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Starport Tour
Date of Scene: 10 April 2022
Location: Atlantic Ocean Starport
Synopsis: A social gathering and party atmosphere is part of the night for the Starport's first guests!
Cast of Characters: Diana Prince, Emma Frost, Ted Kord, Jean Grey, Richard Swift, T'Challa, Tabitha Smith, Karen Starr, Lorna Dane, Terry O'Neil, Nadia Pym-van Dyne, Kaida Connolly, Janet van Dyne

Diana Prince has posed:
The Starport has come a long way since its initial inspiration was put to a solidified schematic.

King Namor of Atlantis began the construction beneath the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The Themyscirans began the above-the-water construction after that, and the Wakandans have been providing the infrastructure of technology throughout the ocean-based Starport.

This is where our scene begins tonight. The sunset had bathed the four-leaf-clover-shaped site in a golden orange hue, but now the sun had set, the waves of the Atlantic gently lap against the struts of the massive facility's foundation.

At the heart of the clover-shaped Starport, a garden is cultivated, and the teams were told to tour their respective corners of the site before offered a place to meet up at the gardens in the center. This is where Diana of Themyscira is now, having prepared the evening for teams to react together to the facility, to mingle and enjoy a bit of time together. There are a number of civilians on site too, since the Starport is open to the world's traffic in to, and out from space beyond Earth's gravitational pull.

The gardens are a deep green, mixed with walkways, and a central pool filled with fountains. The pool is lined with art from all three of the cultures that put this project together, from statues of famous members, to all manner of interesting depections of the three kingdoms personalities.

Diana stands amongst the mingling people that are coming and going from the pathways that lead out around the grounds. The four large terinal buildings that make up each 'clover' loom on the horizon in all directions, and the entire facility is lit up brightly by a wide variety of lighting sources. The sounds of the ambient voices of those around, mix with the sounds of the fountains in the central pool, and the ocean winds, and waves beyond the walls of the clover ports.

Some air vehicles are hovering around the site, a large helicopter in the distance with its running lights blinking in the dark, and a number of drone ships that are hovering this way and that.

Diana is dressed in a glimmering number of red and gold, her hair tied up in a bun, she's speaking with people who are arriving after touring the facility. The various tours are lead by a number of different people, and even robots, some of which belong to Ted Kord, and his generous donations to the project.

Live music plays in the form of a orchestral assembly amongst the grounds of the central garden.

It's quite an affair overall, and the respective team locations have been designed with space (literally) in mind.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost has come along to the starport. It's been something she's had an extensive interest in and been following, if not more than indirectly involved in. The telepath whom has mostly kept her general abilities to herself and not advertised them is present. One might if they didn't knwo her perhaps assume she was just a corporate backer, someone whom liked the idea and had thrown support behind it.

Emma wasn't publically known as a mutant, merely a significant charitable benefactor to Xavier's. So as she's looking about through the view and speaking quietly, "Remarkable." She would watch out along it, through the views, along hte port. Keeping her mind to herself and enjoying the atmosphere. Because everything is better down where it's wetter under the sea.

She's wearing something formal; in this case a lighter victorial style ball gown that is, of course.. White.

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord has parked the Bug in a reserved space. He's not sure if it counts as spacecraft enough. He'd improved it through various models and his last back of the envelop figured indicated it was capable of Lunar missions without too much prep. Beyond that, who could say? He walks along in costume, a blue and pink bot floating at his side. The bot's manipulator grasps his wrist in an almost human manner.

"You did very good, Bailey. That malfunctioning bot nearly hit the water and would have been a total loss. So, I'm getting a green light on your brothers and sisters so far. They'll be moved to more demanding roles as they prove themselves." Which is to say he's still scanning telemetry reports on a Stark tablet. Robotics and superheroes have a troubled history. He watches several of the gold and black drones fly by.

Jean Grey has posed:
Naturally, Jean has been reviewing the X-hanger, where, indeed, the prototype second Blackbird has been undergoing its own final upgrades, shake-outs, and other necessary testing to make sure that the various bits of human and alien technology all play nice together. On the way back to the central courtyard, she has a tablet in her hand, fingers dancing over the screen as she reviews through whatever test results and information. "It looks as if it passed all the power tests this time, if I'm reading all of this right," she is saying, some covnersation already ongoing with her teammates... or possibly with someone else via communicator, as she has a small earpiece on as well. "I still want to have Kitty do another test of the software, and then we'll start doing test flights." She smirks a bit. "Scott might even /enjoy/ that."

Not being much of an engineer herself, it's all she can do to play coordinator between their variety of tech-heads.

Once this conversation is done with, she taps the earpiece and a small light dims, suggesting the end to the call. An extra stride speeds her pace to catch up with Emma. "It's all quite a sight, hmm? And just imagine once we start getting... guests." ALIENS. She means aliens!

Richard Swift has posed:
There were shadows everywhere, even in a bustling location such as this. Stepping out of the shadows was a tall, dark, well dressed man with a cane, and a top hat, and a frown. It was as if, one minute, it was dark in the back where no one was looking, and then, a man stps out of the shadows.

Staying in the background for now, the Shade, aka Richard Swift watches at the progress in front of him. "Fascinating." He says, under his breath, in a very unique, distinct British accent.

