10257/The Fortune in the cards

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The Fortune in the cards
Date of Scene: 23 February 2022
Location: Recreation Room
Synopsis: Yukio meets Remy and he tells her some unfortunate fortune truths.
Cast of Characters: Remy LeBeau, Yukio

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy definitely shouldn't be out of medical, but there's only so long the Cajun can stand laying up in a bed. Hank is great company, but they just don't speak the same language... Besides, it's so much more fun to lounge on an overstuffed couch playing solitaire. His shaggy brown hair hangs across one side of his face and he's wearing a black t-shirt and sweatpants with barefeet.

Something lazy playing on the television.

That wont require him to really pay much attention as he casually flips over cards between two fingers to determine where to lay it down.

Yukio has posed:
Yukio skips into the Rec Room with a pep in her step, though the pink microphone she was holding in her hand immediately slips into a sleeve pocket of her haori when she sees the Rec Room isn't empty of people. Albeit it's not a student there, but Remy, turns out the adults like the room too. "Excuse me, hello," she greets, her English having improved quite a bit with increased practice. "You're very skilled with the card," she notes, curiously observing his handling of a card between two fingers.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
She thinks Remy's an adult?! That's so cute. The resident Mansion layabout and man-child glances up at the greeting and offers one of his most charming smiles, a playing card held up between his index and middle finger ready to flip down atop a small slop of like cards on the small table in front of him. "It nothing, really. Anyone can do dis with practice, ses pa?"

The card flips down over the backs of his fingers to be cause between his ring and pinky, then back up so his index knuckle and thumb are gripping it. With a little jerk of his wrist, he sends it whistling towards her, but the angle he released it has it flying back towards him where it lands atop the deck he holds out to catch it. "All in da wrist."

"I'm Remy."

Yukio has posed:
"I never tried," Yukio admits, "it looks awesome though," she says with a grin, moving closer to Remy for a better look at his deft fingers handling the cards. "Woooow," she gaps at the trick of boomeranging the card back at him, she decides to forego boasting her knowledge of using a wrist properly, "I am Yukio, prease to meet you," she offers a polite bow, "Remy...that is French name?" She asks a little excited at the prospect of meeting someone from France.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"French, Cajun, same ting. Remy LeBeau." Remy flip flops his hand over-over and resumes flipping card down onto the table as if he already knows what the card's going to be. It's not magic, swear. He's also still grinning. Which is his casual default, "Yukio..." He pauses in his game to snap a few times, "Japanese.." He nods definitively and flips over another card with a brow raised above one black-red iris eye... that eye peers over the card at Yukio conspiratorially as if the two have a connection somehow.

Yukio has posed:
"Kajuun?" Yukio fumbles with the unfamiliar term, having not heard of Cajuns before, "rike French?" She makes sure, sounds and looking a bit uncertain, "I know...bonjour monsieur Remy," Yukio does her best, accent sounding a bit off, but she does look pretty proud of herself, giving Remy a beaming smile, "yes?"

"Hai!" Yukio raises her hand in approval of Remy's guess, "you been to Japan?" She asks, having found a lot of the grown ups about are serious travellers. Looking at those strange eyes of Remy, and the kind of look he gives her, Yukio blinks and asks cautiously, "you...read future in cards?"

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Tu es aussi belle que tu es rusee.." The Cajun says over the top of the card, which he taps against his chin gently. "Your accent is lovely, by da by. Cajuns are natives of Lou-se-anna, speak a bastardize French-Creole. I have fairly good education thanks to an exceptional orphanage-" It was neither exceptional, nor an Orphanage, "So I also speak French... Spanish... Uhhh some Russian? Enough to piss off Russians, anyways. Sukoshi.. Japanese. And Mandarin. And a colorful hybrid of Vietnamese and Indonese I call ~ A good way to get your ass kicked by both Vietnamese AND Indonese..."

The card flops down on the far right stack. A Seven of clubs. He moves a six of diamonds from beside it and flips the card beneath. "Many times, oui. All over Asia, actually. Madripoor, Kyoto... I spent a few months in Bangladesh. It not nearly as pleasant as it sound, though." He wiggles his fingers with a quiet whistle between his teeth.

"Mmm.. oui, yes.. sort of." His brow furrows at her question. "Use to run a scam doing tarots on Bourbon street, but I am known to turn a card or two to read the stars."

