucent and likely all ruby quartz. "Ohhhhh woooooooooow. You might have a point!" she states and mentally ponders what she needs to do to get more later.

Sadly the taste fades and she replaces it with beer as she finally reaches the tub herself and sinks on down into it. The bruised and banged up blonde sighing happily almost as much as she did that chocolate.

"I will murder for a mimosa right this second!" she says with a giggle.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie, after being fluffed by Kitty, lifts his arm and spreads it along the edge of the Jacuzzi behind Kitty's shoulders as she leans against him, laughing a little at her. "Dork," he tells her, shaking his head and lifting his hand to ruffle her still-dry hair. He takes a long drink of his beer and then smiles, looking around. "Come on, people! The party's in here!"

Jean Grey has posed:
"I... don't think any air-dropped supplies will be necessary, but thank you," Jean assures Emma. Then, after a furtive glance around, it does seem that the closet it Jean's best option. She grabs another chocolate, pops it in ther mouth the same way, and doesn't even quite bother to finish eating it before she mumbles. "Back in a sec."

She vanishes toward the closet. Maybe she's got everything she needs in there. Or, technically, she can just molecularly reconstruct her clothes with a thought. But even then, maybe she doesn't want to go all anime magical girl transformation sequence in front of the crowd. Have you ever seen one of those things? They can be sorta risque!

So off she goes into the closet! And, super-powered or not, she changes pretty fast. Like the rest, she goes with something bathing appropriate, the same green bikini that she often boasts, with a gold sarong skirt that looks *suspiciously* like a certain costume element...

Despite her mode of dress, she encourages those who haven't jumped into the water with Jamie yet ahead of her with a gesture. "I've got it year round so anyone who wants in first, feel free." Instead, she takes up Rogue's advice and grabs herself a sandwich, and a plastic party cup, which she comes to present to the woman stirring the mysterious booze barrel. "Fill me up." Then back over her shoulder, at Tabitha: "I don't know that I've got champagne just sitting around," she really isn't THAT fancy. A slow turn now goes toward Emma. If anyone just has a bottle of it down their cleavage, its her. "But you can try this hootch of Rogue's."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue glances over her shoulder, then looks back to Kitty. "I think he ran off. He gets excited around crowds, and then has to go find stuff to throw at people. It's a copin mechanism, I think that's what Doctah Phil calls it anyhow." The Belle says with regard to the missing Gambit.

As Jean rushes off, Rogue just grins at those making their way in to the tub. "Sidle right on up near one'a those jets. They're the best. Oh yes." She says before using the ladel to pour some Barrel Zombie Juice in to her own cup.

"Ya'll better eat up these sandwiches too, before the kids get to'em. I paid good money for this stuff, not t'feed the goobers downstairs...."

When Jean returns, Rogue smiles big at her again. "Lovely choice, Red Mistress." She tells the other woman before filling her up a cup.

"Zombie juice, straight outta the Big Easy itself, and no, I ain't talkin' about Tabitha over there!" She shoots a casual grin over to Boom Boom as she keeps watch over the barrel of fun!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Like the Pied Piper, when Remy marches up the stairs it's with a whole entourage of students trailing behind him. They may have raided the music room to get some drums, a trumpet, and a banjo that little Timmy said he could play. It starts off subtle, but as they approach the room, they're 100% playing 'When the Saints go marching in'. And you know what? Timmy sure can pick a banjo...

He has himself a little solo and, dang on, that boy has talents.

So if everyone thought there wasn't enough room before? Now there's a whole marching band coming in.

Because Remy LeBeau is a role-model.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to fold her fingers togehter and smile, "Why but of course. It's available, darling if you want to have something." Her glancing at Remy, at Tabitha, and smiling. "These are -quite- difficult to procure, Ms. Smith. They take time and effort and focus. It's not simply the money. Plenty have money. Far, far beyond that which can be dreamed. No.. These take a special sort of approach to acquire."

Popping another over while looking at Jean with a 'really'. "Ms. Grey, we might wish to try expanding some of your accessories."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty tells Rogue, "We should probably bring a pitcher over to be within reach," speaking about the zombie juice. "Or, you know, maybe just a hose and we can siphon it out into the glasses as needed?"

