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The X in Mexico
Date of Scene: 25 March 2022
Location: Mostly Cancun, Mexico
Synopsis: Part 1: X-Men get wasted in Cancun. Borrow a boat from Beto and invade a tourist trap island for possible ruins and loot! To be continued!
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, Rogue, Monet St. Croix, James Proudstar, Jean Grey, Xi'An Coy Manh

Tabitha Smith has posed:
This was the plan. Tabby the party tactician in action!

Spring Break. Gather any troops that were hanging around. Fly the hell out of the US in the blackbird and land in a conveniently bribed and obtained patch of empty beach near Cancun Mexico via judicious use of the cloaking tech. Helps when you know a guy who knows a guy that knows where to park.

Thank you Rictor!

Tabby briefs everyone on the flight, dressed for the occasion in red cutoffs, a little turqoise shoulderless tee and matching Chucks. The straps and strings of a little pink bikini peeking out while her red frame and red lensed cate eye glasses sit securly on her nose.

Such a commanding presence! Not!

"The primary mission for the mext couple days, should anyone choose to accept it! Shop, pregame, scout out the best spot for a party. Gear up to party, go party, get blitzed. Get laid! If you guys say screw it and decide one of the many luxurious Cancun hotels and resorts is more your speed? Lemme know and make sure to raid the mini bar." Boom-Boom explains with a huge grin.

"Secondary but like actually way more important, we just have down time before this. To give y'all a head up. We do have a cost of doing business for not getting grief on parking where we are." She does add a little more seriously "We're picking up and taking some mutant kids to the institute. Ric said they were rescues from an MGH Lab over on the west coat and they'll be here in time for us to fly them home. Give them a better life. Don't wanna hear complaints."

Once tents are set up and the bonfire is ready to go at night. Tabby must have that hyperfocus thing going along with the hyperactivity. The landing site close enough that a walk is not too far and again thanks to guys that know guys, Tabby even managed to get her hands on a van to shuttle everyone back and forth a lot quicker while she is sadly sober.

Of course it does just make the trip into Cancun itself seem like the X-men on vacay are cheap ass tourists and with the number of them all super hot early to mid twenty-somethings, perfectly able to blend in as Spring Breakers and not badass superheroes.

In theory.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has a black hoodie on zipped up and some aviators resting on her hairline. She's got a travel bag on her lap, some blue jeans shorts on, and some basic running shoes. A pair of dark green gloves poke out of one of her pockets, and she just quietly enjoys the jet ride as she scans her eyes around, looks at her phone, and just generally busies herself.

When Party Planner Tabi announces the briefing for this 'mission', the Belle just dutifully listens, smirks here and there, but follows along.

Upon arrival, she sees their transport, and tosses her bag over her shoulder. "Nice. I always wanted t'get stranded in a jungle, and traffic kids outta a country in a creepy black jet." She dryly jests as she starts to move to their vehicle, her sunglasses coming down over her eyes once they are in the heat and sunlight again.

"I like it here already. I wonder what kinda shows they have down here. I've heard things... but, probably shouldn't go inta great detail on such matters." And of course she mutters a lot of that last part.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
There's a reason to be here at least. Monet St. Croix gives a glance at Tabitha, "Do take a care then to not run yourself ragged. OR get enough -things- in your system to overload it and leave yourself back in the medbay again." There's a casually dismissive tone from Monet towards the other woman. She's going along with the rest of the group and seems to barely be paying them over any particular attention. "And I hope one of you can arrange to have that trashheap recycled somewhere it's at no more risk to society. I feel like I require a tetanus shot purely from being in the same area as it."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar is Jim. He listens and nods, smiles but once the plan is in action Jim packs and schleps, he arranges the tents and digs latrines he positions the fires. He takes care. He wears the typical canvas style shirt and cargo shorts, a pair of $20 sunglasses and flip flops from the Salem Center Walgreen's.

Jean Grey has posed:
Well, if any of this is a problem... it's probablyh a bit late to complain!

It's also one hundred percent certain that Jean had to sign off on things like 'we're rescuing a bunch of kids,' so there is in fact no sign of any objection raised by the Headmistress. In fact, she looks like she is trying very hard to move away from any supervisory role and... actually take a vacation. She has no notes, comments, or complaints. And indeed, when Tabitha demands as much, she answers with a cheeky, "Yes ma'am!"