T'Challa has posed:
Present: one of the people instrumental in this port being a thing. The Black Panther, otherwise known as King T'Challa, is there to represent Wakanda and its contributions to the place. Exactly what the mysterious African nation has contributed is not quite clear yet, except to those behind the construction of the place. Technology of some kind, supposedly. Secretive things.

The man stands near to Princess Diana, in full costume. Lines and details in the fine work of the suit lead to the sight of the Panther habit around his neck, his face masked behind the feline-inspired visage he and many Black Panthers before him are known for. In the moment, he plays the role of silent observer, arms crossed at his chest. He is flanked by a pair of Dora Milaje in their own traditional attire: Okoye and Ayo.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha has been to space. It's usually fun. Except for the alien bug monsters or the odd space tyrant with new age crystal predilections. But hey, she heard there might actually be tourism.

As such, when Boom-Boom heard about it she just had to tag along. Jean might have gotten much of an ear full and really. There's no keeping the blonde's nose out of some things. The girl beaming to Jean at the work being done on the Blackbird. "Bucket seats and fuzzy dice. Everyone's gonna wanna come for a ride in our Mutant Mach Lots Love machine. Tee Emm!"

So after the tour and the peek at the area designated for the X-Men, she's managed to emerge for the social side of things she's even dressed up. In an actual dress. Mostly what could be described as a shoulderless minidress in yellow and black New Mutant colors, the black running from under her arms and down to the mid thigh termination of her hem. The middle along chest and back in yellow only broken at her lower waist in points and triangles to make an X shape. Legs kept a little warmer with black stockings leading and disappearing into knee high yellow boots with black laces and just a couple inches of heel to make Tabby's height a little heigher and not so much she can't balance when she walks. A little leather choker with metal spikes and a explosion shaped pendant dangling from it around her neck and some yellow framed cat eye glasses with clear lenses finish the outfit. The glasses als manage to keep her hair, worn down and long for a change out of her view.

"This place is gonna rock. But if you guys make me work as a flight attendant I'm gonna level the whole place. No space time is worth those awful neckerchiefs!"

Karen Starr has posed:
    Occasionally, a mistake is made. That mistake is not sending any sort of real message asking Power Girl not to come to the social gathering at the new starport that inevitably she is going to have to punch someone in, around, under, through, and above.

    Just like the opening of the League's moonbase, Power Girl is mostly Schrodinger's Guilt Tripped into coming. She knows, or at least strongly believes, that if she didn't make some kind of friendly public appearance at this opening, Kal would have something to say about it.

    Therefore, descending from the sky and already in an ever so slightly bad mood (When /isn't/ she, though) is the blonde form of Power Girl. Her arms are at her sides, and as she gingerly floats and lands near the center of this new establishment, she takes a few steps towards Diana.

    There is a sort of... 'I Dare You to Talk to Me' resting expression on her face. Just the most /pleasant/ person on the planet, here.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna Dane had taken an interest in the Starport, as had many others, for her own reasons. Namely that it seemed a rather wonderful endeavor. While she and many of her people had access to Asteroid M in case of needing to be out in space, that was a project of her father's that had quite a heavy cost behind it's creation that the people of Genosha had paid. She'd been repaying them since to make up for her father's folly.

After inspecting the modest area she'd requested for Genosha as a whole she's made her way to the hanger to mingle with those also here. Part of her job was to be social after all and this was a much more interesting event than something like an art gallery opening. Dressed in loose white slacks, and a green blouse with one shoulder left bare, the only thing she wears that might hint to her status as Queen of Genosha is a simple unadormed circlet atop her head. It kept her hair out of her face nicely. There's no gems or jewels on it, no ornate or fancy metalwork. It was simply a circlet of steel polished so well it looked silver.

Though she spots faces she's familiar with among the crowd she opts first to head for their hostess and those that mingle around her. "Princess Diana," she greets with a dip of her head, and then a smile and dip of her head toward T'Challa as well. "King T'Challa. It's wonderful to see this project brought to life. I sincerely wish my own nation could have provided help as well. Perhaps in the future, should there be need, we can offer aid as well."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Titan representation is important. Normally, it would be Troia, since she is Diana's sister.

Unfortunately, just at this moment Troia has come down with a very bad case of Nonexistitis, which is something that is apparently going around. So instead of Donna, her spot is taken up by Terry as one of the attending Titans. However, he isn't attending in his most attention-getting form, but rather his human form. Just your regular red-headed twenty-year-old. Could easily be mistaken for Jimmy Olsen- except Olsen actually manages to tame his hair. He is dressed in a formal-enough suit-and-tie combo, with a 'T'-shaped pin on his lapel as the only sign that hints at which team he is with.

Overall his demeanor is quiet and observant, casting appreciative glances at the structure and content to being present but not terribly visible. Diana and his team-mates would know him by sight in this form, but very few are likely to associate the freckled boy-next-door face with Vorpal, even when his identity was public. Being on a team with Damian Wayne and DIck Grayson has taught him that a lot of people simply don't pay attention when you cover your face with a strip of cloth- an entirely different face? That's next level. For a moment he had considered playing a prank on Diana by coming out in overalls and start mopping the floor and claiming he was the custodian, but although Troia was currently not occupying the same probability space of existence as everybody else, he could almost feel the threat that wasn't uttered and abandoned the idea.

He spots King T'Challa standing next to Diana and an assortment of other people, and begins making his way there, slowly, letting others greet their Majesties first.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
In the sky there is a point of light like a ship going through a reentry burn. As it gets closer the silhouette of the GS Tereshkova can be seen, likely familiar to some after its official unveiling at the first GIRL Science Expo. A request to land is communicated to the Starport as the starship approaches.

