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Hellfire Mardi Gras 2022
Date of Scene: 23 February 2022
Location: The Dungeon - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: The Hellfire Club's Mardi Gras party for 2022 sees a lot of beads earned.
Cast of Characters: Viola Fiore, Remy LeBeau, Xi'An Coy Manh, Rogue, James Proudstar, Jennifer Walters, Jamie Madrox, Felicia Hardy, Valeria Richards, Sebastian Shaw, Susan Richards, Pietro Maximoff, Betsy Braddock, Jean Grey, Emiko Queen, Bart Allen, Divine

Viola Fiore has posed:
The Dungeon has been decorated to the point that those who are familiar with the room would barely recognize it. Instead it looks like a rendition of a New Orleans street in the French Quarter during Mardi Gras. The stage has been turned into a float, and the upper levels have been redone with real wrought iron railings to look like the balconies that line Bourbon Street and the surrounding area of the Big Easy.

Staff are everywhere, serving drinks at multiple bars or carrying around trays to fill orders. The staff are showing skin, men in a black trousers that are skin tight through all but one area, women in black pencil skirts. Both genders then have vests, cut to reveal a maximum amount of skin, in purple and green colors, fastened with a single button and nothing underneath.

The band is playing a Creole song with a rock beat laid beneath it. The crowd is already bustling, the sound of joyous laughter and shouts filling the room as people call to each other. Alcohol his flowing in abundance, with hurricanes and sazerac being two of the favorites, though beer and wine and even champagne or glasses of cognac or whiskey can be seen. A few of the Hellfire club clients are about, though others are probably off in some private room that the public aren't allowed in.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
It's Mardi Gras and Remy is not in New Orleans.

This is a particularly sore point for him, but with his injuries and all that's going on, it would be impractical to hop a plane down south for the sole purpose of engaging in days worth of partying. At least there's the Hellfire Club.

When he arrives, with Rogue (whom he'll allow to explain what she's wearing because he's a GENTLEMAN who definitely didn't dress her), he's wearing a far more dingy cloth trench coat than usual. A large black top hat rests upon his shaggy brown hair and he's applied a rather artistically designed white skull highlighted in red

Beneath his coat he wears a black suit, white shirt, with a black necktie tied in off in a elegant bow. A massive cigar is clutched unlit between his teeth..

And if anyone is short on beads, he's brought plenty. Of all shape, size, and coloration.

"Dis look jus' like home, only smaller and different!"

Because he's rather quite familiar with that section of NOLA.

Resident Bayou Boi that he is.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh is circulating amidst the crowd, taking in the festivities. She has a sharp asymmetrical bob going, matched with dark eye makeup and a crimson lip. She wears a variation on a men's style suit, albeit open at the front almost down to the beltline, showing a hint of her quite modest breasts along the inner curves, along with suspenders and a jacket.

She has taken up a glass of wine, keeping it to herself and taking elegant sips now and then, her black nails gleaming against the red. Socializing in this fashion doesn't come naturally to her - she tends to be a reserved and quiet sort. But she's realized that this also means that she's usually alone and that isn't entirely to her taste. So, here she is. Being social. At the Hellfire Club.

Oh boy.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is wearing blue jeans with the kneese torn out, a red and white STL Cardinals long sleeve tshirt, and a black derby hat, along with a pair of black boots that go up to her shins. She has her arm hooked around Remy's elbow and is just scanning her green eyes around. "Did ya know mosta New Orleans is styled after Italy, and not Paris, or France at all?" She asks Remy with a smirk.

She walks alongside him, her free hand pushed down in to the side pocket of her low-rise jeans, her hips moving slowly as she walks beside him, just roaming her green eyes over the joint, and all the fancy people in their fancy dresses and such.

She didn't feel like dressing up tonight, shutup.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar looks like he doesn't fit in, the way he's dressed, the way his face is scrunched up, some smells can never be cleaned. He sighs looking about.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    Oh, Mardi Gras! It's a wonderful event that allows a woman to dress up in outlandishly revealing clothing, and Jennifer just /loves/ any excuse to show herself off. The Jade Giantess comes in wearing a strapless bustier paired with a frilly a-line miniskirt, all in gayly purples, yellows and blacks. The bustier pushes up her ample... assets and shows off quite a bit of skin, where as the skirt is almost indecent. The whole outfit is quite risque. It wouldn't be Mardi Gras if it wasn't.

    "Ladies, gentlemen, and gentlethems, She-Hulk has arrived!" she announces as she enters the Dungeon. She gets a round of applause and a few catcalls and whistles, to which she bows deeply to show off her cleavage. Already she's got some beads tossed her way for the show.

    She straightens, gives a few people a wave, others she blows a kiss and winks, and goes to make her way to the refreshments. It wouldn't be Mardi Gras without alcohol either.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
Hellfire Club means X-Men.

That's just how it is, and how it's always been since Jamie Madrox first got involved with the premiere mutant groups in the world. Not that they ever got along, but...

Jamie steps up behind Rogue and Remy, smiling between their heads. "I'll leave you two lovebirds to your very chaste canoodling with the crowds. Remember, Rogue," he says, stepping away and giving her the _watching you_ gesture, "The one with the most beads in the end wins."

That's when he bumps into the incoming She-Hulk, which is kinda like walking into a wall. That means kinetic energy, and kinetic energy means...

"Oof." Jamie #1 pops out of Jamie Prime, stumbling in a different direction than the Prime Madrox. He looks around, adjusts his jacket, and (after staring at Jennifer for a few seconds, upwards) says, "I'll go get us drinks, boss," and scoots on out.

Jamie Prime smiles up at She-Hulk. "Lookin' emerald toNIGHT, Jess." He holds out a fist for a fistbump. "Gentle now, we don't need a crowd."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    On her own tonight, Felicia Hardy, the former world class burglar, and the recent addition to the Avenger's line up, is taking some time alone, and taking a rather unusual opportunity tonight to do something she hasn't done in a while.

    She's going stag.

    The woman tonight wears a wig, choosing a hay color hair to hide her normally white shine and to make it harder for those that now might find her presence unsettling. The blonde isn't tied up but is waving in long bouyant curls. Felicia wears a bright smile, and a tuxedo jacket herself, with tails covering her rear, over a simple black shiney bustier. She wears fishnet stockings that cover her legs and thighs and bottom all the way down to her feet with simple but elegant black three inch pumps.

    A black based, golden flaked ornate mask covers part of her face, just to add to the theming of the night, and with a flute of champagne in her hand she can't help but look around and smile at those enjoying themselves.

    "Silly." She says to no one, but continuing to herself, "Everyone here could have afforded a trip to New Orleans if they really wanted." Then a shrug of her shoulders to send a quake through the room.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val night have turned up a little before the party started. There's a pout on Val's face when she asks for a Hurricane and is denied. Sadly being a legacy member anbd totally going to pay ger full membership dues on her own this time next year she is stuck against underaged drinking laws. Luckily from the flushed tone to her features she might possibly have pregamed.

The blonde supergenius running more a motorcycle look to her appearance tonight. Close fitting leather racing jacket with white at the shoulders and sleevs and Fantastic Blue rom her chest on down while very snug and figure hugging jeans in white denim cling her hbehind on down. Some motorcycle boots in the same Fantastic blue on her feet with some solid tread and some buckles keeping it fastened from toes to just under her knees complete the outfit visibly.

So that leaves her to find some sober fun. Not that that isn't hard to find. Even she joins in the other patrons in wolf whistling and cat calling Jennifer on her entrance. Though she does get herself close enough to smile waaay up at the grean fitness model looking lady. "Really trying to not slap you on the ass and say Go Get 'Em!' Jen!" she states to She-Hulk playfully.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Seated atop a throne towards the back of the room is Shaw. He is currently busy entertaining one of the guests with a story about...well..something. The man is dressed for the night: green and gold tuxedo, with a garish purple bowtie. He does not seem to be particularly bothered by the people coming in, X-men and all that. It's a party after all, and he did make it open to the public.

The guest he is chatting with wanders off, and Shaw stands from his throne, to saunter down off the dais he was sat upon, and starts to walk through the crowd. Maybe he's looking for a refill of his drink. Maybe he's looking for a familiar face. Perhaps he's seeking out someone new to engage. Whatever the reason, Shaw is on the prowl. Occasionally, he pulls a strand of beads off of his neck, and then tosses it into the crowd, generally aimed at those he finds attractive. He pantomimes being scandalized at the resulting displays.

Susan Richards has posed:
If there's one thing that the Angel invasion of Manhattan brings you, it's... well, okay, a series of headaches of both the 'helping out with evacuation and aid' sort, and the 'Thinking far too hard about the philosophical implications of angels being real' variety.

But there's no cure for existential headaches quite like indulging in the next available Hellfire gala. And having to arrange a suitable outfit is a fine excuse to cancel a day's worth of meetings. And so Mrs. Richards finds herself searching for a drink and fretting about her outfit. It is, of course, blue, though a darker shade than the iconic Fantastic Four uniforms, a deep sapphire dress, fabric gleaming at the slightest hint of light, practically metallic in sheen, strapless top clinging to her shoulders. Her neckline is daring, though not quite 'Scandalous' daring, just enough to show off her decolletage, between plunging back and the sharp V of that neck cut... but still, it stops short of showing off her navel, so it's hardly the most daring outfit the club has seen

    The hem practically reaches mid-thigh, she might as well be a nun, although she lacks the habit to hide carefully coifed and curled hair with just the right amount of bounce to curls to keep her bangs out of her eyes while framing her face.

Slender neck is highlighted by one brief break in alabaster skin, a narrow black choker with a gleaming metallic '4' in a circle. Because Sue just can't bear the thought of an outfit that doesn't remind everyone who she is... or maybe it's just that when one aspect of your life is so utterly consuming, it even takes over your fashion accessories. But it's probably the 'easily identifiable' thing, given that she's gone with a white masquerade mask to cover her brow and eyes, white, bordered with small sapphire costume jewels.

And so Susan makes her hellos, flashing warm smiles, and generally makes her way towards one source of drinks or another.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
While not adorned in the rather riotous costumes often found on Bourbon Street, Pietro still manages to make a statement with his attire. Dressed in a silver-gray suit, tailored to his form - he stands out in the color of his accessories. A rich purple shirt, tie and pocket square add a bit of vibrance to his outfit. Adorning his face, is a silvered metal half-phantom mask. He steps in slowly, his motions measured - no need to tear at the suit he'd donned tonight. No need to give a show!

Pietro pauses just inside the dungeon, he glances around at the change in decor. A nod of approval, as he takes a moment for his eyes to adjust. "Indeed." He comments, near Felicia. "However, the gall needed to bring Mardi Gras here smacks of the ego of this place." A slight shrug.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh almost spills her drink at the sight of She-Hulk, the emerald Amazonian making the normally reserved Xi'an gasp aloud. She's usually a better pokerface than that, but Ms. Walters caught Karma off-guard.

Looking in a different direction only ends up with her staring at Felicia instead and now she just has a very warm blush warming her golden face, her sharp cheekbones only bringing that rosy glow into sharp relief.

"I am going to need more alcohol. And perhaps a fan," she says to herself.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Is standing up on a 2nd floor 'balcony' which gives her a good view of the party. She's wearing a vest like the other staff, though her hair has been done in green, purple, and silver stripes. And the vest has a different cut to it, and tails, and instead of a long pencil skirt she has more of a mini-skirt going. Those changes of detail, and the tiny microphone coming off her earbud, plus the tablet in her hand, might signal she has a different role than just server.

"Good, the sound levels are fine, Ben," she says, the microphone picking her up as she talks at a normal volume. "Shift Marjorie over to work zone 4, looks like people are congregating there more than expected," she says, shifting a server's duties about.

"Roxxon's CEO just arrived, let's make sure one or two of our employees stay close by to distract him if he gets grabby again this year. He prefers brunettes," she says. "And we have a few celebrities already including some superheroes. She-Hulk, obviously," Viola says to the rest of the Hellfire staff, of the Avenger who stands out. "Also Prince Pietro Maximoff, Sue Richards and her daughter Valeria. Also actors. I see Coby Ward, he has a new movie coming out so let's make sure he doesn't do something in public that's going to land him bad press." She hits a button to shut down the mike. "He /always/ finds a way to get in trouble," she says with a shake of her head.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Did you know dat nobody believes dat even if it's true?" Remy waves his hand up at Rogue, "bzzzz you will not ruin dis for me, chere. New Orleans is not Italian." Though she's probably right. He hardly knows the origins of the architecture of the city. Nor is he interested, just in case someone is going to get all cheeky and tell him!

"You want a drink, no?" Lifting fingers to salute Jamie as he moves off towards what the Cajun can only assume is flirting, "You be safe, mon ami..." That's a whole lot of green woman.

