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Genoshan Rescue!
Date of Scene: 25 February 2020
Location: Hammer Bay, Genosha
Synopsis: Lorna is rescued from the rubble and debris of Genosha's ruins, and activate's Magneto's last message, sending it out to the world.
Cast of Characters: Lorna Dane, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers, Jean Grey, Rogue

Lorna Dane has posed:
The destruction of Genosha had happened sometime ago, and the X-men among other hero groups had been on and off the island, searching for survivors for some time. Though many were dead, there were mutants and humans still alive in the wreckage and every day more and more were still being discovered. The Sentinels had either been dealt with, or vanished, for now it would seem.

Radiation readings were thick in some places, heavily localized to whatever technological implement had once housed them. And piles of buildings, and Sentinel parts were scattered high and mountains in others. A makeshift relief landing had been set up in a relatively clear, glass smooth, spot. A few tents and survivors had gathered there. International relief and aid had been given a tenuous foothold to arrive there as well.

The X-jet landed on that same glassy spot in Hammer Bay, a small distance from the tall shadow of the giant Sentinel in the middle of the city, and some distance away from the worst of the rubble. Here the X-men were greeted with wary glances by a few survivors that refused to leave. A handful, no more than six or so, actively stayed at the landing point and out of those six only one or two actively spoke to the X-men or others.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Once the Blackbird is down and the engines shut down, Kitty Pryde stands up, phasing through her harness, but reaching down after to unbuckle it for the next person to use it. Lockheed is sitting shotgun on her shoulder.

"Still no word on so many. Magneto. Lorna," Kitty says, her voice sounding a bit muted compared to normal. There's a name she didn't add on the list. Carmen Pryde. Her father. On their first trip to the island she'd gone to his home but there as barely part of the roof and one wall that she could recognize as being his home. A building fallen on top of it and the whole area was burned.

Kitty walks over to hit the button to lower the exit ramp, glancing back at her team somberly before filing out. Her hand goes to the Star of David that dangles from a chain around her neck, fingers rubbing the religious symbol as if seeking comfort from the feel of it.

Kitty starts down the ramp. "We can try searching in a new area this time. The palace area looks like it was completely leveled," she says of the glassy surface the can be found there, like the sands themselves were melted and cooled flat.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    The last time she was here, Rachel regressed mentally due to the surprising presence of the giant Sentinel. Even inactive, it shocked her to the core. "Today, I will be of more use. I will not fall apart the way I did last time Kate." A pause, barely perceivable before she shakes her head and restates, "Kitty. I mean Kitty. Sorry." But that said, she turns to head for the exit, passing Jean and giving her a tight smile, "Thanks again for the shoulder M.. Ms. Grey." she says before she strides down the ramp, telepathic senses reaching out already for the minds of those in the distance, trying to find those who might be worse off than others... with thoughts weakening or who feel like younger children. "Should I link us up or..?" she asks, looking back to Jean as if asking for permission to be the one to do that. Or maybe wondering if Mom will be the one to make the network communications thing a reality.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean glances over from the pilot's position, having flown the X-Jet in. "Sounds like a plan, hopefully these magnetic fluxes we've been detecting will lead to something promising." She unbuckles her own harness and stands up, then pauses, establishing a mental "commlink" for the rest of the team.

<< There. For emergencies. Try not to spam it too much. >> She smiles faintly, but it looks a bit forced, though once Rachel speaks, Jean relaxes a little bit, "I got it, Rachel, don't worry about it." She tilts her head, and then places a hand on Rachel's shoulder, giving her a reassuring squeeze. And then she adds, as a bit of an afterthought to Rachel.

"Call me Jean, okay?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue unbuckles from her seat and stands up, grabbing her jacket and throwing it on over the blue and gold uniform she has on beneath it. She adjusts her jacket and starts to walk with the others to the back of the jet. She knew of Magneto, from her Brotherhood days, but she didn't know any Lorna's. Rogue is pretty aware of her role in this scenario though... 'lift heavy things' or 'punch bad things'. She didn't have a lot of experience at it, herself, but she had a lot of stolen experience from Captain Danvers rolling around inside her head, thats basically the same thing, right? Either way, Rogue descends out of the Blackbird and lets her eyes scan around the area outside, taking in the sights, sounds and smells...

