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Xaviers: Spring Break Volleyball
Date of Scene: 05 March 2022
Location: Back Yard
Synopsis: ROGUE WINS AGAIN! The others are pretty great too tho.
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Emma Frost, Jimmy Hudson, Remy LeBeau, Inez Temple, Tabitha Smith, Kitty Pryde, Jean Grey, Gabby Kinney

Rogue has posed:
Being that the weather is getting a wee bit nicer outside, and that its the official start of Spring Break for this part of the world, a nice little get together has been... put together... in the backyard of Xaviers. Those students who were going home for the break, had all but mostly been whisked away by taxies, ubers, and / or parents and guardians. The 90% of the school that is left behind, because they're sad pathetic saps, is still here for the break!

Thusly there is music, and food, and some games setup outside. The boats are even out of the boathouse docks, and some people are out on the water messing around like young people should!

Near the in-between areas of the lake, and backyard, is a volleyball net setup, and this is where Rogue is stationed. Wearing a pair of denim shorts, and tennis shoes, she's got a bikini on, but its covered up mostly by a hoodie that she has only zipped up about an inch, with the sleeves pushed up to her shoulders. Atop her head she wears a dark camo bandana that is tied back behind her head, keeping her wild hair somewhat at-bay. Her eyes are covered by sunglasses, and she's standing by a table in the yard that has some music playing, and foods and drinks set upon it. The same sandwich shop that catered the party in Jean's jacuzzi, as a matter of fact, was re-invited to this shindig too!

Rogue is pouring herself a drink, while holding the white and black volley ball between her bare knees as she stands there, caaaaarefully pouring drink from bottle in to cup with ice!

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost has gone there to enjoy herself. She did promise after all.. So she's there, and is wearing something that is the standard level of indecency for Emma. It consists of a pseudo-slingshot style outfit, with the top end of it curved like the cups of a bikini, and a slingshot style going down over her stomach and back to terminate over in a very tight set of bottoms that would be designed to give nosebleeds to quite a few (https://www.deviantart.com/sailmaster-seion/art/Emma-Frost-s-Swimsuit-381345425).

Emma has on a set of fashionable sunglasses, far too high heels despite the sceanrio of this being outside along the backyard, and a pale sarong thrown over her hips as she would carry a goblet of wine.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Anyone actually know the rules of volleyball?" Is the question asked as the tall man in the Toronto Raptors baseball cap spins the aforementioned athletic equipment on the end of one finger even as he sidles up to the edge of it, near that table Rogue has set up shop. He's barefoot for the moment and wearing loose black basketball long shorts and a white 'Property of Xavier's Athletic Department' t-shirt.
    "I know it's supposed ta be mah job n'all," What with the phys. ed. teacherness of the man, "But I could never remember much about it other than bop it so it doesn't hit the ground on yer side,"
    Which is as much as one can really ask of such a man so challenged by his efforts in maintaining the school. Or at least some of the yardwork.
    In his other hand, however, he has a beer. That is now empty, and leads him to wandering over in the direction of the picnic table if only to find the bin.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is here, obviously. A bunch of free food, drinks, and half naked people walking around? Yeah, this is exactly Remy's kind of party. It reminds him of his bachelor party, where they played poker and talked about what they wanted to be when they grew up. Since, ya know, he got married when he was 17.

But now he is a very wise adult!

Doing very wise things.

Like strolling around in a silky rainbow colored speedo.

His hair is tied back into one of those douche-knots that is popular amongst the douches right now. And he's jogging towards the volley-ball court, headed towards Rogue. Once at her side, he slaps at the back of the volleyball which is no doubt locked between her knees like the Declaration of Independence.

Inez Temple has posed:
Inez shows up a little late to the party, but she's prepared! Or at least, appropriately dressed. She's traded the usual skirt for a pair of tiny Daisy Dukes and the cropped vest for a bright blue bikini top that struggles to do it's job. Trademark Stetson on her head and spurred boots on her feet, she wanders her way around towards the back yard until she's stopped!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The weather is actually warm. Which means Tabby can actually enjoy more choice in what she wears. This of course means a little more skin as she comes out from the dorm building. Thankfully she was able to actually track down the guys with the healing powers. So no more busted and bruised body she was really only game to show off when in the privacy of a crowded bathroom.

The pink bikini is back but she is also covering it somewhat with a yellow tank top with the Xavier Institure emblem on it in it's red circular X-men ish glory, cut off to let that midriff show while she abuses an old pair of red cutoffs with a broken top button and a black leather belt with metal spikes and the X-men emblem as the buckle. Yellow chucks for now keep the woman's feet nice and dry for now.

Grabbing a drink of her own she gives the more scantily clad Emma and Remy winks while she slips behind Rogue and hooks out the volley ball from between her knees with a small lean and a maniacal laugh.

To Hudon, tabby laughs and throws the volleyball at the PE teacher. "I figure bop the ball around inside the boundaries and try and make it bounce in the other sides or make them boop it out of bounds. How hard is that? We could just play dodgeball but that'll break No Powers with the first throw!" she says and adjusts her red cat eye sunglasses on her nose.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Somewhere in the distance an instrument plays a haunting Western song, and a tumbleweed blows past. Or at least that's how Kitty Pryde likes to imagine it as she approaches the backyard, on the back of a horse. She has on a bikini but with shorts overtop of it, and a feminine cowboy hat. A pair of mirrored sunglasses reflect back whoever looks her way. Except for Jubilee, because, reflection.

