1081/The Walk Home

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The Walk Home
Date of Scene: 10 April 2020
Location: Union Square Park
Synopsis: Daniel walks Valeria home after the embassy party. Apparently they ARE dating.
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Daniel Hastings

Valeria Richards has posed:
Well, there were definitely fewer political confrontations than anyone might have feared at the embassy reopening. And no attacks by supervillains! Even villains know better than to mess with DOOM, it seems.

The real adventure was escaping without further interrogation at the hands of the Invisible Woman, but Valeria is familiar enough with her mother's habits to know exactly when it was safe to sneak out and head for the streets.

"I honestly didn't expect Mom to come," she laughs once they're safely outside, looking over her shoulder. "I'm sorry, I would have warned you both if I'd known. She and Dad...Well, I guess they wanted to make sure he wasn't doing anything nefarious. Did you at least have a good time?" she asks, turning back to him.

Daniel Hastings has posed:
To be fair, Daniel was still reeling a bit. He had prepared for Doom. The bodyguards. It was just another 'mission' though he'd never signed up for undercover work. That was Natasha's gig. He was a scientist. Facing one of the world's most nefarious villains.. and getting his approval? Daniel almost missed the question when it was asked, "Hmm? Oh! No. I.. it was good." He allows after a half moment of consideration.

She was in heels so he again offered her his arm, "I mean.. I survived didn't I?" Daniel beams in her direction before setting off towards.. ahah! A park! "And your mother didn't seem totally unapproving. She was.. about as protective of someone as I'd expect given the circumstance." Pragmatism. It's an English thing. "But.. she did ask.. well.. everyone seemed to ask.. that is to say.." He stops walking a moment and looks to her.. semiformally. "I do like you, Valeria. Imperically, you have many characteristics I admire in a woman. But.. more importantly.. I find myself thinking of you.. fondly.. when it has nothing to do with science, you see. I.. should probably stop talking now." He seems to want to say more but also resolves that it would be bad. So he closes his mouth and turns to keep them strolling along.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"You did survive," Valeria laughs. "No one was disintegrated. Although I have to be honest, I wasn't expecting quite so many suspicious looks from Uncle Victor's //staff//," she admits, head tilting curiously. "He's never really been one to have people who-"

She cuts off as he moves on to the other topic, stopping with him and watching him steadily as he speaks. "Dating," she summarizes afterwards, smile crooked. "Yeah. I...am sorry about that. I know it's-" Pausing, she tucks a piece of hair behind her ear. "I wouldn't mind actually dating. But I don't want you to feel like you have to because of- Well, because of everything in there," she gestures back toward the embassy.

Daniel Hastings has posed:
Daniel has to stop. He steps out in front of Valeria and takes both of her hands. "Valeria." He looks mighty serious too. "I know that I.. well.. can be a little much. Sometimes I stumble over my own words.. but that's why SHIELD hired me for my brain and not because I'm some super spy. But you see.. THAT is what drew me to you. That wonderful mind of yours.. and your infectious hope and desires and.. constantly spinning thoughts. You're a Richards. If that hadn't already told me this was going to be.. interesting.. I don't know what would have." He shakes his head at it all then takes a deep breath.

"But that's the point isn't it? Life isn't easy. I've seen a bloody war. Had myself scattered across creation. Fought to come back. And.. for all of that.. you.. make me forget how bad all of that was. How.. maybe.. there /is/ a plan for life after.. rebirth?" He tosses that in there for lack of a better term. "Now.. maybe.. we've just started on this idea. But I'm willing to give it a go. Your godfather didn't kill me. Lord knows he gave me his blessing and that alone sets me on edge but.. none of that matters. Why? Because.. right now.. you just told me you wouldn't mind dating. And that? That makes me want to do cartwheels and I assure you we don't want me to do cartwheels. I would look preposterous and likely crack my skull on the pavement." He grins then takes a fortifying breath, exhaling sharply.

Now Daniel looks her in the eyes with his smile warm, "So. Yes. I would like to court you, Miss Richards. Ahh date.. as they say in the now. And.. whatever follows.. follows. Though I should probably say something to your father sooner than later."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria flushes, hands tightening on his with a self-conscious smile. "First of all, for the record, my father doesn't own me and I can date whoever I want," she says archly, though the smile that tugs at one corner of her lips against a laugh suggests she knows better on some fronts. "Second of all, Mom and Dad would appreciate it if you would please not teleport directly into the tower. If you're going to be around more often."

She manages to keep a mostly straight face for about three seconds before breaking into a laugh. "Daniel, relax. If I didn't think you could handle it, well. I wouldn't have asked you to come. Or gone on a picnic with you. Or...Well, any of the other things. If anyone can handle the insanity of our family, you can."

