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Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs
Date of Scene: 26 April 2022
Location: Main Kitchen
Synopsis: Carb loading explosive sorts raid the kitchen while Frost raids the Ice Cream. No one blew up either.
Cast of Characters: Negasonic, Emma Frost, Tabitha Smith

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie is standing in front of the fridge, door wide open, air conditioning the kitchen as someone responsible would say.

    Probably someone like Scott.

    In one hand is a bowl of some sort of cereal. Based on the open box on the counter nearby it looks to be Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs. You know. Crunchy on the outside, chewy on the inside. Pre-sweetened and ready-to-eat.

    The spoon in her other hand comes up and shew crunches a mouthful and chews slowly as she stares thoughtfully into the industrial fridge like it might hold some secret to The Life, The Universe, and Everything. It does sort of look like it was manufactured like this mansion in the 40s after all.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost is entering in the kitchen, glancing about. There is not Emma's customary goblet of wine in her hand. She has some bandages along the parts of her body that are visible, though nothing particularly serious looking. She would glance towards the refrigerator, and then go to make an advance twoards it, seemingly not paying attention to Ellie yet as she would go to make her way through the freezer for some of the higher grade ice cream kept within there.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Cereal is always valid foods at any time. And for those with high calory requirements a vital source. You can almost hear the growl of Tabitha's stomach from under the covers of her almost garishly bright pink and yellow X-Suit. The one with the lines between colors broken by explosive jagged lines at her chest and at her knees. Glasses on her head in her usual cat eye style letting her actually see.

Other folks in her way, namely Ellie, though she does have to waggle past Emma and her bandaged self get frowns. "Impersonating me is funny Emma but you don't have to go method acting for it!" she says and smiles.

Peeking arond Negasonic the blonde hmms and tries to find what she's looking for. "Gah, someone swiped the last of the left over mac and cheese." she could go to her own dorm apartment and make her own food but that means a walk and work.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie, surprisingly probably no one, doesn't really move or make it easy. She just stares in sullen teenager at the fridge.

    When Emma moves past to get to the freezer she does look after her and give her an up and down and then there is a nother >Crunch< of ceral being eaten. "Did you get in a slap fight with someone and get tossed through a window?" chew, chew, chew.

    By the time Tabby is looking for Mac and Cheese leftovers she looks back and then frowns. "... Damnit Tabby now I want mac and cheese and forgot what I opened the fridge for." she pauses a beat. "... Do you think this is what ADHD feels like... I should ask Gabby." managing the ellusive self and roommate burn at the same time.

    She does step back now though taking another >Krunch< of Cereal. "Do we have more mac and cheese?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to pull out what she was after, moving to take a tub over to the side, grab a spoon, and simply star tto eat it right out of the carton. Huh. Apparently Emma could be quite pedestrian over when she wished to. Working at digging her spoon in and taking a very, very large scopo of it and then going to bite down. "I don't know. You could look for yousrelf and find it."
    Emma probably has no idea what the kitchen is actually stocked with and can't be bothered to look for things herself when she can tell someone else to.
    "And things happen, Tabitha, but thank you for the concern."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"That is exactly what it is like!" Tabby states with experience and finds the tray at the bottom of the fridge. It's a school and there is always Mac and Cheese being cooked for meal times but how much survives is always a question.

Pulling the tray out and over the head of the slightly shorter girl she moves it to the nearest bench to open and find out how much is left.

"If there's enough we'll split it but Boom-Boom needs to carb load." she points out. "Danger Room session if it's true Logan's hairy butt isn't there and I can sneak in on his booking." she says hopefully. "Need to Boom moving targets." she states and peels back the lid.

It's not looking good. Barely enough for one serve llet alone two.

There's a hungry look at Negasonic. "Nope, all mine! Sorry!" she says unapologetically.

"You want us to go beat up who did it Emma? My dad can beat up your dad style." Emma and Tabby both know the real result would have been Emma's dad paying to have Tabby's dad whacked. This has been an entertained fantasy of many an abused kid around here.

Negasonic has posed:
    "Maybe I should swipe some adderal and see if it helps." she muses as she takes another bite of cereal, meandering after Tabby to see what the score is.

    Of course Ellie oh meth if she doesn't actually have ADHD is probably a sure fire recipe for disaster.

    "Well crap." she notes at the score being.. meager. "I'd be down to beat someone up though." affirming Tabby's offer to Emma as she heads back to grab the open cereal box. Reloading her bowl of cereal and then ducking to splash some more milk on it. Welp. Cereal it is. Breakfast of champions. 8 Nutrients in it, or so the box claims.

    "Wait, Logan isn't here for his session, you flying solo or mind if I tag in on that since you hogged the mac and cheese Tabs?"

