10570/Patrol: The Work That Never Ends

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Patrol: The Work That Never Ends
Date of Scene: 25 March 2022
Location: Upper East Side
Synopsis: Rogue and Morgan spark a friendship and fly around in the Invisible Jet. Hopefully Wonder Woman won't be pissed!
Cast of Characters: Morgan Finn, Rogue

Morgan Finn has posed:
What a marvelous Spring day. And Morgan is on holiday from Happy Harbor High on his Spring Break. That means that his days consist of three hours of baseball practice every morning followed by patrols as Wonder Boy. And sometimes -- like today -- he even gets the Jet. He's in Heaven.

Today, however, has been a slow crime day in Manhattan. That's good for the citizens, but not so fun for action-seeking crimefighters. Morgan stopped the jet on top of a tall office building. It's just hovering there, totally visible, with the ramp down, a few feet off the rooftop. Morgan is sitting on he edge of the roof, with one knee pulled up his chest and one leg dangling over the edge. It's probably a stupid place for him to sit because he can't fly, and from this height his healing powers would not save him if he fell. There's just be pieces of teenage boy all over the street and sidewalk.

He has a McDonald's bag that is filled with a dozen cheeseburgers sitting on the rooftop next to him. Kid's just chillin', decked out in his Wonder Boy armor, watching people down below and nomming on cheeseburgers.

"I understand you /can't/ transform into a person. I'm asking if you had a choice, would stay as a plane or be a person?"

A voice from inside the Jet says, "Morgan, I think you're obsessing over this too much. I am not at all unhappy. My service to Diana is an honor."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was out and about on this fine day. It's good to get out and stretch her wings, so to speak. She's soaring through the skies, dressed in her green and gold bodysuit, her leather bomber jacket worn over top of that, and her thigh-high yellow wedge-heeled boots on her legs. She's zooming, she's twirling, she's flying like any young person would if they could. Carefree, happy, really letting loose.

But she stops when she sees that strange alien jet just hovering there over the rooftop.

You see, Rogue doesn't like aliens from space. They have only ever been a bother to her, and hers. So her alerts go off...

The girl with the wild two-toned hair of white and dark brown, sweeps out of the sky and comes to land on the roof. She is quick to scan the jet, then hear the conversation. She eyes Morgan's back, sees the bag, and well... she doesn't think this is a threatening situation after all.

Morgan's first sense of someone being up on the roof behind him will come in the tell-tale signs of boots crunching on the gravel rooftop. Should he turn around he'll just see her there, walking toward him. Her hands are stuffed in to the side pockets of her leather jacket, her brown and white hair flowing in the wind over her shoulders, along with a green headband wrapped about her forehead under her hairline. Those white bangs streak across her face from left to right, but her green eyes are locked on the boy in his armor.

She stops, about five feet away, and cocks her right hip out a bit. She stares.

"Well hey there, Sugah." She then says as a smile can be seen from behind the waving white locks. "Looks like you're havin yourself quite the meal break." She says in a thick Mississippi Belle accent. "Nice ride ya got here." She adds as her face looks up in to the afternoon sunlight at the jet just hovering there.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Okay normally Morgan isn't a huge fan of people flying all up on him like that. But when he sees a very beautiful young woman walking toward him, well, this does /not/ bother him in the least. In fact, a small smile crosses his lips.

He glances at the Jet, squinting just a bit as the sun gets in his eyes from that direction. "What, that old thing? That's just my Invisible Jet."

The digital sound of a digital voice digitally clearing it's digital throat emits from through the open door in the fuselage.

"It's Wonder Woman's Invisible Jet," he quickly corrects.

Morgan stands, picking up the McDonald's bag as he does. "I'm Morgan Finn," he says, like somehow that is supposed to explain something. But he does hold the bag closer to Rogue. "Wanna cheeseburger?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes her eyes off the jet when the kid stands up. She looks back over at him, withdraws her left hand from her side pocket and raises it up to pull her white hair back out of her face, then toss it back behind an ear so the wind can catch it. She looks Morgan over as he introduces himself, then offers her a cheeseburger. It makes her grin lightly.

"If I had a dime for every time a random kid in a Gladiator costume asked me if I wanted a cheeseburger next t'Wonder Woman's Jet..." She says with a dramatic sigh and a shake of her head.

