11040/Not Exactly a Wok in the Park

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Not Exactly a Wok in the Park
Date of Scene: 05 May 2022
Location: Bryant Park
Synopsis: Troubles in Bryant Park, while Bobby Drake attempts to get lunch, animals keep appearing! When Susan Sullivan makes an Iceman float and dissuades others from getting food from the Wok-a-Wok-a-Wok-a food truck, the truck disappears and the animals revert back to being humans once again.
Cast of Characters: Phoebe Beacon, Bobby Drake, Susan Sullivan

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    A Sunny day in the New York City area means that throngs of people are out enjoying the 'fresh' air, the wind from the streets between the skyscrapers and the warmth of our nearest yellow star!

    That also means, where there are people, there are food trucks, serving up street tacos, tastes of gobi, and the ever popular Chinese food.

    A truck marked in red, with gold lettering called WOK-A WOK-A WOK-A is serving up a variety of stirfried and deep fried-and-coated-with-sauce goodness today, and the lines for the trucks are all decently long.

Bobby Drake has posed:
    A warm day is always a nice day to go out for a stroll. And having taken the train in from Westchester, Bobby Drake is one of them enjoying the weather. Hands stuffed into the pockets of the light jacket he is wearing, a ball cap on over his blond locks, he strolls among the rest of the group. It seems strange to think that he would come from the suburbs to find fresh air in the city, but something about the marginally polluted but fresh New York City air feels right in his lungs.
    But of course, as tends to happen with strolls, he found his stomach rumbling. And so he waits in line with the rest of the eager fans of the Chinese-American fare on display on the the side of the food truck, patiently.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    As someone found their tummy rumbling, a tasty sound of hungry grumbling, grumbling over Noodles of Singapore?

    Bobby gets in line, and as he contemplates what to order from the most generic of American Chinese trucks, there's a bit of a commotion behind him.

    "A Pig? Who's pig? HEY! Does anyone own this pig?" Someone calls out, as a large boar pig squeals and starts shuffling about in a bit of a panic, trotters trip-trapping and tip-tapping against the walk way leading up to the terrance, ears flapping.

    A couple of folks look a little bewildered -- was there someone walking a pig earlier? It IS New York City.

Bobby Drake has posed:
    Whirling around at the sign of a commotion, Bobby looks over in the direction of the pig. "You have got to be kidding me..." He looks over at the food truck, and sighs, shaking his head. "Did anyone order the pork dumplings, EXTRA LIVELY?"

He starts trotting over in the direction of the boar, giving up his well-earned space in line. "I'm going to regret this, I know it..."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    The pig EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEs and grunts, pawing at the ground and trying to rear back, its blotchy dark skin looking a little irritated as it stomps and makes grunting, warning noises. People give it a wide berth -- pigs are, after all, more than a little dangerous if angry!

    The pig sees Bobby approaching from the site of the truck, and then gives a loud squeal and starts to back up, knocking a table over with its behind, spilling other take-out containers all over the ground.

    A pair of hens then make an appearance, flapping down from one of the trees, clucking matronly and flapping their wings.

Susan Sullivan has posed:
    A random woman on the street walks to the pig. She raises an arm and the pig stops. It noisily stops, but it stops nonetheless. "Calm down, pig," she says. She turns and looks at the chickens. She gestures with a finger. Like drunken hobos, the chickens may struggle, but they form a single-file line and begin walking toward the woman. She kneels down and pets one of the hens and the pig, all of whom seem in a weird space, both mentally and emotionally. There's confusion in the eyes, and their muscles are flexing, but they're not really struggling to get away, and unless they're drugged to freak out, they'll calm as they're pet. "Is there a farmer MacDonald somewhere missing livestock?" she asks aloud.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Heeeeeeere piggy piggy piggy!" Shouts Bobby as he runs over towards the pesky porcine. He glances over and sees the arrival of the hens. "And NOW my chickens come to roost, too." He sighs dramatically and whips off his hall cap, featuring nothing hubs yellow X, and tosses it to a small child standing there watching this all unfold. "Keep this safe for me, ok kid?"

The air drops several degrees and water start to crystallize around the blonde. Ice shoots out from his fingertips and with a small leap the Iceman ascends to his ramp.

Seeing the crisis averted before he even gets there, Bobby laughs. "Ah, New York. Gotta love it." The ever extending ramp in front of him curls around and he sweeps past the kid, still confused enough that the Iceman easily plucks the hat from his waiting hands. "Thanks buddy!"

The ramp drops off as he reapproaches the food truck. With a sigh it drops him off - back at the end of the line.

"A hero's reward - another time around the wok." He lets the ice slowly dissipate and throws his cap back on.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    The random kid catches the hat, eyes going wide as the air drops several degrees. Water from the fountain and in people's drinks begins to crystalize. The mist of warm, moist air hitting the cool ice extends out, curling around Bobby's ramp -- until the random woman on the street manages to calm the pig and the struggling hens, their muscles twitching, the pig giving distressed grunts. Things seem to calm for the moment, and Bobby retrieves his hat.

    MOre people get into line behind Bobby.

