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Jetpacks are Awesome!
Date of Scene: 10 March 2022
Location: Valeria's Room - Four Freedoms Plaza
Synopsis: =Ever one to enable superheroic hijinx. Valeria makes a Jetpack for Molly Hayes to zoom about!
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Molly Hayes

Valeria Richards has posed:
The benefits of being made to socialize more by her parents means Valeria often makes friends through other friends. Networking they call it. And of course it goes the other direction too so she doesn't mind the occasional visitor.

Of course it still leaves Valeria in her room tinkering on some random little PCB with a soldering iron and goggles while chilling back in a pair of jeans and a white tank top with a Fantastic Blue numeral four on her chest while her feet are kept in a par of red and yellow fluffy sneakers that look like they're pretending to be the Human Torch's feet.

And while she's working it's easy to miss anyone up at the front of the plaza chasing after her but there's enough AI and HERBIE robots around to escort anyone on the approved list.

Like certain younger mutants with adorable hats.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes is approved! After a bit of a background check and getting her confirmed with Happy Harbor and having her roommate, Vivian Vision, vouch for her. Molly is not a threat, officially! Well, she is probably classified as one by Val's dad, on one of those nifty power scale things, but not in terms of, like, actually being a menace.

Molly's wearing a big orange parka and a matching Charizard hat, her petite frame swallowed a bit by the jumbo coat. The floating drone with her announces her presence: /MISS MOLLY HAYES TO VISIT MISS VALERIA RICHARDS. INQUIRY REGARDING PERSONAL PROPULSION UNIT./

Molly raises a hand, "Uhhhhhhhhhh, hi! Yeah, that's me, I'm Molly! I'm, like, a superhero. I know I'm not famous, but I've done some stuff. I caught a building in Metropolis last month. With Superman. And Supergirl. And other people, too! I think one of them was a witch!! And there was woman who looked kind of like Power Girl, but wasn't Power Girl, even though she seemed a lot like Power Girl, except she was all dark haired and kind of broody, like maybe PG's going through a goth thing, do adults go through phases like that, I think it might be fun to change up your style sometimes and then..."

"Oh. Right. Topic. Uh, so, I could've helped out a LOT more if I could fly during that fight, so I was kind of wondering if maybe someone could help...make me a jet pack? I don't have money to pay for anything, but I'm super strong and invulnerable so I could like...help you move?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
Propulsion units, Miss Hayes. The Drone does get the blonde's attention as much as it does sitting up and turning in her seat to find herself staring a a bundle of Orange.

"Superhero huh? Must be super powerful to keep up with the kryptonians. I try going out to do that stuff I'm as likely to get yelled at. But then I'm the squishy one so I can understand that but dang if I can't come up with tech to get around it." she states and beams a birght smile as she slumps back in her seat.

The slightly older woman of twenty listens to Molly go mile a minute at the suggesttions of mobility and there's a pondering nod of her head as she listens.

Flight yeah she can manage that. "Normaly I don't bother with personal flight rigs. I have a fantasticar I can drive. Top down convertibles!" she states and grins as she finally rises up to atand and hmmms and she moves on fake firey slippered feet to circle the shorter girl. Like she's doing a bunch of mental mathematics.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes grins, "I've seen those on TV! They look awesome. I can't even drive a car, I mean, I probably could, I know how to do it, it's just I've never done it cause I've always lived in a city. Except when I was a runaway, but then there were older kids who did the driving, when we drove, which was only sometimes cause we had to steal cars and some of us were like 'no stealing, steailng is bad' and some of the others were all 'it's totally necessary for us, it's not a big deal'" she says, doing imitations of different voices. Neither of which actually sound like the people involved.

"I need more like a jet back or boots or something cause I gotta punch. It's hard to punch people from inside a car. Well. Without damaging the car."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Well I definitelly think you should go for it. I mean if you're old enough it's a skill to have and a licence is real ID. So less relying on others." Val points out. "Stll helps to have a good fake ID though. I can't though. Too famous." she pouts and grabs a tablet computer and and starts thumbing things onto the screen.

