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No Friend of Mine
Date of Scene: 16 April 2022
Location: A shopping mall carpark in Yonkers, New York.
Synopsis: Tabby was selected to be on a very exclusive show. The X-Men vehemently disagreed with the casting agency, the Friends of Humnanity
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, Rogue, Monet St. Croix, Bobby Drake

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The one thing about having a spacious van, that being Tabitha's 1992 Mitsubishi is that she's often been tasked as the one to drive folks around or put that roof rack to use hauling things.

In this case it's a little of both. Bunch of folks had wanted to head to New York City but lacking funds for the commute they managed to convince Tabby to drive them.

Which she was happy to oblige. Of course she also manages to convince a couple others to help her haul stuff back from a stop at Yonker on the halfway point to pick up a few things here and there. Never quite one place but many hands can make light work.

The one problem is that sometimes being a mutant in public is it draws so much negative attention.

Hence why as Tabby is coming out a green grocers with a crate of vegetables for future meals that have to be all nutritious. A second van pulls up beside her own. Tabby's hardly dressed for trouble. Xavier Institure hoodie in Yellow unzipped to show a tennis dress styled uniform in New Mutant black and yellow just long enough to reach above her knee and red chucks. Glasses in her usual cat eye red framed style on her nose.

Eyeballing the van, the side door opens and a half dozen men in paramilitary hobo survivallist burst out, one of whom seems to have a rifle and manages to get the drop on Tabby enouggh to violently jam the stock's butt in her face, destroying glasses and breaking her nose before rolling it in a cradle to shoot her.

Thankfully it's a tranquilzer but still. That can't be fun for her.

"Wow, the site was right, she was here. Get her skank ass in the van, if we don't stream on time we're gonna lose a shit load of money!" the rifle man says.

One common element on al the men. Somewhere on an item of clothing the letters FOH. Friends of Humanity. Friends like these.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue was with Tabitha on the ride in the van, but not with her when the gunmen just stormed out of their rival van. She was in the grocery store still, buying a case of celery water...

With her hair tied back behind her head in a bun, she's dressed casually and is lowering her sunglasses down as she finishes paying for the bottles of water. She is in a happy, breezy mood, for the time being, as she glances down at her phone and stuffs the receipt in to her jeans pocket.

Stepping away from the counter now, Rogue carries her bag in her right arm, while her left hand holds her phone and she taps tap tap tappity taps the screen to shoot a text off.

She's rounding the door then when she looks up and sees... something...

But things take a moment to register, right?

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix had been going along for some other things on this side of town. So she's not paying particular attention. The sound of guns being drawn, doors opening, and the parading of individuals in armor, anger broadcasting and hate gets her full attention. Monet is immediately maneuvering in a combat stance, fists in front of her as she's going along and wide towards the group of Friends of Humanity. She's taking a wide arc. Her intent is to first of all have their attention on her.

Their attention on her means that they'll be open for one of the others to attack, or at least not to immediately target the unconscious blonde. Fists up in front of her as she would narrow her eyes.

"I'll give you a chance to depart here of your own will or I'll just make you do it. I will greatly enjoy doing the second so please do me a favor and don't take my offer."

Bobby Drake has posed:
His face buried in the frozen foods section, Bobby Drake is even more oblivious to the goings on outside than Rogue is. Until he realizes that something is just...not right.

Opting out of settling his own personal Ben and Jerry's or Jeni's Splendid debate, he takes a few steps back and looks outside. "You can't take her _anywhere_," he mutters as he starts running towards the door, icing up more with each step. By the time the doors open, he looks mostly like Iceman. Except for the large chunk of his body that remains fleshy.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The lead gunman thrusts the rifle into one of his accomplices to grab Tabby by her hair while she's leaning against her own van and clutching her nose as the sedatives kick in. "Fucking genejoke trash. She's gonna be a star first and last appearance!" he declares to the increasingly unconcious Boomie before turning to wink at Monet as he gets in the van and throws his Friends under the bus. Or Van. "Keep the skank's girlfriend busy! Roddy, haul ass!" he orders as the white van with the human supremacists has the gas applied and tries to drive off with the door sliding shut.

