1083/Hellfire Club Genosha Spring Benefit Part III

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Hellfire Club Genosha Spring Benefit Part III
Date of Scene: 10 April 2020
Location: VIP Lounge - Hellfire Club
Synopsis: During the Spring Gala, a collection of Hellfire Club VIPs and their guests enjoy(?) the company of the Black Queen....
Cast of Characters: James Proudstar, Roberto da Costa, Carrie Kelley, Alanna Lyons, Elektra Natchios, Stephanie Brown, Glorianna Silver, Henry McCoy

James Proudstar has posed:
Lest the Hellfire Club's usual array of VIPs somehow feel less elite during the twice-yearly galas, the VIP Lounge is open with its full array of usual services and amenities available, and the same restrictions on entry that it normally operates with. Which leaves it quite the vantage point to watch the gala below, literally looking down on all those that manage to make it into the Club for these events but are not truly counted among it's membership.

About the only noticeable difference between the everyday VIP Lounge and tonight's is that it does continue the decor of red and purple (though some of it is really just overlap from the overall ballroom decor, given the semi-overlapping nature of the two spaces), and the signature drink is on-hand. The Eisenhardt - a faintly reddish-purple variant on a French 75: gin, champagne, Chambord, with a twist of lemon and a slice of strawberry.

A steady parade of the usual suspects comes and goes, with some preferring to linger here rather than the Gala proper, and others bouncing back and forth between them like ping-pong balls. As usual it doesn't even raise an eyebrow when pairs (or even more) disappear into the private rooms of the VIP for more "intimate conversation." The security staff here is even more discreet than the other areas, but certainly on-hand should any difficulties arise, and the service staff is dressed in their own tuxedos, all with purple-and-red ribbons on their lapels.

Most of the Board is occupied with the Gala proper, and these nights are among the few where Sebastian Shaw won't likely be found here to greet the VIP members as he's able. There is, however, one board member present, the enigmatic Selene Gallio lounges in a corner with a few hangers-on that don't seem to be able to bring themselves to make eye-contact. Maybe not surprising, as there is nothing warm to be found in her eyes, and her smile, when it comes, is far more unsettling than comforting...but her family have been members since before the Club ever came across the Ocean, so as off-putting as she might be, she has "earned" her place as much as anyone here.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto da Costa was a very different creature here than at school or on his now frequent trips to Gotham. At the main gala at least, he was serious, and refined, everybit the crown prince of the da Costa business empire. Dressed in a very Robertoesque red patterned jacket, coupled with black pants and of course the obligatory black bow tie (visual: https://images.neimanmarcus.com/ca/1/product_assets/N/6/T/K/9/NMN6TK9_ka.jpg) he shook hands and introduced his date, Stephanie Brown, as he made the rounds of the room. Though as soon as he checked everyone off the list he headed for the elevator up to the VIP undoing his tie, and sighing, by the time he steps out, he grabs one of those Eisenhardt drinks off a passing tray and offers a second to Steph. "Drink?" he asks. "They usually let legacies get away with one or two before they cut us off," and even on a busy night like this the staff are keeping a close eye on the underaged legacy members. He takes a sip and lets his eyes close a little before he opens them again, "So, what do you think of how the other half live?"

Carrie Kelley has posed:
It wasn't often that Carrie Kelley made her way to the VIP lounge. In fact she'd only popped in once or twice before just to get a look around while exploring the amenities the club offered while she still had her Legacy member status. For this occasion though? After seeing the mass of people down on the main floor she'd retreated first to the Public House to grab a drink before coming here. It's there she'd run into Dr. Henry McCoy and struck up a conversation before inviting him along to the VIP area. After all, she hadn't used her plus one invite. Offering it to an esteemed scientist and former Avenger hardly seemed like a waste in any form.

Dressed in a lovely cream satin gown that highlighted her natural ginger hair, she walks in beside him. Lifting the hand which still held a champagne flute (but was filled with sparkling cider instead of alcohol due to her age), she gestures around the room. "This is generally where the more famous, or not-so-famous members of the club reside. They do tend to like their privacy," she explains with a grin. "Though to be fair I find quite a few of the other rooms just as enjoyable. If you've never tried it you simply *have* to visit the Strait Lace Steakhouse at some point. *The* best steak no matter the cut." She sighs wistfully. For such a tiny girl she did like her food.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
One of those lingering in the area happens to be Alanna Lyons. Unlike the streets of the city where she could be mostly anonymous should she wish, the club was much more of a 'business circle' for her than anyting. That means she ends up as an ambassador of her family to the rest of the world in here and she certainly acts the part. Dressed in a navy blue floor length dress, it fits comfortably and forms enough of a silhouette to be attractive. She's acquired the signature drink and sips it slowly as she looks around the room.

So far, she hasn't really set herself in anyone's particular direction. She's busy looking for faces that she recognizes to tie them to particular organizations to see exactly who's represented. It's good to know who might be making themselves known.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Dressed to kill.

To Elektra it could mean a lot of things, or pretty much how she is -always- dressed. Yet tonight, blessedly, there are no Sais or other such instruments of death in sight. In fact she sports quite the form-fitting gala gown, black in color that flows down, close to near touching the ground but never doing so. High Italian heels, a dark-purple, discreet scarf about herself and a few pieces of jewelry finish the look of the daughter of the former Greek Ambassador.

There is a brief look given to her phone just before she enters the Lounge more properly, a slight lift of her brow and then she stashing it away. A smooth smile coming up to her lips and then she properly wandering in, taking one of those signature drinks in hand, elegantly taking a sip.

She starts making her own rounds, a smile here and there, a nod of her head given to an old gentleman that passes her by. At least she seems to know who is who around but has yet to approach anyone directly, her eyes still surveying, watching on who chose to be here this night.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown had no idea the Hellfire Club was a place or a thing, until a recent trip to one of the restaurants. She was glad for that, else she would have been a bit bowled over by the gala tonight. Stephanie is wearing a black evening gown the likes of which she'd never even tried on, let alone worn for an evening. Black and strapless, with a very deep but narrow v-cut at the top, and then flowing black down to the floor, with a slit that shows frequent amounts of leg as she walks, and the black high heels that she about died over.

