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Masters of Evil
Date of Scene: 20 March 2022
Location: Dramatic City Street!
Synopsis: The AVENGERS and other heroes face the MASTERS OF EVIL, lead by the nefarious and feared.. Egghead!? Oh, wait, it's one of those Z-Lister rosters, isn't it? Sigh.
Cast of Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Maxwell Wave, Jason Todd, Carol Danvers, Clint Barton, Felicia Hardy

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
It's a rather common thing for super-teams to go through equipment. Sometimes things are damaged beyond being worth salvaging, other times they become obsolete. As things happen, technology can be declared surplus and readied for scrapping, salvage, or whatever way it's processed and dealt with. This can sometimes however lead to small moments of danger and chaos..
    This was one of those days that such a thing was going to happen. One convoy carrying equipment from one place to another would be going through traffic on a city street. Suddenly coming over to a half in front of it would be signs reading 'ROAD CLOSED' by a group of individuals wearing trenchcoats and construction helmets. The convoy going to a stop as horns would honk wildly as various cars behind them would squeeze into place, there being no room over to maneuver or back up as people would start yelling over an dswearing at the blockup in traffic.
    In one of the cars, a driver would go, "Wait, there wasn't supposed to be any maintenance around this way." The passenger next to him shrugging, "Man, it's the icty, things break all the time. Besides, we're being paid by the hour."
    the first noddig and squinting, "And since when do construction crews wear trenchcoats? The passenger shrugging, "Hey man, don't kinkshame."

    Things completely backed up now and no one was moving anytime soon. Then a hand raised up by one of those mysterious looking people on the road. "Come! Take from them what we need!" Throwing off his trenchcoat revealing a.. Mad looking scientist in a labcoat, a large cone shpaed head, and glasses.
    EGGMAN. "Come, my MASTERS OF EVIL! It's time to take what we came here for!"
    The other numerous trenchcoat wearing companions of him likewise starting to throw things off revealing themselves in supervillain getup! More than a dozen of them! One of them revealing a blue and purple outfit with boomerangs covering it. "I've ALWAYS wanted to do that!" BOOMERANG.
    Next to him a large man wearing a.. Bear-suit would just look at him. "Always? You mean throw off a coat and reveal yer.. Okay, I get your point." GRIZZLY.

    Oh yes, for our intrepid heroes it was going to be one of those sorts of days.

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Happening to work as a civic engineer, Maxwell Wave was on the way to bust some chops. They evidently had a crew out in the middle of no where while important infrastructure elsewhere was desperately in need of tender love and care. He had no idea who messed up the schedule, but someone had given him a call when they saw the group. Worse, they were wearing trench coats and not their issued safety vests. Absolutely unacceptable.

Max arrives on the scene on the back of his motorcycle, geared up with his helmet visor down to protect his face. Dismounting, he's just about to give the crew a piece of his mind when they unveil themselves. He recoils visibly, but the majority of his shock remains concealed behind his helmet.

He slumps, "You've got to be kidding me."

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason Todd does not live in New York City. He's from down the road in Gotham. Why, exactly, is he here?


"Man, what the hell do I get? I'm sure she's got all sorts of these," Jason says as he persuses the luthier shop.He walks around carefully, not touching anything until he sees it. A black and red flame maple PRS Orianthi Limited. A gorgeous guitar. "That one."


Jason weaves his motorcycle in and out of traffic, splitting lanes like an expert. Strapped to the back is a solid guitar case, locked down and secure enough that a thief would have to be, well, related to him (or that asshole Gambit) to get it loose. As he weaves closer, he squints at the troubles ahead. Swearing, he whips out of the traffic jam, cutting down an alley. He hops off the bike and pulls his helmet off, reaching into one of the compartments.

One quick change and camo-ing the bike later, and the Red Hood emerges from the alley, crowbar strapped to the small of his back and two Very Large pistols in hand. He starts walking towards the MASTERS OF EVIL. It's the walk of a slasher villain. Cold, composed and somehow eating ground much faster than it should. He wants them to see him. He's not Batman, after all.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol is lounging in the Avengers Rec Room. To be more exact, she's slouching in a leather couch, with a frappuccino thing from a Star City Coffee in one hand, and a bag of honey mustard and onion flavored pretzel pieces propped up against her leg which she's picking from while she watches the TV.

"Oh please, even I know that's got to cost at least $600," she says to the big screen on the wall, after the Price Is Right contestant guessed $400 for the item that they have a chance of winning. Carol sighs and rolls her eyes, then asks, "JARVIS, how much is that, retail?"

