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Brotherhood vs Xmen: Sentinel Payback
Date of Scene: 06 April 2020
Location: Serbia, officially the Republic of Serbia, is a landlocked country situated at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe in the southern Pannonian Plain and the central Balkans. Wikipedia
Synopsis: Mystique acts!
Cast of Characters: Raven Darkholme, 44, Jean Grey, Rogue, Remy LeBeau, Kitty Pryde, James Proudstar, Lorna Dane, Piotr Rasputin, Illyana Rasputina

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "You have a lot to explain before anyone is going to let you leave this mortal coil, and that will be the one thing you wish for. What you've done, you wont be free until you've wished for it sixteen million times." Mystique snarls towards Sinister, a knife, dripping with blood, held in one hand. Her other hand full with a semi-automatic pistol, levelled at Sinister's head.

    "Uh- UH! Mystique, they're almost here." Says a mousy woman with circular frames of her glasses, reflecting the data display of stolen radar signals and countless security cameras on her monitors she's gathered.

    Raven looks over her shoulder towards a trio of mutants and gives them a sharp nod. "Stop them." Mystique demands before she turns her head back to face Sinister, "I wont have this victory spoilled."

    Deep in Serbia, Mystique stands in Sinister's 'palace' and with a handful of those that she knew she could trust to form her newest brotherhood, the woman sought out Sinister. The gathering of mutants set off alarms in Xavier's who knows something is afoot when these mutants gather outside of Genosha. Mystique found something important or is attacking something.

    Uppon nearing the compound, the telepaths should have figured out quite quickly who the goal of this operation is, Sinister, and Mystique is never one to hesitate at taking any life, though her plans are much more nefarious than that.

    What will the X-men do, storm in after Mystique, help her in her conquest of vengance and revenge? How will they move forward, rushing the compound and fight the Brotherhood members who are primed to oppose them?

Gibson (44) has posed:
     The pale faced man with the eerie red eyes rests against a throne, a goblet of wine on one arm. He doesn't seem at all phased at the pistol leveled at his face. "Ohh, dear. All those Marauders...slaughtered by your hand." The goblet is raised and the blood red wine goes down nice and easy.

  "And if you had heralded the approach of Magneto, you may have had me oh so scared!" Essex grinned, staring down Mystique. His shape starts to fluctuate, and changes to a familiar shape, that of Magneto, in full battle dress. "What precise atrocity do you think I did to earn your ire? I cannot possibly keep track of them all." He says, looking at one of his hands, grime free!

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean isn't exactly used to being the team leader, but she's flying the Blackbird in over the tipped off location. She concentrates from the pilot's chair, << Alright. Mental link is online, everyone good? >> She doesn't bother looking back, since it's really more of a rhetorical question.

<< Mystique has been tracking Sinister for a while now, and the priority is bringing Sinister in. Alive, preferably. >> She stresses the last, since she knows... especially after Genosha, tempers are running high. Especially hers.

<< In any event, Mystique and her allies here aren't the enemy. Defend yourselves if you have to, but we're here to get Sinister, not mix it up with her. Alright? >> She then brings the Blackbird down, landing the jet expertly in a nearby clearing.

Then, on a separate 'psychic' channel, she sends out a message. On the off chance it might be received. << Raven... what are you doing? >>

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is seated in the back of the blackbird with her crash harness on over her leather jacket and brand new gold and green uniform that is form fit to her form! She sweeps her eyes around the others near to her and looks fore to the front of the jet as her mind fills with Jean's voice. "This should be fun." She says, chewing on some gum, she blows a pink bubble and lets it pop before pulling the gum back in between her lips. When the jet settles, her body sways on the seat in the back and then she moves to detach her crashing webbings before standing up on her thigh-high wedge-heeled boots. She adjusts her jacket over her shoulders and looks to the others before she raises up off of the floor of the jet and sweeps out to get a look outside, floating just a few feet off of the deck!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"So you jus' have a plane un'er de school?"