Fashionably late and in style, that is the Van Dyne way. Or so Nadia has learned since Janet became her Mom. Adhering to both principles she has chosen to arrive with her mother and Kaida aboard GIRL's state of the art starship, collectively representing GIRL, the Titans, and the Avengers between.

Nadia's choice of attire for the occasion is a strange mishmash of Superhero and Scientist. When she steps from the landed spacecraft, she is wearing her Waspette armor minus the helmet, a sleek black and red armored bodysuit of Van Dyne make, over which is worn a white lab coat allowed to hang open like some sort of cape with the name 'Pym-van Dyne' sewn into the lapel.

"Hi Diana, we're here! Oooh this place is really cool! It's way shinier than the spaceport on Rann!" Easily excited eyes dart this way and that as she takes in the sights of the facility that previously she had only seen from the air. "Oh, Lorna is here too! Hi Lorna! And T'Challa! Hi Shuri's brother!" She grins at him, that greeting clearly a joke. "Oh and Terry! Hi Terry! How is Donna?"

Richard Swift has posed:
It was like he wasn't even moving as he slowly made his way towards Emma Frost and the others in the crowd. The Shade recognized her, from his Hellfire Club dealings of course, and with a subtle nod towards her, made his presence known. "Ms. Frost." The words were cold, distant, almost an echo from the darkness.

Not wanting to get too involved with others present, Swift scratches his nose absently, and remains relatively silent. Many here he knew, but few were in his previous encounter list. It was as it was. A man of the shadows.

Diana Prince has posed:
Needless to say, there is a lot going on around the massive complex in the middle of international waters. What with that quiet thumping of helicopter blades in the distant night sky, the sounds of the ocean and the rushing of oceanic winds, not to mention all the people, and music. At least it is very nice weather tonight! Even warm enough to enjoy the outdoors here.

With so much foot traffic coming and going, people lingering in the shadows may even be overlooked.

Diana affords a smile to T'Challa beside her before Power Girl arrives, who gets that same warm expression from the Princess. "It seems things are going over well, I hope." She softly says before Lorna approaches. When the Genoshan Royal does approach, Diana reaches out with a hand for her. "We look forward to Genosha being a presence here, Queen Dane, I assure you. It is a lot to organize, but it is important that we accomplish it all, together."

Nadia's arrival gets a smile and a wave from the Princess then too before she sweeps her eyes over the others wandering to and from.

Emma Frost has posed:
Richard Swift is given a glance in passing by Emma Frost. The woman no longer part of the Inner Circle would take a moment to recognize him, "Mister Swift. Whyever are we being rather dramatic here?" She would casually inquire while looking about the area then and the others present. She would dip her head to T'Challa. Eyes would narrow ever so slightly at Power Girl but it would fade. Now was not the time for such past unpleasantries.

Jean is given a quick telepathic call <<Is there anything in particular you might like for me to focus on while we're here or that you feel would be best to have us split up on?>> Even as the arrival of Waspette gets a surprised look. A rare enough thing. Musing to herself, "I do feel quite outlcassed here with everything technological.."

And Lorna is given a low nod of appreciation. But Emma is not calling anyone here formally by any title. At least, not directly.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"I wonder if someone our size has gone through the place yet, Nadia?" Kaida sorta states/asks as she looks out the window of the ship they are arriving on, racing suddenly over to a monitor and looking it over before racing back over to the exit and bouncing here and there before racing back to the window.

"This is so exciting!" She giggles and bounces this way and that before finally they touch down and she lets Nadia lead the way before she races after her and blinks. She looks around briefly but seems to be briefly deep in thought before looking around again and then hmms, stopping a moment and tapping a foot.

"Wait, is Nadia here for GIRL and I'm here for the Titans or am I here for GIRL and Nadia is here for the Titans?" She twitches her nose once, her right ear flicking before she looks around and then blinks and lets out a wow.

"This place is big and I know from big. Wait!" She grins, "Hey Power Girl!" She races over to Power Girl, jumping up and waving at her from close range before landing and racing away and rejoining Nadia briefly, "Power Girl is here!" She then turns and spins slowly.

"Wow, lots of big names." She considers, as she looks around.

"Wonder Woman, Ted Kord, T'Challa, some person, another person, Lorna Dane, I think that's Terry, and also another person." She nods her head, "Lots of persons."

Jean Grey has posed:
"Oh, I don'tk know... I think it would look great on you," Jean teases Tabby, looking over from her pad and other conversation. "But I'm not sure it's worth the risk of our passengers getting 'sploded." She knows. And laughs, probably imagining a microbomb going off in some dude's coffee. Actually, not probably: she shares the image of it with Tabitha, because, well, she can!

"And besides, I don't know that we're going to be flying space tourists any time soon. If anything, this place is more about, well, who might come to say hello to -us.- Inbound travel more than outbound, you know? While it's a good step forward, we don't really have the resources to start going... out there," and she looks up, making a sweep with her free hand, "on a wider scale, anyway. Speaking of which..."

This time, she doesn't finish the thought, nor share any insights via brain powers. Instead, she looks ahead to pick out Diana with her predictably growing crush of fans, and adjusts her stride in that direction. When she arrives, she decides on a general (and slightly cheeky) "Your various majesties." There are a bunch of them! "If I may steal a word? We... may actually have our first visitor, sooner than we'd thought."

