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Xaviers Graduation Party
Date of Scene: 21 May 2022
Location: Back Yard
Synopsis: It is a nice graduation day 2022 at Xaviers School! The Fleebs really are the best!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Charles Xavier, Monet St. Croix, Samuel Guthrie, Ruth Aldine, Jean Grey, Noriko Ashida, Tabitha Smith, Zandra Mitchell, Scott Summers, James Proudstar, Quentin Quire

Rogue has posed:
A lovely sonny day at Xaviers School.  The backyard is filled with the graduating Senior Class, and a stage is setup where Rogue and Remy are preparing a treat.  Rogue in her dark green dress, her hair tied back, and her eyes lined with dark makeup.  She approaches the microphone as Remy takes a seat behind her on a folding chair, raising up his classic accoustic guitar to his lap.  Rogue adjusts the mic and speaks through it, testing it with a grin before she smiles to the audience.  "Remy, and I, have been working on this little number for all of you.  We dedicate this song to all who hope for a brighter future.  We also hope that after hearing this, you will do as we do... and never forget... what got us where we are today.  Every day, a little brighter..."

The Southern Belle lowers her eyes as Remy begins to play his guitar, strumming the instrument with grace and deep skill!  Rogue lifts her head, opening her green eyes to stare intently toward the audience as she begins to sing with dramatic stage presence!

"" Another joke hangs lowly,
tranq is slowly takin.
the internet riots,
caused from his silence,
who are we mistakin.

but you see,
It's just memes
It's not my fantasy

that childs head
that childs head
he was crushiiiiiiii-iing.

With his fists
and a bone
and his bone
and a trunk

that childs head
that childs head
he was crushiiiiiiiiii--iing

that childs head
That childs heeeaaad
Haaaraaambe ee--ee!--eee!---eeee!

That childs heeeaaad
Child's heeeeee-aaaad!
Haaaraaambe ee--ee!--eee!---eeee!-hOH!"

The students, and faculty in their fancy clothing, all sit and just stare as the song plays out.  Rogue belts out every line, every verse, while Remy slowly bobs his head to the tune from his place behind the Southern Belle.  When its all said and done, they both end with a flourish and take a bow! "Never forget!" Rogue shouts over the microphone!

The audience applauds, and one student leans over to another one. "Who is Harambe?" They ask the other graduating Mutant.  "I have no idea." The student replies.  "But, that Rogue sure can sing the hell out of a tune!  And Remy looks amazing in that Yoda tshirt...

The applauds continue, as the ceremony progresses!

Eventually though, the duo depart the stage and move back to their designated areas amongst the crowd of people gathered here today. A warm breeze flows across the yard, sending the decorations of balloons and flowers everywhere all flowing and fluttering as the duo make their way back to their seats, allowing the next presenter to step forward.

Charles Xavier has posed:
Charles Xavier approaches the podium in his wheeled chair. He does not use the podium itself, but does not need to - he has a small mic attached to the lapel of his suit, and those managing the tech know well enough to swap it to give his voice the necessary boost. Charles scans the croud, his eyes squinting some in the daylight sun that shun down upon them all, but his gaze reflects that warmth that also comes from above. He allows the crowd to grow silent and let it hang for an appropriate amount of dramatic effect.

"Here we all are," Charles says, a very pleased expression resting on his face. After another brief lingering pause he continues.

"When I opened this school, so many years ago, I did not truly know what to expect. I cannot tell you how humbling it is to have had the privilege to see so many fine classes come to this point." His eyes scan the graduating students now, in particular. "You have all come to us as strangers, youth looking for guidance and education. And now you are preparing to move on, as young adults ready to shape the future of your own lives, as well as the lives of those whom you will come to meet along your individual paths." The professor takes a small breath and continued to speak, offering stories of individual members of the senior class, some humorous and some heart-felt.

