10138/Westchester By Night: Till Final Death Do Us Part

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Westchester By Night: Till Final Death Do Us Part
Date of Scene: 16 February 2022
Location: Westchester, NY
Synopsis: Noriko Ashida and the gang at Xavier's save Jubilee from her obligation to marry the local vampire Duke, thanks to the eleventh hour arrival of Remy LeBeau and the secret he has uncovered. This scene has it all: a classic
Cast of Characters: Jubilation Lee, Remy LeBeau, Emma Frost, Rogue, Noriko Ashida, Tabitha Smith, Divine, Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    In an unknown mausoleum in the region that vampires know as Prox Manna-hata and mortals know as Westchester County and its surrounding areas, the forces of darkness and certain select mortals gather in a grandiose mausoleum. If not for cellphone GPSes, this could very well be the inside of the Pantheon. The Malefactor of Prox Manna-hata is getting married -- again -- and for reasons known only to a select few, his bride-to-be is the reluctant Jubilation Lee. It has been a few days since the mutants of Xavier's put a stop to the ceremony and both sides have reached a tense peace. The ghoulish methods that the vampires have been using to suppress the mutant powers are on standby, but it's understood that it shouldn't be necessary to use it. It is rather messy.

    What would normally be rows of hallowed remains are now rows of heavy, velvet-lined chairs with an aisle down the center. Almost everyone in attendance is on the groom's side of the aisle. Judging by their cadaverous pallor, it's a mostly undead event.

    A string quartet is filling the air with classical notes, just something to accompany the quiet murmur of backstabbing, rumormongering, and social oneupping that is common among these, uh, people.

    Of note, Severina the Necromancer and Clemencia the Seer are seated in the front row, all by themselves. They are, in fact, not talking. Severina leans up and looks towards the rear entrance of the grand hall, apparently watching those coming in with great interest...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The Cajun is not amongst the gathered attendees from the brides side of the family. He's in a black Sedan heading to the location from the airport... "Can ya step on it a little?" He complains at the granny driver up there obeying all the traffic laws like some law abiding citizen.

See, Remy has been down in Savannah Georgia since yesterday. He made a call to an old contact of his who works out of a back alley market on the dirty side of River Street who, not only knew about the book Noriko had shown him, but HAD a copy. He'd agreed to let Remy read it, but it came at a particularly steep price...


Which are notoriously bad in the thieving circles which Remy use to run.

Seated in the back seat of the Sedan now, hours later. He looks down at the cellphone in his hand and the passage he'd been allowed to photograph. "Seriously, mon ami, I need ya to stop stoppin' at every yellow. You're killin' me back here, ses pa?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is going to rendezous with the group however they plan to gather together. Emma Frost has under an arm a vase that's been carefully wrapped and stabilize,d the contents within preserved. Of an age that made the vampires themselves seem young. A child's heart carefully preserved from a Pyramid's sarcophogus. Something ancient, dusty, and archaic. Exchanged for a 'donation' to the museum for something in deep storage.
    In a thick case reinforced with metal and heavy padding against it so that it could be carried without worrying of the contents being damaged. Oh yes, Emma had some plans when it came to giving something to make 'amends' for the last time after all.

The blonde looking smug, even as she was wearing a finer business suit than the genteel attire she had been discourteously yanked down to the depths of the dungeon with.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is on the bride's side of the wedding, seated at the front and dressed to the nines. She's looking at her phone and sending Remy a series of texts to frantically ask him where he is. She'd brought a present too and wrapped it up in some left over Christmas wrapping paper... inside the present is some old medals that Rogue found in a box with Charles' grandfather's name on them. According to legend the guy was a dick head anyway.

Rogue looks up and over to her right at the weirdos seated on the grooms side, then looks down at her phone again and frantically taps out.

<"Get here fast. The freaking McPyles are starin' at me. One'a them keeps wikin' at me!">

Then she looks back up and tries to smile.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
It was Noriko who had led them here to this location through some means she does not readily explain to anyone (and bites the head off of anyone who presses).  When they left the school, no one knew where they would end up, but now they are here, and Remy was promptly relayed the location.

Noriko looks like she should all but have a sword at her hip, but she doesn't.  She's wearing a dark blue quilted doublet with a high, almost black collar, somewhat stiff and flexible, much better suited to puncture protection than anything, but it won't stop a vampire.  Its presence is almost symbolic, like a veil that muffles the loud incessant woosh of the blood engine in her chest that beats alongside some strange intertwined electrical system.  Her eyes are darkly lined at fierce angles that suggest her own thoughts about this event...or her state of mind.  Her lips are cloud blue, lighter than her hair, which is styled with precision.

The speedster's fingers vibrate at her side.  "Remy where are you?" she says for no reason other than anxiousness since she knows where he is...on his way.  She sits next to Rogue, looking over her shoulder at the texts.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Even if the plan is or isn't to distrupt a wedding, you still should dress for the occasion. So here we have Boom-Boom in a dress. The dress is indeed an X-uniform, long sleeved, high necked black with a yellow stripe down the hem broken at her abdomen by an X shape in black before reaching the hem. Yellow ankle boots with a couple inches of wedgeheel. Some black stockings covering the rest of her legs because while the dress might reach her thighs. It is still February and it's still cold and hell outside.

And of course she's got her hair up, her bangs up and in front of her with some generous amounts of product while the rest is pinned back so its all up and looking shorter. And with a little dark eye makeup and dark toned lip gloss all that is left is the red jacket on her shoulders to add warmth and pockets because she is not going without extra snacks, sugar, lockpicks and tools.

Coming in with the other X-Men and Noriko the blonde woman bounces about on her feet. "You got this Nori, seriously. We all yout your back. I'll bring pom poms next time. Told ya the suit would rock for the occasion!" Even she admits she probably looks more like a cheerleader right now. "And I got the thing I got for Jubes' actual special day right here." she taps a pocket through the red jacket she wears. A pair of not cheap at all and not stolen red sunglasses.

Sitting with the X-Men the young woman fidgets a little in her seat. Almost too much sugar maybe.

Divine has posed:
In for a penny, in for a pound. If one gets technical, Jubilee's predicament might be considered Divine's fault. She did, after all, incinerate one of the Brides. She refuses to feel bad about it. It was, after all, a blood-sucking monster that rolled onto the grounds of the mansion for nefarious purposes with a horde of slavering zombies.

No, she will not feel bad about that.

Luckily, someone informed her that this was not an occasion for violence. At least, not until all the other avenues have been explored. Thus, she spent some of Emma's money. The half-Kryptonian is in a slightly shorter than knee length black dress, tight from the waist up, but loose and flowing around her hips. The sleeves are tight to her elbow and then bloom out into wide bell cuffs that are long enough to cover her hands.

And yes, the neckline is daring.

The look is completed with fishnets and her usual knee high combat boots. Someone did her makeup too. She really is Goth Karen Starr today. Complete with cranky look. She's sitting on the Bride's side, off by her lonesome because she is well aware certain people are mad at her for reasons she still doesn't understand.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde sits beside Rogue, wearing a dress that she chose for the combination of elegant fit and stylish cut, while not hindering her movements too greatly. She's not entirely certain this is going to go well, but puts her faith in the others. Though she might have something strapped to her thigh beneath the dress just in case it does go poorly.

She crosses her arms and leans over to Rogue so she can be heard saying under her breath, "I think that one's staring at you. Probably ask you to dance during the reception." Kitty's lips quirk in a slight smile while she looks another direction. "Never thought Jubes would be getting married before one of us," Kitty comments of the other young woman, though in truth none of the three are that far apart in age. "Seems like just yesterday she was rolling around in her heelys."

Kitty glances around at the rest of the contingent from Xavier's. "Man this is making me think of the Morlocks," she says. And the words come with a slight shiver and a somewhat saddened look.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Rogue's would-be admirer, one of the many gentlemen in attendance named Mordecai, leans forward so he can continue to smile at her. He reaches up and wiggles his long, spindly Nosferatu fingers at her while waggling his eyebrows up and down. Perhaps she'll save a dance for him? Another gentleman emerges from a thick mist in the row behind Divine. He leans forward, his chin just over one of her shoulders. "Good evening," he mutters in a thick baritone, apparently unaware that he is barking up the wrong tree.