Her grins says Kitty is joking. She relaxes in the water. As an arm slides around behind her, she's content to rest her head back against it and absorb the delicious warmth of the water. "Rogue, I want to ask you about the jets but I'm afraid to," she teases.

Kitty glances over towards the room. "Jubilee, you getting in here!?" she calls out. Meanwhile, Lockheed is floating on his back, chubby little belly sticking up above the water.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Once in the water Tabby sinks down and down till only her face is peeking out of the water before she floats back up and sits heerself down with only her head above water and the slowly growing ponytail floating loosely on the surface.

Arms soon float too where everyone can see them while she soaks up all that hot water with a happy sigh like a zombie that just ate its fill of brains. It might take some work getting the woman in the pink bikini out of the water while she's using the tub for its therapuetic intentions.

Plus she is sitting right over one of those jets.

"Ooooooooooh!" she moans happily and is clearly the most relaxed a hyperactive young woman could ever be shy of a professionally trained masseuse. But at least she fistbumps Kitty, Jamie and Lockheed again. Lockheed.

The only marring of that enjoyable expression is the brief pout as she looks up from the tub to Emma. The chocolate might be beyond her reach. But she soon grins and goes back to enjoying the hot tub. It might be her only time in it and it is not being given up just yet.

Jean Grey has posed:
The fact that Remy has brought a whole mess of students is an entirely new challenge, which Jean discovers once she has her cup of zombie juice in hand, and peeks out to see what the commotion is in the hall. "Oh... no. Nonono."

If Rogue thought SHE got an angry mom look...

"Remy, I know you're not trying to bring the students in join us when there's alcohol here," she declares, once again assuming that hand-on-hip posture, although she only has one hand free for it. And still, there is a gaggle of them there and now all hyped up for a party. She could easily have a rebellion on her hands! "Rogue, what other stuff have you got? Soda and snack-wise? There some things we can take out in the hallway for the kids?"

Apparently, a hard line is being drawn about letting a hoard of students loose in her bedroom. But they can get a mini-party. And indeed, one of the tables full of sandwiches is now... well, 'getting up' all on its own, which is to say rising slowly and steadily into the air and starting to float its way toward the door.

"Sorry kids, looks like Remy is playing one of his famous pranks again! But we've got plenty of extra snacks, so you can help finish them off." 'Mom' voice: "Out here."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would tkae a moment to look over at Jean with very, very light amusement. "Yes children, separate festivities will be ongoing." Emma making no movement from her current position over in the jacuzzi nor to get more things since she'd been told none were needed.

Tabitha's motions would get a casual shake of Emma's head sent in her direction, Emma leaning back over to the hot tub with a relaxed sigh then while going to open her eyes after a moment. "If you -do- require things brought up on short notice we could probably order out."

Jamie Madrox has posed:
"Hey," Jamie says, making the _watching you_ eyes at all the students coming in. "Don't make me go one-for-one with all of you, I will put a chaperone on _each and every one_ of you if you don't behave, you hear me?" He can do it, too!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lifts up the barrel and walks it over to the edge of the jacuzzi before she hands the stirring handle over to Kitty and Jamie. "Here ya go. Now you are in charge'a the sloshin'." She states before the Big Band can be heard coming in. This gets a grin from Rogue who sweeps some of her long loose hair back behind an ear. Jean's reaction to it has Rogue waving a hand in her direction. "Don't worry!" She says over the sound of it as she motions the kids toward the balcony doorway.

"We got kids stuff out here. Pizza, punch, and a projector screen aimed up at the side'a the house. They can watch the latest Kick Fighter movie, or whatever the hell it is that kids like watchin'."

She smiles at Remy as the trumpet keeps going. "He's really good! And loud!" She says over the sound of it.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy? What Remy?

He's way too clever to be caught amidst all those children!

HAH! Fools.

