10558/Value for Val and Sue!

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Value for Val and Sue!
Date of Scene: 24 March 2022
Location: A very expensive boutique
Synopsis: Mother and Daughter spending spree!
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Susan Richards

Valeria Richards has posed:
One of the better things about being rich enough you don't have to worry about money. You can pretty much not have to worry about not being able to buy what you want.

The downside is carrying it all when you don't have actual powers of your own and told the Doombot to keep his bedazzled mechanical butt watching over slow cooking experiments.

Luckily Valeria can bring someone who has an opinion that the younger blonde can count on when trying things on.
Her Mother!

Which leads to Miss Richards looking over what appears to be a white corduroy pencil skirt being draped over her hips, the hem long enough to reach just above her knees. The girl actually dressed in jeans and a little white leather motorcycle jacket half unzipped to allow her white tank top's plunging neckline to show. A white smart watch, and a pair of rings on each middle finger worn with a few little glowy LEDS's hinting she's no unequipped for trouble. A pair of wedge heeled boots knee high lace up boots in a faux combat style adding even more height and sway to her walk.

She's been pooracticing.

"I keep telling myself I should just pick different colours to wear but damn if we don't make what we normally wear look good!" she says with a playful grin to Sue.

Susan Richards has posed:
It certainly wasn't difficult to get Sue to agree to shopping. There's no pending gala events, it's not a day out with Janet (Which always leads to Trouble), and it's a chance to have some quality Mother-Daughter time /and/ pick up a couple of suits of the non-super variety?

It's enough for Mrs. Richards to clear her schedule, or at least enable the AI Assistant that can mimic her for the various meetings and calls for running the daily business of Fantasticorp. Does Susan do this all the time? Of course not! Really.

Sue's all grins as Valeria models, arms crossing over her chest, hips cocking as she eyes her darling daughter carefully. She's gone for a very dressed down look herself... but even then, a blue turtleneck sweater (Of course it's /that/ blue), white capri pants, and wedge-heeled sandals? The Richards women do tend to stick to a theme.

She heaves out a soft sigh and grins crookedly, "Well, sticking to a set of colours just makes it more dramatic when you switch it up. If you play it right, switching from blue to black can make people discuss it for /years/!"

She bites her lower lip and almost frowns, "Which, really, is its own treacherous path. Because your best friend will /never let you forget it./" She perks an eyebrow and grins, "Jeans? Jeans can be blue, and you can take them... camping? Do you kids still go camping?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
The skirt is checked out from both front and back though she isn't quite in view of any mirrors where the women are so hence a second opinion. Val was always more a pragmatist and learning to do things like Shop or even just walk in heels is all part of that socilization training the otherwise very nerdy young woman has been subjected to so she doesn't turn all supervillain.

"I've seen jeans in other colors than blue white of black. Saw one girl around that liked and looked great in red denim. May try a little pink here and there but I may want that pink really, really pale. " she considers and thinks back to other outfits she's seen people wear.

"Yes kids still go camping. Uncle Ben better not be earshot or he'll want to go. But much as it's fun to go and be all nature enthusiast. I get all nature enthusiast and start cataloguing wild life and fauna. I expect the others at GIRL would do the same thing. Or detonate a 'smore" she says and puts the skirt on the pile of things to try on. A pair of jeans is perused now in a more creamy yellow tone still in the same corduroy material. She might be considering fashion experiments with fabrics.

Susan Richards has posed:
Sue stifles her laughter... at least in regards to the camping... well, GIRL does seem to at least not get into /too/ much trouble on their own. Then again, being married to Reed has likely skewed Susan's trouble radar. She bobs her head and hums out, "Well, that skirt definitely goes on the list! And oh, some pale pinks to expand your colour scheme would be lovely... not too eye catching, but it will give you your own attitude."

Eyes glint playfully as she hums out, "After all, you don't want to constantly be attached to your stuffy and boring parents, right?" There's a warm tone of teasing, and Sue laughs softly, "If you want to go camping and are worried Ben will want to tag along, just let me know."

Sue cocks her hips again, eyes glinting as she shakes her head slowly, "You have /no/ idea how many of the charity poker games we've put on at the building were just 'Keep Ben and Johnny distracted' schemes that happened to benefit various organizations."