Despite being awed by most everything, the blond has stayed on Roberto's arm and greeted those he introduced her to with warm smiles. That part of the event she seemed to settle into well enough. But when Roberto suggested moving to a potentially quieter area, she was more than ready for it.

"Thank you," she says, taking the drink offered by Roberto. "I think... this is pretty amazing. I'd say something out of a movie but I doubt a movie would do it this well," she says, her eyes roaming the place. "I kind of thought I'd had glimpses into such a life. And, well, I have. But I'm still learning the rabbit hole goes deep- It's Carrie!" Stephanie's eyes light up brighter as she spots a redhead across the room.

Glorianna Silver has posed:
Pale green eyes dance across the room as the next arrival walks in, her red dress, tied by a black belt at the waist gives way to her right leg. The bare length of her leg, just touched by the sun is revealed from nearly her hip down to the black cross tied high heels that add three inches to her height. The top of the dress cut in a V low enough to give a hint of what lies beneaht with a red gem set in gold hanging about her neck by a silver chain.

Glorianna Silver has arrived and she stops briefly at the entrance to make sure people have a chance to notice her. She seems to seek it in a way but she lacks but a small twitch of her left lip up in a hint of a smirk. She was new to NYC but not entirely new to the club. Her father was a member, after all. She struts her way over to look down at the spectacle below briefly before turning and head over to select a drink and then look at the others who have made their presence known.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Dr. McCoy, for all his bestial appearance, dresses up well! His dark blue fur is freshly washed and brushed, the latter the often missed part. He's wearing a tailored midnight blue tuxedo, of the latest fashion. A pleated wing-tipped shirt with French cuffs, cufflinks, button studs, a black bow tie and patent leather (extra-wide) shoes complete the outfit. The Beast steps in, listening intently to Carrie's commentary. He was sans drink at the moment, just drinking in the venue and the assembled personages. "Quite the decadent affair, Miss Kelley. The steakhouse, you say? I assume they require reservations?" A wry grin to his host for the evening. "I will certainly try it out, with your recommendation. I am quite the fan of a properly prepared fillet mignon."

Sharp yellow eyes peer over those who happened to have made the entry list, nodding to a few familiar faces. Thankful for the smaller crowd, the Beast lets his senses take in the place - the sounds, scents - enjoying the luxurious club. "I will have to find a way to repay you for your invitation, honestly." He murmurs to Carrie.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley leans in a little closer to Henry so she can add in a little knowing mock-whisper about the steakhouse, "Only in the evenings and on weekends actually. It's quite easy to get in for lunch, and the prices are a bit better." A little admission she explains by adding, "I know he can handle it, but I try not to spend too much of my father's money." Straightening again with a bright smile she lets her own eyes roam over the crowd seeking out familiar faces. Which is good because she does manage to hear someone cry out her voice which earns a laugh.

"Oh don't worry about it at all. You're quite welcome... I usually come to these things alone in the first place, unless one of my brothers is with me. Do you mind if we wander that way? I see a friend of mine and her date." So saying she lifts a hand to give a quick wave to Stephanie even if it might not be totally acceptable. She doesn't yell at least. That's a benefit. "Feel free to try the drinks as well if you'd like. I'm not really a drinker myself, but they make amazing mocktails here."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto offers his up his glass to clink with Stephs before she has her first sip, letting the mix of liquors hit his throat with a soft sigh. He really hated these kinds of parties. He wasn't sure how he was going to survive when going to them became his job, but for now, liquor helped. "Oh, yeah, the rabbit hole just keeps going deeper, you should see some of the parties the Saudis throw," he shakes his head at the memory.

When Carrie is spotted, he lifts his hand and waves, though shortly after he spots another familiar face, Elektra Natchios, he lifts his hand to wave there too catching both womens eyes, he nods to a table suggesting they meet up there to chat and mingle. "Looks like Carrie's with one my teachers," Roberto whispers to Steph as he makes his way to the table and grabs a seat. "That's Professor McCoy I was talking about."

Henry McCoy has posed:
A grin is offered over to Carrie. "Prudent of you, Miss Kelley. Quite prudent." Beast chuckles. "Lunch then - perhaps I can offer to treat you for your gracious plus one?" He smirks, before nodding to Roberto in greeting. As one of the staff passes by, he quietly orders a Scotch, neat.

As Carrie mentions joining her friend, he nods. "Of course! Sitting with friends is one of the best parts of most evenings out, truth be told. I see young Roberto there, as well. He's one of the students where I teach."

James Proudstar has posed:
Selene's eyes mostly watch the comings and goings below, but every so often they sweep the remainder of the room on the same level she presently rules over. Most receive no more than a passing glance, a dismissal with barely a glimmer of conscious thought. But a few are regarded more intently...Roberto Da Costa is familiar to her, if not so personally. Dr. Hank McCoy bears enough renown that he too warrants a glimmer of recognition. There is a sense of danger to Elektra that the ancient sorceress can practically smell...death and Selene were old companions before Augustus reigned. A brief quirk of port-wine shaded lips gives Selene a briefly wry expression before her gaze moves on. Glorianna...well, Glorianna is she whom Selene's eyes linger the longest. She speaks no word, she makes no overt gesture. There is absolutely nothing that could remotely be called worry in that ice-cold, assessing gaze. But there is calculation, weighing and measuring. Found wanting? Hard to say, but aside from that pregnant glance, she makes no other sign of welcome, flicking her wrist in a gesture that might carry some mild annoyance when one of her pets draws closer than she cares to have him. He recoils almost as though struck, but at least he doesn't whimper.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Ah, there's da Costa. At least the young version. Not that Elektra can spot his father here just yet but her dark gaze catches on to Roberto's and she dips her head, acknowledgement and greeting. Her eyes trail to the offered table, smile becoming more pronounced but one that seems of acceptance, that she shall join soon enough.

