10268/Open Air Union Square Market

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Open Air Union Square Market
Date of Scene: 24 February 2022
Location: Union Square Park
Synopsis: Goodies were had, bonding occurred!
Cast of Characters: Inez Temple, Gabby Kinney

Inez Temple has posed:
Inez made sure to exchange numbers with Gabby before they all headed off that night at the bar. So they can keep in touch and get together. Like today! Inez finally got to her apartment and got ir aired out and cleaned up... and now she needs food for her kitchen! So she texts Gabby and makes plans to meet up with her to check out this open air market in Union Square.

In deference to the weather and the 'normal' people, Inez has toned down her usual attire. Bootcut bluejeans, an old Giants croptop jersey shirt, a ranchers sherpa-lined coat, and her usual stetson and boots. She's even left off the spurs! When they arrive at the meeting place, Inez offers a wave and a grin, moving towards Gabby to scoop her up for a hug, "Hey! Glad ya could make it. Figure we can wander a bit, see what's what, an' I c'n put some grub in my fridge'n'pantry. I hear there's some other stuff too. Sweaters an' blankets an' homey stuff like that."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney was dressed for the cold. It wouldn't kill her but that didn't mean she wasn't uncomfortable in the cold. Best to just layer up a little bit and stay toasty warm. Which means she's opted for leggings, boots with the fu--no, boots with the multi-colored laces and some rhinestones glued to the side actually. All hand done. An extra-big t-shirt spills out from beneath the edge of a leather coat that fits properly. Probably one of the only things that does fit properly for her.

She grins brightly spotting Inez and is very ready for the hug when it comes throwing her arms wide to greet her. "Inez! Thanks for inviting me along, I never get to do stuff like this. Or, rarely anyway," she admits as she settles back onto her feet when let go. The mention of the market has her glancing around with a solemn nod. "Yeah, you can't just live off of junk food and soda. I mean. That's what people tell me anyway. I don't think I've ever bought anything for 'home' besides some posters."

Inez Temple has posed:
"Weeeeeeeeell, I've lived off takeout fer forever. But I met someone an' THEY like t'cook, so I figure I should get some food in th' apartment fer if'n they come over." Inez lifts a shrug and grins at her. "There's lots o' honey here, though. I counted at least five honey vendors. ANd two more fer maple syrup. So I bet there's gonna be all kindsa homemade candies an' stuff." Setting Gabby back down, she hooks a thumb towards one of the lanes, "Lets check it out. Betcha there'll be people sellin' cooked stuff too."

Heading down one of the 'streets' with stalls on either side, she glances to Gabby and smiles, "Well if'n ya get t'get out like this much, mebbe we could make it a regular thing. Sister time. Checkin' out vendors, buyin' stuff, chattin'. Seems like a great lil relaxin' day. Yer gonna hafta tell me 'bout yerself so we can come up with other fun stuff t'do."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins brightly all the while even though it causes the scars in her face to crinkle. They're old, but were deep enough to not fade away with age. Not as bad as Wade by far. "Oh that'd be great! My other sisters only like fighting mostly. Last time Laura visited me at school she set up some pitfall traps and a sniper roost to try and pick me off," she explains with a few vague hand gestures to indicate what must be trees and such. "I mean I did okay but I don't *always* want to be tested to see if I'm 'keeping up with training.'" Even as she yammers her gaze swings around looking at various vendors, and her hands dig into her pockets where a little jingle of change can be heard. Even now she was plotting where to spend her proverbial pennies.

"Oh, not much to tell about me. I mean, there IS, but it's all kinda boring. I like fashion--or trying to make my own? There's so much stuff I haven't tried yet so I love to eat too. Plus, well," here she grins up toward the taller Inez again impishly. "Healing factor kind of helps keep the weight off so I don't have to worry much. What about you? What stuff do you like?"

Inez Temple has posed:
Laughing at the description of Laura's last visit, Inez gives a nod, "I remember those days. Damn glad they're behind me. Ain't no point t'livin' if'n yer not havin' a good time. Trainin' c'n be fun, but it ain't th' only thing in life." She ambles along, looking here or there, then glances sidelong to Gabby, "Giiiiiiirl, put yer money away. This is my treat. Save yers up fer that fashion stuff. I hear that's mighty expensive. I couldn't b'lieve the prices fer jes'... tshirts an' jeans when I got back into th' city. Jes' plain nuts." Inez points out a produce stall that looks to have freshly made caramel apples, "Well damn! Ain't had one o' them in YEARS! Lets go try 'em out, yeah?"

