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X-F: X-Force is Back!
Date of Scene: 26 June 2022
Location: Armadon Labs, Weehawken, New Jersey
Synopsis: X-Force (along with Power Girl) manage to destroy the final genetics facility linked to Armadon Labs. But the ringleader of the shady organization and his pet Evil Deadpool are still at large. Where could they be?
Cast of Characters: Wade Wilson, Neena Thurman, Inez Temple, Karen Starr, Clarice Ferguson, Gabby Kinney, Tabitha Smith, James Proudstar

Wade Wilson has posed:
    The stage is set. The target: Armadon Labs in Weehawken, New Jersey. The objective: go in, get info, kill everything that doesn't run fast enough. The hiccup: theis an evil version of Deadpool (and who knows what else) out there guarding the place. All in all, sounds like a perfect fit for the nascent iteration of X-Force lead by Deadpool and staffed by some of the deadliest motherfuckers this side of Mutanttown.

    After convening at Sister Margaret's Home for Wayward Girls (and staving off the inappropriate stares by the bartender--goddammit Weasel!) DP gives Aperture (it's his new codename for Blink to give her some anonymity until he can figure out how to swing the publicity of a registered terrorist on his team) the coordinates to place them right outside the facility.

    The pink portal splits the air at the gate and Deadpool (in his X-Force dusty white and black) steps through with gun ports--and not the bedroom funtimes version--open. The IWI Desert Eagle Mark IX is a loud gun. Using it in close quarters without a good 20 to 30 yards between you and the shot point is likely to result in temporary loss of hearing even with ear plugs equipped. Deadpool doesn't believe in quiet today. The first shot goes off with thunderous cacaphony and takese the left gate guard full on in the face, painting the solid stone wall a nice shade of dark red with blood and brain matter. The second shot takes the right gate guard in much the same way--gotta have symmetry with your decorating after all.

    He skips forward and chucks a small housewarming present into the employee parking lot. Weasel is an execellent weapons maker and the amount of juice he can pack into a compact pipe bomb is the stuff of marvels. The explosion comes about two seconds after the pipe lands and 6 cars go up in flames with equally thunderous results.

    Sirens and alarms go off in the building and on the remaining debris littered cars and a large number of people in black tactical suits with guns a plenty, come pouring out of the building. "I think we got their attention" he says with a wave of his hand for the rest of his team to stream out. "Let's go people. As always... Maximum Effort!"

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Ever since finding out that the people they're hunting have her little brother--and are an offshoot of the organization that "created" her--Neena's been on edge. She's been refraining from taking contracts so she can be ready to go at a moment's notice, but that's left her pacing Sister Margaret's and getting into competitions with people who don't know any better. (Never bet against Domino. It's just better that way.)

    Now, even if Lazarus isn't here, there's evidently an /evil/ Deadpool, which is worth more than his motto of 'Maximum Effort.' So Domino throws herself through the portal just after Deadpool, hitting the parking lot /just/ after the explosion clears and barrelling forward through the smoke with guns blaring as she heads right for the group coming out of the building. She grabs a flare off her belt and lights it, waving it in the air so it can be seen through the smoke from the explosion.

    "Outlaw, I'm heading for the door! Use me as a target!" Don't worry, she'll get out of the way in time. She always does.

Inez Temple has posed:
When prep had been underway, Inez had hopped off her stool, kissed Wade on the cheek and said she would meet them there with a wink and a grin. Weasel is co-opted along the way (because nobody wants Weasel around all those women), a fistful of his shirt and a "Weasel, yer with me... we got a surprise to get underway." Then the tall blonde is off to get her own 'surprise' started.

When the portal opens and the party starts, Inez is nowhere to be seen, and for good reason! As the explosions start, the alarms sounding, it's easy to miss the revving of a very large and powerful motor heading for the front gate of the compound, but the sudden blare of the oddly slower-paced 'Friends in Low Places' by Garth Brooks is unmistakable. A cherry red 1941 GMC panel truck has been hefted up onto a monster truck lift kit to create a beastly tank of a vehicle, with a very scared-looking Weasel behind the wheel. And a very excited-looking Inez popping up out of a gunner turret that's back carved out of the back, locking a minigun into place on a mounting kit as they blow through the gate to crash the party!

The first wave of those black-suited guards is going to become the fine red mist coating the second wave as Inez lets loose a barrage of bullets. Perhaps the most inconceivable part of the whole thing is that the black Stetson perched on her head never once comes off!

Karen Starr has posed:
    Exactly forty minutes ago, the man responsible for maintaining a 98% automated shipping vessel making its way into Lincoln Harbor had a minor stroke. His presence at the wheel was only cursory- but as a result of his medical emergency, there was nobody present to correct a malfunction in the automated cargo ship's routing and speed management protocols.

    As a result, the tiny port of Lincoln Harbor- which does not normally expect or entertain full sized freighters- called for any assistance with the imminent collision, and got the only Kryptonian that happens to frequent New York City.

    Fresh off of that disaster, Power Girl is answering questions and making sure that the small harbor can handle its business when she hears... Well, an altogether more pressing sound. Gunshots, in Weehawken? Out of place. The following explosion and alarms? Nothing she can ignore.

    "Okay, gotta go." she remarks, to the harbor master- who hasn't the time to respond before she's off like a bullet, flinging herself through the sky. It's mere moments before she's crossed the township and the noise just about any ne'erdowell in Metropolis- and some in New York, and a couple in Gotham- dread when doing so much as jaywalking begins to ring out through the air, just barely audible to those paying attention over the din of alarms and likely a fire or two.

    A cape, calmly fluttering in the wind. A rush of air. She had opened her mouth for half a moment to start to say something, but, well...

    As the two sets of armed individuals start squaring off and firing, Karen's frown deepens, and though she's only a scant two or three dozen feet above the impromptu parking lot battlefield, Power Girl accelerates towards the ground, and slams into it with enough force to crack the concrete and call- she hopes, the attention of every participant to her.

    "I want every last gun on the ground." she states, "Or I'm going to start hitting people."