Remy had been quiet for most of the trip, just taking in the surreality of the situation he now found himself in - strapped into his chair with an unlit cigarette hanging between his lips. No smoking on the Blackbird, apparently. As they land, he looks expectantly towards Rogue for an answer only to find her up and floating out of the cabin.

"Guess dis is normal den."

He fiddles a bit with the straps keeping him in place, unused to their mechanisms, and then rises to his feet once they're finally undone. He ducks his head to follow the flying young woman out, reaching into his pocket to produce a match the second he's outside. He strikes it against the underside of the Blackbird's hull and then, in turn, lights the cigarette.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde sits in her black and gold X-man uniform, with Lockheed perched on her shoulder for most of the flight. As they arrive at the destination, she rises, phasing through the straps of her seat and standing up. "There may be one there, named Toad," Kitty tells Rogue. "Great big tongue. If you were to absorb someone's power, not sure that's the one you want to go for. /This/ mission," she says, adding a laugh.

Kitty heads down the ramp, telling Remy on the way, "Sure, didn't your parochial school have one? I thought it was normal," she jests as she looks to get an idea of the place they are going to have to go into. "This isn't likely to be cakewalk," she comments, then looks to Remy. "We have those too, just later in the summer."

James Proudstar has posed:
"All right. I'll scout ahead." Warpath unfastens his seat belt and rises to his feet, glancing over to where Jean is flying the plane, "Ain't promising there won't be some scrapping, but I'll try to be gentle. Mostly." His dark-eyed gaze turns to Illyana now, "You want to come play behind enemy lines with me?" He cracks his knuckles, rolls his shoulders, bounces on the balls of his feet a bit, all those little signs of restlessness that just might paint him as one of those to be concerned about Temper over. But outwardly? At least his expression is calm.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna wasn't entirely sure why she'd come, in fact she regretted largely having taken the Blackbird and not just trying to find Clarice for a portal over there. She wanted to be there already, and was a bundle of nervous energy, bouncing her legs as she sat forward in her chair as much as the seat-belt would allow until they landed, and once they touched down? She was up and on the balls of her feet, ready to rush ahead. It was unlike her, but decidedly this was about Genosha and she felt a certainly level of responsibility.

The green haired woman, had her hair tucked back into a ponytail, extensions and all, (which she regretted instantly) and wore her dark green suit with metal plating about it. Her features framed by a headpiece that was similar in shape to her father's helmet, though not entirely in design or in hue.

"Why are we bothering playing nice with Sinister? Tell me it's intel, and I'll accept it, but otherwise Jean I'm having a hard time."

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr has been assigned for this mission and has been spending a good chunk of the flight thinking deeply on it. When Jean comments on the goal of the mission, he confirms "Understood, bring in alive, then." The large Russian takes a deep breath and steels himself mentally, and then physically as the exposed flesh on his arms, his face, and his hair turn metalic.

Piotr stretches his neck and says, "Let's do this, then." He looks to the others and their commentary on the mission thus far, "Indeed, violence is likely an option." A sigh, "But it seems we have little choice here." He cracks his knuckles, "Good luck, everyone."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The Rasputins come in pairs but rarely, but Illyana -is- here. No doubt a great distraction for Piotr will be his little blonde sister anywhere in sight. "Thought you would never ask," she tells Jimmy with an easy grace, rolling her shoulder. Restless she is not; ironically calm, collected in every sense. She at least has a look of tourist about town, wearing nothing that composes a uniform at the moment. Cool coat, cool pants, dark boots that suggest curb stomping. None of it will matter very long anyhow, for calling down the wrath of her erstwhile eldritch gods -- the bright, not the dark -- invariably alters whatever she wears in the first place. No black and gold skirt with elf boots here, thank you.