"That would be $415.90 in the most immediate area," the voice of the artificial intelligence replies. Carol winces. "Well, this is why I blast things instead of working retail. Or going on game shows."

JARVIS isn't done with the conversation it seems. "Speaking of that? Traffic cameras are showing a likely ambush of a-" JARVIS says, though Carol is already jumping out of her seat, setting down the drink and pretzel bits, as a flash of cosmic energy about her turns her clothes into her uniform. She starts flying up towards the sunroof, leaving JARVIS to call out, "Don't you want to know what is being ambushed!?"

"Tell me on the way! Something to blast!" she says joyously as the sunroof rapidly opens and Captain Marvel flies out, doing a barrel roll as she hits open sky, then turns in the direction JARVIS guides her towards.

Clint Barton has posed:
Sometimes, when Clint Barton is bored, he checks the scanners to see if anything /might/ be interesting. Most days it's nothing. Some days, it's a convoy of super stuff. He knows that almost nothing ever happens on these, of course, but it gives him a slight sense of satisfaction to watch anyway. Besides, the path was going past that hot dog stand that he was particularly fond of, so it gave him a a good excuse.

Moving along on a motorcycle to keep up, he frowns a bit at the sudden arrival of a construction crew. He's seen this tactic before. Mildly suspicious, he parks the bike and hops off, looking around for a convenient fire escape to scale. Just in case he needs some perspective.

He has just gotten to his perch point when the Flashers of Evil make their way out. Clint groans for a moment, realizing that he should have just stayed on the ground. He taps his comm and sends a quick word of notification to his colleagues. "Heads up, the junior league of Masters of Evil are trying to hijack the junk train. My location."

He reaches back and fingers through some of his arrows. "Maybe we can get them to just give up and leave," he murmurs to himself.

"HEY, coo coo cachoo!" he calls out, firing a smoke arrow down towards the feet of EGGMAN.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Legs wrapped in leather and swaying in a soft breeze, Felicia's bottom pressed against the concrete accent brick at the top of the apartment building she's chosen to begin her night of crimefighting on. The former thief turned a theorized nepotistic Avenger, is doing what she can to help the little guy, support law and order, and build her own skills as a hero by doing a bit of solo work.

tA small earbud rests in one of her ears and the phone beside her silently sending police scanner audio to it. Black Cat leans back and takes a deep breath of the cooler air the altitude provides and breathes out, idly reaching up to her suit's zipper and tugging it up closer to her neck.

    She wants to complain about not hearing anything over the radio, but then Clint's on the radio.

    Leaning forward and rolling off the side of the building, Felicia's hand is around her phone as her feet push her off away from the wall and outwards while plumeting. "Are you about to fight a walrus?" Felicia asks Clint as she snaps a zipline cable to the nearest building and starts to swing towards the pinged location on her phone.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
As Maxwell goes over towards the not-actually the Village People, EGGHEAD would gesture, "Now, now, move along. Or be moved. Tut tut and all." Him going to pull out a classic looking ray gun round'ish barrel, small satellite thing poking out of the front, a dish on the back. "This little toy will turn your insides outside and reverse your body's interior gravity if you don't get out of here!" Gravity did.. Not.. Work.. The smoke arrow hitting right in front of EGGHEAD, covering him in smoke as he would begin to madly cough. "CURSE YOU INTERLOPER! My MASTERS OF EVIL, DEAL WITH THEM!"
    Grizzly goes over towards the advancing Red Hood, towering over him, "Look, I don't normally do this for out of towners, but that's about as ridiculous as if you were playin' bad 90's KISS Ripoffs with you. Go ahead and take your glitter 'an your bad Metallica ripoff poetry and get out of here." Grizzly would take a series of threatening steps towards Red Hood, seeming to not take him seriously.
    Still clad in a giant trenchcoat, large hat pulled over head, something vaguely orange would mutter, "This is beneath us." "Yes it is. But we're being paid." "The things we do for.." Having made a point of not going forwards, merely muttering, but still towering over the mooks in the area by quite a degree.
    Numerous other supervillains of various repute, including one with a helmet of a giant eye. "I saw this coming. Yes, yes I did. I could see we were running behind." ORB.
    Going next to Orb would be a man wearing bright orange armor with a flamethrower on his back, "Yes, yes you did. I admit it. But we ALL agreed with you. There's sa reason we coordinated this getup!" SCORCHER.
    A man wearing a patchwork quilt style outfit and heavy bracers would sigh, "All right, I said it was ridiculous, but this gets a thrill. Worth it." SHOCKER.
    Two men going along, one seemingly having a costume made up of various doodled 'winds' on it, the other with a large 'W' on his chest and his facepiece would grin, "Interlopers? Interlopers he calls us?" "He means them." "Oh, right. Sorry." WHIRLIND and CYCLONE would pump their figners up in the air, "Time for you to get BLOWN AWAY!"
    Getting ready to let some hurricane force gusts go and blast!