No just kidding... he stares at Jean with his best grin and shrugs his trench-coated shoulders. "Dey look so sad when they standing in the hallway." See, now the kids will spread the rumor that it IS Jean's party! And she set up a whole OTHER party for them!

his plan has come together... maybe.

Maybe he's just an oppertunist who is capitalizing on the situations as they unfold. Maybe he's born with it... "Sorry kiddos, but I tell you this. Thankfully, this sin of debauchery comes equip wit all the latest kid friendly party favors!" He walks with them, led by Rogue, to the balcony.

An apologetic grin at Jean! This is her room and all! "Look't all dis food and punch and KICK FIGHTER?! Whaaaaaaat... I know a guy who got da version still in theater."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde daps Tabi back, as does Lockheed. Kitty closes her eyes then, taking occasional sips from her cup. "Cats out of the bag about this now," she says, a gesture with her cup indicating the jacuzzi tub. "Poor Jean's going to have people in here all the time now," she teases.

Her eyes focus over on Emma, but the hard look that is often there is missing. Whether Kitty letting slide some of whatever past matters have caused that expression in the past. Or just too relaxed in the hot tub to get let it get to her.

"You do make a perfect chaperone like that," Kitty agrees with Jamie. "Have you ever found a limit?" she asks curiously.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The hot tubbed and soaking Miss Smith chuckles again and reaches back behind and over head to make sure her hair isn't snagged between herself and the edge of the tub.

She does grin at the idea of ordering in though. "So we get some on the fly catering. More people in here yet!" she posits and laughs as she works on and finishes her beer and looks at the empty bottle with a poit and then to the barrek of Zombie Juice.

"Make sure they all grab a drink from the Barrel on their way out though!" Tabitha playfully says to the people trying to gently encourage the student band to leave. By encouraging underage drinking.

More of it anyway.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Kitty's question gets a quick shake of his head. "Not _really_. But if I stretch myself too thin, too fast, I pass out," Jamie explains to her, shifting a bit in his spot and then taking a long drink of his beer. "I think it's around the fifty-or-so mark that I start to get woozy if I don't stop and sleep or eat in between."

Jean Grey has posed:
There is obvious relief on Jean's part when Rogue reveals she has a backup plan for even Remy's shenanigans. A relieved sigh escapes her, and a floating table sets back down in place.

Now they're ushered out to the balcony, which of course creates a further bit of madness and chaos out there, but at least doesn't see her room wrecked! And, given Jamie's 'threat,' she actually turns to him with a hopeful look. "Would you mind, actually? Not for all of them, but we really should have someone out there with them supervising." Always, that adult-mindedness, where you need to, GASP, have responsible old people watching that the gaggle of children in your care are prevented from hurting themselves! "And I wouldn't want to make anyone sit out the party."

Poor dupes.

Only once some of that is finally settled does she actually turn to head back for the bathroom, checking to see how people have settled in. "I don't know that it was ever really a secret," she tells Kitty. "And I hardly mind having guests now and then. Though we DO have the one down by the lake house, that people can use WHENEVER they like." HINT HINT.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue steps out on to the balcony to show some of the kids where they can settle in on the furniture out there. It's a nice balcony that looks up toward Storm's attic on the western side of the attic apartment windows. It's this wall that the projector is ready on, and it doesn't take long to get a movie going on it.

When she comes back inside, Rogue walks over toward the jacuzzi edge to sit down on the side of it and sip from her cup.

"Really. My goal here was just t'do somethin' a bit new around the school. We've had parties all over the place, except up here." She grins to everyone, and nods toward Jean. "The pool isn't open yet, and the lake is still too cold for swimmin'. So I figured, what the hell!"

She motions toward Remy then. "Plus, he told me t'do it. He's a wonderful influence, this one." She reaches for the ladel to pour herself some more of the Zombie Juice.

"Besides. Spring break is comin' up, and then we'll all be down there for the resta the damn summer... soakin' up the rays.... It's gonna be sweet. No more college homework for me neitha...."

