1079/Too Cold for Pool

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Too Cold for Pool
Date of Scene: 10 April 2020
Location: Swimming Pool / Patio Deck
Synopsis: Jubilee and Rogue are at the hot tub, Clarice ends up joining them. They talk for a bit and then they go to a beach on the other side of the world! Clarice's powers are badass dope!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Jubilation Lee, Clarice Ferguson

Rogue has posed:
It's 45 degrees out and the sun is mostly down now. The pool is still covered over by a set of glass doors that cover over the top of it to keep people from falling in, but it also lets them safely walk over the pool like it's a glass floor!

The lights around the pool area are on and the hut tub's interior lights are quite bright. IN the hot tub is none other than the southern belle herself. There'd been a couple others in it with her but they'd decided to go get some food and they scurried off!

Rogue has her phone on the side of the tub and it's playing some music as she has her head back on the edge and is just enjoying the relaxing bubbles and the hot hot water! Her phone is playing some classic rock tunes and her eyes are closed.

What a great school!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"CANNONBALL!" Jubilee shouts from across the pool area, having returned with a plate of pizza rolls. She's running across the surface of the glass doors covering the surface of the pool in a swimsuit that is not suited for this weather and bare feet... Sliding sideways with her foot angled towards Rogue making that squeaky flesh on glass sound that definitely indicates that did not feel good!

Then the resound crack of a human being slipping and falling directly on her ass atop the glass cover of the pool... pizza rolls going everywhere! "NO! Not the pizza rolls! MARIE! SAVE THEM!" Clammering, kind of rubbing her butt with one hand, "Oh jesus I think I broke my ass!"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
When she heard there was a hot tub, Clarice was apprehensive at first. Being late in the evening, and after seeing a group of students head off into town, she figured things would be quieter. With a terry cloth robe wrapped around her, the magenta hued mutant made her way down to the pool area. Just to arrive in time for Jubilee's shenanigans with the slip and fall and the carnage of spilt pizza rolls.

Popping open a portal to catch the flying pizza rolls in mid-flight, Clarice pops open another portal aimed down at the table so that the pizza rolls land upon it. "Are you alright?" she asks in concern. "I didn't realize that there would be others here... I could leave..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue had her eyes shut when she heard the doors open and the sound of Jubilee (most likely) running toward her at the tub again. She doesn't see the fall happen, she does hear the portals snap open though and this makes her sit up in the hot tub on the bench inside of it and lean over to put her hands on to the edge to look at Jubilee and the portals.

"Holy hell." She says, and then starts to try to restrain from laughing at Jubilee. "What did you just do??" She asks with /force/ and a smile spreading across her lips. Rogue's hair is tied up into a bun, but her white bangs are loose and framing her face. She looks up from the below-ground hot tub to look over at Clarice. "I love how ya saved the food and not the Jubilee." She says to Blink with a big grin as she folds her forearms together on the edge of the tub, and places her chin down on to them to stare at the both of them.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
With Pizza Rolls secure, Jubilee is free to free to whine on the glass, rolling back and forth holding her right thigh/hip area and really hamming it up! "It's broken! Marie, how can you make jokes at a time like this?! What if I die? What if I have a fat embolus that releases into my blood stream and I suddenly keel over from into a foamy bloody mess right in the middle of my work day?" Which she is playing hooky from to come eat pizza rolls in the hottub, FOR THE RECORD.

"I'm glad the food is secure, but I can't feel anything... it's cold..." Laying flat on the glass, squeezing as she slides one foot forward, hand extended.. "Hold the door for me dead parents... I'm coming.. the end... Is... ney..." Her hand drops and head lulled to one side with her tongue stuck out.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Clarice is honestly confused. "She asked to have the pizza rolls saved?" comes the young woman's response. "I assumed that she would be would be fine if she was more concerned about her food then her butt?" The theatrics that Jubilee is putting on has her thoroughly confused though.