For now though her aim is another. She knows many of those around, true. Even if she wasn't expecting the blue beast to be present. But no, she catches sight of Alanna. Watching her surveying, very much like herself. So it makes her curious.

She approaches the woman, a sip out of her drink, standing next to her while looking about and offering a greeting. "Good evening."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown touches her glass to Roberto's in the small toast. "Oh," she says after tasting the cocktail. "That... is tremendous," she says, glancing down at the glass. "And this should surprise me why?" she adds with a soft, self-deprecating laugh.

The wave from Carrie gets a small one returned from Stephanie. When Roberto starts subtly directing people towards a table, she follows on his arm while leaning closer. "That is?" she asks, just momentarily surprised. "Isn't he one of the Avengers?" she asks. "I didn't realize he was a teacher. That must make for some interesting classroom stories!"

The pair make their way over to the table and Stephanie waits to take a seat until Carrie arrives and she can go over and instead of giving a hug, at least takes her hands to gives them a tight squeeze before letting them go, not wanting to do anything to mess up the other's dress. "So glad you're here," Stephanie says warmly, then looks to the others to let someone do the introductions.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley lifts her drink to take a sip of the bubbling beverage. It matched her outfit at least so if there was a spill she was safe enough. She hoped. Usually she wore darker colors just for that reason. When Hank mentions that it's one of his students her eyebrows lift with amusement. "Oh? That's who my friend is currently seeing," she points out with a chuckle that tapers off to a quite genuine smile at his offer. "That sounds like it'd be lovely. Lunch then," she agrees with a nod as they make their way over to the table Roberto had ushered them toward.

When Stephanie steps forward to greet her she does the requisite cheek-kiss peck thing that seems to be oh-so-fashionable these days. "Stephanie, you look fantastic! Is Roberto behaving?" She asks teasingly. Given everyone had some inclination as to who was who, she gestures from Stephanie to Henry to mkae introductions. "This is my friend, Stephanie Brown from Gotham. She's just started attending college there. And this is Dr. Henry McCoy. I had the chance to attend one of his lecture a few years ago. A bit above my head but really interesting none the less."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Dipping his head to Elektra in turn he looks over to Stephanie as she asks about Beast. Yeah, sciences," Roberto confirms. "He's like a huge nerd but a really nice guy," he says quietly, though who knows if Beast can hear him or not.

"Ms. Wayne," Roberto greets Carrie before faking shock. "I /always/ behave," he insists with a grin. "Misbehaving is a type of behaving right?" he asks the group. Then turning his eyes to Beast he nods, "Professor McCoy, good to see you out in the world."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Evening." Alanna's greeting is cool, but not at all unfriendly. It's just the casual greeting of someone unsure of what sort of greeting she should be giving at the moment. But she's also been watching, and Elektra had caught her attention for a moment as well. They were both observing in a similar manner. So, after a small sip of her drink, she turns out towards the crowd.

"So who out there caught your attention the most?" She tips her head in Elektra's direction. "Assuming you were assessing the room." She does know this would sound /very/ out of place were they both not doing almost exactly the same thing.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Beast grins as he and Carrie get close enough for conversation. "Huge nerd indeed, Mister da Costa. And yes, misbehavior is in fact a form of behavior. Glad to see you here." He agrees, clearly teasing in his tone. Damn good hearing on the blue fuzzy doctor. He mentions nothing about the drink in Roberto's hand - no need to cause a scene for the young man! "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Brown." A polite bow of his head to the young woman. His drink arrives quickly thereafter, the man bringing it up to scent it with a smile. "Excellent year."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Hmmm, direct." A mix of amusement but also respect at the question given her way, Elektra continuing that survey indeed. It's not as if she truly hides it. Taking a feeling of a room is always a good thing to do before engaging, knowing who they are dealing with, "Do you mean besides Ms. Gallio and her sycophants..?" her dark eyes do go their way, just in time to see said sycophant recoiling as if hit. She tsks at it, brushing a loose strand of hair behind one ear again, eyes continuing to trail.

"And there there is always the old names, old blood. Here and there. Or even young da Costa over there with his friends. Curious connections." a nod towards the furried Beast.

Though then her eyes linger on Glorianna a moment, taking her in. "Though I normally find my interest in the unknowns." eyes then trailing to Alanna and resting there. "They have the most potential to surprise me, or disappoint me."

Then an offer. "I am Elektra Natchios."

Glorianna Silver has posed:
Looking back over toward Selene, there's something of a returned gaze. Glorianna was trained to be a terror in situations like this. Even without what she wears, she is something of a monster in her own way. She casually tilts her head as she looks over the 'host' of the evening before simply turning away from her, her gaze dismissing itself from the woman and going to the others here. Analyzing each.

She looks over Elektra first, taking her in and then turning her gaze next to the most obvious target. Hank McCoy. SHe is familiar with him if only due to his work and nature. She hmms before finally moving to the girl with him, considering her a moment.

She turns her eyes back over to Elektra mainly due to Roberto, she seems to try to place him. Considering him a moment longer before finally pushing herself forward as if she were simply casually leaving a spot where she was relaxing and walks over toward Elektra, "Good evening." She states to the woman, taking a sip of her drink. She then glances briefly at Roberto and nods to him from behind it.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown returns the greeting to Carrie. "Looking at colleges still, have to finish high school first. Graduation is near though," she says brightly. Stephanie beams a smile to Doctor McCoy as they are introduced. "Very nice to meet you, sir," she says. "Roberto has spoken pretty highly of the school, and mentioned his science teacher in fact. Though I hadn't any idea who you were until now," she tells him.