    A wooden door near the start of the aisle opens just a crack so a pair of sickly eyeballs can peek. It opens the rest of the way and Aldebrand the Castellan steps out in his usual 18th century majordomo attire. He closes the door behind himself so no one can see inside. "Ah, lovely, you're all here. We're so glad," he drones, giving each of the incoming mortals a little nod of recognition or false smile. He must have sent out for dry cleaning since the last time.

    Severina's mouth curls into a smile as the mutants of Xavier's begin to trickle in. She turns to her sister, the liquid-brained Clemencia, and tilts her head to the side. "It would seem that the bride's side is finally here," she mutters.

    "It is time, soon, soon, we will have another sister, though only for a short time," Clemencia sings with her eyes closed. "A spicy man will deliver the news and then there will be a party."

    The string quartet finishes their song just in time for the mausoleum's bells to sound. Three bells call Aldebrand front and center. He lingers in front of the altar and folds both of his hands in front of his waist.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, good evening. Thank you all for coming," he begins with a smile, though it fades. "...Again." Ehem. "We are gathered under the protection and hospitality of the great Suthtehk, The Malefactor of Prox Manna-hata. May all grievances be put on pause as we bear witness. Please rise."

    The undead portion of the audience does so immediately, silently, obediently, as a larger-than-life figure comes out from the archways beyond the altar. He's dressed in a long gown made of a silky red material, with dragons embroidered in yellow and gold along the sleeves. He's handsome, though ghoulish, with long, black hair pulled back in a ponytail befitting a nobleman of the 18th century. Anyone looking at a still of this man would mistake him for a model. In person, however, he is unsettling. Suthtehk The Malefactor.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is getting antsy in the back of the car... looking at his phone, then out the window to see where they are, and then up at the driver. "Seriously, mon ami.." His hand drums flicking fingers at the roof, holding onto the suicide bar. When Rogue's text comes through, he glances down at it and sends a reply >"I'm close. Stall. Tell them I'm giving Jubilee away."

Then another to Noriko >"Almost there. I'm outside... Tell them I'm giving Jubilee away and they can't start yet."

The Sedan pulls up at the mosaleum, 'Yer sure this is the place? This is a-' "It's an exclusive party, ses pa? All the guest are deadbeats." He tosses a few hundreds over the seat, "Keep da change." And pushes out into the brisk night air. To rush towards the gate.

Beneath his usual brown trench coat, he's managed to find a tuxedo t-shirt which is tucked into his black armored pants and boots. Walking purposefully towards the gates where, he assumes, there are vampire guards waiting. "Ah, Ello! Remy LeBeau... I'm wit the Brides party..." He nods towards their clipboard. "R.E.M.Y. L.E- what do you mean I not on the list?" Brow furrowed... "Don't play wit Ol Remy like dat, she's my girlfriend daughter. Couldn't possibly be married wit'out me to give her away, oi? Go ask Severina. She tell you." Sucking his teeth and waving, "Go.. Go on."

"I wait."

Emma Frost has posed:
Arriving just a little bit late but within the boundaries of etiquette (admittedly pushing it just the slightest) Emma arrives with the group and maneuvers towards the seats that the rest of the team has arrayed themselves in. Emma's attire and timing are both pressing at the light edge of appropriateness. In what might get a couple of tongues clucking (or with this group sounding like dentures rattling) but be within the boundaries of allowed behavior. Gift left on the table still in the heavy case but positioned so it would stand out..
    Emma Frost does all extremely -minor- pushing of boundaries. Enough to make it clear she knows the exact rules and regimentations but doesn't care to adhere to them beyond the letter of the law. So going to join the rest of the group, Emma would maneuver herself formally while eyeing over the shambling mass of Anne Rice cultists.
    Going along ever so gingerly to her position and join with the rest of the mutant contingent, nodding at them in turn. Glancing to Kitty and Rogue. <<I'd suggest after the fact you tell him his breath reeks like mothballs and that he might want to get that looked at>> Emma seems rather snarky tonight..

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over to Kitty and gives her a big frown before she leans over to bump shoulders with the other girl, she leans over to speak lowly at her. "If he does, I got a stake strapped to my thigh." And then a grin is flashed before she looks around to the other faces she recognizes. "This is quite an affair though. I mean, from Wheelies to Bram Stoker wet dreams. Jubilee has done worse before." Whatever that means.

When the 'guy' is introduced, Rogue looks to him and narrows her green gaze. She leans over to Kitty again. "Get a load of this smoked sausage." She mutters before putting her gloved hands together to applaud... Is this a moment for applause?

Either way she does. Her stare goes to Emma then who gets a light smile. "Remy's on his way. He'll save the day. I'm somewhat sure'a that."

Divine has posed:
Divine is all by her lonesome, not exactly enjoying the proceedings, but what can you do? At least she looks good. Of course, when she senses the presence of Captain Creepy over her shoulder, she second guesses herself hard. She takes a moment to look down at the neckline of her dress, frowning. Whether it's at herself or the creeper, it's hard to tell.

She resists the urge to incinerate him. For now.

"Not interested," she says flatly, not even looking at him. "I don't date corpses."

When the man of the hour sweeps in, her frown shifts into something bleakly amused. She thought she was being extra in this getup, but she has nothing on that guy.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko tried to remain tightlipped about Divine's presence, but only after she blew her top initially and was talked down.  It didn't take long...like it was shockingly fast how quick she shifted her focus back into a grumpy businesslike attitude.  She's looked constipatedly sulky about it the whole way over though.


"We must be so distracting for them.  I wonder what Divine's heartbeat sounds like to them...Oh yeah.  You were right.  It works," Noriko comments of her doublet to Tabby.  "Thanks."  She sighs and just mutters over and over, "Gotta focus, gotta focus."  Kitty's comment about Jubes rolling around in her heelys draws a self-interrupted forlorn sigh.  Simpler times.

Noriko's knee blurs as it bounces and she tries not to fidget with the betrothal IOUs.


Noriko doesn't have a cell phone, but she does hand out Jubilation's number instead...wherever that thing is.  The last thing Noriko's going to do is risk frying Jubilation's electronics after she just spent time in this culturally technological wasteland of a society.  She may not want to go out and see people.  Nori has know idea, but all these thoughts and so many more make for an expansive swarm of moments crammed down into one for everyone else.

The speedster sucked up all of her reserve batteries before she left and drew more electricity on the way over and she's been markedly more and more agitated as time-without-Jubilation has gone on.  At Rogue's words, Noriko swats her on the shoulder with a flick of her fingers, "Hey."

"He needs to get here before that guy," Noriko makes one of those Psycho Bateman action figure sfx, "me."  All she has to do is hold out.  Wait, didn't Nori only talk about making a claim?  Maybe she thinks it won't go over very well?  It does seem rather rude to get dressed up and come all this way only to break this up publicly.  Who does she think she is?

Then again, he already knows that she's OBJECTING, I OBJECT.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby eyerolls at the welcoming. "Maybe if humans and us were like being kidnapped and offered as a wedding feast we'd have been more gracious guests last time." Tabby mutters under her breath. The weird looks some of the groom's side seems to think maybe the X-Men are still possibly expect to cater. Parent of the bride expectations can suck sometimes.

Emma, Divine, and Kitty and Rogue get smiles well though it's through an antsy expression.

<<I should have stolen that bus. Had the right song queued and everything. I still have jelly babies in my pocket. They're all warm and squishy!>> she thinks whether or not there's a mind link. And she does indeed pick a couple of those candies out and pop them in her mouth.

Jean Grey has posed:
Some say its bad form to wear red to a wedding. When Jean does it? It's more than statement.

It's a message.

Still, she's dressed to the nines, in a strapless thing that might herald back to her college modeling days given it, and the matching gold accessories, look like they fall more in Emma's typical price range than her own. Her hair covers her shoulders, only a little less crimson than her outfit. Like the rest, she is behaving herself, arriving to join the 'bride's side' of the gathering near the front, near Kitty and Rogue. She gives Noriko an encouraging look. "I'm sure he just wants to make as big of a statement as possible. Anyway, I know this is silly, and a bit cliche but... don't be nervous. It's going to be alright- and remember, that we've got your back, whatever happens."

She is not being stealthy about saying so, either! Still, it's all smiles for their host and counterparts on the other side of the aisle.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde looks over to Emma, the seriousness of the situation around them keeping Kitty's reactions to Emma quite civil. <<What do they use for processional music anyway? The traditional song or would that be considered like, new age punk by them? Something only the silly younger generations are into?>> Kitty thinks as she glances around the room again.