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max's helmet visor glows with the first application of his powers. He focuses on his feet, reducing the force of friction to give him an easy glide. Arm folding behind his back, he leans forward and kicks off with an ice skater's grace across the pavement, weaving between cars.

Unzipping a zipper pocket, he reaches inside to pull out a handful of his signature weapon... ball bearings. Easing one out of his palm onto the tip of his thumb in marble-shooter style. Legs bending, he hops up the back of a sudan and uses it's windshield as a ramp.

Helmet visor glowing once more, he lessens the force of gravity on himself, allowing him to sail through the air. He pivots, takes aim, and starts launching ball bearings, a single flick each yet the force applied to each magnified. The target? Egghead's raygun. After all, he was the one that had issued the first threat.

"Let me -scramble- that raygun of your's first. You know you really should have stayed on SNL, comedy pays better then crime. You are going to get narfled out here." Max is a quintessential nerd down in his heart of hearts, so of course, he knew about the cone heads.

Max's plan does have one complication though. The sudden smokescreen did prevent him from immediately getting ray blasted, it also made the raygun a bit hard to target. That's probably more to Eggman's detriment.

Jason Todd has posed:
Jason's luck of the draw is, apparently, a talking bear. In specific, a shit talking bear. The Red Hood's expressionless helmet is unreadable as he and Grizzly JoJo walk towards each other. His body language is relaxed, and the safeties are off of his handguns.

"I wasn't aware there was a furry convention in town," Jason replies, his voice modulated through his helmet. All the while, he's sizing up the big man in the bear suit. "I wonder," he says, coming to a halt and lifting both guns. "Are you as tough as Bane? I doubt it."

Jason's fingers find the triggers and he fires both guns a single time, simultaneously. It's not going to be enough, but Jason's never fought this guy, so one has to test!

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol Danvers zooms through the sky, weaving her way through the skyscrapers, and scaring a bunch of pigeons who had been resting on a billboard in one case. "Sorry guys!" she calls back to them without looking back as she crosses the island quickly and zooms in on the location of the disturbance.

<<Junior league?>> she replies to Clint. <<Shoot, I was looking forward to a bit of a workout,>> she says. As Black Cat's voice cuts in over comms, she gives a laugh. <<Good one!>>

Carol slows as she reaches the site, coming to a hover in the air. She looks over the assortment of villains. "Not sure if we're even needed on this one," she says loudly to draw the bad guys attention. "I think a pair of crossing guards and a mall cop probably could handle it?"

The not as familiar faces of Amplitude and Red Hood draw Carol's attention for a moment. It seems pretty clear Amplitude is fighting the bad guys, and she does recognize Red Hood, being a member of the Justice League as well as the Avengers. "Nice of you guys to make the fight," she says with a wave before turning back to the villains. "Which one's mine?" she asks, slamming a fist into an open hand.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Swinging through the city is always such a treat for Felicia, her hair whipping behind her frantically making her feel as though she were a cape wearing heroine, or a warrior princess standing before some great impossible foe. She can't help it, the very act of swinging puts a smile on her face.

    Luckily she wasn't very far away and after a few capers, she's developed some real speed in her technique, and is showing up in no time. The thief spies the smoke and decides to leave that to Carol and the other bad asses around, instead picking out, "I'm gonna go for the blow hards." Felicia warns as she snaps out her cable and starts a quick descent that brings her nearly face to face with CYCLONE, but instead she's bringing both feet forward to aim for the man's chest and to kick the sh- crap out of him. "Though, I'm not sure who's friendly beyond you two." Felicia says into her comms.

Clint Barton has posed:
The arrival of the other heroes cause Clint to rethink dropping down from his perch up on the fire escape. "I'll keep you guys in cover. Not that you need it against these yahoos."

He sees the various heroes fan out, sighing to himself but not voicing his overall disappointment at the apparent lack of teamwork. That will just make things more difficult, if he does that. Instead, he reaches back and feels along for a concussive arrow, and draws it, nocking it to his bow. In case he actually needs to fire and knock anyone back.

Otherwise, he just settles in to watch Felicia and Carol in action. After all, why not?