"Well stick wit' me Gabby an' we'll do all kindsa fun stuff," Inez grins at her and gives a nod. "Yer young still, plenty o' time t' cultivate likes'n'hobbies. Me? I like dancin', poker, bronco bustin', playin' pool. I like t' go new places an' see new things. So I'm really lookin' forward t' bein' back here an' checkin' everythin' out again. Museums, exhibits, art galleries, live shows... I prefer stuff that's interactive, but ain't nothin' wrong with takin' it easy now an' then an' jes' watchin' somethin' fer th' fun o' it. OH! Would ya wanna go see a Broadway show?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Yeah, I'm young but I still have some catching up to do. I didn't get out of the labs until I was fourteen," Gabby explains matter-of-factly. She's about to say something more when mention of being her treat comes up. That only earns another grin as well as a bounce in her step. "Thanks! And I don't buy the expensive stuff, really, I hit the thrift store a lot but still--A candy apple?"

Her eyes slowly widen at the sight. There's a little gasp as she questions, quietly, "Do you think there's apple cider somewhere, too? I never had that. Or a candied apple. This is gonna be the best. Day. Ever."

Without even thinking about it she loops her arm through Inez's to tug her toward the apples. "Oh! Yeah I've heard those are really good too! You ever been to roller derby?"

Inez Temple has posed:
"That's okay, yer gonna get there. An' now ya gotta big sister that's gonna take ya all around an' show ya a ton o' stuff." Inez grins at her, then hooks her arm through Gabby's, laughing as she follows along, "If'n there's apples, there's apple cider. Probably warmed up an' spiced this time o' year." She glances around, spotting the cider, marking it so she knows where to steer Gabby next. When they reach the candy apples, Inez pays for two, handing one to Gabby. "Here ya go! Genuine candied apple. I should take ya t' a fair sometime. They got th' -best- crazy food stuff anywhere. None o' it is healthy, at all, but its some o' th' best-tastin' food yer ever gonna eat."

Steering her towards the cider, Inez chuckles, "Can't says I have, but if'n yer playin', I'll damn sure be there t' cheer ya on."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney takes her candied apple only to sink her teeth into it with gusto. Sure, it takes a moment for her to crack through the actual candy and apple part. Surely this will take awhile since it requires a bit of monching and cronching. The juicy apple along with the sweet candy was good enough to earn an eye rolling groan. A thumbs up is earned in approval.

After she manages to gulp it down, and swipe at her mouth with the back of her hand, she pipes up, "Oh yeah it's great. You skate around a rink in a race, but you try to take out the other team while doing it. Like... what was it called?" Her eyes narrow trying to recall. "Bumper cars? Or that one where they race cars and crash into each other? There's different positions to play, like Slammer and Jammer and Striker..." The excited explanation of the game is cut short as she recalls something said earlier. "So whose this person you met that likes to cook?"

Inez Temple has posed:
Grinning as she watches Gabby enjoy the apple, Inez eats on her own with just as much gusto. What's the point if you can't enjoy a treat now and then, right? When they reach the cider vendor, Inez gets them both a cup and smiles at Gabby, "Yer really gonna like this. They put cinnamon an' honey in there. So its gotta a bite, but its sweet, too." Taking a sip from her cup, she starts looking for the next place for them to check out.

Gabby's description has her laughing, "Sounds like fun! I'll definitely come to watch ya play, then. I bet yer team will kick ass." She pauses, then chuckles, "Another o' yer brothers. Jimmy? James Hudson."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney takes the cup when it's offered over with a little eager bounce to her step. She'd heard of this mystical drink. Sure, she could have tried to make some, but that wouldn't be the same. "Thank you, Inez!" She's just taking a sip when her question is answered resulting in a pulled face as the drink goes down wrong.

A small cough or two is all it takes to free her from accidental drowning-by-cider at least. "Oh, Jimmy? Yeah he's nice. Probably the most normal out of us so far as his upbringing goes. I do remember he cooked a decent steak, too, but not as good as dad." Really. Logan has had a few lifetimes to perfect steak.

With a little jut of her lower lip she bemoans, "Everyone's meeting people and I haven't had a date for like, a few years! Gave up a piece of my soul to save him and then I'm 'too good' for him." Of course it wasn't something she was really upset about. Maybe.

Inez Temple has posed:
"Yer welcome, Gabby," Inez smiles towards her, then starts them moving towards the next stall. Gabby's coughing fit has her halting, ready to help, but she gets it under control on her own and leaves Inez chuckling, "I know its good, Gabby, but ya can't breathe it. Not yet anyways. Someday they'll make it happen."

Moving along towards a stall that has a picture of a duck on it, Inez pauses. She looks to Gabby, then shakes her head, "Gabby, I'm thirty years old. An' I've had all of two men in m'life before Jimmy. Th' first one... we dated, it was good, but it weren't nothin' serious. Then there's Wade an'... well, now we're kinda startin' back o'er at square one. Jes' bein' friends. An' I jes' met Jimmy in the last few days. So trust me. There's been loooooooong stretches between men fer me. An' that's okay. Ain't nothin' wrong with jes' enjoyin' life without tryin' t'fit some societal expectation o' findin' love an' all."