A tiny grin is given to Rogue. "Yes, good to be prepared," she agrees, her own fingers fidgeting against each other as if she's thinking about how sideways this could end up going. And would that be for the best, or not?

A glance is given at Rogue's confidence in Remy. "Going to play cards for her?" she asks. That one was just to keep things light hearted.

Kitty looks over to Tabitha, flashing her a quick smile. "No fighting for the bouquet after," she kids the other woman as she holds her hand out for some of the candy.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Rogue's claps echo throughout the otherwise silent mausoleum. Almost as a single mass, the groom's side of things turn to stare at her just in time for Aldebrand to close his eyes and sigh. "Charming," he mutters to himself before leaning in towards The Malefactor. "Really, Master, you're sure...?" Ehem.

    "Please remain standing," Aldebrand announces. "May I introduce, Jubilation Lee, First Of Her Clan, First Of Her Bloodline."

    Unlike the reverent silence that the Malefactor got, Jubilee's announcement triggers a surge of whispering and muttering among the vampires in the audience. Something about those words is intriguing to the paler side of the room. The heavy wooden door in the back of the mausoleum opens and two undead handmaidens step out, one guiding the bride by the hand. The string quartet begins playing a minor-key version of Here Comes The Bride, slow and somber to match the feelings in her weary heart.

    Jubilation Lee has been done up in a most elegant fashion. Her wedding dress has notes of a Victorian ball gown, with deep red fabrics as sheer as they come, with a corset pulled tight and cinched with a lacy bow at the breast. Black, lace sleeves extend from her wrists, over her shoulders, and are tied around her neck -- a vampire veil. Her hair, thick and long, is curled and pulled into a plaited up-do, with black lipstick and winglets completing the look. The disfigurement that plagued one side of her face for the last few weeks is completely healed, though she still looks sad.

    Instead of being led down the aisle, Jubilation's handmaidens instead bring her to a most unlikely companion -- Remy LeBeau. "Remy?" she whispers, looking up at him with sad eyes. "What are you...." The handmaiden reaches for her arm and gently hooks it around one of Remy's.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy makes his way through the corridors with the vampiric guards, trying to make small talk, "Dis weather huh? I never been a cold man, myself.. Come from da Bayou, ya know? Make my knees feel all stiff. Doctor tell me I probably have arthritis later." He flicks his wrist and rolls his red and black eyes, but they're not listening.

Leaving him waiting in the foyer before the grand entrance to the gathered ceremony with his brown leather jacket and tuxedo t-shirt. He combs his fingers in his shaggy brown hair, using the reflection in a pool of water, waiting for Jubilee to be brought over to him. When she arrives, he waves his hand, "tut tut tut... Don't worry bout all dat, chere.." Hooking his arm so she can slip hers into it. "Dis is your big day and, as per usual, I have da very best gift of all..."

When the cortet begins to play the Brides music, he pushes open the door and leads him out into the assembled guests from both sides of the family. "Never thought I see da day.. my lil girl is all growed up." Patting her arm reassuringly. Since he's obviously got a plan.


As they pass, he waves to Rogue, Jean, Kitty, and Noriko. The last getting a reassuring wink... When they reach the alter, he slides her hand out and presents her to the groom. "Dey didn't tell me da groom is such a looker..." An aside to Jubilee, "Couldn't ya just eat him up?" A finger wiggles playfully at the Malefactor, "Now you be good to her... yer about to be apart of her." Hands pass off and he takes a step back to assume his position. Palms crossed in front of his top of the line tux-shirt.

Looking around casually like he's casing the joint.

Emma Frost has posed:
Acknowledgement by the others gets a light smile from Emma Frost. And then as Remy would come in, Emma Frost would give a slight nod in his direction of acknowledgement. As the vampires would go to play a song that none of them could maintain thanks to their cold, unbeating hearts Emma would get ready to establish a mental link amongst the group if needed. Going to casually sweep about the area, moving to try and get a good telepathic 'read' if she could without raising any sort of immediate mental notice, going to abort it if there was any seeming sense of awareness. For now, Emma is quite content to remain passive over while she waits for the show to go on. These sorts of dramatics adn theatrics were the most amusing sort of bad comedy, after all.
    They were here for the reinforcement of the bride, and hopefully to take things down civilly. And.. Hopefully if things went well, Emma could talk to them about some real estate investments over somewhere that was ever so pricey and attractive swampland. They were probably expatriates from New Orleans, so the hook would be easy.
    Maybe even profitable. Beforce taxes, financing, insurance, upkeep, maintenance, liscencing.. Zoning boards.. Oh yes, if she could she would milk them like wall street creditors.

Rogue has posed:
When the music starts, Rogue stands up, and turns around to see Jean arriving. She smiles at the redhead in the fancy red dress, nodding approvingly before leaning over her shoulder to whisper at her. "This is not the kinda music I expected. But its better than somethin' sappy, like the theme from Titanic...."

When she leans back again she looks to watch the Bride get ushered in by her proud 'father' which has Rogue getting all mysty eyed. "I promised myself, I wouldn't cry. But... in truth, we thought she'd end up workin' at Burger Joint the resta her life... Now look at her." The Belle says through tears before she dabs at them with a handkerchief she produces out of her small black clutch.

When she lowers it again, she collects herself, then eyes that creepy McPoyle vampire who is smiling at her again. Big eyeroll.

Rogue glances back over her shoulder at Kitty, and the others, then to the front of the procession.

She'll take a seat when its proper time!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko remains stoic as the procession begins.  She gives Jean a purposeful nod.  "Thank you," because backing her up means so much more than just having her back physically, but that Jean is giving this a shot, giving Nori a shot to work this out for less loss.  Noriko never rises for the Malefactor, though her demeanor beyond this is quite buttoned down and not disrespectful...but really, not rising.

At the introduction of Jubilation, however, Noriko is the first to be on her feet in the detractors.  She holds a wooden box and the notes, so small and light in her grasp.  There's a surge of sorrow that pours out of Noriko through her pendant alone, an artifact tethering a mysterious connection between her and Jubilation, the true source of how they located the wedding.

The speedster bites her lower lip to distract herself from her anguish when she finally sees Jubilation.  The torture is written in her eyes and the tense edges of her frame.  Her eyes only briefly observe Remy's wink.  There's recognition there, but she manages no more.  These nuanced moments are not her thing and she's barely holding it together.

Why is this taking so long?! she screams inside, not wanting to look away from Jubes, unconsciously stretching out the moments when they lock eyes as her velocity frame shifts.  Luckily, she misses Rogue's words and perceives her tears as just being upset that this is even happening.

Divine has posed:
Divine tilts her head slightly as Remy leads Jubilee down the aisle. She mutters to herself in shock.

"I didn't have to dress up?!"

Looking cute or not, she clearly would rather be dressed in something comfy. She goes quiet again to watch the proceedings, wondering when everything is going to explode violently. She hopes she doesn't ruin her dress.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Can I line up for the garter? No way I get a look at a petal when we have fliers." Tabitha asks Kitty with a grin in regards to the polar opposite tradition of the bouquet toss and a wink. She has been put on best behavior and maybe yes she is also actually sober at a wedding. That is possibly scarier than if she pre-gamed.

When Jubilee is lead out to head for the altar even the blonde has to nod her head and grin. "Well we gotta give her that. Jubilee looks amazing. All her though. I don't think anyone could get to the garter after wards. Not fast, and not Nori fast." she states.

The blue haired speedster gets a smile and a nod to reassure her that yes we all have her back and to have courage. There's a point of fingers and then a thumbs up by Boom-Boom. Just far enough away the women's weird mix of powers don't make funny zapping sounds.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Well, they're creatures of tradition," Jean answers Rogue, as the procession begins and chitchat turns to the music. "And there's no beating a classic. I wouldn't hold my breath for them to pull out top 40s for the reception, though. Shame, too. 'Marry You' is such a perfect entrancce song." She doesn't have much faith in there being Bruno Mars fans among the undead? Gasp.

She has nothing to do at this point but wait. She's already standing, so she just... keeps doing so, versus any kind of comic-relief sit down and stand back up routine. She does take an idle moment to smooth the bottom of her dress, between careful and cautious looks toward their counterparts.

