10833/The Schematic Won't be Problematic!

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The Schematic Won't be Problematic!
Date of Scene: 20 April 2022
Location: Valeria's Room - Four Freedoms Plaza
Synopsis: Val offers knowledgebase of synthetic animals for Viv's reasardch into Sparky. Cake and Coffee were very welcome rewards!
Cast of Characters: Valeria Richards, Vivian Vision

Valeria Richards has posed:
Val Richards, almost always doing science somewhere, is often available for consultations with her friends. And luckily often has plenty of stuff that can be used to help things along.

In the case of Vivian, the Fantastic Four computers often have more than a few files on robotics, cybernetics, and artificial intelligence. The nummber of HERBIEs flying around Four Freedoms Plaza and the Sequined Doombot Pierre doing chores for Val evidence enough. That sparkly former servant of it's creator having been rebuilt often enough.

Having invited Vivian over, the blonde human is dressed pretty casually. White yoga pants and a blue hoodie with a huge numeral 4 on the front and back with RICHHARDS above the one on the back above shoulders. Long hair bound up in a fishtail braid and down over one shoulder while she works at her desk, occasionally sipping at a bottle of water and picking at a bowl of popcorn smelling greatly of melted butter.

Chomp chomp, type type.

Having made the invite, the intended visitor should have no problem making her way to the woman's room. Plenty of directions from HERBIES. And an empty threat from Pierre that just leaves the poor Doombot feeling dismayed when HERBIES all glare at him.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Ever the polite house guest Vivian Vision always makes sure to turn up with a gift for the host. Today it's a selection of cakes from a famous New York patissiere, enough for Val and her family, carefully chosen so there will be choices to suit everyones tastes.

She's dressed pretty much how she always is outside of school hours. Yellow cargo pants along with a green top. The pockets in her cargo pants make excellent storage space for USB sticks and other storage devices. Ideal for transporting a lot of data without having to upload it directly into her mind.

"Good day Valeria," she greets. "I have got you a selection of snacks. I hope they prove acceptable?" The family gift portion having already been dropped off enroute. "I also fetched you a coffee." Because typically a member of GIRL tends to forget trivial thigs like sleeping...

Valeria Richards has posed:
There's a happy ooh of surprise as Vivian arrives with coffee and it's taken in both hands with a big warm smile. "Thanks Viv, just lucky enough I remembered to even eat. The coffee is gonna be just the right fuel for the big brain!" she beams appreciatively. The water bottke was just the first thing she reached on her own and the blonde puts the lid on and hands it to the robitic pair of arms on the nightstand between the bed and the desk. Which then puts it right back on the desk when it can't reach the minifridge.

Sips of the heated caffinated goodness are slow and enjoyed. "So you still looking to make Sytnthedoggo a thing? Figured call up as many artificial canine forms. See if there's any tech in the database that might be useful.

The holo display showing multiple windows, schematics, code, video of robopups and other animals besides dogs. All possibly applicable.

Vivian Vision has posed:
"I have a name in mind," Vivian admits with a nod. Looking around for somewhere to put the box of cakes. Ideally without crushing something potentially delicate or out of the way enough that Val will forget it when she resumes her work. "Sparky. Technically he will just be a synthezoid in dog shape."

She frowns.

"Admittedly without the same processing power required to be considered a true sentient being. Merely a very convincing replica."

The coffee has been made precisely to Valeria's tastes. Based on a combination of observation and data from the GIRL coffee machine. "I think the main difficulty will be in obtaining accurate brain scans of a canine."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Oh my god!" Val might be twenty but the name and an image of a cute Synthezoid Canine Shape and tge name gets her right in tghe kawaii senses. The mechanical arms on the night stand pick up on Viv's wants for the cakes and clears a few things and stacks them neatly. It's mostly just documentation and reports in old hard copy dead tree format that noone managed to scan yet.

"I dunno, I mean it might be fine. Most canines are very intelligent. They can think and feel and process and solve some problems better than a lot of humans. A doggo that can talk might actually be a good idea." Val points out. "Scooby Dooby Doo!" she says with a giggle. "Rug roh Raggy!" she adds and giggles.

The coffee really is enjoyed, slower longer sips taken as Vivian manages to with aplomb, nail how Val takes it. "Getting a canine brain? Well we do not need to do anything invasive to an actual dog. Between us we should have enough scann ing tech to put something together. We just find a shelter and volunteer ourselves to help out every now and again. Gets us access to the dogs. They get some extra love between adoptions and fosters. You get to scan a brain or twelve and see how they behave and learn how to look after a non synthetic pupper!" she suggests brightly.

Vivian Vision has posed:
Once there is space the box of cakes gets put down and opened. Quite deliberately. So Val will see the contents and perhaps remember if she ate in the last day or so. It's almost like she's used to dealing with absent-minded scientists or something!

"Intelligence is relative though. While I am happy to make Sparky intelligent enough to play fetch I would rather not have to deal with the moral and ethical issues that would arise if he was intelligent enough to demand equal voting rights. Or have the ability to formulate plans for world domination."

While it's not common knowledge that an Avenger created Ultron who in turn created Vision. It's highly likely that Valeria, through her family connections, has some knowledge of the matter.

"That does seem like a way to balance my goals with doing good for the community. Actually it might even work out beneficial for the project. Scanning the brain of a canine which already is comfortable with my presence will yield more useful results than scanning the brain of a canine which hasn't built up a positive association."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Popcorn alone is really not enough. So the girl eyeballs cake with a lick of her lips. A piece is taken and with one hand underneath the other keeping crumbs from spilling over herself, she takes a big old chomp and wolfs the baked desert down fast.

Maybe she was hearing her stomach rumbling but that was why she grabbed her own snacks as innefective they are compared to. Once the cake is eaten, and coffee sipped to disolve any bits that might have wanted to hide amongst pearly whites. "Well a dog or other animal is a member of the family. They have rights of their own already. It's kinda like when Elder Vision brought life to you. It feels kinda diservice to not make him as smart as you." She adds with a smile and a shrug.

She does go on and call up a bunch of dog rescue videos from Toutube. "Well the safe option is getting to know them. You'd pretty much have to otherwise make an organic brain somehow. Which would probably get us both in trouble. I mean find brain already liking you. Add dog shape to the owner. Easy really but ethical might be out the window." she suggests and hmms while punching up more reseach as the young women plan the newest addition to the Vision Family.