The horse, Chestnut, moseys on up to gathering. "Howdy pardners," Kitty says around the bit of grass that she's picked somewhere and is sucking on the stem of. "I heard there were going to be... festivities," she says, glancing around at everyone and flashing grins to friends.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Its kind of like tennis," Jean calls helpfully, from the sidelines. "You know, where one side serves, and you're trying to make it hit the ground on your opponent's side. And each side can hit it... I think 3 times? The last time it has to go back over or that's a point against you. And you can't touch the net and... some other things." OK, call it 'semi-helpfully,' maybe.

Notably, she is not out there with them yet, perhaps intimidated by Rogue's militaristic appearance and game-ready demeanor! It's no longer ice skating season so the rivalry has diluted, some. Indeed, she's propped up on a lawn chair, and like Emma, has wine. And a sandwich! Unlike Emma, she is wearing some actual clothes! The weight of being an authority figure for adolescent students. Also, being a native to the area, she maintains a healthy skeptisicm about the weather staying warm in this particular month, when it is just as happy to be shorts weather one day and snow the next. Still, she's casual: a baby yellow crop t-shirt (with dark racerback straps visible at the back of her neck, so she too has some kind of backup garment!), denim shorts, flip-flops. She sips, the watches.

Until... Kitty rides up on a horse. This is an unexpected one, even in the land of the unexpected that is their crazy school. "Is it... talk like a cowboy day and you just took it a step further? Is that even a day? It's hard to keep track."

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance over at Jean Grey, "You hit the ball back and forth and try to make sure it lands on the ground for the other team, and stays within the zone where the lines are." Emma's familiar with tennis and croquet. Volleyball is one of thsoe things they do for PE and never touch again unless it'ss pring break and everyone is intoxicated.

Emma would smile at Jean, "And dear, you can stand to enjoy yourself some. Just do relax.>" As Inez and Kitty arrive, Emma would laugh at the duo, "And here I thought if anything that would be reversed." She would raise her glass to the two in a salute.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Dodgeball's more mah speed," Jimmy says in Jean's direction, nose crinkling slightly as he drops one volleyball... only to then catch another that's hurled his direction with a /whumf/ of impact from Tabby. But then he thumps that other ball onto the picnic table and strolls on around to the cooler, fishing around in the ice for another beer.
    "You sure they can boink it up three times? Mebbe four? See, complicated." That said he acquires his beer then proceeds to look upon the others near. "Hnh," As he espies Inez and her moseying amongst other folks doing likewise.
    Raising a beer he calls out, "Hey darlin', you thirsty?" Holding up that drink and waggling it slightly as if to indicate what he's talking about being it indeed. "Seems like we have a preponderance of country gals." A glance given to the horse and its rider now present.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue finishes pouring her drink, then sips it as she looks over to Remy before she listens to the explanations about the rules of the vball. "Three times, is right... I think." She says to Jean's words before she smirks at Kitty riding in on a horse. "Look at you, tryin' t'leave droppin's on the side'a the field that you're not playin' on. Nice tactics, Pryde." She shoots back to her friend.

Her cup is set aside, and she reaches down to pick up the ball from 'tween her thighs, then spins it and tosses it to Remy.

"Okay, so who wants to go on which team? Shirts vee Skins?" Rogue asks with a big grin as some of the kids are running by and shouting 'Ewwww!' when they over hear that.

Rogue waves a hand in their direction then takes the north side of the volleyball court as her own chosen side! "Lets do this!"

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde pats Chestnut's neck and replies to Jean, "It's always talk like a cowboy day when on a horse." She gives a little flick of the reins, Chestnut turning to walk over beneath some trees where Kitty dismounts. She ties the reins into a branch and then digs in the pocket of her shorts, pulling out a carrot which she feeds the horse, while rubbing his nose and neck. Only when he's been seen to does she turn back to the others, heading over to join them.

The young woman makes a stop off for a drink, opening it up and taking a sip, before setting it off to the side where it should be safely out of the way, and heading out onto the court.

Inez Temple has posed:
Inez offers a tip of the hat and a smile towards Tabby, that's a familiar face. The other one calls her out and has her offering a broad smile and lifting a wave, "Hell yeah! Beer me, Jimmy!" Heading towards him, she's halted briefly by Jean's comment, letting out a small chuckle and tipping her heat, "Some o' us come by th' accent honest, ma'am. Harlingen, Texas. Born an' raised." Then she's letting out a whistle for the horse Kitty rode in on, "Nice geldin'. That a Quarterhorse, or mebbe a Tennessee Walker?"

She finally reaches Jimmy and offers him a kiss to his cheek as she swipes the drink from his hand with a wink. "Thank ya, kindly."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha starts working on her drink and just rolls her eyes. "Isn't all that what I just said. If there's real rules it's probably like boring stuff about positions and apparently how tiny an outfit us women have to wear in organised competition." she states and looks down at herself, flagrantly wearing too much for the olympics.  

Headingfor the side opposite Rogue the blonde finishes her drink fast and covers hher mouth to stifle a little burp before stretching herself out on the spot and then shaking things out with a bounce on the spot.

"All us and our Southern Charms. "Kitty, there are rich snobby girls out there who would be appalled in an upperclass english equestrian accent. Just sooo ashamed!" she says and face said British accent.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would click her tongue, "Why of course." To Tabitha, moving to chuckle over. "I suppose that for those of us who are showing skin.." Namely her. She would however no matter how the division of teams was supposed to go join up and over on Rogue's side. Because, Rogue's side was always the best one. However her rpesence might also rally some of those that on occasion had reasoning to be readily irritable with the occasional guest lecturer at the school to be the glorious blonde oppoistion

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "I'll referee since I'm the only one that can be trusted in this crowd of ne'er-do-wells." Which is then punctuated by the tink of the bottle cap clinking off as Jimmy rounds and takes a draw from it. He leans back against the table and scrunches one eye up, pointing with the beer. "This is roughly centerline." Where he's lounging at the table.
    Then he, of course, turns to instantly point at Rogue and says, "Your serve will be out." Even before the game's started. Very impartial.
    When Inez strolls on up and she gets a beer that's fresh from the cooler even as he leans in to return the kiss on the cheek. "Hey, Inez." A moment of a half-grin then he's giving a nod to the game. Then he quirks an eyebrow, "You should play. Show 'em how it's done."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"And is notably the only game for which dey do not do steroid testing." Remy picks a potato chip out of the bowl and crunches it while mixing himself up a drink in a solo cup. A little ice, a little bit of alcohol that may or may not be on the table, a little soda for flavor. Swish swish swish, sip.

