10602/The safety Dance

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The safety Dance
Date of Scene: 29 March 2022
Location: Rooftop - Sunny Rose Antiques Store
Synopsis: Your friends don't dance and if they don't dance then they're not no friends of mine. Harls can dance. Ivys can dance... It's the safety dance.
Cast of Characters: Pamela Isley, Harley Quinn

Pamela Isley has posed:
"I know that you know this toots, but I need to know that you know I told you..." Ivy had moved much of the furniture out of her way to begin the garden in earnest. There's a large soil patch in a naturally grown barrier and she's down on her knees in that soil doing things by hand. Wearing 'yard' clothes: a loose fitting blue red tanktop and skinny jeans, she has opted out of shoes. This is altogether normal for her, she wouldn't wear anything but leaves if she were back in Gotham, so at least she's pretending to follow rules.

"Frank, I swear to Gaia herself, if you say it, I'm going to turn you into a daisy." The threat comes over the rim of her black hipster glasses. Red hair tied back out of her face in a messy ponytail hanging down between her shoulders as she toils in the dirt.

"I'm just sayin' that this roof needs more plants."

Harley Quinn has posed:
It's like Harley has mind powers. Or perhaps some mental connection with Pam. Or worse, with FRANK. Because a few moments later after Frank says those words there is a head up popping in past the door. Pigtails, pale face, smiley look, big blue wide eyes watching her friend.

"You know, Pammy. Heah I was thinkin' and ..., I thought this roof could use a few more plants." Et tu, Harley?! Siding with Frank of all people?! Or should we say 'of all plants'? "Or you know .., a tree or two.."

Head gets joined by the body of the clownette when she gets onto the roof more properly, shorts and a tank top, feet bare and popping some orange gums into her mouth. "Maybe an orange tree.." another gum into her mouth, "And I am not saying this because I am getting more orange cravings..." it totally is because of that.

"I even got some seeds handy!" At least she's helpful.

Pamela Isley has posed:
Ivy does not have mind powers, but she is magnetically drawn to the presence of a Harley Quinn. Rather, to the sound of Frank losing his SHIT when a Harley Quinn sides with him... "Oh god, it's too good... you should see yer fuckin' face right now.. I couldn't stand another bite, not one more morsel. Imma go fuck wit April." The mobile venus fly trap up roots himself and starts meandering, still laughing as he passes the clownette. "It's like Christmas, bless yer sweet ass." Offering Harley a high-five as he passes.

Ivy, for her part, looks less sad and more ... pensive? Myopic. She stares at Harley over the rim of her glasses until Frank is gone and the sound of his laughter has faded. Head tilting to make sure he's not going to pop back out and then she grins at her friend. "You brought orange tree seeds? Just had them laying around huh?"

The Druidess pops up and pats her knees off, leaving her tools behind as she pads the distance of her... rather large.. grow area. "I'll make certain there are oranges as large as your head, then."

Harley Quinn has posed:
As Frank is making it's way past there's a sudden rush of the clownette towards it. Harley holds it by the .., neck? Stalk? Stem? Stok? All of the above? "You bettah not go hide under her bed again like a creepy creepo, Frank." warning tones in her voice, "I am the only one that can do that." creep!

And then she is letting go of Frank to let him go on his merry way downstairs and goes join Pamela, her grin turning wider and she offering the Druidess a good, warm hug. "I am glad ya finally decided ta come live heah! The Gotham airs weren't doin' you any good. Mmmm, your green is really strikin' right now!" she is talking as if she still had her mouth somewhat full of orange. Which she probably still does, then a nod when Pam speaks of seeds.

"Guilty as charged!" And she drops a good number of seeds from her mouth and onto her hand, delighted that Ivy is going along with her cravings. Because who doesn't like oranges! "Ooooh, imagine how much juice I can get from those." she hands the seeds over to her friend and finally asks.

"What made you want to change heah to Brooklyn?"

Pamela Isley has posed:
Frank doesn't do well with the violence! At least in so far as it coming from Harley! Me makes promises, that we all know he wont keep, and begs off women entirely. "No I mean it! It's only tulips for me from here out... Where's Frank? Oh, he's over smashing Tulips..." Then he's gone, hopefully to watch tv and not hide under April's bed...

