10846/More Practice Makes More Perfect

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More Practice Makes More Perfect
Date of Scene: 21 April 2022
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: James and Kitty take archery practice in the Danger Room.
Cast of Characters: Kitty Pryde, James Proudstar

Kitty Pryde has posed:
The Danger Room is active, though the doors are not locked as they would be if it was any kind of serious scenario being run that interruption would be an issue.

Within, the scene appears to be a field at the top of rolling hills, the gusty winds making waves through the grass. The sky overhead is blue with numerous white clouds drifting by. In the distance can be seen a lone mountain top, the dark rock crowned with a white cap of snow. The distinctive appearance of Mount Fuji makes it easy to recognize, setting this simulated field somewhere in Japan. The rooftops of a small village in the distance further that impression with their very Asian styling.

Further along the field, a post and a few straw dummies of vaguely human shape have been set up. They seem to be targets for the young woman standing facing them. Kitty is wearing blue jeans and a light red zip up sweatshirt. But has a Japanese style quiver on her back, and the shortbow she is holding also seems authentic to the region.

Kitty takes a deep breath as she watches the gusting wind, and then begins drawing arrows and letting them fly, one after another. A dozen shots in all, scattered across the targets. All but one ends up quivering where she aimed. The other sailed wide of the post.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar has a tablet and is reviewing files, he smirks when the arrow flies wide, "You're slipping Kitten." He watches her casually, "You do not expect me to use something that size do you?" He tilts his head, "It's been a few years since I used a bow but that's smaller than the one I had as a child." He grins, hands on hips, oh that Apache Ninja rivalry is on. he is also dressed casually, jeans and an Xavier's Tee. His long hair is tied back, casually. He is at ease as he watches Kathryn, "So, what were the terms again? Loser has to review the object database and eliminate all the old people's gibberish?" He raises his eyebrows. It a weird dividend paid from his time as a prisoner of the Dominators. The Clone Apaches were working for the Shi'ar fighting against the Kree and Jim gained more than a passing understanding of Shi'ar and Kree tech, including the coding that makes the Danger room function. Jim is standing near the door and snatches the arrow before it can cross the threshold, just in case. It should have dematerialized but why take a chance.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty eyes her results, a slight twist to her lips at having missed with one of the arrows. "If it's too big it hinders movement," she says with a nod of her head towards the bow. "Apaches use their bows for hunting. Distance is more important than in the uses my training put it to use for her," she points out with a grin towards the immense Native American.

Kitty heads across the grass to pick up her arrows. True the Danger Room could just reset her with a full quiver. But she tends to go for realism, especially with simulations relating to certain parts of her life. "But you can order up one to whatever specifications you want," she tells him. "And you're on," she agrees to the bet.

The arrows are pulled from the targets and checked for damage, then replaced in her quiver. Kitty walks back. "This is a beautiful spot for it, isn't it?" she asks. It also introduces those gusting winds for an added level of difficulty. Why she missed with one of her shots.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles and hands her back the arrow, he watches her chuckling. "Touche. Mmm, you are a sucker for a bet Pryde. Like Marty McFly." He watches her gathering the arrows, he gets it. James learned in the real world and that retrieval is part of the process. He taps a few keys on the tablet and picks up a large apache hunting bow from the grass, with a quiver of arrows made of straight branches with eagle feathers. He smiles and nods, they even smell real, "It is, love the wind randomization, you did a pretty good job with the smells." He smiles, taking in this part of her, "Was the village his?" He nods in that direction.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
"A woman who we stayed with for a time, had a place there. Mariko," Kitty says, not supplying further details as to the connection to her beyond that. "I didn't get to spend as much time there as I'd have liked. But I remembered this field. The view of the mountain in particular. There was one day, a storm in the distance behind it, like it was framing it. So lovely," Kitty says, smiling at the memory.

