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Even the Non-Studious can Study
Date of Scene: 24 April 2022
Location: Level 1 - Labs - The Roost
Synopsis: Gabby follows up on a potential lead with Tim's help. Tim asks her to take on more RESPONSIBILITY OMG.
Cast of Characters: Gabby Kinney, Tim Drake

Gabby Kinney has posed:
There had been a full day of Gabby being gone. It wasn't anything suspicious, but usually when she came back after an outing she'd either relax, train, or just hang out in the rec area of the Roost. Today she makes a beeline for one of the quieter computer rooms. Tim's, specifically, because given his schedule he wouldn't be here right now. No one else bothered with it much unless something big was going down--So that meant it would be nice and quiet for her to use.

She's settled into a chair staring a moment at the monitors. Sure, she was familiar with computers, but the sheer magnitude of COMPUTAR that dwelled here made her feel like she was in a movie. Like that Hackers thing. Or the one with the robots and human batteries.

With a sigh she reaches back to flip her hair around a few times until it coils, and she literally ties it in a knot at the back of her head since she didn't have a hairband handy and didn't want to bother finding one. Right now she just wanted to work to get her mind off of things she couldn't do anything about. Properly situated she starts by laying her hands over the keyboard... And pausing to make sure her fingers were on the right keys. Touch typing was still something she was not completely confident with even if she was getting better. She couldn't multi-task while typing like Tim or some of the others. Even so a steady typing picks up as she starts to open file folders searching for something.

Tim Drake has posed:
    It's true. Tim's usually out on patrol this time of night, darting across Gotham's rooftops, and that's precisely where he is right now. The notification that pops up in the corner of his HUD goes mostly ignored; he's never had any issue with anyone in the team using his computer while he's away, so long as they leave things as they found them. And no eating at his desk.

    The carjacking he's attempting to stop is more important than wondering what Gabby's looking for, at the moment.

    Once Gabby logs in, she'll see the same desktop she'd see from any other computer terminal in the Roost, have the same level of access. The only difference is, here in the computer lab, she's surrounded by Tim's things, his personality on display here even more than it is in the rooms that are ostensibly his private apartment, the "public"-facing space of the Roost.

    And because Tim's a big nerd, it's mostly a lot of geeky stuff. There's a fleece blanket printed with Jurassic Park-style dinosaurs thrown over the back of his ultra-expensive, ultra-comfortable gaming chair, because the room is kept cold to avoid any of the tech overheating. A figurine tableau of Godzilla fighting against two Jaegers from Pacific Rim sits off to the side. He has a stack of D&D books under his ergonomic mousepad, and a Batburger-branded mug has been repurposed as a pencil holder. There's also a tray containing a half-assembled LEGO space shuttle under one of the monitor stands.

    No hairbands, though. Tim's hair has grown out, but it's not quite that long.

    The Roost's files are contained within a highly organized folder structure, complete with multiple layers of security. Some require passwords that Gabby doesn't have access to, but all of the files related to her previous nanomachine problem don't. Or maybe the system just recognizes that it's Gabby that's logged in, so they're available to her.

    Tim's investigation into the code they'd lifted from Alchemax is extensive, though incomplete. He managed to find the name of the company that the code likely originated from: Cybertek Industries. There are profiles on VIPs in Cybertek; backgrounds, financials, contacts. There are a lot of dead ends where Tim has either been unable to dig up more without doing some hands-on detective work, or had to stop because of other pressing concerns.

    It takes Tim a while to make it back to the Roost. He's still suited up, and he stands within the doorway to the computer lab, peeling off his domino mask with care. The adhesive residue left behind after he applies debonding agent is always stickier when it's done within an hour or two of it being first applied, and he'd rather not lose any eyebrow hairs if at all possible.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney leans forward staring at the screen in front of her. She's trying so very hard to pay attention but her gaze does wander around to take in everything here that was so very 'Tim' sa she examines the room. Settles in. It just felt like he was here with her even if he wasn't, and somehow that was comforting in it's own way.

She's taking her time working through things on the computer. There's no attempt to prod in areas she's not interestedi n, but the Alchemax files are what she's delving into. Not the code though. Or at least she's attempting not to mess with the code--That was beyond her technical capabilities.

Instead she's checking for anything she can related to the project. Cybertek Industries catches her eye, and she opens a second tab to a browser. Just a general search in which she types in the name: Rebecca Ryker, along with the swim team club that she knew she was a part of.