"I kind of hope he does and you kill him." Ivy murmurs.

"No I don't mean that." Sighing at herself, hand flicking up in the air. She lets the conversation shift after extending her hand out for the seeds. "They'll be the biggest you've ever seen. You have my word."

She's pretty good for it.

Where it comes to plants... And Harley.

"I was tired of doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. I'm sure you, as a medical professional, would call that insanity. I call it a waste of time.. If I stay in Gotham, I'm going to hurt people. They are stupid and... while I don't like them more /here/-.." She shrugs.

"Besides, you inspired me."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Nah. I wouldn't kill him." A beat, "I would leave that to Bud and Lou." a positively wicked glimmer of a smile on Harley's lips when she says that. Just like when she was the clown princess of crime back in Gotham! Maybe she hasn't fully changed her ways yet. But then she is smiling brightly when Pam explains how big the oranges will be, she already licking her chops in anticipation.

"You know ..." Those blue eyes are flashing, like when she gets one of her ideas. "With the taco truck having sorta failed ..., I was thinkin'..." and she wraps one arm around Pam's shoulders as they wander around the garden, ".. we *should* make this a business. Sell some fruits, vegetables. Brooklyn grown!" a beat, "I can already see it..." she waving with one hand, "The biggest orange balls ya ever seen! as a logo."

Yet talk of business gets put aside when Ivy speaks of her reasons of having come to Brooklyn, "People are stupid everywheah..." she agrees, "The trick is surrounding yourself with people that care foh ya.." she then blinking when Pam says she inspired her. It makes Harley stop and.., "Really?" she perhaps not thinking she could be an inspiration to anyone. She bites down on her lower lip, "If theah's one thing I didn't think I could be was an inspiration. Well, except in Halloween with everyone copyin' my look but you know what I mean..!" she grins widely, "I am glad you are finally here with us."

Pamela Isley has posed:
Pam inclines her head as the arm slides around her shoulder, a knowing grin curling the corners of her mouth as they meander aimlessly around what will be, relatively quickly, a sprawling Metropolis of plant-life. Her arm snakes around Harley's waist and offers up an affectionate squeeze as the full scope of her friends plans come to the forefront. "Mmmm... yes.. orange balls as big as your head." She repeats this.

As if it's important.

Mention of Bud and Lou having gotten her thinking about two rapscallions. "Where are the babies, anyways? I haven't seen them in months." Absent thought.

She fixes her hands upon her own hips and shakes her head, however, when Harley says she doesn't see herself the inspirational sort. "You brought yourself back from the brink of wicked ways. And while I never specifically thought there was anything wrong with it, you did something very difficult. For you. You didn't have someone pushing you to do it.. you made a decision about your life... and you made it happen."

Her fingers tap on her wide hips, a product of the Spring months. She's in full bloom just like the plants she emulates. "How could that not be inspirational? Now-" She adds, a caveot, no doubt. "Rome wasn't built in a day, but I feel confident that with my current tragectory, I should be able to keep myself on a narrow path." Hand wiggling so so. "With the occational slip just to keep people honest."

A grin curls at her lips, "I'm glad I'm here too, dear. Though, I do frequent Gotham.. for social reasons."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"Downstairs!" Is Harley's response to where Bud and Lou are at right now, "Goin' through a Dawnson's Creek re-run. They just love it, even moouh than chewin' on April's white socks.." she smirks, hips swaying while she walks along the garden with Pam, "And ooh! Have you met Gerti?!" as if she just now remembered it, "It's our turkey." she explains, "I got her back home on Thanksgiving, couldn't really bring myself to let her die for dinner so ..." she lifts her shoulders in a shrug. "We will go downstairs and you can meet 'em all soon. Bud and Lou will love seeing you again, I am suwah of it!"

With Ivy then explaining further on why she believes her to be an inspiration it nearly has the clownette shed a tear. She is clean to wipe at the side of her eyes, "Some people still deserve ta get theah ass kicked." she says in agreement about Rome not being built in a day. Or wrecked! "And ooh, did I ever tell ya about Batman himself havin' been heah a few months back?" she grinning, "Apparently checkin' up on me. Now that was funny. He didn't stay for dinnah though, unfortunately."