Like Rogue, she's lightly packed, with just a single bag slung over her shoulder. Her manner of dress is not unlike Tabitha's herself, in her usual green and gold favored colors, although she trades the shorts for some kind of loose sarong skirt. She also has big black sunglasses. With her own luggage in tow, she makes her way down from the plane, and soon she's engaged in all the necessary set-up, helping with the tents and everything. Posh hotels? Boring!

Once they've finished up, she's eager to hop in the van and go exploring, although Rogue quickly gets a dubious look. "Shows? If you're talking about stuff away from the hotels and all the tourist-y crap, well... I can only imagine." And she can imagine a lot, she's got that fancy mind of hers! "But I'm sure there's a few good bars at least."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I think you want Tijuana for the stuff you might be thinking of Rogue. But hey, Cancun might try to dress it up but it just emans you gotta look harder." Boom-Boom states with a grin for the Southern Belle, or at least the Belle more southern than even Tabby's own Virginia.

"Monet my fair lady, if I was gonna be that reckless I wouldn't have brought as many of my favorite people as possible. The vacay  looseningup now goes double for you! And flown us to a resort town for all the rich kids who want to party. A beach camp is way more fun and cheap though and lets us party on our own terms. And yes we're bringing our own trash back with us. I'm not staying behind if I can help it!" she says with a self deprecating tone as she works and Jimmy takes care of digging holes for the messier part of camping. while everyone else working with Tabby sets up.

Jean and Monet would have herad a hih pitched psychic squee when the Headmistress okayed the trip and the pick up. "I was almost about to keep all pleading after you said yes but accepting plans is a great way to mess up other plans. I was even gonna bat eyelashes!" she states. "For all the good that does most ddays!" she states and giggles.

Once camp is set up, the Blackbird is secure and all that Tabby heads off to get the van and soon play chauffer. "Your chariot awaits. Keep them comms on. It might be shinier but yes it can also be seedier than Madripoor and all the predators are out there." she reminds.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would go to listen over and glance at Tabitha, "I would hardly call htis a vacation. An inevitable catastrophe in the making, most certaintly. But very well, the rest of us will be here to try and minimize the collateral damage from this. And I do hope that at least you've ensured that there's proper medical care on standby." Monet has the look on her face of someone with the 'eww cooties' of the general area that they're in.

"I hope that this area has been properly sanitized. And that we're not going to need to go to a spa for treatment afterwords to get whatever -things- are here out of our system so that we can properly recuperate." Someone is a meanie.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue does basically nothing to help setup camp. She just watches and sits from the edge of the van. Sometimes she checks her phone, and even takes a few pics of other people doing all the work. She laughs softly at Tabi's response to her, then looks to Jean and smiles big from the redhead's words too.

"I'm just messin' around. I don't wanna go to a show where people might try'n kidna---. Wait. Of course I wanna do stuff like that... that'd be a ton'a fun. Watchin'em try stuff with us." She is grinning as the Van becomes the focus of everyone else.

Thusly the Belle crawls inside, and sits in the back, her eyes, covered by her shades, look arounjd inside the thing. "This van is nicer than yours back home, Tabitha." Rogue quips up to the curator of this adventure.

She slaps the top of her thighs then and exhales. "So, where's the blow?" And after asking that, she looks around at everyone, expectantly.

Jean Grey has posed:
"Monet, relax!" Jean shouts over from nearer to the van, as they make ready to depart. "You really have to lighten up about this kind of stuff. Nothing in life is one-hundred percent safe or certain, but we're here to have fun, and we'll look out for one another while we do it." With a big grin, she adds the stereotypically fateful line: "What's the worst thing that could happen?"

... and it almost CERTAINLY has to be a joke, right? Considering how the ski trip she organized ended!

Regardless of any concerns, Jean is definitely here to party and enjoy herself, so she's not tolerating much naysaying. Now it's just about planning out their debauchery. "Tabby's probably right, this isn't exactly the 'just over the border' stereotype. This place has built itself up off tourist attention for a long time. Pretty sure it's MOSTLY pretty tame." There is emphasis there! And a follow up: "Just means we have to look a little harder to find the good stuff."