"Drinks? Did I already ask? I did yeah?" He's moving towards someone with booze, not really dragging Rogue, but guiding. A gentle breeze leading them towards alcohol.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    Jenn obligingly gives Jamie a gentle fistbump. "We've already got a crowd," She tells him. "The more the merrier." She surveys the bustling crowd, and gives him a grin, "Though I can imagine that with this many people, you'll end up with more than just two of you by the time the night is over."

    She laughs at Valeria, "That would be pretty awkward. You're my favorite niece, after all." She makes a show of looking surreptitiously left and right before stage whispering, "But since this is Mardi Gras and we're supposed to be doing inappropriate things, I'll allow you one slap on the ass and a 'go get 'em.'" She looks around again. "As long as your mother is not watching."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smiles brightly at Jamie. She does the finger pointy eyes thing back at him, though much more silly than he had. "Good luck. Even with all your grabby hands, I still bet I beat ya." She chides the many men of Jamie Madrox back.

Her eyes go to Remy then, as her hand goes up to her black derby cap. She smiles at him now too. "Fine. I won't ruin your night with worthless facts that I learned on Tik Tolk." She counters back at him as her finger touches under her hat and flips her Zorro-style mask down. It's not ON her face, just resting a few inches in front of it, so as to play the part of a masked party-goer. So crafty, so 'something'.

Rogue licks her lips at the sight of the drinks though, and reaches out to pluck one up, offering a compliment to the server in her thick Paris accented French.

"Now this part I can enjoy." She says before sipping the drink, and keeping her moving going along side the Cajun.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
"Jenn, baby, I almost _always_ end up with more than two of me," Jamie points out with a laugh. Valeria gets a wink from the duplicating mutant and then glances around. He spots Xi'an all mouth agape and then lifts a hand to his own mouth, mimicking wiping his chin. _You're drooling, Karma_.

All in good fun. "I'm glad I sent the dupe," Jamie says, as he glances from Felicia to Susan to Viola to Rogue back to Jennifer, snorting a little. "Not gonna get anything done otherwise." Too much eye candy. Ocular diabetes incoming.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar takes it all in-stride. Young to be this world weary but also the only person taller than Jenn so maybe it's not surprising. He raises an eyebrow as he catches the bosses instructions to the worker bees. James takes a coke from a passing server and places it into Ward's hand. When the celebrity starts to complain it takes only a glare to quiet his displeasure. Jim nods and sips the drink, great, gin.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val's blue eyes do catch sight of her mother and being the sort of party that it is and the usual frequency of either women being under public scrutiny tries to play things cool. There's a wave and smile aimed from Daughter to Mother and a clear approval of Susan's dress while the younger Richards woman is going for the showing of shape more than skin. And thankfully the five foot eight woman isn't wearing heels either. That's still awkward for her.

Looking to Jennifer she beams a grin. "Well it was totally gonna be all chaste and stuff like football players but since you did say yes and you do have an amazinbg ass I am absolutely gonna go for it!" she states and looks around and waits for when she thinks Sue isn't looking but she probably is.

Moms know everything even in other rooms.

There's a wind up of the young woman's hand witbopenb palms there's the strike!


It's loud and at least for Valera it's got everything she can put on it. Though since she lacks any kind ofr power beyond being super smart and looking good. Both genetic gifts. It has about as much force of impact as feather to Jen's backside.

Valeria however is giggling and shaking the soreness out of her hand soon after. "Now to be fair I shall let you spank back but I figure if you did that I'd land in Westchester." she states playfully.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh sticks a tongue out at Jamie's taunting, but she also does wipe her mouth just in case he's being serious. Her eyes flash golden for a moment and one of the waiters next to Jamie has her eyes glow in mimicry, channeling Xi'an as she says "Can you blame me?" aloud before Xi'an releases her again to move on.

She decides to cut across the room, though, and get a little closer, just in time to see Valeria swat Jen on the rump, "Well. Off to the races, it would seem," she says.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia moves about, listening to the conversations she passes, dropping TONS of eaves, she swears. But never long enough to really get anything of note, but as she passes the mutant couple, a smirk crosses her lips and she bumps into Remy on her way past, in the stumble, he'll find a pair of beads around his own neck, as she apologizes and moves away from the cute couple.

    Felicia spies Xi'an's blush, but doesn't think anything of it, as she idly adjusts her top. Then there's the tall green teammate gets a subtle nod, but no need to force a conversation if she doesn't have to, but she does offer a polite enough wave to Jennifer.

    She is a bit detached from the party going on though, simply here, and not really being in the moment, just more like an observer. Looking for that thrill. Slowly making her way towards the edges of the room, maybe the blonde is a wallflower, making her way towards the back, circling the outskirts of the party.

Susan Richards has posed:
Sue spies Valeria and Jennifer together, and is so very thankful she decided to add the somewhat tacky mask for the evening... because she definitely did _not_ manage to stop her eyebrows from shooting up.

Fortunately, Susan's used to these parties, and being friends with one Janet van Dyne, knows exactly how to get drinks as fast as possible... and so draining half of her gin and tonic is a good cover to stop any sort of _vocal_ outburst of surprise at her daughter delivering that swat.

Not that she's going to judge. There's a certain level of expected outburst for a Hellfire event. And for mardi gras. For Hellfire mardi gras? Well, Sue's not going to worry... though she alters her wandering path towards the periphery of the room to give her daughter space to relax and enjoy herself.

Besides, if she wants to torment her later, she can literally appear out of thin air.

Viola Fiore has posed:
A drunken reveler comes by Viola. He has some beads in hand and shakes them her way with a suggestive grin. She turns to face him, undoing the button her vest and opening it for a few moments to earn the beads, as most of the wait staff are doing, men and women, when approached. Viola's back is to most of the room as she buttons it back up and claims her beads. It's about her fifth strand already of the night.

She turns back. "Sorry, can you repeat that, Mary?" she says into the microphone. "Had a bead-giver come by."

That's when Viola's assistant Mary appears at her shoulder, a hurricane in one hand. "I was telling you, it's time," she tells Viola. Mary reaches out her hand, indicating the tablet, and a motion towards Viola's ear. "Boss's order. You planned the party. Now he wants you to go enjoy it," she says.

Viola opens her mouth to argue, and then sighs in resignation as she knows Mary is just doing what Sebastian Shaw told her. And it would be wrong to make her choose between obeying her immediate boss, Viola, or the big boss. Not that Viola would win anyway.

She removes the earpiece and hands it over, as well as the tablet. "Alright," she says with a soft chuckle. "I could use a drink anyway. But I'm here if-"

Mary shoos her away and Viola laughs. "Sorry, I know you can handle it," Viola says. Mary hands over the hurricane and Viola takes it and takes a sip. "Wow that's strong," Viola says. Stronger than normal, she knows. "Just for you," Mary says, absconding with Viola's party organizer tools and giving her a gentle shove off to mingle.

Viola looks about, and then heads over towards the area where the heroes can be seen.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw continues to walk through the party, tossing beads, until he eventually gets to the bar. There is a drink sitting on it, waiting for him. It's good to be King it seems. He surveys the room for a moment, and then spots someone in the upper floor that causes him to scowl. He leans over and speaks to the bartender in hushed tones, and then goes back to carousing.

First target for the proprietor? Sue Richards. He glides over towards her and holds out an arm for her to take as he escorts her to the edge of the room, "My dear Mrs. Richards. Has your husband discovered your talent as well?" he asks, before he grins just a little bit as the sight of Viola being forced to hand over her headset.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    Jen laughs as her ass is duly smacked by Valeria. "That's the spirit!" She shakes her head, "I wouldn't want to get in trouble with Sue," she says. She lowers her voice, "That woman's scary when she wants to be."

    Xi'an's advance isn't lost on Jen, nor the look she's getting from her. Grabbing a flute of champagne she raises it in a silent toast towards her. After all, her outfit is doing it's job.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dere not enough sidewalk music..." Remy says to Rogue, meandering around with something super fab in hand. Multi-colored, lots of fruit sticking out the top, and a big ol umbrella. With a bendy straw. That he uses his tongue to work in between his lips for frequent sips. "Dey need some fat man over dere playin' playin' When da Saints come marchin' in.. An' a trumbone over dere... an' where is all tha' people on stilts..."

Judgemental Cajun is judgemental.

He brought all these beads, but from the look of all these gorgeous outfits, it does not appear as if anyone is going to be getting any of them. Why did he even bring beads. This is a Disney Sponsored event.

He looks down into Rogue's drink with a raised brow, grins at her, and holds his out to clink against it. "It not too late to book a flight to Naw'lens, ya know?"

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
The Prince of Genosha decides that loitering at the entry is done - it is time for drinks. Many, many drinks. Each step seems deliberate and measured - though quite graceful. For those that know him, he's likely focused on keeping himself from blurring into a speed that would shred his clothing. The bar is his target, and his aim is true.

He's not without eyes of course. The lovely sights to see, the scandalous outfits - those are admired, even if Pietro's poker face remains unfazed. As he makes it to the bar, he finds himself a barstool and slides onto it effortlessly. "Jameson, neat. Older the better." He requests of the bartender.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh returns the wine gesture in She-Hulk's direction, doing her best to maintain her cool and composure now that she's recovered a bit of it. She isn't going to just dash up and try to chat, because she isn't really sure what she'd say. ("Hello, you're incredibly gorgeous in person and I think I might die looking at you." isn't the smoothest of approaches, she knows)

Then she thinks on it again. What are you even here for, if not. So she swallows hard and starts walking towards She-Hulk, having every intent of making conversation only to find herself standing right in front of the taller woman and saying, "I...I..." in the most casually inarticulate way.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue sweeps around to stand in front of Remy for a moment, her drink coming up to her red dusky hued lips. She sips from it before lowering it once more while he speaks. She eyes his drink, then looks up to him to flash a quick smile. "Is it much crazier down there?" She asks him. "I always meant t'go, but never managed t'make it that way, for this time'a year anyway." She shoots a gaze over to some couples walking past them in linked arms. "Everyone is so finely dressed, I'm startin' feel like a party pooper dressin' like this..." The Belle notes with a look back to the Cajun.

"Guess I ain't earnin' any beads t'night." She states next with a big grin for him. "Whatever shall I do, Mistah LeBeau?" She inquires then...

Susan Richards has posed:
Sue laughs out softly as Sebastian approaches her, eyebrows perking behind her mask, "Why, Mr. Shaw! A pleasure as always. And come now, I _always_ have more talents to be discovered. But I assure you my husband's fully aware of all my talents!"

As Jamie approaches, she rolls her eyes and grins lopsidedly at his remark, "Why thank you... it is _definitely_ not three dollars of plastic from a bodega and ten minutes of hot glue gun use..." She glances sidelong to Shaw and murmurs, "Oh! See? Costume construction. One of my many lesser known talents. And Janet thinks she's got the market cornered. Hmph."

She shakes her head and snickers softly, "And really, if my daughter's going to go out on the town and raise a little hell, it just means a marked drop in the likelihood of any scientific mishaps at home tonight... besides, of _course_ she's a troublemaker deep down. She gets it from her father, surely. Not me of course. I am, as always, unimpeachably proper."

Viola Fiore has posed:
As Viola sips her drink and makes her way through the crowd, Mary is going down Viola's tablet, queuing up the next events of the party. As the band finishes their current song, a quartet comes out, walking the crowd, a jolly fat man playing a guitar, accompanied by a trumpet and a guy with a washboard. The Saints Come Marching In starts up, and they are joined by a guy up on a balcony with a trombone.

A trio of walkers with costumes, elevated on stilts, step out of a back space and make their way through the crowd.

Viola looks over her shoulder, giving Mary a thumbs up as she approaches She-Hulk. Viola hovers nearby. The Avenger probably knows the body language, a fan who wants to say hello, but too polite to interrupt, so waiting for an opening.

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's giggles as the redness in the palm of Valeria's hand abates and the girl reaches through a couple people to a passing waitress and snags herself a Hurricane and takes a slow sip for the moment while nodding to Jen. "Mom can have her revenge on us later,:

"Hi! I'm Val!" Val greets to Xi'an and her lack of buttoning of her top. "Badass look!" she compliments before she turns on a pivot and looks up and down Jen before looking back to Karma and grins. "I know right. You two should dance!" she suggests and grins before she slips away and leaves the almost hypnotised looking Karma to stammer and drool.

One other downside or upside to being at the same party as your mother and it being Mardis Gras. No one is drunk enough to try and offer beads to the younger blonde woman.

If Jen can be woried abour repercussions. The others might be terrified.

Spying Rogue and Remy the minling Val head up and smiles to the pair. "I wouldn't worry too much about how your'd dressed. Spring Break look and all that. You look great. Both of you!" she says but Val is clearly trying to reassure the Southern Belle.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
The revelry within the Hellfire Club is the perfect enticement to draw out Betsy Braddock - supermodel, psychic, superhero. The three Ss. If you don't count the silent P.