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    Clarice lets the others through the portal as the party begins - and hops through after, immediately letting the tear in reality seal behind her. She once again appears to be a woman of asian descent, minus her very distinct magenta coloring, and with the black duster Wade had given her covering her form. A small quiver at her back holds a number of the silvery-hued javelins she often throws - but she doesn't start with those. Instead, she with a gesture of her hand, a small point of pinkish purple starts amidst a running row of guards, that abruptly increases in size as she pulls her hands apart - only to blink out a moment later. The guards end up neatly bisected wherever the portal intersected momentarily with their bodies, and they immediately collapse in a screaming heap. A heap that quickly begins to grow quiet as they quickly bleed out.
    Because when I say 'neatly bisected' - I don't mean that it isn't messy. The pavement beneath them is immediately fouled with blood, and and intestines, and the putrid smell of perforated bowels fills the air.
    Clarice glances briefly towards Karen, but doesn't pause in her movements or actions. AFter all - she didn't bring any guns to this party.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
A small figure with long dark hair darts through the portal as well in a suit not entirely dissimilar from Deadpool's off-white and black. They all wore some variation of the color scheme, of course. Her mask was full face with goggles obscuring her eyes and a half-shield over the lower part that bore black and white zig-zag teeth in a rather anime-ish grin.

Rather than go directly behind someone she runs to the side so as to spread out and ensure she wasn't going to accidentally get in the way of any friendly fire. As for guns? Well. She was lacking in those, as well, so when Power Girl slams down she only pauses long enough to spread her hands in a helpless shrug. "Not packing!" Comes her muffled reply.

Right before she ducks low to lunge forward slamming her shoulder into the solar plexus of a guy who WAS packing a gun. Her free hand comes up behind him to swing the blade in her hand up to cut the strap to the gun he was holding so it's more easily torn from his grasp and thrown aside.

Toward Powergirl. She's a helper.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby got the team invite and she totally accepted. Hell even when she got the nod that X-Force is doing a thing she even remembered and turned up. Mostly in the uniform Wade designed for her.

Black synthetic leather and clingy catsuit. Maybe a little extra padding and armor on her chest and shoulder. Molded to actually fit and be comfy. Pouch ridden utility belt in red with the usual X logo slung on her hips and maybe hanging one side via a sneaky belt loop at her hips. A large white X on her chest and some red trim to go with the belt and red combat boots with black laces. And a comfy looking darker red leather jacket with a lot more pockets inwside cause it's the best way to hide pouches and extra padding.

And there's sunglasses. It's Boom-Boom so of course the blonde has a pair. She needs a prescription for them. All those bright booms over the years is murder on eyesight and she needed glasses before she manifested as a mutant.

Weasel's bomb work when the pipe bomb is lt off gets a grin. It's about the most acknowledgement the arms dealer gets after where those eyes were seen roaming.

The follow up explosions that ensure however are all Tabitha. Dozens of baseball sized balls of violet plasma. Superhot ionised gas. The stuff that makes up suns. Made by lightning strikes. All done within the energetic bundle of blonde woman in mostly black and red leather.

The bombs, all float in the air and with others running ahead of her means Boomie has to maybe kinda focus a little more so she doesn't accidentally hit the people she actually likes.

Especially when she's using enough explosive force that each bomb hitting a guard feels like having a flame thrower and shotgun going of point blank to them at the same time.

And just as loud too.

Pickings do get slim thouh when people get shot into fine mist or chunky salsa and telefragged and it's really a fight between jaw dropping awe at watching the team work. The ladies at least. How can anyone not drool at Inez with a gat.

When there's a loud thud of a bigger blonde Kryptonian on the ground demanding people stop being all shooty Tabby takes a moment to find a little cover and looks over at the rest of the team. A hand counting off fingers on the other as she soundlessly counts down with a look to the remaining guards and then back to X-Force. she might have an expectation of a response from the guards at least. And an idea of Power Girl's reprisal.

"Three... two... one..."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar walks through the portal with an appraising eye. He has become something of an mutant portal afficianado over the past few years and this is a solid connection. It lacks the Rasputin flare of dragons, and demons mobs and long dead civilizations man was not meant to know but some people would call that a plus.
    He arrives in the midst of carnage and chaos, looking about hands searching out pockets on his uniform finding none in the white and black design with red trim. "Am I the only guy on the team with out pockets?" James is used to providing down field blocking for squishies. He can just as easy move into a damage dealing capacity but providing support for a literal tank is new. When the enemy mini howitzer opens up. James catches the sound. It's a two step to land at the bunker. ripping through concrete embankment and I mean, one of them pulls out a handgun. James actually sighs as as takes them out. He barely notices PG's 'landing' but at the the words he rolls his eyes. As he rips the big gun from it mooring and tosses it to land at her feet, "Typical oppressor language."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    The guards just keep pouring from the building; and not just the front. It looks like however is in charge of security (it's Evil Deadpool, because of course it is) didn't spare any expense in equipping the building with enough guns to front an army. The just. Keep. Coming. And with them comes bullets. Deadpool scatters and flings himself behind an overturned Dodge Ram, now reduced to scrap metal by his 'housewarming present,' as the bullets angle to him.

    He looks to the arrival of Power Girl and... well, saying he oggles her would be pretty accurate. Over the comms he provided for his crew he says, <<Okay... so these guys aren't going to take well to X rated PG there so how about we give her some support and utilize her tracks of land--I mean her assets--I mean her skills to our advantage.>>

    Domino draws an impressive acrobatic display as Outlaw's minigun turns the front entry way into a violent version of Carnegie Hall's seating floor. He wall run, backflip and low slide between the guards puts her inside the entry hall with relative ease. Still she's not alone and a number of guns train on her black clad form and pelt the chest high wall that is strategically placed for her to have cover.

    Two minutes, twelve thousand rounds, and a good 40 or 50 dead later the minigun runs out of bullets and forces Weasel to retreat leaving Outlaw and her physical prowess and her massive revolvers in the wake of the dust trail. Bullets impact her hyper dense tissue and fall to the ground with little to no effect on her physical form as she draws a bead from some of the side security forces.

    Usually the arrival of a Kyrptonian is met with at least a pause to consider the ramifications of taking one on. From the looks of these guys though, they never got that memo. More guns train on the red caped figure and a hail of bullets stream towards her--with expected results. Beads of metal fall to the ground at her feet. So much for diplomacy right?

    A moment passes and then a heavily accented Russian voice comes over the loudspeaker. "Leave that one to me boys..." It's followed by the ground shaking with the impact of heavy footfalls. <<Oh fuck me sideways...>> Deadpool mutters over the comms. He's familiar with the sound. A second later a massive hole erupts from the wall and a behemoth of a man in a grey bodysuit with a pair of long curving horns atop his head emerges from the hole. The Rhino is a big man on the best of days. Like... hella big. But now it looks like he's been juicing. At close to ten feet tall and looking like close to a ton of body mass he strikes an imposing figure. "I'll handle Tits here. Focus on the rabble" he says as he scrapes a foot across the ruined asphalt under hi, like a bull preparing to charge. The telegraph doesn't give much warning as he's already storming for Power Girl's location a blink later.