She looks back to the Jet and starts to circle it a bit, though only takes a few steps to get a side profile view of it. "Sure is ... visible t'day." She notes. "Pretty though." She says with her back to Morgan now.

She looks over her left shoulder at him then. "Ya must be an important fella t'get Wonder Woman t'let ya use her personal ride, huh?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan watches the pretty stranger give the Invisible Jet a once-over. When Rogue makes the observation about the craft being very visible, a small grin cocks one side of Morgan's mouth. "Lanis, activate camouflage mode."

From the Jet, the digital voice says, "Que? Lo siento, no hablo Ingles."

Morgan's cheeks turn beet red and he shakes his head. "No, she speaks...she speaks English perfectly fine. She's just messing with me right now." He heaves a deep sigh. "C'mon, Lanis, camouflage mode!"


Morgan looks back to Rogue. "This is...this is...okay the other night we were in Latveria and I called her a nerd and now she's getting her revenge on me. I swear, it doesn't normally work like this."

He flashes a frown at the visible Invisible Jet.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just looks from one speaker, to the other, before she just bares a big grin and shakes her head lightly. "It's okay. I fully believe this very unEarthly jet can do quite a lotta impressive things." She says then as she turns back toward Morgan and starts to walk toward him again.

Up close now, she leans forward a bit to peer in to the bag of food, then reaches inside to grab one of of the burgers. "This stuff will kill ya, ya know?" She says with a smile up at him as she then puts her left booted foot up on to the roof's edge, followed by her right. Soon she's lowering down to seat herself on the edge, and let her thigh-high booted legs dangle off, even crossing her legs at the knee as she unwraps the sandwich, but keeps the wrapper on the side to hold it by.

"I'm Rogue, by the by." She says to him before she takes a bite, then looks over at him while she chews on it with her red lips closed. Once she clears her palette she speaks up again. "Though the media 'round here has labeled me 'Mighty Woman', which is fine enough by me, I guess..."

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan lowers himself back on the edge of the roof, fearless of the great height despite the fact that he can't fly. Again he pulls one knee up his chest and rests his chin on the knee. "Rogue," he repeats. "Is that, like, your superhero code name? Or is Rogue your actually real name?"

He positions the bag, which has about eight more cheeseburgers in it, so it's within easy each of Rogue should she want more. Then he tugs another burger out and unwraps it. Kid's got an appetite. He burns calories like a furnace.

And to answer your earlier question, I'm ain't anyone important. But I'm important to Diana. She saved my life when I was a kid.

Rogue has posed:
The Belle just enjoys the food quietly while she listens to him. Her eyes bounce up toward the view before them, before she darts them over to him again. The paper of the wrapper crinkles a bit as her yellow gloved hands move it around some while holding it. Her right hand goes up to push her hair off of the right side of her face, the white and brown locks contrasting so sharply against one another.

"Wonder Woman has been a hero'a mine for years now. Once she showed up publicly, anyway. I'd heard rumors about a lady that fit her descriptions before that. But... once she became who she is now? Well... I was a different person back then. She was a big inspiration."

She flashes him a smile then. "And 'Rogue' is what my aunt called me cause I kept runnin' away when I was little. It sorta stuck. My /actual/ name is Anna-Marie. Though Marie is enough." She says with one more quick smile before she looks back to her food and enjoys a bit more, simple small bites.

"So you out here with the Knight Rider Jet just... chillin, or what?" She asks in her naturally husky hued voice.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Wonder Boy listens intently and quietly, his chin resting on his knee, as Rogue explains her story. He's a hardy eater, so his most-recent cheeseburger is gone in three bites. He crinkles up the wrapper and drops it in the bag.

"Anna-Marie," he says. "That's pretty." He peers curiously at the Jet, then back Rogue. "Knight Rider Jet?" he asks curiously, as though he doesn't get the reference -- which he does not. "Well today I'm doing a patrol of Manhattan. But there wasn't much going on and I got hungry, so I went to McDonalds and got cheeseburgers. I got a Sprite too, but I drank it already."

Rogue has posed:
With her back straight, Rogue just looks back over to her right at Morgan after he speaks of drinking his sprite up. She flashes him a little smile as she chews. When she looks away again her hair flows around both sides of her face once more, the whites always seemingly trying to cover up her expressions. "Thirsty and hungry, and dressed like he's ready for a fight... from a Wooden Horse siege, or whatever." She quips as she looks back at him, once more stroking her white locks back behind an ear.

