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Odd Debts
Date of Scene: 28 February 2022
Location: X-Lounge
Synopsis: Rogue introduces Remy to one of HER shady underworld friends. He's not the only one out there movin' and groovin'.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had gotten a call a little while ago, and with Remy at her side, she'd gone out to her red truck and together they drove in to Manhattan.

About an hour later they are standing outside a door in an alleyway and the Belle is looking at her phone, then looking up to Remy. "This guy is a little weird, but he's fun, and I think you'll like him." She says.

Dressed in her leather bomber jacket, jeans and a hoodie under the jacket, Rogue's hair is loose about her shoulders, and she's walking back and forth on boots that go up to her knees.

"His name is Stanley Little. But... don't linger on the last name... too much." She warns the Cajun, as a car pulls up to the mouth of the alley and starts to slowly roll toward the two of them.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Anything to get out of the mansion is a good enough reason fro Remy. He's starting to go stir crazy, even with Rogue's company. He's use to coming and going as he wish, but with his injuries still healing, that's not as easy as it use to be. ROGUE HAS HAWK EYES...

So when she says they're going to Manhattan, he's dresse din his usual lazy outfit: t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, and his ever present brown leather jacket and waiting for her in the car. Drumming his hands on the dash as they make their way towards the little alley to some song on the radio! He's like a puppy excited to go for a walk!

Once they're in the alley, he stands with her, hands buried in his pockets, and smirks at the fellow shows up.. "I'll do my best, eh?" inclining his head in greeting to Stanley Little. "What we doing here, Chere? You aint trying to sell me to kidnappers are you?"

Rogue has posed:
As the old sedan pulls in closer, Rogue walks over to Remy, sidling up nice and close as she gets up on her tip toes to peck at his stubble covered cheek. "Not a chance." She says seductively at the Cajun before she turns back to face the vehicle, as it shuts off its headlights.

"This guy owes me money." She says then, in a rare case of a situation that almost seems like it should be happening to Remy, not Rogue.

The driver door opens up, and a pair of feet step out on to the ground, but... there's no visible body or head...

The door slams shut, and there he is, Stanely Little. And yes, he's very little. Wearing a dark blue suit and black shirt under it, the little man takes his cigar out of his bearded face and puffs out some smoke. He waddles / walks over to the two and looks up at the much taller pair.

Another puff of his cigar is head. He nods to Rogue. "Anna." He says.

Then his eyes go to Remy. "You the boyfriend, huh?" He asks in his slightly high pitched voice. He doesn't seem to like Remy. "I've been trying to get your girl to be my 'side piece' for months. She's a good dame, turns me down every time..."

Rogue rolls her eyes. "Don't be rude, Stilts." She calls him by his 'street name'. She motions to Gambit then. "this is Remy. He's your kinda guy, you'd be wise to make him a friend." She casually advises the little man.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Well that's an interesting detail...

Remy raises a brow and glances over at Rogue with no small amount of surprise and curiosity at the notion she might be owed money by someone. "When you get in da racket, eh?" One black/red eye winks at her, grin slipping back into place long before 'Stilts' is close enough to have ever seen his look of shock.

"Some like dis is never da side piece, mon ami." Jutting his head towards the multi-colored haired woman beside him. "She da cream de la crop, ses pa?" With his hands in his pockets, he pulls his coat open in a facsimile of a shrug.

"Ahh she too kind, no? I just know a few people, is all. No'ting big." Very casual, very modest. Very charming!


"So what dis about money, you have open books you looking to close?"

Rogue has posed:
Stilts puffs on his cigar again as Remy speaks up, his eyes going from Rogue back over to the Cajun. He smirks as Remy speaks. "Louisiana man, huh? I can respect that. Lots of good games to get in to down there in the bayou...." The little man says as he starts toward the doorway in the alley. "Money, money, money..." He says while digging keys out of his tiny pants. "As it so happens, your boy Stanley ran in to a bit of good luck recently. Which means, the Dear Anna here gets her due."