"Mostly because dere only, at most, four professional volley-ball players in da WORLD. Very small competative market. When dey send out scouts, their criteria Make sure dey have a pulse." Another sip, another chip.

"Ah, three times." The Cajun sets down his cup and catches the ball. Which he swirls around his back and tosses up to spin on an extended finger, "So it like da beatleguise of sports."

Jean Grey has posed:
"Its three," Jean repeats, with certainty when her knowledge is questioned! "Usually its... the one person scrambles or dives to block it as it comes over from the other team, which is kinda hectic, so then the next person kinda lobs it up, slower and easier, so that the last person can SLAM it across to score. But then, you know, sometimes you gotta mix that up or fake how you're doing it, because you don't want the other team to be ready for you. You don't HAVE to hit it three times, either, so they can totally just jump up and block it and tip it back over if you're not paying attention.""

See? Expertise. Notably, she's not yet moved from the sidelines. Maybe she's trying to weasel her way out of things!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue offers Emma a big smile as she is joined on her side, then puts her hands upon her hips as she eyes the others gathering across from them. "I see how it is." She says to ALL of them before she looks then to Jean. "Get up, get over here." She tells the HEADMISTRESS, or we're doin' a one on one match later." She says with a ever-competitive grin.

Her eyes go to Kitty then and she smirks at the horse-girl.

"Is Remy tellin' the truth about there bein' so few volley ballers, Miss Kitty?" She inquires then. "If so ya better get on my side t'spike on him."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde confirms to Inez, "Quarterhorse. I don't know if you've taken any of the horses out, but they always are happy to get more exercise. Well, unless they had to carry Piotr or James recently." She takes another sip of her drink and then looks at the two teams.

She heads over to join Rogue's team. "I figure this team is more likely to dance about and 'in your face!' after a point," she says of her decision.

Kitty gives a little scoff. "I got to see Karch Kiraly in person onetime, when he played at the Chicago open. Rogue he's like... well, take Remy and just sort of, put him in a scanner and then enlarge him all directions. Shoulders and arms and chest and... mmmm," she says. Her eyes are twinkling though, clearly intending it as humor aimed at the Cajun.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Soo, we adding any extra Spring Break rules. Like team that gives up a poinbt takes a drink?" Boomie asks with a grin and a chuckle as she dashes back to the cooler to crack open and chug another beer super fast. Gotta keep that energy up.

"Remy. I imagine that Volleyball scouting is just a bullshit excuse to watch coeds do what, well us ladies are about to do. We just happen to be in waaaaaay better shape. Lives of danger and adventure burn more calories than doing laps. I've done math. And cleared out all the cold cuts in the sub-basement lounge!" she declares.

Once she she's done with her litle warm up, the only slightly more dressed blonde stares down her opponents. "You guys take dives for bribes?" she asks the two women that Tabby has set herself against. Even Kitty gets boncing eyebrows. "Doesn't bouncing a vollyball of Emma's gorgeous but smug mug appeal at all? Same with Rogue's. No spiking the ball so hard it pops on us either!" she yells out across the impromptu court!

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would smile slyly at Rogue, "Yes, darling." She would smile over at Jean while crossing her arms and then grin over at the approach of Kitty. Looking over at Kitty's particular monologue and going over and chuckling, "Why, I never knew that you thought of him that way. Perhaps you'll have a chance after all here if you impress him?" She would muse over and then shrug at Tabitha.

"Perhaps. So does that mean you're going to be participating or not?" She would smirk, flicking her hair back over like one of said 'girls' would.

Inez Temple has posed:
Inez glances to Jimmy and lifts a brow, "Darlin', I ain't ever played volleyball in m'life." Letting out a laugh, she shakes her head and looks towards Rogue, "If'n y'all end up one short, I c'n join in, but I ain't got a single clue how this game is played." THen she's grinning towards Kitty, "I ain't one o' th' residents, but I'd be happy t'take one out fer a ride here an' there when I visit."

She flicks a glance back to Jimmy and offers him one of those 'I will get you for this!' smiles. Ahh, revenge!

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Sounds like with four though..." Jimmy says with that easy drawl as he smiles wryly in Inez's direction then back on over to Jean, "Would allow more artistic freedom. And considering the abilities of some of us folks..." His lips twist a little into a wry half smile.
    Then he drinks a bit more.
    Which is the point he winks at Inez and pushes up and off the table, strolling over to take up a decent place by the net and resting a hand on it. So he'll at least be able to put up a more believable semblance of judging the coming contest.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean makes a pbbbbt sort of sound. "You got six out there!" she calls back at Rogue. Her posture is almost aggressively relaxed. LOOK AT ME AND HOW MUCH I AM NOT GETTING UP THERE TO SWEAT AND BOUNCE AROUND, it seems to say. She has snacks and booze!