    Speaking of Blink, (Aperture is a much cooler name in DP's opinion), her impromptu scapel treatment and the subsequent olfactory assault is quite effective as many of the goon squad attempt to jump and avoid that area of the battle field. The hail of bullets is sporadic as her hoppity hop treatment leaves guards guessiing as to where the woman will end up next, often with deadly results for their pause.

    The Honey Badger is on the scene and ready to give no fucks. She tears a swath through the guards as she cuts perpendicular to the majority of the action. She too finds cover behind the same truck as DP and is given a thumbs up for her effort. "We need to get inside!" Deadpool yells over the sound of the gunfight. "I've got an idea, just hold steady."

    Boom Boom brings the boom boom with her and more explosive eruptions send men and vehicles flying her drop to cover is smiled upon as her countdown. <<Right on it, BB. One moment and we'll get inside.>>

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Jim, Warpath, Proudstar is also given a rain of gunfire in his general direction, but the bullets seem to have as much effect on the heavily muscled Apache as they do on Power Girl and Outlaw. His toss of a massive gun get's some comentary from Wade, <<Not what she meant, big guy, but I approve of your enthusiasm. Think you can give her a hand with tall, grey, and Russian without pissing her off too much? I get your hate on for the white man--or the Kyrptonian woman, here--but she's probably on our side for the moment. Dom, Outlaw, Aperture, Boom Boom, Honey Badge and I will get in and work our way down to the base level labs. Once you two are finished, bring her with if she's up for more destruction. Aperture, I need a big portal for the five of us to get in and assist Domino.>>

Neena Thurman has posed:
    <<Deadpool, if PG knocks your block off for the commentary I'm going to laugh my ass off, I hope you know. Zero sympathy.>> Domino says this while exchanging fire with the goons inside the building. <<If she wants targets to punch, there's a /ton/ in here. Could definitely use some backup. But I'd guess the type of capes who actually wear capes are gonna be squeamish about getting the job done.>>

    Despite the banter, she's focused and serious, even if most of what she's doing is spraying the area beyond the wall with bullets. Several of those bullets find targets, but there really are a /lot/ of guys. She's forced to remain crouched behind the wall, spraying without looking rather than having any chance to pick her targets.

    <<Yeah, seriously, Aperture, could use some help! Even I'm pushing my luck; I'm gonna run out of bullets. Where'd DP's evil twin /find/ all these guys?!>>

Inez Temple has posed:
Inez jumps from the turret as soon as the minigun runs dry, double-thumping the side of the truck to send Weasel on his way. Looking like a cross between a pinup model and some bad Western film villain in her black and white leather vest and skirt and boots and hat, Outlaw pulls her trusty revolvers and goes to work. Power Girl's insistence at dropping arms has her laughing and shaking her head even as she strolls over towards the doors.

That minigun that James tossed like so much junk skitters and sparks across the pavement until a booted foot halts its progress. Twirling the revolvers back into their holsters as she bends forward to pick it up, "Oh hey! Thanks darlin', I jes' ran dry on one o' these!" Holding the massive machine gun in her hands, she grins once more and starts forward again, ready for another hail of gunfire and people salsa. She's also keeping an eye out for the backwards version of her husband, because we all know he's watching, the perv.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    <<"Let me see if I-">> Glancing in the direction of where Domino had disappeared, Clarice opens a small portal, that gives her a glimpse into the space, and Domino's position within it. <<"Okay. Dom? Don't move,">> she advises.
    The next thing she does is teleport herself out into the open - where the mooks train their guns at her. "Oops! Oh shit!" she calls. She's not an actress, but in the heat of battle, you don't have to be. And all those men training their weapons on her is exactly what she had in mind. As the barrage of fire heads her way, she opens a portal in front of her - into which the bullets disappear. The exit appears angled above Domino, and aimed towards the men keeping her pinned down.
    <<"How many did I get?">> Clarice asks cheerfully, as she disappears from where she'd been standing.
    Only //then// does Clarice do what Wade actually asked for, and open a portal to let him, Gabby, Tabitha, and Inez go back Domino up.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
Gabby Kinney slides into position behind the truck with Wade keeping her back pressed up against it while she reaches down to take out a few other weapons. Sure, she had said she wasn't packing. That was only partially true--She was planning on picking up guns along the way after all. Why waste your own when you can get some new toys? A pair of pistols she'd swiped off a guard are taken out and quickly checked over with a nod of satisfaction. Still loaded and safeties now clicked off.

"You bring me to the nicest places, Deadpool," she offers in a rather cheery tone. "Honestly needed to let off some steam, too so this is great! See you inside!"

A quick pat to his shoulder is given as she pases by running full out toward the portal to leap through it guns brought to bear. It only takes her eyes a moment to adjust thanks to the goggles she wears, and though Clarice has already likely cleared a good amount of guards out with her trick she fires off a few choice shots for stragglers. Or the few that might be trying to get up and shoot from the floor. "Hi, Dom! Where we going?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
<<You know if Power Girl didn't show up. Tits would be pretty vague designation. Have you seen Warpath with his shirt off.>> Tabby points out over the comm unit in her ear. Naturally Kryptonian ears would brobably hear but then the women of X-Force a far from small chested themselves. Mutants and their natural bonus to charisma.

With a 'roided out Rhino staring down Pee Gee and the suggestion Warpath help her out maybe, Tabby offers a little help. <<Those of you with extra sensitive hearing and vision may want to close your eyes and plug your ears. Well everyone not staring at the Horny guy.>> she chimes in a warning and starts focusing on a number of extra bright little collection of bombs. <<BrightBOOM>>

The bombs are floated up like releasing doves as the float to Rhino circling him like fireflies at around head height.

"Tick..." She's actually counting down an explosion. Or nine or so. "Tick... Tick..."


Flashbangs, all concussive light and noise and hopefully distracting for the Rhino and anyone else on the wrong side of the fun looking at the show. And give Inez, Gabby and Tabby the chance to portal through with little problem.

