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Breakstone is Not Easy to Break.
Date of Scene: 25 April 2022
Location: Breakstone Lake
Synopsis: Tabby works on her powers. Tries to be all private about it and fails because she doesn't think things through. Valid options and tactics are offered by friends and close ones! It's nice having family!
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, Monet St. Croix, Rogue, James Proudstar

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Many mutants at the school tend to have power sets that can be very disruptive and usually part of the training is in maintaining restraint so no one else. Or the school for that matter.

Someone probably has a pie chart graphing how often a student blows the school up compared to other sources of destruction.

However sometimes someone wants to test just how far their powers can go. But maintain that safety. So it's often a struggle to find somewhere that is conducive to that.

Tabitha seems to have found one though on the shore of Breakstone Lake. Handy since she's one of the sorts that has a power that craves being used and has been a stupid pain on her biology for years.

It's not hard to find her, just follow the very loud explosions. There one might find a very scorched looking area with a blonde woman in one of her fuiill body X-Suits, pink along her side and white down the middle of her chest and back, a red jacket and boots while ponytail is tied back and red cat eye glasses protect from glare. The only dark color being her spiky black leather collar.

Moving side too side. Tabby seems to be doing a variation on a side jump excercise, though with a literal twist and a blast from a hand with enough force to launch her thirty or so feet one directction to land in a skid and the repeat the other direction. Though every now and again she fails to stick a landing when she comes down too fast for her ankle to brace against. behind a suitably blastproof rock is a cooler full of food and soda.

Looking like she's planned to be out here a while.

The other sounds cause by Tabby seem to be whoops of victory as she starts getting the hang of it. Luckily she hasn't turned any of the beach sand to glass yet.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Walking along goes Monet St. croix, hearing the explosions along and then going to cock her head in that direction with a look of light confusion. "I take it that you've managed to sunder the area sufficiently?" She would watch over as the girl seemed to be practicing explosive jumping. "And you're going to likely hurt yourself.." She would evaluate, and tehn update her comment. "Worse than uusal if you maintain it. And that is incredibly inefficient if you're going to attempt to use concussive and kinetic force to maintain vector thrust even for short distances. Extremely inefficient and prone to have you crassly off target."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue and Jeepers are walking along the lake trails. She's wearing a black beanie cap over her head, and a dark grey hoodie zipped up to her chest with some black and white jogging pants on, and some simple running shoes. Jeepers has on his camo vest and Aviator sunglasses that almost match the pair Rogue is wearing. The two see some commotion up ahead, and Rogue gives a little tug on the leash to head down the path that leads toward it.

She raises her right hand up to wave as she and her dog get nearer to the others.

"Whats up, Beanie Babies?" Rogue asks when within earshot.

James Proudstar has posed:
The last time there were this many sustained explosions in the vicinity of the lake, Tabitha was hunting clones, and a very particular type of clone at that. Now, the great thing about flight as a commutation style is its speed and efficiency. combine it with super senses and it really is a pretty spectacular display of abilities. So, when James hears the large repititive explosions from about ten miles away he pushes it and everyone can hear the low boom as he breaks the sound barrier, done up high enough not to be a danger to those on the ground but once at speed he drops lower and comes in over the trees clearing the lake pulling up slower as he sees what Tabitha is actually up to, "... is that a new dance move?" He remarks rather drily. Hovering off the shore of the lake.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"No way! I'm not that far off my targets!" Tabby says as she comes to a stop on hearing the sound of what should be constructive criticism. This does result in another crash landing and tumbling. So landing on her backside, the blonde just rolls and sits up to eyeball Monet.

"I don't have super speed or flight. And I'm doing a whole damn lot better than that last danger room session against the X-men shaped sentinels Scott threw at us. So gotta get better at moving faster with what I got. Means Boom-Boom pinball wizarddry. It's saved my life a couple times already." Tabby points out.

"I can take a bit of a beating, god knows you guys have seen that. But better a small beating than taking a big one." she states and chuckles while others catch up with her. Rogue gets a big smile and Jeepers in his fly outfit gets Tabby squeeing and arms out stretched to offer the labrador a hug. "Impersonating Cannonball Rogue my dear!" she answers witha chuckle. "Benefits of my power being so versatille. And the experience of so much fine control" to within about fifteen dfrees.

A sonic boom and the arival of Jimmy gets a chuckle as well. "Breakstone Neck Break. The trick is not breaking my neck." she beams to the giant of a man before flashing a grin to Monet.

"I can't do this stuff on the school grounds. Too many ways others could get hurt." Tabby explains with a nudge of her gead to Jeepers the squishiest one on the shore at the moment. "And if I don't let loose with my powers often enough it's as frustrating as anything else that frustrates me."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would watch over at Tabitha, "Your powers are not intended for vectored thrust or kinetic force. While you are getting some level of effect from them, it is vastly inefficient and wastes the vast, vast majority of the expended output of energy. As well as taking precise control. The angle you hold your hand at relative to the position you are and your momentum. A few centimeters either way will leave you at your intended target or out of cotnrol. While I can applaud your creative use of brute power to maintain such a launch.. There are more efficient ways to do so that are not as risky nor are they as remotely wasteful as that utilization to launch yourself."