And being that she is so aggressively being passive about things, she looks over to Jimmy, the declared referee. "Yeah, it's another reason I'm sitting out. No matter what I did, no matter HOW well I played, Rogue would just claim I was cheating anyway. Because, you know, there's absolutely no way to tell."

And because she totally does!

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney trudges along toward the backyard carrying her own little unfoldable lawn chair tucked under her arm. She's got shorts on, and a floral shirt that looks very 'Hawaiian' in origin. It was at least something different than her usual leggings and cat-themed laser rainbow shirts. The lawn chair is plopped down somewhere decent showing it was perhaps a little... undersized for regular use. PERFECT for her. With that she plops down into it, tugs a pair of mirrored sunglasses down over her eyes that were perched atop her head, and she just sits back to watch.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Hey now, I'm standin' right here, Ms. Kitty. Even us smaller, but well defined, young aults have feelings." There's a brief pause, "They're all musicians and drug addicts... but dey have feelings." Remy catches the ball in both hands, peering around at who has taken up residence on his side of the net.. With a temproary stop to point the ball at Tabitha, "Exactly. Volley-ball created for people who want to play Tennis, but also want to wear less clothes. A sort of... pornographic Andre Agassi."

Alas, it's time to put money where the mouth is. Remy heads back to the left corner of his side of the court and stretches, leaning back until he's all limbered and ready while everyone else does like nine different things in the span of time it takes him to do just this one.

"I'll go easy on you. I sleep at a Holiday Inn Express last night, you all in big trouble." Said as he tosses the ball up and slams it with the back of his fist. Sending it over the next towards the opposing, but equally ready team.


Rogue has posed:
Rogue grins at Kitty's story and shakes her head. "I got no clue who that is, but it sounds lovely." She says before she unzips her hoodie and tosses it aside. She then spies Gabby approaching, and raises a hand up to wave to the young girl. But Remy's incoming serve has Rogue's attention. She lunges outward to block it from hitting the grass near her, then stumbles backward to stay on her feet!

Emma Frost has posed:
And Rogue is going to receive the serve, moving to intercept it! And Emma Frost is moving forwards with surprising speed given her reputation as she mvoes to get her hands underneath her, then as Rogue goes to flip it up Emma goes to dart and jump up into the air, and moves to hit the ball back to try and spike it hard to the other side! The motions of her body also might be distracting as well for the crowd!

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "That Rogue," Jimmy says over his shoulder toward Jean, "Someone should do somethin' about that gal. She's so troublesome." But the words are said with a measure of affection even as he crinkles his nose again. Then his attention is back on the...
    "It's a court right? Volleyball court. Not field or pitch or whatnot?" Which has his attention for the moment. Which also might mean he misses the serve.
    That doesn't stop him from settling back and to the side, gaze turning /finally/ to take in the ebb and flow of the game that's being played. His attention lifts up, tracking the ball's flight, then winces a little.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"What did you do wrong for that Remy?" Tabby asks her teammate with a playful tone while The serve goes over the net and tabby watches it get bounced up and then with Emma lanching the ball back at Tabby's side of the court and well.

It's not just the spectators that migh be distracted by bouncing objects from Emma, Rohue and Kitty's side of the court that's not a volleyball.

Boof, right in her face and her nose making her eep and backpedal as the balll goes wild and probably well away from any kind of winning a point. "Ow! Emma's holding out on us! She's a ringer!" she pounts and rubs her snoot.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma would just smile over at things as she would dip her head to Rogue, "Lovely setup, Anna dear." The ball being flipped back over to her side, and Emma goes to take a few steps back behind the line. She would go to take the ball, flip it up in her hands a couple of times.. Then go to takea step back, brace.. And go to flip the ball up and over the next! Her method of hitting it clearly wasn't quite the way one would learn in high school, but it was passable as the blal flipped up and over the other side!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde cheers her teammates as they win the first point. "Nice job, you two," she says, offering them both a pat on the behind as they go past. Because that's what you do in sports.

Kitty moves over to her spot, spreading out to cover the court, and bending over, hands resting on her upper thighs as she waits for the other team to try to send the ball back over to them.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue cheers Emma on, and gives Kitty another grin as she watches the serve. She raises her hands up to the sides of her mouth to shout back. "You're goin' doooown!" And then runs to an open spot on the edge of the court to cover it and keep that side as safe as can be... She eyes Remy save the point, and then Tabi sending it back viciously, which makes her eyes widen!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The serve comes back and while the first attempt to keep the ball alive is saved only by Remmy and his reflexes. And Tabby finally manages to shove the ball with enough of her own counter bouncing of her own assets and maybe a little extra backspin over the line to keep the rally going, or starting. It can be a thing. Is anyone on the sidelines even watching the ball when the women are hustling about to keep the game moving and scorte the next point.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney lifts a hand to wave back to Rogue with a grin, and she adjusts her sunglasses again. "Just here to watch. Never saw the game played anyway." This leaves her plenty of time to kick back and crack open an ice cold soda to slurp on. Oh yeah.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The ball comes over, heading for the corner over Kitty's head. She turns and runs back towards the corner. Kitty lays out, diving in the air, her arms out in front of her, flat and solid like a board, hands clasped together.

The ball bounces off them and flies back towards the net, in a perfect set from the back row. Kitty hits the ground and lets her X-men training take over, rolling forward over a shoulder to get back to her feet quickly. She turns to see what Rogue makes of the set.

Emma Frost has posed:
The quick back and forth has Emma Frost watching, rapidly repositioning herslf over to backup Kitty as Rogue goes to take it and sending it back! Emma's nodding in appreciation at the athleticism of her own team, then quickly going to ready for the coming counter-ball!