It's around here she pauses with a little crinkle of her nose as she sniffs a single time, her hand coming up to rub briskly back and forth. Not the siffles at least as her gaze swings to the door giving Tim a nod. "Hey. Been fighting?" There's a pause as she looks back to the computer. "I met someone I think that... the name was familiar." Her eyes narrow with a frown. "I'm not much of a detective."

Tim Drake has posed:
    Without his mask on, Tim can't track what Gabby is doing on the computer. Because, yes, he gets that feed to his HUD. Not for everything; in general Tim does his best to respect the privacy of his teammates, but the files related to investigations are monitored.

    Which is probably expected. Tim doesn't exactly hide his overly meddling nature. Though he does at least try to frame it as being inquisitive and analytical, not suspicious.

    "Is that code for 'Tim, you stink, go take a shower'?" he asks, and it'll depend on the answer Gabby gives whether or not he crosses the threshold properly. For now, Tim remains where he is, domino mask tucked into a pocket of his belt.

    And from there he can't see what Gabby is searching for, so instead he tilts his head to the side. "A name?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"What?" Gabby pauses to glance over at Tim blinking rapidly at the remark of a shower. It takes her a second but she flashes a sheepish, apologetic smile toward him. "No, sorry. I... I guess getting the nanomachines ironed out let my body catch up to where it thinks I should be." Her hand lifts to tap her nose. "Starting to be able to smell like, everything. You don't smell bad. Just. Uh." A faint shrug is given as if uncertain how to say it. "I'm just *aware* of it, you know? Or maybe not. I need to figure out a way to train this new ability but that's not important right now." Well. It WAS but she was trying very hard to focus on something else.

Nevermind the fact she was in the same clothes she was in when she left the other day. Casual, but not her usual thing. Leggings, shoes, an over-sized t-shirt worn like a dress, and shorts. Just in case the shirt was toooo short. It was sort of dressed up, but not.

"You can come closer. I could probably use your help. I ran into this girl at a swim club, and we talked a bit. She said her dad is in prosthetics. I didn't think much of it at the time. Something's been nagging at me though."

Her hand lifts to gesture at the screen. "Her name's Rebecca Ryker. Her dad is a real asshole from what little I heard of him, and what I saw of him. I think he's abusing her somehow." A bit more prattling than she needs, really. "Ryker though. Ryker." With a small frown she clicks back to the nanomachine files.

"Wasn't that the name of the rebranded project?"

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim's eyebrows go up, and then he's approaching the desk to perch on the edge of it. Because it's his desk and he can put his butt on it if he wants to, but he'd eviscerate just about anyone else who tried.

    Okay, that's maybe an exaggeration. At best he'd just glare.

    "Harlan Ryker. His name came up. As we delved into the code it seemed more and more likely that it was repurposed by Alchemax from an external source. Cybertek Industries." Tim frowns at the monitors, his eyes skipping between them. Even though he doesn't really need a refresh of his findings, he looks through them again as he sits there, arms crossed over his chest. "Biofeedback software. For prosthetics. Last I heard Ryker was up for the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his work," he adds.

    Then he leans over to take control of the mouse, navigating through a series of folders in the Roost's database. At one point he has to bend over the keyboard, which he mutters a "Sorry," as he intrudes into Gabby's personal bubble to do so, typing a password that must be at least 20 characters long. No, 30.

    And then in the space of a few more clicks, the video feed from his mask comes up, from the night of their mission to the Alchemax Labs where they found Bellona. It takes some clicking, but eventually the video gets to the point where Tim is extracting data from the servers. And there, on the screen that he's looking at:

>> Running program Ryker D

    "'Not much of a detective,' she says." Tim flashes Gabby a quick smile as he leans back.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney leans back out of the way of Tim when he moves in to type that horribly long password. It was rather impressive he could do that at an angle, but then it wouldn't be hard to swivel the keyboard his direction either. Her attention is more focused on what he's coming up with and the fact that it's a HUD display of what happened causes her eyebrows to rise. She knew they had cameras but it wasn't often she got to see it from this side.

A slow smile spreads over her at the teasing jab back toward her. A small shrug is all she can offer before she reaches out to mouse back to her search typing in 'Harlan Ryker' now to pull up a Wiki article on the man. With a photo. "Aand that's him. That's the guy I saw picking her up from the pool." Still grinning she glances back to Tim almost gleefully excited at the prospect.