She makes her way into the room wearing a delightfully skimpy, and yet still effective, purple ensemble. To say it is low cut would suggest that there is an end to it - the dress is cut down the center to her waist, allowing a healthy view of her form. A likely too short skirt lies below, but much of her legs are covered by a pair of matching thigh high boots. Perhaps because she is modest, she is wearing a purplish pink mask that resembles the wings of a butterfly emanating out from her nose. Oh, but the wings are hollow, so really it does nothing to conceal her face.

Her gaze sweeps over the crowd in attendance, perhaps casting about for any colleagues of hers that may have chosen to engage in some debauchery this evening.

Jamie Madrox has posed:
"I cannot," Jamie admits to Xi'an. "I have a dupe around here whose only job is to enjoy the sights." He'll get all those memories back when he absorbs him! It's really convenient for stakeouts, canvasing, and, well, taking in eye-candy at fancy parties. No shame.

He steps up to Sue Richards and smiles at her. "Sue." He shifts up next to her. "Nice mask." Yeah. The Mask. "I think Valeria might be a little hellion," he tells her with an amused smile. Spanking She-Hulk leaves an impression. Not on She-Hulk, her ass is like concrete, but you know, _socially_.

"Nice to see you."

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    Jen just looks casually amused at Xi'an's flusteration. She gets this kind of thing all the time, to be honest. She's used to it. "I'm Jennifer," she says, holding out her hand, not making a big deal out of it, trying to ease Xi'an into the converastion. "Pleased to meet you. How are you enjoying the party?"

    She catches Sue's comment about always being proper and just snerks. "Tell that to Reed!" she shouts at her.

    Valeria's suggestion swings her attention back to Xi'an. "I could dance, sure. How 'bout it?"

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"/I/ simply meant it appears he has disappeared into thin air." Shaw comments to Susan, before he slips his arm out of hers, and says, "Perhaps I will catch you later, Ms. Richards. I'd hate to interrupt your meeting someone new." He winks, and then nods to Jamie in passing, "Do keep an eye on her, she's wont to just...flit away without a moment's notice." And then, he's off looking for the next person to snag to speak with. He's caught by someone who looks important, and introduces themselves as 'Senator'. Shaw gets pulled into that orbit for the time being.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy pulls up short when Rogue stops in front of him and tilts his head with a growing smirk on his stubbled face, "Oh yes.. much crazier... barely anyone have dere clothes on for longer than a few drink." He explains with a dramatic sigh, as if that's literally all that could possibly make the difference. "But dere a smell, ses pa? Like just a party smell. Sure, dere a smell here too..." Motioning around with a finger extending off his drink, rotating around the room. "It smell like people wit too much bloody money."

But is she over dressed?

"Hah! Tu es la plus belle personne ici, mon amour..." He reaches to take her hands in one of his own gloved hands and brings her knuckles up, pretty close, to kissing them. He don't wanna die in front of all these people. "You get all da beads you want, mon chere."

And to prove the point, he holds his drink out for her to take, hooks all of the beads from around his neck and puts them on hers. "Des be much better use to you. Watch..." He points at his eyes, points at everyone around them. "And observe.."

He also takes his drink back.

"And thank you! Dis is a lovely party, it look jus' like Naw'lens. Every bit da party of da real Mardi Gras, I was jus' tellin' her..." Motioning to Rogue, "Exacting details down to da letter." He's a god damn liar is what he is. But a charming one. Grinning at Viola like a very flirty wolf.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh is trying to get her debauchery on, as Betsy might see, although she's having a little bit of trouble at the moment. Damned nerves. To Jennifer, though, Xi'an finally finds her words as she takes the emerald woman's hands, "Xi'an," she says by way of greeting. "I see you are an acquaintance of Jamie's. Although, isn't everyone?" she says.

She raises an eyebrow at Val as she overhears Jamie's comment, "A Hellion, eh? A bit of rebellion is natural for a teenager, I guess. I say you should do it while you can. I was always a good girl myself, much to my chagrin," she says.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Previously, Felicia might have deemed this the perfect night to have taken the opportunity to get into the Sebastian Shaw's penthouse, or even his office and drum up something. Some valuable, some possible black mail material, but no, not tonight. Not with her being listed as a Trainee on the Avenger's roster. She can't take the risk. Not tonight. The security would be expecting something so, amature.

    Felicia's mask seems to be doing all the work of keeping her unknown to most around, though she does smile, as she takes a set of beads offered to her by a rather stocky gentleman and with a motion slips them on over her head, and then lowers her hands to her top, folds it down and shimmies a moment before covering herself back up. "Have a good night." She says before blowing a kiss and continuing to move through the room.

    Smirking and giving a surprised look as Jen seems to have found a dance partner, Felicia is happy for the woman, and then spying Betsy behind, Felicia decides to slowly make her way towards the purple clad model, casually.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore overhears Jennifer Walters talking of dancing, so she turns away likely figuring she'll try to meet the famous Avenger later. Turning brings her face to face with a Cajun and his date.

Hearing Remy's comment, Viola flashes a smile to him. "Tried as best we can. Nothing quite compares to the real thing though does it?" she asks.

Though there is quite a bit of debauchery going on. New Orleans would be proud. The staff are being discrete in keeping it to a sufficient level, and in some cases, particularly when it comes to actual members of the club, a quiet word results in them going off into other parts of the club that do not have such a public presence as the Mardi Gras party does tonight.

"Are you from New Orleans?" she asks Remy, having picked up on the accent easily enough, and Viola's smile to Rogue including her in the question.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue turns her eyes to Val, who gets a bright smile from her. "Why thank ya, Sugah." She says happily at the young woman. "You're lookin' pretty dapper yourself. Hope the party's been fun for ya..." She adds before Remy drapes some beads over her hat and lays them around her neck. She shows a big grin at this, while offering him his drink back.

"Now I'm a bead thief. All the beads, none'a the nudity..." She says back at the Cajun. Her glass is lifted up for another sip before she glances down at it.

"I don't even know what the hell this is... I hope it didn't come from Cosby's table..." She quietly mutters, mostly to herself...

Her free hand now goes down to the beads she earned, making them clicker and clacker together softly. "Motha would be so proud'a me."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Why yes I am." Remy answers Viola with a grin, running the fingers of his free hand up and down the lapel of his coat, opening it as he does a little spin on his heels. "And thank you, always aim to be tha cutest girl at the ball." His grin is so easy, pulled from some place where charm is born! Look at it, everybody. Behold!

"Ahh no.. no, dat wont do at all." He slurps down the rest of his drink and sets the empty glass on a passing server tray. Now with both hands empty, he very dramatically tosses the coat off, twists it around in one hand and folds it. A very neat, but quick, flop over his wrist which he lays down on the ground at his feet.

"I see you have many beeds, Anne-Marie." Said while untucking his shirt, the necktie is gone next. One finger pulls it loose and lets it hang open around his neck as he systematically unbuttons the whole length of his white shirt.

Then pulls it open. "Whoooo hooo drunk person exclaimation! Wooo I wont remember any of dis when I go back home after spring break!"

Betsy Braddock has posed:
Sidling up towards Rogue and Remy, Betsy offers the pair a radiant smile. "It appears that I am far behind," she murmurs, nodding towards Rogue's abundance of beads. "However will I possibly catch up to you." She glances slowly around the room, drifting along out of their path. "Not that it is a competition, of course."

She offers a brief wink to the pair, and then laughs as she sees Remy open up his shirt. "I am not quite sure the two of you understand the bead economy, if you keep passing them back and forth to each other."

Valeria Richards has posed:
The crowds have just enough noise to it now that picking up the comments about Val get drummed out by the sounds of the party around her. Beads get thrown around and the blonde smiles back to Rogue.

"So far so good. So much fun! You shoud totally try spanking Jen." Val states and rubs her hand again as the memory hits. The grin on her lips wide.

"Also, has your handsome Cajun friend reminded you of the other rul of beads? It goes both directions. Beads for breasts. Breasts for beads!" she states and nods sagely.

"Demonstration!" she states and turns to the partying crowds and barely unzips her jacket from just under her jaw down to show even a little cleavage.

Which promply gets a lot of woos and yells from the crowd and then beads are thrown enmass at the young woman. More than a few miss and fly towards Rogue and Remy as well as anyone close by.

Of course now that there are beads Valeria just quickly lowers the zipper lower enough to pul the lapels wide to show a lack of anything under the jacket besides Val herself. Then zips up once she's caught enough beeds for her liking.

"As such sweetie!" she states.

Susan Richards has posed:
Susan rolls her eyes and grins crookedly to Shaw, nodding her head and murmuring, "Oh, well, you know me, I'm easy enough to see during these little get togethers. The visible woman as it were." She shakes her head and winks at Jamie, "And that's hardly true! ...I mean, yes, I can certainly disappear with a moment's notice, but it's not like I run off right away."

She snorts softly at the mention of her daughter being a hellion, "Oh, yes, it's nice to be seen! And yes, well, if the worst thing Valeria does is act out at a party, I'll count myself a lucky mother... if she doesn't wind up getting transported to another dimension, she'll be the _most_ responsible family member by far!"

Of course, Sue might have a different opinion if the whirl and chaos of the gala weren't keeping her from _fully_ appreciating what her daughter's getting up to... but no, really, if it doesn't involve a portal to another dimension, Sue's willing to let Valeria spread her wings. Apparently lapels are a form of wing.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs softly at Remy's display before she nods to Viola. She motions to him. "He's a good man, willing to put it all out there for a bit of fun." She notes before her eyes go back to Val. "Nice...." Rogue says with another soft laugh.

"Oh, I guess I owe you both some of these..." She notes, her free hand working some of them off over her head again before she drapes one back over Remy's, then moves to do the same to Val.

"Maybe I'm gonna run outta these before the night is over after all..." The southern gal says at the stack of beads still worn over her red and white Cardinals shirt.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore lets out a laugh of delight as Remy pulls the little dance move spin and then sheds his jacket. "Never wear anything to Mardi Gras that you want to come home with, I think I heard that before," she says with a warm laugh. She pulls two strands of beads off from around her neck and then if Remy lets her, puts them on him. "Well worth it," she says, patting his chest, though just a quick one enough to be flirtatious, but likely not cross any bounds for the woman that Remy seems to be with, Rogue.

"I'll have to work on getting some more now," she says as she's down to three strands of them, two greens and a purple. Viola takes another sip of her drink and then spots someone in the crowd nearby, Pietro Maximoff.

When Viola catches his eye, she says, "Lovely that you were able to join us, Your Highness. The Hellfire Club welcomes you. I'm Viola Fiore," she offers. Viola stands, turned in a way that includes Remy and Rogue in the conversation too if they aren't drawn to others yet.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
Pietro's drink arrives, along with a handfull of beads. The Prince was inadequetly adorned with the currency of the realm, it would seem. There's a stare at the bartender, Quicksilver measuring the man's demeanor. A slight smirk appears on Pietro's face after, and a nod is given. "Thank you." The beads are taken, draped around his neck and shoulders. The Jameson's is sipped, the man turning then to watch the party as it unfolds.

As he's greeted by Viola, she is given a smile that actually has warmth to it and a tip of his head. "I am happy to be here. A pleasure to meet you, Miss Fiore." There's even a devilish glint to his eyes. "Are the customs of the party matching the tradition of Mardi Gras?" The man asks, lifting a strand of beads from his neck - silver. They are offered over to the young woman. When in Rome, after all...

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles as he wanders over to the X grouping and drops 7 strings of beads around Betsy's neck, "Here you go boss, take mine, I don't know if getting them cause you're a big scary Apache is in the spirit of the evening." He nods to Rogue and Remy. "Don't sit on anything."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
To Betsy, "No, no... see.." He threatens an arm around her shoulders, friendly as it is, and waves a hand out as his display breaks the demure casing, "Now dey free.. I have cast a freeing spell upon the peoples of this club. Filthy Cajun voodoo magic.." He wiggles his fingers and winks, then slides back to Rogue to retreive his single set of beeds from around her neck.

"Now, I've earned dese." They are dropped upon his neck, over his tall tophat.

Pietro, "Highness? Delightful!" He loops his arm for Rogue and peers down at her, "Shall we go give her her beeds?" Nodding to Val.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    "He certainly gets around a lot," Jen jokes with a grin. "It's a pleasure to meet you Xi'an." She raises an eyebrow when she overhears Xi'an talk to Val. "I was something of a nerd, myself. Really shy, didn't try to stand out too much. Things changed when I got to college, really. Started to find my footing and assert myself more."