Once on the other side Tabby beams a grin. "No one got spots in their eyes and ringing in their ears? Which way we going? So if we see the Other Wade, what's out plan. Cooking him maybe?" Tabby ponders softly while her head swivels around too get a bearing on surroundings. Her ponytail flicking about behind her as it's whipped left and right.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar frowns, "Not the first time I've had to pair up with the man... regardless of gender.... Seriouslythought is that Rhino? I mean he's get fuck all chance against the Power Lass? Woman?" Jim drops down on the duped Rhino and even manages to get a couple good licks in before the Russian lands the blow which send the apache sailing.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade waits for everyone to clear through the portal to Domino's position before turning and punching it full pelt. He takes a few shots for his trouble but the holes are already sealing by the time he leaps through the opening made by Aperture. He rolls and comes up looking at the massively depopulated foyer. He fires a few finishing shots at some of the guys still moving.

    "No. When he shows up, let me handle him... I'll keep him occupied while the rest of you go wreck the place. Let's see if Cable's doppleganger is here. If he is, Domino you and Outlaw and Gabby engage him--careful of his psionics. If he's anything like Stryfe or--God forbid it -is- Stryfe--he's like Profesor X but evil and mobile.

    "Aperture" Deadpool says turning his attention to the disguised woman. "When they engage him, you work on getting to the server room and use this..." he tosses a small USB stick to her, "on the mainframe. It'll DL everything in the databases and then wipe the system. After that start wrecking shit, hopefully you mess something up that destroys the limiter on your powers in here."

    He mentioned there was a limiter on her portal powers in here, didn't he? Well, if not he just did. "If he's not here--fucking blessings there--we get what info we can from the databases, and book it. Boom Boom, I want you to turn this place to rubble when it's over... I believe in you. Do it even if I'm not with you, got it?"

    He moves to a large sliding door that looks like it should be used on a garage and, dragging a body to the card reader next to the door, slides a key on a lanyard around the corpse's neck across the access panel. The door slides up with a hiss of pneumatics and Wade receives a height shortening surgury by way of psionic tenacle a for his trouble. "Fuckity fuck fuck!" he says scrambling back to a covered position behind a reception desk and looking at the near ruin that is his legs. It didn't sever them at the ankle but its a close thing.

    The fearsome foursome on the other side is lead by a woman, a myriad of hentai flavored purple tentacles roil and lash about her form. On her left is a mammoth of a man, almost as big as Warpath, dark energy warps the air around his hands. The creature to her right is feral, looking like what happens with you take a rabid feral cat and breed it with a human--very Thriller music video with feline features, claws and lithe body mass. Behind the leading trio is a flying figure with fire already wreathing his/hers/their (it's hard to tell at first glance) wrists.

    Outside most of the remaing goons--there aren't many between the devastation of minigun 2.0 Inez and Tabby's Flashy Boom retreat back into the facility to set up another barricade at what is presumed the main lab below. That leaves Power Girl, Warpath, and the Super Rhino outside. The hyper powered mercenary isn't a pushover by any standards on a good day. Enhanced as he's been made, it's worse.

    Warpath's strikes draw grunts of mild irritation from him before the haymaker that sends the destructive Native American man flying. He's immediately engaged with Power Girl. The Kryptonian's strength and fighting prowess prove to be on par with the monster of a man and they start a slugfest that seems to suit them both just fine and leaves the Shaman free to use some of the more sneaky tactics in his arsenal of tricks.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Domino /glares/ at Deadpool for a moment when he insists on taking on his evil double. "That's a really--ugh. Fine." He's in charge, after all. She can lecture him on the merits of taking on his EVIL DOUBLE on his OWN later. When there aren't bullets flying.

    And then he gets his legs fucked up and she rolls her eyes. "God damn it--alright, I'll draw their fire. Aperture, if you can do that portal snickety-snick thing on the tentacles before you head out that'd be /great/, I don't feel like starring in hentai today. The rest of you, wreck 'em."

    Domino grabs a grenade off Wade's belt, pulling the pin as she does so, and throws it at the four coming out of the sliding door.

    (This is a bad idea, Neena. This is a terrible idea. Why don't you let /Inez/ do the tanking?)

    Well, admittedly, because Inez can't exactly regrow a lost foot, and Neena's less likely to get directly hurt.

    Three... two... one... Domino throws herself out from behind the half-wall she's been crouched behind, into the immediate aftermath of an explosion, /again/, bearing a pair of knives this time. She's expecting to have to get up close and personal with at least one of these guys.

Inez Temple has posed:
The minigun really is starting to become her favorite weapon. They just mow down everything in their path, like mowing the grass! When the second one runs dry, she sighs, "I gotta start carryin' extra ammo for these... they're too good." Then Wade's opening the door and getting cut off at the knees (figuratively) by a psionic hentai tentacle. Inez makes a face, "That's jes'... wow. An' I thought -I- was a cliche..."

With Domino taking point and tossing the grenade, Inez whirls like a discus thrower and YEETS the empty minigun (all 170 lbs of it) into the smoke-filled room before diving off to the side of the door. <<Dom, Wade's incap. I'm pickin' up after his evil twin. Don't let 'im follow.>>

Without waiting, she pops up and takes off, deeper into the compound, following the layout map of the place that had been pinned up in the planning session (see, she was paying attention!) to try and find where DP2 is likely to be hiding.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Oh for- You tell me this //now,// DP?!" Clarice exclaims, as she catches the USB stick easily with a single hand, and tucks it into a pocket. She's still muttering under her breath, as she gathers up a gun and a few clips of ammo, and slings them over her shoulders. Who knows how bad the limiter will get? Better to be prepared.
    The feral looking being that appears from behind the door prompts a response of, "Man - Sabretooth would love to tear into //that// one." It's too bad he's not here.
    With a grenade lobbed, Clarice is ready - opening a portal to capture some of the shrapnel and concussive wave that //would// be flying towards their own position - so she can redirect it back towards the foursome for a little added oomph. She's glad that at least works - though she can feel the added strain of using her portals in here. Great. Just great.
    That's when she pops up - and as the feral person leaps towards her - she abruptly opens a portal, redirecting them directly into the flaming figure. If they're lucky, flameo will get eviscerated, while feral gets set alight.
    "Not sure those tentacles are //physical//!" Clarice remarks - firing off a quick spray of fire at the other two, as she tries to make her way into the facility to find the computer room.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
With the slew of Big Hitters that come out of the door and leave Deadpool without a foot to stand on, Honey Badger watches the others start in. As soon as she sees Domino throw the grenade she starts to run forward as well though she's a good distance behind the lucky woman.

That's all right, though, because at the last possible second she tucks down into a baseball slide along the floor making sure to splish through a puddle of blood from a downed guard in the process to ensure she has a nice slippery glide to her slide.

Right. Down. The hall. And in between the legs of Mr. Behemoth there.