A little light beam glows and runs a scanner over Molly and measures from head to toe and back up.

"I've seen the Hulk punch people with a car. Uncle Ben did it once I think." she adds and chuckles.

"Okay, I think I might be able to whip somethng up and you might like. Figure you'll want camoflague for it so it's not clear it's a jet pack. Storage space so you can take it to school. Ugh, how anyone can do that and not go nuts." she says and chuckles.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes grins, "I like school! There's lots of other kids and my teachers are nice. I even like the school lunch, except when it's goulash day because I don't really know what goulash is. I want a fake ID, but nobody would make me one because they said I'm too young and nobody would believe it, but I'm going to be eighteen this year and I can't help it that I'm short and have a young face, I can lift a city bus, I should be able to get into, like, R rated movies and stuff," she says.

Then she pauses and cocks her head.

"Waitwaitwait, did you just say you would do it? Like...just like that?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"You're seventeen, lot of girls your age have fake ID's right? And Ghoulash is kind of an eastern european Hungarian stew. Beef, onions, tomato. Little bit of elbow macaroni. I like it. Uncle Doom's got a very lovely little old lady running the kitchens in his castle. Does all that stuff super good.

The fact that she can and is getting the jetpack made and Molly's reaction gets one mirrored by Valeria. "Of course! You'll like it! I've been in a jetpack phase myself at one point. And despite access to a car it is handier than a parachute." she points out. "Even got a few mods for it installing so you can be extra awesome!" she states with a sagelike nod. The benefits of a fabrication plant in the plaza. "In a littlle while it'll be ready and we can head to the roof and test it." she adds.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes jumps up and down, "They do! And I don't! That sucks! I wanna be like them! I don't always have to be good! I can be bad! Not evil bad, but like regular teenager bad!"

She ahems, clearing her throat and straightening her adorable lizard hat. "Wow, that's...that's super awesome! I can't believe it!" she says, putting her hands to her face, "That fast? Oooo, and I can test it. First of all, don't worry if I fall, I can't get hurt that way, I'll just hit and it'll be like BOOM but I'll be up and I'll be fine in a sec."

Valeria Richards has posed:
The blonde gestures for Mollly to take a seat. Sure it pretty much means the bed while Val keeps her seat as she parks her behind down where she was before.

"Smoking weed, drinking. Sneaking out to see boys. Part of the experience. "I'd suggest sneaking around with girls for now. Boys can be soo annoying" comes a playing tone and a soft laugh.

"I've added in a secondary system to catch you on a fall if main power goes out. I don't doubt you'd be fine but when super strong things land, they tend to knock squishier things around. The BOOM..." and she uses both hands to gesture an explosion. "Can affect more than just you." she explains with a nod of her head.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes blushes deeply at Val's suggestions, "I haven't done, like...any of that yet," she says. "I mean, I want to, but I've been either with a bunch of other kids who all wanted to protect me all the time or I've been super supervised by grown-ups because I'm strong enough to level a building and they didn't want me to get in trouble. Plus, my parents are evil and want me dead, so you can imagine how strict THEY were. I'm jus tired of being everybody's kid sister."

She nods at the last instruction, "Right, just cause it won't hurt me doesn't mean I should be reckless. One of the first things I had to learn."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val can understand the poor girl's plight all too well. "Well you know whose room your in. So I know a bt about what you mean. Doctor Doom is my godfather after all." she says with a very understanding tone to her voice.

"So just be patient. Your friends do look out for you. Cause a lot of them have been right where you are!" she adds and smiles.

"That lesson applies to a lot more than just being out as a superhero." she points out with more of that sagefull tone once more. Probably sounds just like her motherv right now.

"Sometmes the laws aren't quite as just as they make out. But if you do start smoking and drinking, at least do it with friends who will have your back. Plenty of those I'm sure that aren't that worried about looking all goodie goodie!" she ponders.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes puts her hands in her pockets, "I don't even know if I want to. I just get mad cause I can't and everyone assumes I won't even want to. Cause I'm just a cute little chibi kawaii thing they can put in their pocket," she sighs. "I guess I don't help much, with my hats and everything. Or being called Princess Powerful. But just cause I'm girly and cute doesn't mean I'm not kick ass or cool!"