Emma being in her head isn't anything unusual. <<I don't know that there's any mission, at this point, other than meeting some of our counterparts. The Shi'ar are sending an enovy, that I need to tell Diana about...>> There's a pause. <<I don't know. Make a friend! Seduce some royalty.>>

Janet van Dyne has posed:
Janet debarks with a sophisticated lack of hurry. Nadia's dressed in her Waspette attire; Janet's wearing a dress that is a nod to her own color scheme. A bodice of yellow and black silk is wrapped tightly around her chest and midsection; the outfit is unbalanced and asymmetrical in the most stylish way possible, with a large fan of yellow fabric standing up behind her left should partially framing her head, a bumblebee-hued miniskirt, and a train with demi-bustle in the same bold black-and-yellow striping. Even her designer heels match, along with the clutch being carried by her ever-present, dutiful personal assistant.

"It's fine; I'm here," Janet tells Diana and T'challa, letting her voice carry with no effort at modulation. "You can get the party started now." She beams a wholly unapologetic smile up at the two, stopping to exchange familiar hugs and cheek-kisses with the Princess, and the King of Wakanda. "Is everyone staying out of trouble so far?"

Richard Swift has posed:
A tap of his top hat with his cane shows Emma Frost a modicum of respect. Something he was rarely wont to do. "Ms. Frost. It is a distinct pleasure to see you again. I am, as Shakespeare put it, "A Man Out of Time" so I may be too much a gentleman for the 2020s." That elicits a smile from the old man.

"I am merely a spectator to something that will change history. Perhaps, this is the way forward for our race." A pause. "Races." Mutants, Humans, and Others. "I am, of course, not surprised to see you here. You always were a woman of incredible instincts."

Leaning forward on his can, Swift remains close by Emma, within talking distance, and watches everything. "Ah yes. Technology. Why Ms. Frost, I do not believe you have ever been outclassed. If you require my aid, I am here." His eyes look at Emma, then at Jean Grey.

"Excuse me. I can feel you communicating." Shade takes a step back, and offers a slight nod.

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther carries himself with that demeanor of someone who knows he will be noticed and watched, simply for who he is and what he represents, but he is not the only one in such a position. Solid white eyes in the mask follow various approaches along with greetings, which he acknowledges through a dip of his head on a few occasions. First things first, he leans in Diana's direction to remark to her, "This is becoming a turnout that proves our ideas had merit. Let us see where it will go from here."

Her answer to Lorna serves as his own, in that he follows up by saying, "What she says is true. There will be opportunities for all who are interested to aid in some way, no matter the level of involvement."

The costume allows him to maintain a level of distance, but there are still a few personal formalities allowed, such as a greeting to Janet, an acknowledgement of those who have hellos of their own to offer. Like him, the Dora Milaje watch over all.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Jean my dear, I'd only save the explosions for the passengers I wouldn't want getting handsy. But I'd probably just punch them. Plasma burns too much air in a pressurised environment!" she half jokes. "I'd just garrote them with the neck scarf."

For someone who has spent a lot of time around Royalty and having actually been a consort to one Queen. Tabby is way more relaxed than she should. Well as relaxed as an energetic twenty year old in a spaceport can be. Which means that she's mostly regarding everyone no differently than she would anyone else.

Curtsies are murder on the knees as much as any three point landing.

Even some of Ted's bots get fistbumps. Lorna gets a wave and a big grin from a former Genoshan resident.

Of course being little people relatively Tabby just tries being quiet and not too Tabby. Key word is try.

"Emma, I'm right there with you. I'm learning to fly these things but under the hood. Unless it's a fan belt or a spare tire. I leave it to the kids in shop class like I do the van." she comisserates with the WHite Queen.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia laughs at Kaida's questions, "I don't think we have to choose, look Terry is here too. We can all represent all of our groups." Janet's talk of the party now being able to begin gets a grin, things always seem to be a party with Janet.

Ted Kord has posed:
Ted Kord finds a quiet corner to watch the comings and goings, bot by his side. The bot tugs at his hand. "I'm here to do a job. Not sight see. I'm making sure there are no goof ups, like that one failure. I was never coming to socialize. Go meet some superheroes if you want... I thought not. I hate these things. I only came because I can't say 'no' to Diana. I mean yay -starport. Party? Not so much my thing."

Terry O'Neil has posed:
Terry approaches and answers Nadia's question. "Still... not existing. Troia's still in the main room," Terry says quietly to Nadia. "We need to talk later. We might need to take a trip to..." he gestures downwards as his voice grows quiet. "I'll explain why later..." his manner unusually quiet, he raises his eyebrows at Janet's approval. "Looks like the whole family's here, eh?" he hasn't really had a chance to interact with Janet, although they briefly crossed paths at one of Nadia's birthday parties. "Hey, Kaida," he says, giving another subdued smile and a wave to his team-mate. He glances up to where Kaida was pointing and muses. "I do believe that's Power Girl. I should probably go say 'hi'." He doesn't move. "... anytime soon."

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna Dane clasps Diana's hand in turn with a warm smile offered back that was quite genuine. "Thank you. I certainly look forward to seeing what the future may bring," she offers back to the woman, only for her eyes to shift back to T'Challa with a nod of agreement. "My best wishes on the results of this project. It really is a great venture for everyone included."