    She chuckles, "And then things /really/ changed for me," she says flexing her arm. "Nothing like suddenly being nearly seven feet tall and gorgeous to give you a sudden boost of confidence."

Valeria Richards has posed:
The Zipper on that white and blue leather jacket is fastened to her neck again and the hem tucgged down smoothly over the black leather belt looped through white denim.

Not the larggest of women among those on the bead exchange but at least the whistles and calls she earned are good for the self esteem as she fixes up the mass of beads she earned around her neck and gives Mr T a run for the amount of stuff hanging from her neck.

Of course now Valeria's feet and now she has beads of her own to distribute and soon a second sneaky Underage Hurricane being drunk which means one hand is used to take beads from around her neck and head and slip them to both Rogue and then Betsy.

She even has to jump and throw one over Proudstar's neck while she's at it. This is the real reason Chewbacca never got a medal. Ever see a Wookiee bend so far he fell over!

And of course as all that rum and the music playing that starts wiggling of hips in time with thr rhythm playing. She even throws a set of beads at Shaw. Indiscriminant beading from the younger Richards.

One might even land on Sue's shoulders.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola is just finishing up her drink, and a server moving past holds out his tray so she can set her empty hurricane glass down on it as she talks to Pietro. "Oh most definitely. We try to throw the most authentic party we can!" she assures Pietro. "I'm one of the party planners for the Club actually," she tells him.

As he offers the beads towards her, the young Italian-American woman laughs and she undoes the button holding the Mardi Gras colored vest closed. She pulls the clothing open to give the Genoshan Royal, and anyone else nearby, a long look. She finally buttons it back up and then leans forward to let Pietro put the beads around her neck.

A bit of shadow eclipses some of the strobe lights and Viola looks up, seeing the seven feet tall form of James Proudstar. "Oh my," she says, and then flashes the Native American a warm smile. "Hello! Welcome to the party!" she offers.

One of the servers spots her without a drink, coming over with a tray to give her one, and also to distribute fresh drinks to anyone nearby who needs them. "Would you like a drink?" Viola asks James Proudstar, then to Pietro, "Your Highness, another?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lowers her drink after a big sip from the glass. When its emptied she exchanges for another, before grinning to Betsy. "I got all'a these just for bein' here. Imagine that." She says with a smirk. "I imagine you'll do better than me though... Ya got that whole 'model thing' about ya, Sugah." She flashes another wicked grin before her arm is taken and she nods to Remy.

"Fair enough." She states, roaming her eyes around. "I wonder how that Jamie fella is doin' out there, shady as he is..." She mutters before spotting Pietro.

"Well there's a face I haven't seen in ages... nice seein' it too." She tells the royal from the Genosha ruling family.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    The person she had designs on meeting and talking to seemed to have disappeared and is much closer to the bar and seems to have no problems with chatting anyone else here, so Felicia bails on that idea fairly quickly. Jennifer is having a good time dancing, no need to interrupt that, so Felicia decides she needs to bump elbows with more, illustrious, and reputable patrons of the Hellfire Club.

    Felicia finishes her drink in a rather abrupt sort of way, before putting her empty on a table with other people seated at it as she moves past. Making her way around the party to Sue, finally arriving and smirking as she puts her chest back away and secures another set of beads around her neck, now wearing five that are starting to pool in her cleavage. "Nice to meet another true blonde here that isn't trying to show off with a white corset and give us all a bad name." She says with a hint of teasing in her pitch.

Betsy Braddock has posed:
"I think any way that you get them counts, darling," replies Betsy with a warm smile directed towards James. She seems to ponder for a moment, and then decides to reward James for the beads, even though he offered them first. "What's fair is fair," she says, using her hands to pull away the narrow straps of her dress briefly, before restoring herself to decency.

"Maybe I'll share some of mine later, if you want to spend some more."

She glances at Remy and laughs. "That Cajun voodoo magic is as effective as always, I see."

She offers a conspiratorial wink to Valeria as the beads arrive. "Thank you."

A glance towards Rogue, and Betsy laughs. "Oh, you sell yourself too short. If were to make a team calendar, you /know/ that you would own July."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
The King of the Club finishes his discussion with the Senator, and then glides on, looking for another person to speak with. Val's...display is noted, and he takes a moment to watch before the zipper is drawn back up. He tosses some beads her way, and then he notices Viola's display as well. Well...he DOES need to speak with her.

"Ms. Fiore, a pleasure to see you, as always," he murmurs to her as she finishes buttoning up her shirt. He then looks over to who she is conversing with, and adds, "Your Highness," to Pietro. The others are...ignored? Or perhaps not noticed for the moment.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh admires that muscle flex from Jen, "So they have," she says. "You are definitely all of that. I admit, I was overwhelmed by you at first. Part of me will always see myself as the mousy refugee girl. But I decided that I would be doing myself a disservice if I didn't at least say hello to one of the most beautiful women I've ever seen," she says. Her own height isn't that impressive, Jen towering over her, but Xi'an is at least standing up taller now, finding her own confidence again.

"I'm the librarian at Xavier's Institute," she says, by way of further introduction, only to find herself briefly silence again by Val's flashing. "I'm not sure I should bother. I don't think I would get nearly so many beads," she says, plucking at the buttonline of her open dress shirt.

Susan Richards has posed:
Sue's mid-drink when Felicia closes in on her... not that she didn't see the other blonde coming. Indeed, there were a few moments there where Felicia was stunningly, even shockingly attention-grabbing. But Sue manages to cover her reaction, between draining the last of her drink, and her little masquerade mask covering her cheeks, she's _almost_ able to pretend her cheeks didn't flush.

Eyes narrow behind her mask, lips quirk and she grins brightly, "Well! I thought about it, but can you imagine the sheer _horror_ of showing up in a white corset only to find someone else went with the same outfit? Who has time to go home and change? And you can't just get rid of the corset, because that's cheating in the bead contest, isn't it?"

Sue sighs out in mock dramatic fashion at the _thought_ of it... though it can't be that distressing, as the thought doesn't stop her from reaching out to a passing server to grab a flute of champagne and take a drink, "No no, I think it's important we provide fine, blonde inspiration to all, but _also_ embrace our own styles!

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles and blushes faintly, at the reveal. He picks up two of the hurricanes and offers one to Ms. Braddock as he nods to Viola, "Thank you, Ms. Fiore. Nice to see the face of this event has manners if not the face of the organization." James glances at the little man, and shifts his stance to literally throw him into shade. He nods to the speedster, "Pietro" There is no mention of rank.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
The show from Viola earns a raised brow from Pietro, and a nod of appreciation. The beads are set around her neck, delicately. "Quite worth the fare, I would say." He grins. "And more." The Jameson's is drank quickly, his metabolism rushing it through his system - his cheeks flushed. "Please, another." He agrees.

Then more people are addressing him with the royal title - it does stoke the ego, honestly. A smile and nod to Rogue, Remy, James and Sebastian. The latter is focused on for a moment. "Apparently I am being enchanted by miss Fiore, here. Quite the party your club is hosting. Very impressive." His foot taps - maddeningly slow to him, but in time with the music. "It's quite lively - I might even try my luck on the dancefloor."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore greets Shaw as he joins them. "Hello sir. Seems to be going well," she says of the party. "Mary told me I wasn't allowed to work further," she says, to the man who put her assistant up to that. "Thank you sir," she tells him.

Meanwhile the Roxxon CEO hasn't groped anyone likely to press charges yet, though one of the Club's employees is finding that he must have some octopus in his family tree for how he seems to have more than two hands sometimes.

The band continues playing good Mardi Gras music, a great beat and people dancing.

Viola then turns towards the others to say, "This is Sebastian Shaw, the president of the Club. I'm afraid I don't know names, beyond Prince Maximoff," she says.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Of course it's like Christmas for beads with Valeria around and as she slips past Karma and Jen chatting again the Vietnamese Librarian a few beads are draped on her shoulder and of course Jennifer herself isn't left out either.

It's possible the girl might have gone from pregamning to first quarter.

Still she keeps on dancing and drinking and dispensing beeds though she does come dangerously close to collecting some of the ones she stashed under her jacket. Those might have been from people she liked and she keeps track of those.

The amount of braincells the booze might be killled a drop in the pan to the rest of the blonde woman's brain.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "Absolutely, though I had to borrow another's style, but she's a black haired beauty, and I don't want to show up in MY personal style, that costs extra." Felicia says with a toothy smile as she watches Sue take a flute and decide that she needs her own. Turning around too late to catch the same waiter, Felicia does flag down someone walking past with a tray of brown drinks, neat.

    With a sipping drink in hand, Felicia turns back to Sue and gives a brazen up and down look at the heroine's dress. "You certainly have your own style, much respect on that front." Felicia says smiling feeling much more comfortable now. "So what brings a good girl like you to a hell hole like this?" The thief asks, turning to stand next to Sue and look out on the crowd again and takes a sip of her whiskey.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    "You flatter me," Jen says, placing a hand over her heart. "There are days when I feel like I'm that mousy college girl who spent most of her time locked up in the library doing research. I know I can be imposing, either when I'm Hulk Smashing or in the court, or even dressed in something skimpy like this. I acknowledge the courage it takes to come up and say 'hi'."

    "A librarian!" Jen exclaims with a certain amount of delight. "One of the most underappreciated jobs out there. Always appreciate your local librarian."

    A scowl touches her lips, though, when she sees her companion debating whether or not to flash. "Don't do anything you're uncomfortable with," she says seriously. "Don't let the night and peer pressure influence you to stray too far outside your comfort zone. Though, having said that, you might be surprised. Girls come in all shapes and sizes and there's always somebody who appreciates what you might have."

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean is late!

But what is 'on time,' anyway at a thing like this?

One might assume she got held up back at school, all her friends and co-workers running off and leaving her to finish up in the office. The betrayal! Alternately, some of the time was spent getting dressed, as she's gone the extra mile to do a 'full' and proper Mardis Gras costume. Quotations because full is the opposite of full here, with a sequinned brassiere top, short skirt of various semi-translucent layers, and various bits of ornamentation in terms of body chains, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, anklets- you know, basically anything you can bedazzle or sequin, as well as the required domino mask with FEATHERS. All in the same similar kind of pattern of colors... although these depart from the oddly Joker-like standard theme of green and purple for her own preference, green and gold (and flashes of fiery red for the big feathers) rather than any purple.

At the door, she spends a moment adjusting things here and there, and looks alllll around before she can spy some people she knows and set off in their direction. There is a lot of chaos here, and she is NOT the most audacious of party-ers, any rumors aside!

Emiko Queen has posed:
Arriving fashionably late to the event, arrives a King and his Jester!

The king is richly appointed in silk robes and a courtier's outfit, complete with bewjeweled codpiece, in the typical Mardi Gras purple, yellow, and green. His face is covered by a hand-painted porcelain face mask that's left room around the mouth for small finger foods and drinks to get through. His crown is a thing of beauty, and probably ridiculously heavy given the fancy metals and gems on it (are they paste? real?).

The Jester arrives in a porcelain half-mask, hand-painted, with an attached crushed velvet jongleur's crown, each of the floppy points tipped with bells. Her costume is almost more Arbian harem than courtly jester, with a cropped vest top spangled with gold thread and belled silk sleeves slashed along the outside from shoulder to wrist to expose skin beneath. Her midsection is likewise exposed, showing taut muscle. Then comes the harem pants, riding low on her hips, with belled silk legs, again slashed along the outside from hip to ankle, and her curl-toed shoes likewise have bells at the tips.

The Jester arrives first, entering on a cartwheel before performing a series of tumbling tricks in a jangle of bells while the King enters shortly behind.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Mary is a very smart young woman," Shaw replies, before he tilts his head up at James' comment, "My apologies. Where I am from, it is generally easier to greet people by order of familiarity and precedence, before venturing into the unknown. Sebastian Shaw, at your service, Mr....?" Shaw says as he turns his attention to James, looking him over for a few moments, before something else catches his eye: the arrival of Jean. He grins at Pietro's comment, "You should go and dance, enjoy yourself your Highness," and then, he's slipped away, off to catch the latest arrival.

"Ms. Grey," He starts, before a second King arrives and he raises an eyebrow. The Jester gets a long look, and then the King, a glance, before he returns to Jean. "It is a pleasure to see you out," he adds with a smile, one a bit like a shark.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy gives Rogue a peck on the shoulder, "I'll be back, on momento.." He holds up a finger, then points it towards the toilets. Because even charming, devilishly handsome, and roguishly mischevious Cajun's have to drain the lizard. It's natural and okay to talk about even on Disney Programming. Seriously, everyone should be liberated to use the toilet if they have to. Tell them Remy said it's okay.

What they don't realize is... he's started a craps game.

It's not Mardi Gras without some alleyway street side gambling. Remy's just down here in the trenches trying to add some authenticity to this party.

