10222/You Should Have Dodged

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You Should Have Dodged
Date of Scene: 21 February 2022
Location: Medical Lab
Synopsis: Kitty stops in to check on gunshot victim Remy. He has no cast to sign!
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Kitty Pryde

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is laid up in a hospital bed being a good patient for a change. With his cellphone, one of many honestly, laid on his leg in one of those open in the back hospital gowns that shows off that rockin' hot butt and muscles. He keeps rolling over on his side everytime someone comes in to check on him. It's literally the only fun he can have down here.

Which is fine, honestly.

It puts things into perspective.

Now he's laying on his back scrolling through a websearch with his thumb.

Vitals are strong, after a pint of blood, and his wound is stitched up and bandaged. He should be fine in a few days.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
There's a soft knocking from the door as Kitty Pryde raps gently against the doorframe to announce her arrival. She walks in, a purple dragon riding shotgun on her shoulder. "You know we've got sweat pants and things like that," she says as she spots the gown he's in. "Did you make Hank go out and get you that?" she asks in a teasing voice as she walks over to his bedside.

Kitty holds up a Sharpie. "I came to sign your cast," she tells him and then looks him over. "You know. Your cast," she says, motioning with a vague wave of her hand towards the Cajun who doesn't show any signs of having a cast.

The young woman's head tilts to the side. "Well just how serious could it be if you don't have a cast?" she asks, keeping her tone very light-hearted for the Cajun.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I did." Remy actually grins seeing Kitty meandering in, his very first visitor that's not Hank... who is not much of a conversationalist. His phone drops down onto the bed as he sits up, with a bit of effort and a quiet grunt, to dangle his feet off the side of the bed. "He was resistant at first, sure... but I won him over when I promise to stop swiping his twinkies."

One of which he holds out to Kitty, bouncing his brow.

"Now I just don't let him see me do, ses pa?"

As to his cast... he would show her his bandage, but he's not wearing anything under this gown and it could get kind of awkward. "No, no cast. Just internal damage to my liver... but who need dat ting anyways, right?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty takes the offered twinkie, and at the confirmation of no cast, she just tosses the Sharpie unconcernedly away behind her where it ends up on the floor against the wall. It was pretty clearly all meant to be comedic and lift his spirits anyway.

A chair is pulled over and Kitty takes a seat in it. "To your liver?" she repeats. "Well there's your problem. You're supposed to dodge when someone shoots at you. I'm pretty sure that's like, X-man 101," she tells him. "Or, you know, phase and let the bullets pass through you. Though that's a more advanced class."

She opens up the twinkie, tearing off the top third and offering it over to Remy. "So, what happened, exactly?" she asks.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
That's the million dollar question isn't it? Rather than answering, Remy makes a 'ha ha ha' face and points at her when she says he should have dodged, "Oh, I did doge. They aiming for my head." So jokes on you, Katherine Pryde.

There's only so long he can dodge(tm), though... and he takes a deep breath with a big shrug. "I made a deal wit someone and then I decided it not a good deal. So I did not go through with my end. He did not agree.. clearly." His hands go out to show off that this has gotten them to where they are now.

That's the abridged version.

When is Remy just spilling the beans?

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty listens, tearing off another bit of the Twinkie for herself and eating it slowly. When she's finished swallowing it, she says, "Why am I thinking that the only reason you're sharing this story, is because they won't be considering it even yet. And so there's a threat that might reach others than yourself as well, so we need to know?" she asks him, gauging his reaction to see if she's hitting close to the mark.

"Ok, so who is it and what do we need to do either make it right, or convince them to leave off?" she asks him. She leans back in the chair, crossing one leg over the other. "And are they likely to make an attempt in the school?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Mmm..." Remy's shoulders sink, red/black eyes lowering to look down at his hands. His brow creases with one coming up in a curious little quirk, "Don't know dat it over, but I doubt it. Wont let it blow back on anyone else though." He very rarely brings his problems to the school... except when they're faster than him. He just disappears and deals with it.

It's the Remy way.

"Also don't tink can fix dis one." His voice trails off with a deep breath and a return of his always very charming grin. "But nuff dat, eh? How you doing? Feel like we not seen each other for years, chere... you look nice. Tell me everyting." Classic Remy dodge.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"You're right. WE won't," Kitty says, stressing the plural pronoun to fill in for the word left out by Remy. "You're one of us. And we've got some experience with dealing with problems. So, you're going to let us help with this. Or else I am going to Rick Roll you mercilessly," she says, giving the last part a tone as if to try it sound a very serious thing.

She tears off another bit of Twinkie and hands it over to Remy. "I'm doing pretty well. Have had enough going on... it's helped occupy my thoughts lately. Guess I'm maybe starting to move on a bit," she tells him.

Kitty tears off a bit for herself and eats it slowly. "And you can keep doing that. Flattering me. Be sure to mention my hair. I got some highlights," she says with a grin for him. Lockheed nudges her, apparently pointing out the lightened spots in her hair for Remy. "Thinking I'm going to apply at Stark. I've been waffling, between there and Wayne Enterprises," she tells him.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
There's a chuff of air and a click of his tongue off the roof of his mouth, hands rubbing along the edge of the table with his black eyes scanning the medical ward with a little cant like shrug. "I guess." He would certainly never /ask/ for help. It was hard enough to call Rogue and he's dating her. "Dis .. it aint dat big a deal, though. They just catch me off guard. I going soft, no way to help with dat, ses pa?"