Those last words have Harley look at her friend through narrowed, suspicious eyes. "Social reasons?" oh, they have known each other for a long while for Pam to know what those might mean. And of course she is a curious clownette so she leans in towards Pam, "Who have you been .., socializin' with?" the little pause is telling!

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Batman.. came here? He left the cave where he dwells endlessly on things he cannot change... Who knew." Ivy says with a smirk, but then shakes her head at the quesiton on whether she'd met Gerti. "I have heard of Gerti, but I have not met them. April was telling me I would be displacing the Turkey when I moved in upstairs." But she very rarely goes inside the house. Not very big on being caught in doors or even really being in them at all.

"You've got a zoo, I've got a garden. Hyenas and turkey and man eating plants, oh my?"

She snorts at her own dumb joke and rolls her eyes at herself.

"Kate Kane." She says with a shrug, "She stumbled on me at the garden while I was packing up my plants." All of which are stored safely somewhere else while she gets the soil ready for transplanting them. "I even went to a..." Shiver. "Birthday party."

Harley Quinn has posed:
"He did! Almost gave me a heart attack too. Shorty was heah too..." She probably means one of the Robins. "And even that batgal that doesn't like me much." she thinks on it a moment, "The blonde one.." that's how she distinguishes between all the batgirls. She color codes them by their hair color!

The joke, even if Pam thinks it dumb, has Harley cackling like a hyena at it. She finds it rather amusing actually. Because of course she does. "And an April to smooth things ovah..!"

Then comes the name. She seems to know it. "Oooh, the .., rich gal from Gotham? Think I saw her in a party or two a while back.." she taps on her chin thoughtfully. "And ooh, you even went to a birthday party with her?! Gettin' serious huh?" Harley then giving Pam a hip bump, "Most I could get ya to do was some karaoke! Which reminds me we should go again ..., maybe batgirl will want ta go again too." she ponders, "The black haired one." see? Color codes.

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Yes, blonde Batgirl does not seem very.. forgiving." Pam taps a fingernail against her bottom lip, eyes rolling behind her glasses. "She was giving me the stink eye when I informed her I was no longer going to be their punching bag. It would be alot cheaper for them all if they would just get therapists."

Her hand returns to her hip, standing with one jutting out just slightly as she perks a red brow over a green eye staring at Harley. "I feel like that is a poor assessment of what you would successfully be able to get me to do. I moved to Brooklyn to be closer to you."

One glance around and then she's staring at Harley. "To Brooklyn, Harls. '"Brooklyn.."

As for Karaoke, "Would love to. Though I will not be singing
The Safety Dance again."

Harley Quinn has posed:
Harley looks a bit sheepishly towards Pam, "Well, I do have your roller derby outfit already prepped too..." she tells her friend, "April's in too. And I think her friend is as well. Darcy, some crazy scientist gal. And Terry, because well..." she lifts her shoulders in a shrug. "The team is ready!"

The actual sharing that Pam moved in to be closer to Harley leaves the clownette wordless for a few moments, just a bit of a blush coming to her features before the mention of the safety dance has a veritably devilish look come to her features. Oh yes, the safety dance..., and great for a change of subject too.

She starts to hum quietly, dangerously close to the safety dance tune before turning to the door. "Come on, lets go downstairs and I will introduce you to the menagerie."

Hips are swaying as the hum turns into her full-on whistling the first tunes of the song before she begins to actually sing it while swaying those hips on her way downstairs, ""We can dance if we want to..."

Impromptu Karaoke! That's what Pam gets for reminding Harley about that particular song.

Pamela Isley has posed:
"Roller Derby. Oh, dear sweet Harls. You are definitely using your manipulative powers for the good of mankind." Ivy actually laughs, but it's quiet sound, rolling her eyes at her friend putting together a team.

Then whether through social awkward or just being too stuck up to acknowledge it, Pam seems unaware that something she's said has actually thrown Harley into a bit of silence. Like Harley, she walks with her hips swaying, a leaf on the wind, padding towards the stairs that will take them down into the antique shop.

"We can leave your friends behind..."

It's just so gosh dang catchy!