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Date of Scene: 19 February 2022
Location: Rogue's Room
Synopsis: Remy calls Rogue while being chased by unknown mutants. He's shot and taken to the X-Men base. Cryptic messages.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Rogue

Remy LeBeau has posed:
After the Snow Olympics, Remy had to slipped out into New York proper to meet with some contacts. While he wasn't sure what he was going to do with the ashes he'd collected, he knew that keeping them around the Mansion was going to be no good for anyone... especially not him. The fence he'd been working with wasn't, himself, magical in nature... he had a great many friends who were. Not to mention all the very powerful underworld figures who owed him or just wanted to get on his good side.

As long as The Cajun had that trinket, the longer everyone could potentially be in danger.

That was several hours ago.

Roughly 5p EST Rogue receives a call from a number she's never seen before... If she doesn't answer, there's a voice message.

Clopping of boots on pavement, then:

"Chere.. it Remy..." His voice sounds like he's tired, in pain, or both. "I'm in trouble."

Rogue has posed:
After the snow olympics at Xaviers, Rogue and Jean had their skate-off on the Breakstone lake, iced over. They did epic battle, the kind of which few had ever seen before.

Once the snow settled though, Rogue was back in her room beside the fireplace, with a cup of cocoa and her tablet computer, tapping away and reading social media...

When her phone rang, she answered it. She heard his voice, and her brows narrow at him.

"You're in trouble? What happened?" She asks now, setting her tablet computer aside and tossing the woven blanket off her legs. She stands up and moves to the closet, Jeepers looking up from his dog bed, he jumps up and walks after her, watting his tail.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"People found m-" The sounds of gunshots ring out, people screaming, and more feet smashing pavement. "I gotta go, I send you location... got to lose dese guys!" The phone disconnects and Remy's running. Leaping up the side of a fence, he twists over the top and gorilla rolls on the other side. Even with his injury, which he clutches while he runs, he's still got enough adrenoline pumping through his body to get away from them... if he can just get to an building.

The phone he'd been using was dropped when he scaled the fence. So when he reaches down to grab it, he curses inwardly and shoulder smashes into an old apartment building. Charging a card between his fingers, he hurls it backwards to create a small cave-in to give himself some space... and to find a phone to call Rogue.

This time, when he calls, it's from a computer... skype.. his face is sweaty and there's some blood on his cheek. "Can't talk long... in apartment in Harlem. Been shot..." He straightens enough to move his hand back away from his abdomen, which is oozing blood around his fingers. "Bring medi-...cal..."

He falls forward then and smashes through the table, knocks the computer over, and lands it laying with the camera facing him.

Rogue has posed:
When Rogue re-emerged from her closet she had on her green and gold bodysuit, pulling it up over her shoulders, and then zipping it up over her chest. She throws her jacket on, as Jeepers runs around her from behind, excited like he thinks they're going on a walk or something.

Rogue gets the second message as she pulls her hair out of her jacket and lets it fall behind her shoulders. "Jesus, Remy, now what?" She asks, not expecting a response. She grabs a medical kit in a backpack and throws it on over her shoulders as she makes for the window. She tells the dog he has to stay, which makes him lower his head and walk over to his doggy bed to flop down upon it, then the Belle is out the window and flying off, while sending a message to Jean about something being up...

She's headed straight south of Westchester toward upper Manhattan and Harlem there-in...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Managed, through his hazy stare, to send her a location in the chat function of the video program. Then crawls towards the bed in the ratty little apartment to pull off his shirt so he can get a better look at the extent of the damage. There are still people around trying to find him, but it's a needle in a hay-stack. So he's got some time. And he knows that Rogue is flying, so she should be here before they find him.

OR he bleeds out.

Which looking at the wound is something he's definitely concerned about.

Not that it's the first time he's been shot, of course. Play stupid games, win stpuid prizes, they say...

But this is really not how he wants to go. Holding a dirty bed sheet to his wound... he sinks down and stares up at the ceiling. "Altruism is da work of the devil."

He's on the seventh floor of the apartment building. He gave her a rough indication of which room, but he wasn't exactly sure himself... so...

Rogue has posed:
Rogue flies as fast as a jet when she reaches top speeds, but rarely ever has to go that fast. She's never flown over the oceans, as she doesn't want to get tired and have no where to land, so rarely does she 'open up with her speed.

This time she opens up.

She flies at such tremendous speed that her jacket nearly flies right off her shoulders, requiring her to do the fist-forward 'Superman position in the sky!

Harlem, not too hard to spot, there's a few bars there she likes too... She finds the apartment building in short order, and hovers seven floors up, with her phone out now...

She whispers 'lumos' in to it, causing the flashlight to come on (It's a Harry Potter easter egg on Android phones).

So the Belle starts flying past windows, shining her light inside them to try and spot Remy... or at least get his attention to shout out.

When she finally finds him, she just pulls the window up, causing the lock to snap off and bounce across the floor with a soft metal clink. She puts her right leg in through the open space, then sweeps the rest of her body down and inside. The backpack and medpack come off and out right quick, as she rushes to his side at the bed.