Even though he'd been playing dodge games, he does genuinely grin hearing that she's moving on. "I always think you too good for Warren anyways. Such a kind and lovely soul deserve someone roguish and dashing. Which I suppose he capable of, but he just so BLONDE.." He reaches out and rubs her shoulder. "Good that you doing better. Hate to see you hurting."

As to her life goals... that's a little outside the thieves wheelhouse. "Closer to home if you at Starks, but you got to go where your heart take you. Me? My heart take me to Prison if they put me dat close to so much expensive technology."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
A soft chuckle is given about the expensive technology at the companies in question. Which is surely part of what is a draw for Kitty Pryde. "Yes, would definitely be a plus that Stark is closer. Though Gotham is only a HyperLoop ride away, it's still time to get to the station and then from the Gotham station to their offices," she says. "And Gotham is, kind of drab and dreary by comparison, you know?" she says. "Though, wow they have some cool stuff coming out. It's been a hard decision."

Kitty gets up and goes over, getting some water for herself and some for Remy as well. "Keep yourself hydrated, help you heal faster," she says as she sets the glass down where he can get it, lid on top and straw so it's easier for him to handle while in bed.

"And thank you. Nah, Warren's... got a great heart," she says. "I was really happy. Just our lives ended up not fitting together for now. So I've been... you know. Distracting myself," she says.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy was ultimately just trying to lift her spirits with a smile by his commentary of Warren, "I know, chere. I get it." He's been there, gripping his glass between his legs that are shapely and muscular with just the right of hair compared to, say, Hank. "You a strong woman, though. Make it look easy... even to Ol Remy." Who is not old. He just has an old soul.

"hah... Gotham seem more like my place than yours. Fit in just fine in streets always raining and crime up to it eyeballs, no?" The Master thief in the city that always thieves. It's a match made in heaven. He's grinning as he drinks a large gulp of water.

"Like I say, though. You find where you fit best and you go for it. Be damned anyone who say not to do it."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde takes a sip of her water and gets a soft grin. "Well, should probably keep you out of there. Last thing we need is to hear about Batman being found dead with playing cards in his chest," she teases. "But yeah, I'm leaning towards Stark. I know some of the Avengers already, was working for Janet van Dyne previously. So there's probably more of a chance of getting into the -really- interesting stuff they might be doing via those connections," she says.

"Speaking of," Kitty adds as she sits next to Remy's bed in a chair, drinking a glass of water, with Lockheed on her shoulder, "I should probably drop by and see Thor. I mean, you know," she says, and gives a little suggestive look with her eyes. "Because. Thor." She breaks out in a laugh.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Wait... what's dat..." Remy slides down off the bed, hand on his on his side with a little wence. He limps over closer to where she's sitting and kneels down to look at something closely that's laying there on the floor beside her feet. "Oh... it's all dem names you just dropped, Kanye."

When he glances back up at her it's with his charming grin and a wink. "Oh, yes, he is a lovely man dat Thor. If I had him on speed dial, we probably be having a very awkward tomorrow morning conversation after a few glasses of Mead, no?"

Getting back up on the bed is a little rougher than getting down was, but he manages. Have to commit to humor, that's where the secret's at.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty winces as Remy gets out of bed, though she laughs at his joke. "Ok, fair enough, that one," she tells him. "But he -did- come to my birthday party two years ago," she points out. "On the beach. Might have to do that again this year. I'll be 21 so can finally drink legally. Thank god. Such a downer to come back home after a couple of years in the UK and not be able to have a glass of wine with dinner," she says, shaking her head.

She gets up, taking Remy's elbow to help him back into bed. "Everything else is going ok. Checked on my friends in the city, they are ok. Even got spared property damage for the most part. A few in Bushwick had it worse, but they got off the island in time."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
With a wence, Remy inclines his head and nods, "I hear about all dat business in Manhattan, yeah. Angels from above... been telling people for years that God is an asshole, glad they finally see it first hand." There's a snort, but no laughter. "Wish I could have help wit dat, but... a little outside my wheelhouse to fight Angels. Just angelic beauties, who always mad at me for some reason..."

Whatever could possibly cause that, Remy LeBeau.

He bounces his shoulders.

"Obviously. 21. Going to be a big celebration. Tons of very expensive alcoholic beverages... maybe I acquire you some very old scotch. You drink scotch, oui?"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"I do drink scotch," she confirms. "Yes, and it's probably unfortunate that I've gotten used to a qualify of alcohol that far exceeds what I will be able to purchase in the future," she says. Kitty makes a little bit of a face. "It probably shouldn't bother me that even little things like that, I got used to Warren's money. I mean, he knows that never had anything to do with it. Just, I've seen so many women chase him for it over the years. Even after dating him a year I was still sensitive about it that he never have reason to think that of me," she says.

Kitty lets out a sigh and then rises from her chair. "But yeah, have to come up with something big to do for it. Maybe higher Thunder From Down Under to come give me a private performance?" she kids. Probably kids. "Don't tell Rogue I said that or she'd make it happen."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Hey." Remy waves a hand to get Kitty's attention, "Never ever be ashamed of marrying for money." That part IS a joke though. What with his grin and cavalier, devil may care, expression. He leans back on his elbows, snort laughing at Rogue's often outragious connections. "She almost as wily as me.."

no mistaking affection there.

"It going to be a bash to remember, dat I know. Little Katherine Pryde all grown up. Now you adult wit all us other above 20 year olds." He muses as if that is, in fact, a ripe old age. But it's clear he's starting to fade. All the activity is working his stitches and with a sigh, he pulls his feet back up onto the bed and lays back. "Tanks for coming, chere. It always good to see you... If you spy Hank out dere, tell him I need my spunge bath, oui?"