"Alright... seven... eleven... Seven eleven..." Rattle rattle rattle... "oooooo five.. sorry hoss, dats jus' bad luck."

Susan Richards has posed:
Sue laughs softly and perks her eyebrows high, hips cocking, arms crossing under her chest, "Hey! It's... okay, well, I suppose 'hell hole' is actually an apt description, no matter _how_ delightful the steakhouse is on the non-gala days."

Bright blue eyes sparkle playfully as Sue sips her champagne, gaze flicking off to one side for a moment, just keeping appraised of the room... she figures it's a habit all the heroic sorts pick up, just keeping tabs on the room in general, although she eyes her daughter's path for a moment longer and leans in, voice dropping to a conspiratorial stage whisper, "And hey, even paragons of virtue need to let their hair down now and then! ...Okay, yes, I spent an hour getting it done up for tonight, but it's... figurative hair, right? It can't all be business and seriousness! Sometimes I just need to relax and... be irresponsible!"

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh smiles to Jen, starting to relax even more as the massive woman proves herself a capable conversationalist, "But well worth the courage, I think. Not only for the improved view, I think," she says, "Although I'm certainly not complaining at a closer look."

She beams a bit at the enthusiasm about her profession, "I am very, very lucky that I love my work. Books were some of the very first friends I had," she says.

As for flashing, she runs her black nails through her silky hair, "Well, I wouldn't want to deny the spirit of the season. And I am trying to let my hair down...I suppose a little wouldn't hurt," she says. And so, she, too, turns and, with ease, exposes herself for the crowd, tugging her dress shirt open on either side to display her charms in exchange for a few beads.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore is keeping an eye on the party. She has to, it's her job, even if she's supposed to enjoy herself on Shaw's command. She can't help but notice Jean when she enters, because that woman stands out in a crowd of thousands.

Though there's only a glimpse then suddenly a drunken reveler who was passing stops and slides his arms around Viola, picking her up and kissing her deeply before setting her down. When she's back on her feet, Viola's face pretty clearly shows she doesn't know the man. Though she handles it as adroitly as you'd expect from someone who works at the Hellfire Club. "You look like you're enjoying the party," she tells him, pulling off a strand of beads to put around his neck.

"Go have fun," she tells him, "I need to... go dance with someone," she says, looking over to Pietro to help extricate her from the drunken kissing bandit.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen comes walking in behind the Jester, his back held straight as if he is worried, he is going to let the crown fall off his head. He steps in looking about, turning his head from side to side, as the eye holes of the mask may limit his peripheral vision. He seems like he maybe a bit unused to this type of attire, but he is trying. He will follow Emiko, and as he gets close to her, he will smirk, and says "So, is this thing going to fall off, if I move to quickly?" He will ask her as he gets close.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue stands around after Remy parts from her, she smirks at him. "Try and stay outta too much trouble." She warns him on his way to the restroom. Then she's just there, leaning back against a street light pole, wearing her very non-party clothing, more like she got yanked out of line at a baseball game tonight, and brought here instead.

Her drink is raised up as she roams her eyes over the people passing by. She smiles at some of them as they regard her. When she gets flashed, she tosses a bundle of beads off her neck at them, and grins, saying something in parting to the pair in French.

Her glass is sipped from again as she tips the mask up on her derby cap to show off her eyes, as it was bumping her glass anyway.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar meets Shaw's gaze and watches him retreat before smiling. Then nodding to Violet, "Lovely party, Ms Fiore. Which could not have bern easy." He laughs to Betsy, "I am sure that I will not be able to keep up with you beads once the party get going."

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's a wink and a nod given to Karma and Jen as Jen points out the other rule of bead exchange. Just cause someone thinks a rack is nice doesn't mean they have to show it.

And of course adds a wolf whistle to the mass of sounds when Karma gets things out.

Susan exposing herself just gets a grin and a giggle as she gives her mom a thumbs up. Valeria is not the only one that might occasionally need to let her hair down and flap her wings. "Thank goodness for genetics on my side!" she states and grins as she flashes her smile and not her rack... this time to Rogue once more when paths cross and Valeria decides the dance floor is where it's at for the blonde. Another Hurricane devoured like the woman was avenging New LOrleans after Katrina.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "Funny choice of words. Both of us letting our hair down only after doing a ton of work putting it up." Felicia says, running a hand through her false locks and laughs at the idea of wearing a costume even when she's in her 'civvies'. Seems almost like a universal comedy, or tragedy, she can't quite decide and instead chooses to ignore the existential thoughts with a hardy pull of her alcohol.

    "So, tell me one thing Sue, how fucking awkward is it to be at a high end, exclusive sort of club for a Mardi Gras party and all the debauchery included and indulged at such an event, and seeing your daughter partaking and in some ways, showing you up, at the same party?" Felicia asks raising her eyebrows up over her own mask and grinning like a devil who ate the canary.

Jean Grey has posed:
It is probably not much of a surprise that Jean homes in on Rogue and Remy once she spots them, although the latter breaks off even as she's moving in. She blows a kiss after him, but it is mistakenly intercepted by a random couple who suddenly stumble through her sightline. THEY seem a little too excited by it, and very quickly, she looks off to pretend like she didn't do it, or doesn't notice them. Weirdos! The rest of her approach is like this, with all kinds of folks stumbling through in various states of dress and intoxication.

Finally: "Hey!" Rogue may assume she's being attacked by some kind of big weird bird lady! The domino mask actually has a touch of a beak on it, on close inspection, just above her nose. "Was looking for you. I just saw Remy-" She gives up half way through and shrugs it off. "I'm surprised you've still got your top on!"

Then there's another voice, and she pivots around, answering in kind.


Jean's reply certinaly isn't precisely effusively friendly, although it is polite, even and calm. "It's quite the gathering you've put together. I'm surprised I don't see Emma anywhere- and I'm sure there'd be no chance missing her if she was here." No one out-dresses the White Queen!

Emiko Queen has posed:
"I suppose that depends on how quickly you move," Emiko chuckles at Bart's question, then adds, "But the mask is separate from the crown, so even if you lose the one, the other should stay put." As the Jester, she motions for the King to follow her before tumbling her way towards Jean and Sebastian so they can pay respects to the host.

Turning a handspring to land before Jean and Sebastian, she offers a sweeping bow before the pair, then straightens with a bright smile for Sebastian, "Good evening, Your Highness! We travel from a neighboring borough to partake in the festivities and congratulate you on a wonderful Mardi Gras celebration!" Turning towards Jean and Rogue, she offers them the same dramatic bow and offers a grin, "Good evening! I love your costumes!"

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
There's a quick motion, though not too quick as to do much more than open Pietro's shirt. Poor buttons. "I believe we have a dance." A hand is offered, or rather slipped into Viola's hand. "Shall we?" He comments, offering a nod to those others who had greeted him.

After all, Mr. Shaw suggested he enjoy himself and dance - and Viola said she needed a partner.

"So how long have you been working at the Hellfire Club?" The speedster asks, even as he leads Viola to the dancefloor. He's already moving with the rythym - it's natural, and much better than standing still.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"mm. Yes. I am surprised Ms. Frost has not made an appearance yet. I thought since she has been spending so much time in your orbit, you may have brought her along." Shaw says. A dig at Emma? Perhaps. He smiles just a little to her and looks to add something more when the Jester he was checking out bounds in front of him. He seems surprised to say the least, especially when he hears the words from her.

For a half a moment, it seems Shaw is rather surprised at this, but, well, the gears of his mind don't take long to start turning and a devilish grin crosses his features. He holds out a string of beads for the woman and says, "All are welcome here tonight, at the Hellfire Club. Do accept this gift of beads, my dear." Perhaps he just wants a front row seat for what the Jester might do for them.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes turn around in time to see Jean, and her costume, making their way to her (plural? Yep). this gets a big grin to cross her lips as she pushes off of the street lamp, then lowers her drink down after sipping it. "Boy...." She notes at the Headmistress. "When you said you were dollin' up for this, I didn't know ya meant it... quite so vehemently!" The Belle says with a snicker following her own words.

She then glances down at her red and white baseball tshirt, and blue jeans with the knees torn out. When she looks up again, she speaks. "Guess I iddn't take this one serious enough..."

But then others are speaking to Jean, and Rogue smiles to all of them, as she takes another beaded necklace off that Remy gave her, then drops it over Jean's head!

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen hmms and nods his head a bit to Emiko, and looks around, and seeing some of the ladies opening their shirts, he realizes that he may have misunderstood what type of "flashes" he might encounter here. He follows along with Emiko, and when she is greeting Jean and Sebastian he offers his hand in greeting. His brow does raise a bit as he sees one person he recognizes for sure. Someone who he has been wanting to talk to about a race.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    Jen laughs, "Here, let me help with that 'view'." She bends over to the point to where she's nearly spilling out and gets another round of catcalls and whistles and some more beads. "There you go."

    "Mine too," she says about books. "Still love 'em, though I don't get much time to read for pleasure nowadays. One of the downsides to being both an Avenger /and/ a successful lawyer."

    The sight of Sue exposing herself kind of throws Jen for a loop. Never in her day would she have guessed the woman to do something like that. Just goes to show you that there are always hidden depths to people that you may know.

    Turning back to Xi'an, she grins encouragingly, and gives her an appreciative wolf whistle when the woman turns to expose herself. When she turns back Jen pulls off a few of her beads and sets them around Xi'an's neck. "Well done! Talk about a nice view!"

Susan Richards has posed:
Susan sighs out and shakes her head, reaching her own free hand up to tousle the curls and waves of her hair, "Well, you know, gala event or some far more boring social obligation, it's our curse, our burden to bear, having to look so _very_ good, no?"

She snorts softly, only for her eyebrows to perk high, teeth worrying her lower lip and shaking her head slowly, eyes locking onto Felicia's. "You know what? I know you're just trying to get under my skin, or call my bluff..." She shakes her head and sighs out, murmuring softly, "But hey, what's the point of mardi gras if not getting up to mischief and excess?" And in a breeze moment, Sue spins to face a nearby small group of party-goers, letting out a sharp whistle to draw attention... and shamelessly cheating.

Because Valeria had to unzip her jacket, where Sue just uses her unique powers to part her dress for just a moment, but it's a moment that seems to last an eternity before her dress arranges itself once more.

What? That mysterious masked blonde could be anyone! Lots of blondes wear a lot of blue and a silver '4' medallion on a choker.

She glances sidelong to Felicia and grins lopsidedly, "Enough fun for you, fellow blonde?"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Servers come over to take drink orders from Bart Allen and Emiko Queen. Quickly delivering back whatever their beverages of choice are. Hurricanes are probably the most popular, but there is everything from wine to beer to cognac or champagne being consumed around the room.

Viola looks up at James Proudstar, telling him, "Thank you, I hope it is a memorable one. That, or you drink enough you can't remember," she jokes with a warm laugh.

As Pietro offers his hand, she slips her into his grasp and follows along to the dance floor. Once out on the dance floor, she rests her arms around his shoulders, dancing close so they can talk over the music. "I started a year ago. Or, near enough to it. Last year's Mardi Gras party, I wasn't fully hired yet, but they had me host it as a showcase of what I could do," she tells him. Viola is quite a good dancer, the heels she's wearing not seeming to hamper her movements at all. "I have a partnership with someone I started doing this with when I was at Columbia. I work here part time, and then work on our own events the rest of the time," she tells him.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh is definitely blushing after showing herself to the proverbial world, not to mention the gorgeous woman next to her. She has worked hard to try to find ways out of her shell, to try and open herself up to the world that she closed off for so very long. In a way, there's something very cathartic about it.

"Nothing that could compare to you, but I'll take it," she says with a smile as Jen gives her some beads, Xi'an returning the favor and pushing up on her tiptoes in her heels as best she can to drape the beads appropriately.

Valeria Richards has posed:
The youngest member of the Richards Family hits the dance floor and despite having a figure for the activity. Valeria is only a passable dancer when she gets moving. Mostly once she's finished her current drink and slipped it onto a passing waitesses tray, she keeps hands together outstretched over head and a little serpentine motion as she lets the music set the pace. And the sway in her hips and don't just the back of those white jeans fit more snuggly that a pair of yoga pants.

The yound blonde really didn't bother with a mask. Not like it would have fooled anyone she might be one of the smartest people in the room but she doesn't think less of anyone's intelligence.