Monet goes to the default form of criticism here for when she's giving input over. Namely physics.

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers barks at James' arrival, until he realizes who he is, then the dog just starts wagging his tail happily at everyone as he tugs on his leash in Rogue's hand. Rogue, however, just smirks at the whole lot of everyone around.

"Why don't ya just go over t'that rock quarry like a half hour from here, and just lob bombs inta it?" She asks Tabi as Jeepers woofs at her happily, his Aviators reflecting everyone's face that the dog looks at from behind them. Yep, Rogue trained her dog to wear sunglasses.

"I mean, you're liable t'get attention around here, blowin' stuff up. Old people in their fancy houses will be all 'Rah, cops, who is blowin' up the dynamite?!'

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar nods slowly considering, "The quarry pond isn't a bad idea to try some of this and we could set something up to contain your blasts in the danger room. Monet makes some interesting points while offering nothing useful to the conversation. Have you considered shaped charges or... sparklers? I don't have a word for it but something that would expend energy more long term than an explosion.?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Was pretty sure I heard some of the others planning to go wild on the quarry. Didn't wanna put them at risk. Not just from blowing up. But also you know, a wild Boom-Boom." The woman finally picks herself up and dusts off her legs and thighs before walking over to give Jeeps a big hug and each scritches that expertly manage to avoid nudging off his sunglasses.

"Think the light shows at night and the rackets we make on school grounds do more than that. Besides. The cops probably dismiss it all as 'Stupid mutant kids' and 'stupid old farts' unless someone needs an ambulance." Tabby guesses with a chuckle.

"It's a work in progress Monet. And what I'm doing is technically a shaped charge!" she says to both Monet and James. She demonstrates on a small scale by holding an index finger up over head and creating a short burst like she ignited a plasma torch. It's short range only a few inches but when she starts waving the hand it creates a streaming trail begin her in a spiral pattern.

"I leave the sparkling plasmoids to Jubes." she adds with a grin and shifts the display to something similar the vampiric X-woman would do. Just lacking the technicolor effect instead of just looking like sparks from an angle grinder on steel. Most of it all disspating harmlessly over head,

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would watch over at Tabitha for a moment, "Yes, going somwhere better suited for rampant sub-atomic detonations is probably an improvement. I might also suggest you wear a harness with crash padding on it and a helmet to give you some greater stamina over with your practice." SHe would offer after a moment while going to watch over.

"Your abilities work on different wavelegnths. By my understanding, Jubilation manifests plasma and detonates it to varying degrees of power. YOur own appears to be more concussive and kinetic in nature. Your's are, as you put rather aptly, based upon explosive force. You are however not utilizing it efficiently adn as James has suggested, there are better ways to do so." She would opine over in her 'I'm totally right' tone of voice.

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers gives Tabi all manner of face lickings. His sunglasses are secured via a stretchy strap used for keeping glasses afloat in a lake or pool.

Rogue points toward James, then toward Monet, then toward Tabi. "What they said." She replies. "AND! And.." She points again at Tabi.

"Most'a the people don't know we're a school a mutants. We're supposed t'keep that on the down low, ya Boomer." She chides the flamboyant mutant of bomb powers.

"I once had Negasonic test her explosive ability in the Danger Room. I told her to light it up like a Chinese chemical factory explosion, and she didn't disappoint. I think it pushed that damn thing to its near limits. Scott was piiiiissed." Rogue says with a snort and a laugh.

Jeepers sees a squirrel in the trees and looks away, going stiff as he stares with his aviators. Super serious puppers.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar considers, "Have you considered coming at it from the back end? Like parkour but use your time bombs like stepping stones, youcan control where they appear in 3d space... or explode them just enough to keep you from falling... I mean honestly, I have no idea how I manage to fly... do you Rogue? Berto is the best guy to talk about those mechanics."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"On paper, yeah. I don't advertise it. I'd think by now it's kind of more folks around here just you know, run with it like they're humoring us." Tabitha says with a shrug, giggling when she's covered withdog slob and she has to catch and juggle her own glasses before they fall off her nose.

The image of wearing a helmet in Boomie's brain gets a grossed out look and a slight tuch of her ponytail. That poor hair. "You taje that suggestion back Monet!"

"Most of my uniforms are extra padded. Or at least designed to take a little more of the blasts" she says and pouts.

"I'venever really pushed single burst output to a limit. Even out here. How big a bomb can I make. I mean the biggest has been about fifteen feet wide, But I don't wanna risk doing that kinda damage around folks." Tabby declares. "Even that thing in Hells Kitchen with those pyschos. They messed with my brain so I was all rage and rawr! But I still musclememoried from making the bigger bombs. Didn't want to risk Illyana." she explains. "Even when you guys are bullet proof and stuff. I'm pretty certain I can still hurt you if I'm not careful. Yet. Letting my power go nuts. Soooo much a rush. We're talking drug high sometimes."