Decidedly chill as she follows the tall Apache, she murmurs to him, "Relay any instructions, da? Deaf." Tapping at the side of her temple with a fingertip gives a reminder that, somehow, she needs sign language? Yeah, right.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "You..." Mystique cuts herself off as she steps closer to Sinister and brings the bottom of her gun down onto the bridge of his nose. That's her goal at least. "You sent those machines to Genosha. I have half a mind to kill you now, but ... every other part of me... They want to know. Are you afraid of the dark?" She asks and looks down at the point of her knife.

    Then speaking aloud to herself, Raven turns her head. "Don't stop me Jean. I don't know what I'm doing, but don't..."

    "They're on the grounds, front entrance. Bold move if you ask me, but -Shutting up." Says the techy at the computers, and she still taps away at her keyboard, trying to compile data off Sinister's computers, learn anything she can off the harddrives if he wasn't smart enough to erase everything.

    Three mutants run through the halls of the compound, the first two seem rather normal, but the last one, stomps next to the doorway, looks over at the x-crowd and pops his neck before reaching his hands out to grab onto the door frame and seems to brace himself. "Go get 'em." The large barritone man issues to the two normal sized men that scoff at him before moving towards the x-men.

    Pyro's hands reach out and fire large plumes of fire and black smoke out from his hands, fed by the large canisters at his back. "We ain't lettin ya goodies get in 'ere jus' yet."

    Toad licks his lips for a moment as he crouches down onto his hands and feet, ready to pounce. "Boss is busy, come back lattas."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean floats last out of the Blackbird, then looks at the trio of Brotherhood mutants that are the welcoming committee, "Sorry, we need to make sure everyone comes back alive. Justice, not vengeance." She pauses, then sends over the link.

<< Illyana, care to port some people past these guys? Some of us can stay and keep them busy while you and the others push forward. >> Keeping it simple, since the Brotherhood are clearly here to stall, nothing more than that.

Rogue has posed:
For Rogue, this was all still pretty new. She'd been doing the Danger Room routine, sure, but actually getting out and mixing it up was still fairly new. On her way out of the 'bird she grins at Kitty. "You're gonna have'ta tell me how ya came across that fairly intimate info, Miss Pryde." She teases her friend before she floats on out of the jet.

Gambit's strike of match against hull makes her look to him and she grins. "There's lotsa secrets 'round here. But they're all about doin' whats right for the world. I promise ya that, Sugh." She assures the Cajun before she watches the others file out of the jet too...

The voices from the Brotherhood members draw Rogue's attention then and she leans her body forward in mid air and starts to fly up and outward. "Not really one t'take kindly t'threats, ya'll." She says back at them as she floats up in to the air, ready to take orders as to where she needs to be and where she needs to smash.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty is looking around as she's chitchatting. She's had more than one tumble with the Brotherhood, and is keeping an eye out for signs of them. "Oh, you need to talk to Storm about that. She's got the best line for dealing with-" Kitty is starting to say of Toad, when she spots the familiar figure of Pyro stepping out into the open.

"Flame off," Kitty says, reaching over to snuff out Remy's lighter lest Pyro use it against him. Though he already has his own gout of flame roaring towards them. Kitty grabs Rogue and Remy, phasing them so the fire passes right through the three. "Lets get to cover!" she calls and will guide them out of the fire.

Lockheed takes off up into the sky, circling overhead and looking for other threats. With Pyro there, he's not going to use his own fiery breath yet.

Gibson (44) has posed:
     All of a sudden, Magneto's visage fades, and again shows Sinister. "I sent those? The sentinels?" A smirk, to a grin, to a giggle, to all out laughter.

  Sinister stands up, picking up that goblet of his, and drinks more. "That..." He says behind the glass. "you think I pulled off something like that. Thank you. Truly." He starts to move across the room. "Oh, you'll find nothing on there." An aside to the tech.

