10693/The Devon-Winters Horse Show

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The Devon-Winters Horse Show
Date of Scene: 07 April 2022
Location: Upstate New York
Synopsis: Sif is gonna buy a horsey.
Cast of Characters: Jimmy Hudson, Sif

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    The Devon Horse Show was a show that was internationally known. A gathering of old families since the late 1800s that grew and grew until it became a focal point for all things Equestrian, even gaining international acclaim after the Great War when the quality of the American horses used in the war effort were realized to be something truly exceptional.
    Then in the fifties the Winters family took an interest and put their considerable fortune behind it, broadening the venue and bringing it home to Upstate New York which became something of a Mecca for those who sought to see the finest breeds, the greatest jockeys and handlers, and a competition grew out of it. Though in all things it was primarily for those who loved the steeds.
    Until the modern day, where the exhibition centers, the stables, the tracks, all offered such sights to see the thirty prominent breeds of the world. Beasts that were unlike even the mounts available to Asgard. Oh the Shining Realm had fine steeds, strong, powerful. But nothing like an Arabian. Nothing quite like the stallions from the Rocky Mountains with their beautiful manes. For a visitor from afar it must be like gaining a glimpse into what could be or could have been for the breeders of Asgard.
    So many horses, and such variety. Yet all beautiful in their own way.
    Which is why it drew so many of the people from all walks of life. One known as James Hudson, who for the first time in his life was a local for the Devon-Winters. Living just down the road some thirty miles he came up to the show each day to see old familiar faces, talk to old friends, and reminisce about past times.
    Which might be why he's there along the row upon row of stalls. He's scruffy looking, rough around the edges, wearing jeans and a jean jacket, his hat cocked back slightly and dirt-stained perhaps from some of the festivities earlier. Talking with a group of other people involved with the exhibition. The tone is polite, jovial, and their words carry.
    "So you competing, Jimmy?"
    "What? Nah. Too old and rickety." He says that with a wry half-smile as he's not quite in his thirties, though he looks around and adds, "Though mebbe more not wantin' ta make a fool of m'self. Lots of good folks here. Though nice just to get a good look at Ray's stables. He's got some fine animals, I tell you."
    Ray's not there, but his son Ron is and Ron grins from ear to ear, "Princess is his pride and joy, but he spreads the love. You ever think of headin' back South? Getcha a free ride if ya want, Jimmy."
    Which causes a laugh to come from the Phys Ed teacher as he shakes his head, "Nah, sides, I got this thing called a contract." His lip twists.

Sif has posed:
In learning more about Midgard, Sif was trying to spend time out and about. To experience the people and places. She hadn't quite figured out Thor's love for this world yet. There were some parts that were impressive but as a whole? It simply was less than Asgard. Though she remained, determined to understand.

In being part of this world, she had to find things that might interest her. As such she was trying to embrace technology. To learn what was happening in the world. The internet. Using her smart phone. She had the basics down but it sometimes got to be a bit much, particularly on the phone. Currently, that device was in the front pocket of her black slacks. It was turned off. For very good reasons.

Yet, she had learned of this being the event for those who loved horses. Considering her upbringing. it appealed to her even moreso. She hadn't been around a good stable in some time. They weren't generally found in the city where she was spending much of her time.

Many of the barns were setup open so that people could look at the horses. From a distance. Unless they were staff, they were not allowed to approach the stalls themselves, kept at a distance of about twenty feet by ropes. But being at the barns allowed one to see the horses being moved in and out of the stalls, or being prepped and brushed before going out for their events. To say Sif was thrilled was an understatement.

She moved along the line at the closest barn, the one housing the horses belonging to Ray most likely. Pausing from time to time to cluck her tongue against the roof of her mouth and draw the attention of the horse in a stall. Looking at their lines and form. Sif was dressed in a lightweight white sweater. Not because it was cool to her but because the humans thought it was 'chilly'. As such, she needed to blend. Dress slacks. A pair of non-designer boots, more practical. After all, they were around stable and horses. Fine shoes seemed silly in this setting. To Sif. Some of the other attendees didn't seem to follow her train of thought. Her black hair was drawn back into a loose ponytail.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    It was the evening of the second day of the event, so people were still filled with anticipation and excitement. Likely the local bars were filled with horse-lovers and those equestrianly inclined. Yet it was the vibe that Sif likely could feel. The mortals of Midgard did live much shorter lives, all told. But they were unique in the nine realms as there were fewer souls so inclined to show such passion for their niche in life and it was clear that these people around the stalls, in the barns, along the aisles were enthused.
    Like that group near the stalls she was looking at had that small crowd of people, though Ron had noticed her attention and gave her a smile from afar and a lift of one hand in greeting. But then they're all talking again, likely deciding where to head to get dinner.
    It gave her time to look at that brown and black Arabian, sleek with that hint of speed so clearly bred into her. Nothing like her on Asgard, though assuredly not a warhorse, but a racer? Definitely.
    It was in those few minutes after her perusal that she'd hear a voice, the young Ron with his gap-tooth and reddish hair stepping over with the tall dark-haired fella in tow. "Heya miss, anythin' I can help ya with?"