To Tabitha: "If we make it through this peacefully enough to be INVITED to the reception... why not."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde flashes Jean a quick smile, if a tight one for the event. She stands when the wedding processional starts playing and Jubilee comes in. Kitty does her best to keep her face supportive. The religious young woman has not embraced the vampiric conversion of Jubilee. Even though she has tried to give the Asian support with what she's going through. So the wedding itself isn't something Kitty Pryde could view as a positive.

Her eyes flit over to Noriko then, watching the reactions play out on her face. It tugs at Kitty's heart. Her arms uncross, hanging at her side, fingers fidgeting with the skirt of her dress as she stays quiet, watching.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation's walk down the aisle, partially guided by Remy's strange willingness to march forward, is a somber one. She's hanging onto him like he's an automatic mower she's not quite ready for. As she gets tugged along, Jubilee splits her attention between whispering things at Remy -- the standard 'what the fuck?!' and 'why are you so okay with this?!' and 'you bastard!' -- and trying to spot certain individuals that might be in attendance. Would Noriko come to this? Would /she/ if their roles were reversed? And there they are. Rogue and Kitty. Jean and Emma and Tabby. And Divine. But where is... ?

    Jubilee's eyes widen as she goes past the aisle in question. As soon as she spots Noriko, she almost bowls forward in a bit of a heave. There's a twitch in her neck, an instinct to turn away, but Jubilee doesn't. She just stares for as long as she can, her expression sorrowful. Once the speedster is no longer in view, Jubes looks up at Remy again and scowls at him.

    "You'll pay for this, Remy LeBeau..." Jubilee mutters. How many times has he heard /that/ in his life?

    The Malefactor, for his part, gives Remy a quizzical look. No matter. He can be killed later. "My dear, you are a vision of loveliness," The Malefactor states warmly, though with a certain precise, rehearsed quality, as he takes her hand. Jubilee, for /her/ part, rolls her eyes and looks up and away from him. "And you look like a fresh turd."

    "Now, tradition dictates..." Aldebrand announces, raising his voice with pomp and circumstance. "...That should any among us wish to challenge or object to these proceedings, please take this moment to do so, or forever -- and we do mean forever -- respect them."

    Silence. Eerie, awkward, scary silence. Is this really happening?!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is surprisingly okay with the scornful looks being directed at him, but what he is not okay with is how nobody complimented his shirt... Seriously. What the actual hell. He looks down at it, straightens the hem, and then just shakes his head with a sorrowful little sigh. "Dey just dont understand." Just like parents.

"Well, being a semi-ancient stand in for the rightful ruler, I want ya to think about dis, mon ami... It took me twenty seconds to put dis shirt on and you took several centuries to look like a dumbass." He wiggles a point at the Malfactor. Rather disappointed in him, to be sure.

You'll pay for this Remy LeBeau! Usually when he hears that it's followed by some numerical child support figures. He shakes his head at Jubilee, "No need to pay me yet. Trust, chere. Trust." Because he's got an ace up his sleeve.

Turning to look over the gathering when the announcement is made that anyone who wish might stand up and challenge, Remy locks eyes with Noriko... and cants his head just a fraction. A little 'you ready kid?' gesture. Accompanied with a wink and charming grin.

Emma Frost has posed:
Now's the point when all (traditional) hellw ould break lose if they weren't playing by the rules. Emma hereslf is ever so calm now as she would flash the 'minister' a look that could melt through solid steel if it were any less sincere. But maintaining decorum was the important thing. She'd been at fundraisers, charity events, and at least one of those things where one fundraised for an orphanage and the children who wanted to be there even less than the playboys there for appearances were in attendance at.
    She could fully maintain decorum and just smile, ready to lend her support to the team. But also going fully quiet. This wasn't her part to play after all. She was just here to be a part of the dramatics as were necessary. A slow glance given to Jean, to Rogue, and to Kitty to indicate her readiness. And a low, low killer smiler at what she planned to do to the vamipres' investment portfolios if the evening went well to suck them dry in other ways.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko rises on cue, glancing toward Remy as she does so.  Her jaw clenches as her deathly glare falls upon the Malefactor.  "I do.  I object on the grounds that she cannot be married for she is already betrothed."  DUN DUN DUN!  GASP!

The Asian teen steps beyond Kitty, Rogue, and anyone else that blurs into her periphery on her way to the aisle.  Now for the less romantic part.  "I myself have gathered permission from her guardians for the right to marry her and have been promised her dowry.  I have the paperwork right here."  Oh Scott would be proud.

Divine has posed:
This is going to get wild. The tension is ratcheting up enough that even she, the non-psychic half-Kryptonian can feel it. The hair on the back of her neck tingles as she waits. These next few minutes will determine if she has to commit vampire genocide, or if they all get to walk out still looking cute.

She's not sure which way she wants it to go yet.

Rogue has posed:
As Remy and Jubilee make their way by, Rogue just smirks at Jean, then looks back to Eyeball McPoyle who she catches eying Jean's butt when she sits down to smooth out her dress. "You son of a bitch..." Rogue mutters. "Cheatin' on me already..."

She too sits down then and crosses her legs in her dark green dress before she sits with her back straight on the chair, and eyes everyone as they gather up at the front. She spares a glance over at Tabitha and Kitty, then looks back again.

She leans over to Jean and whispers. "They fixed Jubilee's face, did ya see that?" Which is asked very hush hush! But there after she falls silent and just offers Remy a big smile, if he bothers to look at her, of course!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde keeps her eyes going back and forth between Jubilee and Noriko primarily, with glances towards the groom's side of the room sprinkled in. When Noriko steps forward, Kitty's face stays stoic and without too much reaction.

Though she does glance towards Divine, and then reach over towards the other woman. Kitty gently rests her hand on Divine's arm in a calming way. "Have trust in her," Kitty says gently, giving Divine a reassuring smile before she looks back to Noriko.

Kitty's hand leaves Divine's arm, dropping back to her side, resting alongside the skirts of her dress.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
With Jubilee clearly in snark mode, Tabby's grin widens and brightens while Remy just gets a groan and an eyeroll for not at least trying to dress right. At least the tuxedo tee is tight and Tabitha is not actually hay even if she is on break from men. Or so she tells herself.

The chance is there and opportunity is taken so when Nori steps up. Tabby throws metal horns and a big encouraging grin! "Nori damn fucking well objects! Shout it woman!" she actually cheers in her on Tabithian manner. Loud and excitable!

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean expects the objection, of course, so she does not in fact gasp - although it is just a teeeensy bit tempting, just to encourage the sense of melodrama. Then again, it's still a very serious situation. Who knows how the Vampires will react to any of this! And thus: Tension! Anticipation!

Which... is apparently not reason enough NOT to aside to Rogue, whose would-be Vampire paramour she has apparently hussy-stolen: "With all the fuss this guy is making about losing just one of them, they probably ALL have three wives. Sounds like a total racket." A brief moment, and something occurs: "I wonder if it applies for Jubilee? I don't think Noriko is the sharing type..."

The comment about Jubilee's face actually has her hitting Rogue's shoulder! SMACK!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    The Malefactor stares at Remy LeBeau with nothing short of a dead (hehe) expression. Icy. Calculating. Just what was the cajun going on about with that comment? Was it just talk or did it mean something more? There wouldn't be time to find out, though, because here comes Noriko Ashida fresh from the set of All My Fangs.

    The vampires in the mausoleum erupt in awkward laughter as Noriko Ashida -- a lowly /mortal/ -- challenges this. The Malefactor turns and stares at the speedster, squinting a little as he takes stock of her. Mmmhmm. He smiles and gently waves one of his hands at the crowd -- quiet down, quiet down, I know, I know.

    Jubilation, meanwhile, is pulled from her sassmonstering and spins around to /stare/ slack-jawed at Noriko. Her mouth hangs open, revealing her fangs. She can't (or doesn't) retract them -- another detail the vampire commoners joke about. Not to mention what she does with her /food/...

    "Nori..." she whispers to herself.

    Aldebrand the Castellan blinks his eyes, worry briefly crossing his face. "Not again..." he mutters, wondering if he's going to have to fork over a third security deposit for the next attempt to get this right. He gives The Malefactor a nervous glance before clearing his throat.

