10720/Is it fate

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Is it fate
Date of Scene: 10 April 2022
Location: Garage in Gotham
Synopsis: Good times were had, teasing occurred!
Cast of Characters: Rien D'Arqueness, Gabby Kinney, Robbie Reyes

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
The call has gone out, Rien's bike is ready for pick up! She happens to have Gabby with her when she takes the call and so offers to bring her along to pick up the bike and maybe wheedle the cute new Spirit of Vengeance out for a couple beers. They don't arrive by any conventional means, God no. Without her bike and the city not being the place for a horse, Rien will have it no other way. They travel by magic!

She opens the portal so the pair will empty out into an alley a block away from the shop, allowing them to walk up like normal people without taking all the time of calling for a car or taking a bus. And Rien patently refuses to ride the subway. Not with her senses and a distinct lack of smoking allowed. Hell with that!

Stepping through portal with Gabby, she closes it behind them immediately and links arms with her, heading out and down the street towards the garage. "So I met someone... interesting.. the other night. Arrogant and full of himself and demanding but... interesting." She quirks a small smile, "I think we will meet again soon. I have something he wants. Not that I intend to turn it over.. but it will be interesting to find out what he wants it for." Rien glances to Gabby and murmurs, "Good-looking too, in that lean, hungry sort of way. Avaricious."

Approaching the shop, she calls out, "Hello! I've come for my bike!"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
It wasn't the first time that Gabby travels by portal so at least it's a familiar experience! As soon as she steps out she pauses to take a deep breath, and dust her hands off on her thighs. "I feel like I ought to say something like 'I'll never get used to that', but to be honest I'm kind of used to it after all my time with Illyana." One of the few XMen who treated her like she was a functioning team member in spite of her age. So there were quite a few travel portals through Limbo.

When Rien catches her arm she picks up the pace to walk beside her easily. Thankfully they were close to the same height at least. An interested grin creeps over her at that. "Oh? Yeah? Not really sure what you mean about the 'lean hungry look' but if you say he's cute then he's cute." A solemn nod is given as she agrees readily with that.

Then the garage comes into view and a slow blink comes from her as she realizes just WHERE Rien had brought her. "Oooh THIS garage," she utters quietly. "Robbie's garage. I didn't get to tell you I'd met him again the other night. He, uh, helped me with some things." Did it still smell like bodies around here? She couldn't tell.

Robbie Reyes has posed:
Cute? *New*? Robbie might take exception to these descriptors, but he's not around to argue. Instead, he's finishing up his shift at Canelo's. Five minutes left on the clock, and no cars in sight. The mechanic's tall, lean frame is fairly unmistakeable, head down as he hoses off the slab of concrete out back. Music's playing in the shop, some upbeat R&B, and his boss is nowhere in sight. Must be holed up in the office.

He half-turns as he hears the approach of not one, but two people. On foot? On foot. "Hey," he greets the pair of them, with that guarded look he often wears around people. "Got the bike in the garage, ready to go. Lemme go grab the paperwork for you." He goes to hang up the hose, wipe his hands off on the thighs of his coveralls, and prowl off to do just that.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien lifts a hand to Robbie when he greets them, flashing a smile, "Sounds good! Do you take cash or do I need a card?" She doesn't sound like either bothers her overmuch, then looks back to Gabby with a clearing of her throat, "So.. the guy I was telling you about? -Total- villain type. Like... definitely got some stuff going on. But, I mean, who doesn't, right?" She lifts a shrug and curves a half-smile, "And I like dangerous. And bad boys. Something about it... mmf."

Since they're outside, Rien lights up one of her herbal cigarettes even as she scents the blood that even New York stink can't fully cover. "Mmmmmmmmmmm, I can tell. You're alright, he's alright... so clearly you won. I won't fuss, just remember, if you ever run into problems, I'm a text away. And I can be there as fast as you need." She draws on the herbal blend and squeezes a one-armed hug around Gabby's shoulders.

Glancing around, she murmurs, "I knew I could trust him with my bike, might have to make him my regular mechanic. I don't trust just anyone with my baby. But only him. He knows how to treat a precision vehicle."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney gives Rien a look at the mention of the 'villain' type. She was one to talk though--a few of her friends fit that role after all. "Please tell me his name isn't Thomas Blake, aka Catman," she asks hesitantly. Though she wouldn't call Thomas 'lean' given his muscle bulk. Hm. It didn't sound like him though so she just smiles and laughs. "Just be careful then, okay? I know you can take care of yourself but you deserve someone who can appreciate you, too." Her arms cross over her chest with a knowing nod.

Little sister setting down the rules.