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Jamie tilts his head and smiles at Jean. "Sure, red." For a moment, Jamie sits up straight, and then he does something that looks just a _little_ painful, but given how his powers work, is probably less painful than it really seems: he pounds his chest with his fist like some sort of young, dark-haired Matthew McConaughey in The Wolf of Wall Street, but without the bass-y thrumming. Each _thump_ pops out a dupe that pops out into the tub, and then climbs out of it.

One. Two. Three. Three should be enough. One of them pokes Lockheed in the belly gently before climbing out; all three wink at Jean, and vanish to the balcony to look after them kids.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"Well, I may just have to make more use of it," Kitty comments about the other hot tub. She seems more than happy in the one she's in now though. The zombie juice is taking the edge off of whatever stresses the week before had brought. A clandestine meet with a client needing some hacking, some counseling sessions for Hambone.

Kitty shifts and gets comfortable again, head resting back against Jamie's shoulder for a backstop. Lockheed is still floating on his back, and uses his tail to slowly propel himself over to Kitty. She scoops him out of the water with one arm, snuggling him to her chest and keeping him in that folded arm, while the other hand holds onto her drink, taking occasional sips.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Yours is nicer Jean!" Tabby points out with a grin and a smile that soon turns to a pout when her need to drink outweights her need to soak worn and tired muscles.

So she stands and uses her hands to smooth off any excess water from her sides like she was smoothing down as skirt then once she's not dripping too badly she finally steps out to first grab a towel to pat herseld down and wrap around hips like a sarong which is clearly the style of the time.

And Tabitha then obtains a cup of that hooch filling that barrel and not being devoured just yet. But it is still eacrly as once Tabby gets it filled and chugged she goes for a second because that is how you drink with plastic cups in a party situation. At least now there's more room for anyone not already in the tub.

Though she does pass Rogue to try and fail to nudge her into the water with a pesky lack of super strength.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Tempted by the jacuz of anotherrr..." Remy snaps, shimy walking past Jean as she explains that her Jacuzzi is both NOT a secret and there is a COMMUNAL jacuzzi down by the lake house. "See, people always like to use what they cannot have.. I could hide a ham sandwich behind my back and bet your behind, someone would try and grab it."

Rogue is ratting him out?! WHAT FOUL TRICKERY! The sudden, but inevitable, betrayal.

He puts a hand to his heart, comes up with a million responses that would clear his besmirched name... but one look around at the individuals present here clearly says to him 'there is no way they'll believe you'. So! he shrugs.

"Teempted by the jacuz of anoooootheeeer...." Snap, shimmy shake towards the Jacuzzi to join Rogue.

Jean Grey has posed:
A truly grateful, perhaps nearly adoring smile meets Jamie for his effort. Well, is it his effort, once the dupes run off to handle things? The logistics of all of that... it is a mystery!

But one for another day. Now the kids are under control, Rogue has their movie going, and Jean is free to enjoy... the ongoing invasion of her personal sanctuary. By her friends! No really, it's great!

"I'm pretty sure it's the same model, they installed them at the same time. Pretty recently too, back when I was still a student." What, the Greymalkin family didn't put them in during the Revolutionary War? "But I get that sometimes people don't want to use it outdoors." She flashes Tabby a smile. "Really, it's not a big deal. And it was nice of Rogue to put all of this together. Can always use a bit of this kind of thing to balance out the invasions and Mojoworld adventures."

She sips at her zombie hooch a bit, and then ambles over to the edge of the jacuzzi, sitting up on the rim and dangling her feet rather than just immediately immersing herself. "Yeah, true," she agrees with Remy. "Clearly, I need to get a new one installed somewhere in secret, and tell no one where it is..." The great jacuzzi hunt!

"Reminds me, though," and now she's looking back at Rogue, "That we got all kinds of stuff to get together for the season on the lake. Some equipment, check all the boats, life jackets..." Oh no, she's flashing back to her WORK!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is puuuushed by Tabi's shoulder, and she smirks, then spins around to put her feet down in the tub, then she slides off the edge right on in, wearing them denim cutoff overalls and a bikini top. Once down in the water, Rogue just raises her glass up as the others talk and she smiles.

She sets her drink aside, then goes to tie her hair back behind her head in to a looping bun before her eyes sweep around at everyone...