    "How cute!" he announces, which gets another surge of laughter from the audience. "...But, I'm afraid we cannot accept such a thing from a, heh, mortal. Please take your seat dear." He gives a dismissive wave of his hand. "Now... if there aren't any other interruptions....perhaps we can..."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would fold her hands together over and tsk. But she's holding her tone quiet while restraining the (verbal) mockery. Her eyes would glance over at teh vampires with judgement. Judgemetn the likes of which could not quite match the fury of Kryptonian heat vision, Noriko hyper-vision, Rogue booze-vision.. but was still up there. Emma would just maintain a superior sneer the likes of which the rich and barely avoiding upper clas inbreeding could get overw ith the vampires, as if she could inspire icicles inside their (non throwbbing) veins. Going to move along with the party of Rogue, Kitty, Jean, and Divine then while just smiling over her shoulder. Musing to Jean..
    <<Please do inform me when the bethronal is made official, I do have some appropriate gifts for the pair when the contrat is finalized>>

Divine has posed:
Divine looks all the way down at Kitty and nods once. "Real tense in here," she mumbles. She watches the goings on, but manages not to fidget. Or make her eyes glow. Her expression darkens as they blow off Nori's insistance. She thinks really hard.

<<I could tell them I'm a god and demand it be recognized?">>

Rogue has posed:
Rogue reaches up to rub her shoulder after it gets Firebirded. "Vicious..." She quietly says before her eyes go to Nor, then to the results of this ... outburst?

A smile crosses her dusky hued red lips as she just seems wholely happy about all of this.

Her black gloved hands just hold her small purse in front of her lap as she enjoys the show, but is of course ready to throw down in a moment's notice if needs be.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy looks over at Rogue and opens his jacket so she can see the shirt she gave him for Christmas. And he said he'd never find an oppertunity to wear it?! HAH..

Suffice that everyone is not looking at him, they're looking at Noriko, and that means all this expensive stuff up here beside him is basically free right? That's how possession works? A rather pricey looking set of rosery beads are slipped into the pocket of his coat. "Churlish!" he murmurs with the rest of the vampires, "What crass nonsense from such a mortal.. I, personally, am offended." That bible looks old...

He's just waiting now. Filling space (and his pockets) with swag.

Vampires give out the best grab bags.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Do the thing Nori, don't let dickbreath stop you!" Tabby keeps on encouraging. At least she isn't throwing bombs but she does turn to the grooms side. She grins and keeps on being loud when the real things are happening. "We're mutants. We've been to fucking space and dealt with entities far more fucking powerful than you and walked away. We have conquered whole fucking planes of existance and made demons our bitch." Thank you Illyana "I have survived giant fucking robots, the streets of manhattan! We are fucking evolution and we are getting more and more fucking powerful. We can fucking level this whole place and everyone here. Fucking recognise when my friend here." Nori gets a nod and a grin. "If she objects, you fucking listen!" she says and grins.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko's narrowed eyes almost relax when the Malefactor plays out exactly as she expected.  "Then I challenge you to a duel on the basis that your claim to your position is no stronger than /mine/."  She might as well be spitting in his face, to compare his claim to a mortal.  The words send hisses of shock and disdain throughout the groom's side, perhaps some out of instinct, perhaps some out of loyalty, and others just leaning the way the tide is going.  No one is sleeping and no one can look away.

"This is why you endangered your wives to come retrieve the book anyways.  Because it proves you are nothing but a claimless usurper...so let's go.  See whose truth the Fates favor hmm?"  There's a crackle of lightning that shoots across Noriko's dark eyes, a crack that heralds her going to lean to Jubilation, walking right up the aisle to whisper, "I love you," lingering for as long as she thinks she can, stretching it out.  It passes normally for everyone else.

Then when Noriko turns, she takes a few steps down the aisle in a blip to crack an electrified peace sign and then hold out her gauntlet toward Kitty, not wanting to let the vampire slip into her blindspot.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty is standing in a stance that those who know her might recognize. Weight perfectly centered on both feet. Ready for something to happen. And the telepaths in the room, if their attention isn't fully on the spectacle playing out, might sense Kitty's mindset is more that of an X-man mission than a wedding.

Then there is the sign from Noriko. Kitty's hand that has stayed by the skirts of her dress phases through the fabric to seize the item strapped to her thigh. She phases it out through the fabric.

There's a moment where Noriko might as well be Luke Skywalker above the Sarlacc pit, and if so that makes Kitty her R2D2. The bladeless saber hilt is lofted through the air and over to where Noriko can easily snatch it out of the air.

Jean Grey has posed:
<<Lets be careful about escalateing things,>> Jean answers in a mildly firm little telepathic pulse. <<I really prefer this not turn into a brawl. Maybe they feel the same way. They're posturing, but they saw what we can do, and we can posture too. I don't think they would have just... let us in to join the ceremony, if they weren't a little invested in a non-violent outcome, themselves.>>

And so the seeming rejection of Noriko's objection doesn't earn anything outlandish from Jean in response. However, she DOES turn to Rogue, not to further abuse her, but to somewhat over-dramatically start whispering and gossiping to her and ESPECIALLY Emma, who... well, presumably gossips at a black belt level. "What kind of vampire lord is this fellow? You know, I have friends who've met Dracula. Now he's a Vampire. I'm sure -he'd- not be so dishonorable, so... gauche, as to just ignore proper procedure like this!." She shakes her head in disgust!

"Is this really what these creatures are like in WESTCHESTER? It really isn't much, compared to the city. I think Jubilation could do better."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
The Malefactor, begrudgingly steps out to take his place opposite of Noriko.  Apparently, Noriko knows something of the custom, or has studied it, but with all the time she's had to practice, she won't be making Jubilation look the fool.

Noriko's gauntlet closes around the hilt of the saber and she activates it, her own electricity rippling up her shoulders as the energy blade juts out like a jagged piece of glass, dripping with its own energy.  The speedster flourishes the blade and manages to trim the less aerodynamic portions of her doublet off.  "Whatever."

Then the battle happens in the BLINK of an eye.  There are brief blips of Noriko playing keep away and smiling like some Puckish figure until the blur of an ancient creature catches up with her, pressing in aggressively with much more speed than Nori expects.  Noriko doesn't panic, but the two begin a brutal skirmish that plays out in various tableaus, one in which Malefactor has grabbed the trickster by the scruff of that damn collar.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
There it is, the moment Remy has been waiting for. Noriko makes her challenge and he grins. She probably doesn't see it because he's up there paving the way for a much more beautiful union... The thing about La Diable Blanc that most people rarely appreciate is that there's always a reason.. and he almost always has a plan. That doesn't mean it's always a GOOD plan, but he always has one.

"I don't tink you can refuse, tight ass. Mere mortal dat she is, challenging a powerful...ish.. lord of da Vampiric court of Prox Manna-hata..." He sucks his teeth and offers his arm for Jubilee, "Me and da bride will be standing just over here. Waiting for the rightful suitor to retake her hand, ses pa?" He gently guides Jubes to the side. Where he can pat her knuckles and lean in to speak conspiracy. Glancing back over his shoulder in the same casing the joint way, that brings his lips closer to her ear for his whispered words, "She can't kill him. Nor can you..." that's rather cryptic. "It will send da whole court into a frenzy... you have to consume him. Drink his blood until nothing remains and devour his soul." He cuts his black/red eyes towards the Malefactor's back as he approaches ready for the duel.

"Everyone eyes on us when we walking up the aisle. I cant tell you then..." And Noriko needed this moment. That part was just icing on the cake for him. Young love and him the Cajun cupid. "When he no longer have his guard up, you should attack and assume your rightful place of power." He sighs, seriousness leaching into his almost always playful tone. "Dis a lot for you, but I have faith you can handle it."

He releases her arm and puts a hand on her back, gently guiding her forward. "Go be da best you possible."

He gingerly plucks up an incense burner and pockets it, stepping down to come over and stands with Rogue, Jean, and the others. "I got ya a bible." He whispers to Rogue. Smiling over at Jean and the rest from the brides side. "Dis better than telemundo. I can actually understand what dey sayin'."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to send a quick mental messsage to Divine <<I appreciate it darling, but we want to make sure they -suffer- and know their place. Disintegration won't do that. Always better to destroy an adversary's mind and spirit. The plan allows for making them suffer so much more than just obliterating them>>
    Jean moves along with the group of Jean and Rogue as Kitty goes to backup Noriko with the Kitty-saber.
    "Such inferior stock. Look at the decor, the arrangements.. This all has the looks of something almost pretentious. A shade desperate.. They're trying to cut just a few corners that a -properly- bred clan from the city would have no issues with accomplishing. It's the minor things that they've neglected.." She would muse idly, playing up to her role as the gossip bitch.
    The group of blonde, brunette, and redhead hopefully leaving no survivors in their snark-wake.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would add after a moment.. "And that isn't even a -real- vase. It's -plastic-. In such poor taste."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue reaches in to her small leather bag and pulls out a silver flask that she twists the cap off before she takes a sip from it, then offers it to Jean. Kitty doing what Kitty does, draws a wide eyed look from Rogue. "Where did you have that?" She asks in a airy voice before Remy is joining them and she offers him a smile. "I love your shirt." She says in a loud whisper before she takes another swig from her flask, followed by offering it to Remy for his part in all of this. "Good job. You were like Better call Saul up there. I'm so proud!" She further loud whispers before falling silent again to watch the show.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde grins over to Rogue and whispers back, "You weren't the only one who thought to bring something strapped to her thigh. I think Carol would approve," she says of the use the Kree energy saber is being put to.