Her skills she took from Carol include field-medic training, which thusly includes some basics on getting a bullet out, and treating a wound...

With gloves off, Rogue flips a bedside lamp on, then goes to work on him. "What, the hell happened?" She says to him at his side.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy isn't on deaths door-step or anything, but he can see it down the hall. The bullet hit him in a pretty bad spot. Not necessarily for organs, so much as a lot of bleeding, which is the main factor here. That and that there's no exit wound. His armor wasn't good enough to keep it from penetrating, but it slowed it down enough from blowing his back out...

The double edged sword.

Seeing the light, he brings his hand up to cover his eyes and waves her in. Leaning against the foot of the bed so he can see the front door. Just on the off chance she wasn't the first one to find him, he was ready for his last stand off.

Thankfully it is her.

"Long story..." Breathing slowly, he pulls the blanket away from his abdomen to show her the gushing wound. "Try to get rid of something... but da people I 'spose to give it to already dere waiting for me, no.. Caught me off guard. I think I slippin' a little. Never use to happen.."

His head lulls back to let her work. Black red eyes rolling over to stare at the far wall.

Rogue has posed:
"Uh huh..." Rogue says in her naturally husky voice as she goes to business now.

She uses a numbing spray to lessen some of the pain, then tells him to hold still...

What happens next is just a side effect of having a girlfriend with super strength.

She takes her gloves off, then slips her fingers inside his wound... She looks up at his face as she pushes them in deeper until she feels the bullet. "I've got it." She quietly tells him before she says. "I'm going to count to three, okay?" She says with a little breath. "One..." Heartbeat. "Two..." Heartbeat.

Obviously there's no three.

She just pulls the bullet out, fast and quick! She tosses it behind her, then goes to look down at the wound with her flashlight.

"There's no fragments. It didn't break up, that I can see. I'm gonna seal it up, then fly you back to the school so we can get some better help..."

And thusly that is precisely what she starts to do with blood cleaning and bandaging.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy's pale and clammy, but he trusts Rogue's abilities enough that he doesn't complain when it's obvious exactly what she's about to do. Obviously, he's not thrilled. Having someone's fingers in his guts, even hers, isn't on his kinks list tonight, but neither is dying. At least it's Rogue. He nods silently to her, braces himself, and is glad for once that there's no Three.

That base, while the best one, definitely would have led to him tensing up and could have caused more harm to his poor insides. Even still, he has to bite down on the blanket he'd been using to stim the blood to keep from shouting out. Which would draw the attention of the people looking for him.

It is through willpower alone that he doesn't pass out. It hurts.

A lot.

Once he's sewed up and bandaged, he tries to pull himself up, but immediately regrets it. The Adrenoline has run its course through him, so there's very little strength left in his body. Which is a terrible shame, really, because there's suddenly a very brisk knock on the door. "OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR, we're looking for someone inside."

By the look in his eyes, Remy really doesn't want her to let Avon in.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has him sealed up with another fancy type of spray that the X-Men have in their medikits. She has him bandaged up as well when he starts to sit up. Lastly, she reaches in to her pack and pulls out a big bottle of...

Jack Daniels. She puts it up against his chest, and says. "Take a big swig. Take five." She says with a grin right before the door is so rudely knocked upon, and the voice makes it clear something on the other side isn't kosher.

Rogue, meanwhile, stands up, and looks down at him, her hands at her sides balling up in to fists. "Wait here." She tells him. "I'm gonna handle our guests..."

As she starts to turn, Remy will know what is coming next.

A Rogue cannonball special.

In the form of her green and gold suited body lunging and bulling THROUGH the door, right out in to the hallway! She sends the door flying away in pieces, and anything on the other side of it too!

"You rang?" The Belle says as she floats there now just outside their room.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"You're a beautiful, lovely creature, Anne Marie.." Remy says affectionately when she presses that bottle of Jack Daniels to his chest, uncapping it with an eagerness to guzzle his fair share of numbing liquid down his throat. Uncaring of the burn.. Some drizzles down his cheek and he wipes it off. Safe in the knowledge that Rogue's on the case now.

The 4 men on the other side... the royal men because only 3 of them actually are... stare the woman who just crashed through the wall. Two of them are holding pistols, one of them was the guy who was knocking on the door and is now getting himself up from being slammed against the wall by the force of it.

The other two are holding a whole different kind of weapon. One of them has claws extended from their fingers, that's the woman. A short Asian gal who bares a striking resemblance to Psylocke, only shorter.. and without her flare for purple.

The other turns and looks like a combination of Wolverine and Bobby Drake. Stocky and short with Bobby's tiny little head and small frame. And there's black anti-matter energy boiling around his fists. "Who the fuck are you... We're looking for the Cajun." Says the other who holds a gun... an SMG of some kind. "Let us have him and this doesn't have to get ugly."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue flaots there with one leg extended down and the other with her knee up horizontally out from her waist. Her fists are balled up on either sides of her chest and she is running her green eyes over the people gathered up out here.

