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Just In Case
Date of Scene: 13 February 2022
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: Noriko asks Rogue permission to marry Jubilation and, suffering no fools, chews Remy out when he offers to help...in his way. Noriko keeps the ruse mother-daughter relationship alive! ...and doubles down out of anger.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau, Noriko Ashida

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is seated at the kitchen table with the windows behind her showing off the snowy backyard. She's wearing a sweater and blue jeans, with her hair tied back in to a bun on the crown of her head and her white bangs loose framing her face. She's reading the screen of her phone and spooning at a bowl of soup.

"Soup soup soup. We love soup." She quietly sings, as Jeepers sits beside her staring up at her, wagging his tail.

"Soup soup soup. Jeeps and Me love soup." She sings further, the dog panting happily up at her, before he lays his head down on top of her lap.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is... not here!

He's actually on his way, but he's not here yet!

So this isn't like a Nori ambush or anything, that's the point.

He's walking through the halls of the school towards the kitchen with his hands in the pockets of his trench. Beneath it he's wearing his usual 'around the house' clothes. A t-shirt, a pair of sweat pants, and barefeet. Because he carefully manicures his image as a lazy do-nothing.

When he arrives, it's in the midst of Rogue's duet with Jeepers, "..." He squints and looks back out into the hall, then over at Rogue. "What kind of soup you eating?"

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko would have raced the Sahara, climbed the Himalayas, would have ran to /Florida/...and /back/ to find Rogue, but thankfully, she didn't have to.  For once in Noriko's life, she simply peeks her head into the kitchen with every intention of /leaving without food/ should she not find her target.

Remy probably feels the gust of the speedster when she arrives.

"Oh...wow," Noriko coughs at Remy's question and then blurs into view as she steps inside the kitchen proper.  "Hey Rogue.  Can you say something and sign something for me?"  She doesn't say what 'signing' this 'something' entails.  "Actually, I should probably do this properly or it might not count...hmm."  Noriko purses her lips and idly glances toward Remy.

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers lifts his head up from Rogue's lap when the Layabout LeBeau enters the kitchen, his tail starts going even faster against the hardwood floor beside the table. Sweep sweep sweep!

Rogue looks up and smiles at the Cajun. She lifts up her spoon and points at her bowl. "Honeynut Cheerioes. BUT.... Jeeps an' were discussin' how cereal an' soup are basically the same thing, just one is salty like lickin' sweat, and the other is sugah, like us." She says with a bright smile just as Nori rushes in.

"Sure, gimme the pen." Rogue says, setting her spoon down.

She'll take the piece of paper and sign her name on it without even asking any questions before she'll hand it back with a big smile.

Jeepers pants happily up at Noriko from his Goodboy seated position. So well trained!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
How is it that Remy has to be the responsible one when Rogue just accepts the pen and paper Nori has asked her to sign... He opens his mouth to present some argument point on she should probably read it first, or at least let the Asian explain what it is... but then he's trying to parse through her commentary on the similarities between Soup and Cereal. Which may have revolutionary implications and could very lead to the dark multiverse from which all of Scott's clone babies originate.

His mouth closes without a word.

Rather, he walks over and kneels down in front of Jeepers, rubbing behind the Labs ears and giving him bestest boi attention. Side eyeing the sneaky speedster with a raised brow.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko normally would first go to Jeepers, but Jeepers hasn't been greeted at all until she sees Remy moving to pet him.  The speedster then gets in a little all over scratching session that lasts about two seconds and then plants a little kiss on his forehead as if saying okay now you're ready.

Then Nori steps up to slip a piece of paper, a small one, kind of bill size.  It has big bold letters that say 'IOU' and then, in the fine print, 'IOU a kickass betrothal gift for the hand of Jubilation Lee, first vampire of the Lee clan.'  It is already signed by Noriko, and there is a dark red drop of something dried in the corner.

"You need to put a drop of blood."  And she continues without pause, as if anticipating something, "Jean already did it.  It's important.  Also I need something for her dowry from you."

"So, um, would you give your blessing, permission, whatever?  Can I marry your daughter?...you have to say it too...maybe.  I mean, give it."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sets down her spoon as she pushes the bowl of cheerios away on the glass table surface. she smiles at Remy greeting the pups, then Nori too, who collectively cause the dog to get super happy and excited, with more tail wags.

Rogue just tilts her head at Nori's subsequent requests.

"I can do all'a that. Except the blood." She says as she picks up a knife on the table and jams it down on top her hand.

She raises her hand up then and shows it off, no cut.

"I mean... I guess if ya found Logan, I think his claws can cut me... But you'd have t'go get him..."

She draws in a breath then and flashes a smile. "Beyond that, yes, you may marry my lovely daughter Jubilation Lee." She says with a wide smile.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
At this point in the game, Remy is just going along with Rogue's continued assersion that Jubilee is her off-spring. He rolls his eyes at her and pushes up from his crouch to rest against the table on his palms. Listening out Nori's request with a raised brow, "Dis sound like some magic shit." Blood contracts, doweries, "Are we making deal wit vampires to get her back?"

It's not a bad suggestion honestly...