The professor's speech goes on for a little under ten minutes in total. He does not like to be too brief with these, nor overly long as he knew that most were not into hearing these sorts of long talks. Still, the stories do not drag, and the speech closes soon. "In closing... It is imperative that I take this moment to say that this school did not just serve as a temporary home to any of our students. Leaving us today does not mean that you cannot come back to us tomorrow." A smile flows onto his face: reserved perhaps, but it also shines with a happiness on his aged face, with a pride. "Should they need a safe place to come, a place to feel welcomed and secure, this School is your home away from home. And it forever will be. Thank you and good luck: to each of you. Enjoy this day: you've earned it."

The speeches concluded, everyone freed to move about, Charles Xavier makes his way back to the faculty area. Those who are perceptive may notice that there is a tension or concentration in Xavier's face, but it is subtle, and could mean any number of things.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix is here for the circumstances and the occasion. She's wearing a more formal outfit for the festivities. A nice one. but not one of her -best- ones. She's expecting there to be some sort of calamity over from the students at this. Some form of chaos, destruction, or backfiring. So Monet St. Croix has made a very difficult decision at the expense of exposing everyone to herself in her full grandeur, outshining the event and of gracing them with her presence..

Instead, she decides to keep some of her better outfits safe. Because she looks good in almost anythign. And this rabble isn' tworth the sacrifice of something htat has actual meaning. There is approval over in her eyes at the speech the Headmaster gives. She's sitting over amongst the crowds, going to politely applaud over when indicated. Her face has that look on it of someone that has been trained as a classical actor to look prideful of others. It's not particularly legitimate but she's making the (admittedly extremely) minimal effort.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie has volunteered to help out and is dressed in a button up purple shirt, and black slacks. He has set up drink and food for the afterparty. Sam is always the type to lend a hand, and figures since this is close enough to his day job, he would help this way. He does congratulate those who have graduated this year, and makes sure there is no underage drinking.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth Aldine doesn't have a lot of very nice clothing, but today she is wearing her reasonable best. A classical black dress which would have probably suited anyone in movies old enough that color would have been an up-sell point: pumps: and a mortarboard hat, which she, herself, insisted on. A lavender blouse and eye-wrap put out contrast, but just now, just here, she has been smiling, despite the speeches.

When Professor Xavier speaks to them, Ruth thinks something sudden and unsuspected to herself, the idea coming together as the jumbled box of mirror parts that constitute her mind finally settle down comfortably.

I lived!
I made it through!
It wasn't a sure thing.
No, no. It sure wasn't.
I didn't die. Bunch of other people didn't die.
I even saved Jerome.

The smile on her face quivers.

'Leaving us today...'

Ruth perceives a comfortable network of pathways which have occasional veer-offs into horrifying injury and humiliating death (those get highlighted a lot) and when she tries to look a little past them -

It's like having your country road suddenly and abruptly link up to a feeder road, and thence to a forty-thousand-lane macro-highway angling up across the dizzying expanse of one of those Ringworlds Ruth heard someone in the library try to describe once.

Ruth glances at her metaphorical car.

There isn't one. There is a feeling like dotted line which seems to echo the words of some girl she met at an ice cream parlor. One word: 'College?'


Ruth's smile abruptly disappears.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean is up on stage, of course, the headmistress fully decked out in her academic regalia, Doctoral accessories and all. She only gets to do this once a year, so she's gonna get her money's worth out of 'em! Fancy fancy.