Yukio has posed:
It seems that Remy has gone past Yukio's very rudimentary knowledge of French, as she gives him a polite smile and giggles, a failsafe response to having no clue what was being said. Well practiced with more complex English, and so easily borrowed for French as well. She does beam brighter somehow, when praised for her accent, even if it's likely on a more flattering note than serious one. "Oh wow! So many languages, you are a very smart man, Monsieur Remy," Yukio does seem truly impressed.

To be nice, she quickly notes, "Kyoto very beautiful, rich history...special place. Did you know it used to be Capital for the Shogun? Ni-jo was his castle! It's still there, very impressive!" As a form of a strange segway, she notes, "I can walk nightingale floor all quiet!"

Her eyes light up at that last bit, "read me! Read me! Prease!" She's literally bouncing in excitement.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I have -been there-..." Remy says of the castle. His excitement might be some parts playful, but he's not mocking her in the slightest. Grinning as she gives him a small history lesson, "I wanted to see something for myself in a part of da castle tourist not allow to go, ses pa?" He winks her way and flips over another card...

"Mmm? Here and now?" Looking around at his little spread of cards, he shrugs and quickly pulls them all together with a swish of his hand. "Wasn't going to win dis game anyways. Solitaire, you know it is a competition against yourself? They say that if you wish for something when you shuffle da deck... you can determine if your wish is true by the outcome of da game."

He rolls his eyes and grins, expertly shuffling the deck in one hand. "I tink dats a bunch of hogwash, but it sure is a beautiful story, no?" His shoulders roll, "So what you want me to read about, eh?"

Yukio has posed:
Yukio's eyes grow wide with amazement, "really? You go to Nijo castle? Wow! Very impressive...you like?" She asks in fascination, surprised to find someone who knows some of the places she speaks of. "You went exploring...?" Yukio doesn't even conceive he may have been there for illegal matters. "I didn't know that...interesting, cards can tell so much!"

"Me..my future, am I going to be idol? Mmmm...sing song, dance dance?" She inquires, edging ever closer to the table, eager to see what the cards might say.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I've been a lot of places people say you shouldn't go... for one reason or another." Remy explains, nodding his shaggy head with bangs bouncing against his temple. His hair is kept relatively short in the back with bangs that come down well past his chin in a Cajun reverse mullet. His eyes, black-red, watch her with a hint of amusement.

"Okay.. dats a lot to read from cards. Maybe narrow it down a little, eh? Wait ~" He points at her along the outside of the deck of cards in his grip, "~Success. Uhh fame and fortune. I can work wit dat."

The deck is set down in front of her, between the pair of them. "Focus on dat. Will I be a famous singer of song and dancer of dance and cut da deck. Don't matter where you cut, high low, just cut it and set it beside the other pile."

Yukio has posed:
"Oh..." Yukio looks surprised, before offering a mildly mischevious grin, and with a voice barely above a whisper notes, "so have I..." quite an unlikely thing to have in common.

"Fortune not important like famous pretty idol! Pretty clothes, pretty songs, fans that like me," Yukio muses about different things she'd enjoy as a famous idol. "Yes! I can focus!" Yukio nods excitedly, and her eyes stare in full attention at the cards as she goes about reciting those words over and over in Japanese.

Swiftly her hand lashes out and back, as she cuts the deck, and gasps, as if that was supposed to somehow do something.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy, always the show man, takes the two halves of the deck and fans them out... waves them around one another, and manipulates them expertly with his fingers like a hand-fan... With a little smirk, he nods down to the two piles. "okay, now I want you to pick any three card, from da two deck, and lay dem in a row face down..." He wiggles a finger at her conspiratorially, "An no peeking. You ruin da magic if you peek, no?"

His arms slide onto his bent knees after one palm presses to his lower left abdomen. Back stretches and he looks to be more comfortable now as he watches Yukio with a muted form of intensity that is almost certainly for show.

Yukio has posed:
Yukio's eyes never waiver from the beautiful fanning of the cards, it really is quite beautiful to watch Remy work the cards, artistic.

When asked to pick any three cards, she hurriedly goes one by one, until delaying quite a bit, hesitantly waiving her hand above the cards, before eventually choosing that last one, handing Remy a black 3 of spades, black 7 of clubs, and a black ace of spades.