The battle starts to unfold, Kitty trying to follow it, but they move at such speeds it makes it difficult. After Remy has a chance at the flask, Kitty will hold out a hand indicating she'd like a pull on it as well.

Divine has posed:
Divine just blinks at the message from Emma. She's not stupid, but she's a very ... immediate person. The long game really isn't her thing. Can she learn it? Absolutely. Does she want to? Not really. Still, she doesn't escalate.

She can, however, follow the high speed combat between the vampire and Noriko. Kryptonian cheating. She smirks a little. Someone, somewhere, is simping for that expression. Probably one of the creepos across the aisle, honestly. "Embarass him! I'd say make his pants fall off, but ... he might not be wearing any under that robe anyway. ... Just kick his ass!"

See? She can behave.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Discordant gasps take over as vampires, ghouls, familiars, and that one Hot Topic assistant manager watch the bladeless hilt arcs through the air. Some comment on its craftsmanship. Some admire its iridescence. Others wonder if that Jewish girl is single. Some comment joylessly about how they had universal donors at the last wedding. For shame.

    As she's pulled to the side by the cajun, Jubilee turns into bridezilla. "I swear, Remy, I'm going to get you for this if it's the last thing I do... I'm falling in with a rough crowd if you haven't noticed, so, you're gonna rue the...." Jubilee's quiet threats get shushed and blotted out by something the cajun is telling her. Whisper whisper. Smarm smarm.

    "Ewwwwww! No!" All eyes are on the commotion in the aisle and, unfortunately for her, no one is really paying too much attention to the bride on her special day. Jubilee turns away from Remy with a disgusted look on her face, having just shared a truly rotten moment with him. Heard something awful.

    But then... Jubilee stares, watching the moment play out in beats perhaps too fast for most to catch. As soon as Noriko is pulled in by her future husband, Jubilation gets loud. "No! Stop! Stop!" Jubilee suddenly shrieks. Now /there's/ a sudden change of heart. She waves her hand in the air desperately and takes a couple steps forward. "Nori, stop! Stop! I... I'll... I'll marry him. Please. Please, sit down..."

    She looks away from the speedster, not wanting to see Noriko's reaction to those words. Not wanting to see the pain they might bring. A calm seems to prevail over the proceedings. As fun as it would be to get a little show, to see some (and help clean up some) bloodshed, the subjects of Prox Manna-hata just want to go about their un-lives and go home. This social event wasn't exactly optional for those in the area who didn't want to enjoy a nice sunrise tomorrow. Aldebrand's shoulders relax as The Malefactor turns to walk back to the alter. Crisis adverted.

    "Ehem, now then..." Aldebrand mutters. And then a lot of things happen. For all their research about Xavier's Prison For Worthless Abominations and the Malefactor's future bride, the dumb vampires of Westchester never bothered to learn one very important detail. Jubilation Lee is a vampire, a creature of the night, yes, but she's also a mutant. It starts with a quiet whistle, pop, crackle. And then a louder one. And then... Jubilation's fist is moving across the Malefactor's jaw, heralding a face full of colorful explosions. Would he be done in by something so trivial? No, of course not. But, they're so distracting, aren't they? As the explosions of color start to fill the space near the alter, a monstrous growl can be heard. Hissing. Snarling. The Malefactor teaching his new bride a lesson?


    It's not long before the plasmoids begin to hiss and blink and crackle into nothingness. When it's all over, The Malefactor is lying there at the base of the carpeted stairs, his skin pulled tight, a horrified look on his face. Deader than dead. Jubilee is standing over the body, blood trickling down her jawline and into her cleavage. Somehow, she is looking /good/... Full of... life. Full of... energy. No bride has ever looked this good on her wedding night. Well, except for the blood and viscera. She has just consumed the life of a vampire that goes back to ancient Egypt, his power flowing through her for all time.


Tabitha Smith has posed:
The duel, at super speeds makes Tabitha squint as she tries to track more than blurs. "We shoulda brought a high speed camera. I wanna actually see Nori kicking that racist rapist redneck vampire get wrecked. Alliterate, heh!" she states and demonstrates some attention paid in english class.

"Kick his ass Nori!" she says and cheers on as she stays standing and bounces on the spot. A hand goes into her inside pocket and a small wrapped up box is extracted and once a clear line of sight is made for the bride to hopefully not be that is Jubilee. "You gonna need these real soon. Happy like existance day!" she says as the package. Classic Expensive Jubilee sunglasses is lobbed in an easy arc for the former bride to catch post blasting and a glare at anyone getting up in the way of picking off the throw. Hopefully it's caught and you know Jubilee can strike a badass pose.

Divine has posed:
The fight ends and the clone frowns slightly. It was called off before it was properly done. Not cool, but then again, she doesn't have The Feelings about it.

Then Jubilee literally eats a soul. Not that Divine knows that, but she can certainly tell something happened. ...And why does the blood ravager look make her feel funny? Divine shakes her head, keeping an eye on the other half of the room.

"I guess she doesn't need us to make a toast."

Jean Grey has posed:
Although Jean reaches for the flask that Rogue offers, the light vampiric taunting and gossiping fades away now that the duel has become an actual thing. The two of them are so fast that it is indeed very hard to follow, at least on any kind of strict physical level.

Yet for all the prior levity, in the moment, she is quite scared for Noriko. The creature is dangerous. And even if this is precisely the kind of things they train for, to sometimes have to fight, to face real dangers, watching Noriko do so with such very real stakes on hand certainly does have Jean on edge. When she drinks? She's drinking for her nerves. And all of that comes to a head as the ancient creature indeed seems to get the better of the young X-woman, causing her to tense all the more. In the end, they WILL intervene, they must, right? It's her job as a teacher and a protector, even if it means a slaughter...

Except Jubilee's got it covered. And Jean actually cheers when she sees those tell-tale firecrackers go off. Among her students, Jubilee had always been resistant to the idea of training to fight, to use her powers like that.

Except maybe she cheered too soon, as what follows causes a bit of a gasp of shock. She doesn't quite look sure if she should be so thrilled now...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I don't know a whole lot about vampiric weddings, but I crash a few normal ones in my day..." Remy says quietly out in the crowd, accepting the flask to take a swig before passing it off to Kitty. "Dere aint a single tray of cucumber sandwiches anywhere in dis hall." He chides with a sad sigh, looking around. Shoulder nudges against Rogue's compliment and pride. "I got dis feeling dat Jubilee or Noriko or Jubilee AND Noriko are going to slap me for not telling her sooner." His hands wrap around the chair in front of him. Then the fireworks begin... Jubilee fulfills her prophecy and drains the Malfactor on the steps up to the later, leaving him a sunken shriveled husk...

And the cajun excuses himself. A kiss to Rogue's hair as he slips over towards the fallen Vampiric lord amidst the shock and awe of the Grooms family.. In that silence he reaches in his coat and pulls out a wooden stake... and stabs it in the center of his chest.

The body, once a husk, desolves into ash... some of which he scoops up in his palm and pours out into a vial, which he slips into the pocket of his coat. Turning to regard all those slack jawed vampires. "Lovely party..." It's super quiet... then he points over towards where he was standing with the other mutants. "Da entertainment... I... It's just a joy." He points in sweeping gestures at them, "You guys put on a crazy good show." Thumbs up for Jubilee, thumbs up for Noriko. Self high five for himself.