The remaining racist thugs put up their dukes while the man left with the rifle rocks the slide bolt and takes aim at Monet this time. The dart fired with a nice airy thoomp sound. But considering who it's shot at. It might as well be a toothpick.

And they haven't even seen Rogue and Iceman nearby yet.

Bad day on both sides.

Rogue has posed:
With enough information gathered, Rogue glances over to Bobby, then to the van speeding off. She points toward it. "Don't let that thing get anywhere, Bobby!" She says before she starts to jog toward Tabi's van. She opens up the passenger side door, where she drops her bag of drinks, then takes off her sunglasses to toss them on the dash board.

"Monet!?" Rogue calls out. "ARe you okay?" She jogs toward the French gal then, to check on her. "Who the hell were those people?" She asks in a fairly well maintained 'cool' voice.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would just go to speak with slow rage building, "You have been given your opportunity." The first thing M does is wait for the gun to be pointed downwarsd. The man is handing it over, the other one is taking the weapon.. Monet's eyes burn. But she doesn't charge in and attack. No..

She goes to make the man's finger twitch a bit on the trigger. While the barrel of the gun is pointing downwards. If she could, at the right angle..
    This would cause the man if her attempted telepathic control worked to fire a shot of the gun down.. And blow off his own balls if the angle was appropriate, a bullet spunging right into his crotch and if it worked taking all of it with it.

What could she say, the man clearly had no remote idea how to hold a gun and his fingers had slipped..

Bobby Drake has posed:
"On it!" shouts the Iceman as he turns towards the fleeing van. As he runs towards it he points upward, and an arcing snowball takes flight, aiming at an intercept course. Bobby stops to admire his Brett Favre impression, and throws up both hands in the TOUCHDOWN symbol as the giant snowball comes down directly on the van, surrounding it and immediately stopping it in its tracks, along with burying the passengers within the van. There will definitely be people to interrogate later.

Then he turns his gaze back towards where Rogue and Monet are engaging with the remaining ones to see what else they may need...

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Mister rifle man the sequel really isn't having a good time when Monet telepathic mean streak is applied and a shot goes off. Lucky or unlucky that rifle only loads tranq darts but at that range the force of the dart is doing just as much damage to genitals as a bullet, tearing through his pants and leaving a mess of blood and as fear and pain sets in, urine smell as he shrieks in a hight pitch of a voice and collapses clutching his masculinity.

The white van doesn't get far as Bobby leads it enough that Rogue's order is heeded and that ball of super dense snow hits back hard enough that the van itself hits and the back end bounces two wheels in the air before coming down in a thud.

That still leaves a few of the thugs charging the X-men as if they had a chance against Iceman, M, and Rogue.

The leader in the van yelling. "Get us the fuck outta here Roddy. These fucking gene trash fuckers aren't costing us money!" he grumbles.

The back door kicks open and this time the rifle he has actually contains actual live ammo and in full automatic stupidity starts unloading at everyone. Fiends and foes be damned it seems if it'll take out more mutants.

Rogue has posed:
'No killing, Rogue.' The X-Men leaders had drilled in to her since she'd arrived.

It was hard. 'Kill anyone who gets in your way, Rogue.' had been drilled in to her by the Brotherhood before she'd come here.

It was so tempting to pick up the Jeep parked beside the Van and just toss it at the man who barges out of the back of the van with live ammo... but she doesn't do it.

"Bobby! Watch out for those!" She points at the ones charging them before she just lifts up her right foot and kicks the cap off a fire hydrant near to the van that the man jumps out of.

A sudden gyser of water rushing toward him!

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The man is shooting rather cavalierly. One of the men nearby Monet has on a combat vest. It has kevlar plates. Enough to stop at least /something/ of a bullet from an automatic rifle. Well, enough of it. Monet St. Croix goes forwards and rapidly moves to try and yank the man up to spin him around, having the heaviest part of hte plates facing the bullets. If her grab and her judgement was true, the plates would take the majority of the force.. Leaving him with several broken ribs, non-mutilatory internal injuries, and the most agonizing pain hopefully imaginable. Presuming she could, she would drop the man down on the ground in a thump.

One just needed more creativity in the matter. She would be reayd to backup Rogue or Iceman depending on the circumstances.