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would go to cross her arms, "As you see fit." IT's not like it's her kitchen or she cares about the student's dietary decisions! It's not like she's their gym or health instructor. She takes another large bite of hte ice cream. "And no darlings, while I very much appreciate the offer it's no tsomething that would go well for eitehr of you. It's a circumstance that I don't wish to escalate as of yet. At least, not without sufficient firepower in place. While I strongly appreciate the offer, the two of you alone don't make much of a difference in the greater scheme of things if we are to approach that level of threat."
    Of the people Emma would not attempt to brutalize for hurting her, the list was rather small.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Some folks would normally heat the food up in the mircowave. In the case of a foill tray, that means switching the cheesy pasta goodness to a ceramic bowl and then zapping it. Tabitha is nothing of not the slacker idol girl of many.

The tray is lifted in her palm and then through that channeling of bio-electric energy through the foil and a slight glow of plasma ignites above the food. Just long enough to flash heat the cheese back to edibly hot.

Setting the tray back down, Tabby grins and moves to find herself a spoon or fork or something to scoop up. Every so often she rapidly looks up to make sure Ellie doesn't swipe the tray.

"Adderal sucks for me. Doesn't help with other problems." she points out. "Might help you. People with better brains tend to get... bouncy." she suggests with a wink.

"Do not ever let Jean hear that I suggested drug abuse of minors." she states. "Her eyes can only roll so much before they three sixty in their sockets. So who did you dirty then Emma? If the futile and stupid gesture is being delayed. We can at least know who to hold a grudge on."

Negasonic has posed:
    It is a valid concern. There is a decent chance if Tabby left it unattended, especially now that it smells good reheated, it would be stolen and ran off with.

    Instead Ellie survives with another crunchy bite of pure sugar. Is she self medicating. Hmm.

    "I'm pretty sure the last thing anyone here wants, including me, is my being bouncy." it is said with a wry smirk though. "Also yeah what Tabs said, who shook you up enough you don't think we couldn't blow up with our combined explosive might?" which, to be fair, is a good question. The theoritical amount of tonage of explosive force these two can wield is not insignificant.

    Also somehow Ellie isn't insulted by Emma's downplay of her firepower, maybe it is the sugar.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would glance over at Tabitha, "And we have enough full blown adversaries going to small scale war at the moment I would rather not escalate things with the Club unless it becomes fully necessary. Sebastain is up to something and I'd rather not us do something to upset any sort of detente for now unless there are signs of open hostilities. We don't need anotehr series of battles with everything that's gone on lately unless we need to. I'm not going to draw others into my own personal vendettas."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"As for the Danger Room. Umm, usualy I book my own times for Solo. I know you can wreck the Room pretty easily. But lately I've been needing to cut loose on my powers more. I'm worried enough my explosions might wreck the School. There's precedent to that kind of damage. Hell's Kitchen the other week was not me by the way." There's a whole alien Dominator facilitie and a score of dead John Proudstar clones made there. Tabby adds with a grin. "But I can maybe show you a few of the tricks I picked up. Rope in Sam Guthrie too. You two have similar enough power sets. He'd be a great coach." she points out.

The best guess Tabby makes on the cause of the bandages keeps a worried frown. "If it's who I think. Even I wanna lay low." Some people are pettty and spiteful and Tabby may have bruised an ego here or there enough the possibility of being singled out does worry her. "All we would do is make a mess going all out on her. Might get a win, but it don't last. And some folks always come back. I do all the time!" she states and starts scarfing down the pasta. Blonde Boomie is hungry.

"Okay, stomach no longer rumbling. Knowing my luck I'll metabolise after the work out. Also my luck. Logan is around and training and he gets crappy about interruping his sessions. Ort someone beat me too it. Gotta dash ladies!" she states and slips on out with a toss of the spoon in the sink and the foil folded and dumped in the recycling.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie looks after Tabby. "Well that's a whole mood." probably about the risk to the school. She doesn't really elaborate though on what is a mood as she finishes the crunchy cereal and dumps her bowl in the dishwasher.

    Someone should just be happy she actually cleaned up after herself. The box is closed up and she actually climbs up on the counter and puts it behind Scott's boring oatmeal supply hidden away. She then dismounts jumping down to the floor. "Tell no one." to Emma, though there is a half smirk. It obviously isn't something she is really worried about.

    "Also try to not die. I mean.. Boomer is right, it is amazing how often people seem to bounce back from that... but still. No dying." she pulls her phone out now that food is gained and is already checking twitter as she heads out as well.

Emma Frost has posed:
Emma Frost would shake her head, "I'll make the attempt. I don't think Selene cares that particularly much to have me murdered. That would require some level of effort on her part and she's always been rather lazy and spoilt. Her greatest weakness after all ist hat such things require a deal of attention and she seesm rather content to lounge around like a petty child. Do take that into account if you ever face her. She's a raging tantrum in the making. A dangerous one.. But something that one can take advantage of if they need to. I would rather not, however, be put in a positionw here that's my only chance. At least not without desperation."