He says all of this while using the keys on the ring to open up a few locks on the door. Then he grabs the handle and yanks the old metal thing open. "Come on in to my office." He tells the couple while waddling in to the dark doorway...

The lights come on a few moments later, and show a small warehouse filled with all kinds of thing, boxes lining it up and down, some holding furniture for living rooms, bedrooms and kitchens, others having game tables, and even machine parts.

Stanley pushes aside some pink flamingos and walks under a bunch of balloons in a bag.

"Don't mind the mess. I got jobs coming outta my ears lately!" The suited little person says while scurrying along toward another doorway across the small warehouse.

Rogue glances to Remy, shows him a smile as they walk. "I ran in to Stan while doing my patrols around the city. He was in a bit of trouble, getting himself shaken down by some thugs. I intervened, and he offered to help me make a bit of cash if I went to some events with him to distract his competitors." She smiles softly again. "It was while you were out of town. I was bored." She further explains.

"That's right, Mister Bayou. Your lady friend here is pretty good at distractin' folks, if you hadn't noticed..." Stilts says as he flicks the lights on in a fairly large office, for a fairly small man...

Remy LeBeau has posed:
It wasn't any secret to Remy that Rogue had a shady side. There was a reason the two of them worked so well, but this was pretty impressive... The Cajun walks through the warehouse behind Stilts nodding appreciative of the rows of boxes, never once bringing his hands out of the pockets of his coat. He knows a stash house when he sees one, things that have fallen off a few trucks but aren't exactly 'stolen', so much as 'paid for very cheapy after market'.

"Oh, I know dat.. One of her many talents." Bayou says with a smirk, not commenting on all the games he may or may not have been involved in down in the Bayou. Trailing a step to shake his head at Rogue, still wearing his charismatic grin. "Look't you, trying to show me up.." He murmurs playfully and nudges her with his shoulder.

They enter the office and Remy is looking for a seat. "So, dis a distribution center? I assume you have a fleet of trucks.. drivers on union paychecks working for da teamsters.. About thirty, fourty jobs right here in dis building alone." All of them very seedy and 'under the table'.

"You looking for partners?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue joins Remy in the office and sits beside him in front of Stan's desk. She opens her hoodie up with a unzip rustle, her black tanktop underneath somewhat visible now, since its pretty warm in the warehouse and office.

Stanley has his back to the pair now, behind his desk he's rustling around some boxes and revealing a wall safe. He starts to open it before he pauses and looks back to Remy.

"You know your stuff." He says then, a clear indication of considering the Cajun a little more deeply. "And here I thought you were just an underwear model, or something." He smirks before going back to the lock on the safe.

"My business is finally taking off. I'm finally making a profit, and my god damn wife can finally shut the hell up, cause ol' Stanley is buyin' her the fur coats she's dreamed about!" He says in a bolsterous tone of happiness.

Once the safe is open, he pushes some boxes around, opens some black zipper bags, and then takes out some stacks of cash. He closes the safe up, re locks, and shuts the wall to cover it up.

"Here we go..." Stilts says as he approaches his desk then and crawls up in to the chair.

Squeaky, squeaky, squeak. The little man rolls up to his desk and then drops two stacks of cash on the top, before pushing it as far over toward them as his stubby arms will reach.

"Five grand. Exactly what I owed ya, Doll." He tells Rogue, who smiles brightly, and then looks over to Remy. "Sittin' at a few game tables, in a sparkly dress, earns ya a big pay out, apparently." She tells him before looking back to Stilts.

"I'll be honest, Stilty. I never really expected ya t'come through on this offer."

Stilts leans back in his chair and goes back to his cigar. Puff puff puff.

"Stick with me, Beautiful, and you and your alligator friend here will see far more than just that fat stack there..."

Rogue leans forward to take the two stacks, she offers one to Remy as she flips through the other in her dark green gloved hands.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
The whole thing is incredibly amusing to Remy. Not specifically because Rogue is involved, she has always proven rather resourceful and can turn even a rotten apple into a pie worth eating, but because of how the little man plays his cards so open. It's clear that whoever was at the gaming table, they weren't like the Cajun.. or those stacks would be a lot smaller.

