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Nanomachines, Son! Pt. 2
Date of Scene: 12 April 2022
Location: Level 1 - Medbay - The Roost
Synopsis: A group of Bats come together in the Roost to rid Gabby of her nanomachine problem.
Cast of Characters: Tim Drake, Barbara Gordon, Harper Row, Gabby Kinney, Lonnie Machin, Phoebe Beacon, Rebecca Ryker

Tim Drake has posed:
    The past few days have seen some of the most computer-minded of the Batclan hard at work. Their mission: reverse-engineer roughly thirty percent of the programming that the nanomachines in Gabby Kinney's (codename: Honey Badger) blood run off of, based on an incomplete download Tim had pulled from the servers of an Alchemax laboratory before the whole place self-destructed.

    Which isn't exactly the easiest of tasks. There had been a brief delay when Tim had unsuccessfully attempted to track down the creator of the code, but he'd hit a brick wall. All he knows for sure is Alchemax isn't where it originated.

    Teamwork makes the dream work, though. As does a robust Github-like internal share-space for programming collaboration.

    And a hell of a lot of coffee, at least on Tim's part.

    But today, success! A working version of the code that mimics the behavior of the nanomachines in simulations. Now the real testing begins, which requires Gabby herself and several machines that has been set up around one of the Roost's medical beds.

    Tim's there, in costume, sat at the desk that is usually Phoebe's. He hasn't raided her candy drawer yet, but he's working from her computer, which is synced to the various diagnostic equipment in the medbay.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Barbara arrived a little bit ago. She's dressed all in black, but not her Bat-gear. She's in black denim jeans, a sleevless black top and some black leather boots that go up to mid-calf height. Her red hair is tied back in a bun on the crown of her head, and her arms are crossed over her stomach.

She stands behind Tim, having given him the code iterations throughout the past several days that all checked out and seemed to mirror the styling of the provided 70 percent given to her. She was positive about the situation, even proud of the work.

Her green eyes go from that computer terminal, up to where the young woman is to be tested upon with the system.

Harper Row has posed:
Harper Row has her own cobbled together machine hooked into the network, having showed up in person for security purposes and also because it seemed appropriate for her to come in to check on Gabby's condition.

She's wearing a pair of overalls over an ATARI 2600 t-shirt, her purple-polished nails flicking back and forth over the surface ofh er keyboard, her terminally dyed hair piled into a messy topknot at the peak of her scalp. It's interesting to feel the contrasts in styles - Barbara's coding is smooth, polished, like glass. Tim's is precise, practical, focused on problem solving. And, of course, Harper's code is a grimy hodgepodge of self-taught pseudo-code that sometimes seems like it shouldn't even work but somehow does.

"I wish I could program my body," she sighs. "I'd put way more energy into lactose toleration."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Having grown up in a lab Gabby was used to being on a medical bed surrounded by people with computers and potentially probe-ey things. Somehow this felt more unnerving though. Because for once it wasn't 'professionals' she could despise, but her own friends and teammates. Somehow, she wasn't sure exactly, but somehow it felt as if the expectations were a bit higher.

While everyone starts their coding or reviews what was already done she glances around nervously fidgeting. It's a good thing she has her plush honey badger that Tim had given her to clutch to because otherwise Phoebe's candy drawer might just be straight up looted.

"... So, I know this is all experimental, not gonna be upset if it doesn't work just... You know. Kick me until I revive."

Lonnie Machin has posed:
Lonnie has had an interesting experience. Despite his presence in online Hacktivist spaces, most of the people he interacts with are usually looking to compromise the systems of politicians and business. For reasons that we won't care to discuss here.

He's watching from nearby, in a Sabot Cat t-shirt and his usual ripped jeans and dark sunglasses.

"Be confident." He says, "It'll work."

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim's foot presses down firmly against the floor. "I've invited you all here today to..." and he kicks off... a little too forcefully. So he spins around to face everyone behind him but then keeps spinning away, back towards the computer again nearly.

    "You all really decided it was casual Friday and didn't tell me. Rude."

    But then he stands up, a quick flick of his wrist to adjust the fall of his cape as he approaches the medical bed. The intentional tilt of his head is to let observers know that despite his eyes being hidden behind the lenses of his mask, he's looking over Harper's shoulder at her work. It's just a brief thing, though, and he continues on to his real intention for coming over here, which is to adjust the settings of one of the machines.