  "Anyway, Mystique. As much as I would love to take credit for that magnificent piece of work. I cannot. I may have reprogrammed one or two that where there already. But they were only standing guard for me, while I collected samples for my research." A gloved hand waves in front of a Halliburton case he pulls out from one table. "I'm afraid...you have the wrong person. Do not feel bad, how can one expect to get everything right? When they are not me?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I like cake," Remy mutters to Kitty through the cigarette in his mouth, taking a drag and then blowing a cloud of smoke skyward before jabbing a finger in Rogue's direction, "You never tell me dere's cake, mon catin. What a mysterious ol' school."

The Cajun follows along with the rest of the group, feeling decidedly un-uniformed. He fishes around in the pocket of his overcoat with a free hand, producing a plastic-wrapped packet of playing cards. As they walk, the plastic crinkles while he tears it off from the box and then discards it casually. They're mutant rights warriors, not eco-warriors. The cards now freed, he tucks a couple up the sleeve of his shirt and takes another drag.

He opens his mouth to complain as Kitty snuffs the cigarette, only to find himself phasing through the burst of flame. He pats himself down for a moment, making sure he isn't on fire, and then does just what he's heading towards cover with Shadowcat.

"Foutre le camp!" he spits back over his shoulder towards Pyro, a card dropping into his hand and momentarily flickering purple before he flings it back in the other mutant's direction.

James Proudstar has posed:
"Awesome." Warpath replies to Magik (We're using superhero names now, right?), lingering back behind the others as they move in to make for a nice distraction against the trio of Brotherhood members arrayed against them. "See you folks on the other side!" He calls out, beforeMagik's signature flare of blue-white crackles in her eyes and in the "disc" that appears beneath her and Warpath, dropping them both out of sight.

A brief interlude in the blasted heat of Limbo...a transit that James Proudstar is become more accustomed to by the day...but is that a good thing?

And then the portal erupts in the room where Mystique, her tech, and Sinister await, depositing Warpath and Magik just beyond the threshold of the room.

"Sorry, we're here to put a stay on the execution. Reluctantly." Warpath rises from the crouch he landed in, taking up a fighting stance and sweeping the room with senses far beyond an ordinary human. Mystique is crafty, the trick is seeing the trap before it's sprung. His dark eyes land on Sinister, and he adds, "Nobody told me this was a Rocky Horror Picture Show convention."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna wasn't quite mentally all there on the best days since her rescue from Genosha's rubble. She certainly was on edge already, and coming off and away from the Blackbird to join the others straight into a combat zone filled with Brotherhood members. Her anger spiked, irritation making her movement quick and hurried as she rushed to throw her hands out, and with power lighting her frame as she lifted straight into the air, and started to pull apart the building from the roof downward. She ripped the metal structural pieces bit from bit, iron rebar and chunks of concrete and the alike flying off with a snarl pulling at her lips.

There wasn't going to be a building left to fight in soon, if she had her wish. There would be a hole in the ground. And not much else.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
In the momentary freefall of between spaces into the hellish realm she rules, time flows differently. Long enough for a pithy statement without losing a second in the mundane world. "We finally go somewhere I know the language," Illyana murmurs in an aside to Warpath, "and we learn no sight-seeing off the beaten path." Mournful with a certain regret, she sketches an efficient gesture with her hand as another slender portal breaches the waterfall of molten gold pouring over a fire-striated precipice a very, very long way down. A disc blooms under the first, terminating far away. Once it shuts, she murmurs a quick invocation that leaves no trace on her skin of anything amiss. "Onward until dawn, then." Their own emergence happens instants later.

At the first, it might look as though Jimmy has acquired a dark soprano voice radiant with that Russian accent. The blonde utters a deep sigh. "What is this?" An appraisal drawn up to a pinnacle and then sweeping back in takes its very sweet time indeed surveying Sinister, lavishing an incisive degree of focus.