"You gotta be someone special though, t'be out here in Wondie's jet, wearin' armor similar t'what she stomps around in. I'm guessin' you're a trainee... though I thought they only took girls. Guess it shows how much I know." She states wryly at herself.

She takes one last bite of the sandwich before she wraps up the paper in a ball and drops it in to the bag. She pulls a handkerchief from her leather bomber jacket and dabs at her lips then, like a proper lady.

"You an' your Jet on this side'a town lookin' for trouble?" The Belle asks then as she looks back at him, green eyes on his.

Morgan Finn has posed:
A slow grin spreads over Morgan's face. "They pretty much mostly take girls. I think the fact that I wasn't born a girl is thing none of them have ever forgiven me for." He must be joking about that, because he has a quirky smile on his face.

In response to Rogue's question: "I mean, I don't /want/ there to be trouble. People getting hurt is a bad thing. But /if/ there's gonna be trouble, I want to be there to help." He squints a bit, like he's unsure of himself. "Does that make sense?"

Gesturing toward the visible Invisible Jet with a nod of his head, he asks, "D'you wanna go for a ride?" Morgan's a sucker for a pretty face and he's definitely showing off right now.

Rogue has posed:
The handkerchief is slipped back in to her jacket after being folded in to a little triangle. Rogue then reaches in to her jacket's inner left pocket and pulls out a small bottle of water that she uncaps and takes a swig from as Morgan responds to her. When she lowers it again, she looks back over at him, and grins. "I get it. I dabble in heroics myself, an' enjoy a good fight if I can find one out. It's a bit early for the real bad stuff t'come crawlin' outta its holes though." She notes as she gives a look down at the area down below them near the base of the building.

When his question is registered, Rogue looks back over at him, then back at the jet.

She considers it.

"Am I allowed in there?" She asks then, sounding unsure if Wonder Woman would want her aboard it, some random stranger met on a random rooftop.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan stands up smoothly from his sitting position despite the fact that he's wearing armor. "Sure, why not? If you pull anything funny, Lanis'll just pump all the oxygen out of the plane and knock us both out." He's...he's joking, right? "C'mon."

The teenger climbs up the extended ramp and vanishes into the Jet.

"Fire up the engines, Lanis! We're going for a spin."

"You know my engines don't work that way, Morgan. I'm always ready to fly."

Huh. Guess she does speak English.

Rogue has posed:
With the kid seeming confident, Rogue just stands up as well, not needing her hands or nothing to do so. She just nonchalantly rises up in the air, and puts her feet under her, then steps down off the ledge on to the roof again to trail after the Gladiator Wonder. Her gloved hands go back in to her jacket pockets as she walks casually up the ramp, then starts to cast her eyes around as Morgan goes to do his thing with the clear AI system that the Jet features.

"Damn..." Rogue calmly says, now inside the Jet and slowly walking toward the front of it. "This is like ... uh... a few jets I know, but... more, I dunno, Star Warsy?" She says with a smirk as she reaches where Morgan is, and just stands there with her hands in her pockets now.

"Do you even have a driver's license?" She teases the kid then as she eyes the Jet's cockpit.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Climbing into the left seat in the cockpit where Wonder Woman usually sits, Morgan gestures toward the "co-pilot" seat on the right.

"Drivers license?" he asks with a small laugh in his voice. "Of course! I'm twenty..."

He's cut off in mid-sentence by a warning chirp from the computer.

"...in just four and a half years." He gives the cockpit a smirk, wrinkling his nose.

With his embarrassed ears a bit red, Morgan looks at Rogue. "So, where do you wanna go?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue scoots around the co-pilot chair and settles down in to it. She looks all around her now at the controls before she just gently shakes her head. "Wild." She says softly before looking over at the young man who said he was twenty. She grins at him. "I had a feelin'. I mean, you're pretty ripped for your age, but you got that baby pudge in your cheeks." She teases him as she then puts her eyes forward again.

"Truth is, I'm a well trained pilot. I can fly all manner'a things, from choppers t'fighter jets. But this? This is completely outta my league..." She notes as her gloved hands reach out, but don't touch anything.