She has no clue what cards she picked, having been asked not to peek, and she's fully entranced by Remy's showmanship, apparently fully believing he's conducting some mystical fortune reading.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy watches the enthusiasm, and then deliberation, with which Yukio decides on which three cards to chose from the two piles. After she's made her selections, he accepts them and lays them face down between himself and the two halves of the rest of the deck. Tapping the first one on the colorfully designed back "This is your past. It will tell you where you come from on dis road to fame..." He taps the next, "Dis is da present. Any obstacles you face for the goals you truly feel in your heart... so I hope dat you think very hard on what you actually want..." The last, "This is da future. Everyting is changing, all da time, so it is only a glimps of what could be, ses pa?"

He nods once and flips over the first card, her past.

"Da three of spades..." He nods slowly, tapping it with one long finger, "Dis represent a break in relationship.. Someting happen wit a loved one, possibly a parent?" Given the nature of Mutants and their parents... that's not a terrible reach at all. How many of the students here come from broken homes? His brow furrows curiously, "Maybe someone don't tink you can be a star. Tink dat your aspirations are a waste of other talents you possess."

The second card, "Your present." He eyes the seven of clubs, "Hmm... dis is a sign of success in business, but dis does not necessarily mean dat you have come to terms wit what you desire..." Ticking his finger back and forth at her. "Dis could also represent relationship.. you find happiness dat has set you clearer on your path by some degree..."

Which brings him to the final card. Flipping the Ace of Spades.

His tongue runs along the inside of his mouth, across the back of his bottom lips and gums. He puts on a forced smile, "Dis..." The card comes up between two fingers to face her, "Is da equalizer. It means death.. but maybe not like you tink, eh? It is da end of a journey, which don't always mean someting bad, because all new beginnin' come from some other beginnin' end."

Yukio has posed:
Yukio keeps nodding her head incessantly as if to reassure Remy of how serious she is taking this most mystical moment, which for him is likely a regular con he easily employs to make some money in the streets in times of need. When he elaborates on 3 of spades, Yukio lets out a verbal gasp, "ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!!!" She spits out in amazement, "is true! Yes! Yes! It's my grandfather! He does think it's a waste!" She's utterly blown away by how the cards knew so much!

She flushes a little with the next card, but doesn't share as openly, simply nodding her head, "uh huh."

It's the final card that leaves her pale white, stunned, and like every last bit of joy has been vaccumed out of her. "Oh..." is the only thing she says.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
That's just about what Remy expected on all fronts to the cards interpretation. The cards are laid back down onto the two piles, except for the last which he keeps out. "Da ting about fortune, Yukio, is dat nothing is determined." He tilts his head to catch her gaze with his own black-red eyes, "Nothing ever set in stone." He holds the card up, the Ace of Spades, and lets her see it. It turns as his wrist does as if on some rotating pedestal. Switching fingers, from index/ring to middle/pinky so it never isn't facing her.

"And if you don't like da outcome? You just shake tings up ~" He waves his hand through the air so the image is distorted, "~and change it." When he stops, it's the Ace of Clubs. It whirls around his thumb so he's holding it flat, "Or step out of the shadows and see da light..." The thumb of his other hand rubs the corner, it slowly smudges and becomes the Queen of Hearts. "and change your fortune completely to what you want it to be."

He holds the card out to her between two fingers.

"And when tings get too rough? Just remember... It only a deck of cards, what does it know about your future?"

Yukio has posed:
Yukio listens for a while, still crestfallen and stunned, and while Remy's message is a positive one about how everything is mutable, the fact he's literally doing magic changing the card infront of her eyes, sorta-kinda make her believe the reading of the fortune all the more.

"Death...is always with me," she offers with a soft smile, weirdly enough not sounding like a goth dramatic teen trying to impress.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Psssssh..." Remy is doing card tricks, not magic, but he couldn't possibly know how that might look. He holds the card out to her, "Death is wit all of us, Yukio. I got shot three days ago.. Da only ting that is predetermined... and dis is very important in all aspects of your life... is how you handle adversity."

He jerks his hand a little, the one holding the card, "If you don't like da future, change it."

Yukio has posed:
Fidgeting in place for a moment, Yukio gives Remy a full bow, before turning around and hurrying away, clearly this entire 'fortune telling' had some kind of an effect on her. She likely took it for a spiritual experience.