The hug is leaned into against Rien's side while she grins broadly. "Well I wasn't really expecting to need help. There were only ten of them, but they kind of..." Her hands lift to make clawed fingers (not actual claws) and 'jumps' her hands in toward one another to indicate precisely what happened. "Ran to get some distance and regroup and ran here. Of course I'll keep it in mind." There's a pause before she looks back to the garage with a rather... strange grin. "Yeah, I got to ride in his car the other night, too."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
"Cash is fine," Robbie replies over his shoulder, a brief glance given Rien when she lights up. Then back to what he was doing: sifting through a pile of paperwork waiting to go on the bench at the back of the shop. Neither organisation nor charisma are his forte, but he's got bigger fish to fry.

"Here it is." He flips through the pages briefly, ignoring the fact that they're discussing him while he's standing *right there*. Then he turns and paces over to where the bike's sitting; and damn if it doesn't look like he gave it a wash and polish, too. The chrome's fairly gleaming.

"Replaced your timing gear and crank shaft," he explains somewhat gruffly, crouching down and grasping the parts to indicate them. "Got in there with some lube, too, since it was running a little dry and causing some wear. Pistons look good still, but if you hear any more funny noises, I might need to take another look, in case the fin's overheating. Any questions?" He straightens, and holds the paperwork out to Rien, meeting her gaze squarely.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Nodding, Rien flashes a grin at Gabby, "Gabs, I'm immortal. I'm not in it for forever, just for some fun. Forever is a -really- long time." Then she's shrugging again and flashing that grin, "And he's... okay, you probably know OF him if you haven't like... met him met him. And I -know- it would cause flak but... you should see him all done up in a suit and hair slicked back? Damn. Just... damn." She lets out a plume of herb-scented smoke and grins, "I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers, is all I'm saying."

Then Robbie is turning back around and she's looking over the paperwork, pulling a slim wallet from her jacket and counting out the cash for the transaction. Handing it over, she offers a smile, "I really can't thank you enough for taking care of my baby. I got called away for a few months and I had to leave it somewhere that wasn't as protected as I would have liked." She looks towards the bike and her grin broadens, "Look at that! You really are the best. That's it, I'm not bringing my bike anywhere else. You got a steady customer from here on out."

She glances back to Gabby and grins, "You want to ride with me? I was thinking of hitting up a place, getting some food, some beer... they've got a patio so we can eat outside and I can smoke." A glance back to Robbie and she's grinning, "You want to join us? Get some grub, have a few beers? My treat. As thanks for the extra care you took with my bike. No pressure, just food, beer, and some company. And I'd love to get a view at your car. Gab says it's hot."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney side-eyes Rien skeptically at her remarks but nods slowly. "Well so long as I'm not going to walk in on you or something. Thomas has a bad habit of not shutting doors." There's a momentary thousand-yard-stare that might just be jesting before she shakes her head quickly to get her thoughts back on track. Could be worse. Could be Deadpool. "You'll have to actually drop me a name if you get further though, otherwise I'm gonna be way too curious. And... I guess I'm kind of semi-immortal, too? Just young still. So." She shrugs giving a grin as it's obvious that's something she's not wanting to think too much on so far.

GBack to the matter at hand she watches the exchange of money with a grin, and lifts a hand to finger-waggle at Robbie. "Yeah, you should come along, Robbie! Rien usually knows some good places to hit up."

Then mention of the car earns a solemn nod. "It is dead sexy. I mean I don't know much about civvie vehicles but it is."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
None of his business who they're discussing; Robbie's just the hired help tonight. Here to make sure Rien's bike is well taken care of. He doesn't comment on this mystery stranger, if even he's paying attention to the chatter.

"Hey, no problem," he tells her with a quick smile that doesn't linger. "You notice anything funny in the next little while, just bring it right back. I'll take another look." The cash is counted off and folded up, and he's about to take his leave for the office, to go put it in the register. But the invitation's made before he makes it two steps.

Pausing, Robbie looks between the two sisters. "You know, you don't need to thank me. It's my job." Maybe being asked out to drink with two attractive women is not a common occurrence for him. He's certainly not shy, even if he is standoffish as hell.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
"I'll do that. And I'll call to schedule regular maintenance and upkeep, too. You guys are my new favorite shop," Rien runs her free hand through that thick mane of blonde hair and flashes a quick grin his way. Taking a drag from her cigarette as Gabby adds in her agreement for him to join them, she winks at her sister before looking back to Robbie.

She curves a grin when he turns back around, "Okay. Then we'll call it like it is. You're cute and interesting and we want to take you out for dinner and drinks and get to know you better. We like making friends, and you seem like someone to have as a friend." She lifts a shrug and grins, "And hey, if we get to hang out with a hot guy for a few hours in public? Score."