"No talkin' about work in here. This is jacuzzi party. All we talk about is where this next jacuzzi will be installed, preferably way further away from kids!" She grins then before sampling the Zombie Juice again. "I like this stuff... which is concernin' cause I really don't know whats even in it..." She mutters as she eyes it more carefully.

When she looks up then, her eyes dance around at the others.

"So who wants t'go somewhere for Spring Break? Maybe down t'one'a those places where all the kids get drunk, then kidnapped and sold inta human traffickin' rings? I'd love for some weirdos to try'n do that to me..."

Now in the tub, the Belle raises her feet up out of it and wiggles wet toes at the others in the tub with her. Her power control is getting better, so only a little bit of being afraid for your life is in order!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The fact that they are all barely out of their teens aside, Remy launches his hand up, "Yes, I would love to go where all the kids who are in college, and our age, go for spring break!" he pulls his pants back off and is still wearing his swim trunks beneath! The jig is up! Shirt comes off, still very muscular! And he crawls over the edge of the jacuzzi to rest his heels against one of the jets

"Dere golden grain, bananas, pineapple, oranges, apples, grapes... champagne, orange soda and love." He taps the side of Rogue's cup with one finger. Right in the middle. "Da love is at da bottom of the cup though." He winks and slides down into the water.

Yes he's on one of the jets.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty relaxes back, grinning slightly about the talk of going away somewhere to be trafficked. Lord knows they've rescued enough people from that. "Aruba. Jamaica. Ooo, I want to take you. To Bermuda? Bahamas?" Kitty says, letting an eye open to focus on Rogue with a grin. "Come on pretty mama."

She stops the song to take a long drink. "Tabi, no boom booms under the water either. We'll know it's not the jets," she teases.

As Remy joins them, Kitty gives him a nudge with her leg. Or she tries. She gets Emma instead and doesn't realize it. "Damn Remy, you have some nicely shaved legs there," she says, rubbing her foot to feel it. Oops.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"It's not the tub itself Jean hon! It's the fact that this usually isn't crawling with students and drunken Tabithas." the drunken Tabitha in question states. "Most I gotta be thankful is my bathroom is Warpath sized but a hot tub of my own is always being noped." she adds and giggles.

Rogue gets an arched eyebrow and a chuckle between sips of hooch. "And I thought I had weird ideas of a fun time Rogue." she jokes and grins.

"Kitty, I'm well aware my explosions don't make the same sound as the jets or any other bubbling sound. Plus it glows. I tried in the lake house tub. It's a lot more difficult to get soak time there on my own. Solo Danger Room time is easier to get." she points out with a giggle.

"Besides if anything I'd overheat the tub with my bombs. Hot water and boiling water are a far cry apart." she says with a smirk and a brief raise of a finger and a small bomb that flickers and gets reabsorbed.

The blonde then takes a seat on the floor closer to the barrel of booze and drinks while the tub is left with just laps from the looks of things.

Holy crap she's respecting limits and boundaries.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would just glance over at Kitty for a moment, then qiupping, "Why Katherine, I never knew you cared." Having dialed herself down as things went on to make sure that she wouldn't be disrupting the engageemnt of the others. Her hands going over to fold on her lap. And looking amused over.

"There are ways to make it simpler than taking a blade over. I'm sure that Mister Lebeau has far mroe effective ways."

Jean Grey has posed:
"Ok, ok!" Jean relents at the 'no work' commandment, holding up her hands (and cup) in surrender.

Wait... does school trip planning count as work? Still, she's happy to muse on the subject: "Well, I already promised that our next winter break is going to be to somewhere warm and tropical, after what happened the last two times we went skiing..." And also basically destroyed the whole ski town, so that one is a no-go. "But I guess there's nothing saying we can't spend every break somewhere warm and sunny. Might be a nice change." She waves a hand, like royalty prouncing a decree. "So it's settled. You're in charge." Hah, she's gonna make ROGUE do some work. "Put together an itinery, and I'll approve it." Once she's sure Rogue isn't buying everyone jet skiis, anyway.