"If you need immediate medical attention, I can teleport you to the medical wing? I made sure to locate it when I first arrived on the campus." she offers to the young woman. "But the ass is one of the more padded parts of the human body just for that reason."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue reaches her left hand up to swipe at the bridge of her nose where a bead of sweat was rolling down from the hot weater she's mostly submerged in. She listens to Jubilee and Blink and has to shake her head gently side to side. "I couldn't catch ya, darlin'." She tells Jubilation. "I'm ninety percent naked here. I am in full social distancin' mode. I'm the champ'a that, ya know?" She smirks at herself then before she tilts her head toward Jubilee.

"Are ya really hurt? Did ya land on your tail bone? I think thats the only real way to hurt yourself when ya fall on your butt ain't it?"

Rogue's left hand then reaches... reeeeeeaches... she has to get up a bit and lean out of the tub... to grab a pizza roll, then she pops it in her mouth and sits back down!

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"I'M DEAD!" Jubilee sits up to stress this, then flops backwards into a new position. One leg twisted up beneath her, the other turned outward, and an arm dangling back behind her head as if she'd jumped from a tenth story window onto the hood of a car like in Lethal Weapon.

Except without cocaine. It was pizza rolls.

A few seconds later she rolls over and slithers up to her feet, limping with a hand on her butt, "Ugh... it hurts so bad..." yoinking a pizza roll as she climbs down into the water across from Rogue, "It's okay, I'm going to pull through by the miracles of modern medicine."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
For a moment, Clarice looks unsure, but finally, she removes her robe to reveal the green bikini that contrasts her magenta skin. She has a lot of green in her wardrobe, okay? Folding the robe up neatly, she slips out of her sandles and makes her way to the hot tub. "I think that the ten percent that is covered is the important bits, Rogue." she points out.

And with that, she slips into the water between Rogue and Jubilation, just enough of a distance away so that she's not touching the southern belle. To Jubilation, she offers a smile and a bow of her head in greetings. "I'm Clarice. Clarice Ferguson. Royal Guard to Queen Lorna and the Genoshian Royal family."

Rogue has posed:
"Hey." Rogue says to Jubilee as she starts to get into the tub, "Least we're here right? Ya got a hot tub t'crawl inside'a and let the heat'n bubbles make your toosh not hurt so much anymore." The Belle turns back to rest against the seat in the tub and reaches over to one of the cup holders on her left to lift up the drink she'd had with her, a big cup of tea. She takes a sip of it and then looks to Clarice as she joins them.

With a smile to her, she nods. "I like the suit. Green's my fave." She first says before she continues. "Speakin'a green, Lorna's the one with the green hair right? Always seems like she's about t'explode from a stress induced brain aneurysm?" She shows a smirk to the girl then. "Your power was pretty badass though. Portals? That's gotta be fun t'use."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Literally her fave... She only uses green toothpaste... true story." Jubilee says with a wave to Lorna and a big shit eating grin, which is literally eating a pizza roll, "I'm Jubilation Lee.. Everyone just calls me Jubilee... Not Jubilee Lee... that's sill since it's a mashup of my name... but Jubes is fine too." Offering her hand to the royal guard of the Genoshian Royal family.

"So you make portals? That's dope." Right atop Rogue calling it badass. Dope Badass... "I make sparkles. With my brain..." Squinty eyes, "Really colorful ones..." Added in a quiet, playfully threatening, tone. "So colorful, you'll be like; oh gawwwwd, what terrible vengence has befallen me with all these brightly colored explosions happening out of no where... the source of them being that suspiciously bubbly asian girl... cruel world... deadly... cruel..." Bubbles as her head sinks beneath the water..

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
Accepting the hand with a shake, Clarice nods. "I am called Blink. I was one of the mutates that Magneto was able to heal from what Genosha did." she explains and summons up a little purple spike. "I make portals. I'm a mass teleporter." she explains. "My primary duty is to make sure that the Royals are evacuated in case of an emergency." Something that she clearly failed at.

And then Jubilee is dunking herself. "Is she always so... erratic?" comes the question to Rogue in confusion about the Asian girl, as she folds her arms around her midsection. "How big of an explosion can you make?"

Rogue has posed:
After taking her sip of tea, Rogue lowers back down into the water past her shoulders, her own green suited form visible in the lit up hot tub beneath the bubbling waters, her arms folded over her bare stomach. Clearly Clarice got the memo about Rogue though, since she seemed to be sitting as close to Jubilee as she could without looking like she was hitting on the asian girl. A grin slowly starts to shw on Rogue's lips, her head leans back and then forward in a nod.