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Maxwell Wave goes to treat Egghead with the pomp and seriousness that his adversary deserves by going to fire ball bearings! Which, hitting the gun that Egghead had would yank it up, up, and away into midair! EGGHEAD would seemingly not be phased, "Ah, another one that thinks they have mastery over the domain of gravity! Fortunately I have more at my disposal than mere anti-gravity!" Pulling out another ray gun with a series of knobs on it, he would twist, "For I have ANTI anti gravity!" Twisting a dial on the gun to 'ANTI' with a twist, he would go to blast the floating ball bearings with a blast, which if it would hit have them dropping back towards the ground like lead weights!
    GRIZZLY would walk forwards as the shots would hit him and bounce off to no real appreciable damage, "That tickles. I gave you your warning, out of towner. Go back to your little clown car city and let me make sure the door hits you on the way out." Yes, a trash talking grizzly that could take weapons fire that was dissing Red Hood. Going to still calmly advance. "And if you don't I'm going to gut you as a throw rug and use it on the floor." A very, very weird trash talking bear.
    The arriving Carol Danvers would be met by a glarge of the orange thing in the trenchcoat. "Very well, it looks like our services are called for." "Yes, yes it does. We can get along for such a thing." "It will be simple." Throwing off the trenchcoat to reveal a giant.. Orange.. Android.. wearing pants.. With.. Two heads on top of one another, each with a face. "Come, Captain Marvel! We are the Bi-Beast! "We welcome you.. TO DIE!" Going to a defensive stance, challenge open!
    Felicia's going to swing down even as CYCLONE and WHIRLWIND are getting ready to do their thing. Helmets not very expressive but the villains seemingly enjoying themselves greatly! Right as she would go to kick right in the middle of them right as they were about to fire off! The resulting blows having them each go flying UP and over into the air, each propelling the other away!
    Meanwhile ORB would point over at the Black Cat, "You went straight! What sort of self respecting thief goes STRAIGHT!?" Spoken by the man wearing a giant eyeball for a mask. "I see DISAPPOINTMENT in your future. A lack of purpose, a lack of clarity, and a failure for both worlds." Wait, he wasn't 8-ball! He had no right to use that sort of language.
    Then, seeing Clint up on the roof BOOMERANG grins, "Hey there Freak-O! I've always wanted to have a throw-down with you! Oh, I mean tthrow AT. Because anything you can arrow, I can BOOMERANG right back at ya!" Even as he went to throw a trio of RAZOR RANGS at Clint, arcing through the air in wild spirals!

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Max's head turns slightly at the sound of gunfire and then there is Carol announcing her presence. The younger guy's eyes widen behind his helmet. "Well, I guess I really stepped into it, didn't I?"

Unfortunately for Egghead, his large cranium might have not deduced exactly what Amplitude's powers truly involve. However, the blasting of the ball bearings does not them off trajectory defending the mad scientist from the initial onslaught.

Max's response is to take the whole handful of ball bearings left and chuck them. Having a high school pitcher's arm, the bearings already have a big of oomph behind them, much more when his powers amplify that force ten fold. Still shy the lethality of bullets, they will pummel the hell out of the villain if he doesn't find an avenue for escape.

Returning gravity to himself, he drops back to the ground and resumes his frictionless slide to stay on the move. His trajectory is a spiral around Egghead, leaning down he picks up one of the discarded trenchcoats.

Jason Todd has posed:
The bullets bounce. Jason just sighs. "I knew I should have packed the anti-materiel rifle," he says, holstering his guns. "Guess we'll have to do this the fun way."

The Red Hood reaches behind his back and pulls free the stained and battered crowbar. He gives it a twirl as he sizes up the big man again. Getting hit will hurt. Speed is the advantage and everyone is weak to crowbars.

Jason darts at Grizzly, faking a juke to the left and then to the right before he throws himself in a feet-first slide between the Very Large Man's legs, reaching out to hook an ankle with the crowbar and trip him with momentum and a really good yank.

He glances up and catches sight of Carol flying about and he shouts. "Apologising early if I kill this meathead by accident!"

Carol Danvers has posed:
Carol Danvers is checking to see if the unfamiliar Amplitude is holding his own, when she's challenged directly by Bi-Beast. Before answering him she tells Red Hood, "I'm probably not the one you'll hear it from if you do. He always finds out, doesn't he?" she asks of her Justice League teammate that Jason has in common with her.

She looks back to the unfamiliar orange two-headed creature. "Hey," she tells Bi-Beast. "Men. Women, not my place to judge. And I'd be throwing stones if I did," she says. "Though you look like you could use a few stones and rocks pounding you into some sense."