"Well the competition around here for detetives IS pretty tough!" She points out with a quick laugh. "That's what was bugging me though. Been a few days. I meant to look into it earlier but I was..." What was she? A single blink comes, her smile turning more neutral. "Distracted."

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim tucks one leg up underneath himself and presses his fist against his chin. "Hm," is all he says, and the combination of narrowed eyes and faraway look is enough to tell that he's working through things in his mind.

    If Gabby's coming into her supersenses, maybe she can almost smell the grind of metal as the gears in his brain start to turn.

    "He has a wife. Two kids. A son, two years old, and a daughter. Guessing that'd be the Rebecca you met. He's pretty well-respected in the scientific community, but we both know that doesn't really mean anything about the content of his character. If he's abusing Rebecca, we should look into it."

    Whether or not it has anything to do with their investigation is up in the air, but Tim could never sit by and not do anything, knowing what he does now from Gabby. And too many things are starting to line up. The difference between coincidence and circumstantial evidence is slight, but it does exist. "It's fine. You're allowed to have a personal life, you know. What do you want to do now, though?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"Yeah. She won second place in a swim meet but wasn't happy she won, apparently her dad forces her to take swimming," Gabby explains. "I caught her after during the free swim. She was shy but super eager to make friends," she explains with hands coming up to scrub over her face a time or two. Her eyes were just a bit red rimmed, maybe even puffy. Nothing to indicate she was sick but she was certainly tired. That could happen healing factor or not.

"said she had to go as soon as her dad showed up though, and that he only gave her nine minutes to change to leave. Not exaggerating either. Soon as she saw him she just shut down and went on autopilot. DEF sus."

A small smile is offered back to Tim at mention of a personal life. "Yeah, well it won't matter much in this case. No more distraction." Looking back toward the computer she contemplates the question with a slowly exhaled breath. "I set up a time to take swimming lessons from her so I have her contact info. I don't really like playing spy but this could be a way to get more information on him. Maybe at least hit her with a bug or something to listen in on him."

Tim Drake has posed:
    It's a lot of information to take in, and Tim seems to appreciate it. Infodumps are precisely the kind of thing Tim wishes he could get out of witnesses and suspects alike, and so he's appreciative of Gabby laying everything out for him.

    Still, he's not quite seeing where the connection points are, yet. Tim will be turning this all over in his mind for hours to come yet, though he's not so distracted that he can't sense that something is up. Instead of prying, though, he just reaches over to squeeze Gabby's shoulder, lightly. Silent comfort is much more his speed, which is to say: he's slightly less terrible at it than he is trying to console someone with words.

    "Keep me updated, and let me know if you want backup during those lessons. I can always find a place to linger around nearby."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Simple comfort or not it's accepted readily by Gabby leaning her head toward her shoulder to rest her cheek against his hand for a moment. A single breath is drawn in, and let out in a not-quite-sigh. "I will. At the very least he's an ass to her and she could use some friends, even if it's not completedly related." She didn't quite believe in coincidences herself at this point though.

Putting on a grin she looks back toward Tim apparently having regrouped herself mentally and perhaps even emotionally. It was a bit tough sometimes to switch from 'thinking hard' to 'being social' when her emotions were running the gamut. "How have you been doing, anyway? I feel like I haven't really gotten to catch up with you since we got this thing sorted out."

Tim Drake has posed:
    "If that's all it ends up being, then I still support you." Tim's grip stays solid on Gabby's shoulder a moment longer, after she's straightened back up, before he withdraws.

    It's important to note that Tim never believes in coincidences. Saved his ass a time or two, that's for sure.

    He unfolds his leg and shifts onto his feet, arms stretched above his head as he moves. All he says at first is "Been busy," at least until his spine makes a satisfying cracking sound, and then Tim lets out a great heaving sigh. "God, finally." Then he rolls his shoulder. "That's just life though, I guess. I've been trying to split myself between three places and that never works out, no matter how hard I try. But I don't worry as much about the Outsiders now, knowing how well you handled things when I was stuck hanging out with those N.O.W.H.E.R.E. jerks."

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney swivels the chair around to face him further so she's not twisting her neck to the side as much. Sure, it wouldn't cause the sort of cracking and popping that he has gotten out of his back just now, but it was still more comfortable for her this way. "It's a starting point at least," she reasons regarding the whole Ryker situation. At the very least maybe she could help out Becca from what appeared to be a very touchy situation.