The others start to press in and she steps back to allow the actual hosts of the evening get their space with a chuckle. "While it was wonderful seeing you again, and I would love to speak more, I believe there are many who want your attention tonight. I won't take up more of your time. Congratulations again on this evening." With another grin she turns only to find Tabby waving at her with a chuckle.

"Good to see you again, Tabitha," she greets. Jean and the others earn a familiar warm smile as well. "Good to see everyone tonight."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Karen is there, looking like some irate fish out of water. Social engagements, big parties like this, they're never her thing. Definitely, too, she should probably be warned when/if a Shi'ar representative is to arrive. With any luck, it'll be one of the members of that planet's upper echelon that she hasn't punched, but... She did punch quite a few of them.

    Luckily, she hasn't been accosted by anyone as yet, so she manages to make her way over to Diana. There is a short detour, a pause in her stride as Kaida jumps up in front of her, and greets Karen with that chipper attitude that is the exact opposite of the blonde's "Hi." she responds, before making her way over to Diana.

    "I hate these." she remarks, "How long is this whole... How long do I have to be here?" she questions, as if Diana can, somehow, read her intention of putting in the bare minimum. Frankly, it's probably for the best.

Diana Prince has posed:
With Janet's arrival, Diana exchanges hugs, cheek kisses and big grins before she looks her over. "I love the attire." She tells the fashionista. "You only just arrived? You will have to look over the Avengers space before you leave though. I need to know if anything will have to be adjusted, which goes for all teams." Diana then speaks that last part with a look around in time to see Jean, Emma, and Tabitha arriving. They, too, get a big smile from the red hued lips of the Princess of Themyscira.

"Members of the X-Men. I saw the creation of your new Jet has come along well. It is just as amazing as the original when I first saw it a long time ago." Who doesn't know the look of the famous Blackbird?

She motions to Janet then, before smiling to Kaida who gets a little wave too. "Really, we are eager for all of the teams to explore their personal spaces, and let us know if any changes need to be made. Also... the common areas... we are eager to find out what people would like for them too. Obviously ... the basics, bar and billiards, right?" Diana asks with a light laugh for all of those within earshot.

Toward Jean though, Diana raises a brow. "A visitor, you say? Well, I guess it is now or never..."

Her left hand goes to Power Girl's right arm where she lightly touches the other woman upon hearing her displeasure. She leans toward her to speak softly to her. "People are happy to have you here, but you are not required any longer than you desire to be. /I/ am happy to have you here." She responds, following her words with a soft smile for the blonde powerful girl.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would resist an impulse to pinch the bridge of her nose as she would get things from Jean <<Lovely. I do hope that whomever they send as the representative is somewhat more diplomatic than most members of the Imperial Guard. One of hte royal family? Someone from the diplomatic corps?>> Her knowledge of Shi'Ar etiquette was rather limited, something to have to make inquires with Michael Erickson on later. Any further sort of narrative is cut off idly.

"Mister Swift. It has been.. I'm not sure if I've directly interacted with you before. Pleasure." She would intone quietly while watching on the intercactions of the royals. And looking curiously for how the dynamic amongst those present would go. Thoughtful. Interested. And not intrusive. A broad smile is given directly to Janet. Emma giving her a nod of appreciation. The outfit had been wonderful!

Listening time. And moving over surreptitiously along in Jean's direction, sparing a quick glance at Tabitha as she would move along. Lips pursing but not forming words.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna Dane allows her gaze to run over the crowd another time or two before her attention is drawn down to the very mundane cellphone currently buzzing quietly in her pocket. It's plucked out with a small glance cast to it. Whatever the text has informed her off has her turning to walk briskly off toward a quieter area. There was always something that would pop up.

Richard Swift has posed:
"Indeed Ms. Frost. It has been...well. As it is." Swift moves back a few steps and blends into the shadows as the event unfolds. After all, he wasn't the most...welcome sight to the heroes in the crowd. He wasn't a villain. he wasn't a hero. He was...a shadow.

Jean Grey has posed:
Maybe Emma doesn't need to go out and make any friends, as one suddenly accosts her!

As the man approaches, Jean glances over, curious at first but reverting back to her natural tendency of an easy smile before too long. "Oh, hello. Enjoying the tour? It's definitely going to be the start of... well, of a new era of something, at least! Hopefully of more cooperative encounters with our neighbors, than we've had so far."

Yeah Earth's record of contact is pretty 'rough' thus far.

As for the comment about their secret conversation, Jean simply smiles wider. "Sorry. Force of habbit, but promise it's nothing bad."

<<A diplomat,>> she echoes back to Emma. <<Here->>

With that, she turns back toward Diana and her lofty circle. "Mhmm." She waits a moment, as if not quite sure how to put it together, before basically just blundering ahead. "The Shi'ar are sending an embassy, led by Minister Araki. To my understanding, he's one of the higher ranking members of the government, beneath the newly-installed Majestrix. I can only assume they want to... formalize our relationship, after the incident with her brother."

There's a lot of heavy lifting going on with some of those words. 'Incident' indeed.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Ha!" Kaida openly laughs at Terry and shakes her head, "She's not that bad! I bet she gives the best hugs and is just the coolest!" Kaida nods her head to Terry before she shifts her attention in the direction of the Titans spot and looks there before she suddenly races toward that direction, briefly looking inside. She considers it, tapping her foot as she looks around, casually walking through it for roughly 6.5 seconds before she is suddenly zipping about like a little blur of motion.