There's not even an attempt at attacking him though the thought is there. There was another goal in mind to get PAST the group toward the doors and she manages to do so just barely avoiding the worst of the explosion and evisceration by hentaicles at the same time. Some shrapnel lodges in her back that she completely ignores because, well, she can't feel it.

The heels of her boots slam into the wall beside the door stopping her slide where she turns and pushes up into a crouch.

"DP! Go DEEP!"

Hauling back she lobs his severed foot through the air toward where he's taken up residency for the time being. Better than waiting for him to regrow it.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Destroying labs does qualify for one of Boom-Boom's favorite things to do. Enough so that the apeal gets her grinning as ear to ear you can manage without being the Joker.

To the point she idly trails a finger on the walls. With a concentratted stream of plasma following out to leave some molted scorch marks embedded in walls that will soon come down.

Of curse when of course there's more folks to tanle with and Wade nearly ends up with a date made in the seedier side of the Japanese entertainmehnt industry Tabby pouts.

Cause Domino threw a grenade and Tabby clearly wanted to blow more stuff up. It's a problem she has and sometimes it's okay to enable some problems.

"No fair Dom!" she pouts about non her based explosions.

"You guys wanna go on Data Retrival? I can do my part of the plan perfectly fine and those guys might just be able to help me speed up the time I need." she says with a smirk.

"Psionic tentacles? Well my tentacles are way hotter than her tentacles. Hopefully hotter than What'stherename with the fire." Boom-Boom adds way more evilly than anyone should.

"Just remember where I am in here so you guys can portal me the hell out before the roof caves down. The fun of the mucho 'splodo in a confined space!" she states and sparks up more plasma around her hands in that heated glow of purple fun.

"Anyone sticking around to play, stay behind me whatever gets up after this is gonna need bits hacked off." she warns.

Hands shove forward and streams of plasma fly forth, snarking and spiarling towards heads. The blonde's eyes glowing as she channels her own power to direct and guide and make sure noone else on X-Force has a bad day like Wade is. He'll be fine, totally. And there is like objectives beyond kicking ass. Like bringing down the building who says she can't go through badder guys.

The retreival of foot gets a snicker. Tabitha clearly far from above such jokes. Though she is concerned with making sure no one is in her way she doesn't want in her way.

Cause then she can shove exploding plasma in their faces.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar picks himself from under a pile of rubble that used to be a section of parking amd shakes himself off. There is the shearing noise or metal being drawn and the dust covered Apache grins as he brings the knives to bear. He's been trained as both a ninja, born an Apache, and classically educated as a force multiplier. And was that move Themyscrian? He works at the edges, using the vibranium blades on knees, arms. Weringbhim down with the deaths of a thousand cuts.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade's had better days. He's missing one foot and the other is almost completely severed by the psionic blade appendage. And unlike Honey Badger he doesn't have the advantage of nanobots to blur the concept of pain. <<You know...>> he says from his hiding spot. <<Just once I want a plan to go according to plan.>> He makes a face as Gabby says words that he -never- needed to hear from her and his eyes land on the procurred foot as it plops nearby. <<Thanks. Also, you're not allowed to use innuendo at me... that's a new rule>> he mutters, grabbing the foot and pressing it to his ruined ankle, wincing as the flesh and bone knits back together with absolutely bizarre feeling. Not much can be done for the suit, he'll get new boots when all is said and done.

    Inez is off the field (to find bigger fish) and that leaves Gabby, Tabby, Clarice, and Neena to handle the four. The grenade's explosion doesn't do as much as one would hope as the black energy from the hulking figure's energy power contains the majority of the blast off of the group with a wide beam shield that looks like a tinted window for all its effects.

    While the big boom doesn't eviscerate them it does buy them time and Domino manages to engage the leader with her knives. The psionic tentacles coalesce to long blades in the woman's hands and she employs them with practiced efficiancy. Even so, Domino's agility and her probability field keeps her from getting cut by one of them and even allows her a few lucky shots of her own on the woman.

    Clarice's redirect of the feral woman works true to form and as quickly as the attack starts four are reduced to two as the catwoman and the andro-pyro eliminate each other in a violent sounding crash of flame and screeching sounds.

    Gabby's reached a door and her stop manages to activate the open feature as well, what lies beyond is a large open space that houses an absolutely obscene number of vats filled with mostly finished identical copies of same faced figures. It seems the numbers Domino was wondering about earlier was in made in house.

    Down a catwalk, at the center of the machinery and vats is a small glass-walled office with a number of computers inside as well as two figures. One is the tall, armored figure of the leader of the facilities they've been hitting. He's either Stryfe or a very compelling copycat give the look. The other is a man in a labcoat. Presumably the head scientist of the facility. Neither seem to be worried about the infiltration of one Honey Badger yet.

    Boom Boom can do more than just destroy buildings. The amount of plasma she releases in the hall is more than enough to fry the remaining two mutant assailants, but uh-oh Domino is down the hall too. Lucky for the pale skinned woman (not really that's her thing after all) she is direcly blocked by the massive form of the larger of the group. His form is an effective shield to Boom Boom's mega blaster. What's left is a blackened hall with four ashy corpses that deteriorate into dust after a moment, and a mostly unharmed Domino. Deadpool rises and if he's limping, he's at least on his feet. <<HB, what you got?>> he asks the young woman. <<Tell me you see my wife...>> he says, he really doesn't need Inez tangling with his copy. Taskmaster's training school is efficient, he'll admit to that, but there is a reason Tasky is afraid of Wade. And the Evil Deadpool is worse than Deadpool for his unpridictability.

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Outside Warpath and Power Girl have managed to wear down the hyper Rhino significantly. Any time the monster turns to retaliate against Warpath's blades takes a brutal strike from the Krptonian. It's maddening and after a while he manages to clear enough room to charge Power Girl, the hit sends her flying into the building across the street and it falls from the impact force as well as her enhanced durability. She's probably fine, but she won't be getting out of the rubble for a moment at least. The blow leaves Warpath a clear opening to finish off Rhino with a deadly strike to the monster's neck... if the Apache warrior wants to take it.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    With the four enemies out of the way--and after a really rather satisfying melee with tentacle lady--Domino glances around to check on the others. Warpath and PG are outside, Outlaw's disappeared to find Evil Deadpool, Deadpool himself is regrowing a foot. "Aperture" is heading for the computer room, HB is sneaking in somewhere, and Boom Boom is--almost bringing the room down on her. Because of course she is.

    (Shit shit shit shit shit!! THIS IS WHY YOU SHOULDN'T BE TANKING, NEENA!)