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would lcose her eyes, and then theres' a rare look of un-belittling seriousness in her commentary. "In that case, I might suggest you seek to speak with one of the counselors on staff, Tabitha. If thier utilization is like a drug high, then that is a dangerous sign that you should consider having addressed to see if it is physiological in nature or is having emotional side effects. The utilization of most powers should not result in that level of hormone or endorphin release to spike to such a state under almost any circumstances, though my knowledge of genetics is somewhat limited in nature."

Rogue has posed:
Jeepers loses interest in the squirrel sighting, and wanders over to the water of the lake now where he starts lapping soppily at it.

Rogue listens to the conversation with a smirk before she looks to James. She nods her head lightly once. "Hank explained it t'me once. He said my mind can generate a field that alters the gravitational pull I have. So like... it counters Earth's gravity, and when I wanna go faster, I just create a bigger 'dent' in the gravity around me. I dunno, I can't explain it as good as he can. I've even been listenin' t'science videos on Tik Tok, and... well... it's not helpin'." She says with a big grin then.

"Materials!" Rogue says pointing to Tabi. "Tik Tok told me the next big engineering boom would be the creation of radical new materials that can push mankind in to the future... Like our suits maybe not burnin' away quite so easily. Like a couple summers ago when Toad tried t'blow me up with a giant bomb..."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar considers, "Oh, hunh. When he gets back I'll have to ask. I've just been experimenting blindly- wait, you can affect gravity?!" Low whistle. Jim smiles kindly, "Well, there was that night you took out the clonng facility... I'm still not sure how I came out of thatepisode the heel. I could barely stand." He glances flatly at Monet, "We're aware M. We monitor the situation, Tabs personality is a known factor." He smiles to his ex.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Well it's a little more than a drug high Monet. The hormones and all that. Jean knows. So does hank and the reast of the brass like Jimmy states. But I'm worried that they'll make me take pills like with the ADHD and stuff and it'll make me not be me. Diet, maybe not so much booze, a little weed now and then. They help. But not with what my powers want." Tabby states with a smile to James, Rogue and Monet.

Jeepers gets occasional distracted D'aww expressions when he runs around.

"The gravity trick just made you the envy of every one of us that isn't telekinetic." Tabitha pouts and folds her arms against her chest. There is a pang of jealousy that hits her right in her last bra fitting.

"So yeah with blasts that big. Like whole alien building big. You can see why I'm trying other tricks with my powers. Aiming, shaping. Mobility. I'm running on multiple levels. half of which is giving you guys a break." she adds and chuckles at her own expense.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix would just glance over at Tabitha and narrow her eyes at James, "Very well, if you consider the situation handled then." Monet has given her opinion, and it has been disregarded. Ultimately the blonde is the ultimate determinator as to how to take the course of her mental health.

There's a light shift in M's posture that probably isn't particularly noticable unless one has learned to read the Algerian mutatnt's body language. And even then it's minimal and requires paying attention to her for just the moment when the shift would happen.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue points at Jimmy first, then at Tabi. "That's right... and no butt jokes." She says with regard to her being able to alter her own gravity. "I mean it." She smirks at them while Jeepers starts to tread further out in to the water, but Rogue pulls him back by his leash. "Oh no you don't. You're not bein' all wet dog by the time we get home." She warns her lab as he huffs and drips water from his snout all over Tabi's pantleg, then walks toward Monet licking his wet chops.

"Okay, well, I'm gonnna head back. Tabitha, you probably should do this stuff in the Danger Room though. Will draw less attention that way..."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar nods, "I think we can come up with some more elegant ways to manipulate the environment. Maybe talk to Ted?" Jim nods to Rogue, "I can put something together for you. I'll work it out with Kate. Worse case we can flood the room from the lake it self."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby reaches down and gives Jeepers some scritches and with a little of that fine control, actually swirls a stream of plasma around. Just enough heat and power that the puppers is practically dry by the time he makes it to Monet.

"Whose joking Anna-Marie! These things bounce and no amount of sports bras and binding gonna save my back when we're all old enough to have wrinkles and walking frames." there is a ping of self esteem plummeting.

The pup will still need any excess sand brushed out likely. "I'll try and book some time. See who wants to go in with me or at least work the booth. They can be all call for help if I bring down the roof. I don't think any one has destroyed the rec-room from underneath. I really don't wanna be the first." she states. She does sound skittish. Mission training is one thing but just pushing herself is a different thing.

Good thing she's among family that seem willing to help mitigate the risks of being Tabitha.

"Wait, that's a new one. I've been thrown in the lake before. Never had the lake thrown on me!" she states as she lets the others trail off.