1063/A Confusing Flight

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A Confusing Flight
Date of Scene: 08 April 2020
Location: Titan's Tower - Exterior
Synopsis: Kian and Naomi meet atop Titans Tower.
Cast of Characters: Naomi McDuffie, Kian

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
She was back on St. Martin's Island, looking at Titan's Tower with a frown before shaking her head and closing her eyes. A moment later, her body flashes with light and armors up. She then flies up into the air a few feet before smiling, "I love that feeling." She then launches straight up into the air and flies across the skyline before going around the tower once. She lets out a pleased sigh.

"I love doing that." She then aims her eyes for the other side of the tower and pushes out near the speed of sound only to make a quick mid-air turn and come back. The only problem is, she doens't really make the turn and then has to make a huge arc before letting out a huff and flying back toward the tower with a frown. Maybe next pass.

Kian has posed:
    There are three states in which it is likely to find Kían, and they're not solid, liquid and gaseous.  They are:
    One - studying that four-times cursed abomination of a language they call In'g'lis... well, they don't call it that, they call it something Kían still has trouble pronouncing.  *He* calls it In'g'lis.
    Two: Flying freely out over the ocean or along the shoreline, or wherever the mood takes him, and thank the Gods he no longer needs to be as circumspect about it as he did at Happy Harbor.
    Three: Lounging on the roof after a flight, enjoying the sunset, the stars, the skyline... whatever.  Doesn't matter.
    One thing he hasn't seen before, though, is someone zooming by the building at... well, at a perfectly ridiculous speed.
    It draws a startled "/Kya/!!" out of him, and he kicks into the air on reflex more than by design.  "/Ash'qokh takh-tái/?"
    He thinks about looking for it... and then he thinks about the giant robot spiders and whether he /should/ look for it... and then he remembers that spiders don't fly.
    The practical upshot is that the birdman just hovers there irresolutely.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
She makes another pass and this time she tries something new. When she hits the otherside at near sonic speeds and blasts a blast briefly from her feet. It dissipates rather quickly but has the expected result, she is able to flip in the air and halt and fly back toward the tower.

"Woo! Yeah!" She calls out to no one in particular as she comes screaming overhead only to blink as she flies. Did...she just see someone else flying?

She comes to a wobbly stop in the air, spinning a couple of times and then looking back toward where Kian is. She then flies back toward him at a slower pace and comes to a halt over the tower.

"Wow! Someone does live here!" She laughs, "Power Girl said that people lived here but I never saw anyone."

Kian has posed:
    The little birdman backpedals in the air a little, but otherwise hovers without obvious effort. 5b He tilts his head inquisitively -- at least the laugh is a good sign.
    "Iss to p'leez s'pik s'low.  Iss ler'n... nnh.  I iss... nnh!  I /am/ lear'n In'g'lis."  Well, hopefully close enough for communication, anyway...

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
For a moment, Naomi tilts her head and then she nods, "I see." She states and smiles, "It is always good to learn." She says slower and then she crosses her arms, "I..." She considers, "I really haven't come up with a proper name for me yet." She gestures, "Like this." She then slowly lowers down to the roof and nods, "You can call me N for now." She nods her head.

Kian has posed:
    Kían follows, dropping delicately to the rooftop with a flutter of feathers -- and out of arm's reach.  "/En p'takh/," Kían repeats in something that's definitely not Englsh.  "Hyu iss 'En', takh?  Yis?"
    He bows shortly, spreading his wings a little.  "/Kían takh/.  Iss... nnh.  I iss... nnh!  I am Kían.  Iss Ti-tan, hyu?"

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
A blink at that and she tries to parse what he was saying. She considers and then looks to the side, "P'takh." She says before hmming softly and looking over to Kian, "Kian." She smiles and nods, "It is good to meet you, Kian." She states, "Wait, you are a Titan?" She asks and tilts her head before smiling brighter, "Then you." She points at him, "Are who I was meant to meet. Maybe." She keeps the slower pace and then hmms, "I assumed...there'd be more English." She states and shifts her lips a little into a frustrated look.

Kian has posed:
    That seems to give the birdman a little pause.  After a moment's reflection, Kían says, "I... yis?  No?  Not know.  I iss live here, lear'n In'g'lis, lear'n Ert'h."  He smiles shyly.  "In'g'lis, iss har't.  Iss... nnh.  /q'Sakh/ say iss "Wor'k in p'ro-g'res."  I iss no un'er's'tan, what meant she."
    He glances down, as if trying to pick out a location within the building.  "Gar /tavár'h/, he iss hel'p."

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
A blink and then she considers his words, having to parse out what he is trying to say. She then laughs a little at the 'work in progress' part. She then nods her head, "So, Gar?" She asks, "Gar is a person?" She seems to watch him carefully before nodding her head, "If that is the case, then it is Gar who I was to meet." She smiles a little at Kian, "He lives." She points down, "Here?" She tilts her head.