"She's got a personality like a cute cartoon squirrel, an' I love her for it." She says across the tank to both the other girls with her on this nice darkening evening in the hot hot hot tub, three hot gals, three hots!

"So Genosha, huh? I'm sorry t'hear about what happened there. I wish I could do more t'help with it, but I'm basically a nobody." She then tips her chin over the water to Jubilee. "Don't even have fancy powers like Jubilee Lee ove'ah there."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Jubes pops up out of the water and sprays water across the tub at Rogue out of her mouth. She's not aimming for the tea, but she's not not aimming for the tea either... so it's still anybodies game. "Uhh I mean big enough I guess." Color explosions. Wading her hands back and forth across the surface of the bubbly water, the yellow one piece suit she's wearing almost glowing a neon green when mixed with the blue light.

"Not quite fourth of July, but... Maybe fourth of July in a hick town outside of bumfuck Georgia where they got all their fireworks from over in South Carolina? Except /way/ more colorful." This is a very important distinction for her. "Marie, have you seen my ukulele? Did I bring it out here?" Turning to look around the edge of the tub.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"Georgia, South Carolina?" Clarice seems confused at the concept, but she gives a nod of her head at the thought. "So a large explosion, got it." she says finally as she lowers her head slightly towards Rogue. "I was wounded early in the fight. I had asked Magneto to let me evacuate him. He refused and instead ordered me to get the non-combatant staff out first. I was in the process of that when I was shot and fell into one of my own portals." she glances down and reaches up with a hand to push some hair over her ear. "It is the only reason I'm here now."

"The staff here has been very helpful and making sure I have a place to stay and I appreciate that. I just am not sure of my place now. I have spent my whole life in the service of others. Either as a mutate, or in service to Genosha... and now, I have neither." she admits quietly as she looks down into the water. No, no hitting on Jubilee. Or Rogue. Life's confusing her enough at the moment.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is spit on with an impressive level of cross-tub accuracy from Jubilee. She closes her eyes and turns her face out of the water of the spat water stream, then splashes her face with the water in front of her. "Blah, blah, I'm blind!" She says before wiping at her face with her right hand's fingertips and pointing past Jubilee's right shoudler with her other hand. "It's over there, on the lounge chairs. But if ya get up, don't run! God, ya pool-side-rules-ignorin'-heathen." She blinks the water away from her eyes then and refocuses her stare on to Clarice.

"Well, you're here now. With us. I know ain't nobody likes change, it ain't fun, nor is it anythin' that helps ya sleep at night. But this place? This place'll be good t'ya if ya let it. So I've learned in my three months here." She sits up then and lets her shoulders come up out of the water.

"I imagine those portals can get ya in trouble though if ya use'em out in public much, huh?" She further asks before looking back to Jubilee. "And be careful about naysayin' on southern towns!" Not that she has any pride her her Mississippi heritage, she was literally chased out of her town by a mod with guns.

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"Oh, right." Jubilee turns and hops out of the tub after pushing herself up on her palms. One leg pulls her out and she pads over quickly, while shamelessly digging her suit out of her butt, to grab the small wooden instrument. "I am /not/ a heathen, okay.. I just don't think rules apply to me on account of I'm a socialist." The truth of which is up for great debate, since she has a lot of capitalist qualities, but that's gen z for ya.

When she comes back with the instrument she drops down on the side so her feet are in the water, but doesn't slide fully in herself. Gently stroking the nylon strings to tune it up. "I wasn't naysayin, except sayin that your nay good at fireworks! It's not an opinionated statement of scorn, just a fact... I'm from Beverely Hills, I know."

Three cords, plinking, but with an easy transition.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"You mean as if looking like I ate one too many Blueberries at Willie Wonka's Chocolate Factory didn't make me stand out?" Clarice asks in amusement, a smile creasing her fatures. "Yes, the portals do tend to draw attention. I had to learn to protect myself at a young age, I was born this color." she explains as she watches Jubilee get out of the tub. "I could teleport it to you."

