10276/The Job - Why would they hire these two

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The Job - Why would they hire these two
Date of Scene: 24 February 2022
Location: Location
Synopsis: No description
Cast of Characters: Valerie Killmore, June Connor

Valerie Killmore has posed:
It was late in the evening, or early in the morning, depending on your perspective - a messenger was sent to find the crazy blue haired woman who was on the news trying to explode a bridge in New York. And why? No one knows, but if her other video of randomly killing a man after flashing an entire convenience store was any indication... there wasn't a real reason. She's just got bombs and no sensibilities to not use them.

That said, the negotiations were tough. The McDougal family was looking to off a competitor, who was on some prime real estate in New York on the water's edge. There, they wanted to build an all purpose hotel that fashioned itself as 'criminal-friendly' for business deals, and just those who wanted to flirt with the darker side of life... and had the money to do so. All that was way over Hex's head, in terms of concerns, she was willing to talk though. And that's when the bit of crazy came out, she negotiated from the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars ... up? to a dozen original parts beta max players, and access to a local junkyard filled with nearly demolished cars that were more rust than metal. It was... a steal of a deal, but boy did it take a while to get there, what with the confusion of these more professional business people attempting to negotiate with a crazy person.

Once those negotiations took place though, they introduce Hex to her partner. June. Who had a completely separate and probably different experience in the negotiations, where real money was talked about (though probably less than they'd pay a different professional, looks like they were going cheap).

June's mission? Keep tabs on the terrorist Hex (let her die in a blaze of bombings, or don't let her spill the beans on who hired her), and well, make sure that June got clientele information off the Mansion's mainframe before the burning-it-to-the-ground portion of the mission took place. They let June know that her partner was unaware of this alternative plan and that she should keep it quiet.

At that point, they handed over blueprints of the mansion, with some suggested weak points, as much information as they had on the guards, security, etc (which was outdated but detailed) and let the two take up residence in a waiting room the size of most people's homes. Filled with books, food, coffee, alcohol, some drugs, and gave them a 2 day window to get this complete.

"Alice's Adventures in Wonderland... nope. The Iliad, nope. Ahhh, here we go, Time Magazine's fishing edition." Hex pulls out a rare copy of a magazine, signed, like many things on the shelf, and starts flipping through the pages, "You have any Halibut stories? Or all Salmon?" Hex is standing by a shelf, now flipping through a magazine after having pulled and tossed on the ground multiple rare copies of other books, having created a weird pile up of classic expensive books.

June Connor has posed:
    June isn't exactly top dollar demanding talent. The one thing that is going for her is that she usually knows better than to ask too many questions about her jobs. She stands with her head tilted back. "June, this gotta be the dumbest shit you've tried to pull in a while," she mutters to herself. She stands against the wall, hands half stuck in the pockets of her tight jeans. She brought a pair of hook swords this time. It makes her look like a badass, but they remain sitting against the wall for the moment. Her red sweatshirt hoody is hardly flattering, hanging on her like a bag of potatoes.

    She tilts her head back down. "What the fuck are you even talking about?" she asks. "We're here to download some shit, blow up some shit, and then get out. What the hell does fishing have to do with our job?" she asks with an annoyed grunt.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Hex brought with her an Uzi, it has some pretty elaborate graffiti all over it, some of it scratched into the material, but a lot of it painted on. Much of the iconography that's recognizable is the Cheshire Cat motif, various grins, and such. This with a shoulder strap, but currently placed on a chair. Though she also has on her hip, in a holster modified to fit it, what looks like a sawed off grenade launcher. The classic kind that has a break point to reload, and can fire 1 mini grenade at a time. Though she doesn't seem to be carrying any extra ammo. Her belt has a buckle on it that looks like something out of Steampunk Fashion-R-Us, with all sorts of weird runes inscribed on it, but otherwise fanciful junk. There's also two clatter bombs with her, which are mad maxian styled metal grenade sized things with hot pink yarn bundled up on the side of them, seemingly sticking to the grenade on it's own.

"So, no halibut stories?" She shakes her head and sighs, "Gonna be rough. Never a good sign when someone's all Salmon or Bass." With that she tilts her head to the side, and folds the magazine closed, "Though I bet you are holding back, you look like" she's pointing at you, then bringing her finger to her mouth to tap on her lip as she looks up and off to the side, then is stepping forward to squint and look over June rather closely (should she not step back), "Sting rays, maybe? Is that why you're insulted, because I didn't include Sting rays? I'm sorry, Miss High and Mighty fishing top 10 calendar girl of October 2020. My mistake, I don't often consider them as part of the fishing highlights. So, onto the job. You seem very professional, I think... we should blow up the entire mansion. Good plan?"