Sue sways and shifts and picks up a blouse of her own, frilled cuffs, a not quite daring neckline, in a faint powder blue as she murmurs, "Hmm... this should do. I'm thinking of giving a... well, I don't want to say /lecture/ but some sort of presentation at Happy Harbor."

Valeria Richards has posed:
More creams and pinks. And even some more earthy tones are collected. Though she does avoid greens, expecially for tops. A bit too close to her godfather and that does tend to make folks nervous.

"Well Dad can at least understand what I'm talking about when I get sciency. And you can decpiher when I get bad at figuring out more less nerdy things." Val states and lifts a skirt in a more soft canvasy like material that's neither denim or corduroy as she moves her pile of try on stuff from place to place. Sparing the sales clerk some effort which might be to the woman's deligt seeing there's probably some commissions going her way and less work to actually do.

"If there is a slide presentation, and a school it's probably a lecture." she states and grins. "I've been roped into enough of them at the schools in this town, let alone Happy Harbor. Might tag along and catch up with Vivian and some of the others there." she ponders.

Susan Richards has posed:
Sue laughs softly, picking out a darker blue pencil skirt and some stockings, and then she's picking a variety of truly dressing down options... t-shirts? Tanktops? Well, even the Invisible Woman has days she wants to just say it's laundry day and she's not /trying/. Of course, usually she stays home on those days, but... well, that could always change!

She snorts and laughs softly, "I'm not sure about the slides. I think it's going to be more an assembly? You know, just talking in the gym or whatever about staying in school, keeping off drugs, uhh... don't drop out?" She hums innocently and murmurs, "Or, you know, don't drop out of /high school/. I really should finish my degree some day. But... it just seems so much like it would just be a piece of paper now."

Sue clicks her tongue and murmurs softly, "I should check my email and see if I was given an honorary one... it seems more than likely." She laughs and leans in to hiss a stage whisper at Val, "Careful, dear! Telling me you've done a ton of these is how you wind up with your mother picking your brain for suggestions on how to keep the kids' attention! I /will/ make you regret being such a helpful and wonderful child!"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"That kinda goes out the window when your youngest child never sat in a class facing the blackboard. " Val jokes with a grin on her lips and a chuckle to go with it! "It'll probably be one of those inspiring the kids type things I bet. I'm Susan Richards, and you can be as badass as me with our without powers if you put your heart and mind into it!" she states and does her best attempt at sounding inspirational. Or mostly just like her mother and totally the same thing to Valeria.

"And yes, it's pretty much a peice of paper. I've got enough papers and thesis written I could probably hand any number in and just walk out of a university with PhD's of my choosing." she states. "If anything they should just hand you one for being able to mediate and negotiate. How many fights did you stop my uncles from getting into after all? Teenagers without super intelligence or reality altering powers should be a breeze!" she plainly and genuinely tries to puff up her Mom's ego

Susan Richards has posed:
Sue laughs softly and murmurs dryly, "Well, you have no idea how many times I had to convince your father that subconscious 'learning beds' were... a /tad/ dystopian to actually try marketing." She grins impishly, eyes narrowing, "Oh, so what /I'm/ hearing is my brilliant, driven, exceptional daughter doesn't need her allowance anymore!"

She giggles softly and perks an eyebrow slightly, "And don't try to butter me up, dear. I /have/ done quite a bit of mediating and negotiating... or is this spree of compliments with something in mind? Are you hoping we'll go for something to eat now?" She makes a show of glancing down at her wrist where there's no watch, "Oh look, we've got plenty of time to ourselves! The family can fend without our calming presence for the afternoon. Hmmm... the steakhouse at the Hellfire Club? They do a very lovely cobb salad as well."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Well money comes and goes and I have enough of my own in emergencies to probably fund us all which often kicks back into the family investments as well. Like just enough stocks in companies that while I don't have a controlling interest. I could probably crash the economy if if started a pump and dump." Valeria states with a grin.

"But that's probably going to be a Val, don't destroy civilisation thing. So I just let money build. And throw a bunch to charities. STEAM education, homneless shelters, wherever. Still under the radar. And talking tax stuff is too dull even for me and Math is a turn on." she states with a chuckle and a wink at the sales lady.

"And yeahh I could eat. Ir could also actually try all thgis stuff on first byt then a cobb salad would do wonders for the growling in my stomach! I may have forgotten breakfast again!" she admits with a giggle and eyes the dressing rooms to make sure all the stuff the women have picked out will actually fit.