    For a moment or two the air is filled with a brief hum, the kind that threatens to put one's teeth on edge. Dials are adjusted, though, and it fades before it becomes truly cringe-worthy.

    And then Tim peels off his domino mask and tucks it into his belt, because.

    He looks back at Barbara--as ever, Oracle is his idol when it comes to anything tech-related--and then he echoes Lonnie's statement with "Confidence is 90% of the game. Even with programming. The code can sense when you're scared."

    Then he pats the bed. The stuffed animal in Gabby's arms earns a smile from Tim. "We got this. Your safety is the reason we're all doing this."

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Babs glances down at herself when Tim comments on his suit, versus everyone else not in such attire. She smirks softly. "I drove my bike over here. My normal motorcycle, that is. You'd be surprised how much less attention you draw when you're not wearing a cape and pointed ears in this city, when you're trying to get somewhere fast." She dryly replies to him.

A glance is given up toward Gabby, and then toward the others. She looks back to Gab though.

"Once we're done here, you're going to be filled up with whatever junk food your heart desires. Whatever movies you want to watch, or games you want to play. You'll be the star of the show. So yeah, just look forward to that part, while us nerds do the nerdy stuff." She says in a warm tone of voice.

Harper Row has posed:
Harper Row casually sticks her tongue out at Tim, "Every day is casual as far as I'm concerned, T-dawg. Even my costume is casual. But I ain't sitting here in twelve pounds of body armor sweating my armpits like the Amazon while I try to hack Gabby's innards," she says.

She leans over and sucks up some energy drink through a straw, her own personal blend that combines several prominent brand with sports drink and vitamin supplements. And more cherry syrup than a Slurpee stand.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "We're not going to 'kick you until you revive'!" Phoebe protests as she comes in, taking a look at the assembled nerdery. "That's why I'm here. For Revivification. Not kicking." she explains, a little more nervous as she stuffs her keys into her pocket. Unlike everyone here, apparently, she is in uniform, but it's the abbreviated black hoodie and tac pants she uses for Justice League Dark stuff. She pulls up an athletic sleeve over her left arm, shoulders drawing up as she peers about the room and pulls her hood back. "Uh... hi..." she states, raising a gloved hand. "Sorry I'm late. Ran into traffic." she explains lamely ... and opens her junk food drawer to pull out the bag of gummy sharks. She's still wearing her domino.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney hugs Johnathan the stuffed honey badger a bit tigther, though she does smile up at Tim and the others at their reassurance. At least until she's caught red-handed so to speak by Pheobe coming in. That grin instantly turns a little guilty, and she shrugs around her armful of plushie. "Ph--Balm! I was just trying to reassure everyone that I'd be okay. I mean. Of course I will." A solemn nod is given along with a clearing of her throat.

"Any gummi worms in there still?"

Lonnie Machin has posed:
    Lonnie just shrugs at Tim. "I have to get my funs in on you SOMEhow." He says, before he finds a place to lean, and looks at a computer monitor, with code scrolling by. "You're in a room with some of the foremost experts on computer programming on the planet." He says, "And I have absolute confidence in Red Robin. He's caught me enough times. And I am easily one of the best hackers in the world." Lonnie shrugs, as if that's a simple statement of fact.

Tim Drake has posed:
    More technical fiddling happens. All very technical, yes. Thankfully whatever settings Tim's adjusting doesn't cause any more of that buzzing feedback.

    "We have the nerd stuff on lockdown. Just settle in and plan your feast, anything you want," he says, glancing back at Gabby over his shoulder.

    Then he's focused on... well, whatever it is he's doing. Technical stuff. Not so focused that he can't grumble at Harper's use of "T-dawg" though. Eventually whatever it is he's doing appears to be done, because one of the monitors hanging near the bed begins to show a plot of a signal, not unlike the screen of an oscilloscope.

    Cue Phoebe, entering stage left. "Balm, just in time. We're planning a celebratory meal after this, what's your number one favorite food that you want tonight?"

    It's a clear continuation of Babs's diversion tactic, because Tim can tell Gabby is uneasy at least to some degree. And food is universal: (almost) everyone's gotta eat, after all.