Stephanie takes a sip and says, "This place really is something, isn't it? Carrie, even after the steakhouse I just had no idea the rest was so... wow." Stephanie lets out a soft laugh of disbelief. "It's a beautiful party though isn't it?" asks the girl who hasn't ever attended anything nearly like this before.

Roberto da Costa has posed:
"Good to see you too, Professor," Roberto greets Hank before settling into his chair, not even thinking about the drink in his hand. It was the Club, he was used to cerain liberties.

His eyes drift to Selene in the corner, he frowns and turns away, as if trying to ignore a spider spinning its web in the corner of the room, though he does notice Glorianna's attention and offers a polite nod before turning his attention to the gathering at his table.

"It's pretty good, though I hear Lex Luthor's party last November was something as well, wasn't here for that one though, how about you Carrie?"

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Perhaps it had been a gamble to be so direct, but Alanna didn't seem so bothered by it. She sips from her glass, glancing over the others in the VIP room. Certainly all types, it seems. "I much prefer a room where I don't know anyone. It makes observing a much more interesting game." She smiles after a moment, but turns her head towards Elektra.

"I find that if I assume everyone has already disappointed me I'm frequently pleasantly surprised. Granted, it doesn't work in all circumstances." She gives a small nod. "Alanna Lyons. It's a pleasure, Ms. Natchios."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
"It's a lovely place," Carrie has to agree with a glance around the room as well. That little prickly feeling of being stared at happens just in time for her to glance over at Glorianna flashing the woman a perfunctory smile before dipping her head to take another slight sip of her champagne flute. "Mmm, no I was still overseas at that time. Honestly with all the talk I'd heard of this place from my brothers, they rather scared me away for awhile. It's only recently I decided to check it out for myself." A wry grin creeps over her as she adds, "As the only girl in the family I'm expected to keep a bit more decorum than my brothers."

A nod is given toward Stephanie as she considers the remarks. "It is a lovely place though and rather nice to indulge in some higher class things at times. Just remember that this is a charity event," she points out. "A lot of people lost their lives. Sure, this is a lovely, extravagant evening, but the purpose is to help those that are left rebuild and recouperate. I'm going to have to disapear downstairs for a bit to make the Wayne Foundation donation, as well as my own."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Quite true." Elektra says in easy agreement to Alanna, the smile continuing to linger in her expression even if there's always that touch of an edge to it, always ready to drop at an instant. "What about you? What has sparked your attention so far?" she inquires. Yet the name given by Alanna does make her consider, "Lyons." she echoes, "Very interesting..." she apparently recognizing it. "And how is the rest of the family? Any others present tonight?"

Her attention then shifting as they are addressed by Glorianna. She seems to assess the newcomer even if no judgement is present on her eyes. A dip of her head. "Good evening."

Then a gesture to the rest of the room. "We were but playing a small game. Assessing the room. Care to give us your opinion on it?" then she draining the rest of her drink.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
The mention by Carrie of the cause for the evening's event gets a nod from Stephanie. Her eyes go over to Doctor McCoy, as she says, "What happened was just, horrific. I recall you've been a spokesman for mutant rights. I really hope people wake up to what such hatred causes and take a look at themselves as a result," she tells him.

Stephanie looks over to Roberto and tells him, "Thank you for bringing me tonight. Even if most of my support is just of the moral variety, it's nice to be able to be here for this event in particular." She smiles over to him softly and then looks back to Carrie. "Glad you're here too," she says. "I don't feel /quite/ so out of place now."

James Proudstar has posed:
Seeing a brief moment that earns a spark of amusement, Selene rises from where she sits. Some of her retinue begin to rises as well, but a simple gesture sends them sitting back down again. They look almost despondent to be deprived of her presence.

The gown Selene wears almost appears as rivulets of ink running down her alabaster form, pooling in a flare of black skirts at her ankles. The "streams" of ink are accented with tiny pearls, and in this place there is no doubt they're likely both genuine and natural rather than cultivated (Dress reference: https://tinyurl.com/wt28ynv). A black lace choker encircles her throat, a large ruby centered upon it. She makes her way across the room, gliding in that way that only those well accustomed to stiletto heels can muster, though for all of Selene's attractive packaging, somehow the sinuous sashaying more closely evokes something serpentine rather than traditionally enticing. All performed with the assurance that can only be mustered by one that considers herself a living goddess. It's all very graceful...but in a manner that veers far more towards predatory than elegant.

"Mr. Da Costa..."

For all the chill in her manner and appearance, Selene's voice is warm velvet, almost entrancing enough to dispel that barely-conscious wariness she might inspire.

"I trust your father is well? It has been so very long since we have enjoyed his company here." There is a trace of accent to her words, but it doesn't quite match anything immediately recognizable. Perhaps the faintest traces echoed in Elektra's inflection, but even then...not nearly exact.

Henry McCoy has posed:
There's a bit of conflict evident on the face of Hank, as the reminder of the reason behind the fundrasier is brought up. "Good people were hurt, indeed. I find it admirable that the Club is doing their part to aid those misplaced people." A nod before he takes a sip of the excellent Scotch. A grin is offered over to Stephanie. "Well, I will certainly accept the compliment - though I have been teaching Health sciences as of late. Genetics and all." A proud puff up of his chest. Roberto is given a nod. "He's a very bright student, quite the hard worker."

At Stephanie's comment. "Yes, I have been and will continue as such for obvious reasons." He offers. "I always hold out hope for humanity as a whole, to right ourselves and stop falling into the easy rhetoric of hate, on all sides."

Glorianna Silver has posed:
Looking over in the direction of the moving Selene, she turns her gaze to Elektra before saying, "The same as it always is with gatherings like this. Everyone trying to put their best foot forward, one up everyone else whether conciously or otherwise, and the person who believes themself strongest, trying to put on the biggest show of all." She looks more directly at Selene as she speaks and sips her drink.