"Maybe you let me look over the details of the arrangement first though? Vampire awful slippery lot when dey making deals, ses pa? Got to make sure all the wording right. For them, 'until death do you part' mean something completely different.." Or maybe she's just being dramatic. She just doesn't strike him as the 'old fashion' type.

"I can handle dowery. But I require two things..." He holds up two fingers. "One, I want to wear a cummerbun." One finger lowers, "I want to give away Rogue's lovely daughter who bares no similarities to her what so ever." How had he fallen for that.

"She's ASIAN..." He grumbles at himself. Stupid concussion.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"I want to marry her and I want to do it right," Is all Noriko says to Remy's words.  "And it needs to be legitimate enough of a betrothal to be respected by both of our kind, so, drop of blood.  There's no bullshit magic in this.  Just a covenant."  Noriko is fast enough to gather Rogue is putting on airs and always willing to go along, but she keeps her somberness.  Everything she says is dead seriously true.

Noriko turns her attention back to Rogue and smiles, something rarely done in public, unheard of without Jubilation around.  "Thank you."  She bows, a moment of stillness, but then goes right back to business.  "So...I guess I'll just have to find Logan and convince him to give you a paper cut."

When Remy keeps going, Noriko's jaw slowly tightens...for her anyways.  "SHE'S ADOPTED YOU IDIOT."  Maybe she did it because she figures Remy has it coming.  Maybe she wants to make him feel bad about carelessly jabbering while someone's liberty (and more) are still in jeopardy.  Maybe she just doesn't want to negotiate with a LeBeau.

"You get nothing." Nori says with flat coldness and then interrupts her own chilliness, "I'm not focused on that bullshit right now.  We need to stop the wedding and get prepared!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue puts her eyes on Remy, then over to Nori as they both speak. She motions to Remy though. "I trust his insight on this kinda thing." She tells the younger one. "I know this is serious, but we'll figure it out. These vampires ain't got nothin' on all'a us. So, yeah, we'll handle it, Nori... I promise."

She flashes a smile quickly before holding up a finger. "Oh! You could, also, find Kitty, and have her get a syringe. She could pass the needle through my skin and get some blood that way... I guess." She adds, after the idea struck her.

The Belle then sweeps up to her feet, and gathers up her bowl to take to the sink. Jeepers standing up to wag his tail and trail after her, since he shadows her whenever she moves around.

"Cause I dunno who is easier t'find, Logan, or Kitty..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy raises a brow at Noriko's out burst at him, inclines his head, "So you get to take advantage of the situation to marry her, but I don't get to wear a cummerbund?" He nods to her, lips slipping into his usual grin, "Fine, kid. You got all da answers, don't listen to anyone who gives ya any advise or direction, and seem perfectly willing to rush off making bold decision that clearly benefit you."

He snap points her. "It's a shame it wasn't you who ended up captured by the vampires because you sound just like'em." His hand drops down to Jeepers head to scratch behind his ears and he leans in to kiss Rogue's forehead. "I'll see ya later, non?" He slides around the edge of the table, hands going back into his pockets. "I was trying to lighten your mood, maybe don't insult the people who are on your side and stop thinking you know everything... Because I wouldn't trust you to lead us out of your own bedroom, much less through rescuing someone from a Vampire."

"Let me know when we're going. I actually know someting about tha occult.. I'll help the actual smart people figure it out."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Yes you can wear one.  The point is I don't give a shit what you do when it comes to my wedding because we're not focusing on that right now.  But it's not my decision who gives her away anyways.  I wasn't saying no to your help.  Of course I want all possible focused help with Jubilation.  I was trying to tell you to get your head out of your ass and tell you they won't be signing this.  We aren't entering into any deals with them.  This is a deal that is supposed to make their's null or contestable."  Noriko rolls her eyes.

"What are you talking about?  You act all insensitive and assholey while I'm trying to ask for permission to marry my future wife and expect me to be nice to you?  You helping should have nothing to do with me.  You should be helping Jubilation because she deserves the backup.  You should know that and not let some perceived punk get in your way."  Nori narrows her eyes and just says, "I'll get it from you asap.  Thanks again..."  Then she splits.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue finishes cleaning the bowl, and is drying it when Remy pecks her forehead. She smiles at that before setting the bowl on the wooden drying rack. Now she's turning around to look at them both. Her hands come up.

"Alright, alright, lets bring it down a notch or three. Ya'll are harshin' my chill... Everyone here wants t'help ya'll, Jubes especially..."

Rogue stops when Nori bolts though. "Aaaand she's gone..."

She draws in a breath and looks down at Jeepers. "Teeeeeenagers. A whole house'a teenaaaagers, and Vampire Diaries!"

Jeepers WOOFS!

"You wanna go on a walk?" Rogue asks the dog as she goes to her jacket on the coat hanger.

Jeepers WOOFS and follows her!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy rolls his eyes at Noriko speeding off, "I'm going to help Jubilee... but her?" He points after Norkio, "I'm done wit her. I don't see how someone like Jubes sees anythin' in dat imputent little twerp..." His hands go into his pockets. "Run off so ya get da last word..." He watches Rogue heading for the door with Jeepers in tow, "Next time she want to meet up wit ya, remind me, so I don't come."

He'll go find something else to do. Teenagers aren't his thing.