Bobby Drake has posed:
As bullets start flying, the Iceman starts a wallin'! He erects a quick barrier as he looks towards Rogue. "Do you think you can get Tabby back while I deal with the distractions?"

He glances towards Monet and sees that she has things well under control.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The man if he could be called that that Monet lifts and spins to be used as shield yells as he's pummelled and numerous rounds are embedded in his armor and a couple in his more fleshy ass. It's only mutilation if bodyparts are detached. Like the poor bastard clutching what used to be his junk near by.

The man unloading his rifle, how much damn ammo does he have in that drum finally runs out and as he's replacing the magazine with another hefty drum the water from the hydrant sprays ay him back into the back of the van to soak and flood everyone still in there.

This includes Roddy the driver who had only just got the engine running again.

And Tabby.

The remaining two thugs drawing side arms and hiding behind that jeep Rogue considered kicking over and trying to be a bit more discerning with their aim.

Luckily the ice barrier prevents so much as a nick in the X-men's outfit.

"Mick shoulda packed the damn grenade launcher!" one thug yells at the other as they scramble from vehicle to vehicle trying to be all tactical. Meanwhile the leader is drenched with the rest of the Van's occupants and joins the fight to have a good line of sight to shoot the mutie scum from inside the Van. "You come at me we shoot the blonde whore!" he threatens while Roddy resumes trying to get the van moving yet again.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue isn't afraid of being shot, so she just takes a few steps out toward the gunman shouting about shooting Tabitha. She glances to Bobby, and to Monet before she looks back at him and raises her gloved hands up.

"Don't have any desire t'make ya do that!" She urges him. "What I'd rather ya do is trade Tabitha for me." She offers him then. "I'm the daughter'a Raven Darkholme. Mystique. The infamous mutant terrorist type of Mystique? If ya wanna hurt a mutant, she'd be a prime target t'hurt, right?"

Is Rogue distracting the guy? Or being serious?

"I'm your avenue'a hurtin' her. So, trade Tabitha for me. We can all ride off inta the sunset t'gether then, in your very fine van here."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
How much ordnance do these idiots have!? And that might actually hurt them. And they still have Tabitha as a hostage and at close range with pistols they could always snap shots into her, and charging them might risk upsetting it and breaking Tabitha's neck or bones.

Monet sends a telepathic message over to Rogue <<We need their vehicle fully immobilized.>> As Rogue goes to make her offer, MOnet's eyes narrow <<I can have them all jab their guns under thier own chins. Don't degrade yourself this way>> She does however remain still. <<Actually, Robert, can you freeze their hands?>>

Bobby Drake has posed:
"I really wish you guys would just chill out with the guns," announces Bobby, as his hands wave and blocks of ice form around all of the firearms, engulfing the perpetrators hands as well. <<You got it!>>

He casts a quick glance around, looking to see if he missed anyone, and to be sure that Tabitha is still around.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The man negotiating the release of Tabitha for Rogue. "Fuck no!" he says simply. "Look at the genetrash cow on the floor! That's why we want her. We can actually hurt her and people pay money to see that. Hurt her, make her scream Do anything we want. You just wast our time and make surviving after more work than we want. No thanks gene joke bitch!" he refuses the deal with water still dripping from him, Tabby and Roddy, who finally gets the van running rinally finishes the answer by gunning the engine in reverse.

Right into an oncoming Rogue which is probably worse than the snowball considering just how much strength she can bring which crumples the back end in a little before coming to a stop once more.

The ice freezes all those hands and one of the handgun wielding thugs tries to shoot and it just creates a backfire which in combination with the freezing. He's probably going to lose that hands' use.

The lead rifleman threatening to not take Rogue is bumped back out of the van and faceplants with his arms frozen over while Roddy is stuck to the driver's seat and steering wheel.

The big hiccup is that yes. Tabby is in the van and kind of gets frozen to the floor before momentum and inertia can throw her out. She still is but there's added cracking of ice against the Van's floor before Tabby is spilled out at Rogue's feet.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue lowers her hands back down to her sides after Bobby does what Bobbys do. It gets a momentary grin on her dusky red hued lips before she looks over to the van just gunning its reverse in her direction.