    He wanders back to the medical desk. Not for candy, but for the computer terminal. Lonnie's code-watching is interrupted by a terminal window that Tim types into. "You'll need to step outside if you're expecting any important calls," he says as he enters a command. The lights above deepen to something slightly more blue-toned, and something clicks over by the lab doors. "This room is currently a Faraday cage, on the off-chance that Alchemax tries to send a signal in the middle of the upload."

    As Tim straightens back up from leaning over the chair, he elbows Lonnie in the side lightly and smiles as he walks back over to the bed. "Okay, Gabby. Just lay down and get comfortable."

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Barbara picks up a black tablet computer that she swipes her fingers across the screen of. A few taps later and her eyes are looking up at the screens. She's comparing things between her systems and the active programs being run. The Faraday Cage comment makes her smile then as she mutters. "So that's where all my tinfoil went." Because who doesn't like nerdy jokes?

"We're good." Babs tells Tim, and the others.

She steps over to one of the tables to reach for her phone to lift it up and read something else she'd had stored on it. One device is never enough for someone this deeply rooted in to tech and code!

Harper Row has posed:
Harper Row grins, "Faraday Cage would be an awesome super alias for a spy. Maybe one of you dudes could try it out. Put on a wig, get some cool sunglasses, a nice black suit. I'm seeing white hair for some reason, silver fox stuff," she says.

"Also, I seem to have solved some of the feedback issue on my end, if someone wants to double-check my code and make sure I dotted all the dip doops and crossed all my bleep blops."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    "I'm pretty sure everyone knows my name here, Gabby." Phoebe replies with a wry smile, and exhales "And you're going to be fine. You have four of the most brilliant people in Gotham right here. And you have me. And I will not let you go down." Phoebe gives a tired grin, taking her place to the side of the group, watching the medical monitors. It's a familiar position for her as she takes off her own domino, tucking it into her hood as she takes a deep breath.

    "I've got gummy worms in my desk. The kind colored with carrots and raspberries, you know. 'Healthy'." Phoebe replies quietly to Gabby with a smile, and offers a hand to hold.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney chuckles a little in response to Phoebe. She reaches out to take hold of her hand though only to squeeze a bit in response. "I'm fine. I'm used to having things done to me just..." Here she trails off just a tad, worried. "I mean I don't know. I trust you all. I'm just a little scared too. This thing in me is how most of my sisters died."

Again she smiles, and clears her throat. "But I trust you all and Phoebe's here, and it'll be all good." Nodding solemnly she leans back and contemplates. "Feel like there should be some kinda soundtrack going on while this happens."

Lonnie Machin has posed:
Lonnie studies the code, his eyes half-lidded. "Now that I'm getting a full on look at this," He says, "I've seen bits of this before. People on the dark web were trying to sell it, claiming that you could use these nanomachines to turn a person into a remote-controlled meat puppet. Even criminals treated the stuff as dodgy." Lonnie's fingers move over the keys.

"Checking your code out... everything looks watertight," He says, "Good work."

Tim Drake has posed:
    As if on autopilot, Tim's hands come up from what he's doing to make air quotes as Phoebe says "healthy". He crosses his arms over his chest after, his attention back on the monitors above the medical bed.

    He nods to acknowledge Barbara's statement, though Tim himself doesn't look convinced that things are good. Mostly because he's too paranoid for that.

    Above Gabby, the monitors begin displaying data as she lays down and settles in. One seems to be a scan of her body, another her vitals. The beep, beep, beep of her heartrate begins to sound. It's the former of the two monitors Tim seems to be staring at, though there's not anything particularly notable about it.

    After a brief delay of him wool gathering (okay, he's probably considering the info dump from Lonnie) Tim begins to type, though Harper's request makes him pause once again. It isn't until Lonnie gives the okay that Tim resumes. "The interference might be on my end," he notes. "Let me know if it gets worse. I'll try to run things in sequence rather than parallel as much as possible."

    Tim takes a deep breath, fingers hovering over the keyboard, and then he begins narration mode:

    "We've identified the failsafes whoever created this put in place. With Bellona's help, we were able to get a copy of the original nanomachine code, and we're going to initiate a rollback, basically. The nanomachines think they're going to be receiving a signal from Alchemax, but actually we're going to be telling them to downgrade themselves. It shouldn't trigger them, but just in case..."

    He hazards a glance back, a grim expression on his face as he looks at Phoebe, though he's careful to not let Gabby see his face.