"Why did no one tell me? He is so..." Her mouth forms that slight curve, almost indicative of a frown beginning, though the sinuous curl at the corner on one side undermines the weight of the matter with a fraction too much depth. "Prekrasnyy. In a baroque, devil-may-care way. The cloak, the glory, the drama." Putting her hand to her chest, she shakes her head. "Nyet, I can't. A vision of this calibre hidden away? A crime against everyone."

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "I saw you!" Mystique counters, a quiver in her voice. She knows a thing or two about shape shifters, she knows it can happen. She knows deception is real. The games spies play and the world she lives in, every word has to be viewed as truth or lie, and only can one be believed when truth is given. "If it wasn't you then who!?" Demands Mystique before being interrupted by her tech.

    "They're engaging the boys, some should be in here -" She's cut off by the appearance of a Sorceress and a Warrior. "Roll for initiative." Whispers the tech before she lowers her head down behind the monitors to try and not be noticed by the x-men.

    "Whoa there quick boi!" Says the fire spitter, turning his hand to aim at the card flying through the air at him and WHOOM! The explosion knocks him backwards several feet, Pyro landing on his backside and rolling on the ground to get his feet up under him. "Neat trick boyo."

    Toad's spring tight muscles launch the man off the ground upwards towards Rogue but he's going to be shor- NOPE! His tongue lashes out from his mouth and reaches incredibly far to reach for Rogue's ankle. "Cmth there thou!" He tries to quip while Blob does his job and tries to jam the door with his thick frame.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean glances over at Piotr, "I know you and Logan like to do the Fastball Special... but how about this time I pitch and you catch?" She smiles faintly, then points towards where Blob is attempting to brace himself, since... well, that'd be one way to blast a path.

<< Kitty, disable Pyro. Gambit, you and Rogue handle Toad. I have a plan for Mister Dukes. >> She then telekinetically reaches out to Piotr, levitating him up in preparation to sending him flying very Very VERY fast!

When she sees through the link that Illyana and Warpath are through, she gives Magik a bit of a pep talk, << Genocidal maniacs are not your type, Magik, no matter how stylish they are. >> A bit of grim amusement with that as she sees Mystique through their eyes.

So Jean tries again to reason with her, even as she sends Piotr hurtling forward, << Raven. You don't want to do this. We're here, we can bring him in! >>

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr looks to Illyana, "Be careful." He says and looks to the other mutants facing them, "Very well, it seems that they are not too keen on letting us through." His tone is dry, "I would also wager they will not surrender." Piotr raises a brow to Remy, and shakes his head at the mention of cake. The large man is ready to engage but then Jean speaks in his head and he turns and flashes a grin, which is enough to give the go ahead, and soon he finds himself being yeeted, and Piotr then realizes, that yes, it is better to throw than be thrown. But as he gets closer, he cocks his arm back and sighs as he swings forward before hopefully making contact with Blob.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is phased out of the way of the fire and she instantly grabs hold of her own elbows and shivers. "That tingles, Sugah!" She exclaims to Kitty before grinning at both her and Gambit. "Thanks though, fire don't hurt me so much but it does a numbe'a on my fine threads." Once the phasing stops though, Rogue glances to Magik and the others as they start their portalarium-siege on to the building. "Right, guess we're running distraction out here then!"

The Belle raises her hands up into the air, elongates her form and starts to fly up just as she feels something wrap around her ankle. Lowering her fists, Rogue looks down at her feet. "That's a bad mistake ya makin' there, Tongue Boy!" Rogue warns the Toad before she flies up higher and starts to dangle Toad around in the sky, or tries to anyway!

"We got this, Jean!" Rogue says, hoping the psychic can hear her anyway!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde let go of Rogue and Remy once they were free of the fire. <<Will do, Jean,>> the teen replies to the instructions as she focuses her attention back on Pyro. "Lockheed, some cover!" she yells as she starts zigzagging forward towards Pyro.

The little purple dragon does a wing-over and dives down towards Pyro. He looks up and yells, "Stupid dragon, use fire and I'll just turn it on your little friend." Lockheed doesn't reply, little surprise, but neither does he use fire.