Sif has posed:
She saw the brief wave and Sif gave a nod to acknowledge it. Though she continued to work her way along the stalls, taking time at each to admire the equine within. All beautiful beasts. Each species had their own elements that marked them. Some were broader, thicker of build. Others had those long legs that seemed so delicate in ways for such a strong creature. Heads were shaped slightly different. Many things that those who didn't know horses might not pick up on.

But here she was surrounded by many that did. That understood the intricacies. That knew how to handle the most spirited of mounts with love and patience. She had yet to see any riding crops or other such instruments in this particular stable and that appealed to her.

Her eyes were on that dark colored Arabian. Running along the lines of the back, to the flanks. Down the legs. Back to the head and the slight dip that seemed prominent in the lines. The head and legs both seemed almost too small for the beast. Which was untrue of course. This mare was built for speed, likely able to stretch herself out when given her head and allowed to let loose instead of being held back. Not something safe to do most times in fields but on a track? It was safer. No unexpected holes or debris that might trip the horse and lead to injury.

Hearing the voice, Sif turned and gave a smile. Few on Midgard would guess she was other than human, albeit a bit tall for the average woman. Most would never guess she was a warrior of Asgard in their wildest dreams. When she spoke, the accent was there but most people took it from something on Midgard. "I was admiring her. She has beautiful lines. I just was imagining how she would look in motion if given freedom to run. It amazes me the delicacy and strength that are combined in the breed."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    That's when Jimmy spoke, looking first to check with Ron as if it was alright to talk to what they might imagine was a potential investor or customer in some form or another. "Well, if you stick around for a day, miss." James looks to the stall, then back at little Ronny, "You'll see... who is it that's taking her out, Ron?"
    "Shelley," James repeats as he tells Sif, "She'll be ridin' her tomorrow you should get a good eyeball of her then." The way the young mortal talks, she's likely heard the accent before. Or hints of it. Not quite that one they call for the country of... Tex-As? Was it? But also a hint of the North. Canada? Curious.
    "Would you like ta take a closer look?" Jimmy asks, then turns toward Ron who... seems not as likely to embrace that option.
    "I dunno, Jim. She's got a temper at times with strangers."
    "We're not gonna try ta saddler her up, should be alright, Ronny."
    "Alright, Jimmy." Says Lil Ron, though he doesn't sound entirely convinced. Which is the point he does, however, move the tape a bit. "Come along, miss."

Sif has posed:
"Tomorrow." It is repeated as though to verify, not actually questioning. "I believe I will do so. Though I will need to locate a place to lay my head for the evening." Which seemed an odd way to say she had to find a hotel room but there it was. "Though I doubt most of the local establishments will have openings due to the people in attendance here." Reservations probably full. "But I will endeavor to find one and join the festivities on the morrow."

She looked between the two men as they spoke, making note of the rider's name though this Shelley did not seem to be in attendance. At Jimmy's offer to see the horse more closely, Sif's eyes immediately lit up. He had hit on exactly what would please her, though she would not have dared ask had he not made the offer. "I would be honored." At Ron's worried response, she offered, "If it might appease your trepidation, I was practically raised in a stable. My father was Head of Horse, thus I grew up around them. Though not Arabians. That is correct for her?" Making sure she got the breed right.

She moved through the opening he had created, completely at ease as she waited for the men to join her. It was their stable, their equines. She was not going to just rush up as much as she might want to. Instead she waited for them to escort her toward the stall.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    It was clear that Ron knew the mare well, for as the new people started to draw close she chuffed and tossed her head slightly, a first sign of her own trepidation and annoyance even as they sidled up closer.
    "Watch yer hands," Says Ron gently, smiling a little as he takes up a place against the door and near enough. His presence did help the mare calm a little.
    Then Jimmy says with a nod, "Her name's Princess Maryann." Which causes him to smirk a little which Ron picks up with a chuckle.
    "Big Roy liked Gilligan's Island." Which, to be fair, might be as if they were speaking another language in front of Lady Sif. Despite the gift of All-Speech.
    But Princess Maryann chuffs again though this time Jimmy reaches out and meets her eyes. "Hold up, girl. S'alright. S'alright."
    She tosses her head again, but calms at the slight pat and caress on her muzzle.