Daniel Hastings has posed:
Not teleport? That building is fifty.. one hundred stories tall! There's no way he'll be on time for dates if.. "What about a flying approach? Would that be allowed? If say.. I rang at the hangar?" Daniel smiles but then frowns, "When did I ever say that your father owned you I just.." He pauses. Thinks. "Ah. Right. Things are a bit less formal now that way. I am sorry.." There's a thoughtful breath and his shoulders do relax, "Valeria.. this is all uncharted waters for me. No one has ever said yes before.. and now I don't know whether to do them my way.. the ancient wizened way of your great grandparents.. or even what the new way is because I've been here two months and I'm still trying to adjust to.. adjusting."

Daniel gives her hands a gentle squeeze in return, "Thank you. Thank you for being you but also for being patient with me when I'm still trying to find my path." Speaking of path, he lets one of her hands free and turns to set them walking again. "Now that we've been all formal and set things in motion.. I don't know what to do next." He laughs brightly. "Do you like jazz at all?" He glances to her curiously.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Don't worry about it," Valeria assures as they begin walking again, letting her shoulder brush against his arm for a few steps. "I'm...at least partly teasing about the father thing. He //doesn't// own me, but telling you that is teasing you for being old-fashioned. Which honestly, is actually pretty charming," she says honestly.

"I think it might be because there are rules?" she muses. "I don't know. It just seems more comfortable, having a pattern to it, a way of doing things." At his question, she looks back up at him, brow arching. "Jazz? Sometimes. I find it interesting more than anything else, I think. There's so much to follow along with, the way they play with the normal rules of music."

Daniel Hastings has posed:
Daniel glances down when she teases him.. or admits to it. "Oh trust me.. there were rules. Ask the father. Always back before dark. Double dates preferred so there was another girl in case one of the gents was.. less gentlemanly.. though we weren't dead." He grins. "We danced and.. mostly we danced." He laughs at that. "And took in the cinema. Movies that is." He says we like it was other people around him. "I could take you to a place. In Montreal. Good food. Good people. Even better music." Smiling as they walk, he swings their hands a little as he holds hers. "I'll buy you poutine.. since you loved french fries so much."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Good food, good people, good music, //and// poutine?" Valeria grins. "Well. How could I say no to any of that?" Her head tilts as she pictures it, eyes turned upwards. "You know, I don't think that's terrible, really. If you ended up on a bad date, at least you had two other people you could hopefully talk to. Aside from the questions of honor and appropriate behavior," she adds, wrinkling her nose. "Unfortunately, //those// things haven't changed as much as they should have."

Daniel Hastings has posed:
    "How do you mean?" Daniel inquires with a glance to her. "Just because we had notions of honor and propriety does not mean that we didn't have those who took advantage of women. Hid behind their 'good reputations' to desparage hers. Jobs were scarce before the war and then given begrudgingly by necessity." There's a soft sigh and a shake of his head. "A lot has changed for women since then. For the better. I'm not saying it's ideal but.. chivalry does seem to have taken a hit in the process. I. feel as if men used chivalry as a shield to paint a picture of nobility over acts of control. Where now they have no control and thus feel no need to burden themselves with a veneer of civility." There's a frown at that. "Does that feel right to you? Make sense at all? You would know better than I, after all. Being the female of the species." Now he does seem curious. An experiment in sociology?

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Oh, I don't know," Valeria says thoughtfully. "Chivalry is different from men who take advantage of women. Honestly, I think if we all treated each other, regardless of gender, the way chivalry suggests a man ought to treat a lady then we'd all be much more civilized for it. It's just that the details of it have all gotten so wrapped up in the sociological parts of it that people have tkane it for a reflection of other things."

"Take this," she says, reaching over to touch where their arms are joined. "Sure, you're staying ready to catch me if I trip, which I'm hopefully more likely to do than you are due to the heels I'm wearing, which are much more of an oppression than anything else frankly. But if you were tired, or injured, or tipsy, I'd do the same for you."

Her smile deepens as she looks back up at him. "Also I enjoy things like holding your hand. Human contact releases oxytocin, after all."

Daniel Hastings has posed:
"Well.. yes.. that would be the ideal wouldn't it." Daniel agrees, "Even if historically it was a one way street of gentility with the woman.. well.. but I beat that horse already haven't I." He shrugs and continues walking, nodding in agreement as she talks. "I think I'd even trust you to manage it despite our size disparity. You are, after all, an ingenious woman." To that, he flashes her a grin. A grin that turns to a bit of a blush as he looks down to her looking up and mentioning oxytocin. "Yes.. yes it does." His eyes flit to her hand as he gives it a gentle squeeze. "I think that may be the best part of the evening thus far. Holding your hand."