    "Once it's done, we'll send a test signal to confirm. Something I added in."

    Then, with little fanfare, he hits ENTER.

    Nothing happens. Well, it's not like it'd be obvious. There's no energy being beamed through the air like Mike Teavee having himself sent over to the television or anything. Over on the oscilloscope, though, there's definitely some sort of new signal showing. And on the monitor showing the scan of Gabby's body, slowly pixels begin to light up. Everywhere, though the greatest concentration shows inside her skull and at the base of her spine.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Barbara has a light smile on her lips as she reads her phone, listening to some of what everyone is saying while she taps something out with her right thumb. She then glances over to Lonni, and gives him a more open smile. "AS far as creepy mad scientist code goes, right?" She lightly jests with him before her eyes go up to the monitors showing Gabby's conditions.

Barbara starts to walk slowly to the left then, watching those monitors as she gets closer again to where Tim's monitors are.

"Make sure the code is monitoring itself too on this process. IT's the Lighthouse branch that I have setup there." She notes, pointing toward one of the open windows.

She then steps back and just looks between her phone, and her tablet computer.

Harper Row has posed:
Harper Row pushes up from her computer and goes over to get a look at the monitor herself. There's not a lot for her to do at this point, she's put in the labor she can work, as far as she knows. She's more nervous than she'll show - Lonnie can talk about being confident all he wants. She'll try to squeeze Gabby's hand reassuringly if we can.

"Whether this'll do it or not, we're gonna get this shit whooped."

Lonnie Machin has posed:
Lonnie continues to watch the code fly by - he's checking for anything untoward. A poison pill in the code that might otherwise slip by unseen, with keen eyes. His gaze flicks back and forth, as he studies the screen, carefully.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe watches quietly as she gives Gabby's hand a squeeze. She looks to Tim, and she knows That Expression. She gives a serene smile in response.

    You got this, Tim.

    And she looks to Gabby, and gives that same smile. "Harper's right. We're going to kick this thing's ass. Together." she states, and she relaxes her shoulders and tries to project the confidence that she feels in Tim, Babs, Harper and Lonnie.

Rebecca Ryker has posed:
Hand officially squeezed, Gabby has a huge smile for Harper that's totally not a reaction to being terrified at the moment. That cannot be, after all. With Jonothan in hand (Plushie has a name, yes), she turns her head to try and see what's exactly happening.

"You know, if you happen to find a way to make me taller, I'd not exactly complain. I mean, while you're in there." She grins and shrugs, then takes a moment to have her plushie lift an arm to wave at Pheebs. Because why the eff not.

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim brings the window that Babs indicates to the front, so it's center screen. "Green so far," he reports.

    There's really not much else for him to do either. It seems like they're all doing the same thing, all the computer nerds with their eyes glued on the various screens around the room.

    Eventually, Tim steps over to Gabby. A loading bar appears on the computer terminal Lonnie's watching, but it fills up to 100% basically in the blink of an eye, and then it's done. "Okay, downgrade should have taken effect." He nods over to Harper. "Hit run on the signal generator app, please?" Then, to Gabby, he explains, "It's going to simulate what Alchemax was sending out. We'll get a rejection notification to show that the nanomachines no longer respond."

    His eyes are on Phoebe rather than Gabby, though. Because it'll be her that has to respond if something goes wrong.

Rebecca Ryker has posed:
The theme to Mission Impossible comes up at that point. Not exactly 'comes up' so much as 'is being hummed'. By Gabby, still on the table. "Doo. Doo. Doo, doo doo doo..." she goes on, watching folks get their nerd game on, and pauses to glance at Gabby. She whispers, "Ninja gummy worms after? I have ...hang on."

She pauses to do the jazz hands for the high points. Priorities.

Unfortunately this is not what we want to be happening right now. The signal went through, but if all it does is cause Jazz Hands, it's not fixing the issue at hand! Gabby pauses, then looks at the crew. Thus ending her singing career. "It's not working, is it? All I got on this end is my usual urge to not be bored." She doesn't look different. She should look different.

And the computer is sending back signals that it's preparing activation sequences, which is what we saw one time before. Not the desired consequence here.

Barbara Gordon has posed:
Barbara is looking over at Phebe too, before she looks then to Gabby's actions on the table. She moves then to sit down at one of the chairs and puts her phone aside. She raises her tablet computer up then to run her eyes over the active code being processed.