    The animals themselves seem strangely more stressed than normal animals. There is an aura about them, some sort of magic --

    And that's when the trio of camels shows up, panicked two-humped furry creatures stomping and bellowing loudly in a panic.

    People begin to yelp and move out of the way as the terrified, large creatures stomp around!

Susan Sullivan has posed:
    Susan pets the flexing animals, and they keep on flexing, vocalizing their distress loudly. Her expression changes, and she sniffs at the air a few times. Standing, she takes a step away from the animals. "Who did that ice thing?" she says, looking around the crowd. She notices a child coming up to try to pet one of the chickens. Rushing forward, she scoops up the little boy and barks, "Don't touch that!" Setting the kid down, who quickly starts crying, she glances at the line. One of the chickens manages to take a step and her gaze snaps back to the livestock. She sniffs the air a few more times. Pointing at Bobby without looking away from the chickens, she says, "You smell cold. Did you do it? Can you make a box around these animals? There's something wrong with them." She points to the camels. "Kind of think we're going to need a box that can grow."

Bobby Drake has posed:
Bobby shakes his head. "Fool me once, shame on me. Fool my twice, no lo mein." He watches the camels frolic, his attention remaining on the food truck in front of him, and his ever-increasing hunger. Feats of daring-do take something out of a guy, even if it is only turning to ice and setting up an ice-capade!

He glances around as Susan points in his direction. "What, me?" He shakes his head. "I'm not nearly cool enough to pull that off. I think it's that guy over there!" He points at man standing next to a tree in-front of a snow cone push cart.

Whistling softly to himself, but staying in the line, Bobby watches to see if Susan looks at the sno-cone hawker. By the time she looks back over at the chickens, they are in a lovely little igloo. The camels, though - that's going to be a tougher hump to get over.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    If only it was Wednesday. The camels grunt and bellow, and one splits off, loping gracelessly towards the street, where a second pig has turned up in a panic.

    A cow stumbles confusedly out of the bushes to the other side, wearing a pair of jeans over one horn, and moos in a most curious fashion.

    And Bobby might feel a slight weight against his foot. There is a black rabbit there, ears drawn back, nose sniffing. This bunny, however, has a silver locket on its neck, and appears to be taking in the chaos.

    The sheltered chickens and pig in the igloo are just *So* confused.

    But to those who can sense it, every one of these animals has the smell of magic hanging about them, in lieu of the smell of... well. A farm.

    People are beginning to panic a little more with all of these animals turning up out of nowhere!

Susan Sullivan has posed:
    "Deal with the pig!" Susan calls out, not caring who was lying about being ice-doer jones. She rushes to intercept the camel stampeed, standing in front of them as the two turn to bump into each other. Their faces pressed together, she calls out, "Snow cone guy, you wanna deal with this or--" Susan starts to think this isn't something she can handle. She runs to the Wok-A Wok-A Wok-A food vendor and climbs up to stand atop it. She scans for an epicenter. Doing this one at a time clearly isn't woking...er...working.

Bobby Drake has posed:
"Awwww, bunny!" Bobby reaches down to try to pick up the rabbit, and if permitted, scritch it behind its ears. He looks around at the rest of the chaos unfolding, watching Susan finding a way to manage it. He slowly advances at the food truck, as he casts a gaze around. "Someone better call Old Macdonald, or his wife is going to give him hell."

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    The black bunny with the silver locket allows itself to be picked up, ears drawing back at being pet. It gives a huff, wriggling against Bobby's grasp, using both forelimbs to pat against his chest as she's pet, and then looks back to to the red food truck.

    All around them, more animals appear. A couple of tilapia flop uselessly on the ground like so many magikarp.

    As Susan surveys the area, more chickens appear around a container of to-go from the food truck.

    The Food Truck also reeks of magic. And one of the people inside are calling up to her:


Susan Sullivan has posed:
    From her top of the food truck, Susan narrows her eyes in frustration. She puts her hands on her cheeks as Bobby gets to experience weightlessness, floating up from the air and losing his space in line while people take cell phone photos of him. "Oh no, liars can fly!" Grabbing the sign, the late-teen-early-twenties girl grabs the sign and swings around, dangling for a second before dropping to her feet in front of everyone in line. "You gonna start flying, too? You're at the center of this nonsense. Something you did donked up." She points at Bobby. "And put him down!" she insists.

Bobby Drake has posed:
There is a lot of confusion on Bobby's face. "Uh. This is NOT cool," he says, as he floats upwards slowly. He mutters a bit to himself, but for the moment, just kind of goes with it.

Phoebe Beacon has posed:
    People take pictures of the floating Bobby and Bunny.

    The truck, now free of its roof-surfer, packs up and turns off a side street and tries to disappear into the New York Late Afternoon.

    People scatter from the floating man, and as the Truck vanishes --

    The hens turn back into assorted business people, one looking very peturbed to the point of crying as she shouts out "THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BE VEGETARIAN!"

    The fish similarly turn into people. The cow is now a woman who is carrying someone else's jeans, looking rather peturbed.

    The pigs and the chickens in the igloo concernedly go "Uh... hello? ... Mr. Ice Person? ... can we come out now?"

    The black bunny, however, is nowhere to be seen.