In a row a little back from the podium, she is seated with the other teachers , a number of whom count among her own former classmates, looking out over the crowd of students, current and former, parents, and other visitors with a happy smile. It's also from there that she watches Rogue's bizarre performance with an expression that suggests a lack of comprehension along with quiet acceptance bred of familiarity with such oddity. The Zen of Rogue, one could call it. After this, it's Charles' turn, and it is clear she turns a very different sort of rapt attention toward her own mentor as he speaks. As she watches, perhaps some small, well-disguised touch of worry etches itself onto her own features, a slight hitching of her brows. And because it is very natural between them, her inward concerns project outward to his mind: << Is there anything wrong? >>

However, there are ceremonies to conclude and celebrations to be had, so the moment passes quickly and she's no doubt soon swept up in whatever details of the whole affair. Probably there are actual student speeches, the actual conferring of degrees, and all that all-too-familiar processional music. And after that? Well, they have official leave to 'get this party started,' as literally no young people still say.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
It's a miracle Noriko Ashida is participating in this day, in any respect.  If she hadn't placed out of one of her years, she'd be of drinking age.  The mere thought of that makes her cringe.  Graduating at 20.  A part of her wonders if her chances are better not graduating at all, but the ship has sailed.  Tons of these types of rumination shoot through her brain between moments where the speedster lives in sheer boredom.  Frankly, she's pretty absorbed in wedding planning in her mind when Rogue's announcement brings all that biochemical and electrical activity to a slow buzz, syncing back to everyone else's present velocity.

Noriko's wearing a new simple (cheap and thin) purple slip dress that compliments her electric blue hair, her gauntlets which reach up just past her elbow (of course), and her blue with orange accents kicks with no show socks.  Her hair was styled at some point, but quickly returned to its wild windblown state.

"What the..."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Holy heck. Tabby is wearing a dress that's not one of her uniforms. An actual dress. Spaghetti straps, backless, knee length and swishy skirts in a soft lavender color. The fact that she is still tabby though means she's still wearing boots though their in white with lavender wedge heels and a little white leather choker at her neck. Even her glasses are more subdue in just being oval wire rims with yellow tinted lenses. Hair is worn down as well.

having graduated last year and man was thgat a lot of work for a C average grade. Tabby is actually proud of a lot everyone.

Plus also the fact that she and a lot of the ladies here can probably give Monet a run for their money. Even the blonde girl that is cagey on whether or not she was comsically cosmetically enhanced years ago.

The professor's speech is applauded and Rogue's ode to a fallen hero is met with DIO Horns and a lighter over head for the performance.

Sure she looks FAB but it is still Tabby.

The Professor's expression after getting a flash of concern and a mental <<You okay Professor? You usually save that look for after our parties.>> she queries and tries to beam chgeery feelings about that probably pick up like a wide band broadcast as she further goes to give everyone graduating props from Rogue right to Ruth who is totally adored by Jerome for guiding him off the sandy beach of Mexico.

Zandra Mitchell has posed:
    Sitting near the back of the assembly, one of the newest students to arrive at the school sits toward a rearward corner in a white floral beach dress and flip-flops, twirling a dyed aqua strand of her mostly-brunette hair. Apparently, Zandra heard the words 'formal' and 'pool' spoken and has split the difference to a degree that just about rides the line between 'tasteful' and 'not.'

    She smiles brightly, applauding Rogue's performance when it's finished, though her eyebrows betray her bemusement.

    "Was Harambe a student here?" the Southern gal asks the closest of her peers, but the gravitas of Xavier draws a hush from the student body before she can get an answer.

    When the professor's speech is finished, she claps again, letting out a whoop. Maybe trying a little too hard to fit in - or maybe just easily excited.

    In any case, once it's time for everyone to get up, she claps her hands. "Let's get this party started!" she enthuses to no one in particular, though she does take note of the Professor's expression - and starts making her way in Xavier's direction, looking around for someone to pester about it.

Scott Summers has posed:
And so another school year has come to an end. There were even a minimal number of disasters which is certainly always a plus as these things go. Of course, given the unique nature of hte Institute, learning is more of a year-around endeavor, but at least everyone will get to benefit from a break of sorts from the more standard classes. For some of the graduating class they will venture out into the world, away from the relative safety of the mansion as they start their own lives. Others will stay for further education and further training to better master their their mutant abilities.