"Not entirely surprising." She looks over at Elektra, "Though that pair..." She looks over to Carrie and Henry before looking back to Elektra, "Are just here, interestingly enough."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"I haven't really decided. There's a lot of interesting faces I'm not acquainted with yet. So many people and so little time." Alanna still doesn't sound /terribly/ interested in it. She glances towards Elektra. "Ah, no, I'm afraid my family seems to like me to be the one to go to these things. I guess they think I'm more presentable for some reason. My grandfather's fond of me being the 'face' of the family."

She gestures around. "So that means I get to be the one drinking cocktails instead of doing something productive. Lucky me."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
"Professor, you're going to ruin my rep," Roberto laughs as he's declared a hard worker, but then he had to be taking time off school like he did, then trying graduate on time so he could move up to being on the X-Men. Steph's comments get a smile, before a shadow falls over him and he's found he's caught Selene's attention.


Roberto stands, "Ms Gallio," he says reaching up to straighten his tie that he'd already undid, he leaves it be. "My father sends his regrets, personal matters and business keep him back home for now, but he asked me to send his regards," by now the personal business, the divorce of Roberto's parents, was pretty well known, something of a scandal in Rio society, especially given the numbers involved in the settlement.

"I hope you've been well and please allow me to introduce my friends," he looks at the table, "This is my date Stephanie Brown, her friend Carrie Kelley and of course Professor Hank McCoy."

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"I recently heard something interesting..." Elektra muses for a moment, as if fishing it out of her memory, thoughtful, then finally says to Glorianna, "Obfuscated by their own cleverness. I found it amusing that someone would tell me such, in these very grounds." a gesture to the lounge they are standing about now. "Yet many normally -do- have reason to act the way they do. False modesty serves noone." she says. "Though whom might you be? I am Elektra Natchios. And this is Alanna Lyons." a gesture to the woman near her..

Her attention then goes to Alanna, she saying, "I presume that might be Daniel. And how has the old man been doing?" her smile becomes more pronounced, she never had any reasons to think ill of Daniel Lyons. Always a good thing.

And then a gesture, because if there's a place where Elektra likes to be is in the center of the maelstrom. And this seems like a good opportunity to join in.

"Care to come with me and lets meet a few more interesting faces?" she suggests, then begins to walk towards where the large grouping is, catching another drink on the way.

Glorianna Silver has posed:
A smile to Alanna and Glorianna nods to her, "Well, you can either just be the face or choose to do more. Do not underestimate the power of being a public face." She nods her head and then looks over to Elektra and nods to her, "It is well to meet you both and I agree. Lets go meet some people." She then walks along with Elektra, sipping her wine as she moves, not minding at all both letting Elektra take the lead and any flack.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley glances aside to Henry when the topic turns toward the actual reason for the evening. It was a tough topic to bring up indeed, especially around such a vocal proponent of mutant rights... and with good reason. Though it likely wasn't necessary, it was instinctual for her to reach out to lightly give his arm a squeeze in silent sympathy to the plight. "We'll get there, one day," she agrees with a solemn nod.

Her attention is breifly stolen away when Selene comes up to greet Roberto who looks as if he'd just bitten into a lemon and was trying valiantly not to admit he had. She goes quiet to watch the interaction. At least until he introduces them. Her head tips toward the woman with a polite nod. "A pleasure, Ms. Gallio."

Alanna Lyons has posed:
Alanna tilts her head in Glorianna's direction, a polite nod of greeting as Elektra introduces them both. "I find a peacock's colors tell you exactly what they're interested in." She observes, the room getting a quick glance over as if to reiterate her point. She looks towards Glorianna though and grins. "Oh, believe me, I have grown up being entirely aware of the power that position brings. A good face is never /just/ a face." She flashes a winning smile, then looks in Elektra's direction. "My grandfather is very well, thank you for asking. I suppose you don't mind me telling him you asked after him?" It's a polite way of her making sure that they're on decent terms, at least.

Ah, but Elektra is finding the fun, and Alanna's not one to be left out. "Sounds like a plan," she utters as she moves into place behind Elektra and makes her way over.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie spots Selene as the woman is moving their way, the woman's gait making her stand out just a bit along with her coming over to their table. She glances to Roberto as he seems to recognize her. When introduced, the girl's blue eyes move back to Selene and she offers her a pleasant enough smile. "Hello Ms. Gallio," Stephanie offers. "Very nice to meet you," she offers, similar to the greetings she'd been giving to others that Roberto has introduced her to.

Stephanie's hand drifts over to rest on Roberto's back. "Doctor McCoy, maybe we could get you to tell some other stories about Roberto in class sometime," she suggests, casting Roberto a faint, teasing grin as she tries to inject more levity.

Henry McCoy has posed:
An appreciative nod is offered to Carrie, Beast finding a bit of a smile again. "Thank you, I know we will - it will be a struggle, but the pain is worth the end result." The man offers over, nodding. And then... Selene arrives. He stands up a bit straighter, offering a nod of respect to the woman. "Miss Gallio, quite the pleasure to meet you."

As Stephanie asks for more stories, he glances to the young woman, then Roberto. "I am certain I can come up with some of his exploits, though Mr. Da Costa may seek to shush me." A grin.

James Proudstar has posed:
"I have been splendid, thank you, Roberto. And it is a delight to meet you all." Selene's smile isn't quite insincere, but there's something about it that leaves the impression that her meaning behind those words may not quite fit the traditionally accepted definitions. "I am Selene Gallio, a member of the Board here. I do hope you are all enjoying our little soiree."

Selene's gaze lifts to see the trio now approaching, her smile widening, revealing pristine white teeth, perfectly arranged. Do those canines look a touch too sharp? Probably just a trick of the light. "And here we have ever more guests. Miss Natchios, Miss Lyons, I do hope your endeavours have been fruitful of late?"

Glorianna gets a brief pause, "And you my dear, I do not believe I have seen you here before. New to the New York Club?"

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Oh, please do mention me. Perhaps I should come visit sometime soon, mmm?" Elektra replies to Alanna, her smile gaining just that little dangerous edge again, yet she seems to understand the -why- it's asked, she apparently pleased with that carefulness.