She decides its best to drop them back to the tops of her thighs then.

At the question of where to, Rogue smirks and looks up. Then she looks over at him. "How fast does this thing go?" She asks then.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Oh boy, that might have been the wrong question to ask. Morgan looks over at Rogue with a smile. "Lanis, activate passive restraints. Release manual control."

There are some chirps and some changes to various lighting configurations on the complex cockpit control panel. At first he eases the plane forward by notching the throttle just a bit. He begins to angle upward so the plan is angled up 50 to 60 degrees from the ground. He slowly start to push the throttle forward and the plane begins accelerating.

"Look, the truth is, yeah I'm technically flying the plane but it's also a lot of computer-assisted stuff. The AI, Lanis, can fly without anyone it. She's basically just humoring me right now."

He's not normally that blunt with people. He gives Rogue a gentle smile, then looks forward again. "Ever been in orbit?" he asks he pushes even more on the throttle. The plane is going quite fast now. The 3-D holographic radar shows no aircraft anywhere near the Invisible Jet or along it's current flight path.

Rogue has posed:
Once the Jet gets going, it doesn't take long for Rogue to eye the displays and get a sense of what means what. Her aviation training that she... well... took from someone else's mind, makes this all a slightly easier learning process than the average person might have in the same position.

With his question about orbit, Rogue huffs out a light laugh. "Once or twice." She says back at him, keeping it vague for the time being.

"This is a hell of a thing you got here, Mistah." She tells him in that thick southern accent. "But I still feel like Wonder Woman is gonna tan your hide for takin' some random stranger up inta space in her car." She says with a look over at him, and a big grin.

Morgan Finn has posed:
A little snort. A mischievous grin. "This doesn't even make it into the Top 10 list of dumb shit I've done," Morgan intones as he pushes the plane faster and faster. The visible atmosphere is already starting to get darker and darker. "I don't think Diana gets mad."

Within a few minutes, the jet is completely free of Earth's atmosphere. The 3-D radar display starts to show the many satellites and known pieces of space debris that are in orbit around the planet.

"Besides, this old rust bucket needs to be flown around or her arthritis starts acting up."

There's a disapproving buzz from the cockpit and the plane dips quickly for a moment, leaving the sensation of weightlessness in the air, before it returns to Morgan's control.

"Alright, alright, I'm sorry. Jeez."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue's eyes are transfering from the displays, to the sky outside, before back again while they make their ascent toward space. She looks up when they make that graceful 'pop' out of the bubble that is Earth's atmosphere, and she just draws in a light breath. "Truth be told, I am not the biggest fan'a space. But... in Wonder Woman's ride? I can handle it." She says with a light laugh before she reaches a hand out after Morgan's joke about the Jet.

She pets the control panels in front of her. "There, there, Lanis. I'll make sure the Princess hears all about how poorly this little ruffian treats ya." She tells the Jet, apparently picking a side of the one who is less likely to vent her in to space!

She smirks over at Morgan then. "This really is quite the thing... You got a lucky life here, Mistah Morgan." She says then as her eyes go back out to the void of the deep black frontier.

Morgan Finn has posed:
"Yeah," Morgan says in response to the lucky life comment. "I sure do." But there is a tiny grain of sadness somewhere in there, just beneath and behind. "Diana is so good to me."

Then he quickly shakes off the mild funk. Morgan just isn't built for unhappiness. He can't sustain it. "I'm sorry about not asking if space was cool." He looks over at Rogue, then quickly back to the cockpit control panel. "I shoulda asked."

Morgan starts to navigate the plane back down toward the planet. "You used to run away a lot you said? What were you runnin' from?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue notes his tone, but doesn't comment on it. At the talk of space, and seeing him revert the course back toward the big blue marble, she shakes her head gently. "Nah, it's all cool. I'm a tough nut. I can handle the radiation, the endless nothingness, the stars burnin' at a billion degrees, the planets that rain down glass, and all the other weird shit ya find up here." She says, with a growing grin etching across her lips.

His more serious question has it fade off though as she draws in a breath and considers...

"Ah, well... My parents are dead. They died when I was six. I got sent t'live with my aunt, and she was a very rules-driven kinda gal, ya know? I hated it. I was angry about not havin' mom and dad around no more, and... well... She, my aunt, liked to force me t'wear dresses, and go t'church. Screw that, right?" She shows another quick grin.