"I see." She says to something and then races into another spot.

"Ah, yes." And then she's in another spot.

"That will work." And then suddenly she is racing back to where the others are and arrives to beside Nadia and Janet before nodding her head.

"Yes, that was definitely a place where a ship could go and stuff." She grins and nods her head as she crosses her arms.

T'Challa has posed:
Black Panther shares a glance with Diana and a subtle gesture indicates him stepping away for a time, which gives him the opportunity to not so much wander, but take better stock of the reactions of others here for the reveal, the inspections. He has his own to make, a recalibration of some monitoring equipment that was giving off a reading he was unsatisfied with. As he does his own work, Okoye and Ayo watch over their immediate surroundings. More often than not, where their King goes, the Dora Milaje will not be far behind.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Umm, Hi umm. Your Majesty." The circlet and the fact that Tabitha is, was, is. Her citizenship she never really was cleared up. But she lived there during the worst times and got to watch what happend to the spots not shrunk down.

"Your highness!" Tabby also adds when Diana compliments the plane the X-Men have been putting together. There's a little vivarious squee but Tabby otherwise keeps herself and for the benefit of the psychics. Behaved.

Janet's color choices getting a big grin from the blonde wearing similar colors. Tabby though could probably fight. It is a functional X-Suit. She just left the jacket behind with all the gear she might have collected for a mission.

The opening of a Shi'ar gets a nod. "I really should tie down Erickson. Take him up on that training he offered." spy stuff rocks!

Karen Starr has posed:
    There's a soft sigh that Power Girl lets out, looking momentarily ever so slightly defeated. Diana says she can leave whenever she wants, but that's not expressly true. If Clark finds out that she showed up, said hello to Wonder Woman, and then booked it as swiftly as she could, there'd be a talking to. She just /knows/ it.

    Instead, she focuses on everyone else for a moment, "Yeah, I'm sure they are." she notes, taking a moment to just register all of the various attendees. It takes a split second, but after only only that fraction of measurable time, she's at least cursorily aware of everyone here. She probably ought to speak to Janet, at the very least, but there is something else that catches her attention far beyond talking to someone she considers both tolerable and, near enough, a friend. "Wait, did you say the Shi'Ar, as in the empire that came here to kill you Shi'Ar?" her tone is altogether incredulous, as if the redhead she's addressing had just said a bad word. "And we're just letting that happen?"

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"It's Terry, right?" Janet inquires of the reporter. "I don't think we've ever met formally. Janet van Dyne," she tells him, and holds her hand out with a limp wrist for him to greet her properly. "But you knew that. Lois is one of my dearest, best friends," she tells him. "And she's spoken very highly of you. I'm glad to see the Planet cut you loose on this. Make sure you get some good photos of me and Nadia before you go, the lighting in here is just *perfect*," she informs him, and gestures in Nadia's direction with a turn of her palm. Her assistant walks over at that moment with a platter in hand; Janet relieves him of two champagne flutes and waggles the other in Nadia's direction to get her attention as well, and offloads the second drink into Nadia's hands.

It's hard to miss Emma looking in Janet's direction; the blonde businesswoman stands out anyway, and there's a familiar prickling of mutual awareness built on a long friendship. The Wasp looks across the way at Emma, grins cheekily at her, and uplifts a crystal flute in greeting for the psychic.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
As Kaida runs her high-speed inspection, the redhead takes a few steps back to watch her zoom about, just in time for Janet Van Dyne to run into him. He is taken by surprise, but greets Janet properly with the holding of her hand- no kiss, because that is for creepers (or that's what Agatha told him, anyways). "Miss Van Dyne... thank you, that is very kind. In truth, I'm not here for The Planet- not yet, anyways, since it isn't a public event. I'm just here representing the Titans, since Diana's sister..." he trails off, and then says, "Isn't available to come. Normally she would be the one stepping up."

He rubs the back of his neck, "I'm usually not people's first choice for events such as these," he confides with a slight smirk, and notices T'Challa walking by. "Your Majesty, it's good to see you again." Wait. Who is he again?

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia waves at Power Girl too when Kaida points her out. "Hi Power Girl!" She really does have a smile and wave for everyone. Though her expression gets a bit more serious as she listens to Terry describe Donna's condition. "To Tartar Sauce?" She whispers back.

As if on cue when Janet suggests Terry get good pictures of them Nadia leans against Janet's shoulder while accepting the champagne flute. "Terry is awesome and takes awesome pictures." Nadia supplies helpfully and perhaps teasing her friend just a little after he just said he wasn't here to take pictures.

Diana Prince has posed:
Diana looks to T'Challa who gets a sweet soft smile from the Princess, an understanding look. He is just as busy around here as she is, if not more-so. Her eyes go back to Jean then, but she exchanges a look between Jean, and Power Girl, before nodding once to Jean. "If you are confident in the situation, then I am eager to see it through, and help you where necessary. The good news is... this place is designed specifically for this such a purpose. They can have a space here for as long as they desire it. Of course... it is a bit ahead of schedule."

Kaida's return has Diana showing a light, warm, smile toward her. "If there are any changes you would see necessary, please don't hesitate to make a list, and turn it in before you leave tonight. Any member of the facility staff is here to file such requests too... myself included." She lets a light grin show then next before looking up again.

"Power Girl..." Diana says to Karen, leaning toward her to speak softly to her, then motioning to the air and sea traffic tower. "It seems it is now or never, as we have guests coming, apparently. but... it could be worse." She states with a big smirk.