And a few will dedicate their lives to the mission that the more permanent faculty of the Institute has embraced.

There is a certainly degree of satisfaction in seeing yet another class graduate and moving onwards. At least most of them. There's always a couple that one wonders about. Whether they really did enough to not only show them how to control and utilize their abilities, their intellectual talents. But their greater obligation might be to insure that they have the moral vision to do so well, given just what some of their students can be capable of. Have they done enough? Time will tell.

Like the rest of the teachers, Scott is in his academic best, watching the ceremoney, features rather serious as he watches and listens in silence. He doesn't even squirm. He can be a little robot-like sometimes in his demeanor, though he certainly doesn't hesitate to stand as the ceremony comes to an end, as the last of the speeches are given, rolling shoulders, peering through those ruby red lenses as the graduating class begins their celebration.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar is seated at the back of the congregation, doing what he does better than most in these situation and disappreaing into the crowd far better than someone roughly the size of Fezzik should be able. Dressed just well enough not to standout. He listens and claps when he is supposed to, but fully embraces today is not about him.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Oh good, this tediousness is over of this performance. Monet St. Croix goes to applaud when the procession is over, maintaining her very polite wake. THen to the graduates.. Well.. That which does not kill you makes you stronger, and that is probably close enough to another class making it through a year at the institute.

Rogue has posed:
Charles' speeches are always met with a wonderment on the students' faces at these things, well, on most of the students' faces. Such as the ones who look so very much up to the Professor for what he's helped give them in their lives. Most of the students at Xavier's School have come through the halls with the need, not just for an education of general studies, but also for help with their various mutations. This is what has, hopefully, been provided to this graduating class.

There are parents in attendance too, if you can believe it, prominent family members such as the Fleeb family which has ushered two of their children through Xavier's halls thus far. Tracy Fleeb graduated last year, and now her younger sister Wendy. Both have graduated at the top of their class, and Wendy is happily applauding the Professor's speech. She'd already given hers, it was the opening speech in fact, and now with everyone preparing to enjoy the after-party, the Fleebs are gathered up with other family members, to meet their graduating siblings.

The party is setup all around the backyard, with the pool being a large attraction, as well as the patio area where food services are setup with all manner of catered BBQ food from a restaurant out of Salem Center, and more general choices from Harry's Hideaway. Harry himself is here in a suit, 'enjoying' the graduation ceremony in his own way.

It is a happy day, at least so far.

Rogue stands off with Kitty and Remy, Lockheed is even wearing a suit and tie, the little purple dragon rooting around in the flower bed with his tail flapping around.

Charles Xavier has posed:
Professor Charles Xavier gives Jean Grey a muted little smile; he's returned to the faculty and is therefore in range to meet her gaze. His blue eyes seem present, but the professor is very skilled at masking things when he chooses.

<< This is their time, and yours to celebrate what we have accomplished this year; I will share with you soon,>> is his answer directly to Jean only. She knows him well enough to easily judge that he is protecting everyone else from something, he has taken something upon himself - to carry something alone, at least for now. And she can further sense that he is, perhaps, doing something very complicated - so much so, that he can't completely hide it from another telepath.

Tabitha's question does not get a full response of 'words', but more of a brief internal impression of a reassurance. That is perhaps odd, but not entirely telling. He wants the others to enjoy their graduation, and if he can hold back problems for a little longer, he will do so.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie continues working with the food and drinks. If there is others there, he will direct them to what needs to be done. He nods over to Harry when he sees him as the man seems to have been teaching him well on how to run the hideaway for when Harry wants a day off. He does look over to a red winged mutant, and says "You will be up there next year little brother and Melody right behind you." He smiles and Jay will end up helping with the food, but ready to help with any music where help is needed.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
They survived the experience. Yay kids and stuff! Tabby keeps on with the mingling. She's gotten better with walking in heels too so she doesn't actually move like she's drunk. But it's early yet so that remains too be seen.