    She doesn't need to dive for cover, fortunately, but she yells, "If this is getting me back for making an explosion, I'm /sorry/! Please don't blow me up again!"

    Even as she says it, though, she's taken off after Gabby, to try to sneak her own way into the lab. Or maybe extend HB some of her luck and draw their attention.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "Excellent," Clarice practically hisses out as her tactics prove effective. Trusting the others to handle the rest - she starts blinking away, jumping to the end of the hall to look around the corner, and then blinking away to the end of that hall. It doesn't take her too long to find the glass-walled office that way - but it leaves her starting at 'Stryfe' - and being stared at in return. Normall, she'd open a portal to bring the rest of the team to her, but-
    <<"Think I found I found the computer room - but it's not empty.">>
    The doesn't wait for back-up, though - she quickly flings a pair of her javelins - one taking out a section of the glass wall, the other following a moment later, to sail through the now empty space, hopefully colliding with 'Stryfe' - and blinking him out, and back into existance above one of the vats.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
<< No sign of her, Poolio. I DO see our prime target, I think, but Inez isn't here. >> At least not that Gabby saw as she hunkers down into the shadows as much as possible in this place. << Also a LOT of clones I'm guessing... >> That always got her a bit. Clones. She wasn't sure if they were brainwashed or programmed somehow, but surely if they got them out of here they could find some way to redeem them?

Those thoughts cause her to pause only for the rumbling explosions of Tabby to snap her out of it. Likely they wouldn't get out of here in one go after all. When Domino comes through she nods to the other woman, and tips her head toward the obvious target.

Cocking her guns she reasons << Think Tabby might be the only way to take that guy out unless you want to port him into the Sun or something. >>

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Boom-Boom lets the plasma streams die off when her targets do. Making sure no pesky healing factors get in the way so all that's left is human scorchmarks on the walls and floors she grins. Between Domino's luck and Tabitha's control despite appearance to the contrary the pale skinned brunette is pretty much fine.

<<When I'm right! Unf! No need for aloe Dom?>> She is actually worried about the woman. <<I did yell to get behind me. I may be squishiest but I'm also the nuker. Just remember if you want somethimng sploded, I'm way better than any of the crap weasel packed for DeePee.>> she says over the comms.

There's a look back over her shoulders to wear Wade was left. <<Speaking of. Yo boss. You gonna be walking it off yet?>> she asks and then makes another querie of okayness to the other man on the line outside. <<Tits, how're you and Power Girl doing out there. You got Mister Horny tapping out yet? Totally have and you're all kicking back with a beer now aren't ya?>> she sounds amazingly optimistic about how well Warpath is with his fight.

With Gabby's suggestion Tabitha chuckles and chimes in. <<Why port the sun when I can bring the sun to him.>> she agrees brightly and starts heading towards where the sharp clawed girl headed. <<Any idea who the clones are based on? Do they have New Zealand accents?>>

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar strikes without hesitation, blade in hand taking the opening with out hesitation. He drop the hyper Rhino and moves to land a hand with clean up leaving PG above ground to deal with the leftovers, <<Horny is down, PG is powdering her nose. I'm on the way.>>

Karen Starr has posed:
    It had been an... Interesting fight topside, to say the least.

    Fighting Power Girl is kind of a war of attrition based on just how irate she's becoming at any one time. She doesn't want to kill anyone, for starters- and for two, she doesn't want to break any buildings. The charge from Rhino unlocks the third gate of anger when a building drops on her, and it isn't any longer than that snap moment that Warpath takes to drop the Rhino before the whole of the rubble begins to lift, an unscathed, but unhappy, Power Girl pushing herself up from it as if a collapsed building were, to her, nothing more than a children's ball pit.

    There's a single push from her legs, and she travels from the building she was knocked into, to a standing position next to Rhino in the blink of an eye. Calmly, and worldlessly, Karen kneels down next to him for just a second. Registering that Rhino is still alive, Karen stands herself back upright, and looks over towards Warpath.

    "Happy you kept him alive, but you could've held off for me without putting a knife in his spine like that. I'm going to go have a chat with your boss and help clean up. I expect everyone else that's left up here to be alive when I get back." On the one hand, who the hell is she to be giving orders? On the other hand, she may hold no rank in X-Force but she /can/ throw an aircraft carrier into the sun. There's a lot to consider when taking or not taking her advice.

    She takes a moment to look at the building, and then rises slowly into the air a few feet- before shooting forward at an angle and slamming into the ground- creating a tunnel that somewhat collapses behind her as the unstoppable force and durability of being a god-damned-alien-powerhouse affords her a sort of movement that isn't, entirely, fair.

    To her, flying through the earth is almost like swimming through water.

    With a thunderous noise, the wall to the back of the X-F operatives breaks apart, and out from it walks a none to pleased Power Girl.

    If anything, it can clearly be taken that the cavalry has arrived- even if she hates their methods, she's pretty sure that X-Force is on the right side of this. Even so, as she starts storming her way past Deadpool to move towards what clearly looks like more powered baddies, Karen offers a direct comment.

    "You and I are going to have a conversation later, and you're not going to like it."

Wade Wilson has posed:
    Wade's healing factor is something of a wonder. In some ways it's better than Wolverine's in others it's not. The fusion of bone and muscle is already mostly complete and he rolls his eyes at Boom Boom. "I'm fine... now. Just need new boots in the end." He makes his way toward the lab door and scans the area. No sign of his double or Inez, which doesn't bode well and makes him nervous.

    When Clarice opens up against the head honcho he starts working his way down the ladders to the floor. Maybe if he's out in the open the double will show his face. He doesn't get far though....

    As the second javelin moves toward the Stryfe lookalike he raises his left hand and the javelin simply -stops-. "Your power is rather unique, Ms. Ferguson" he says as he starts to manipulate the spear in midair with his mind. "It took us a long time to figure out the proper way to replicate it, but in the end we managed." He flicks the spear toward one of the computers and it goes over the vat rather than the man himself.

    He lifts his right hand and power rushes out of him. The full might of an Omega Level mutant slams into the mind of each of those inside the facility. The effect is intense and agonizing; even Gabby's pain resistance doesn't overcome the effect of psychic agony being pushed on her. It's possible it even manages to slow down Power Girl in her approach.

    Wade falls from the ladder and lands hard on the concrete 30 feet below. The pain of broken bones is nothing compared to the nerves firing off in his mind, not to mention the agony of having to listen to the bad guy monologue he gives PG a weak thumbs up. "If we're alive" he winces. "Sure thing."