With that, Captain Marvel rotates in the air, facing head first towards Bi-Beast. She dives down at high speed to slam into him, shoulder to his chest, and quite possibly knocking the pair of them back a few dozen yards. For now though she's sort of pulling her blow, not wanting to accidental kill the unfamiliar villain.

Clint Barton has posed:
Clint sighs as Boomerang takes the battle to him. "Really, man?" He unleashes his already nocked concussive arrow at the area just behind Boomerang - if he was going to play nice he would aim it in front of him to drive him back, but now he wants to see that clown fall forward on his face, so behind him it goes - and then quickly pulls out a parachute arrow. One of this nifty high-end fabric ones, that can sustain all kinds of sharp edges.

"This will take the wind out of your sails." he says, firing the arrow directly at the razor rangs aimed in his direction. The parachute unfurls quickly, and catches the three projectiles easily, the momentum of the arrow carrying them back down towards the street, where they will all likely clatter harmlessly on the ground.

"Everyone else good?" he asks, waiting to see what other nonsense is going to come their way.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    Felicia drops her cable while she's on the way back down after kicking CYCLONE and getting a much better result on the test than she ever expected. "Just like Mr Crowley's class." She notes to no one in particular in response to her own thoughts. Landing on the road and the back of a yellow taxi that happened to get stuck by the construction job the villains threw up, Felicia pauses and squints towards ORB.

    "Kinda hard to say I 'went straight'." Black Cat grins devilishly but then levels a finger at the eyeball as she stands up fully and starts to march towards him, "Either way, if you're going to be such a downer..." Felicia pouts when the offer is made, "Hawkeye, this guy is being so mean to me!" With a faux crack of crying rising through her voice as if he was really hurting her with his Nostradamus predictions of her downfall.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Egghead, alas, is not as smart as he thinks he is. Or at least, in this particular instance when it comes to countering his opponent's equipment and abilities. There's a series of loud WHONKS as the admittedly super-smart, but alsoe xtremely out of shape punch-clock mad scientist would have the balls bust him over, and he's rapidly whacked over and sent flattened down, squished and bruised all over by the bouncing, blistering balls. And Maxwell Wave has an awesome new, gimmick oversized trenchcoat.
    GRIZZLY awaits the attack from Red Hood, having expected another gun of a sort to be pulled out. So when Red Hood attacks, grizzly would smirk, "And what you expecting to do with that, Hoodie?" going to take a wild swing.. And miss right as Red Hood would slide between his legs, hooking his ankle up and out from underneath him and yanking him down HARD to have him fall flat on his face!
    SCORCHER would advance on Red Hood, "Hey, nothing personal.." Going to blast at Red Hood with a lance of fire.. And then holding up his other flamethrower.. "Job's a job. And this stuff is expensive." by that he means his power armored exoskeleton with built in flamethrowers.

    Captain Marvel goes to slam moderately hard into Bi-Beast! Whom would be shoved back.. but not remotely as far as she had no doubt planned. "Pathetic." "Yes, indeed, pathetic. If this is the best you can dish out.." Bi-Beast going to attempt to slam her back in the chin with a brutal one-two haymaker.. "Then we can dish out a lot more!" "IN SPADES!" Presuming the blows did hit her, they would hurt a LOT. These 'guys' (or these robots, don't judge) would definitely be on the higher end tier of the strength spectrum!
    Hawkeye goes to fire his arrows as Boomerang surprisingly does quite well! The concussion arrow sends him flying backwards, but he goes over into a series of quick handsprings, attesting his movement as the parachute arrow would stop the razor-rangs. "So how about I show you how these apples work?" Him going to take out another group of boomerangs with small notched.. Explosives to them. "Enjoy them, Bow'n out!" Going to throw the boomerangs as they would barrage at Clint with a series of micro-missiles!
    ORB would smirk at Felicia, "But my dear, no one will trus tyou. Not your former confederates in crime that you have abandoned. Not the so-called do gooders that will never trust you for what you used to do. They'll use you, then at the slightest slight they'll go on about how you've betrayed their trust and their benevolence, and thrown away their grace. They'll abandon you, throw you to the streets. And there you will have nothing. No friends. No allies. Just scorn. For I see ALL. And that is the only fate you will have." As Black Cat treated him with 'NEENER NEENER'

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Realizing he's being observed, Max pushes back on his nerves. Anxious to make a good impression yet seasoned enough via Xavier's and a couple of runs with other mutants, he keeps his head in the game.