In a matter of teasing and maybe solidarity for Jubilee she eyes the graduated Fleeb sisters and gives each a wink and a blown flirty kiss as if she was an ex-girlfriend which was totally isn't or actual girlfriend but if it make sthe girls feel embarrassed with their parents the lavender dressed blonde will call it a victory.

The Professor gets a mental nod but there's that feeling of apprehension. Family looks out for family aned even the barely psiionic Boomie still cares. She does add an image of the professor getting drunk though as if telling the man to relax.

James and Sam getting fistbumps and hugs. Sure they all graduated earlier than even Tabby but New Mutants gotta represent too for the newer mutants.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
"Pardon, but, he was a student in spirit," Ruth answers Zandra, but she sounds distracted. Somewhat wan. Maybe she's having indigestion. Maybe it's the sun. Maybe it's the simple fact of time keeping on slippin'.

Or perhaps she, too, has missed Harambe's gentle yet powerful spirit.

She doesn't get up right away when others rise and begin to approach the siren song of BBQ, although she does like, get up before it's completely alone, so she's not doing the full on freak Cassandra thing as of yet. Though frowny, she approaches the BBQ.

Jean Grey has posed:
Once things have moved down from the stage, Jean does as well. She's not one to put off a good party! Of course, for her, a certain level of business goes along with every school function: she makes a tour through among the parents in attendance, congratulating them on their childrens' achievements. Especially Wendy and the Fleeb Clan representatives! You gotta respect the work. Overall, she shows her dedicated, often perfectionist work ethic as she does her tour of duty through the busy, cheery crowd.

Her physical location has little bearing on talking with Charles, however. Nor even the other activities. There's a level of multitasking involved, of separating out layers of thought to work simultaneously. Comes in handy when you're always doing ten things at once! << I'm sure there'll be plenty of celebrating. But you know everyone likes seeing you out. Don't be a stranger, hmm? Plus, there's so many parents... >> OK maybe it isn't quite so easy for her to handle them all! As for what she actually detects of the effort he's expending? She doesn't question it, or push in where she hasn't been asked to help... but she does keep tabs on him, just in case. It's impossible for her not to worry a little.

Back in the non-brain world, she's made her way from some of the parents on to the students, and ends up with Ruth. "Well, how do you feel? Any different?" It's no doubt that her worries are also somewhat apparent, but unlike in Xavier's case... they're to be expected. It's a big moment. "It's normal to be a bit uncertain, realizing you've just finished one thing and not quite knowing what comes next."

Zandra Mitchell has posed:
    On her way around the periphery of the crowd, Zandra finds herself struggling to navigate the other students going hither and thither. She ends up nearly running into one of the taller types - and decides that James Proudstar looks definitely more like a teacher than a student. She turns her head up at him.

    "Wow - you're a big feller, ain'tcha!" she greets him. "I'm Zandra - I was just wonderin' if you knew if the Professor's alright, or if anyone does? I'm a real big Braves fan, by the way."

    She smiles brightly after the last remark, making a chopping motion with her arm.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko doesn't wear her graduation cap.  She holds it, along with her robe.  When did she shed that?  It seems all the graduates are quick to follow suit after the formal ceremony.  No family seems to be waiting to greet Noriko, though she does briefly stop to say a word or two to Ororo before racing to the food spread before anyone else.  Along the way she flashes a blurry electric middle gauntlet finger (okay it's like 1.5 because of articulation limitations) at the Fleeb sisters.  When she snaps back into everyone else's velocity, her robe is wrapped around her waist to give her some extra up"skirt" flash protection.  It's bulky around her hips and she keeps having to readjust it after she speeds up.

Jubilation has no use for the refreshments, so Noriko is all on her own in this venture, as they've both become accustomed to since Jubes died and acquired new tastes.  Meanwhile, Noriko is assembling a polite FEAST, her plate more resembling a feat in a Shel Silverstein poem than anything else.  How she balances these things is anyone's guess.