Soon she's piled into the seat beside Rogue, scootching over close so there's space for whoever follows. The Belle's inquiry just earns a LOOK, and instead she wonders of the Party Tsar: "So, we got some kind of itinerary for all of this? Because honestly I really have no idea WHAT there is to do around here. I'm sure there's plenty around the hotels, but those kinda places are always... we could probably get every bit as 'authentic' an experience in New York."

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh finally makes her presence known, currently wearing a pair of black fitted shorts and a white "NYU LIBRARY SCIENCE" crop top over her bikini. She has sandals on and does her very best to keep clear of any manual labor. She's not afraid of hard work by any means ,but she did enough of that sort of thing when she was raising all her siblings.

She listens up as Rogue calls out for an itinerary: put simply, this sort of thing is not normally in Shan's 'groove' and she isn't really sure how to go about it. "I'm less interested in authenticity than I am in comfort. I have had quite enough deprivation for five lifetimes, thank you."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles, helping others in between doing what needs to be done. He finishes watching everyone pile into the van. It is a spacious van but vehicles like it just aren't built to Jim's prportions at least not in crowds. He watches and lets the crowd congregate.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The driving to destinations hets a grin as Tabby puts some of that honed time on the streets of New York to use. The locale might be different but somethings don't change. "Hooker, hooker, dealer. Pimp. Fed. Fratbro, jackass. Spoiled Princess. Fed. Hooker." Tabby points out and will drop folks off where they wanna be as needed.

"Monet's already railed by entire supply! Now she's being mean cause I'm out and she's coming down!" she teases with a wink at the dark skinned woman. "You wanna spa, there's a few hear you can pay for all of us princess! You wanna try and cover the amount of oil needed for Jimmy's shoulders. I needed a damn Sherpa team to get up on those and he was laying on our bed! Was worth it for those abs!" she adds with a wink in the rear view to her giant of an ex boyfriend.

"Don't forget to make note of any fun looking clubs. That includes the seedy stuff Rogue is itching to shake or kick ass at."

And party they do find when the sun goes down. Yes there's plenty of booze, whether or not weed or blow is obtained and used, Tabby isn't objecting, she might get seen with a joint in hand every so often and somehow seems mellower for it if no less happy.

They're all adults after all. Even if some would argue against it in the case of overly energetic blonde women trying to get her friends to have a good time. Even if it also includes letting some of them tease her cause hey, if it works and they have fun. Tabby calls any and all fun a victory.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would fold her fingers together while scanning along, "I'm sure that we'll manage to find more than our share of local catastrophies as well>" While Jean is very much no doubt trying to enjoy the vacation with the spirit it was intended to be in, M is being M and has about as much enthusiasm for this as some of the non-Scott related people might when it comes to doing their taxes.

M is passively alert, waiting for anything to catch on fire or that might cause something chaotic as the group would go along.

Rogue has posed:
As soon as Andre the Jimiant sits down in front of her, Rogue sighs. "Down in front!" She chides the huge man before she snickers. She looks over at Jean then and makes a face, for no real reason, she just doesn't know what to say, and then they're off!

Van puttering along noises, a lot of bumps assumedly.

In the evening, Rogue is holding a big colorful icy drink, her sunglasses limb-hooked under the hem of her tanktop she's wearing under her hoodie. She's watching some boats partying out on the water from the edge of the docks, lots of partying going on all over the place. The Belle just seems to be in observer mode, not wanting to get in a situation where her touch power control may go out, and she hurts anyone.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
Xi'an Coy Manh sticks mostly to wine and if she borrows a puff or two off of Tabby's left-handed cigarette now and again, well, hardly anyone's the wiser. She's discreet enough, following Rogue's habit of being more of an observer than a participant. The last time she did much partying, she ended up flashing a bunch of people at the Hellfire Club. The only comfort in that is she was far from the only one.

A few young men try to approach, only to be politely rebuffed. One of them does not take it particularly well and ends up pouring his own drink down his pants.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean, contrary to any claims, is not harshing on anyone's attempts to enjoy themselves! She already encouraged Monet to relax, after all. At the same time, that whole self-control angle is sure a -thing-.

Thus, much like Rogue, she does have to observe a certain level of decorum herself: telepathy is a hell of a thing, and if she screws up her head badly enough, it might not be long until the entire neighborhood is sharing the fun... whether they want to or not. And that's to say nothing about what a bender from a particular party bird might look like. 'Dude, where's our sun?'