So she happily dances and also unzips her jacket down to her bust again to at least let her skin breath. Though it does seem to end up with people trying to stuff beads down her cleavage again much to the laughs of the drunken genius.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia grins and openly stares at Sue, but in an impressed sort of way. "I didn't think you had it in you." Felicia says, giving a two finger clap while still holding her crystal glass. "It's certainly fun enough, but you're making me want to jump back into the deep end myself." And afterwards, Felicia leans closer towards Sue while looking out at the crowd and seems to be aiming to get a bit more scandlous than a few solo acts are able to and shows the crowd her own assets in unison with Sue. "Though your reveal is MUCH more classy than mine." Felicia says, with a slap from her bustier as it flips back to normal and covers her chest with an audible POP. "I think you broke Jennifer though. Points for that alone." Felicia says, extending a string of beads towards Sue with them dangling off her extended finger.

Jean Grey has posed:
"You know I don't half-ass this kind of thing," Jean tells Rogue, confident and sure. "Remember last Halloween?" But the flattering reaction nonetheless earns a moment of her posing to show it off, standing with her arms spread and hands turned, hips cocked and one leg raised and bent. Maybe it's bird-like. Maybe it's a little goofy.

She holds it a second, and her balance wavers, so she puts her foot back down, before turning toward the acrobatic arrival.

Emiko's tumbling routine is definitely the sort of thing that's hard to miss, and Jean turns and brings her hands together to give a quick, but seemingly delighted clapclapclap! "Look, the King's come to say hello, and he's brought entertainment," she declares, playing along.

As for Emma? "She keeps her own schedule," she tells Shaw, shrugging it off as if it's hardly her business to keep track. "And I can never keep track how much she's involved here. Maybe she's just holding out for a late entrance, once the riff-raff have settled in." The last, she says with clear amusement. "And to make sure there's no chance for anyone to top her."

As for Rogue and her beads, she leans over to make it easier to get the necklace on over her feathered mask, and whispers something before straightening up with it, adjusting the sit of the necklace a bit with happy pride. And nothing else!

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
There's music! There's a woman in his arms! There's dancing! And even so, there are beautiful women getting into the 'spirit' and showing their ... well, beads! Pietro nods to Viola as they dance, the two sharing a conversation as they enjoy the music.

"Quite the event planner, then. My compliments on the successful parties - two annual events on theme." A grin from the Prince, the pair moving amid the throng of dancers. There's a slight blur as the beads from Pietro's neck are moved to Viola's - sparkling in the lighting. "One string seemed too lean a payment for your display." He explains.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    Jen obligingly dips her head so that it's within easy reach of Xi'an. Her self depreciation elicits a dismissive wave of the hand. "Don't put yourself down like that," she says. "Just because you're smaller it doesn't make them any less pretty."

    She smiles down at the smaller woman and gently cups her chin with her hand. "And /you/ are quite pretty as well. Don't let that self doubt fool you into thinking otherwise."

    She looks up and spies that Valeria is really getting into the swing of things. "I think she may have had a bit too much to drink," she muses, and then turns her attention back to Xi'an. "But I think she has the right idea." She holds out a hand for her to take, "Care to join me on the dance floor?"

Emiko Queen has posed:
Emiko plucks the beads from his hand, twirling the string around her finger before sending them up and around her neck in a flashy display. At the same time, she opens the front of her vest to display.. an opaque bra with jester faces over the nipple area! Laughing, she closes the vest and wags a finger, "Can't show everything immediately! Then what would I do for later!" Perhaps adding insult to injury, or letting him get a little back on her for the trick, she turns and bends, pointing her butt towards him and looking over her shoulder, "Give me a push to get me going, Your Majesty?"

Jean gets a bright grin and a wave from her bent position, "Good evening! Yes, we must delight and thrill, and be the life of the party! His Highness commands and we obey!"

Then she's looking back to Sebastian with a grin and wiggling her hips, "Just a little boot to show your appreciation, Majesty?" Apparently expecting him to boot her in the ass to get her tumbling again!

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh takes a moment to toss a few beads in Jean's direction, unable to keep herself from grinning at the sight of her fellow psychic partaking in the seasonal debauchery. The touch of Jen's hand on her chin draws a little gasp from the Vietnamese woman, her eyes darkening a little bit and dipping down.

"Thank you, counselor," she says with a hint of a smile, then follows along to look at Val, "Well, Madrox did say she had something of the hellion in her. No one here will let her get hurt. She's allowed to...what's the phrsae...let her freak flag fly," she says. And at the invitation, she takes Jen's hand and moves to follow, "With pleasure!"

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore is excellent at following the man's lead as she dances. Not a professional dancer, but a regular at enough clubs, plus growing up in a big Italian-American family meant dancing was a big part of celebrations and weekends. She glides about with Pietro as they talk and dance.

The addition of the extra beads draws a warm smile from Viola. "Thank you," she tells him. "I have always found Genosha fascinating, what I have read about it. Are there any celebrations like this one? I imagine with people coming from all over some might celebrate, or Carnival. But a tropical island like that, I imagine you probably have some of your own customs that would be interesting. Usually tropical places tend to be a bit... less inhibited about attire," she says with a laugh.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen 's first reaction is to step between Sebastian and Emiko, but luckily with his reaction speed he stops himself and follows her lead letting her set the pace, as this is more the type of thing she is more used to than him. He looks over to Jean and says "She is quite the acrobat and can do things that would make one wonder, how is it even possible."

Susan Richards has posed:
Sue's mouth falls open as it hits her... oh, right. Jennifer _and_ Valeria are here... and she hasn't got Janet around to blame as a bad influence. Of course, she can just blame Felicia. After all, that _smirk_ was just so damned taunting. The blonde mother sighs and rolls her eyes... once she's done looking at Felicia during her show in... solidarity? Well, whatever that look is, the dangling beads snap her back, and Sue reaches out to pluck them up and place them around her neck, as well as adding a few strings that have been tossed from the crowd as she sighs heavily and murmurs out, "Oh, really now! Surprised, maybe. But I'm sure I didn't _break_ Jennifer... see? Look! She's talking and everything! It's fine!"

Valeria Richards has posed:
There are a few more beads thrown when Val's cleavage is over flowing and the weight on the zipper s weighed down. So Again she adjusts and puts them around her neck before ajusting the hem and the little stud buttons just where the zipper is first started in fastening.

Cleavage is left absolute and the right angle able to give anyone a view. But with a whole mess of beads, you'd have to be deliberate since they start covering her as much as the blue leather was.

A few more sets of beads are thrown Jean and even Emiko's way as well while she dances and pirouettes with her backside huiding the turns and the steps of her feet to aim herself like an almost stationary but wiggly turret and bead trebuchet.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
A laugh comes from Shaw at the display he gets for his beads, "Well, then I shall have to keep an eye on you to get the full effect when you DO let it all out," he comments. And then, well, she's bent over in front of him. Apparently wanting a boot?

But a boot is FAR too undignified for Shaw. No, that will not do at all. So, instead, he places a hand on her backside, and says, "Just a push?" before he pulls it back, and well, gives her a push all right, with a firm swat that turns into a push on her derriere to send her on her way.

Jean's words about Emma's timing gets a shake of his head, "One would think you'd keep a tighter leash on your...people, but I will leave you be Ms. Gray. Do have a nice evening." he says, and then meanders off into the dance floor, where he comes to a stop at the wriggling trebuchet, "May I have a dance?" he asks the younger Richards.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue laughs at what Jean whispers to her, hard as it is to hear in this setting, but she gets the jist of it. She nods her head several quick times before saying something back, then raising her drink up for another sip from it. She glances over her shoulder at Remy in the bathroom, but assumes he's probably slipped out a window, and has gone off to some party where he can be less Disney friendly.

At the display showing off toward where she's standing, Rogue says soemthing again in French, then tosses a couple more beaded ropes in that direction.

"Boy this is a lively affair..." She says. "Can't imagine how it'll end up once everyone is even more sloshed."

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "She stumbled, if that isn't breaking, I don't know what is." Felicia notes as she upturns her drink and finishes the whiskey before setting her empty down again without care for who will have to pick it up later, or who it might inconvenience in the moment. "If you don't mind, I'd love to work together sometime, just putting that idea out there." Felicia says as she smiles towards Sue before stealing a hug, "And it was great to talk with you for a bit tonight, I didn't think I'd feel so alone y'know?" And with that Felicia starts to step away from her fellow blonde before raising her hand in farewell towards Jennifer and Pietro, gotta have SOME sort of comradery with her fellow, and the legitimate Avengers.

    "Mess 'em up Jennifer!" Felicia shouts on her way out.

Jean Grey has posed:
AHH! Bead peltings from afar! Jean's a little surprised as more come flying from several directions, but tracks the trajectory of the first set back... eventually to Xi'an, causing her to grin once she spots her. And since they're a touch separated by the general throng of partygoers, rather than trying to shout over the din of the music and conversation, she gives her former student a quick telepathic 'ping' of greeting instead.

Valeria, on the other hand, surprises her. She looks back over at Rogue. "Is that Sue and Reed's kid? I didn't realize she was quite that grown-up! Gawd, I feel old," is added, a little melodramatically.

"I don't doubt it," she answers Bart, all the while still curiously watching the spectacle-in-progress that is Emiko's performance, including the now-requested... booty kicking? Which turns halfway into a spanking instead. It really is a different kind of party. And yet, once Shaw has set off - with that parting remark, and toward Valeria no less - she gives a very over-dramatic, exaggerated shudder. "Ugh. He's such a creep," she asides to Rogue. "Maybe Emma had the right idea."

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
"That would be a question suited for my sister - though I suspect there will be celebrations forthcoming, once everything is resettled. Perhaps an event to mark such things?" Pietro suggests to Viola, smirking just a touch. "We have so many people from so many corners of the world now - I think it would be fitting if we struck out and made our own festivals." Of course, there most likely are - though Pietro is clearly out of the loop. With his normally cooler demeanor, it's likely that such things were simply beneath him.

Could this be a change in Quicksilver?

His natural dexterity makes him an excellent dance partner, the man moving effortlessly in the dance with Viola. The suit coat... well, that has seen better days. The quick motions of dropping the beads around her neck split seams on his shirt and jacket. Alas. "The heat does tend to make some outfits a bit more unweildy than others, I am afraid."

There is a wave and a nod to Felicia as she departs - Avengers and all!

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    Jen laughs at that, "Indeed. If anybody tried to hurt Val here, they'd have at the very /least/ a very angry Hulk and a very angry mom to contend with. And between you and me? Sue's the scarier one of us."

    She takes Xi'an's hand and leads her to the dance floor, "Let's fly our own freak flags," she suggests, and starts to dance. She starts off pretty tame, at first, getting a feel for the rhythm and Xi'an's dance style, which she tries to match.

Emiko Queen has posed:
When she gets a swat rather than a boot, she makes a comical little flail-leap before tucking into a forward roll that turns into a handspring, aerial cartwheel, then forward into a handstand that she maintains, walking about on her hands. SHe stops before groups her eand there, performing handstand pushups and using her legs to offer a bow towards them as she greets them from near the floor.

Emiko spins around to grin at Bart, "Hey, Your Highness! Don't forget to introduce yourself to people! Make new friends!" She wiggles a foot at him in a bouncy wave and wanders over towards Jennifer and Susan to say hello!

Valeria Richards has posed:
The bead launching is left alone for no so there's still plenty of beads clinking and jiggling with other things that jiggle more but is less clinky. So hands are free and over head and she's focusing on dancing.

Jen and Karma dancing gets an encouraing smile and a cheer while they're at it and bodies get closer and closer.

Val's steps and gyrations not deiscerning about whom she she dances witj. Men women, it's all good and fun.

So when Shaw himself steps up and offers her the dance she smile and extends a hand to the man. "Don't stop too hard, you might wobble everyone off their feet!" she teasingly taunts the Black King as she steps up close to share the dance currently in motion.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen looks to Jean and says "Yes he seems it." frowning a bit at Sebastian, and considers tying the man's shoe laces together, but there is at least one here who might see him do it, so he resists. He looks to Jean and says "Bart Allen, by the way." He does introduce himself, since the Jester reminds him of his manners. "A very interesting place this is."

Divine has posed:
Someone is not good at disguise. Or maybe she's really good. It's hard to say, because she's just a pallete swapped doppelganger. Regardless, Divine, currently in the employ of the currently being spoken about Emma Frost, rolls in fashionably late, but with no sign of her erstwhile employer.

Being absolutely an adult, but with no real concept of this event beyond 'Party with Optional Modesty'. This confused her a bit, because she thought that most parties, beyond fancy ones, were like that. Regardless, she fretted about what to wear. Honestly, she's probably wearing more than many.

The dark haired Kryptonian Clone walks in confidently, she hasn't done anything with her hair, but her eyeliner is winged and fierce and her lipstick is black. Her shoulders are bare, the only thing covering her torso being an overbust corset that is doing possible literal magic to keep her ... assets contained. On her lower half are low rise leather pants that seem painted on, almost a wonder that they don't just split. Her ever-present knee high combat boots are there too.

Looks like she forgot a mask, but she snags a drink from a passing wait staff as she takes in the room.