He circles around Pyro, smoke billowing out of his mouth and laying down a smoke screen of thick smoke around Pyro. Under the cover of it, Kitty closes in rushing for him and as she gets near, doing a leaping kick towards his head.

James Proudstar has posed:
Warpath's gaze actually jerks upward, because while he hears Mystique's "techie" whisper, he also hears the levels above him starting to rip themselves apart...the foundation starting to crack, and various other distressing signs of a certain Mistress of Magnetism's wrath. "Whoa hey, did somebody trip the auto-destruct just because we /showed up?/ I know Magik is scary and all but come on, calm down a little."

<<Folks might want to hold off coming in...this place sounds like it's getting ready to come down around us. And I think Magik's trying to sweet-talk Sinister.>>

For all these threats, Warpath does keep enough focus on the mission, though...he's confident Illyana can get them out if things go sideways. And she doesn't decide to elope with the super-goth weirdo who is apparently Mystique's target.

"So who's your friend, Mystique?" Yes, make it clear he knows she's there.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Even as the card has left his hand, Remy already has another clasped between thumb and forefinger. He surveys the battlefield for a moment, brow furrowing behind the dark sunglasses he wears. He tilts his head a little, peering with red-on-black eyes at the long tongue grasping Rogue's ankle and the mutant attached to it.

"Ca me fait de la peine, grenouille," he calls out, the corners of his mouth curling up into a smile, "But she's spoken for."

The card is flung, the awakened kinetic potential within it turning it from ordinary cardboard into a searing, cutting edge. A small explosive directed midway along the stretched tongue between Toad and Rogue.

Gibson (44) has posed:
     "Oh, someone with taste on the team? Finally. I...could do wonderful things with your DNA..." Those red eyes look over the flatterer Illyana.

  Sinister's grandiose nature gives way to the others grand entrance. It's palpable and delicious. "Oh! The X-Men! Good! You can hear this too, so I don't have to repeat myself."

  "As much as I find it fantastic that you're destroying my third favorite laboratory, you may....STOP NOW!"

  Sinister's 'cape' billows and extends in the air. Before he rises and stands above all, midair.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Siberia hasn't ever been a particular stronghold of the Orthodox faith, Communism, or even its own ancient shamanic traditions. The contrary streak woven into the Far East Russian hinterlands make the Old West seem sedate, law-abiding, and outright dull. Positively Victorian buttoned up to its sorrowful, ruffled collar under the chin. No wonder that Illyana embodies at least a good chunk of that tradition. Slanting gaze wreathed in an Arctic hue, she exhales a dreamy sigh. Flattery is only flattery if it isn't true. Also, she's the only one in vaguely civilian attire, albeit very well-tailored considering. "I could do wonderful things with your sense of timing," she chimes back while the others make their entrance, largely noted at the periphery of vision. "And your body of work, mm?"

The Russian cast to her voice gilds everything in merciless tungsten, clear and pristine syllables honed to razor precision. The cape she is so enamoured of earns a marveling sigh. Mostly. Warpath can probably hear the bubble of a murmur on her lips.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    "Thank's Gwanda." The shapeshifter says with a frown before she has her attention drawn away to James. "The man who's hinting that he didn't initiate the attack on Genosha. The man I was going to beat, blind, and stuff into a box to suffer for the rest of his misserable life... I wouldn't say we're friends." Mystique says with a false cruel smile in return towards James. She quickly ignores the x-men and turns back towards Sinister who finally seems like he has something worth while to say. "Who did it?" Demands Mystique.

    Toad is now on a magical ride, through the air, his feet and hands, hair and even his head is flapping behind him as his tongue leads the way, attached to Rogue's boot and he just flaps like a car flag that hangs over the window. Uncontrolled and holding on for dear life. The card doesn't hit the man's tongue, but it's close enough that he looses grip and starts to fall, fear causing the reaction of Toad trying to pull his tongue back into his mouth and yet, now he's plumetting towards the ground, screaming.