Despite this, she gets everything she can out of the first leg of the trip. The day, while the light is good and they have the freedom to wander around, is spent exploring local markets, picking up knick knacks and souvenirs both tacky and genuinely artistic. By the evening...

She has a drink! It's not the first. But she can manage a couple of those without destroying the world, probably. Eventually, she ends up lingering at the end of that same dock, looking out over the water. "Think we could get a boat?" she wonders, more idly than with intent... but you never know!

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar wanders the town talking to locals. His coloring let's him pass and his accent is pretty close unaided by any telepathy. His size is a point of interest, per usual but away from the touristy crowds less embarassing. He even gets questions about his tatoo, several locals recognizing the Thunderbird.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Drunken frat bros tend to leave well enough alone when they have found that somehow they have very wet pants and not nescesarily a memory of how it got that way. So that keeps Xi'an plenty safe from too many unwanted.

Jimmy might have his own problems here and there with an army of drunken girls fawning over the poor giant muscled man with even less restraint than the boys. Some of the more adventurous girls even flashing the collective of X-folks winks and blown kisses, and lifted tops and somehow they never seem to have to pay for drinks. Occasionally phone numbers on napkins pile up as locales shift and the unwinding actually kicks in.

Sure Tabby even offers hits of her joints every so often. She even manages to squeeze into the odd dancefloor and laughs when she gets to a point where she could totally lift her feet off the ground and not come down for a moment. She's not flying, just squished between bodies.

More partying. Tabby occasionally dissapearing from sight if not mind and returning with grins to hunt folks down and make sure they're all good.

Even when she bounces her way to one of the docks and the big sea view that would be totally romantic if Tabby wasn't in a tosated Tabby mood.

"Damn a boat ride would be awesome. Maybe we should have swiped a PAC-RAT instead of the Blackbird." she ponders and hmmms with a giggle as evceryone's night goes on.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix is currently the non-life of the party. M has simply taken herself a corner out of hte way on things and has simply taken herself to present as intimidating an aura around herself as psible. She's not even having to use her powers. She's found a location that does not have any air that is blowing the scent of smoke, drugs, rock and roll, or party girls with far too cheap plastic surgeons away from her.

Anyone that is attempting to engage her over is getting the full on 'M Glare' that has settled for her having several meters of personal space with her just leaning against hte wall being about as interactive as a statue would; presuming the statue gave the impression it could shoot death lasers.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue ends up sitting / straddling the docks railing. She's got her drink in her hands and is just exchanging looks from the partying on the docks, to the partying out in the water. She raises her free hand up to push her loose and wild hair back behind her head as she hears the question from Jean about a boat. This has her laughing softly. "That'd be kinda fun. We could zoom around lookin' for spots on the main land worth invadin'. Maybe there are ruins visible from the coast somewhere, I dunno." She mutters that last adventurous wish mostly to herself.

another drink is taken before Tabi shows up, and Rogue just eyes her with a growing grin. "You're gonna be so black out drunk in like two hours from now, Smith." She tells the Boomer of the group here.

Her eyes go back out to the partyers, and she motions to some of them. "That group over there is eyin' ya, ya better go put on a show for'em." The Belle tries to convince the Boomboom to do badbad stuff.

Xi'An Coy Manh has posed:
"You owe no one entertainment, but yourself," Xi'an reminds Tabitha, "That said, it -is- getting a little boring around here," she smiles.

She's trying to get into the spirit of the thing and several glasses of wine and a little herbal remedy has certainly helped relax her mood. Let's face it, humiliating the frat guy helped, oto.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar snorts remembering a weekend in just such a boat during senior year, raising an eyebrow at one of the accomplices, "I mean we don't have an omega class teleporter but we do have an omega class telepath. " He considers a plan.

Jim settles for making chicken noises near Monet's little corner.

Jean Grey has posed:
"I'm sure I could find something, if we really wanted to," Jean continues, her idle suggestion perhaps meandering into the realm of the more serious. Her head turns one way, and then back the other, scanning up and down the barside marina where they've congregated. "I can be pretty convincing!"