    "I am going to let you succeed because I have everything I need from you" the Maybe Stryfe says. "Besides, what good is a villan without heroes or in your case anti-heroes to fight against him. I will see you all soon enough for a final confrontation that will result in either my victory and your destruction or my own destruction and your victory. Either way it will make a sensational scene." Great, this guy has the same crazy as Deadpool it would seem.

    James finds himself following the chaos of the infiltration part and is stopped by a man in a mishmash of costume pieces that all share one thing. They're all variants of Deadpool's outfit. He's holding Inez close to him like a shield and has a katana in his right hand. In both of his right hands. One of the blades is pressed against her throat, the ultrasharp blade already drawing a thin bead of blood. The other is extended out to stop the large mutant from making further progress. "Ah ah ah. Can't crash the party just yet, big man. You'll get your turn soon enough. Deliver this to your boss" he shoves Inez out toward James. "Let him know that she put up a good fight, just not good enough. And let him know that we're waiting where he decided an abortion was preferable to taking some responsibility for his actions. What the actual fuck?"

    With the delivery made the mismatched, and obsiously evil, DP slaps a hand to a device at his belt and winks out of existence to places unknown.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    Domino screams in pain as she clings to the rail of the catwalk where Honey Badger was crouching, slipping but catching herself. She would try to get to Stryfe to stop him, but... yeah, no, that's not happening.

    <<Sound off, everyone. We all still here?>> She's trying to see if she can see Gabby... the mutant isn't used to pain, is she okay?

Inez Temple has posed:
Inez grunts as she's pushed away from the Evil Deadpool, glaring back at the mismatched suits, "You sucker-punchin' lil' bitch! Get back here!" Whirling, she lunges for... empty air, making her let out an angry cry, then shaking her head, "Fucker jes' loves teleportin' all over th' place.. almost had that lil' gizmo offa his belt. Fergot this one's got three hands fer a split second..." She shakes her head and mutters, "Gonna get that lil shit-fuck."

Turning back to James she lifts a shrug, "Least I managed t' keep 'im from engagin' wit' Wade while he was messed up. HOw's things goin' fer th' team?" That's when Domino asks for a sound off across the comms.

<<I'm here, got Warpath wit' me. Fuckin' Evil TP bastard blipped out again. How're ya'll holdin' up? Need a cavalry, or shoudl we stay put, keep th' topside secure?>>

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    "What the actual-" Clarice starts as her javelin is stopped, and redirected. Of course, she doesn't get an answer - she gets debilitating pain that causes her to collapse, screaming. She's been training with the Brotherhood's psychics ever since the day Emma Frost puppeted her body like a marionette - but that doesn't keep 'Stryfe' out of her head.
    She takes a moment, breathing heavily after her leaves, then says into the comms, <<"Here. I'm here. Going- for the download.">> Hopefully the computer he trashed wasn't the one they wanted.
    She forces herself to her feet, stumbling into the computer room, where she slams the USB stick into place.
    "Tell me one reason why I shouldn't leave you here to be buried when the building explodes," Clarice asks the cowering scientist coldly.

Gabby Kinney has posed:
The shriek that splits the air at the mental onslaught is raw, fresh, and unadultered. There's no attempt to hold back the reaction. No sense of being ABLE to. Gabby crumples where she was standing to the floor with hands pressed over her head as that sound continues until her lungs are completely empty.

She lays there gasping for breath while her body shudders almost uncontrollably--as if she were freezing or fevered. The last time she'd felt pain she was under Mr. Sinister's knife. That was also the first time she'd felt pain in years. Now again, without chance to even brace herself for it, the unfamiliar sensation had coursed through her leaving her immobile as she works to catch her breath and regain her wits.

It does take her a moment as she reaches out to grip the edge of the catwalk tightly. << ...Here. Fine. >> comes out over the comms in a bitten off response to the request for a head count. Blinking several times she lifts her head to find herself looking at Domino with a slight nod. "Just point me out."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Should get you something strappy and high heeled. Make those calves pop and your hips sway. The wife'll love it!" Tabby smirks towards Wade while she tries to make her way through the labs.

Which is about when the fake Stryfe starts causing strife of his own with the correct spelling. The blonde watching Wade topple and fall a very long way down "BOSS!" she yells out. It might not kill the man but dude, that's gotta hurt.

The flood of pain as her own receptors are triggered and Tabby screams wildly in agony. For all her own resistances and training and abilities as a psionic plasmakinetic. she's like Nelson Muntz about to be punched by Drederick Tatum. And tthis guys is clearly not so remorseful.

<<Aperture?>> She screams in the comms. <<Start getting EVERYONE out to the door. I'mm gonna try burying him! Me last!>> she yells and screams in grunts and cries as her eyes glow and she starts charging as much plasma her paid wracked brain and nervous system allows.

Destroying the place was her job after all. And she's in enough pain, fleeting as the infliction is or wasn't, she doesn't have the healing factor to fight through it so fast it's flipped her fight or flight response to fight.

Of course whether Fake Stryfe is even still in the building as she's charging a hatchback sized bomb is an answer she doesn't have.

"Tick... Tick... Tick..."

Karen Starr has posed:
    Power Girl had pushed through the wall just as Wade hit the ground from his fall off of the catwalk. The wave of pain hitting all of her nerve receptors at once was a familiar feeling- it was one that brought back a very, very painful memory. It was similar to the pain she felt watching the whole of her universe erupt in the antimatter reaction that blasted her all the way into this universe... And it was something that she wasn't about to take lightly.

    In more ways than one, really.

    To bring a Kryptonian to a knee is a mighty feat. Most beings in the universe can't do it- Some of the most powerful have tried and failed. This Not Stryfe fellow manages to push enough pain through her body that Karen drops down onto one knee and one set of knuckles, and there's a bit of heavy breathing that accompanies. It takes her a moment- an agonizingly long period of time for her to acclimate to the amount of hurt that she's in- but it's not the worst pain of her life.

    "You think that hurt? I'm going to show you hurt."

    The words are belabored as, with a grunt of effort, the imposing blonde pushes herself to her feet amidst the agony impulse and starts pushing forward again. This, of course, is where Kryptonians get bothersome. Annoying. Tiresome in every sense of the word. The damned things just /don't/ stay /down/.

    Worse still, while she is approaching the man, there's another complication: She figures he's had enough time to talk, and inflicted more than enough pain to people she's not sure deserve anywhere near that amount.

    Kryptonians don't have to /reach/ you, they just /prefer/ to. All they really have to do is /look/ at you.