"I just wanted t'get away. Go on adventures, see the world an' be somethin' more than just a farm girl from Mississippi. Guess I achieved it, from some points'a view."

She then takes her eyes off the view and looks back to the Wonder Pilot.

"What about you?" She asks, tipping her chin up after asking that question. "How'd you end up here, of all places?"

Morgan Finn has posed:
Talking to a stranger about personal stuff it at once thrilling and terrifying. Fortunately, Morgan has an excuse to look straight forward. He is, after all, 'piloting' the Invisible Jet. But he listens intently to Rogue's words, respectfully silent as she tells her tale.

When the pendulum of the conversation swings back to him, he maintains his silence for a couple beats longer. Then, "Well I never knew my dad. He took off before I was born. Deadbeat piece of shit. It was just me and my mom until a few years ago. There was...an attack. Some people were trying to kidnap me because of my powers. My mother was killed in the attack, but Wonder Woman showed up and stopped me from being taken. And now here I am in the Invisible Jet flying around in orbit with a very pretty girl."

He shrugs. "I'd give up all of that for one more hour with my mom, to tell her everything I've done." One more shrug. "But that ain't how all of this works. So I do the best I can with what I have. And in truth, what I have is a lot. I'm blessed."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is eying him as he responds to her question, a curious edge to her stare at what his story really is, considering...

When he relays what he does, she raises her chin up a bit at the news that its basically on par with the depressing level that her own is, though with a happier ending considering how they've both ended up. "Right. Well. What doesn't kill us, makes us stronge'ah." She notes to him, glimmering a sly grin. "Least that's what people I trust have told me time'n time again. I'm inclined t'believe them, I guess." She says as she sends her eyes back to the display screens of the Jet.

"Just don't get yourself killed out there, tryin' t'find fights ontop'a rooftops, ya dig?" She asks then, glancing back at him.

"If ya want a patrol partner, I'll give ya my numbah. Help keep each otha' safe, yeah?" She asks before her eyes dart up to the sky outside.

"Damn this thing flies smooth." She quietly notes of the lack of any vibrations of air or what have you.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan can't help but smile a little when Rogue offers her number. He tugs his phone out of a compartment in the control panel, unlocks it, and slides it toward Rogue. "Sure sounds good. Maybe we can grab a coffee or somethin' sometime."

The Invisible Jet is fully back in Earth's atmosphere. He asks Lanis to take them back to Manhattan. With a sheepish grin he admits, "I am fine /leaving/ Manhattan, but finding my way back to Manhattan is the hard part." He glances over at Rogue. "Any requests?"

Rogue has posed:
It only takes her a moment to put her number in to the young man's phone before she offers it back and then looks up to the sky. She grins softly before pointing to the southwest. "Over there." She notes. "North'a the city is where I live. A school for Mutants. Though we don't tell anyone that who doesn't /need/ t'know it." She says then to him with a sly smile. "Wonder Woman has been there a buncha times, though I've never gotten t'meet her, unfortunately."

"But yeah, I figure you're safe t'tell considerin' the nature'a this meetin' an' all." She laughs lightly before pointing to the map. "Westchester, near Salem Cente'ah there." She notes with a point of her left forefinger.

She looks over at him again. "You got a job or anythin?" She asks then. "A way t'make coffee money?" She further asks with another teasing expression offered.

Morgan Finn has posed:
The young crimefighter takes his hands off the yolk and gestures to the yolk in front of Rogue. "You said you're a trained pilot." Then with a sly smile: "Lanis, transfer manual control to station two." There are some chirps and lighting configuration changes indicating that control of the aircraft is in Rogue's station.

"I don't really have time for a job. I have combat training every morning at 5:00. Then I have school. Then baseball practice. Plus homework. Plus this." He shrugs. "Diana gives me an allowance. But if you crash the Invisible Jet I have a feeling that allowance will get docked."

Rogue has posed:
An affirmative nod is given when he asks if she's a pilot. When the controls are offered to her, Rogue has to say "Far out..." Quietly before she takes her gloves off, laying the yellow accessories down across her lap before she wraps her hands around the controls offered and gives it a few testing adjustments." A grin is right planted across her dusky red hued lips. "This is amazin'." She says then before she calms herself, checks her readouts and starts to control the ship in the direction she'd given...