Then Jubilee decided to get it herself, she shrugs, and then blinks, her cheeks darkening further. "I wasn't offending anyone, I didn't know what you meant. They are in the south, then? I was born in the Bahamas, but my family moved to Genosha when I was very young."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue listens to the wet footed Jubilation pad across the patio toward her instrument. "I wouldn't ever question ya, Jubilation Lee. You've never lead me astray thus far!" She calls out to her before looking back to Clarice and showing her a soft grin. "I didn't mean t'call out your colorin', I think it's pretty in fact. I just meant that the portals were like... 'Oh my god, look at that'." Her grin sticks then and she raises her arms up out of the water to put them over the tub's edge, to spread them out and slap her fingertips against the cold polished stone.

"I'd love t'go to the Bahamas sometime, I bet they're gorgeous." She glances back to Jubilee, "Did ya fiiiind it?" She asks before looking back to Clarice. "How far do your portals go?"

Jubilation Lee has posed:
"I foooound it." Jubes says to Rogue, still running her fingers across the cords with her fingers gently swaying back and forth beneath the water, nodding along with the southern mutant when she says Blink is pretty. "I love purpose. You pop on a yellow boytie and you could basically go as Grimace from McDonalds Land for Halloween."

She stops playing the instrument long enough to grab another pizza roll, sliding the plate over nearer to Rogue and Clarice. "I'd love to go to the Bahamas.. My dad took us to Hawaii once. Not hugely fond of Americans there... I guess under the circumstances, I don't really blame them, though.."

Glancing to Clarice, "Wait, yeah... how far /can/ you portal? Like... say..." Plink plink, "The Bahamas?"

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"I can portal easily to any place I've ever seen. Or if you provide me with a picture or a really accurate description? I can do that as well." But she is catching on to what the other two women are saying and Clarice pushes herself up and out of the hot tub. "I don't think I see your passports, ladies." she offers teasingly. "Fortunately, I'm not a customs officer."

A bright purple flash forms in Clarice's right hand that lights up her green eyes, which may be the first time the pair may realize that her whole eye is green, not just the iris. Snapping her wrist forward, it opens to a person sized opening, and shows a bright beach with warm sunlight. "I know you said the Bahamas, but it's night time there. This is French Polynesia, where it's currently mid-afternoon."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks back over to Jubilee strumming on her ukulele. "Aren't Hawaiians Americans?" She asks with a sly grin showing to her friend before her stare goes back to Blink who's now crawling up out of the hot tub and opening up a portal to... some place really damn pretty. This makes Rogue sit up a little more, and in fact she floats up out of the hot tub, sheds some water and sits her but down on it's edge. "Holy shit." She utters then, feeling the air from that portal rushing in, hot like a summer day just flooding in across the steamy hot tub, and the cold air behind her.

She looks away from the portal with the beach over to the other two. "That legit just lets you walk to a place across the whole god damn planet?" She asks. "Like, safely?"

She seems to be in a bit of disbelief that it could be 'that easy'. "I've never been outta the US... Cept to Genosha a couple times now, I guess, though that was barely past the rescue areas."

Jubilation Lee has posed:
Jubilee stops strumming her ukulele to watch Blink create the little portal to... some place. She said, she heard her, she was just staring at how perty it was on the otherside of the opening.. "If I walk through that am I going to come out naked and if I come out naked is okay if I'm naked there?" The string of questions are asked as she's hoping to her feet and running towards the portal.


Clarice Ferguson has posed:
"I've been teleporting since the Genoshian government force activated my powers when I was six. I assure you, it's perfectly safe. And now for the safety part of the conversation. Please keep your hands and feet inside the portal at all times, if you have clothes, they'll come with you, please don't try to drive anything bigger than a semi-truck through a portal and remember ... when you absolutely positively have to be there //right now//, think Blink airlines!" Clarice finishes her spiel just as Jubilee has announced her new life as a French Polynesian whore, and Clarice blinks in confusion. "I mean, she //could//..." she says with a lift of her brows.

And it's to Rogue, back in New York. "After you, if I go first, it closes after me." she explains. "But yes, that simple. I'll be right behind you."