Kian has posed:
    Kían nods once.  "Iss Gar /tavár'h/, iss f'rien' Gar.  I iss... nnh!  I am not know, Gar here /now/, but Gar here, yis."
    You think this takes some parsing, you should have heard him two weeks ago.  Well... work in "p'ro-g'res", like he said.
    Without warning, he walks a wide circle around the newcomer, coming back to where he started and just standing there a moment.  "Nnh.  I see hyu f'ly, but no /kan'thar/, no win's," he says, almost to himself, and spreading his wings slightly when he speaks the alien word.  "Hyu is hef /rhy'thar/, like Kían, like Gar, like... nnh.  Like all Tér-ran I know."

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
A blink and she then blinks again slower, watching him walk around and then she gasps and suddenly flashes with light. She nearly drops to a knee as what appears to be energy explodes out of her eyes and mouth as she pushes up carefully. She coughs a little and then shakes her head, "Sorry, I lost...focus." She then looks back at him and then down at herself, "I do not knwo how I fly." She shakes her head.

She then looks over at Kian and then back to the area ahead of her, "I do not know what you said all the way around but I can say that I do not know how I fly."

Kian has posed:
    "/Kya/!"  Kían backs up a step, startled.  "En iss o-kay?  Iss En hur't?"  For all the strange accent and chopped syllables, he does sound genuinely concerned.
    It also might be worth noting that now he's wrapped in a faint blue glow....

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
A slow breath and then she nods, "I am fine." She looks over at Kian, "My power is...very volatile." She nods her head as she shrugs a little, "It is something I am getting used to." She considers, "That might have been complicated." She frowns and then looks to Kian directly before considering, "Hard to control." She nods and pats her armored chest before she looks to him, "Do not worry, glow bird."

Kian has posed:
    "Hyu iss... o-kay?" Kían asks again, not entirely convinced.  And then he notices his own glow.  "/Ai, c'Rhys'yw/!"  The glow promptly vanishes.  "I iss sor-ry, /rhy'thar'h/... nnh.  I iss hef... nnh."  Clearly, his education in the English language hasn't quite covered the words he is desperately searching for right now.
    He lets out the blue glow again.  "Iss /rhy'thar/.  Iss... gif't.  Hyu iss f'ly, iss hyu /rhy'thar/.  Un'er's'tan?"

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
A nod and she smiles, "Sure." She nods her head, "It isn't the first time it has happened." She then blinks at his weird way of speaking and looks at how he turns off the glow before turning back on, "Rythar?" She asks and then nods, "Gift, I understand." She states and nods, "And...if that's the case, then flying is not my only rythar." She smiles and chuckles a little.

Kian has posed:
    "Yis.  Un'er's'tan."  Kían lets out his blue glow again.  "Iss no on-ly /rhy'thar/, I.  I am hef not right wor'd to... to tell?" he adds slowly, struggling to pick and choose from the little vocabulary he has.  Really, considering he hasn't been on this planet for more than a few weeks, he's doing not bad.
    But, he has a shortcut.  He holds out his left hand, and then taps his temple with his free hand.  "Iss /ki'thar/, iss min'd-gif't.  Mus' touch.  If you okay, min'd to min'd.  I iss know, Tér-ran no hef min'd gif't.  If hyu no like, hyu no touch, yis?"

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
A blink at him and then she considers as she looks at him, "Umm...you want to connect to my mind?" She asks and points to her head before she winces a little and then takes a step back, "Maybe...not right now." She shakes her head as she looks to the side, "I am not comfortable with that just now." She looks to him and then back to her hands, "Something that happened to me nog long ago." She then frowns, "Some other time. When I know you better?"

Kian has posed:
    Kían nods once, lowers his hand, and bows slightly.  "I am un'er's'tan.  I am know, Tér-ran not hef /ki'thar/, not hef min'd-gif't.  Iss no... iss... nnh.  Hyu no do.  I no make hyu do.  Un'er's'tan."  He bows again, very slightly, and entirely lets the matter drop.  He's been told more than once, humans are used to having their own minds behind their own eyes and are not used to sharing brainspace with each other -- however lonely and incomprehensible that sounds to the birdman.
    Instead, he shifts gears entirely.  "Iss say, hyu wan't to see Títan, yis?  I am tell Gar hyu here, yis.  When I see Gar, I tell Gar."  He nods once, sharply.

Naomi McDuffie has posed:
Feeling a little...too open suddenly, she nods her head to that and then smiles, "Thanks." She floats up a little and then swallows, "I need to go home." She nods her head, "I have things I have to do tomorrow." She then looks over in the direction of the school and then sighs and looks back to Kian, "Thanks, Kian." She then waves a hand and raises up into the sky before she waves one last time and then shoots off at speed.