With so many gathered up now, the wait staff is pmoving around between the tables with trays of drinks, everyone is attended to with flutes of champagne, glasses of wine, and even mugs of beer with frothy foamy tops. A few of the wait staff are indicating that there will be dinner plates served soon for any who are so inclined to sample the food offered from menus upon the various tables across the garden lawn.

Emma Frost has posed:
While listening, Emma Frost would nod to Richard Swift, "Of course. I'm far from the person to make such an offer to. I'm suer that one of the royals would be able to best put your experience to use." Right as she would nod and listen to Jean and fold her arms over.. An appreciative smile given to Janet, the best designer on the planet. A quick flick of the blonde's fingers in salute back, Emma's own fingers being empty of anything intoxicating. For now. Free bar after.

Then any sort of further commentary cut off by Power Girl.

"The two aren't remotely disqualifying. For diplomatic relations particularly." Her inserting smoothly, "Earth showed them that they could not merely take over here, and they've taken it as a sign that they should be on better terms and on more formal ones. Diplomacy is diplomacy. Based upon perspective. Them sending a diplomat to here after a failed attempt at annexation is a sign of respect an that they must take here seriously." Polite, and as far as Emma is concerned, diplomatic!

But, now the free bar has started. And the buffet.

Jean Grey has posed:
Despite her own life having been debated during the events on the Watchtower, Jean hasn't really had much chance to TALK about it with the people who were there! Or meet many of them. She was busy dying and coming back, as one does.

So the woman is taken slightly by surprise when Karen speaks up, looking over, wide-eyed. "Oh. Well. I mean, technically... yes, sort of? It was less about killing me, technically, so much as a plot by Majestor D'Ken to-" She pauses, purses her lips, and then shakes her head. "It's a long story. I think we sent most of the information from our side over to the League to review."

She straightens up a little, clasping the tablet she's been carrying around to her chest. "The Shi'ar have their politics and their disagreements, no different than we do on Earth. While the League handled Ambassador Shakari's forces in orbit, another team traveled to Shi'ar space and helped Princess Lilandra secure her brother's arrest. With the Guard defections after the battle, she was able to take the throne, but my sense is that it's still probably a perilous kind of position. And she has... ties here. Chose Earth to hide from her brother in the first place. So she may be looking for allies, behind whatever formal language to spin the loss of those ships."

Her shoulders give a quick raise and slump. "But I don't entirely know what to expect. The Shi'ar have helped us in the past, with the Brood. With technology, for that matter. And they've attacked us." The contradiction doesn't seem lost on her, leading her attention back to Diana. "Ultimately they're a massive power. The only reason the invasion was so small was precisely the kind of politics we're going to have to engage with, running this place. And this Minister Araki is supposedly very well-respected in the government. So I think meeting him in good faith would be the right decision."

T'Challa has posed:
A holo-display pops up from a spot at Black Panther's left wrist, running diagnostics while he makes a few alterations to the device he's recalibrating. Shuri is not the only one of the royal Wakandan family with an aptitude for engineering and the like. When this is completed, it leaves him toward the periphery of the garden gathering, leaving him to watch the ones mingling for a time, something he does not appear terribly eager to return to.

It is around that time that someone is speaking, and three heads turn in the direction of Terry: his, Okoye's, and Ayo's. Black Panther's eyes narrow, seen also through the mask's own visage, and after a moment extra he says, "I trust you are finding things informative, Mister..." No, he appears not to recognize the young man.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
One thing that might stand out in the behaving and being good Tabby. She actually refrains from grabbing any of the champagne. It's a fight and anyone psychic, knows her or both can sense it.

But it's also for the best. It seems to Tabby at least.

The buffet is forgone as well. So that leaves the Mutant demolitions expert idly just eaves dropping on everyone and everything. At least the music is okay though playing something in her head seems to catch her better with a little drum of a hand on a bouncing hip.

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl's expression is a mixture of deadpan and distaste. She has a frown that apparently is just her natural expression, and that paints its way across her features as Jean explains the complicated relationship that the people of Earth have with the Shi'ar. It in some ways mirrors the complicated relationship that the people of Earth have with Zod. Sure enough, the man is honorable enough that he'll keep to himself as long as he's given something to rule- in this case, he's safeguarding the people of Kandor, and that keeps him safely away from Earth, and everyone's happier for it.

    Except Power Girl. Power Girl had to be convinced multiple times not to punch Zod on principle. Power Girl had to be convinced not to fight a squad of her own people because they're, you know, assholes.

    To this day, nobody asks Power Girl how she feels about Green Lanterns. To be fair, anytime Hal is around, nobody has to.

    "They'll meet my fist in good faith if they-" she pauses, then, as Diana leans in to whisper. There's a roll of her eyes, and she seems to remember not to be belligerent for a moment. "Right, right, sure. I'll go do the busywork." she remarks, floating into the sky and shooting over to the tower she was directed towards, a small rush of air accompanying her departure. She'd have done it at a more reasonable pace, but her mood has soured. In other news, the sky is blue, and water is wet.