    Pyro ignores the green warrior woman going over his head, and the silver missile past his shoulder as he brushes the dirt and muck from his costume before he looks back to Remy and Kitty. "My toyn(turn)." The man says and a bolt of fire errupts from his hands over his head before he brings both to bare at Remy and Kitty. "MELT!!!" He cackles.

    Fred actually gasps and dives out of the way. Or he tries to, instead the man rolls backwards onto his back, moving his face out of the way of the incomming russian bullet. "Hey! That's not cool! I didn't throw Toad at any of yous guys." He bellows and watches the building collapse around him as metal and metal-kinetics do their thing and tear away at the facility. "C-crap."

Jean Grey has posed:
The flames ripple towards Kitty and Remy, but never quite get there, as Jean raises a telekinetic field to block the flames. She arches one brow, "Pyro, I'm asking this nicely. Stand down." She then shows off a bit of multitasking, as she gestures towards Toad.

<<I have you, Mortimer.>> She sends that to Toad, as she catches him in a telekinetic grip, lowering him somewhat gently to the ground. Well, better than a free-fall, anyway.

Piotr Rasputin has posed:
Piotr winces as Blob moves out of the way, Piotr notices the building being ripped apart and he sighs as he finds himself slamming face-first into a remaining wall. It takes a few seconds for him to get back onto his feet, <<I regret this, Jean>> he says over the bond and looks up, <<Also, this buidling is coming apart, and I do not appreciate this.>> This train of thought is cut short as Sinister is now projecting across the area, <<Correction, we have another problem.>> The large metal man then gets a flash of panic as he says over hte bond <<Is Illyana all right?>>.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks back over her shoulder as she feels the tongue disconnect from her ankle. She spins around in mid air and flies after him until she sees him caught by an invisible force that lowers him to the ground and when he touches down on said ground she steps over him and puts her hands on her hips and just glares at him. "Thats not how ya treat a lady." She scolds him before her stare goe sup to where Kitty and Remy are.

The Belle steps over to a large stretch of road and she leans down to slide her gloved hands in under neath the crack in the road. A second later and she's raising up a huge chunk of concrete that starts to shed dirt and crud around her whilst she lifts it up over her head.

"Hey, fireboy!" Rogue shouts. "I suggest ya stop spoutin' off, or you're gonna have t'dodge part'a the road!" She threatens him, holding said concrete slab up above her head.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Lockheed flies down through the gout of flame, not seeming to mind the searing heat at all as he suddenly flies out of it, practically at Pyro's head. Just enough to make him flinch hopefully as Kitty goes around the flame, rushing in low and leaping towards Pyro, her leg whipping around towards his head in a spinning kick that she doesn't know if it came from Logan, or Ogun, but it's there in her noggin.

James Proudstar has posed:
"I guessed who he is." Warpath says, lifting an arm to catch a melon-sized chunk of rubble before it drops on top of Illyana's head. Not that she likely couldn't have handled it but hey, teamwork! "Was talking about your friend...Gwanda...here. The one with all that breakable computer stuff." Not that he gets a lot more time for inquiry, as now Sinister is making the grade-A villain display. <<She's fine, just uh...a little distracted by the bad guys' fashion sense.>>

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Toad yelps as he falls only to be caught by Jean in a telekinetic grip and he wriggle the whole time and as he starts to looks around at his mates, Fred is burried under some rubble, again, and there's Pyro...

    Pyro gets an incredibly decisive and vulger kick to the side of his head. The fires from his hands sputter a trio of times before he falls over into the scorched muck and breathes a strained breath. This brother hood team was brought to you by the letter D. For Dumb.

    Toad looks back to Rogue, swallows what was in his throat and slowly holds his hands up. "We was only aftah sini, I swear. She wants him. She wants him bad." Toad explains as he gives up and the three are defeated out front.