Sif has posed:
For a moment, Sif was lost. What was a Gilligan and why did it have an island? Or was it a person perhaps? It still was not a name she had heard in her time on Midgard. Though, to be honest, she hadn't seen a lot of the world. Perhaps it was a common name?

Sif did enter the stall, after snitching a couple of items from a bag hanging outside and slipping them into her pocket, but made no move to close the distance to the nervous animal. She knew that Princess might need some time before she was comfortable. Better to take that time, not to stress her. It wasn't as though she needed to saddle the beast and ride her into battle. This was just socializing.

"She is perfect. You must be very proud." She said the words in general but looked to both Jimmy and Ron. She suspected Ron and this Big Roy might be the owners. Perhaps the other man worked for them in caring for the horses. It was obvious he had a way with Princess Maryann. Though she was still obviously a spirited girl, she was willing to let him approach and touch.

"Do you race her often or only at times such as this event?"

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "The story how we got her is crazy, but yah. Pa is pretty proud. Shelley puts her through her paces now and again though..." Lil Ron does seem proud too, whatever the case. But he takes a deep breath and looks over at Jimmy who seems to take the small hint and can sense the anxiety in the young man.
    "Alright, should prolly let her rest up for tomorrow, ma'am." He says that to her and likely the All-Speech turns ma'am into a more reasonable 'milady'. Yet they understand each other rather well. And Sif can likely get the vibe that the two men are likely looking to depart.
    It's only once she's somewhat clear that Lil Ron calms some but he smiles sidelong at Jimmy, "You gonna meet up with us at the Sizzler?"
    "Likely," James says with a nod, pulling off his hat and pushing a hand through that wild mane of his hair. "Give my regards to your father either way, alright?"
    "Alright, seeya Jimmy. Ma'am," And with that Lil Ron is on his way.

Sif has posed:
Sif hadn't even realized she had caused any anxiety for the young man. Perhaps if she had been paying closer attention but that was taken by the horse in the stall. "Thank you for allowing me to look at her more closely," Sif said in parting to the redhead, finally glancing that direction.

"I should get out of your way. Though..." She changed her tone. Began talking in a lower voice, a careful cadence to it. A slow rise and fall, somewhat mesmerizing in tone. The words were for the man but the tone was to the horse.

"I truly hope that this lovely lady will be so kind as to let me pet her before I do so. I realize it took a leap of faith to allow me near his horse." She was approaching slowly. No rushed movements. Bringing her a little closer to the horse but that hypnotic tone continuing. "There are undoubtedly people wanting who might want to eliminate the competition but I am certainly not one of them. Thus why I am using the snacks from your supplies, instead of something I brought." Which she pulled out of a pocket, offering it in the palm of her hand, making sure that her fingers were not curled. "But I cannot imagine ever harming such a beautiful creature."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    There's a measure of hesitation to him, but then James seems to ease up a little, his nostrils flaring for a brief moment as he takes a breath. Then settles with a nod as he murmurs, "S'alright, Lil Ron is just... very mindful of not disappointin' his father."
    There's a brief smile from the man as the horse seems to ease and accept Sif's presence, sniffing her... chuffing a bit. Then it accepts the treat with its lips curling around her hand somewhat and snurfling as she devours the confection.
    "Well, I'll be. Princess usually doesn't take to anyone. Cept me ways back when." When he lived with the Robinson family down South.
    But the Arabian seems at least at ease enough to not huff with the presence of the Asgardian noble woman. Though she does draw back after that snack. Which earns her a pat-pat-pat from the tall man. "So." He says at first, then meets her gaze with an easy smile, "You here for business, or just as a fan?"

Sif has posed:
"Perhaps both. I originally chose to attend simply for the pleasure of seeing such beautiful animals. Then as I learned more of the event and the competitions involved it..." Sif considered her phrasing carefully. "Reminded me of my youth. Where competition against my friends and colleagues was a large part of the process of growing up." Not just in their skills atop a horse but also on the battlefield. Sadly, Midgardians did not seem to understand such a thing. For them, battlefields were the purview of soldiers with machine guns or aerial combat machines. The concept of battle as she knew it? Would seem insanity.