Once his trajectory brings him nearby the downed Egghead, he tosses the trenchcoat over the elongated cranium. "I usually order my eggs over easy, but today, I'll accept beaten."

Realizing the Red Hood is starting to get hanged up, he grabs the edges of the trenchcoat and uses it like an oversized sling. Giving a good tug and judicious application of his mutant powers, he sends the mad scientist flying at Scorcher. Max later marvels how Egghead is surprisingly aerodynamic.


Carol Danvers has posed:
While Captain Marvel was prepared for Bi-Beast to maybe not be hurt too badly by her attack, she wasn't expecting the speed and ferocity of his counter attack! She manages to block one hit, but the following haymaker catches her on the side of the head. It sends her flying backwards, not only smashing into a fifteen story building, but going right through the wall. The sound of screams and shouting can be heard from the people in the middle of a Stark-Collab video meeting.

A few moments later, Captain Marvel emerges, stepping up to the hole and resting a hand on the broken wall, while she rubs at her chin. Her expression and tone are far more serious as she says, "Alright, Bi-Boy, let's go."

Carol flies out from the building, her hands glowing with photonic energy as she sends blast after blast at Bi-Beast. He holds his hands to fend them off. Captain Marvel lets out a constant stream and it starts knocking him backwards, Bi-Beast's feet digging gouges in the pavement as he's pushed back. But when Carol lets up, he's still standing. She dives down at him again, not pulling her punches this time as she hits him.

Jason Todd has posed:
Grizzly goes down, and Jason slips back to his feet. "God, I love the big ones. They're so goddamn stupid."

With that, the Red Hood starts laying into Grizzly with the blunt side of the crowbar, just wailing away on him with the heavy steel.

Clint Barton has posed:
Hawkeye sighs and rolls his eyes. "Can't you just relax?" Time for the grappling hook arrow. He draws and fires it at the top of the building across the way, and then lurches as it tugs him from his pedestal to the other side. He twists to follow the movement of the apple bombs, hoping that they do not have any kind of guidance system. That would be decidedly inconvenient, as he prepares for the possibility of needing to stop, drop, and roll from his tether.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    "That guy's fun, those guys are at least serious." Felicia says, pointing towards Amplitude, and then Red Hood, and Grizzly duking it out with Scorcher showing up to give the red helmeted man more issues in the fight. "But no, I get stuck with this Asshole."

    To punctuate her swear, Black Cat snaps out her arm and from her wrist a zipline speeds out and clutches a light post just past ORB, and her actions then pause, as if she missed her attack...

    Hoping to have gotten some assistance from her team-mates, despite her 'trainee' status, but she'll worry about that later, in this moment, the thief retracts the motor on her wrist and drags herself through the battle, through the air, to the lightpost BEHIND ORB, and bringing up her knee to try and meet his helmet with her attack.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Maxwell Wave goes to pick up Egghead ever so easily (and it almost might be fun) and send him flying through the air over at Scorcher! It's sending him like a pinball over, almost fully unconscious as Egghead can only go, "Oh no.." Right as he's sent forwards to the flamebe!

There's a pair of sneers from Bi-Beast, "Come, Captain, let us dance. And for you to lose so badly." Bi-Beast was then hit by Carol's bursts of photonic energy, sending him flying over to a conveniently located abandoned building that was marked for demolition! Smashing him into it and leaving a (not nearly as impressive) crater! He would go to rise up from it, moving to start to pick up the building. "So, since you want to play ball, then let us go ahead and.." The other would chime, "Sa-WING batter batter!" Fans like these were why the Mets were not allowed to make the playoffs.

Red Hood goes to lay over into Grizzly. Grizzly who is apparently not taking a ton of damage from the crowbar. Eventually going to try and lift himself up. "That a toothpick?" He would move to try and swing an arm around to block it! He would be untrained but strong! Scorcher going for an attack on Jason Todd does however miss when he was flattened by Egghead! But now Red Hood is faced off agains the unbearable..

As Hawkeye goes to yank himself across the building, it is fortunate that the micro-missiles do not have guidance systems. Apparently even someone as gimmick-happy as Fred Myers does not have that sort of tech budget. "Relax!? Relax!? I'm in this biz for a reason! If I wanted to relax, I'd have stayed a Pitcher!" Then he goes to shake a fist as Hawkeye is now across a building! And far, far away. Then Fred looks to the side and goes, "What? Me throwin' something to grapple that comes back would defeat the purpose, wouldn't it?" Clint is for now safe.
    Felicia has by now perhaps realized that Orb's.. Eye.. Has been staring at one part on her. OR more likely two parts. The giant pupil still had the same line of.. Sight.. At her. Even as she's launching herself around he's spinning just a second or two ahead o fher. "See! Already they fail you and abandon you as they think you're beneath them! And I can see ahead to what you're going to do!" But.. Self claimed able to see just a -litlte- ahead or not..
    ORb is still a normal man with a decidedly ungainly costume. So he's -way- too slow for the hyper-agile Black Cat spinning round a pole. Then she goes to knee him. He collapses.
    Should have seen that coming.