"My friends do look out for me. I'm probably complaining too much. And yeah, you probably have it worse. Heck, your mom could be watching you at any time and you'd NEVER KNOW. That's gotta be freaky!"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"It's the options you want. I get that. You can still date you know. At least with folks your own age. The Kawaii thing though isn't a problem. I mean if you were thirtyfive, bottom heavy, and owned a house full of cats maybe. But even then that's not nessecarily bad. Being cute and showing it down throats are not the same thing." Val offers reassuringly.

"If my mom were watching. Yeah I can see that. But I'm pretty certain she's not right now. Usually if I'm messing up she'll make sure I know she knows." she states and grins. "Supervillain parents have nothing on superhero moms."

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes looks around for a few moments as if she weren't so sure about the Invisible Woman not lurking nearby, "Dating would be nice, for sure. And yes, girls are an option. So are boys. I just...it doesn't come as easy to me. Like, I'm not shy, but I am shy, y'know? I can talk about anything, except, like, my feelings and stuff or thinking somebody's hot. It just makes me feel all twitchy and want to hide my face in my hat," she says.

Valeria Richards has posed:
That feeling gets a nod and a giggle right at the tablet makes the same sort of ding normally heard when the Easy Bake Oven is finished heating things up with that lamp.

This clearly saves everyone some extra embarrasssment as things bounce back on topic.

"So before you do blindfold yourself withh headwhere how about we head for the roof. A HERBIE will have you shiny new flight harness ready to go when we get there!" she sayas and pcks herself up onn her chair and gestures for the door out of Val's room to head on up and outside.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes pops up from her seat on the edge of the bed and manages to not just sprint out of the room like a loon, but instead walk carefully and politely along.

"Is it okay to call these guys robots? My roommate Vivian is a synthezoid, her dad is the Vision, you know her and everything, but she doesn't like being called a robot. She says it's improper. She explained the difference, but I don't really remember what it was. I called her one once just without th inking and I felt really bad. I still need to buy her something to make that up to her."

She makes her way behind Val and out onto the roof, taking off her coat and hat carefully to reveal a Happy Harbor sweatshirt and a pair of canary yellow leggins.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Robot is based on an old Czech word for slave. So I'd avoid using the term. Vivian is a sythezoid. But there are other types of sentient autonomous mechanical lifeforms. I'd treat Robot as a slur like you would any other group's bad words." Val states as she guides the girl to the elevator and lets it take the pair to the roof.

Indeed there is a HERBIE waiting for them and in it's hands is what looks like a little backpack. Mostly solid in construction with a little dome at the front of it. It's even in orange like Molly's jacket.

"It's designed to look like something you can take with youb to class and even serves a standard backpack functionality. Just extra solid and armored so bullies can't kick it and break it if you have to put it on the ground. But Try it on. I've got a few other features to show you as well!" she explains with a grin and a tone like a car salesperson.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes winces, "Oh geez, I don't wanna use a slur. I'M SORRY MECHANICAL PEOPLE I DIDN'T MEAN IT!" she yells back over her shoulder at the HERBIE.

She examines the backpack carefully and grins. Obviously, weight means nothing to her, but the fact that it's light enough and compact enough to pass for an ordinary backpack is insanely impressive, "That's totes craze," she says. "Armored is good, for sure. I don't get bullied much. Most people know I can smash 'em up like Donkey Kong."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Bullies can bully without hitting people Molly. But the pack also won't engage unless it's worn and fastened." Miss Richards explains as she steps in range of the shorter girl and fastens the waist belt and it's clip on buckle There's am extra button or three on the fastner.

"Okay, three buttons. Your left to right. On, needs a single press. Is keed to your biomentrics so no one else can launch you unwillingly. Middle. She presses it and a little holo display from each shoulder pad aims a head up display so Molly can see a few read outs. "Avionics. Altitude, speed, GPS. Has a spotify app. And can customise the visual layouts." she explains and hits a menu button that shows Molly and the jetpack.