Scott Summers has posed:
Like much of the rest of the faculty Scott Summers circulates, pre-dominately amongst the graduating students and their family -- at least those that have family in attendance. Clearly he considers it one of his duties, and Scott is very much all about his duty.

He completes a slow circuit, seeming to have something of a sixth sense at anticipating those that are likely to leave the area to heady towards the pool and the more likely party atmosphere that the more exhuberant youth are creating, catching them before they can entirely escape his well wishes.

Like more than a few teachers he also stops by to meet with the Fleeb clan. Yet another graduate. With top marks to boot. It's an impressive accomplishment really. It's possible that Scott even cracks a smile!

If Scott was one to play favorites no doubt the Fleebs would be near the top of the list.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would maneuver around. There's a somewhat curious look on her face as she takes in Ruth but then dismisses it as she sees Tabitha approaching the girl. Whatever small situation there might be is handled.

There's a passive look on her face that blends into full neutrality. Not her normal, almost default sneer. But something of almost flatness. There's no real concern for her here now. No friends, no one she particularly cares over going through the event. The graduation is finished. She doesn't have much more particularly to stay here. And the celebrations will no doubt be rather disruptive to her peace.

Monet is quite content then to let things be and scan the area one final time before simply intent on departing. A look of disinterest on her face.

Quentin Quire has posed:
    Jean and Charles likely detect the subtle tap on their link, a curious and nosey presence that threatens to (but does not actually) nose its way in on their conversation, a little tap-tap-tapping that seems to suggest that whispering is not polite in mixed company, but makes no move to actually *impugn* on the sanctity of the link. And then, perhaps predictably, there's Quentin.

    He's dressed in a suit - there's that - but it's a flaming neon yellow marked with dark blue X's across every single inch. It's gaudy and, frankly, dreadfully ugly in its eye-searing brilliance. It also fits well, and has clearly been tailored to his lean frame. He doesn't make a nuisance of himself, save for the suit, he just moves into the space and offers a faint nod to Scott on his way to claim a seat. He settles into it and, a moment later, the seat glows with a sudden pinkness, the ghostly form of a barcalounger flickering into place beneath him as he recliiiines back into it and settles his attention up onto the stage.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar returns hugs and greetings but remains at the edge of the assembly. He does frown at the Professor, his senses honed from years of training under a variety of teachers letting him read the man in ways his mastery of telepathic poker faces can't accomodate. The set of shoulders, subtle lines of concentration. He takes on clues that others might miss or could pass completely unaware.

    James looks down at Zandra, raising an eyebrow with a small grin, "I have been told that, yes. James, Ch- the professor always has a lot on his mind. Heavy lies the head and all that. I'm sure it is nothing." There's a long pause after the Braves comment. Then, "That's nice, you should try the brisket. It's delicious." James nods.

Ruth Aldine has posed:
Ruth feels someone behind her. Kind of warm, recognizable hint of a certain shampoo, she doesn't even have to feel things out. She turns her head a little and says, "Sorry, yes; no. Pardon, I'm just a kind of little bit weirded out because I mean I didn't expect." The sentence stops with the certainty of a car crash!

Her arms fold for a moment. Then tighter. She takes a deep breath. A sudden premonition of dread leads her to flick out a psychic tendril to borrow the eyes of one of the Fleebs looking in the appropriate direction to see both Scott Summers in all his monoptical glory and, past him, oh, Ruth thinks, obscurely disappointed, that one wasn't a Sentinel. No Sentinel lines at all.

"I mean to say some kind of way, I'm sorry, it's just crazy." A pause, a little clenching of the fists. "You're right, big and scary. Like moving into a new house. I know, pardon me, the Professor meant it so it's not like you're throwin' me out but it's just. Anyway, maybe it's just cause Quentin's about to show up."