Carol Danvers has posed:
Captain Marvel zooms forward then, and a flurry of blows are traded back and forth between she and Bi-Beast. He grabs her shoulder so when he punches her head she doesn't go flying out of reach this time. But it means he's there for her to throw her knee into his gut hard, the blow hard enough to shatter steel.

Punches are thrown back and forth, Captain Marvel knocked away from to crash into a storefront, only to zoom back out and body slam Bi-Beast, driving him into a dump truck at a construction site.

Carol lets him go, grabbing the dump truck and wielding the multi-ton vehicle like a bludgeon, hammering it down onto him like Bi-Beast were a nail and the large truck was a hammer.

She pounds with the truck a few times before it's falling apart to the point of unusable. Bi-Beast rips apart the wreckage and lunges at her, getting his hands on her throat!

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Maxwell does a fist pump as Egghead collides with Scorcher. He always wanted to pull off that classic move. He half-heartedly murmurs, "Egg-cellent? Nope. That's a bridge too far."

Once more picking up his frictionless skate along the impromptu battlefield, he takes a quick assessment of the situation. Marvel seems to have things handled or at least he hopes so, that's way above his weight class.

Red seems to need a little more firepower to deal with his threat.

Felicia looks like she just knocked over the... Eye? "I think you got the creepiest looking one in my opinion." He offers to Felicia as he skates by with a salute.

Hand reaching into his pocket for another pocket of ball bearings, he starts tossing them at Grizzly as a distraction for the Red Hood.

Clint Barton has posed:
Settling into a new perch, slightly higher, but still not too far for him to be able to rain down arrows as needed, Hawkeye reassesses the scene. "Ok, we all looking good down here?" He leans over the lip of the building, looking down towards the melee. Farther away, of course, he does have fewer options that might not have collateral damage. There are too many heroes in the fray that he has not worked with to risk not knowing what their crime fighting patterns are. It'd be a shame to knock that hood off the pistoleer, for example, if he ducked in front of a boxing glove.

Felicia Hardy has posed:
    The knee connects on the way back, and the cord disconnects, and the Black Cat lands on her shoulder behind the falling ORB, and rolling to her feet and standing swiftly in a singular roll. Turning back to face the ORB, Felicia's fists are balled tightly as she moves around to kneel on his chest and put her hand on his lapel and lifts him up from the sidewalk to look into his huge eye. "You make me sick." And she lets go, letting him fall back to the concrete.

    Standing up and turning to face the smoke and the three others she knows are still around, as if Carol was close, things would be booming, "Anyone need help?" She asks blindly into the fray but she looks up towards Clint and gives him a shake of her head before cupping her mouth to shout at him from street level, "You don't trust me or something?"

Jason Todd has posed:
The crowbar slams into Grizzly's body over and over again until it's blocked by his arm. Jason swears violently. "God, I hate the super powered ones." He throws himself backwards, getting clear as he runs through scenarios in his mind. His eyes dart around to the area and he gets an idea. "I wouldn't know, I'm not the size of a house."

Jason keeps slowly backing off, kiting Grizzly closer to a convenient power pole, his free hand slipping to the UTILITY BELT.

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Might Carol be having.. Fun? As she and Bi-beast would slam into one another. He would smash at her, he would miss. She would smash at him into the ground. He would try to grab at her to give her a double head-butt. "Now Captain, what are you to Marvel at? I don't think much. You're but another one of countless in a star spangled outfit." "How unoriginal." "Exactly! You cannot defeat us, for we ar ehte great Bi-Beast! And our two heads work together far better than your single ONE could ever!" The dialogue. It might almost be painful as the two would exchange rapid-fire, brutal blows and smash at one another! Them keeping their fists fists wrapped around hard and grunting with effort (despite not having to breathe) as they would choke her. "And soon you will have NONE!" The two heads whistling 'pop goes the weasel' for emphasis!