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore's expression softens in understanding as the conversation with Pietro comes near to the damage done to Genosha, if not quite bringing it up so fully as to bring down the mood of the Mardi Gras moment. The jolly music and the frivolity help make sure of that. The more alcohol that people are consuming the more clothing that is being left open, and the more amorous actions shown. Though the staff are proving efficient and heading anything off before it crosses the line of what the Club is willing to have seen in the space opened to the public.

Viola can't help but spot one such moment. She feels responsible for the party still, even if Shaw won't let her work it! But Mary directs someone over and Viola relaxes and focuses back on her dance partner.

She tells Pietro, "Well, maybe I would be able to come and visit one sometime," she tells him. "I would love to see the island. And to help out as much as I could," she tells him. She spins about with the mutant man, telling him, "You are quite the marvelous dancer, Your Highness."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw takes the offered hand, and then, well, takes Val on a tour of the dancefloor. The music might be jazz, but the rhythm he sets is pure Victorian ballroom. He glides her across the floor, murmuring something in her ear as he does. It's a long enough dance for those watching to see him with her, it's not as if he monopolizes her time for very long. Soon enough, he gives her a twirl, releases her, and bows, "A marvelous dance, my dear. And keep in mind what I said," before he rises and glides off into the party to find someone else to speak with.

The next target appears to be divine. Or, Divine. That outfit of hers seems to have caught his attention, and the puts on an easy smile as he turns to walk with her into the room, holding out an arm, "May I have the pleasure of your acquaintance?" he asks, adding, "Sebastian Shaw," by way of introduction.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lowers her glass down and moves her green eyed gaze about. She hears the question from Jean and eyes her. "Who the hell are Sue and Richard?" She then asks before she's just looking left and right. "Are there kids here? Shit, I sure hope not..." It's possible the Belle doesn't know her 'whos who' in the super hero world. Imagine that!

Then she spies Val, and upnods at her. "Oh, that one? Yeah, she flashed us earlier. Seems nice. Gonna get herself all kinds'a digits t'night, I'm sure."

With her drink finished, Rogue sets the empty glass down on a table beside her, before she reaches for another off another server flashing past in a breeze. "Slow down there, Speedy." She tells them, but they're gone!

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
By the time dancing is done, Pietro's shirt and jacket are gone - leaving him with a purple silk tie around his neck. He nods to his dance partner, not concerned over the destruction of his top attire in the least. "I would be happy to invite you to the island, then. Perhaps we could arrange a time that fits into your schedule?" Clearly, he's changed. Or drunk. While his skin is flushed, he's not slurring or any such thing. Perhaps the Prince of Genosha is trying to do better in wrestling his inner demons.

A glance over and Jean is spotted, he cants his head in her direction. "Shall we refresh our drinks?" He asks of Viola, leading her in that direction - towards Jean and Rogue.

As they near, Pietro offers a nod to the X-Folks. "Good evening, Miss Gray. Rogue." A smile to each. "Enjoying the party? Have you met Miss Fiore?"

Susan Richards has posed:
Sue's left somewhat reeling from her earlier daring actions alongside Felicia, and the sudden whirl of activity before her fellow blonde is departing... but Sue knows how to handle that! Another drink, and bright blue eyes looking around to find something to distract her.

For a moment, it's Valeria's dancing on the floor, but then it's Divine's arrival, outfit, whole vibe really.

Sue has a feeling she's not the only one whose attention is drawn, eyebrows rising, then furrowing... she looks familiar... somehow... vaguely. Well, now Sue's got a riddle to work over in her mind... and while she might not have the renowned brilliance of her husband or daughter, that just makes trying to figure out why the woman seems so familiar more fun to turn around in her head.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"I've had all kinds of training." Valeria says with a wink to Shaw. "But at least I'm not terrible at this!" she states in regards to the dancing after all. She's doing everything Shaw does and backwards. No heels though. There's a soft chuckle leaving her lips while the two are close in the dance steps. Hips wiggle and move though she does keep to Sebastions Paces as they move. Smiles ofered to Divine as well when Shaw introduces himself. The smaller blonde woman nodding her head. "I'm Valeria! I also suggest the leasure of this dance!" she suggests with a nudge of her head to Shaw.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will see Rogue trying to get a drink and starts to head over to get one but stops himself. He has said his name, can't be doing the speed 101 thing when people know him as Bart. He will look around and as his drink is brought to him, he will offer it to Rogue. "I don't really drink." He offers in explanation

Jean Grey has posed:
"Jean Grey," the woman answers Bart's own introduction, smiling at him. "Yes, it's... an interesting place, absolutely." There is still a bit of that prior reaction to Shaw lingering in her answer, but it soon melts away. She's not here to spoil the party. "You know anyone else here besides the Jester?"

After that, she turns around and just kinda... gawks at Rogue.

"Hmm? What do you mean who? You must have met-" Her brow furrows. "Reed was at Bobby's snow thing, remember? Older guy with the uh- well, he's kind of got a similar hair thing going. And I think Sue is around here somewhere. They're... Well, pretty famous for one thing, but they're friends of Charles', and of the school, I'd say. We've even discussed their son coming Xaviers, once or twice. It's just always fallen through."

Of course, Rogue has focused in on a DIFFERENT thing about Val to remember!

"Yeah... she's really grown up," she repeats, as if not quite accepting the transformation herself! How time flies! "Wanna go say hi? Once Shaw clears out, anyway. Or see if we can find her mom? I'm sure you'd remember her if you met her..."

Divine has posed:
The tall woman, she's just a little taller than Shaw is, smiles slightly, a little nervous to seemingly be put on the spot so quickly. "Divine," she answers, hastily adding, "I work for Miss Frost. I thought she'd be here."

She takes another look around the room over the sea of people, sighing. It does impressive things with that corset. She is clearly genetically gifted.

Her attention back to Sebastian. "It is nice to meet you, Mister Shaw."

She's at least polite. She only frowns a little at Valeria, shaking her head. "I .. don't know how to dance. It's not my thing."

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore smiles warmly to Jean and Rogue as Pietro leads her off the dance floor and back over to join his friends. As he introduces her, Viola brightens the smile. "We haven't met officially. Please, calls me Viola," she tells them. "Miss Grey, Rogue," she repeats the names that Pietro provided. Viola also smiles hello to James again, and then her look takes in Bart and Emiko as they converse with Jean. "Welcome to the Hellfire Club," she tells them both in a warm greeting.

Drinks are quickly provided, servers bringing trays over. High profile members and guests have staff specifically watching to see their needs are met, and someone with Prince in his title definitely qualifies, even if he wasn't dancing with their boss (at least as the party goes) just a few moments ago.

Viola picks up the glass of what Pietro was drinking to offer it to him before getting her own Hurricane.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue accepts the drink from Bart, then smiles at him. "Thanks, Mistah." She says at the man. "Drinks don't equal a peep though." She teases him before offering him a string of beads as a consolation prize.

At Jean's question, Rogue is raising her glass up to sip from it, though she takes a moment to look inside it, then over at Bart. If she's drinking a Cosby drink, it's probably this one. But hey, when in Rome...

"Wait, her mom is here? Wow. That's an... open family." The Belle says while going where Jean goes, bumping in to the feathers that are EVERYwhere, and even smacking at them lightly to get them out of her face some!

Valeria Richards has posed:
The dance ends and Val steps back with a smile and some space for Divine to take over from her as she the blonde claims another drink. Hangovers would be brutal if you weren't a genius and prepared ahead of time. That much alcohol and the twentysomething is still on her feat. She's probably cheating or planing on white girl wasted or both.

"Mister Shaw is very good at leading a lady through a dance floor. Plus just cheat and float untill you get it." she suggests with a wink.

The girl doesn't quite stop dancing though, hips keep wiggling and herf smile cheerful while hands sway and arms wiggle like snakes down by her hips. Though her eyes do roam to see where mingling might happen. There's even a look over to where her mother is like Valeria might actually be watching out for Sue as much as the opposite might be happening.

Jean and Rogue get a smile when they move about and evem Bart and Emiko get a grin when she watches them along the way to persusing the crown Prince of Genosha and his dance partner head for the floor.

Fun everywhere tonight!

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
At the mention of 'Miss Frost' Shaw slowly withdraws his offered arm, "Ah, yes. Ms. Frost," he replies, a little..frostily? himself. He smiles politely, and then says, "Well, if you need anything, I am at your service Ms. Divine. A perfectly apt name." He gives her a little bow, and then glides back off into the crowd.

He takes his time meandering through them, before he comes to a stop at the bar and gets himself another drink. He is pulled into a conversation with another Important Person. Once that finishes, he sizes up those who are about, as if planning his next move.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
Shirtless, jacketless, Pietro doesn't care one whit. As Viola provides him with another Jameson, she gets a warm smile. "Thank you, very much. The last one was all but gone from my system." He explains. The drink is quaffed quickly - quick is in his name, after all. Still, the flavor is enjoyed - his senses afire tonight.

A blink, then his glass is clinked against Viola's. "Forgive my manners. I should have raised a toast or some such." A sly grin.

His eyes follow Jean and Rogue as they move through the crowd, staying near enough to converse but not invading their personal bubbles.

Divine has posed:
Divine tilts her head slightly as Shaw withdraws his arm, and then ejects completely. The eyeliner gives her an almost crow-like look. She blinks a few times as he heads off to mingle elsewhere and she shrugs.

"That was weird," she mutters to herself, throwing back her drink. Not that it'll do anything. Kryptonian metabolism, even half, is a pain in the ass. Can't even get drunk without busting out some of that Frost Money.

"I mean, I guess I could float, but that'd be weird," she says to Valeria. "He left anyway." That makes her smile wryly. "Typical experience for me, I think. Get dumped out or left behind."

Jean Grey has posed:
Well, it seems like Jean and Rogue are making the rounds now. And Rogue put Jean in charge. So, blaze on she does!

Stop #1: Not Sue or Valeria. Despite having been discussing Richards-Xavier relations, they're intercepted en route, meeting the apparent hostess in the company of another familiar face. "Oh please, Jean's fine," she tells Pietro, smiling. "How's Wanda? And... I think we may have crossed paths at an event like this once or twice before, but it was really only that. Ships in the night, except, you know- a big loud party. I think the last time it might have been one of Emma's things. Nice to meet you properly, though," she adds to Viola.

She takes a sweeping look around, and back. "It's quite an event. The Club never fails to disappoint when it comes to this sort of thing." And other sorts of things? She's being nice!

Back to Rogue, since they've paused: "Well, I guess they're about grown-up now. I keep calling them kids but they're closer to your age, I guess." At this point, at least Valeria has SPOTTED them, and she waves back in her direction, grinning a bit.

Emiko Queen has posed:
Emiko finishes her round of talking to folk and flips back up to her feet, rather than her hands, seeking out one of the attendants for a dab of hand sanitizer, offering a sunny smile and thanks for it as she cleanses her hands. A passing glass is plucked up without looking, bringing the glass up to her nose to determine just what it is. She seems to have gotten lucky with one of the flutes of champagne running around the room. Taking a sip, she adopts a much more graceful air as she dips around the room, finding those of the elite classes that are being a bit too stuffy and making silly faces and mocking them lightly behind their backs, to the amusement of the others around them!

Viola Fiore has posed:
Viola Fiore touches her glass to Pietro's empty one. "To Genosha," she tells him with a smile. "And getting to see it." She sips her hurricane, noting that, again, it is stronger than the ones being served to the guests. She glances over at Mary, her assistant who is running the party, and the other woman just gets a grin as if reading Viola's mind.

After which, Viola turns back to someone who actually COULD be reading her mind if she wanted. "Jean then," she says warmly. "And thank you. Last year's Mardi Gras was the first party I hosted for the Club. I hope this one ends up as well spoken of," she says, "as that since it ended up getting me the job full time."

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh has been missing out on a lot of this while dancing with She-Hulk, the librarian a bit mesmerized by the gargantuan Avenger. When finally the music stops and they have a moment to catch their breath, Xi'an heads them towards the wine table, getting herself a fresh glass as she tries to catch her breath.

She passes by a drunken Valeria and gives the girl a momentary pat on the back, almost maternal in her own way as she does what she always does, look out for young mutants. "I might not be far behind her after this glass," she admits as she takes a sip. "I've always been a lightweight."

Valeria Richards has posed:
The Black King is allowed to wander off after Valeria leans in against the man and then steps back so he can wander about abe be the good host once more letting the smaller of the two blonde women, in m,ore thajn one way smile and giggle as she reaches around Divine for yet another Hurricane. Which may or may not have extra rum compared to normal.

"I dunno, it's a party, people are exposing their breasts for beads as is the tradition." Val states and goes on with a giggle.