"Por que no los dos?" Remy asks in spanish, grin creasing the corners of his eyes when Stanley says he thought he might be an underwear model. "Modeling is a good cover for large amounts of unaccounted for money coming in." The stak handed to him is taken, hands finally coming out of his coat pockets to thumb across the corner to fan the bills rapidly.

Then something more practiced, but every bit as dexterious. He can count money almost as well as he can count cards. The ol scoundrel that he is...

"So dats your business? Card hustles using beautiful woman as distraction?" Feeling him out, getting a gauge of just how deep the grubby mans wallet sits in his pocket.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue doesn't have the money counting skills that Remy has, but she gives the money a once over in her own hand before she stuffs it in to the inside pocket on her jacket. Apparently she is entirely fine with Remy taking the other half. They're a duo after all.

"That's ONE side of it." Stilts says from his chair, looking almost like a child in the big backed office chair. "But really, it's just an excuse to get outta the house, and away from the money monster wife of mine..." the 'Little' gangster says as he reaches forward to put his cigar in the glass ash tray upon the desk's surface. "Side hustle. Side piece." He motions to himself, then to Rogue. But he is quick to add. "One can dream for the last part, anyway." She says with a big grin.

Rogue smirks once more before she crosses her legs, and just puts her hands on the arm rests of the chair.

"So, Remy was it?" Stilts asks, his forearms crossing on the edge of his desk, his eyes locked on the Cajun's now. "You got a mean ass stare, I like it. How'd you like to represent me in the card gaming world? You know much about poker?" Stilts asks, which gets a light and little laugh out of Rogue.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"A little." Remy answers the question with a shrug, casual as he sits back to slip the other stack of bills inside his coats inner pocket. A place of mystery where there could be anything from stolen watches to the ashes of an ancient vampire in a little glass vial. WHO KNOWS?! The Cajun knows.

He smirks over at Rogue's chuckle, then looks back to Stanley, lounging very lazily in the chair with his long fingers laced together for a second. If the talk of Rogue being a 'side piece' bothers him, he's truly a master of bluffing because it doesn't show on his stubbled face in the slightest.

"Depend on how fair you want dis representation to be, ses pa? I been known to... uh... turn a card." A glance to Rogue, chin puffing, shoulders slouching in a shrug of amusement.

"So you get me in on high stack tables and I hustle dem? Dat da angle you play?"

Rogue has posed:
"That's the angle I'm hopin' for, Mister Bayou." Stilts responds. "Your lovely lady here said that she had some 'friends' who were good with cards. I'm assuming that's why she brought you here tonight. Not just to drive me wild with jealousy." He grins big at Remy. He's kind of a sleeze, but with a glimmer of gold in there somewhere too?

"Look. You see my shipping warehouse out there. I'm getting busier, but the card game is a good one. IT's gettin' better and better around town too. People are in to underground games again. People love the high stakes of it, the thrill of the win. I think there's a bit of a revolution against 'screens' going on in our modern world. People are sick of staring at them, and want to stare in to the eyes of a person they wanna take all their money from."

Stanley laughs softly at this before he nods between the two of them.

"So if you're a card man, and your fine lady Anna-Marie here is your muscle... and arm candy... I can see the two of you helping ol' Stanley out some. Making money for the whole lot of us, while helping spread the word that Stanley's got quite the crew workin' for him... ya dig?"

Rogue raises her dark brows up a little as she looks from Stilts, over to the Cajun. She has a light smile on her dusky red hued lips as her right hand comes up to brush her white bangs aside from her face. "Weekend games, I assume?" She asks as she looks back at Stanley. "You know we work at a school right? We're upstandin' citizens. Unlike the types you normally run around with..."

Stilts looks offended by this comment, or fakes it at least. "Anna... dear sweet, Anna. My friends are entirely upstanding. Until we clean'em out, and they fall over with heart attacks." He starts laughing again then. "And the game times are random. Weekends are common, but sometimes a big game crops up at any given moment! You understand..." He nods to Remy then, apparently thinking they might have a kinship in this kind of affair now.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"No, no I know da the score.." Remy nods with a raised brow, still lounging out lazily in the chair across from Stanley. He looks like he's never done an honest day of work in his life! Which is exactly the image he spends so much time cultivating. Rogue can attest, he's like a woman with his appearance. It's a lot of work to look this all comes naturally!