Emma Frost has posed:
And there's a low shift over in the direction of Emma's attention as Jubilee goes to take a snack. "Lovely. I suppose that finishes any sort of formal disagreement on the obligations. I wish to offer my heartfelt congratulations to the bethroned couple." Emma goes to raise her hand over in a salute, moving over to if she could take her turn over with the hip flash and take a polite pull of it before looking to Jean, to Kitty, to Rogue, then going over to casually mouth to Rogue..
    "I believe this means that the bar is open."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue goes through a myriad of emotions. A wild array of expressions touch her makeup coated face...

But in the end, when 'the dust settles', and Remy, Nori, and Jubilee stand victors over the ... whatever his name was, Rogue just lifts her gloved hands up in the air.

"Fuck yeah!" She says to the whole of the audience sections. "You got X'd, Count Chocula!" She adds before lowering her gloved hand down to her mouth to whistle on her fingers, which is a feat in and all itself!

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko is ready to get flung, to get drained, to shank the shit out of Douchebag-To-Be, but that isn't what happens.  Jubilation's words split the air and everyone in their path, including Noriko.  When she's released, she falls to her knees, crumpling from the words.  No, she wants to say, but the word chokes up in her throat as wells of tears form over her eyes.  She has no choice but to swipe them away to clear her vision.

But then, it happens, and Noriko rises in shock...this is what that is.  This is what is deserving of Final Death.  "Long live the new Duchess!  And the downfall of the Usurper, who kept your history from you.  Let us celebrate a much better replacement!"  Eh, stiff, but Noriko's still trying to make it easy for everyone to understand.  "To the reception!"  Noriko finds Severina as if she always knew where she was at all times and gives her a quick nod before her eyes drift across to Clemencia and finally back to Jubilation.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
When Jubilee and Nori are done, the blonde girl steps out of her spot and into the isle to the remaining vampires on the dead grooms side and raises her hands up, palms parallel and then brings them down to the pront of her pelvis as it thrusts forwards.

Tabitha promised a crotch chop and she delivered it!

"X-men kick the shit outta everything!" she cheers and then throws Ronnie Dio style horns to the happy couple. Then maybe also some breath mints from another pocket in her jacket. Jubilee might need them too if she plans on planting one on Noriko soon.

"Okay, party!" she declares to the rest of the X-men as she turns to look at the Vsmpire side of the event.

"Remember Mutants! X-Men. Shit kicked out!" she warns with a wicked tone and grin.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    It might be natural to expect the vampires to lose their minds at this. It might be natural to expect things to get truly ugly. But, it doesn't. Sure, there's the initial gasps of surprise. There's also one guy near the back who just won a lot of money on a bet. A million to one odds! But, yeah, the vibes are calm. Naturally, there's some chatter about how uncertain things are, what will happen now, what will we do? And what do we make of that /awkward/ announcement from Noriko Ashida?!Fortunately, the territory known as Prox Manna-hatta has the best majordomo in the business.

    "My friends, my friends, please! The night is young and refreshments are plentiful!" Aldebrand announces after a precisely rehearsed beat. The silent tension breaks. "...Stay! Drink!" The majordomo turns to face the mortal side of the room with a smile. "...And /eat/..." he adds for the benefit of the mutants. There would be refreshments for them, too.

    "Toast, celebrate, show your allegiance! To the new Duchess of Prox Manna-hata!" The vampires in attendance 'erupt' in austere applause. The one with eyes for Rogue licks his palm and uses it to slick his hair back. He haunts his way over to her. "I've got eyes for you, pretty lady with the skunk hair," he explains, his natural drawl making the whole thing painfully long. He reaches out with his hand and opens it for Rogue. He has two eyeballs for her to take.

    Jubilee looks over at the first aisle on the former groom's side of things to check on Severina and Clemencia. What would their reaction be? Clemencia the Seer smiles her usual absent smile, leaning back to admire the domed ceilings. "Ah yes, see, dear sister, the spicy man has brought the news to us..." she sings. Severina gives her sister a side-eyed glance before her attention returns to the bride, now that it's a proper red wedding. Her expression shifts into a private smile before turning to glance at Noriko. She returns the speedster's nod with one of her own...

    Jubilee turns from Clemencia and Severina -- whoever they will be in her future, she doesn't know -- to stare at Noriko. Her pale, cold hand reaches up suddenly to catch a pair of red sunglasses thrown at her. 'Thanks, Tabby,' she thinks, tucking them into her hair. Jubilee starts to swipe away as much of the Malefactor from her mouth and face as she can before she starts to take eager steps towards the speedster. All around Jubilee, the reception for the wedding that didn't happen starts to erupt. Whatever bad blood, heheh, exists between vampire and mutants (and Kryptonian) is set aside for the night. For a party.

Emma Frost has posed:
Now the debate is settled and there is an open bar. And buffet. And gossip. Time to let the wine lfow and.. Well.. Likely for Remy to start fleecing everyone on an official level now rather than just pickpocket. And then Emma is going to raise her fingers in salutations to Jubilee. "To the new Countess, long may she reign." Emma would offer idly over while going to approach. "With your permission, Madame, might I offer you a gift to honor your ascent to yoursel fand to your champion? Wiht your permission, of course. And of your viscountess and knight." These were all formalities now. And then would come the boozing.
    And hopefully some long term business arrangements. The undead had plenty of..
    Liquid capital to be drained.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
ENTER REMY, to wrap an arm around Rogue's waist. Black/red eyes looking down at the eyeballs in potential suiters palm, "If you take those eyeballs, Imma go sit wit the vampires over there." He says in a whisper to Rogue, pointing out Severina, "You should have seen how she talk. It like listening to a Lonely Island record on a Gramaphone.."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would offer her arm to Divine, "Come, darling, the night is young and tis' time to enjoy ourselves. Please, do enjoy yourself over at the buffet."

Jean Grey has posed:
To say that Jean might still look a little nervous about the whole... blood feasting thing is an understatement, but the cheer in her demeanor returns quickly enough, if only via osmosis from everyone around her. From Noriko's own enthusiasm. From Rogue's dumb joke. And from the rest. Because everyone does seem rather thrilled.

Even the Vampires. Or at least, they seem weirdly chill about it all.

She takes another drink, holds the flask aloft, "To the Duchess," and then shoves it back over toward Rogue to take. "Well... I guess it's a proper party now. Should we go over and introduce ourselves to your -- our? -- admirer?" It's almost as if Jean makes this suggestion SPECIFICALLY in time as Remy comes over, nodding toward Mr. Nosferatu.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Of course now that most of her behaving is done Tabitha happily moves into the reception portion of the night and yes that means she can finally get a drink and down it. The look of satiation on those blue eyes is strong like she had been waiting a whole lot to tie one on. She was and now she's happy and increasingly.

"Duchess! Rock!" she cheers and toasts when everyone else does.

And of course a drunk Tabby has her own antics. Like flirting with the brides that aren't Jubilee. Being probably annoying since this is Boomie.

"So I mean like. This does like mean you are single and you know, you don't need men. World's you're oyster as long as you don't get all up in race superiority and entitlement. Even we mutants earn an asskicking. Though anyone that does does earn it but you get the idea right. Go do a non lethal victory lap. Just no killing. Like you can shear a sheep all iit's life but you can only skin it like one ya know!" she drunkenly puts forward in her rambly motormouth tone.

Divine has posed:
The tension drains from the room, and Divine seems to shrink an inch or so as it drains from her as well. She's kind of glad she doesn't have to incinerate anyone today. It would really spoil the mood. She smiles slightly as all of her new ... not friends, not yet. People in her circle shake off the tension and the dread and shift into party mode.

When Emma approaches, the tall woman takes her arm. "Yes, Miss Frost," she says politely, pausing briefly. "Not that I, uh, really need to eat, but."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Once Noriko gauges that no one is going to yank her and drain her, she turns to look to Jubilation.  She grins a little awkwardly, but it quickly morphs into a smirk.  When she draws close to the vampire, she says lower, "Yeah so, I kind of need to ask you a question when you've got a chance."  There is nothing but pure joy and love surging from the usually grumpy mutant.  "Thanks for not letting me get eaten."  Then she realizes Emma is getting Jubes' attention so she shifts to give Jubilation a chance to do some of her duties of pomp.  "She has presents."  Knight?  Noriko shifts her weight and cocks her head to the side, giving it a thought as if only just trying it on for size in her mind.  Weird.  Her stomach interrupts her thoughts sharply.  Noriko doesn't drink, but she does toast a snack and then completely fall prey to getting distracted by the TabbyTV channel.  She elbows Jubes a little.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy glances down at his pocket, which is making an old school cellphone ring. Do-do-do dee do-do-do.. The flip phone he pulls out is from well before 2008 and shouldn't even have service, but he still flips it open with his thumb to put up to his ear. "Oi, yeah. It work like you say." He excuses himself, winking at Rogue and her suiter holding eyeballs to slip from the ceremonies as dramatically as he entered them. "No, I don't forget about our deal." He does stop by one of the ghouls carrying around a tray of what he HOPES is champaigne. Vampires have some weird kinks... "I bring it to you soon, just have to see to a few tings for I leave." The party rages and he's headed for the door, draining his glass in the process. "No, of course I don't... what? Dats crazy mon ami, I always been nothing but honest and fair wit you."