Winking, she motions to the duck stall, "Betcha they got feathers, if'n ya wanna get some."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney ponders that a moment or two with a glance down toward her feet. "Yeah, I know. And really it doesn't bother me too much. Just..." Here she shrugs some. "I'm glad to see people are happy though. And that's fine. I mean, not like I'm counting on who's doing what or how many. Just surprised it's Jimmy. He doesn't get out much usually, so far as I know."

She's led along toward the duck stall contemplating it thoughtfully. "Ooh. I don't know what I'd do with feathers but..." Here she gasps quietly. "They got rubber duckies, too!"

Inez Temple has posed:
"Gabby. Lemme tell ya somethin' I had t' learn th' hard way. Ya gotta enjoy bein' by yerself b'fore ya c'n really be part o' a couple. If bein' happy means dependin' on someone else t'validate ya... that ain't healthy, darlin'." Inez reaches down and hoists Gabby up in one arm, holding her at eye level for a moment. "Yer a cute, badass young woman with a lotta time ahead o' ya. Find yerself, then find a boyfriend. Cause trust, any man that wants it t'other way round? He ain' any kinda real man. And I'd hate t' get on yer bad side cause I had to knock some douche's nuts up into his throat fer tryin' t' dog my sister." She flashes a girn and a wink, gives Gabby a hug, then sets her back down.

"T'be honest, I weren't lookin' t'find anyone. I still hadn't even hashed shit out wit' Wade when I ran into Jimmy. But we're clickin' an' I like him." Inez chuckles, "I met 'im at Harry's. He were watchin' a hockey game at th' bar."

She grins, then nudges her, "Pick out th' one ya like. An' feathers c'n be fashion, can't they? We c'n get ya a stylin' hat an' ya c'n pop the feather in it."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney doesn't really try to avoid getting hoisted up that way. She was pick-up-able size after all. She is careful not to spill her drink on Inez or herself though because that would just be a waste. "Oh, I usually do. I mean, usually don't mind being alone. Sorta. Kind of? But I get what you mean. Thanks," she agrees only to grin broadly again as she's set down once more.

Another chomp of the apple is taken, and she leans over glancing around at the various duck sundries. There were indeed some feathers, and some rubber ducks, and carved ducks. Anything duck related one could think of. "I do get the 'not looking to find anyone' thing though. That's how Julian and I met to begin with. We were friends first and then things happened. I think I'm just thinking about it since it was this time of year when everything ended. I'll be fine again in no time."

Plus, well, there were plenty of distractions. Like ducks! "Dunno about a hat but that could be a thing! So long as it's not like, native american and all. Got friends that'd have something to say about it. Oh! That one's nice!" she declares pointing at a carving of a duck with it's neck twisted to the side and wings spread to flap. "Like a guard duck!"

Inez Temple has posed:
"Good. I still think yer doin' a lot better'n I was at yer age. I was still jes' tryin' t'get as far away from where I was from. Didn't matter how. Rodeo was pretty fun, though." Inez chuckles and lifts a shrug. She's not exactly a poster child for responsible living but... she's not some 9-5 schmuck either.

Nodding, she chuckles, "Kinda how Wade an' I fell in. Spent a couple years crossin' paths. Flirtin', jokin'. Helped each other out a few times. He was always real friendly, an' even if he stared alot, he always respected boundaries." She grins at Gabby, 'An' lookit how that turned out. Spent years lookin' fer that owlhoot. Turns out he were right here."

She looks at the carving, then back to Gabby, "Where yer livin'... c'n ya have pets? Like.. are pets allowed?" She still absolutely gets Gabby the carved duck, but there may be an idea brewing.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney squeals with obvious delight at getting the carving. Her apple is half eaten by now, and she knocks back the rest of her cider to free up a hand to carry some of her new goodies. Like the duck. It's going to get tucked beneath an arm to carry around proudly. "Pets? Oh yeah. There's pets at the school. A few cats, a dog or two. And at my other place I hang out at that I can't really talk about there's a cat, Mr. Murder Mittens, and a puppy. Some kind of Egyptian breed dog I dunno he's all legs. The OTHER place I used to hang out I wouldn't bring a pet. They have a tiger. Besides I think they moved house for awhile with everything going on."

There's a pause as Gabby looks to Inez stating very simply, "I know a lot of people. I think Wade and I have the being friendly part in common. The rest of my family, besides Jimmy, is kinda.... grumpy. A lot. But that's okay they're still family."