It's mention of how she did with the Outsiders while he was gone that earns a dry laugh from her. "Ah, man I feel like I didn't do enough. Poor M'Gann has been a bundle of anger and would go off on her own. But everyone was pretty good overall. We were just all worried about you," she points out... only for a small frown to come. "By the way, that Karen Star lady is bossy as hell. Kept insisting we let her contact Batman when you guys got nabbed. I mean, it was taken care of already," she adds with her hands spreading in a shrug before they drop back down to her side again.

"Seriously glad to have you back though."

Tim Drake has posed:
    Tim nods. "Better than nothing," he agrees. "It's not even the smallest connection I've tried to run down on the hopes of it bearing fruit, I have to admit."

    As he unclips his cape from his suit, Tim watches Gabby, his eyebrows drawing together at her denials. "What M'Gann was going through had nothing to do with you. She's been through a lot, and..." He trails off there, weight shifting from one foot to the other in the only visible sign of his discomfort.

    "You did good. I know it was a lot of responsibility thrust on you in the middle of a really terrible situation, but I'm proud of you, Gabby."

    He lays his cape over his arm and smooths the wrinkles from its. Is Tim... fidgeting? Unusual, for him. "Would you be interested in training to become a field lead for the team?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
"I know. I mean I know it wasn't entirely related to what happened, but it was definitely one of those..." Gabby's hands raise, her face scrunching up. It wasn't often it happened anymore, but on occasion she just finds herself unable to come up with a proper analogy. While searching for a familiar cliched saying she gives up and blurts out, "Avalanche. Sploosh. A lot dumped on her."

Her hands drop down to her lap again only to blink at the odd fidgeting of Tim. That was unexpected. Assuming at first it's because he wants his chair back, but didn't want to be rude and just foist her out, she stands to offer it back to him.

Then the question hits. "What?" Owlishly she blinks at him considering the question with a tip of her head. "I... Me?" Her mouth works, no words coming, and she finally just clicks her teeth together. "Huh. I hadn't thought of it before. I've always been the youngest." Yet. Well. Even with her old training she knew a good deal, she just followed others. Really, in spite of the stress and worry, she hadn't felt as if she was TOO out of her depth during their absence.

"I. You know I guess I haven't really considered the future lately. What I want to do. I think I could do that."

Tim Drake has posed:
    As Gabby tries to find the right words, Tim's head begins to tilt to the side. "Straw that broke the camel's back, maybe?" he offers up, hopefully in a way that is helpful. Though he's still standing stiffly enough that it's obvious he's uneasy. Mostly, about M'gann.

    Maybe a little bit about Gabby, too, and that lingers until a few moments before she actually accepts the offer. Maybe he saw something in her face. Maybe Tim just knows Gabby enough to recognize it. Or maybe Tim... well, knows Gabby enough to realize that, whether or not she says yes, it won't change things.

    "It's a lot of work. A lot of training. You've already had a glimpse into some of the procedural stuff that goes on behind the scenes when things go south--you'll have to learn most of that so you can enact it if something happens out in the field. But I think you're a great fit for it." And then Tim smiles. "Besides, we're a bunch of teenagers and 'young adults' who don't really know how to adult. What does age matter?"

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney grins easily as he points out the obvious of them all being a bit on the young side. "Thanks. Yeah I guess I'm just feeling a bit 'my age' right now with everything else going on." There's a breif pause while she takes in everything Tim explains about the position and the work easily enough. "I already know I want to be 'in the biz' as it is. Not really anything else I can think of wanting to do, so putting more work into it isn't gonna kill me. I mean. Lots of things have tried but more work isn't gonna do it." Cracking a grin again she nods readily.

"You're right though: Age doesn't matter so much here. I really do appreciate that to some extent. I mean, I've got experience after all!" She steps to the side with a remark of, "I should let you get cleaned up though." Pausing, she looks down to her own attire. "I should too."

Tim Drake has posed:
    "Okay. I'll get you started with some reading material," Tim says with a smile that is almost devious, given the glint to his eyes. "If you survive that, we'll move on to testing and active drills. Which is part of the reason I was working with Karen. She's got the resources to adapt our training space to something more suitable to the heavy hitters on the team, which is beyond the scope of my abilities."

    Though at the end of that explanation he just shrugs. "Not sure if anything's going to come out of it. She has history with some of my family that I was trying to leverage. We'll see."

    And then, yes, time to hit the showers. Not that Tim was out on patrol long, but it's part of the ritual. "Check your email in about half an hour," is all he says before he heads out of the labs, waving goodbye over his shoulder.