She looks to the one who spoke and just shows him a smile. "Get ugly? Look at ya'll. It's been ugly since the whole lot of ya crawled outta the monsters ya call 'mom'. Like, I'm surprised the Doctahs didn't put ya down immediately, t'spare the world from this level'a ugly!"

With that lovely set of words spoken, Rogue starts by slamming her body right in to the man with the gun, then tries to crush the weapon with her right hand as she swings her legs around to kick, or distract, or 'just generally fuck with' some of the others in the hallway!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
These aren't chumps by any means, but they're use to dealing with people like Remy. Powered, capable, but not super strong and fast like Rogue. The one she initially attacks is knocked back into the wall and his gun is destroyed beneath her grip. Likewise, Logbby comes rushing at her with his anti-matter fists and catches a kick to the side of the head that spins him right off his feet onto the ground like some kind of Kung Fu movie.

Edwina Scissorhands swipes at Rogue, moving quickly, and ducking side to side as her claws sweep across. She's growling and snarling, trying to catch hold of any flesh at all. These are not adamentium though.

Meanwhile, the last guy is making to run into the door... Something small and glowing purple hits him right in the face before he even clears the threshold and knocks his feet clear out from under him.

"Stay on your side..." Remy says from the bed, hunched over with one hand on his wound and, after throwing the remote that he charged with kinetic energy, the other holding the bottle.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smashes that gun, then tosses the guy aside before she sweeps her body around to face the one with claws! Her fists go up, and she shields herself from the attacks with her forearms, leaving her suit sliced open, but her skin okay! Regular metals not being a big deal for her level of defense!

"Ain't you a darlin'." Rogue says to the Notsylocke.

"Why, you're like an angry little kitty, who didn't like havin' her belly rubbed!"

The southern gal then jams her right fist out to try and punch the clawed woman right in her stomach!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Poor kitty.

She juked and jived, but she could not avoid the concussive force of a fist in her tummy. It is, as they say, ironic. That the very same thing Rogue has said caused this vixen such anger is the self same thing that now causes her to be breathless. A belly rub. Albeit one with a great deal more force behind it!

She literally folds over Rogue's knuckles and grabs feebly to try and keep from falling... but she's going down.

All of them are in some form of anguish. Including Remy and excluding Rogue.

"Every'ting good out dere, chere?" He knows the answer. Limping slowly across the room to lean against the door jam. Now with enough alcohol running through him that the pain is subside just so that he can move without wincing every three inches.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had trained long and hard to know how to punch standard humans with enough force to hurt them, but not put her fist through them. this leaves her often having to test what a person can take if they clearly are a mutant like this girl was. Thankfully, in this instance, giving her the 'Mike Tyson' level of force was enough to bull her over. But Rogue didn't stop there. With torn sleeves, she just tosses the woman down the hallway to make her roll and hopefully further keep her from getting up, down with the other person Rogue sent away.

Remy's words has the hair-tossled, Belle turning around again. She breaks after a moment to smile at him before going to help him.

"Yeah... we're good here. Lets get you the hell out, an' back t'Base." She tells the man, moving to hook an arm around him, and one of his around her shoulders.

He's surely used to flying Air Rogue by now too, though doing it in the dead of Winter is no pleasant ride!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Especially since he forgot to put his shirt back on.

We'll blame the alcohol.

His nipples is all ripe by the time the get back to the mansion... and he's shivering like a leaf because it is a well known fact that Remy's do not do well in the cold. He is a swamp child. The muggy gross heat of the bayou is what he thrives in.

Wobbling a little, he rights himself once they land. The coat is pulled tighter around him, half leaning against the Southern Bell for support with a glassy look in his eyes. Part blood loss and part intoxication because of blood loss. "I tell ya tha whole story, if ya want to hear."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has to take him in to the X-Base through a 'secret' entrance. But when they arrive in the sterling silver corridors, she floats along with him toward the medical room. Their boots touch down upon the floor and she walks him inside before finding a bed for him.

His words make her show a soft smile before she helps cover him up, because it was damn cold out there, even if it didn't effect her like it does him.

"Later." Rogue says. "I'm gonna get ya fixed up first, then we'll worry about what happened, okay?" She says before she leans down to kiss his forehead. "I'm glad ya called me. We gotta get you a god damn trackin' chip like Jeeps has." She comments before using the group emergency to call out for a doctor.

Hank is likely around, right? Who knows!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Once at the medical bed, Remy falls onto it. He's sapped of his strength and barely has enough needed to keep him on his feet, let alone move around. So he just lays there on his side grimacing and rubbing at his abdomen where he was shot. "We don't got a lot of time..." He says in a voice that's getting quieter. Between the pain, the sudden rush of adrenoline that has now faded and left him empty, and the alcohol?

He'll be out before the lights are.

"Gotta get rid of it before dey find out where I am..."

With that cryptic message, he passes out again.

Best time if ever to put in a tracking chip.