Looking back to Gabby, she grins, "I can't speak for her, but I don't bite unless it's requested. I -can- say that we're pretty damn fun and charming when we want to be, and you could certainly do worse for dinner company."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
For the first time in her life Gabby might have met her match when it comes to embarassing moments. Because when Rien calls Robbie cute and hot her eyes widen while her face turns a particular shade of red. It's only somewhere around the time when Rien looks back at her mentioning biting that she remembers to breathe, but by then that little heart rate monitor strapped to her wrist is already beeping angrily at her. At least it breaks her silence as she slaps her hand down over it cussing, "Oh you tattle tale shut up stupid thing I'm not dying!" Grumpgrump.

In an attempt to recover herself just a bit she lets her hand run back through her dark hair--Wait did she just accidentally mimic Rien? They WERE sisters. A smile is flashed toward Robbie in a way that causes her cheeks to dimple around the few scars that were on her face. "Yeah, come on, at least consider it a thank you for the other night. That *wasn't* your job and you looked super cool and yeah let's hang out!" There's a pause before she mumbles, "And yes you're cute too."

Robbie Reyes has posed:
"You're gonna want to replace your brake lines and fluid soon, too. Got maybe a hundred, two hundred miles left on those. If you do see someone else, make sure they don't try to sell you a new set of calipers, though. Waste of money, yours have lots of life in them." He takes a breath like he's going to say more.. and then seems to realise he's rambling like a dork, and Rien probably doesn't care about the particulars.

"I seem like someone to have as a friend," he repeats instead, starting to look amused. His eyes shift from the blonde, to her dark-haired sister, brow raising dubiously at the bleeping heart rate monitor. "You, uh, sure you just don't need me to kill a few more zombies for you?" The chain from the other night is still hanging by bay door #1, right where he left it. The thing is made from steel, and *heavy*.

"Tell you what, my shift's done anyway. Lemme go change and I'll meet you out in the lot." He winks at them both, but still isn't smiling as he pivots and ambles off for the office.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
"Good deal. I'll bring it back at the end of the month for the lines and fluid, I'll set that up tomorrow." Rien flashes a grin, brows lifting as he details out what she does and doesn't need. There's interest there, she wants to hear it, but then he cuts himself off and she chuckles, "Why don't you tell me about it at the restaurant? I do want to know, I care very much for my bike and I want it purring and rumbling and prowling for a long time to come." She stubs out the cigarette and pitches the butt towards the street.

Gabby's heart rate spikes and RIen grins unspologetically at her sister, "What? I'm old, not blind. He's hot. You want I should lie to the man?" She does the one-armed hug and looks back to Robbie with a smile, "Excellent! We'll be there, I can lead the way to the restaurant."

As Robbie heads off to change, Rien looks back to Gabby, "You want to ride with me or with him?" That smile is knowing even as she winks at her sister.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Sweet!" Gabby blurts out with a little air fist-pump when he agrees to come join them for dinner. "This'll be so much fun! Promise!" Even when he turns to leave she bounces on the balls of her feet in a rather energetic fashion excited now that things were turning out well. Still, she attempts to compose herself while glancing back to Rien sheepishly. "I'll ride with you. I kind of feel like we might scare him off otherwise." Though she clears her throat and mumbles, "Thanks for offering though. Where are we going anyway?"

Robbie Reyes has posed:
"Cualquier cosa que quieras," Robbie demurs in a low voice as he pulls away. The coveralls are unzipped and peeled off, and hung on a hook at the back. He's wearing a faded tee shirt and jeans underneath, and a flash of ink might or might not be visible along his left arm. It's swallowed up momentarily by the hoodie he tugs on, leather jacket shrugged over top.

Then he ducks inside the office for a few minutes to stow the cash and finish up whatever duties he has for the night. When he returns, he's got his own cigarette between his lips, and is in the process of lighting up. The pair are shooed outside, so he can close up and padlock the bay doors.

"Car's right over there, you want a look." Like it really needs any pointing out. The black '69 Charger with the immaculate paint job and the rooted supercharger mounted on the hood kind of blows away anything else parked back here. By a long shot.

Rien D'Arqueness has posed:
Rien's smile warms as she looks at Gabby and gives a nod, "Of course. It's a barbecue joint, but it's not all ribs. I'd consider killing for some of their brisket, it's sooooooooo good. Like. Melt in your mouth fucking -delicious-."

Her eyes turn sharply towards Robbie, a slow grin spreading across her lips, "Just might take you up on that, cosas calientes!" Chuckling, she looks back to Gabby and winks at her, then heads towards the bike, walking it out while Robbie gets changed. She wanders over to check out the car while Robbie locks up, letting out a low whistle as she runs her hand oh so lightly along the edge of the hood. "Now that is a thing of beauty. Classics are classics and classics never die. I still remember when this car came out..."

Letting out a breath, Rien turns back towards the bike and straddles it, then pats the seat behind with with a grin for Gabby, "Hop on, Gabs!" To Robbie, she grins, "Ready when you are!"