Ruth obtains a plate with one (1) pork rib and one (1) corn on the cob, both of which get sauce on 'em.

Samuel Guthrie has posed:
Sam Guthrie fist bumps Tabby as she comes by. He does make sure to set up one of the more sugary drinks for Noriko, and congratulates her when she gets near "Knew you could do it." He tells her with a smile and says "Oh, here." He offers her a card "One of the bakeries, Alexis and Ah have tried, they have some really nice cakes and some unusual flavor combinations.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue, Kitty and Gambit are all enjoying some drinks as they toss little treats to Lockheed who is jumping up in the air to snatch them out of the sky! His little purple wings fluttering as he jumps and catches the small party favors.

With things all splitting up in to groups enjoying one another, the trio starts toward the patio area with Lockheed bounding around behind them. Up on the patio area, Jeepers... Rogue's Yellow Lab is also wearing a suit and tie, as well as his dark lensed aviators over his doggy eyes. He wags his tail as the trio approaches, along with his good pal the dragonling.

There is music starting on the stage now too, a live band from Salem Center's Music Center, playing some cover songs for popular music of today... all approved by Jean before the party, of course!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a smile to Zandra as she introduces herself to James and then a wince because of the introcution. "Heeey. I'm Tabby. despite what others say you will most likely survive the experience." she welcomes and tries to move away from that little taste of cringe.

Nori gets a throw of DIO horns and a grin as Sam adds props. Though the blonde does give the blue haired speedster some distance for their mutual safety. She does nudge her head at the Fleebs after the mock flirt she gave the girls. "Let's see what hilarity that might unfold." she states and giggles though it might take some time to brew later on.

Noriko Ashida has posed:
Noriko hitches to a stop in front of Sam.  "It took forevvver."  Of course she's referring to speedster-perception.  It's when Sam gets past the stock congratulations and whips out the card that Noriko seems to perk up past her too cool for school posture.  She snags the card between her metal fingers and quickly gets it to her pocket before her excitement sparks it on fire.  The card ends up peppered with a few stippled burn marks from tiny arcs escaping her glove, betraying how EXCITED she is to be finally out of high school.

"I thought you were really trying to bag one," Noriko says in obvious disbelief of her own words given the dry tone.

"Thanks Sam.  I can't wait to try it.  I'll let you know what I think."  Noriko congenial?  Yes, that's another sign of an impending apocalypse.

Zandra Mitchell has posed:
    Zandra's eyes light up at the recommendation of brisket from James, her head turning toward the direction that he's nodded as she inhales sharply. "Y'all got brisket? You got barbecue sauce? My pappaw makes his own barbecue, and it is the /best./" She gestures with both hands for emphasis as she makes the claim. "Anyhow, thanks, Mister - James? Sir."

    She turns her head toward Tabitha as she catches the comment. "Hi, Tabby! I had a cat called that once. What's that about survivin' - oh, she's probably jokin'."

    She looks down at her outfit. "I wish I'da known there'd be brisket, I wouldn'ta wore my white dress..."

Jean Grey has posed:
"Well of course no one's going to throw you out, Ruth," Jean is very quick to object, sounding mildly dismayed at even the possibility of being characterized in such a heartless fashion. "Obviously the point of school is to teach people to get by in the world, to give them to tools to go wherever they might in the world and succeed. But it's not -exactly- a secret that a lot of us don't make it terribly far." A smirk, at this. If anything, the Headmistress is very much the poster child for this fact: she's now been at Xaviers for as much of her life as she's been anywhere else, and gone from founding student to running the school.

"With our college courses, people can stay if they want to study more. You can do that, if you think it fits. But maybe you'd rather ditch the East Coast and go somewhere else. Maybe you want to take a year off. Or maybe you just want to screw around doing odd chores for your supper like a certain layabout I know." She may or may not glance over her shoulder in the rather precise direction of one Rogue. But even that characterization isn't true any more, as the Belle has gotten back into book-learnin' herself! "If you want more independence but want to take it a little slower, you can always look for work nearby, in Salem, or even the city."