And then they are approaching, her own smile showing teeth, taking measure of Selene, "Ms. Gallio." she offers with a respectful, even manner. A slight dip of her head, manners just pristine. "Quite the pleasure to see you here tonight. I have been rather well, there is never lack of business to take care of afterall."

Her eyes then going to the rest of the 'gang', her first nod being to Roberto. "Mr. da Costa. A pleasure to see you about again. How is your father?" that seems like a recurring question!

Then a smile given to the rest of his friends, looking each in turn. "Good evening. How do you do?"

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto, nods. "Shall I say hello to my father for you? I am sure he'll call tomorrow for a full report of the festivities," he offers though as soon as Elektra and the other two women he doesn't recognize arrive, he breathes a barely audible sigh. The eye of Sauron was off of him for now.

Spotting a waiter he beckons him over for a second drink.

"Definitely going to want you to shush, Professor," he says after collecting himself, before smiling at Steph. "And don't encourage him."

"Ms. Natchios," he greets Elektra then taking the drink from the waiter. "Good to see you again." Her companions are given a nod as well. "This is my date, Stephanie Brown, her friend Carrie Kelly, and Professor Hank McCoy," he hurries through the introductions.

Glorianna Silver has posed:
Walking over to the group, Glorianna simply takes in their words until Selene draws attention to her. Glorianna simply nods lightly, "I am new to this area." She nods her head, "I have not taken the time to stop in at the Hellfire Club New York when I have had reason to visit the city." She sips her wine, "I am Glorianna Silver." She nods her head and smiles to Selene, "A pleasure." She then takes another sip of her wine.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"I do my best to make sure all my endeavours are always fruitful. I'm good at my job." Alanna offers a smile as well, it seems. Everyone's /so/ friendly. She glances in Elektra's direction, the smile in her eyes, looking a more playful. "I shall be certain that Grandfather hears. He's often very busy, but I'll do my best to see if something can be arranged. I take a lot of his meetings lately. I think he's a bit bored."

Her attention turns to the rest of the cluster, offering a welcoming nod. "And I am Alanna Lyons. Lovely to meet everyone."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
The little ginger that was Carrie Kelley was not overly familiar a face at least. Enough so that she was easily looked over here--something she's quietly grateful for as yet more women approach the table. She had been mostly relaxed a good portion of the evening. She wasn't here for official work after all, just as a representative of the Wayne Foundation as well as wishing to attend the benefit herself. Now that Selene's presence has put everyone at the table a bit on edge however she merely grows quiet wearing a soft little smile.

Her eyes though. Those green eyes grow sharp and watchful even if her expression remains passibly relaxed. Now she was watching the way the others approach and treat each other. They were amidst predators of one fashion or another, clearly.

Raising her champagne flute in greeting to the newcomers she offers an overly cheerful, "Good evening! Lovely gala, isn't it?" Before taking a sip of the liquid within. With that little refreshing sip taken she swings her gaze back to Selene. "Beg pardon, Ms. Gallio, but to whom should we make the donations for tonight? Or would that be better addressed downstairs?"

Elektra Natchios has posed:
When Alanna mentions taking many of her grandfather's meetings as of late that brings Elektra's attention back to the other woman, a nod of understanding. "I see. More than just a simple face that comes here to drink and represent the family. Welcome then." To whatever Elektra is welcoming her though, who knows!

But then her eyes are taken back to the group as introductions are made, "Well met to you all." though her eyes do linger on Hank for a while longer. "Professor." a more solemn nod given. Yes, perhaps considering the theme of the evening it is appropriate that she shows some respect just before she says towards Carrie. "And quite so, one never knows who we will come across in these times. It can provide quite the delightful surprises from time to time. Or utter disappointment. But that can often be drowned down with another martini." emphasis on the drown.

James Proudstar has posed:
Selene nods oh-so-graciously in Gloriana's direction, "Welcome then, Gloriana Silver...a lovely name. And of course to the rest of you as well, once more." Still, Selene's eyes don't leave Gloriana as she speaks, at least not for the moment, "I would offer you refreshment, but I see you have already acquired something to quench the fire of your thirst for the moment." Not that Selene wasn't a bit (or a lot) odd already, but it's still an odd turn of phrase.

Her eyes turn to Roberto once more, "Yes, that would be lovely, thank you Roberto." In regards to passing Selene's own regards to his father, that is.

Carrie's question however, gets a dismissive gesture, "Yes, such a question is best directed downstairs. Shaw attends to such matters." There's a //tone// there. Shaw's name invoked as though the owner of this establishment were an insect to be stepped on, but in this case one whose stinger lodged in her foot and cannot be easily removed. A brief, perhaps confusing mixture of arrogance, annoyance, and perhaps underlying it the tiniest shred of begrudging respect.

"I shall not impose upon you all further. Should any of the servants here displease you, feel free to bring it to my attention and it will be remedied. Do enjoy your evening..." And with another chilling smile she moves away, back to her adoring throng, paying the group no more heed for the time being.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Hank grins widely at Roberto's wish for hushing. "Well, as Miss Brown has not insisted..." The man offers to the younger fellow. A nod to Electra, Alanna and Glorianna. "Good evening to all of you. Dr. Henry McCoy, but please Henry is fine." A smile, genuine, is given to each. The man takes a sip of his Scotch. "Are you all members of the Club?" He guesses, smiling politely. "I happened to stumble upon fortune, with the young lady - she saw me, uncomfortable in this suit and took pity on me." He jests. "Brought me into this lavish locale, where I could meet the movers and shakers."

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie grins to Roberto and tells him, "Alright, no encouraging," in agreement. She flashes a smile over to Henry McCoy and Carrie though. "It is nice to meet someone from Roberto's school though," she repeats to Hank.