She flicks a button on the display and the pack starts making wings and tail appear with hard light. Looking much like a charizard's.

"Flight stabilizers can also be customised with an array of style choices and being hard light will also protect you from jet wash and thrust burning off your pants!" she states and grins.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes nods, "Yeah. But the bullies also know I won't put up with bullying. Not of me, not of anyone around me. And I -am- all about hitting someone," she says with a big grin.

She actually does try to pay attention to the instructions. It's not her strong suit, but she can learn things when it's important. The holo display gets an appropriate ooh and aah. Then she sees the tail and wings and she's like, "OH MY GOSH, THIS IS AMAZING. I CAN'T BELIEVE IT, THIS IS SO...OH WOW!"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Just remember, fight smarter not harder. Bullies are a supersticuouis and cowardly lot. Or was that criminals or both." Val says with a grug of her shoulders.

"I've also designed flight controls to go with your body movements. And some voice commands as well. The HUD wll also provide manual controls as needed. Triple redundancy so you don't fly into any buildings or planes. Proximity sensors will move you out of the way and there's enough reaction so you'd have to be pretty much asleep mid air before that kicks in on it's own. Much like the emergency landing anti-grav. But to launch just say 'Lets Jet!' and it will begin take off. 'Down and ground' will land and turn off the thrust. But generally it respondes as if flight were a naturtal power so speed and hovering and movement will key in to your own movements and nervous system." she states and steps back just a bit. "Give it a shot but kinda try and stay close to the roof for now."

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes walks carefully to the edge of the building, looking down for a moment. Boy, they really are far up. Yeah, she's super invulnerable af but that doesn't mean it doesn't feel really scary when you're falling that far. She still gets those weird dreams that make her stomach do flippy flops from some of the other falls she's had.

Oh boy. Here we go!


Valeria Richards has posed:
The initial launch is not exceptionally forceful. The repulsors in the backpack engage and lift Molly easily off the ground a few feet to hover at first and the wings fan out wide and tail glows at it's flaming tip like the pokemon it imitates.

"Over the roof so you don't fall so far. This is just to give you the initial feel. I'll send specs for this to Vivian and she'll be able to maintain the harness and maybe also help you practice out on empty ground. Set up obstacles for maneuvering practice and stuff." she details her plans.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes nods and kind of carefully zooms back and forth over the landing pad, not letting herself go too far. She does overcompensate once, rocking backwards and almost flipping over, but manages to get herself back to where she was.

"Yeah, this is going to take some practice. Floating is so super weird. How do Supergirl and all those people get used to it? It's like I'm swimming in nothing!"

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's giggles and a grin as Molly moves about awkwardly. "I'm sure they had to practice a whole lot. Vivian can help you there. She'll have technical data on how others fly like they do. Super smart too and I trust her to be able too keep things running and flying.: Val acknowledges with a smile still bright.

Then eventually you can fly back and forth between Happy Harbor and New York. Won't be much faster than most light air craft but supersonic flight is a good way to not enjoy the scenery in mid air." she states. "So for now, probably want to still commute!" she suggests.

Molly Hayes has posed:
Molly Hayes finally sets back and and runs over to Val, giving her a (very gentle) hug that still lifts the other girl off her feet.

"I can't thank you enough! Seriously, if you need me, for anything, anything at all, you've got it, lady! I will be literally bothering you a lot about it, so think of something, okay, cause I will feel really bad if I just keep it and be selfish, okay?" she says.

"I'm gonna FLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!" she says, running around the roof with her arms outstretched like an airplane. Well. So much for being a big girl.

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's a grin as Valeria is very much amused by Molly's enjoyment and then a hand slips into a pocket. Before long a Fantasticar emerges and appears on the roof with Val offering a ride. "Screw commuting this time. I'll drive you home faster. C'Mon!" she says and gets in the drivers seat to take the other girl home once the jetpack is shut down and in backpack mode.

Much faster by Fantasticar but no so much they can't enjoy the 'drive'.