    There is a flash of red to her eyes before the room itself is engulfed in a blood red light, two magnificent beams of the pure, concentrated might of the /sun/ rip through the air, traveling at the speed of light right towards Stryfen't's right shoulder. The sheer /power/ in those beams is enough, she figures, to sever an arm or burn away the whole of the limb, even if he's as tough as she's wagering he is. With any luck, she'll be able to put a stop to the pain he's inflicting- especially since, fighting through the pain of it all, she can't quite manage the focus required to control herself at anything more than a walking pace.

    The only way she can close the distance before he does something worse is to disrupt his concentration, and that means he gets more in that heat vision than she'd use on anyone she hadn't already appraised the toughness of.

    When she overheards Tabby, she'll call, her voice booming. "STOP! DON'T! You could /kill/ somebody, I /have/ him!"

    And that's when she'll pull herself together enough to burst forward. It's not as fast as she wants, nowhere near as fast as she could be, and may not be fast enough at all- but lord help the man if she connects with this right hook- because it's a real haymaker.

James Proudstar has posed:
Yes, that's what we all love about kryptonian's their humility and generosity of spirit, astronomical levels of entitlement. "Thanks Fascist Mom." Then there's the patchwork Wade mouthing off and it's been a day so as he catches Inez and the doppleganger hots his teansmat button Jim, being three or four time fasters than anything resembling a normal human nails him soldly in the cajones. Given the healing factor and all it's a pyrrhic victory <<Kryptonian Incoming.>>

Wade Wilson has posed:
    A number of things happen at once, Power Girl's eyelasers are enough to sear a scapel-thin tear in the armor the man wears. Should it have done more than that? Absolutely! But everything about this man screams 'From the Future' and the tech that he has access to is beyond most anything seen on the planet. He sneers at the woman as she lauches herself at him. Her fist connects with the telekinetic shield he has up and the impact presses past it and through. His smile remains even as the barest knuckle makes contact with his jaw. At the last moment a multi-hued Deadpool appears next to him and teleports the both of them out of the facility to parts unknown.

    Wade manages to get to his feet. His arm is bent at an awkward angle but he doesn't seem to mind. He draws a gun and points it at a high tech device in the office and fires a shot. The limitting effect on Clarice's portals is a tangible absence that the woman can feel.

    <<Aperture, do it. Get em all out. Back to Sister Margaret's. I'm getting out too, but me and the Window>> he hooks a thumb toward Power Girl, <<need to have a talk. She'll get me home in one piece. Promise.>> His arm twists itself back into place with audible popping and he looks to the woman as he shoves the gun back into its holster. "You got a place to talk, let's go. We're blowing this joint. It has to go down. Most of the people here are mindless or already dead. I guanantee that. This guy doesn't leave behind people to talk. So let's go. Unless you want to hear my body regrow itself after the big Boom we got planned." He points to the hole leading up to the surface the woman so graciously provided.

Neena Thurman has posed:
    "I'm right here, Honey Badger," Domino says, her voice oddly... gentle? For her, anyway. She gives the younger mutant a sympathetic look, but that's about as far as any kind of coddling goes. She'll help Gabby get back down to where Clarice is if need be, though, and then they can both portal back out to Wade.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
By the time it's her turn to be ported out Tabitha's bomb is about as wide in diameter and Warpath with his arms over head. The heat and light very much looking like a sun as it floats away and over the vats.

And with that much energy expended Tabby's drained and barely wobbling let alone walking. Time to hop through and she just falls backwars while she gives what's left of the lab a double fisted Bird and lands flat on her back at Sister Margaret's all whiped out and wrecked.

And over in Jersey. It got a whole lot brighter out for a little while and Boom-Boom's count of nefarious labs using mutant DNA for bad things is increased by one. The number of holes in New Jersey went up but nobody in New York really cares about Jersey.

How much her personal body count is at now she doesn't know but then do mindless flesh automata actualy count? "No one scorched?" she asks while staying sprawled on the floor of the makeshift mercenary bar. "Gabby okay?" she asks worriedly.

Tabby's own composure really, really straining to keep up and make a singal joke to cope.

"Oh god that sucked filthy old walrus man ass. I wanna fry those assholes to cinders and I'm going home to throw up. I may hurl on the train." she states and picks herself up to slowly trudge her way to Westchester.

She hurled on the train, totally.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar looks around, shaking his head as he takes in the destruction. He intones, "Everything really is legal in New Jersey." Noting the lack of sirens with a whole building having been dropped and repositioned, enough munitions to wage a small war and a full on building demolition. He steps through the portal.

Clarice Ferguson has posed:
    <<"I'll get them all out,">> Clarice promises. <<"As soon as the toast goes ding. Hold the boom for my say-so,">> she says firmly. She stares dispassionately at the scientist - but as a faint beep comes from behind her, she pulls out the USB stick, and utterly shreds the computers and equipment in the room with her portals. "Don't fuck with mutants," she says to the scientist - before she starts tossing javelins to blink out the individual members of the team, hopping around the facility to make sure she gets everyone. <<"That's the last of us,">> she tells DP - just before vanishing herself, to reappear in the room they'd started from. She rolls her shoulders, a frown on her features before she adds, "Well, that sorta sucked."
    Her comment is puncuated by a distant boom.
    "Huh. You did make that a big one."

Karen Starr has posed:
    The way that Karen's punch follows through, the thunderclap it made when it contacted the telekinetic shield, the torsion and flexion of her torso and muscles as she connected the man not quite named Stryfe- it all belied a hit that would have dropped a building, perhaps even /after/ the field shaved off most of its power.

    Sadly, a timely intervention from Edaw Nosliw allowed the villains to escape before she could decimate the big bad's jaw perhaps forevermore. There's a lingering there as Power Girl returns to a neutral standing position, and Wade damn near manages to earn himself a throttling by calling her 'Window', but he is earnest enough at the moment- and Power Girl has seen enough of Not Stryfe to believe it- that she doesn't argue the point.

    "Sure, bring the whole damned thing down, whatever."

    There are a few steps after that, closing the distance between herself and Wade. "You're damn right we're going to talk." Hoo boy, that tone is not one that sounds like this is going to be friendly advice. Her hand reaches out, grasping for the front of Wade's uniform to take it in a hand and, without a word, yank him along by it as she pushes back through the hole she opened, and then off into the air. He'll be available on comms- but she's taking him to the nearest rooftop, so he'll be a little indisposed for the few minutes she's going to try and tear him a new one for this strike team he's put together.

    Oh does she have /words/ already prepared.