Stephanie turns to Elektra as the woman comes over and is introduced to her. "Good evening, Ms. Natchios," Stephanie responds. "Very nice to meet you. It's quite an affair here tonight," she comments. "Hello, Ms. Lyons, and Ms. Silver. Nice to meet you as well. Stephanie Brown," she offers to both women in a pleasant tone. "You both look amazing tonight," she says in compliment of their gala attire.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
The welcome from Elektra is noted, and Alanna nods in her direction. Whatever the welcome was for, she seems to understand the meaning, at least in some sense. Her gaze sweeps the rest of the group. "Yes, my family thought that it made good business sense to have some connections here, so... here I am, dutiful grandaughter." Her attention moves to Stephanie.

"Thank you, Ms. Brown. I much prefer jeans, though." Is it a joke? It's hard to tell.

Carrie Kelley has posed:
The response to her question earns a curt nod from Carrie in apparent understanding. The dislike was there between those two clearly. "Of course," she murmers with a glance cast toward Stephanie, Roberto, then Hank again with a smile. "Sorry guys, looks like I'll need to vanish for a few so I can drop that check off." Looking again to Hank she asks, "Would you be all right here until I return? Should only be... Well hopefully not long depending how crowded it is," she has to admit with a little sigh.

An apologetic smile is cast toward Alanna, Elektra, and Glorianna as well. "I do apologize for having to vanish a few moments. Family duty and all that," she explains with a little shrug. "I'm sure you all understand."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto flashes a grin at both Steph and Hank, before nodding to Selene the grin having vanished from his lips. Carrie gets a nod then, "Good luck, it's wild down there," he jokes. "We'll keep Professor McCoy company while you're gone," he says, giving the professor a smile and squeezing Steph's hand. "Does anyone want another drink?" he asks trying to make himself useful and maybe get some distance from Selene.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
Social cues certainly do not go unperceived by Elektra either. The blessings and curses of having been an ambassador's daughter. She watches Selene go, her smile growing. Another thing she learned tonight. Yet it lingers just for a moment, attention going back to the group. "Of course. We are all here for the same reason afterall, are we not? To show our support." this said to Carrie.

"Your grandfather has always been a wise man." She then says to Alanna buth then her focus goes to the Beast, she asking him, "And what are you thinking being among the .., movers and shakers? All you ever imagined or still with your reservations?" no apparent malice in her tone, just curiosity.

Glorianna Silver has posed:
Looking after Selene, Glorianna sips her drink and for anyone watching, there's just the briefest moment of her eyes turning reddish as if there was a flame behind them. She then looks back at the others and hmms, "Well, it has been fun listening to all of you and meeting all of you in turn, however, I believe that I should go." She nods her head, "Until next time."

Henry McCoy has posed:
Hank nods, smiling over to the young woman who brought him up to the VIP room. "Of course, I promise to not make a spectacle of myself." A chuckle. "I am certain your donation will be very helpful to the charity. We'll see you when you return, at the very least I need your contact information so we can arrange that lunch."

The Beast looks to Stephanie, offering a stage whisper, not at all hidden by his hand. "I'll tell you about the stories later, Miss Brown." A wink. Poor Roberto!

As Elektra addresses him directly, he pauses - taking a sip of his drink. "Well, being not as affluent as most of the people present, I do admit to feeling a bit out of my element." The furry mutant offers over. "But, it is quite the experience. So far, the conversation and companionship has been top notch." At the mention of Glorianna's departure, he offers a wave. "A pleasure meeting you, Miss Silver."

Carrie Kelley has posed:
Carrie Kelley nudges her chair back to rise with a little stretch of her shoulders rising up, then relaxing again. "Indeed. Hi ho, hi ho, off to war I go," she sing-songs jokingly. "Seriously at my height it feels that way getting through crowds at times." She's smiling though at her friends, and nods toward Hank in response. "Of course! I'll be back as soon as I'm able."

Again she dips her haed twoard Elektra, Glorianna and Alanna. "Pleasure meeting you all. I apologize for the abrupt departure, but perhaps we'll have time to properly chat later." With that she turns to slip off for the elevator.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie Brown gives a warm laugh at Beast's stage whisper back to her. It's easy to tell she's already taken a liking to Roberto's teacher. "I'll look forward to it," she tells him with a grin before she looks to Alanna and her comment about jeans. "I completely agree, but it would have been a shame not to get to see you in that," Stephanie says warmly.

Carrie's impending departure gets a nod of understanding from Stephanie. "Glad we were able to run into each other. We should get together some night this week. I have an area you might like to go visit with me," she says. Mob front, she's pretty sure, and Spoiler could use a little help with the takedown. Those details will be left for discussion another time though.

The blond girl looks back to Roberto. "A drink would be fabulous. Another one of those, or, well, I trust you. Whatever you think I might like," she says. She glances towards the departing Selene, and then back to Roberto. "All sorts of interesting people here," she comments. Though saves questions for another time.

Elektra on the other hand, seems to be more welcome by her date. "Would you like to join us?" Stephanie asks, motioning towards one of the open chairs.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"Out of your element, mmm." Elektra takes that with an amused smile of her own. "Isn't that where most important discoveries are found though? When we reach out of the box..?" a question for the professor, another sip out of her drink. It's like she is drinking water!

Then a farewell nod towards both Carrie and Glorianna when they excuse themselves just before she accepts the offer to sit with a gracious bow of her head and then eases herself down on the offered chair. "Stephanie Brown, is it?" she considers the name, not exactly one she has heard. "Also a part of the movers and shakers as well?" she seems to have taken a liking to how the Beast called them! "... Or like our Professor friend also taking note of these places for the first time?"

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto shakes his head at Beast and Steph. That's not a combo he needed, at this rate he could expect one of his exes to show up and join the conspiracy against him.

Still he chances leaving the table and giving them a moment to talk while he hunts down another drink for Steph and anyone else who needed one. He comes back quickly delivering them before he sits down and takes a sip of his second drink.

He doesn't butt in and just savours the liquor as he eases back into the flow of conversation.