"Checking." Barbara announces then. "Lighthouse is active. If something isn't working right, if its lost in the dark, the lighthouse should help it find the way." She says in a very distracted tone of voice as she scans the screen of her tablet, then looks up to Gabby's vitals on the screens.

Harper Row has posed:
Harper Row hit the button as Tim commanded and waits, unsure of exactly what the net result will have. She just wants Gabby to be okay, but she doesn't have as much experience with this super-psycho hunter killer nanobot stuff. She mostly just builds flamethrowers out of car parts and things like that.

"Maybe we should've put in a couple of extra failsafe firewalls, just in case," she says, not wanting Gabby to get shut down.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    ". . . I don't suppose you can turn it off and turn it back on?" Phoebe offers, but with her left poking against Johnathan's stomach, she brings her right over her left wrist, ready to bring up The Good Stuff (TM). She looks to Babs, and then to Tim.

    "Hang tight, Gabs." she whispers quietly, and she tries to push her Aura of Calm out, the circle around her left wrist giving a low glow beneath the leather and webbing bracelets she's wearing.

Lonnie Machin has posed:
"...Maybe there's a second key that has to be turned in the proverbial lock." Lonnie says, as he searches for evidence of exactly that in the computer code. "Some sort of buried confirmation command. Abort, Retry, Fail? Always pick 'Retry'." He leans back in his chair a bit. "I will not be outwitted by some Alchemax programmer."

Tim Drake has posed:
    The thing is, Tim was expecting Gabby's heart to stop, here. Expecting in the sense that Tim is always expecting--anticipating--things going wrong. Like playing chess. You always have to be thinking several steps ahead.

    Nothing happening, though? He's not quite sure how to react to that, at first, and he visibly reels backwards. "I, uh--no, it's there, the code is there," Tim confirms, after referencing Lighthouse and his own parser. His fingers fly over the keys as he tries to track down the issue. "The firewalls are in place, they're functioning, I don't understand--."

    "She's not the wifi router," he starts to object, but then he wheels on Phoebe, pointing at her. And then at Lonnie!

    Apparently they're going to turn Gabby off and back on again. Or, well, the nanomachines. Tim drops heavily into the chair at the computer to do so. "Okay, Gabby, hold tight. Rebooting!"

Rebecca Ryker has posed:
"I mean, I'm not going anywhere," Gab says to Phoebe. "If I end up having to live here I'm gonna have to get Cinemax piped in though." She seems alright, though really she's probably-most likely-definitely scared and hiding it behind weird. "Try using Windows Calculator, I hear it helps with most stuff." Not sure why she said that, maybe she is feeling something after all.

"Rebooting?" she asks, for some reason gripping Harper's and Phoebe's hands a little tighter. Something makes her think that this might be a good moment to hang on tight.

A moment more of nothing, with the room waiting to see what happens, and then Gabby's head rocks back and forth a bit. And she slumps into the bed, her body completely shutting down.

Anyone able to tell: She just died.

A counter on the display shows a counter, how long she's been offline. Yes, they call it 'offline'. Scientists, no sense of drama.

Then after roughly eight seconds (8.41 to be exact) Gabby gasps, and her eyes snap back open.

"Woah, I felt THAT one. Damn!"

Barbara Gordon has posed:
There's only so much checking that you can do before you know everything is going just as it should. Did they miss something? Not a chance, Babs was sure of it. Her eyes shoot up to Gabby as she slumps in the bed though, and this causes the redhead to stand up, and set her tablet on the table.

Those 8-something seconds feel like an eternity before Gabby shoots back to life, and Barbara feels a bit of relief before she sits back down on the edge of her chair, her eyes once more going to the code on the readouts, then back up to her vitals.

Harper Row has posed:
Harper Row sees Gabby's vitals drop and go away. She's dead. Gabby's dead. They killed her. Oh god, they killed her.

Of course, Gabby's comes back to life again rapidly. Right about the same time that they can hear the thud of Harper hitting the floor. Bluebird just passed right the **** out thinking she killed her friend through negligence. Whoops.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe, meanwhile, is keeping up with the healing energy. She brings both her hands up, a healthy, pinky-gold glow about her hands as she prepares her own healing magic to help stabilize Gabby.

    "No, no, no, no --" she trails off quietly -- until Gabby comes back to life. She gives a squeak of alarm, and then leans back.