Since they're by food, she also nabs a few things, making herself a little plate, with a few items just floating over on their own. She always cheats with food. "Is he- oh, yes, there he is." She gets the mental ping from Quentin a moment after Ruth heralds his appearance, and returns it in her usual lighthearted way. << Glad you could make it, Quentin. >> She doesn't highlight the fact she's with Ruth vebally, but the background fact of their conversation happening in the physical space does bleed a little over into her greeting. "You'll figure it out!" With that, she veers off to find her next person to talk to, and also likely to give her spot up to someone else who might want to replace her!

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar notes Tab's flirtation but also picks up the surprised delight in a micro expression and the subtle flushing from the younger sister. He eyeshifts to Tabitha. "Sorry to hear that, I'm sure they have bibs if you ask." He smiles to Zendra.

Scott Summers has posed:
While plenty of people still linger in little clusters, chatting amongst the graduation decorations, more and more people are retiring to the pool area, the sounds of music and chatter and laughter starting to fill up the backyard of the Institute, the celebration turning a little less formal. Even Scott seems to generally approve, at least on a day like this. Mostly. Perhaps grudgingly.

He strolls slowly with the two Fleeb graduates, chatting with them and their parents, finally offering his congratulations and making it very clear that he is looking forward to the next of the Fleeb brood to join their ranks at Xavier's.

"...should be very proud of all your children. Now, please go enjoy yourself. Plenty of food down by the pool," he points out with a smile. Making his farewells, Scott turns back towards the mansion, starting in that direction. Perhaps going to change. Booooo, academic robes.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I wouldn't kick either of them outta bed but this is also fun and you can give Jubes a story about oh my god they argued over Tabby in front of their 'rents" she says softly towards Noriko as the blonde giggles. While the bait doesn't seem to be made so she flicks those bespectacled eyes to Tracy and makes the 'call me' gesture and then again to Wendy when she's meeting a mutual line of sight. "Gotta get good tea steep!" she points out

Zandra gets another smile. "Stick with stuff that crumbles. easier to deal with. No sauces, creams or jelly. Good parties require carb loading expecially with the afterparties we throw!" she states and makes a couple gestures indicating drinking and maybe a second one that looks like a call me gesture burt iis more like lighting a bong.

Charles Xavier has posed:
There is a strange, brief telepathic flux that ripples, originating on Charles. Everyone that he was connected to him in some way will sense it... which is not simply those he was directly mentally speaking to, but anyone he may have been brushing over -- which is actually a large number. Charles keeps track of lots of people, a lot of the time. The faculty may all sense it in some manner - though whether they choose to move to take over more of the graduation party, or to directly investigate, will likely vary.

This flux feels involuntary, like a muscle spasm. Charles was holding everything together, he had established a calm connection and was keeping all of what he was doing compartmentalized, but it feels as if something was suddenly added, and the whole of it struggled under that sudden burden. Telepaths will feel a lot of 'presence', lots of awareness, leaking out of this spasm. A lot of terror, muted emotions, a group of mental voices raised in a choir of panic, as Charles shields everyone from the full brunt of it.

Charles himself physically reacts, moving to rest his forehead and brow against a few curled fingers, as if he were physically shoved forward in his chair somewhat, and he had to catch his head with his hand. "I may need to lean on some of you, but... " Charles says, actually aloud, which truly speaks to some measure of problem. This is intended primarily for James Proudstar, who is physically closest, before he begins to move away, to head away from the party to a more secluded area, the gardens. There are only two people that will get the true worry from the Professor - Jean and Scott will get a slightly different layer.

It is a sense of guilt, of dismay, that Charles was unable to hold or contain the problem - that it might harm this special day for the graduates. He wanted to protect everyone - perhaps even the faculty - and feels he has failed that duty.