Henry McCoy has posed:
The good doctor nods. "Indeed. Research requires a brave step into new frontiers." Hank responds to Elektra. He too is drinking without any real change of expression - Scotch! Oh! Seats! He finally does take one, careful to unbutton his tux jacket as he does. "The act of such forrays, does not preclude the trepidation felt by those taking the steps, though. We simply batten down the hatches and steer into the wave."

He turns his gaze to Stephanie, as questions have been posed to her.

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"It /is/ nice to have an excuse to wear it places other than my apartment when I'm watching My Fair Lady and singing along," Alanna comments regarding the dress before she finds herself a seat after all. Comment aside, though, she doesn't push her way into the conversation, instead listening with interest. She does, however, take the chance to glance around the rest of the room to make sure she's not missing anything vital.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
Stephanie, after not sensing any of Roberto's reaction that Selene got, being given to Alanna as well, makes the same invitation to her that she did Elektra. "Would you like to have a seat and join us?" she asks.

The girl then swings her attention back to Elektra to give a soft laugh and shake of her head. "Mover and shaker? Oh no, just a simple high school girl from Gotham, I assure you," Stephanie says with a rueful laugh. She looks over to Roberto and says, "Just a lucky girl," as she flashes a little smile to him, and one that likely has little to do with whether he's a mover and shaker or not.

Stephanie takes the drink Roberto brings her and takes a sip. "Oh. Oh that's good. I'm sort of glad we're not having to take the HyperLoop back tonight," she tells him. "Maybe we can sneak a few more of these before they notice the number?" she asks with a soft grin.

James Proudstar has posed:
Selene's attention seems to be firmly directed towards the level below for the time being, to the point that her chair has been swiveled to face the railing. Whatever it is she's watching, she seems pretty intent on it. To the exclusion of all else.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
The mention of Gotham makes Elektra click her tongue. Bad experiences perhaps? Or perhaps just different ones. "Nothing is ever simple out in Gotham. Even high school girls. I have always found the night life there to be rather .., active." she then bringing one leg up to drape over the other, relaxed. A faint smile up to Roberto when he rejoins them and she questions the young man. "How long have you two been together?"

A questioning look is given to Alanna when she mentions My Fair Lady..., but fair is fair. She doesn't question it, maybe just not the mental picture she had of the woman! So her focus ends in the Beast, "Very true, Doctor McCoy. Nothing should be done in half-measures, mmm?"

Alanna Lyons has posed:
"Everyone's got guilty pleasure," Alanna points out, looking amusedly in Elektra's direction. She didn't ask, but she's getting an answer. Her drink is sipped, then she looks between Stephanie and Roberto. "This is the VIP room, I sincerely doubt they'll cut you off unless you're a /problem/." Her own drink is sipped, though she does glance over to the rest of the conversation going on at the table.

Henry McCoy has posed:
Henry perks up as Alanna menions musical theatre. "Lovely production, My Fair Lady. Absolutely stunning in production." He even goes so far as to hum a few bars of "The Rain in Spain". Clearly, he is enjoying the warm feelings from the Scotch and conversation. There's a grin to no one in particular. "I should get out to more musicals, I heard Hamilton was outstanding."

He returns to the conversation, looking to Elektra. "To quote a famous Karate master, Either you karate do "yes" or karate do "no." You karate do "guess so," (get squished) just like grape." A wry grin from Beast. "There is no half-measures when trying to accomplish something."

Roberto da Costa has posed:
Roberto, smiles and looks at Steph as he answers Elektra's question, "Our first date was arguably on my birthday, so a couple of weeks," he says before looking back to Elektra. "It's been good."

There's a nod about Gotham's nightlife. "So far I've found it to be more hyped up than the rumours suggest, still kept all the hubcaps on my car on the few times I parked down there at night and haven't met any bats," he grins. Oh if only he knew.

He smirks a little at Beast's Karate kid quotes. "Am I going to come down to the lab sometime and find you trying to catch flies with chopsticks?" he asks his teacher before looking past him for a moment to wonder what unfortunate soul had Selene's attention.

Stephanie Brown has posed:
There's a quiet laugh from Stephanie on the "arguably" part of when their first date was. She reaches over and slips her hand onto Roberto's as she looks down at her glass and smiles. "It has been good," she says with a nod before turning to look up and over to him, the smile brightening.

Stephanie takes another sip of her drink and then coughs for a moment. Drink must have gone down the wrong pipe. It just lasts a second, she's fine, and gets a sheepish look. "It's definitely a different kind of town. But then the old girl's been through a lot," Stephanie says of the city that was pretty much cast aside by the rest of the country during No Man's Land after the big tidal wave hit the area.

The teen's face breaks out in a grin at the thought of Doctor McCoy catching flies with chopsticks. "I kind of imagine he could probably do it too, Roberto," she says.

Elektra Natchios has posed:
"You will find no judgement out of me. And you do have a fan too apparently." Elektra says to Alanna while gesturing towards Beast. But then when Beast goes on about the karate kid quotes she can't help but smirk. Maybe she is picturing Stick saying those things. It does bring an interesting mental image..

The mention of Roberto and Stephanie being together for two weeks makes her smile understandingly. "Young love.." she mentions but then she is getting up to her feet. It is indeed time to continue on... Perhaps do a donation, or skip out to do Elektra things. Because there are always Elektra things to be done in such a gala.. That do not involve killing..

"Unfortunately it is time for me to be on my way. It was quite my pleasure to meet you all." She offers. And she takes another drink to go. Hopefully she will have a driver to take her home, even if it may be on the wrong seat.

James Proudstar has posed:
This gala shows no signs of stopping anytime soon...it's quite common for it to last well into the night, and that's not even including a host of after-parties and sub-gatherings and various and sundry other social happenings that spring off from it. But for now, in this moment, as a daughter of Gotham makes her way back to her friends both new and not-quite-as-new, a chapter in the story of this particular evening closes.