Getting wasted and psychically ravaging the countryside is one thing, but... mildly brainwashing a single person for a joyride and then leaving them a nice payment? Pft, that barely registers on the Xavier-Grey brainwashing scale!

"Ruins though? Hmm." She has to pause and think about that. "They have plenty of them in Mexico, Aztec and Mayan, but I'm not sure if there's any we could sail to quickly from here." The thought provokes pulling out her phone and doing some quick googling, since google knows all!

After a few moments...

"Oh. There's some island, a little ways south. It's got nature stuff, and... huh, totally has ruins. Wouldja look at that. Wanna do it?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby every the enabler adds her own wink over at Monet playing the intimidating badass girl with a Summersian stick in her curvy butt but Tabby totally knows she's looking out for the group. There'd be kisses on the cheek and stuff but Tabitha has just finished healiing from other injuries and might not be wanting to risk more for a hug just yet.

Well maybe not entirely unwilling to risk health and safety as Rogue gets daring for Tabby to misbehave. This might backfire on Anna Marie though as Tabby looks to the onlookers and slips a hand along Rogue's abdomen and under her top to lift it up and flash the watchers for a split second before tabby lets out a loud "HAH!" and giggles maniacally.

Xi'an gets a wink and just to let the others feel some sort of vengeance she turns and flashes her rack as well.

"Island, yeah. You know what. I think we can manage it!" she says like she totally might have planned it as the blonde adjusts her clothes then points to one of the yachts. "Julio Rictor is not the only latin stud helping  us out."she states and giggles. "The benefits of also being besties with one Roberto Da Costa!" she states and gestures to said yacht like a game show model. Not far off with that figure but she's hardly the only one that can fill a bikini in the group.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix just goes to give James a look from her position, still not budging over from it and keeping her distance over. She would fold her arms over on her chest and not shift at all. M goes to keep a distant attention over on Xi'an. Rogue and Jean can take care of thesmelves, if anything happens James will no doubt finish it quickly.

Tabitha is likely to instigate something but that goes without saying. There's no sense denying the inevitable. No, M's worry for the night is Karma.

If only as she has little idea what happens if the other woman 'loosens up' and therefore is ready to extricate herself from here quickly.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just saddling that docks railing as she listens to Jean do her googling. She has a grin cross her lips then as she hears the results. "See? I was totally right." She takes it as a personal win, even if that is stretching it a bit! "So, boat then? We could just mind trick one'a the yacht owners, right?" She asks the Headmind Tricker.

She's drinking from her tasty booze with her right arm up when Tabi yoinks her hoodie, and top up on one side, giving everyone a Rogueshow.

This... gets the Belle pushing her foot out to shove Tabitha away before she spits up some of her drink down on to Jean, and down the front of her clothing. "Tabi. I'm gonna murder ya..." She warns the drunken Boomer before she can run off!

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean still has her nose buried in her googling when Tabitha launches her attack. Looking up, she clearly doesn't quite know what's happening, other than the fact that she's met with a certain eyefull... of booze, among other things!

"Ack, jeez!" She reaches up to wipe her face, one eye winking closed. "No murdering until we're on the boat!" A beat. "It doesn't count if you do it on international waters!" This is obviously another bit of odd humor, as they would clearly not actually be going that far out... and also probably she isn't going to authorize Tabitha's murder. PROBABLY.

"Anyway, I can go ask around-" She slowly turns to survey the nearest piers, looking around for any vessel that might meet their requirements... until she spots Tabitha standing near one that looks suspiciously fancy compared to the rest. "Huh. Didn't even think of that... pretty sure Warren's is still in Fiji." Lots of rich X-boats! "Guess I don't even need to 'borrow' us one." Does she sound disappointed? Was she looking FORWARD to brainwashing some sap?!

"Well, looks our ticket," she declares afterward, turning back to offer Rogue a hand down from the railing, quite unecessarily. "C'mon. Lets go raid Bobby-two's stash and see some ruins!"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha grins when backed up by a foot and clambers up onto the Yacht. "You said put on a show! Mission accomplished Sugah!" she teases as she bounces on the deck. "I have never actually done the boat driving thing? Sooo, if 'Beto even cares about the boat to ask. Any damage was like this when we had it and he just partied out himself on it!" she states and grins goofilly.

"Unless someone wants to be skipper of our ragtag crew!" she suggests.