A quick aside: "Yes please do not blow up the tub Tabby!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has her feet in the middle'ish of the tub, but she's just grinning, with her knees up out of the water. Her cup is in her left hand, and she's taking sips from it as the others talk. The rubbing of Emma's leg, has Rogue laughing toward Kitty and Lockheed. "Emma's like the absolute best at the dead pan stares." She tells the White Queen with a big grin too.

Her green eyes stare at Remy, knowing full well what he's sitting on.

"Jean, I think you got a new permanent resident in here..." She says in a more playfully husky tone before her eyes shoot over to Jean in fact. "Yeah? You want me t'put an idea together? I'd be happy to. I mean, Mexico is the place t'be right?" She asks, now looking at everyone. "We could do some partyin' on a beach, and then maybe explore some like... Aztec ruins, or somethin'?"

Thsoe who know her well know that Rogue used to want to be an Adventurer, until she took an arrow to the knee... by Mystique's influence on her!

She upnods at Tabitha. "You wanna help with a last minute vacation plan, there destroyer of hot tubs?" She asks the Boomer of the bunch... who may just so happen to be the youngest here?

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy lays his head back on the edge of the jacuzzi, letting the jet do its thing. He opens one eye to look over at Kitty, "I spend an hour every morning shaving my body from tha neck down." He informs her helpfully. "For aerodynamic purposes, of course."


His eyes close again, arms wading back and forth across the surface of the bubbly waters. "I feel like Ol Gregg. All I need now is a fuzzy little man peach."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Emma's comment makes Kitty realize her mistake. She gives an eep, and pulls her foot back quickly. A bit of color comes to her cheeks as well. So much for poking fun at others!

She sinks back into the water, drinking a long pull from her cup. "Yes, she is," Kitty agrees with Rogue about Emma's stare. More drink. Please alcohol, blot this out.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would let out a sigh, "Do forgive me Katherine, I never knew you felt that way about me." With a dramatic flourish while going to listen to Gambit banter back and forth. Letting out a low chuckle.

"Tabitha, please do stand ready to supply Katherine with something.. Stronger. Probably several things."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I can probably help plan the trip Rogue! And somewhere not likely to get anywone kidnapped. That's like Tuesdays for us." Tabby states and probably is the youngest in the room. At least she is in her twenties. "I'll even fly the blackbird!" she suggests.

That is probably the worst idea anyone in the history of anything could come up with. "Let Scott know I'll need the keys cause we're going to the happiest place on Earth!" she jokes.

"Tijuana!" she declares as truth with both hands and a plastic cup held above her as she beams a bright expression from behind her glasses.

Emma gets a grin and there's actually a round of Zombie Juice handed to everyone. Kitty and Emma getting two cups each cause that's gotta be fun to watch unfold.

Jean Grey has posed:
"It would be great if it had some cultural component, on top of just hanging out on the beach, yeah," Jean agrees, as Rogue suggests exploring ruins and other such truly adventerous activities. "Sure, it's a break from school, but that doesn't mean it can't have some component that's... well, I don't want to say educational," because people hate that word when you attach it to supposedly fun things, "...but you know, at least /enriching./ Plenty of the students have never really had that kind of opportunity, to travel and see the larger world. So I think it would nice."

The exchange between Kitty and Emma causes no shortage of amusement once she catches on to it, whether simply via the fidgetting movements and whatever verbal outbursts... or from what is no doubt some INTERESTING thoughts coming off of Kitty. Sometimes she can't help but hear them, when they're that strong and embarassed!

Another round of zombie juices is ordered up, with Jean providing her own cup for a refill as well. And since they have lost a few people from the tub along the way (did Jamie account for half of them?), once she gets her new drink, she sliiiiides on down into the water herself, on the other side of Rogue.

"Sounds great, Tabby. You're officially Rogue's assistant. I'm sure you two can come up with something fun." Decree!

Out on the balcony, the kids have their movie to watch, which will take a while, so there's no real urgency to anything. Including, it seems, kicking anyone out or reclaiming the space. After all, Rogue said it from the start. What's better than friends?

(Plus eventually, they'll get all prune-y!)