She doesn't budge an inch. Why should she. She just raises her left hand up to the roof of the van and crushes it inward, crumpling the roof upward and forward. The lower bumper is crushed inward by her legs, and Rogue just leans on the van as it goes to a halt.

"Well heya, Sugahs." Rogue flirtily says to whomever may be inside. She glances down to Tabi, before raising her foot up and just crushing the van down in to the pavement, smashing its rear wheel axel in to who knows how many pieces!

"Ya'll sure did pick a bad day, and a bad place t'do your little revolution t'day..."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix is going to dive to the ground now, moving to catch Tabitha cleanly. Flight helps greatly as she smoothly captures the girl. Quick attempted telepathic probe which may not get anything, Tabitha was extremely resistant to it, and M's powers were limited.

Hand checking Tabitha's neck for a pulse, quick sweep of her body for broken bones or internal injuries, then M is moving to reposition herself to if need be act as a sheild for the girl. <<Robert, can you put up a wall in front of me. I want to have a backup line of defense if there's shrapnel>>

Bobby Drake has posed:
<<Coming right up!>> The best part of having telepaths in a battle is that Bobby does not even need to think of what to do himself. He quickly erects a barrier in front of Monet and Tabitha, and then decides some perspective would be helpful. He takes a running leap and then builds up a towering ice bridge, swirling in place until he reaches a good height above the melee.

<<Looks like the coast is clear. No other vans coming our way!>>

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"You mutie cows ain't gonna last. True humans gonna out last all of you. Fucking genejoke!" The man with the rifle laughs despite shivering in his frozen and frostbitten arms. Roddy even chimes in. "That dirty whore on a blonde ain't be the only mutant put on a show for the real humanity. You know what we call Genosha. A good start!" Wow they won't shut up. Fanatics right!

Tabby is unconscious, face battered and swollen, her nose and orbital bones broken and blood stuck and frosted to her clothes and skin as she's checked on by Monet's scooping arms and her whole foot and a half descent from the back of the van to the parking lot asphalt. As knocked out as she is, that's still a danger for a blonde ragdoll.

Surveillance by Iceman is correct. No white vans but the sound of sirens is starting to hit ears. Just maybe not so fast as they should be. The Friends of Humanity might have the occasional Frend on the force. And active shooters and mutants tend to make law types skittish.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just stares at the man spitting insults at them. She shows him a sweet smile. "Son. I'm not even mad. I'm just disappointed..." She says with a slow shake of her head, giving the random guy a classic 'mom' speech. She smiles again then before she moves around the back of the van. "Ya'll get Tabi loaded up. Call ahead, let Jean, Beast, and the Professah know what happened here." The Belle says while ripping open the driver side door of the gunmen van.

She tears their steering wheel out, then drops it on the ground before she looks back at them. "I'm stayin' here until the Cops arrive. I'll let'em know that these guys were firing at random folks out here."

She motions to all the people around by now too. "Not like there ain't a lack'a evidence in this world anymore." Cell phone cameras, everywhere!

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would lcose her eyes, "Tabitha requires medical attention in short order." The girl has injuries, if nothign severe, but she needed treatment in case there were other things. Monet goes to make sure that Tabitha is leaning upwards for ease of breathing. "Understood."

She's going to close her eyes and move to call out telepathically to the institute <<Medical evacuation is necessary for Tabitha. She has been injured>>

Bobby Drake has posed:
From his eye in the sky perch, Bobby prepares to run interference if needed. "I think we got all of them, but I'll keep an eye out just in case. Evac should be here soon, and they'll be able to see us from far enough away here."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby's had worse injuries from her father as a kid back in the Virginian Trailer park wilds. Tranquilizer in her system that could knock out a horse that's keeping her out of it and thankfully she's propped up so she doesn't do her impersonation of a dead rockstar and and asphyxiate on something gross. That's overdose level doping even with Boom-Boom's metabolism.

So while it takes care of the pain as well. She's gonna need someone to drive the van to pick up folks back at the train station later and get the shopping home to the mansion.

The cops eventually will arrive along with paramedics to escort the racists to get attended to and booked. Not necessarily in that order The X-Men gave friends on the force too.

Tabitha however. She's going to have a stupid bad hangover and a lot of questions when she wakes up.