"So we do a lap of the island, raid some ruins!, everyone bring their khaki bootyshorts?" she asks the group. "You know by now it's probably all museumed up right? So like exhibits and heritage stuff." Tabby states and it's still possible Jean might get to mind control some poor security guard who did not ask for drunken hijinks.

Once everyone is on the boat, the trip is pretty fast for the short distance south of Cancun. About an hour straight line at high speed and with someone reminding Tabby to keep on course. And to throttle back in time when they reach a new spot to dock.

Which seems to be the Castillo Real on the east coast of the island. "Spooooky!" Tabby states brightly as the lighthouse that they passed on the way around the island.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
They're here. And M is as forever being M. Standing in the back of the boat. Hvaing not taken a sip of anything to drink or food. Or any of the other libations. She's just staying over near the back and making sure she's in a position that has a good breeze. M has barely interacted with anyone beyond having put all of her skill point unlocks into 'Intimidate'. She's smug about it. but seems quite happy to enjoy the ocean breeze and the other things going on.

"Any ruins within transitable distance will be tourist destinations and there will be crowds."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue accepts the hand down from Jean, and is glaring at Tabi as they make their way to the fancy boat. She looks to Jean to see she got drink on her face. "Here, let me help you with that." She says then as her hoodie, and top come up again, this time by her own decision. She wipes at Jean's face, trying to get past the defenses that are surely to be erected to try and stop her! After a bit of laughter, Rogue just sorts her clothing out and skips her way up on to the boat.

"Are we leavin' without the others? James is gonna end up in the sex trade." She has to say before finding a comfortable place for the ride, and more drinks!

With her hair all puffed up by the humidity, and the wind, Rogue looks around at their new location upon arrival, her legs curled up on one of the fancy benches. "Is this the place with the doll island? I saw it on Youtube once, it was super spooky."

She's not a geography major in college, give her a break!

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean's only defense against Rogue's strange attack is bizarre laughter, as if she's not totally sure what's happening. That's not how MOST people wipe up spilled booze!

"Uh thanks!" she says, looking a little perplexed, and even just a little red cheeked. Its totally the booze! Once recovered and clean, she follows in the Belle's happy-go-lucky wake, climbing up to board the yacht right behind her. "Do... you even know how to drive this thing?" she wonders, once they've joined the newly minted Captain BoomBoom. The fact that she says 'drive' suggests that she probably doesn't either. She is not one of the crazy mega rich types, she just handles his checkbook! But so long as it doesn't seem like they're going to crash right into anything, she goes with the flow. For the trip, she sits and keeps a look out on the passing scenery, while occasionally glancing down to help navigate with her phone.

"Well, it's a little past normal business hours," she points out to Monet. "Most folks, I figure, are taking tours out for the day, then head back to the hotel strip to drink and party. So it should be quiet. Might be we even be we're trespassing." Which she seems to accept as morally justifiable under their current circumstances. "Looks like the ruins are mostly, well, exterior structures so it should be easy to get around. There's a museum too but its just a small attached thing."

Indeed, when they arrive, laying anchor at whatever short distance, there's a single squat, cube-like old stone building sitting on top of a hill looking back at them. Right there beside the beach! "There's more inland," Jean explains, as she's become an expert through her mighty google-fu. "Probably as close as we're gonna get, so..." Well, she does the obvious thing and soon hops out over the side, although she uses just a 'touch' of cheating to float a short ways before landing in waist-high water and wading toward the beach.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Everyone that was coming is on the bote. Including Xi'an and James who might totally be below decks but they are aboard. Tabby even managed to find a skipper hat and declares herself captain of the USS Sandoval. Not that a private Brazillian owned yacht would have a USS designation.

"Alright little buddies!" she says and weighs anchor so the boat doesn't drift off. That's for Tabby to do in her own time. But once she's sure they can het back to Cancun with little problem, Tabby joins the others wanting to be all tresspassing and jumps off the boat and into the water to head to shore.

"This has got to be the most drunk MOM thing you've ever done Jean. You rock!" she jokes and looks for any possible security that might need dodging and circumventing. Probably not much since all the good stuff is probably in museums like Tabitha guessed.

But with ruins to explore. A yacht loaded with booze and drugs and any remain hot and sexy X-People!

Adventure awaits to continue!