"So dancing is not that out there. But yeah knowing Emma. That might have made him worry. Rivalries." she states and giggles again between sips as she smiles up and over Divine's bust to the taller woman's eyes.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will study Pietro from a few feet away, and then asks staff for pen and paper, he writes a note down, and motions for the Jester to come over, handing her the note. He nods to himself a moment, and then heads towards to blend into the crowd some.

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
Sebastian Shaw decides on a path, and well, it leads him towards the Jester -- perhaps to see if she's arrived at a place where she might accept more beads. Or, maybe because he wants to keep her from heckling his very wealthy and powerful clientele. He taps her lightly on the shoulder, and then holds out a hand for her as...what better way to get to know someone than via a dance.

"May I have the honor?" he asks smoothly. The man waits patiently for her reply, watching her reaction to his request.

Emiko Queen has posed:
Given the note, Emiko with bob her head in an agreeable nod and, drink in hand, tumbles off to go find Pietro!

With the drink, it requires far more aerial acrobatics than normal, one-handed cartwheels, aerial handsprings, and a walkover will have her popping up next to Pietro, tapping on his shoulder with a goofy smile and offering him the note. If taken, she'll sweep a dramatic bow and... gets tapped on the shoulder herself!

"Hello again, Your Majesty! But of course, who is a lowly Jester to gainsay a King?" She finishes off the flute of champagne in a single somoth swallow, setting it on a passing tray and taking his hand.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    When there's a pause in the music and they stop dancing, Jen is hardly winded. She could literally keep this up for days if she wanted to. She follows Xi'an to the wine table and selects another flute of champagne.

    Concerned eyes glance over to Val who is well lubricated by now. "Yeah..." she says, trailing off, unable to keep the concern out of her voice. "If she drinks any more she'll get a stern talking to by her mother and a killer headache in the morning."

    Turning back to Xi'an, she lightens up a bit. "I can provide a ride home, if you need it," she offers. "I won't get drunk off of this stuff." She holds up the flute as an example. "It takes the like of Asgardian mead or Themysciran wine before I feel it." She chuckles, "The last time I got drunk was when Doctor Strange brought out some Dragon Wine from some dimension or another. Had a real kick to it, /and/ a real pickled dragon in the bottle."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is launching strings of beads up to people on the balcony areas. She's just firing them up there to get people to expose themselves to her. "Thatta boy, Big Fella!" She shouts at the guy who does just-so. "You really are bringin' the heat!" She adds before throwing another string of beads up at the back of the head of a nerdy guy in a white sweater who ducks instinctively as they hit him, and make him spill his drink. He turns around, but the Belle has already moved on, so who knows where they came from!

She looks then to Jean and bumps shoulders with her. "So you gonna get plastered and put on a show, or what?" She asks her friend as she takes another sip of Bart's chosen drink that he heroically ushered over to her.

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
"Very well then, Jean." A smile. "Wanda is, well, Wanda. I need to catch up with her soon. Lorna and I had a meal together, it was quite nice to catch up." Pietro mentions. "It has been some time - I've been doing some reflecting and reading." Not too out of sorts for the speedster. A smile as she compliments Viola, his chosen accomplice for the evening's dancing. "I might speak with Her Majesty about hiring Viola to plan a celebration in Genosha, once things are settled."

A nod to Viola, a genuine smile. "To Genosha." He responds. His drink is set on the nearest tray departing, motioning for a refill.

As the Jester arrives and passes on a note. Curious. There's a look over the written missive, the man looking around. "Apparently I've another dance, tonight." He offers to Viola. "I've slipped you my card." Fast hands! "Do call me?"

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh smiles, "I might take you up on that. I kind of hitched a ride with some of the others from the Institute who came, although I think we've all kind of gone our separate ways at this point. I'm not even sure who has the keys," she says, then gives the green-skinned woman a warm look. "I'd certainly appreciate the company."

She clicks her tongue about Valeria, "I do believe she's a young genius. I suppose we have to trust her judgment in such matters," she says. "I shouldn't play mother hen anyway. It's a bad habit from raising my own siblings, mostly," she says. Feeling hot from dancing and booze, she peels off her suit jacket, leaving her in just an entirely unbuttoned dress shirt which might not perfectly preserve her modestly as much as it did earlier in the night.

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen as he hears Pietro saying he has another date, and then Shaw, asking Emiko to dance he frowns a bit, but he trusts Emiko to take care of herself. He will find his way to the restroom, where he figures there are less cameras, and does a quick change. And once his costume is inside the ring and more red and yellow is on, Impulse will zoom to appear at the top of some stairs, and looks over the crowd leaning against the wall, as if waiting for something.

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's a wink at Karma and her tongue poking when she passes and a very encouraging smile for the woman as well. The Hurricane soon finished and set down as she hmms as she does overhear Jen lamenting the amount of alcohol needed to get Jen toasted.

Imma fix that for you Aunt Jen!" she calls out and nods her head with eyebrows bouncing up and down. "And not taste horrible. High power metabolisms deserve their time to unwind with a mimosa in the tub!" she states emphatically.

"And that is kinda why this club exists. In theory." she states and giggles as she gets a couple beads loose from her neck and lobs them all the way over to Jean and maybe has some mental pictures of psychic ladies lifting their top at the top of Valeria's brain/

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
As the hand is taken, Shaw slips an arm around Emiko's waist, and then pivots to sweep her to the dance floor. He is surprisingly very good on his feet, as he guides the woman through some complicated step or another to the beat of the Jazz ensemble. "I must say, you and your King make quite the pair, but..." and then he lowers his voice to murmur to the woman for a few moments.

As they work their way around the room, he keeps an eye out, perhaps looking for someone in particular, or mayhap to make sure someone isn't coming to sucker punch him. Either way. At one point he asks, "I feel that I've seen you before, somewhere. And, you have me at a bit of a disadvantage as you know my name. May I know yours? It may jog my memory."

Divine has posed:
"I'm pretty new to, well, everything. I'm not too surprised that Miss Frost might have a heated rivalry. ... Though, she is honestly been nothing but kind to me," Divine says. Almost too kind, sometimes."

And yes, it's quite an angle for Valeria to look past Divine's ... landscape to her eyes. The clone smiles slightly. Though it's almost like a record scratch when Valeria mentions making extra strong booze. "...You can do that? I .. I might be interested. too!"

Jean Grey has posed:
"I can't see why anyone would have any complaints," Jean tells Viola, and as if to clarify, gestures vaguely toward some of the guests in various states of dance and bead acquisition, "Seems like a big success all around."

She looks back where Rogue is now just going crazy with the beads. Really slingin' em, and just shakes her head in amusement before looking back toward Pietro. Wanda's status being... 'Wanda' gets a soft 'mm' in response, although one that sounds more thoughtful than mystified, despite it being a sort of vague answer. Maybe she is just fluent enough in 'ladies with crazy powers and the stresses that come with' to translate the jist of it. "Well, when you do, tell her hi for me. Glad you're keeping busy, otherwise. And if you ever need any help with that kind of thing," the would-be Genosha events, "you only need to ask."

But the man's dance card is clearly very full, so she's happy to let him go.

She looks back to Rogue... who is still throwing beads, before proposing her more radical solution for enjoying the party. "Mmm... lemme see how I feel after this one," she decides, making her own move to snag a drink from a passing tray. One that is more shot-like and doesn't need a lot of timely sipping! "Though I'm tempted to have a couple more and then just go back and finish the night off in the hottub." As this is being discussed, she's ALSO getting bombarded with not just beads, but apparently, psychic erotica, causing her a slight smirk. She leans toward Rogue, then nods in Val's direction. "You should give her one."

Pietro Maximoff has posed:
No costume for the moment, that's in the car for Pietro. Spotting the flashy entrance, he nods to Bart. "It was a pleasure." He offers over to Viola, Jean and Rogue. "See you soon." And then he's striding to the door - looking eager.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"It'll never pass FDA so think of it as mad science homebrew. The strength isn't the problem it's getting it to taste like good liquor and stuff and not fuel for a lawnmower." The young twentysomething blonde plans.

"And not have anything mystical behind it. So no one is making a run to Asgard for kegs of mead. They'll probably start charging tolls to cross the Bifrost like it was the George Washington. And what is the exchange rates anyway!" the drunken blonde says to Divine and giggles as she gets thinking about Asgardian currency. "Two gold coins or a duel to the death?" she ponders and makes slashy motions with her hand as if she had a sword.

"I better go and make a new lightsaber if that's a thing." she states and hmms. "Might try for multcoloring so I can go mood saber." she adds with some extra though. "Not like anyone can sue me. The tech's been around for a while now. "But that's later. I have goals and SCIENCE! Get my friends drunk!" she declares with an important fingerpointing at the ceiling.

Emiko Queen has posed:
Emiko doesn't seem to have any trouble with the steps, simple and complex alike are made with grace, poise, and athleticism. Then again, she HAS been tumbling around the room for most of the evening. She moves around with him easily, though the whisper has her chuckling, "Actually, given the givens, I'd say I'm the lucky one. Though the King would certainly try to agree with you. He's a sweetheart like that."

She watches Bart head to the bathroom, chuckling softly for a moment, before returning her attention to her dance partner. "Ahhhhhh, Mr. Shaw, I'm certain we HAVE seen one another at functions before, and you're very well acquainted with my family." Emi inclines her head ever so slightly and murmurs, "Emiko Queen."

Sebastian Shaw has posed:
"Ahhh, that is it, yes. Ms. Queen. I did not recognize you in your outfit." Shaw replies, grinning down to the woman, "Well, I should not keep you from your partner any longer, now that my curiosity has been sated." He lets the dance slow, before he releases the lady, and then bows to her, "Do come by again so that I may properly introduce you to the club," and then, he's off to mingle some more.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    Jennifer laughs at Valeria, "You can try but nothing earthly would ever give me a buzz!" She considers a moment what she said and to whom. "Oh no," she says putting her head in her hands. "I just challenged a super genius to get me drunk. I'm /doomed/."

    She, then, nods at Xi'an. "All right, then, I'll give you a ride. I haven't actually /been/ to Xaviers before. I've heard a lot about it, mostly from Hank." She pauses when she realizes she could be talking about a couple of different people. "Beast Hank, not Pym," she clarifies. "Just tell me when you've had enough and you're ready to go home and I'll take you there."

Bart Allen has posed:
Bart Allen will end up coming back and changes into the restroom after he chats with Pietro, he is back as the king.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh smiles to Jen, "I think people might be gathering up to head back to Xavier's. Yeah, drive me. Come with me. People might be hanging out still. I would...like to hang out with you more. If you'd like to hang out with me," she says, leaning into the mighty green woman as she clearly is a little bit inebriated at this point.

Jean Grey has posed:
After that first drink, Jean blends a bit more into the general partying, not in the sense of disappearing (THOSE FEATHERS THO), but in the sense of joining the generalized celebrating. She drags Rogue out to the center of the floor to dance some, shaking tailfeathers that are, in this case, somewhat more literal! Another round of drinks, and more of the same. At points, Rogue no continues on her bead-spree, making sure the sweaty hunks in attendence are equally incentivized to objectify themselves! Equality!

It goes on like that a little!

But eventually, before they're too wrapped up in the fun of it, Jean ends up leaning on her friend, feeling the effects of the last round a bit. "Ok, ok... howabout we go collect that gator-lovin' boy of yours, wherever he ran off, and we..."

One could read a lot into the whispered, mumbled words!

But maybe they're not THAT scandalous. Jean gets out her phone, flicks through a menu or two, and then taps out a text to her favorite group chat, with suitable emoji: 'after party at Xaviers girl-in-sauna guy-in-sauna party-popper.'


After that, she links her arm over her friend's shoulder and they start making a certain path toward the exit...

...but not before they pause, kinda in the near vicinity of Valeria, Jen and Xi'an, and in perfect (ok, sloppy semi-drunk) synch, simultaneously haul up both their tops before shuffling them down and turning to make their stumbling, giggly route to the door.

Jennifer Walters has posed:
    Jen wraps a steadying arm around Xi'an, to make sure that she stays on her feet. "I'll take you home, then," she says. "And, yeah. You're a delight to hang out with. I'd love to spend more time with you."

    As she leads the smaller mutant out of the club she muses that this certainly hadn't gone the way she had expected. Not that she's complaining. It's just outside her experience, but what is Mardi Gras for if not to push your boundaries?

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's an encouraging nod for Xi'an and Jen and the offering of lifts home. "If you wait a bit I'm you can take my Fantasticar and haul a buch a folks Jen" She offers and pulls a set of car keys from a pocket inside her jacket and offers them to the sober Jade Giantess. Flying is faster after all and they're out and off already following being exposed by Jean and offering beads backl and a wink and a hand to her ear in a 'Call Me' gesture and then another that's all psychic equivalent." which might actually have a phone number thought out along the way.