    "Vitals are returning to normal -- do *not* scare me like that again, Gabs!" Phoebe states quietly, bunching her hand into a fist and very gently punching the other teen's shoulder.

    And Harper has gone down.

    " -- Bluebird down." she remarks, and hops off her stool, since Gabby's stable, t check over Harper!!

Lonnie Machin has posed:
    Lonnie looks over - and then he gets up, and walks over to Tim, and he casually reaches down and takes a phial of smelling salts off of his utility belt. How the heck did he know - he walks over to Phoebe and passes them to her. "Here you go." Having done that, he returns to his computer, and rests his chin in his hand as he makes sure there's no other nasty surprises waiting for htem.

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim swivels his chair around to watch as the reboot takes place. Though now it's Gabby he's looking at, not the monitors. Which means he will have the image of her crashing replaying over and over in his mind for years to come.

    "Gabby!" He's up on his feet, but like Babs, he doesn't do anything. Nothing to be done until the reboot cycle finishes, and then he can only hope that Gabby's healing will kick in, or that Phoebe will be able to keep her stable while they try to--

    Oh. She's back.

    Hands braced against the desk, Tim feels his legs turn to jello as the adrenaline drains from his body all at once. And then of course Harper goes down, and Tim's reaction is delayed by a second or two. Long enough for Lonnie to pilfer the smelling salts.

    Deep breaths. Deeeeeep breaths. Tim's head hangs downwards for a moment before he shakes it, and glances at the screen. "The nanomachines are sending a rejection to the signal. It's done. You're all clear, Gabs."

    Slowly, he retakes his seat. His limbs sprawl out haphazardly and he closes his eyes. "I think this is the point where one of us has to say 'I need a drink,'" Tim mutters.

Rebecca Ryker has posed:
"I didn't do anything, that's not fair," Gabs says afterward. She looks alright, then pinches herself. Frowns. Pinches herself again, then sighs. "Abra cadabray," she says, giving a half-grin. Then she reaches across the nearby table and nabs a sharp instrument, and jams it into her own thigh.

"Beep beep, I'm a sheep." Apparently that's a thing. "No pain, a-gain."

Barbara Gordon has posed:
On the edge of her seat, Barbara watches Gabby suddenly wake up and start to... normalize. At least until she stabs herself in the leg.

"Uh..." Barbara utters then as she glances down to her tablet again, then back up. She's a mutant, so that must be... well, Mutants have a rep for being weird, right?

"I guess that's normal too?" She looks around at others who know the kid better than she does.

"Okay, so, it looks good. I mean. Yeah. Real good. Beyond the, you know, leg stabbing, part."

Tentatively, Babs stands up and reaches for her phone, now, on her feet she paces around back toward her stuff on the table her jacket is draped over.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    Phoebe pokes her head up as Gabby stabs herself in the leg. She looks to Barbara, then to Tim, and then sort of... slowly sinks back down to make sure Harper's still okay.

    "That's normal. Tim, there's a bag of real gummy worms under my fruit leather in the snack drawer. Please throw it at Gabby."

Lonnie Machin has posed:
    Once everything seems neatly put away, Lonnie relaxes - and then he reaches out to grab Tim by the hand to give it a reassuring squeeze, before he lets it go. "Like I said. A man who can catch me is the very best at what he does. Absolute confidence."

Tim Drake has posed:
    There's some beleaguered grumbling from Tim's direction, but like Phoebe he seems inured to Gabby and her shenanigans. "Normal, yep," he echoes, and then leans down to find the gummy worms as directed.

    He underhand tosses it Gabby's way before he slumps in his chair, bonelessly.

    "I am fully willing to piggyback off of your confidence in yourself," Tim tells Lonnie, managing a twitchy smile, before he rises to his feet. "Okay. We promised Gabby a feast! ...but I can't cook, so whatever you want, we have to find it on a restaurant menu somewhere in the tri-state area."

Rebecca Ryker has posed:
But of course, Gabby was peering down at Harper when Tim did da toss. She blinks, the gummi worms bouncing off of her head, then bails off of the hospital bed after. "Yoink!" is heard, as she performs a dive and comes up nomming.

"Wot?" she says, perfectly fine. Totally forgot about the thing in her leg anyway. Then she goes back after one she missed. Oh yeah, she's fine.

Feed me.