Outside in the cold night, he tosses the empty glass off amidst some grave stones. "Eh? Dats unfair. I told you it an accident.. more tings at play, couldn't be helped. And beside, I make up to you, no?" Standing in the gloom, he reaches in his pocket and pulls out the little vial of ashes to hold up at eye level. "Yeah, well.. like I say. I got what you want and soon you have it." As he's closing the phone to replace it in his pocket, "A bientot, mon ami." Both items go back into his pocket as he heads off into the fog. Man of mysteries. Thief. Owner of a brand new 13th century bible.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    There's so much to do, so much to say, so many people to talk to. What would Jubes say to Remy, the one who got her out of this mess? What would she say to Divine, the one who got her /in/ to this mess? (Kind of). What would she say to /everyone/? Noriko's first words to her tug at Jubilation, past all those other thoughts. "Oh, oh, yeah?" Jubilee replies, looking down at her hands awkwardly. Well, as awkward as one can look with dried blood on her face, trickled down into a vampire wedding dress. Her gaze lifts, hand coming up to wipe more of that blood away from her mouth before she leans in towards Nori. And then... EMMA. TABITHA. Agh!

    Jubilation stares at Emma with a little confusion. A bit of The Malefactor drips from her chin. "You brought a gift?" she questions. "Uh, thanks..." Jubilation exchanges a look with Noriko, not sure if she should be appreciative or question why the White Queen brought a gift when she thought she was getting married off to the Duke of Vampireville. And then...

    "Thanks, Tabby..." she manages, now the proud owner of a pack of breath mints. She grins at the little tin and shrugs one shoulder as the other mutant runs off to hit on Severina and/or/and Clemencia. Jubilation raises her eyebrows. "Should we tell her?" she wonders before looking over at Tabitha and the two original vampire brides.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile over at Jubilee and Noriko, "Excellent. Congratluations again on your ascent." She would reach to somewehre and pull out a small, elaborately wrapped box to give over to Noriko. Unwrapped would be a small floating ball that would glow. As soon as contact would be made with it the ball would 'bounce' away in a hover while putting out low level sparks from it. Presuming that Noriko would make a light jab or grab at it it would once again go out of th way. Emma would add, "I had it tested to ensure that it could keep up with your reflexes and also be aesthetically appelaing." A super-speed bouncy ball that put off glowsticks.
    Jubilee is given a slightly longer, heavier package which inside would have a cast iron, hand forged symbol of a 'bat' that had carefully inscribed upon it an imprint of Jubilee's trademark sunglasses and coat, and udnerneath it written in Latin 'Laeti vescimur nos subacturis'.
    "Given circumstances it seemed quite fitting. Congratulations on your ascent to nobility." Smiling at Divine's arm around her. "Yes you don't need to but there's no reason to not try and expand your palette. There's a great variety here and no reason you can't try as many things as you might wish to." Jubilee and Noriko given an approving smile. And one might -almost- hear the Wicked Witch of the West theme playing as Emma would head to the bar.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko takes the box and unwraps it as quickly as possible so no one can see how she struggles with the delicate manipulations with those gauntlets on.  Of course there are those who can and those closest who already know that these things take place.

"What the fu-" Noriko says as she tries to touch the ball.  IT'S FLOATING OKAY?  She arches a brow at Emma.  "Thanks."  Now to get this thing back in the box!  She can't /lose/ it already.  And so over the next thirty seconds, Noriko flits about like a cat chasing a laser pen.  Thanks Emma.

Finally, Noriko ends up back at Jubes' side to catch up on TabbyTV.  "She's having fun.  Why spoil it till we have to?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
So there's probably a bad idea in talking to certain brunettes but Tabitha has never been the wisest of women and that brain probably snapped well before she walked into a danger zone that is the widows that would have Jubilee's sister wives and may have a shared dead mother in law thanks to the young blonde woman!

"Seriously like Victory lap. It's awesome. I did a whole spring break thing I'm not even in college really but like Atlantic City, New Orleans, Fort Lauderdale. Monterey. Tijuana, Coachella. And back down again. No Tabby, it didn't suck because you woke up alone every night." she motormouthes and grins back and forth between the pair.

"I mean yeah there was that one couple you made out with but they were breaking up anyway and it was fun watching them argue. Awesome last Christmas! Anyway ladies! Once we're all done with our fun night you should totally do drunken single lady adventures. I should show you how to start!" at this point Tabby is off on her own little world of motormouth and flirting with little pause for breath. This could be trouble anoying or entertaining as the pair of vampires could just as easily walk off or throw her or whatever just to shut the girl up.

About usually among reactions back at the school.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
    Jubilation stares down at the bat, the Latin, the sunglasses, the coat. She looks up at Emma and raises her eyebrows a little. Her expression begins as one with confusion, but it's not long before she smiles. "Thank you, Emma," she says. "I, uh, don't have one of these." She means it, she doesn't! Jubilee holds that smile and turns. "I swear, I wear a yellow coat /one time/ and no one lets me hear the end of it. Even after I'm /dead/..." she whispers at Noriko with a smirk before turning to watch Tabby again.

    Severina the Necromancer, the blonde, has not said a word back to Tabby. Instead, she just lets the other woman to run through the lengths of her flirting. Eventually, though, she folds her arms in front of her chest and turns to watch her brunette sister.

    "Ohhh, victory lap, yes," Clemencia the Seer sing-songs. "...Like in the races of the horseless carriages with the riders who spit brown." NASCAR. "...She reminds me of the horseless carriages, dear sister..." Clemencia reaches an idle hand out in Tabby's direction but doesn't bother making contact. Severina, the more lucid of the two, simply guides her sister away towards the aisle.

Emma Frost has posed:
Gift given over, Emma Frost would smile at Jubilee, "Just to give it some degree of flair. And.. Unpleasant dreams.." She would saunter her way over towards the open bar with a smug, self satisfied look on her face over while sliding over way towards anything of -appreciable- value while then glancing at some of the vampires..
    "I'm guessing that a great many of you have a great deal of.. Hard currency but little liquid capital. So I'm wondering if you ladies and gentlemen would be interested in an amount of real estate investment? Get in the market early, and most importantly you already have a degree of funding that can be transferred to the market.. Admittedly with some liquidation to be required to avoid any tax issues or investigative ones.. I can of course help assist in these efforts for a reasonable fee.."

Noriko Ashida has posed:
"Seriously.  That better not transfer to me," Noriko jests, as if she'll outlive everyone.  "One sec, do you want anything?  I'm going to grab some food."  Forage ever so quickly from the various servers and such.  She comes back to listen to Jubes' answer, munching on something already, but also gets drawn back into their new favorite show.  When Emma finally leaves the immediate area, Noriko mouths, 'What the fuck?' to Jubes and grins.  It's a brief interlude, but it's a clear indication that nothing can permeate their cocoon of happiness.  The speedster just looks like she's glowing back at Jubilation.  How insufferable.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby does beam when the concept seh suggests gets across and even at the almost touch but of course then she keeps on rambling before after a moment she realises that yep. Shut down.

The blonde shrugs, laments an empty drink in her hand that she swore has more in it before the girl heads for a refill with a smile on her lips and a bounce of those hips.

New drink in hand. The blonde looks over food possibilities. Then the dance floor areas that looks way more like a mostpit at times consideriing some of the rougher Vampires knocking each other around. "Still less roudy than the clubs in the meat packing district." she says with a chuckles and joins the other mortals. "Think I had a shot with the brunette whats her name Clemenia. Oh My darling! Probably good move on her sister. Think I was driving them both crazy! You get used to it" she says with a chuckle and a grin as Boom-Boom works on her glass slowly for now.