She arrives back at James, moving out of the way to apparently let him shoot first, or get a practice round if he wishes. Kitty slings the bow over her back while she waits. "Programming the Danger Room isn't too difficult. Making scenarios, that is. But making them seem fully real and not just a room with opponents and explosions, yes. A little bit of an art, isn't it?"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar smiles listening to her talk, he nods, James knows the basics, you don't go on vacation as an average hand to hand combatant and come back as good as the teacher without some questions being asked. He's also been around enough that people let things drop without meaning to, they all have. "Sounds it, she seems nice." Jim strings the bow and notches an arrow. he takes his first shot and arches it into the distance watching how the wind plays with it, the way it wiggles the thicker heavier shafts he uses tending to show less deflection. He then looses seven of the arrows into the straw men, three hit true and four his the target. but sail through it driven by the power of the bod and the draw. He sighs as they sail far a field and drifts into the air retrieving his own arrows while Kitty sets her self, but between flight and speed he covers the ground pretty quickly. "Not too, no. Though I don't know I would have said that three years ago. Yeah, it is, also born of experience. I just to tend layer more in, cause of how I experiences the world." He shrugs, "I notice when people who don't make the effort for realism... Scott is crazy completist, I'm not sure if it's art or madness but the dude loves his detail. I think a lot of people don't realize quite how deep he runs. Like you said there's art in the detail."

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty eyes James as he shoots, watching his form rather than the results, and then keeping her eyes on him as he retrieve his arrows. "True, he can obsess about... things," Kitty says, breaking out in warm laughter and a grin. "All sorts of things."

She waits for James to return and then unslings her own bow again. She briefly tests the draw and then sets her feet. She doesn't wait long, just looses one arrow after another, pulling the next arrow smoothly from the quiver with fluid, well-practiced motions. This time they all their targets.

"So anything else interesting going on lately?" she asks him. "I've had my head down working on some new computer designs for the base, have lost touch a little bit." It happens sometimes, when she geeks out.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar comes back and smiles to find her eyes on him, he might even flex a bit, just a small bit. Jim waits as she settle herself, his eyes on her body, yes, her form, the way she moves, he talks while you retrieve your arrows, "Well, Chuck sent a few of us to train with the Amazons. It was interesting. We had a run in with some wolves in DC on an errand for Chuck, Tabs was hurt, I am apparently a dog murderer, though they were very clearly not dogs and thousands of years of evolution..." He exhales, "Yeah, there was a trip to Mexico, got turned into squirrels. Have you heard of Gen Actives? There like mutants but apparently not mutants? I don't get it but some one with pheromone based powers is hunting some gen active kids, it may be a thing. But it is not related to the mutant disappearance that Beak has been tracking across the northeast. Those kids disappear but show up later killed by some wild abberation of their powers. Oh, I got a temp license for Social work, with everything that's been going on they are desparate for social workers to process all the refugees and returnees and everything. Hmmmm, anything else? ... oh, yeah... I miss you." James says the last very quietly and lets loose his arrows in quick succession, the thwacks making a staccato sound against the straw figures. 12 for 12.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Various reactions cross Kitty's face. Not least of all the look of surprise that is followed by an overt down and up examination of James. "Well, doesn't seem to have taken," she says of being turned into a squirrel. "Though I wish I'd seen..." she says before trailing off and picking up the tablet.

She taps away, glancing up at James for a moment, then back down. Moments later, a big, fluffy squirrel tail sized for James appears on his backside. "Oh yep, it's as cute as I figured it would be," she says with a warm laugh.

She removes it without him having to act, or comment. "Good of you to help out with that," she says of the social work. She smiles and touches his back briefly as she passes to take her turn at the targets again.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar puts a hand on his hip and snorts, "Miss Pryde are you admiring my tail?" He manages to make it twitch cutely before you make it disappear, "Whatever would the students say? Though, I was an adorable and cat sized squirrel. No lasting ones, though I do still crave nuts and have the urge to bury them... " He shakes his head and shrugs. "It's nice to be useful outside of smashing things or running black ops for the bald guy and the cute computer lady... I feel like we're a Primetime drama waiting to happen. He's collected his arrows and smiles at the gentle touch.