    Meanwhile, Inside...

Rogue has posed:
Rogue tosses the segment of asphalt she'd ripped up out of the ground over into the soft earth beside where it was originally. She then turns back to Toad as he starts to fumble out a response and she walks along the road to where he is. Looking down at him she reaches down to grab hold of him by his shirt and hoist him up to his feet. "Go on then." She says. Shoving him back a few steps. "ya done tried your best and ya got laid out. So get outta here, before I pick your ass up and throw it all the way t'the damn coast."

With that said and done, the southern girl turns and starts to sashay her way down the broken road and pathway toward the building that Pyro had been protecting before Kitty laid him out with a sweet kick.

"I'm comin' in there if'n my friends are out in the handful'a moments t'follow!" She warns any and all who may yet still want to challenge her.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Meanwhile, inside, Illyana is mentally constructing plans for a fondue party beyond and above anything The Melting Pot could possibly imagine. Society doyennes preparing to host the most scrumptious of 1976 fondue fandangos have not a shred of hope on her grandiose, dramatic schemes. Camembert castles in the sky assembled as the building threatens to fall around them are already translating into action, sourdough and crusty French boules waiting for their sea of Swiss cheeses and exotic wines, a timely additive for the greatest fondue /soiree/ in New York history...

Err, meanwhile, inside...

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean nods, "Come on, let's go." She telepathically signals Lorna to come down and keep an eye on the Brotherhood, then looks at the rest of the X-Men. "We need to get in there, as a team Rogue." She smiles at Rogue, then flies inside, looking to join up with the others there.

Gibson (44) has posed:
     Sinister lowers himself back to the ground, the ribbons of fabric that was his cape lie with ease. "Thank you."

  "I do not know who destroyed Genosha. When I came to the island, it was to salvage what I could from the decades worth of research that was lost. The samples I took from Genosha pale in comparison to what I had lost."

  The man moves to the throne he had originally been sitting at, picking up the goblet of wine and finishing its contents, and throwing it on the floor with a crash of discarded glass and metal. "An entire nation filled with mutants who weren't afraid to show themselves? Like shooting fish in a barrel. They practically lined up with any claim that I could help them. When you X-Men had found me, I had already brought that mutant back from the dead. Douglas, you're welcome. And you even managed to ruin what I had managed to salvage from the destruction."

  "So whatever you're wanting from me, Mystique, I simply did not commit the atrocity you believe I did." He sits back down and brings his hand to his chin. "By all means, if you don't believe me, shoot me." He says, an impish grin on his face as he keeps his focus on the azure lady, in defiance of her anger.

Raven Darkholme has posed:
    Mystique lowers her gun and slides it back into the holster at her thigh as she sighs, listening to Sinister and moving to get closer to the pale man. She closes the distance unwarry of the glass on the floor at their feet as she bends at the waist to step closer to him and she brings the knife down into his thigh in a fast motion, leaving the blade in his leg with her muscles enhanced to greater strengths than nearly any woman her size could ever hope. "Tell me who would impersonate you to do this." She says with gritten teeth.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Something faster than Mystique, no matter how quick she is, resides beyond the reach of reflexes. The knife arcs down until it arcs down no longer. A speedster might stand a chance against the blonde Russian, but speed guarded by the Limbo-entrenched shielding of her mind. A flicker-flash of white-blue radiance blossoms around the blade. The portal swallows it in the flickering of a command.

Her voice is cool, composed, and silken to the point of a garrote wire around the neck, concertina wire on the wrists. "He is goading you, woman. Are you that much a fool? Listen."

James Proudstar has posed:
With Illyana handling Mystique and more importantly her knife, Warpath takes the time to move through the room, right towards where Mystique's "tech support is." The massive Apache affects a nonchalant tone as he looms, "So. What're you working on here?" Because chances are it's probably not much good if she's working for Mystique.