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches Kitty make her save, which has the Belle laughing, so much so that her send-back is just a simple jump up and slap of the ball, not her best by any means, but she's doing her best to restrain her powers from blowing the ball in to tiny pieces too.

When she lands on her feet again, she sees Tabi skillfully hack her return out of the air, and it makes her huff heavily!

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    As a referee, Jimmy is mainly keeping an eye out for anything terribly egregious, like if somebody pulls a gun or something along those lines. So small things like being a bit over the line or not serving super properly... they don't get quite the focus.
    The important thing is that he drinks his beer and does... to some extent, enjoy the scenery. When Tabby makes that save his eyebrows shoot up and he gives a nod, "Hey way to go Boomer." Only for his eyes to widen a bit when the ball is back over the net. Kitty makes that set...
    And then Boom-Boom with the brutality!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Boomie works with her team to keep the rally functining as much as the opposition does going back and forth with her blonde ponytail grown out and trailing while she buts her humps to send the ball back to the others. "Wee can totally do this guys!" she says to her team mates while Blue eyes watch the ball and occasionally the movements of Rogue, Kitty and Emma in case they decide to get crafty and all extra team work because that's easier when one of them is a psychic.

Emma Frost has posed:
This is Emma going to try and leap up and into the air to try and catch the next one returning.. But it would hit over her in a rather sensitive area and send her flying, the blal bouncing along the ground. Emma getting up, readjusting her top, and chuckling over as she would pick up the ball and flip it back to the other side for the serve.

Jean Grey has posed:
On the sidelines, Jean is enjoying her freedom to drink, munch snacks, and watch the competitors bounce around the court- er, that is, watch them play magnificiently! Also, she's fairly loud in her verbal support of the ongoing effort: "Woo! C'mon, dive for it! Attagirl! BOOO!"

OK, mostly support. Also its not clear if she's actually rooting for a particular team or not, as she seems to cheer for impressive plays on both sides. She might only be booing Rogue, but that's to be expected. As for the current volley, she even leans forward in her lawn chair as the action goes back and forth, and then back but NOT forth as Tabi sends it over and Emma dives...

"Oof!" Jean felt that one over in her seat. "Nice job, Tabi!"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches the ball get smacked in to the grass, and Emma diving to try and save it for their team. She applauds the effort, and laughs softly as she walks toward Emma. "You almost had it. It's my fault. I totally screwed up Kitty's magical save back there." She notes as she goes to get a quick drink from her cup on the table before she jogs back out on to the grass and waits for the next serve, her hands going to her knees as she wobbles back and forth...

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The point goes to her side and Tabby beams and does a nice little dance, hips roll and probably abuse all that scant red denim that consitutues her cutoffs and keeps momentum going beneath that tank top.

Of course once she gets the ball back, and gets to take her serve she tries to sove off with one of those jumping over head serves. It goes but it's not exactly the greatest delivery even if Tabby looked great.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Good hustle there, Miss Frost, good try." So easy for James Hudson to fall into that patter since he does a good bit of it every day though with the younger crowd of the students. But as the game goes on his smile slips more genuine as he looks between the people there, and the camaraderie. Shaking his head he takes the last swig from his beer bottle but holds onto the dead soldier until the game's at least at a longer stopping point.
    But then showing he's an equal opportunity cheerleader he calls over toward Inez and the gang, "You can do it, guys. Just focus. And don't let Rogue cheat."
    Which has him giving a stern nod and a half-grin Jean's way.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty gives her teammates some encouragement. "Ok, we got this one. Back into the lead!" She moves over to her spot, preparing for the serve from the other team. "Come on Tabitha, don't be afraid to hit it over here!" she calls out.

And that's exactly what Tabitha does. Kitty darts over to get beneath it. She passes it back towards the net, nice and soft so it just clears the net, and then starts to drop in the front corner just a foot off the net.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney finishes up her drink and contemplates the game across from her. "This requires snacks," she decides before hopping to her feet. "Okay good game have fun guys I want cheetos." With that she waves, and heads off as she sometimes did when she was distracted.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would tsk at Rogue, "What is the point of this event without proper theatrics? I merely take it as incentive to perform better. There's no apology necessary." Apparently Emma does have some level of a competitive streak. Jimmy is given a flat look as Emma debates to rewire a few neurons for retaliation later.. But no, she has to be the not-as-responsible-as-Jean one here, despite the state of frivolities. She'll just pay someone else off to do it later.

There's a chuckle from Emma to Kitty, "Well done Katherine." Emma giving Kitty a compliment? That might break Kitty's brain.

Jean Grey has posed:
That look from Jimmy causes Jean to grin a bit. "Oh, if Rogue gets up to anyhting, I can deal with her!" It is perhaps a reminder that the fact she's sitting out... actually has zero bearing on her ability to cheat whatsoever. She can cheat from over here! She can even cheat while sipping wine! It's like being a ventriloquist, or something!

There is naturally some sense of excitement after Tabitha's point, so she's still sitting up a bit as the young woman prepares her own serve. Yet this time, it's not in the cards, and the somewhat underpowered shot is met with great fierceness from a certain Ms. Pryde. This proves Jean's supposed neutrality, she gets every bit as animated and energetic for Kitty's impressive maneuver, with all its subtle skill and deft precision. "What a defense!"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Of course the serve is sent back and Tabby does her best to returning it and comes up pretty short as sheile she bounces the balk it rolls against her thumb knuckles and spins out backwards and out of bounds.

Which also means Tabby has to chase after the samn thing in a jog to retreive the damn thing and jog back so she can roll the ball back across so it can be served back at her and her teammates who were clearly and understandably distracted by things going on outside their side of the court. "Sooo two to one." she says and chuckles. At least she seems to be losing graciously.

That might be scariest thing ever.