June Connor has posed:
    "Sure, sting rays, you pegged me," June answers, not bothering to entertain what insanity might be behind the suggestion. "I mean, there's some expensive shit in there," June says. "I don't care about the mansion, but if we see shit worth somethin'? I vote we take it. Nothing wrong with getting a little extra pay, right?" She picks up the hook swords in one hand. "But remember," she says, pulling the flash drive out with her other hand. "I gotta break into their system first and get the shit we came for before you decide to go all...she makes a circular motion at Hex, "Whatever this is. I like gettin' paid, and I got a few black marks on my record I'd rather not repeat, aight?"

Valerie Killmore has posed:
A snap and a grin, Hex finger guns at June, "Knew it!" In response to the Stingray comment. "And a girl after my own heart. Exactly what I was thinking. I bet a mansion like this has a large selection of flatware, there's probably some antique ones, they have the best curves, and a lot of silver content to help with thermodynamics." She offers, before she squints a little and nods her head slowly about the flash drive conversation, "Are you thinking they have some kind of extra legal porn on their computers? Good thinking. We could download that, and watch it later, with some popcorn. I'm down. Though we're moving really fast, so I'd want you to know, I've already got someone I'm interested in, but there's nothing wrong with friends watching porn together. Especially if it's weird illegal shit." With that though she shrugs a bit at the last comment, "Records are for breaking, the pieces usually make good shrapnel. I'm in."

June Connor has posed:
    Beat. June just nods. "Right," she says with a deadpan. "So. Your crazy? It's like at twelve right now. Think we can scale it back to around a two?" She puts the flash drive back in her pocket. "I'll get in, I'll get the shit off the computer. You can be a distraction if he decides to earn his pay." That shouldn't be hard, June figures. "Window's opening, recon says that the guy who comes on third shift usually fucks around for like twenty minutes before he actually checks on anything. Be in like fifteen minutes, we better get movin'. After I'm not IN the building, you can blow everything up if it fancies you."

Valerie Killmore has posed:
"Riiiiiiiiiiiiight." Hex nods her head a few more times, looking right at June, staring in fact, and then says, "Yep. I'm crazy good at fishing. I just - lob some dynamite into a reserve, and bam. Fish for days. Not sure why they don't feature more bomb fishing in these magazines, I talked to the guy at the tackle shop, and would you believe it. He was all out of fuses, so I asked if he had any guitars. He said, only at his home. So, I asked him for his address... the fucker wouldn't give it to me." Then she pauses, and looks over at her Uzi, "Shut it. You are ruining the story." Then back to June, she grins big, "Long story short. I got myself some guitar strings, and a toaster. It was a good day."

"And right, in fifteen minutes. Blow everything up in a fancy way. Got it. You ready? I'm ready, you look ready, you have one of those... serious faces. It's really disrupting the vibe... do you like music? Of course you do, everyone likes music. Let's see..." She pulls up a phone that's too big for pockets, and was just dangling on a metal chain, this phone is a weird mix of a big camera lens, some extra metal parts, and a really gorgeous screen. She's flipping through some stuff then hits play, <<Are you, are you coming to the tree?>> Starts a melodic man's voice, The Hanging Tree by Peter Hollens starts playing.

June Connor has posed:
    June sighs. "All right, I guess we do this," she says. She makes her way to the door, and doesn't hold it for Hex as she goes through it. She makes her way down the street, not waiting to see if Hex follows as she plods for the subway.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
Travel time. Hex follows after June, picking up her beloved uzi before she goes, throwing that over her shoulder, and trapsing after June. This will be a good solid place to blow something up. Away from the city, away from lots of other houses or things that could cause a massive fire. Just a nice place ran by a different criminal organization. Once on the subway, Hex asks, "Is there a domway? You ever wonder that?" Openly carrying her weapons onto a subway train, though she doesn't pay for a ticket either, just hopping over the person counter, and striding right onto the train. Maybe others on the train are thinking she's just some cosplayer or other anime type weirdo and her weapons are fake?

June Connor has posed:
    June didn't pay for a ticket either, and her own weapons on display certainly are likely to dissuade anyone from messing with them on the subway. "Okay, so like, you aren't gonna go postal and blow my ass away are you?" she asks. "Because honestly, I'm kinda worried that you're high as shit. Are you high as shit?" she asks.

Valerie Killmore has posed:
On the subway, Hex takes a seat, and then turns to the side, and kicks her feet up on the top of the seat, while laying out on a few seats. You know, the way you do if you want some kind of disease, "High? Never. I don't do drugs, not that I'd yuck someone's yum, but I find those things make my head go..." She rolls her eyes around and around, as she wiggles a finger around in a circle pointed at her head, doing the universal symbol for cartoon crazy. "I'd never go postal, I don't like the uniforms. Or any uniforms, that kind of oppression against creative... it..." She clenches her hands, and shakes her head, "It's like when someone tells you, don't mix those chemicals, you don't know what you are doing, you will kill us all! Oh, really? I'm still alive. Liar!" She screams it in the subway, and then breathes a bit more regularly, slowing it down, calming herself as a consequence.