Terry O'Neil has posed:
The young man smiles faintly. "O'Neil, Terry O'Neil from the Titans. And The Planet," he clarifies for the benefit of the king, "The last time we met it was for that charity calendar. I believe you've only met me when I'm... dressed for work." That's a mild way of putting it, "Outside of it, I'm not as memorable-"

He looks upwards as Power Girl takes off. "There she goes," he remarks, and then looks back down. He glances in the direction if the X-men, some of whom have seen him but, again, not in this form. There's something comforting in being in the midst of a busy group and remaining unknown, it was like things hand been back in the day, before they got complicated and he was fresh off the intern queue and fetching coffee for Lois.

Be careful what you set your heart upon, for you are sure to get it. Baldwin said it best. "You've been very busy. The last time I saw tech this impressive was when I went to the Wathctower to interview the Manhunter." A pause. "Well, the Watchtower before the Shi'ar blasted it to smithereens, that is." He's not the diplomat, for good reason.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A smile and Kaida gives a tiny thumbs up to Diana before she races back over to where Nadia is and she hmms. She looks in another direction and then another before looking to Nadia again.

"We really should look over the GIRL facilities here. Titans stuff will need a few things but I imagine that the GIRL section will need to have more sensors and capacity for experimentation than the Titans size." She nods her head and Kaida then looks over at the others here again, grinning.

"Really such a variety of people."

Jean Grey has posed:
The idea of someone punching the Shiar diplomatic envoy does cause the beginning of some look of concern on Jean's face. But as Diana skillfully directs the other woman's ire elsewhere, she seems to relax, even if there is a certain doubt that lingers in her epxression as she follows Power Girl's departure- at least before it becomes to rapid to track as anything more than a streak across the sky.

"Maybe a small group of you can meet them," she suggests, looking back to the woman at the center of the gathering, and indicating some of the other luminaries that have brought the project to fruition. "It's still probably better I don't attend, myself."

With that, she's done her part in helping usher in humanity's future in the stars, and can turn her attention, much like Emma, to the buffet and bar! Enough of the space business.

Janet van Dyne has posed:
"I suppose that's my cue to see the facilities," Janet remarks with a wry amusement. "GIRL first, then I'll check in with the Avengers stations. And meet up with everyone at the bar later, for drinks," she says with a beaming smile.

"Diana, I'll see you later. Try not to let anyone start an intergalactic incident," she suggests. "Best foot forward, and all. Right?"

T'Challa has posed:
"Ah, yes. The calendar." Black Panther's memory is jogged by one thing or two, a mention of the Titans perhaps. The connections are made, or recalled, and he states dryly, "I did not recognize you without all the..glitter. That said, we hope you and the rest of the Titans, along with the other groups invited here, will find this project of value. I am familiar with some of the trials in space the Titans have had, yourself included."

The man is silent, stoic for a few more beats, then he indicates, "There is more Wakanda has to share with the world in due time. Until that day comes, I must be cautious with what is known and what is not. I trust you understand."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Somewhere in all this is a Tabby who doesn't have a drink in hand. A shrug of her shoulder as Jean and Emma, the only ones she actually really knows though she has met a few folks in the past, go mible iin their own time.

"I am soo pre-gaming next time." she mutters to herself.

Smiles and waves about to those she did meet in the past. Diana, whom hopefully fixed the embassy arenaa after that training session. Karen, who thankfully hasn't punched Tabby. There's more smiles and all that but the girl hmms and ponders exploring the spaceport all on her own. That can't be good for anyone.

Diana Prince has posed:
With Power Girl sent on a mission, of sorts, Diana turns back to Jean before she can rush off to get her drink on. The Princess shows a light smile to her. "Well, we have had our political practices here on our world. So reaching out to the political game from other worlds is another facet of all of this place..." She comments before she looks back toward where Karen had flown off to.

The air and sea traffic tower.

Power Girl is directed by the people inside it to the roof of the tower where the last satelite is needed in its final alignment. With Power Girl providing this adjustment, the tower lights on that last dish come online which has a streak of lights blinking now along the other side of the tower.

"We... are now online, and broadcasting to space, ahead of schedule." Diana announces to everyone around her. Some of the people begin to applaud while she smiles for them all.

"I look forward to ... being here, with all of you, going forward, going far beyond."

She takes a glass of champagne and raises it up. "To new futures." She simply says in a quick toast for all gathered about.

High above, beyond Earth's atmosphere, the signal from the starport starts to get sent out across all of the Sol System... the location of Earth's first starport a beacon, a light in the dark.

Nadia Pym-van Dyne has posed:
Nadia trots off after Janet, champagne flute in hand. "Okay Kaida, let's go and see what we need, we can probably furnish most of our own equipment. Though that will be more a matter of what members are comfortable bringing here. We also need to see what they have in mind for facilities and safety measures to potentially house the Zeta Beam station. So much to see and figure out!"

Terry O'Neil has posed:
"You don't need to worry about me," Terry responds, his eyes watching the crowd here and there, and back to the king, "Keeping secrets is the one thing I'm good at. Some people have said it is to a fault." There's no Colette here to explain why, fortunately. He doesn't have a drink to toast with, so he simply nods at the toast, and then he quietly says "Well, we shall see what we have wrought. Considering the propensity we've had for getting invaded, this will either be a boon or will put us on the menu. When one of the intergalactic neightbors follows the signal and gives us a knock, I hope we don't have any reason to quote Dorothy Parker and say 'What fresh hell is this?'"

He smirks, "But I'm in a festive mood. I'm sorry, Your Majesty. I should take the tour and not monopolize you." He gives the king a slight bow and disengages, ready to blend in with the touring crowd.