Rogue has posed:
Kitty's strong return goes watched, and Rogue straightens up, she raises one hand up to her brow to block the sun out of her sunglasses covered eyes. She sees Tabitha struggle to save that shot, and winces, but then cheers for Kitty. "Damn, someone's been practicin'. Who knew a girl so good with computers, was a beast on the volleyball court." She teases before she too gives Kitty's bum a light smack! (Not so light at all!)

With a clap of her hands, Rogue glances over to the side lines to Jean and Jimmy. 'i can hear ya both." She says before spreading her arms out to the side and giving them a wiggle jiggle show, before she turns back to the game at hand! Back to serious mode!

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty's turn to serve. She gets the ball and goes to the back of the court. "So, just to clarify the rules, should an extra-terrestrial dragon grab the ball, mid-serve, and divebomb it into the other team's course... that's totally legal. Right?" she asks, head swiveling back and forth for some back up on that.

She takes the ball in hand, holding it out in front of her and turning sideways to the court. Kitty crouches down then, and swings her hand, hitting the ball not just out of her hand, but WAAAAAAAAY up into the air high. It drifts around, caught in the strong March breeze as it flies across the net thirty or forty feet up in the air before dropping towards their court.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is moving over to the side to backup Katherine as the ball would flood over the net. And it's not about legality, it's about bragging rights. And hopefully to ensure that Rogue gets her RDA of booze so there's not going to be any sorts of sourpuss after. Calling to Jean, "Aren't you going to try and come in and join the theatrics, Ms. Grey?"

Emma would move to shift her position to where the members of the other team might try and flip the ball back. It was a matter of trajectories..

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's another serve as Tabby eyerolls at butt spankings sent between members of her opposing team. "No spanking! At least till we're all drunk and inside!" she yells out and tries to track the ball with her team mates who try for the ball at teh same time.

"I got it! I got it!" she calls out and tries to line up an over hand slap of the ball but she actually catches it on the wrong angle and bounces it against her own front bumpers then the ground before it rolls back to the other side.

"And four one!" she says and then looks down at her own jiggle physics. "You two are grossly underperforming tonight!" she compainst at herself.

Jean Grey has posed:
Things are turning grim for team Not Rogue!

After the last volley, their former momentum seems spent, and no doubt, some of Tabitha's teamates are looking a little haggard. Maybe someone has pulled a muscle. Maybe Remy's handsomeness just takes too much energy to maintain! But after the current point, someone calls for a time-out, and with attention already turned in her direction, Jean heaves a sigh. "Fiiiiine! I'll sub in if one of you wants. But I've been drinking!" She puts aside her glass and plate, stands up, and promptly pulls up her t-shirt. Don't get too excited though, Jimmeh, as the dark straps visible earlier are proved to belong to a sports bra worn under the shirt. She's here for serious business, it seems, not gratuitous bouncing!

Dropping the shirt on her chair, she spends a moment or two stretching, and then starts over. "This looks a little dire," she admits. "What are you playing to, anyway?"

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Starting to walk backward away from the net, James arrives at the cooler and picnic table across from Jean. But his attention is still on the movement in the game. Though at Kitty's question about the rules he has voice enough to answer...
    "I'll have ta check the Volleyball Manual of Rules as Dictated ta Sir Thomas Volley." Is his reply even as he watches and sees that ball /sooooooar/ upwards, eyes tracking the high flight and then follow along as it comes crashing back down toward the court.
    "Oh dang," Is his response to the landing that affects poor Tabitha so. He lifts his voice, "Four ta one, Evil Team vs Nice Guys." Which might be some creative license.
    A glance sidelong at Jean as he grins a bit, "Uh oh, pinch hitter comin' in." Since that's a volleyball term.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would laugh over, "I do believe Anna that this is your doing." She would lgance over at the other side of the stands,a nd over to Jimmy and then speak to Jean <<Ms. Grey, can you please have something appropriate happen to him for mostly being irritable to the proper decorum?>> She would intone over while moving to likewise pose.. But nowhere near as magestically as Rogue had been while glancing at Kitty. Then going to have the ball be flipped over to her and seeing to where Jean might be going in whiel just smiling lightly. Going to let Jean do what a booze-Jean would do.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just kind of standing around doing nothing at this point as Emma and Kitty win all the points for her. She watches Emma's serve, and the resulting effects before she turns around to face her teammates, and raises her hands up in the air. "Go team Rogue!" She shouts with a big grin as she walks two the two other women with her, hands high!

"We didn't even need Lockheed t'come in with his bird glamor on!" She says with a big grin to Kitty.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean does make an effort here. At the edge of the court, she pauses to grab and pull her hair back, slipping a hairband off one of her wrists to secure it in a quick ponytail.

After that, she steps out of her flip-flops, since they'll be far more hinderance than bare footsies. She takes her position, legs a bit apart so she can bounce her weight from foot to foot. <<Hey, if you people had just let ME referee...>> she thinks back at Emma.

However, perhaps this is all just a distraction tactic as Emma sends her serve flying. Jean goes for it, and by that, REALLY goes for it, absolutely diving for the very first shot as Emma puts it almost perfectly at one of the corners. She gets underneath it, hands together, scooping it upward. But only just, so that it's thrown somewhat diagonally rather than directly toward a teamate, and too low to clear the net herself. "Oof."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
When Jean tags herself into the game. Tabby offers fistbumps as the team is reinvigorated. Of course Tabby is till not quite as good for the renwed energy.

The serve from Emma is up and over and while Jean tries and gets close to keeping the ball alive. Litearlly drops it as she makes a dive and almost bowls the redhead over as she lands herself flat on her chest.

Uncomfortable Squish."