Scorcher is down or at least disoriented enough to not be getting up anytime in the next few minutes. This leaves Grizzly attempting to avoid Red Hood's no crow-bar'd beat down.
    From the observation deck that Hawkeye has, it looks like only two of the enemy crew are still up and at 'em. Or three. Bi-Beast is engaged in brutal close quarters fighting with Captain Marvel, and Grizzly is attempting to slam a re-bar over on Jason Todd. Boomerang is currently on the 'discretion, valor' routine and has jumped off the side of a building to vanish. At least he did not use a boomerang-copter to escape.
    Orb goes down from Felicia moving to spin and twist about him, going to clutch over at himself over as he would wheeze and huff-laugh, "You see.. I see.. I see.. You'll know it's coming. Don't say I didn't warn you.." Before slumping unconscious.
    Grizzly goes to try and advance towards Jason as Red Hoot pulls out that most dangerous of things, the TARDIS styled UTILITY BELT. Even as Grizzly goes to swing at Red Hood, the hihg powered BALLS through by Maxwell hit him in the back, sending him stumbling forwards right in the direction where Jason was preparing!

Maxwell Wave has posed:
Maxwell skates around Red Hood and Grizzly continuing his barrage of high speed ball bearings until the villain is too close to Red Hood to avoid friendly fire. He puts a little extra distance between the two to see what the vigilante has up his sleeve.

His head turning to survey the battlefield, he frowns when he notices Captain Marvel might be in a bit of problem. Reluctant to engage in that clash of titans, he spends his time looking between the two remaining skirmishes, calculating options if he needs to try and intervene somehow, but hoping one of the more seasoned heroes is already on it.

Jason Todd has posed:
Max helps Jason kite Grizzly a bit. He bides his time, waiting for the perfect moment.

It arrives.

Jason's arm flings out, hurling a razor edged Batarang up at the nearby power line. It starts to drop. At the same time, the Red Hood whips a gun out and fires at the fire hydrant behind him until a hold bursts and sprays highly pressurized water towards himself and the iron tough big bear. Jason dives to the right, rolling out of the path of the water. Very quickly the power line and the water meet. Hopefully Grizzly is in the middle of it.

Clint Barton has posed:
"Wait, is this my chance to actually help the mighty Captain Marvel?" Clint seems almost ready to gloat. "Keep your head down, I've got the perfect arrow for this!" He reaches back and pulls out something new, grinning to himself. "Maiden voyage, and it couldn't be more perfect."

Drawing a bead, he lets the arrow fly. It spins in the air until it splits into two pieces, each one impacting on one of BiBeast's shoulders. They branch out quickly and each one starts flashing, but on a different pattern, one blue and one red. As if making the dual heads controlling Bibeast's body at the center of a patrolcar's flashers.

"Go tahead, buddy, figure out which one of those to take out first."

Carol Danvers has posed:
The android lets out a curse as the disorienting lights mess with his sensors. One of Bi-Beast's heads says, "A simple display of lights is no match for the Bi-Beast!" The other adds, while reaching back and rips one of the lights away, "And you'll be next to fall, archer."

But that caused one of his hands to leave Carol's throat. She finally pries the other away. "I'll give you this, you may be as strong as the Hulk," she tells him. "Smell like him too!"

She grabs Bi-Beast and jets up into the air. They twirl about, trading more blows as the flight path is like an ever climbing single-helix. Finally they hang in the sky about four hundreed feet up. And then there is a flash of cosmic energy that surrounds them both, and twin voices of dismay cry out.

What happens next is difficult for the eye to follow. That bright white light suddenly stabs at the ground like a flash of lightning, hitting right in the middle of the construction zone for the new skyscraper, which so far had only the cement foundation poured.

A shockwave of air blasts out, thankfully not enough to shatter windows, though it rocks cars and sets off their alarms. A cloud of dust rises into the air, forming a mushroom cloud.

It slowly dissipates. The area is going to need a good cleaning. When it finally clears, Bi-Beast is lying unconscious on the edge of a crater in the foundation, as if he's been dragged there. Carol is sitting on his chest, elbows on her knees. As she sees her teammates, Red Hood and Maxwell again, she perks up. "Good job team. Shwarma is on me."

Natasha Romanoff has posed:
Only you can cause forest fires! Wait, that wasn't what Smokey the Bear said! Well, Grizzly's definitely smoking, even as he tumbles over, hit in the back, falling into the water, wrapped in the power lines and shocked and zotted into unconsciousness with the faint scent of bacon and overcooked steak in the air.

    The air is still as the last adversary goes down. Carol has had a good fight. Clint has been useful. Felicia has had to face someone mean and disturbing. But things of adversity have been conquered.. By the AMAZING AVENGER-FRIENDS!