His grin widens a scant bit, "Alright, Stanley.. I am a card man.. your card man." He points across the table with a hand lifting up off the arm of the chair, "You set up da game, get me at da table, and I'll clear dim out.. Everyone say 'oh dat Stilts, he found da best shark in da sea of mennows.'.." His black/red eyes turn to Rogue, reaching over to squeeze her arm. Careful about where he places his hands when he's giving her 'surprise' affection.

"Betwinx da two of us, you have stacks of bills you could build a house on." Whistle point to the ceiling, "And make a maze for your wife to walk through until she find a diamond in da center big enough to use as a paperweight."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just smiles at the two of them getting along pretty much how she assumed they would. There was the worry that Stilts' overt 'macho' behavior toward her might cause issues, and maybe someday it will!

"That sounds perfect, Mister Bayou-- which I think is a perfect street name for you in these kinda spheres." Stilts laughs a little. "And you got the Misses pegged, to be sure. She is a homebody. Not the kinda dame that likes to go to card games, like your fine fair maiden here." He states with a little motion toward Rogue again. "Make sure to take her with you though, she's gotten quite a fan base amongst some of the regulars..."

"Don't talk about me in the third person, Stilts. I'm right here." Rogue responds in her husky dusky voice.

"Oh, I know you are, Babe." Stilts says as he leans back in his chair with a smile, picking up his cigar again off the edge of his desk. "This sounds like the start of a mutually beneficial friendship." He says around the stogey.

Puff puff puff.

"Now you two crazy kids get out there and spend that dough. Live it up while you're young, and beautiful. Go make some regrets." He says with a hand motion. "I'll let ya know when the next big game is up. I think we got one on a yacht brewin' up in fact, if the port authority doesn't fuck it all up..."

Rogue starts to stand then and adjusts her jacket on her shoulders, smirking at Stan before she smiles to Remy.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
It definitely will eventually.

Remy has a lot of patience for sleezy boss hogs, but even his endless supply will eventually run thin. Someone who knows him, someone like Rogue for instance, can already see the tank is going dry. But he weathers the storm with a grin and pats the table with the flat of his palm. A little harder than maybe he needs to because sudden sharp noises have a way of drawing attention suddenly and sharply.

He points across said table at Stanley, "Look forward to it." One red/black eye winking at him as he holds his hand down to help Rogue up from her seat. "Give your misses my best, eh? And don't forget to call us when you arrange da game."

Once they're headed back out of the warehouse, he raises a brow fully to Rogue, "You never cease to amaze..." He thumbs at the office just incase she's unsure what he means. "Pleasantly... but I am almost certainly going to punch him eventually.. But I tink you like to see it, you minx you."

Rogue has posed:
Once they are stepping back out in to the alley, Rogue turns to face Remy and leans up against him. She is all smiles. "He gets punched all the time, its why his nose is crooked." She says with a little laugh. "Five graaaand." She says then as she pats his chest with her gloved hands.

Her right then goes down to take hold of his left. "Come on, lets go hit up some fancy stores. I wanna spend this mooooney." She says with a little skip to her step now as she leads him back toward the mouth of the alley where she'd parked her truck.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy fishes the stack out of the inside of his coat and thumbs through it with a low whistle. "Well, I suppose I could use some new clothes..." Waving it at her a few times, he gently boops her on the end of the nose then tosses it down into the center console.

"Sky da limit, chere. We go buy expensive tings! Maybe bring back some fancy electronics for da kids?" Leave to Remy to know where they could find some 'after market' stuff that is actually 'top of the line'. "Pretty proud of you, ya know dat?" Rolling his head to look at her.

Knee up against the glovebox. "And thanks... for getting me out of da mansion." He nods and grins, "Was going crazy."