"I think right now the weakes link in the team is still me!" she laughs and picks herself up moving from all fours with a stretch and then up one knee then up off the oher to stand and get back in position.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty jogs back to get ready for the next point, and trips over Rogue's foot on the way. She tumbles to the ground. "Ow. That was like kicking a cement block," she says, reaching down to her ankle. She stands up slowly, testing it. "Think maybe I should put some ice on it," she says.

Lockheed flaps over and grabs her shoulder, flapping to help her support her weight on that side as she walks over to the sidelines. Kitty stops at the cooler, getting a beer, and putting some ice in a bag before sitting down to watch.

Emma Frost has posed:
There's a low chuckle from Emma Frost over, a glance to the other side to make sure that the competition is all right, a quick evaluatory glare.. "Yes, I believe that we're doing fine with your supervision." To Rogue sitting back and giving herself congratulations! She goes over towards Rogue to give a high five over and back. Then a hip bump.

Then it's back to the grind as her attention quickly shifts over to the rest to evaluate the state of affairs. Jean seems fine, Tabitha seems.. Tabitha.

Right as Kitty twists something as Emma looks on sympathetically after making sure she was all right. But she was in Lockheed's care, and the dragon wouldn't let anything happen to what Emma was -very- sure his pet.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks back from the hip bump to see Kitty take a tumble.

"Ranger's don't fall off cliffs..." She says to Kitty who is already limping back to the sidelines to get a drink. "Oh, I see how it is... ya just wanted t'get hammered... Fine. Fine!"

She looks back then to Jean. "Did you do that?" She asks the redhead with a quick point across the field to her. "Don't do the mind stuff!" She points to Emma. "I got one too, just in case!" She says then before smooching a blown kiss across the court.

The ball is picked up then, and Rogue moves in to serving position. She test tosses the thing a few times before she does a jump serve, her fist bopping the ball, and her form .... mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmMMMmmmmmmmmMMmmmm MMMMMH! So perfect!

Just Poifect!

The ball turns in to a sidewinder missile going straight for the other team's weakest spot on the field!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Even Tabby ooofs as Kitty's trip hurts her ankles. "That's why no one plays touch football with her!" she says with a smile for the injured woman. "Hopefully that'll let us close the spread!" she states and lines up for the next serve to be sent Jean and Tabby's way.

At least with Kitty hurt, and the third teammate step aside so the game is actually even and they teams are a little less distracted. At least by off court thingies. On court thingies are still a problem with Emma's swimsuit. "I swear I'm gonna have to fite fire with plasma!" she says and almost sounds frustrated.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    From the peanut gallery Jimmy claps and calls out, "Alright guys you can do this. Just a few points to make up, no big deal." He offers such crucial insight and strategy that it's clear his advice and encouragement will be the telling facto...
    And that's when Rogue serves up a monster of a serve that rockets past the net and perfectly aimed for the corner of the court, /thumping/ into the grass and rolling off into the distance despite the best efforts of team Nice Guys. Which has the X-Person's eyes widening a bit as he mouthes the word, 'wow' then says, "This sport needs mandatory drug-testing. Cuz she's clearly juicin'." A nod is given and only then does he finally procure another beer.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to move over to watch Rogue's slam go right in the middle of things and she goes over to give Rogue a high five, "Well done, Anna. You are the best luck charm present." She would move over to watch over, making sure that the others were all right for the moment. Then considering to Jean <<Please do have something appropriate for Mister Hudson. You can't let that sort of thing go unchallenged now can you?>>

Surprised that no one has used powers yet, and Emma's not about to break that so far. And surprised that Tabitha hasn't blown up the ball and aprt of her side of the court. Ball flipped over to her, Emma would spiral it around once or twice, tehn go to whack it and hook it over!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby does not actually detonate the ball and just instead deices that her flimsy littte tank top with green grass stains from her last chest planting. The serve comes back and this times.

Tabby and her pink bikini top make the same and Tabby is absolutely going to pin her hops and dreams on this new tactic.

"Don't come back over the net. Keep us alive baby!" she squeals and squints in a wincy but hopeful extression as the volleyball sails and bounces and goes wherever phsycics demands it goes.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is celebrating with Emma before squaring off for the serve. She watches Jean go sprawling again, before Tabitha sends it back, causing her to make a lunging jump that has her crouch running across the field, but missing it. She ends up on her knees at the edge of the court, and looks back to see emma miss it too. "Shucks." She says, before reaching out to pick up her cup on her knees off the table.

Glug glug glug.

She refreshes herself with some booze, then stands up, and smacks the back of Jimmy's head before prancing back out on to the field. "Good point, you two!" She says to Jean and Tabi before smiling big to Emma.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to try and jump as her own toss would get sent back, going to leap over and end up missing as well, her tumbling into the sand and getting up. "Never let it be said that the fates played favorites now>" Her getting back up and glancing at Rogue over while smiling.

Turning her attention back to Jean with a smirk and waiting for the redhead to send things back at them or not.

Jean Grey has posed:
After pulling herself up, Jean prepares for the next service, which... well, is a real rocket of a shot from Rogue, so fast this time that her dive isn't even really close, even though she really seems to be putting her all into those maneuvers. "Ugh. Well, this is game point, yeah?"

Is she eager to get back to her booze?!

The next service comes across from Emma, although without the fire. Jean is NOT answering the telepathy, now, because she has decided it is a distraction technique from her counterpart. There is a wall of psychic LALALALALA there instead! This time it's her looking out of sorts, though, and she stumbles a bit as she goes after it, leaving Tabitha to make the save...

Which somehow lands between them. Oh GREAT.