"I do not have any way to join the competitions this year. The future may differ. I am tempted to see what offers there are for sale." She smiled a little. "Obviously Princess Maryann will not be on the list but I am certain there are others here who may be seeking to sell some of theirs." Which implied she might even be in the market for more than one.

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Your youth." He says that as he gives her a sideways glance, one eyebrow slightly quirked as if not exactly believing her when he says, "What, you mean like last year or so?" So long ago. But his tone is wry, a hint of amusement to it. But, to be fair, she does look like she hasn't seen even close to two score years, let alone how many Winters she's passed.
    But he nods when it's clear that she might be a customer, if not one in urgent need. So he says, "Well, the Robinsons have a good stable of animals. They had two foals last season that I imagine they might be willing to sell. And a stud service from some of their old racers."
    He then starts to slowly walk to the side, turning some of the lights out so that Princess Maryann can have some rest. His pace, however, is slow enough to show he's intending to continue the conversation as they walk. "Though full disclosure, I used to live with them back in /my/ youth, so I'm not exactly what you'd call unbiased."

Sif has posed:
At the comment about her youth being just a year or so ago, Sif has to smile a bit. "I am older than I appear." To say the very least. She looked him over critically. "Perhaps you are as well?" A question on if he looks younger than he actually is, without stating the question in so many words.

She follows as he leads the way out. She considered returning the unused treats to the bag but realized they might be concerned she could've put something on them and it would mean they had to throw out the entire lot. She would just use them when she got back home, with her own horses. Or if she did end up buying some this weekend.

"If you could arrange a meeting to see their foals and studs, it would be greatly appreciated. I will be certain to give you my number to pass along. Though racers are only part of what I would be interested in. I would like some...sturdier stock as well." Because Asgardians were a bit heavier than the average Midgardian. "A mix of speed, agility, and strength." Of course, her stock wasn't all Midgardian either so that would be something else to learn.

"They are friends who have become family. How did you come to live with them? Or is that a subject better left unvisited? Although are you with them currently as friends or employee?"

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Thirtyish soon enough," Jimmy says as his thoughts drift that way, hands into his pockets. "So older or younger looking, no idea." Which, to be fair, is par for the course.
    "I figure that wouldn't be too far out there, I'll drop them a line when I see them tonight or tomorrow." He pauses and taps his pockets, only finding his cellphone when he reaches his back left pocket and pulls it out. A brush of his thumb and he swipes it to life, then he meets her eyes with a slight smile.
    "Was just the twists and turns of fate. Family felt I needed a change of scenery and so went to live with them for a few years."
    Then he blinks after an instant, "You know, I just realized I've been pretty rude. My name's James. James Hudson. Jimmy if you're so inclined." And with that he extends a hand, holding the phone in the other but ready to offer the contact information if she wants.

Sif has posed:
She does not offer her age. He may or my not make note of that. She simply didn't think she should offer it because it would lead to discussions better left unsaid. This was about fitting in on Midgard. Though she was not going to lie either.

She made a little face as she pulled her phone out of the pocket of her slacks. A momentary hold of the button as she powered it on. Seemed she had it turned off in her pocket. As soon as it came on, the reason for that became apparent. She quickly was touching the button to turn down the volume but not before he would hear not one, not two, but three songs playing at the same time. "I apologize. It is a new phone and I find it...challenging." She couldn't figure out where that music was coming from but something was open in the background most likely.

She did manage to pull up the 'add contact' and pushed for the 'share' option then offered her phone for him to touch his to in order to data capture.

"It is an honor to meet you, James Hudson. I am Sif."

Jimmy Hudson has posed:
    "Sif," He repeats, and it does sound familiar. But not enough for him to place. He accepts it, likely foreign since she has that accent. But she sounded British to him, maybe Sif was Welsh. "It's good to meet you, Miss Sif."
    He takes a look at his own phone and he seems to furrow his brow as well, giving it a second and third glance to make sure the contact took before he says quietly as he taps a few things. "They're confounding things sometimes." He offers.
    Then once assured that it took, he gives her a nod as he steps back, "Alright, I'll have them give you a call or send you a message myself if needs be." For a second he gives her another glance, as if trying to place her. But then shakes his head. "I'll be in touch, take care, ma'am. Enjoy the rest of the show if you stick around."
    And with that he turns to head on off.