But a second later she glances over at him. "Least ya didn't say you're a 'Youtuber' or some shit." She tells him before she looks forward again. "Here we go."

And then the jet is doing a quick, barrel roll that sends it wing over wing, two quick times before she pushes the throttle forward and sends more speed behind them. "Wow... no G-force even. This thing musta control gravity like my own flight does." She notes aloud.

Morgan Finn has posed:
The barrel roll elicits a laugh from Morgan. He's a wild child and digs the crazy stuff. "Yeah I have to confess, I don't a /thing/ about the technology. I'm sort of a dumbass about stuff like that."

Morgan sits back and enjoys the ride. He occasionally glances over at Rogue, enjoying seeing her loving the flight.

"See, you end up doing alright. Maybe a bit of a sob story sometimes leads to a decent life. It's all about the company you keep."

He's not super preachy so he just sits back again and enjoys the aerial acrobatics. There's no real risk because Lanis would take control in an instant if something dangerous were happening.

"A minotaur is teaching me how to cook."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is just grinning as she makes a few more maneuvers. "This one is called a 'Dipsie Doodle'." She says, and a second later the jet is climbing hard up, then rounding over a corner and diving even harder! She pulls it back out though after about ten seconds, and laughs happily. She glances over at him. "That's how the SR-71 Blackbirds get t'top speed. They gotta get refueld in the air, since they can't take off with full gas tanks. Then they hit that move, and boom.... fuckin' rip an' tear." She says, clearly enjoying hersel.

The talk of a Minotaur has Rogue looking over at him, and laughing softly once more. "Is that so?" She asks. "Well... that's a thing. I don't even really know what that even is, like a Donkey Monster, or some shit, right?" She asks.

Before long the Jet is soaring over a lake, and sending a wake of water up behind it, then dancing back up above the tree line, until there it is.

Xaviers mansion, sitting on its green space of well cultivated lawn.

Morgan Finn has posed:
"A minotaur is like a dude with a bull's head. His name is Ferdinand. He's a cool dude and he one of the best cooks I've ever eaten dishes from," Morgan says. "Maybe you could come visit sometime, meet Diana, and eat with us. She loves visitors. I could cook." It's pretty obvious that this teenager is crushing a bit on this older woman.

Then his attention gets pulled away and directed at the beautiful grounds of Xavier's mansion. "Wow...so yeah, you ain't doin' too bad I guess." He flashes a grin to Rogue.

"Lanis, set us down nice and easy. Don't wanna wreck their lawn.

The Invisible Jet assumes automatic control and smoothly maneuvers to a clear spot of the lawn and goes into a silent hover mode as a door opens and the walkway lowers. "Well, here you are. Home sweet home."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks out the viewport as the jet lowers down, she laughs at his words. "I don't own the place. I'm just a resident. Workin' on my teachin' degree in fact. Graduatin' this year. Hope t'be teachin' my first class next fall."

She gathers up her gloves then, gives them a light slap across her lap, then stands up and slips back between the chairs as the ramp opens up to the outside, the wind rushing inside from the change in atmosphere.

"And yeah, I'd love t'come by sometime, and see where a'll ya'll Wonder types live. I met another one'a you once... Uh. Blonde gal. Cassie, I think? We... stopped a train heist, if ya can believe it. Cool lady, would like t'see her again some time too." The southern belle says as she walks toward the hatch.

"You're welcome by here some time too. We got a lotta people your age runnin' around here, ya might enjoy it. The parties are pretty fun." She smiles then and starts down the ramp to the outside.

Morgan Finn has posed:
Morgan follows Rogue down the ramp. He glances around at the mansion's magnificent grounds. "Well I'm just a resident where I am too," he says. "The Themyscirian embassy is basically like a country inside of a country. Diana lets me live there, but I don't own anything that she doesn't give to me." A small shrug. A glance in a different direction. "Someday I'll make my own way."

He turns back to Rogue. "Hey, it was cool meeting you. I don't have a lot of friends, so it's nice to make a new once." He has his cellphone with him. He lifts it up and takes a picture of himself making a goofy face with his nose scrunched and his tongue out. Then he taps a few things on the screen, sending it to Rogue's number. "There, that's my number."