"Alright, well, lets give it a shot." She has the ball, gives it a small toss in her hand, and then a higher one, letting it sail back down and... wham.

Across it goes. Mostly dead center, though, rather than toward a more challenging corner.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby nods to Jean. "Yeah. And I feel like In really should be a good sport and congratulate the winners after. But the game isn't over yet.

Of course when Jean makes her serve and Rogue's return puts it righ between blonde and redhead. Tabby watches it bounce past way faster than she might have been ready for and just makes an extra bouncy shrug of her shoulders.

Huh, and yeah. Match." she states and chuckles and stands straighter. "Maybe I should have given you a good luck spank. It seems to have paid off for them." Tabby says to Jean with a nudge of her head towards the victorious paring of Anna and Emma.

Upon which the youngest of the women. That being Tabitha bows to said victors.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    The /thwap!/ from a Rogue gets Jimmy to wince exaggeratedly in mid-beergulp even as he points after her with a vindictive glare which... makes him miss the entire play as he starts to fiddle around with the picnic table and finding snacks. He's only able to look up just in time to see the score shift over to a 6-2 split which has him shaking his head.
    Then Jean's serving and he starts to mosey back over toward the net, one hand resting on the metal rod supporting it and his other hand holding the beer. A sip is taken then he lifts his voice, "Nice try, Jean."
    And once it's all over he tucks his beer into the crook of his elbow so he can applaud, "Good game guys, nicely played. Looked super fun."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue gets in to position once more and eyes Jean as she prepares her serve. The southern belle has her hands on her knees once more and is once more doing that rocky wobble motion to keep herself primed and ready to snap to whatever spot she needs to be at.

When it comes, Rogue is right there, and gets a good solid return hit that sends the black and white ball spiraling back over the net toward the gap between Jean and Tabi's place. When she sees it bounce off the ground, the Belle turns and raises her hands up to look at Emma, then jog over to her teammate to give her a hug!

With her limited control over her touch power now, she's able to engage in a bit of dangerous skin on skin touching, at least when she's happy as she is now!

Emma Frost has posed:
The stareoff between blonde telepath and redhead telepath is broken by the psionic equivalent of 'Neener Neener I can't hear you'! Emma looks more amused, even as what -Jean- calls her attempts at distraction only seem to be detrimental no matter what. So as the fly is sent over by Jean a little too casually, Rogue goes to leap up and catch it in perfect order as it would fly across over to the other side.

At the conclusion of the match, Emma would dip her head to Tabitha and Jean, "Good game." And to Ienz and Gambit as well from the earlier phase of the volley brawl.

Rogue coming over to her has Emma allowing hte southern belle to hug her. "Why thank you Rogue, I've never seen this side of you before." Emma sounds extremely touched; a rare enough thing from her as she would move to return the hug with good cheer.

Jean Grey has posed:
Its hard to say this isn't Jean's fault. The serve is a little soft, and sure enough, Rogue just hops up and POWERS it right back between the two of them. Jean does NOT dive for this one. It just swishes between them, hits the ground somewhere in the vague square of play, and bounces on out...

She turns to look back after it, and then again toward the other side where Rogue is standing, no doubt looking very victorious. Oh dear, she's HUGGING even. There is definitely a bit of an annoyed huff from Jean, and she announces, "Well, at least we know for sure -I- didn't cheat that time." Gasp! Is she sowing the seeds of doubt, that the nefarious Southern Belle may have, perhaps, used some tiny fraction of her MIGHTY powers to put the heat on those last few shots? YEP.

And no one who knows the two of them should be remotely surprised by this bad sportsmanship. They do it constantly! And sometimes they do cheat! Still, the redhead cracks a smile thereafter, and makes her way over toward the net, ducking under only after the other pair has finished hugging, to offer a hand. "Good job, though. And now, to get back to the drink you interrupted..."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Thanks guys. I like to think I'm growing as a person." Tabby declares and laughs as Rogue and Emma. "I'm only calling it a fair game cause I can't tell if there was any cheaty use of powers." Tabitha observes with a grin at Jean.

"Plus mine don't translate to a completed game. I'd brag about bowling but knowing my luck I'll just throw gutters and i spent enough time in them." The blonde girl states and collects her tank top and a beer to recover herself and chucg down more booze.

"She didn't just throw the last point did she?" Tabby says and schanges her expression to a more pouty one as the redhead head over to the other side to join in some actual good sportwomanship. <<Jean, dump a cooler on them. As is tradition!>> she suggests with a thought and a grin between smily glances that are totally innocent to Rogue and Emma.

Rogue has posed:
After the hug with Emkma, Rogue turns around to see Jean approaching. She's about to drop down in to a combat stance, when she sees the woman is just reaching out a hand to shake. "Oh." Rogue says then as she goes loose again from the sudden tense-up.

She smiles brightly at Jean before stepping toward her and accepting the handshake. Tight grip, three pumps, and Rogue nods her head once. "Good game, Sub-in." She tells the Headmistress.

Then she just yanks on the hand and pulls Jean in closer.

And gives her a big sollid sloppy, wet kiss. Lips on lips, and one hand going around behind Jean's back to even dip her back a bit. Take a look, fellas, and ladies!


Then, straightening up again, Rogue releases Jean again, and grins at her. "Good good game!" She says with a big big smile before walking past Tabi and slapping her on the backside. "Nice effort out there, Missy!"

On her way to Jimmy, Rogue smiles. "Ya didn't put your finger in my cup, did ya?" She asks as she moves to pick her booze up then, and eyeball the contents inside it. Then, she drinks.

She drinks. Mmmmmmm.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    Sidelong Jimmy says as he pushes away from the table. "No."
    A beat.
    "Not my finger."