Lorna Dane has posed:
Everything smelled burnt. Ashes. Dust. Oil and other unsavory things. The smells of unwashed bodies from the few survivors lingered in the air. As the group descended the ramp onto the ground, they were greeted with the same depressing sights as before. However, they could hear one man screaming inside his tent, while others tried to calm him down.

"GHOSTS! THEY'RE OUT THERE! I SAW 'EM!" A man's voice shouted from the nearest tent, the green flaps moving in the wind that stirred them now and then. The consoling sounds of others trying to calm the man down followed, and a few bangs and thumps, the sounds of struggle.

"I'm NOT CRAZY! THERE ARE GHOSTS!" Continued the same voice.

Rachel's mental probing wouldn't pick up anything new in the area around them. And everything else in the dead city was silent and still.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty manages a gentle smile over to Rachel and says, "My secondary mutant power is answering to nicknames. Kate. Kitty. Katherine. Kit. Kat. Kitkat. Katie. Ariel. Sprite. Shadowcat. Katya..." Kitty looks like she could just be getting started when she laughs and lets the list trail off. "Kate's fine," she says, and possibly there is enough in her demeanor and wearmth that Rachel might spot 40+ year old Kate Pryde in her younger self.

"You did fine, we were all on edge," Kitty says. She pulls out her phone. It's of her own design and does far more than the Galaxy S8 or the latest from Stark Industries. "Calibrating to check for magnetic anomalies like those picked up previous," she says over to Jean as she starts scanning, augmenting the phone with the Blackbird's sensors.

Kitty wrinkles her nose at the smell but doesn't let it show other than that. She glances towards the tent, face full of empathy for the man. Then her attention turns back to the phone. "Hrm. Might be something over this way but it's faint so far," she comments, pointing out a direction.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    Nodding her head, Rachel gives a little smile, "Alright .. Jean." she says to Mom. But she pauses and inclines her head. Over the network, she thinks. <<Perhaps if Jean and I were to split up and spread out... we might be able to telepathically scan a larger area for survivors.>>
    She nods to Kitty and without saying anything more about it, she lifts into the air with just an orangish glow the only signifier that the Phoenix energy is within her. She starts to float off in one direction.. shields up of course, while scanning as far as she is capable of concentrating in on a roughly two hundred and seventy degree three quarters circle ahead of her.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean nods over at Rachel, then looks at Kitty, "Actually, I was thinking asking that man about the ghosts might be helpful... depending on what he saw, they might actually be survivors. Or at least some sort of clue."

She then smiles over at Rachel, << Good idea, I do want to check in with this survivor first. >> With that, barring objection, she makes her way over to the tent where the commotion was coming from, hoping to get a chance to see the poor soul within.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Kitty for the moment doesn't seem to pick up on any spikes or traces of magnetic anomalies at that moment. In fact, it seems oddly quiet, there was for the moment, not even the background EMF waves that lingered in the air or the ruins of buildings that had once run on electromagnetism on some form or another.

Rachel, for her part, sees much of the same as she saw on the ground. Ruins. As far as the eye could see in any direction. The hollowed out remains of the capital city stretched out in a yawning, massive, graveyard.

Jean's investigation proves more fruitful, as the redhead steps into the tent, she found a few of the other survivors trying to hold down a new man, who looked haggard and clearly needed medical attention. He was wild eyed and screaming about ghosts in the air. He turned his wide eyed gaze to Jean, seizing with renewed strength as he reached out with a hand toward the door. "They're out there! I saw them! Ghosts! They got through my forcefield! I saw them! I'm not crazy. And the voices! I saw them! They were out there!" He was gasping in panting breaths, and should Jean peak into his mind, she would find hazy memories of shimmers in the air. Distant voices in snatches that echoed all over...

Which is when Kitty's magnetic detector goes haywire and zings to the highest setting, point in the direction where the palace should have stood.. and when Rachel would suddenly see in the distance, large, shimmers in the air. Like heat mirage, but ...oddly tinted green.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty walks a circle around the air, scanning, and at one point giving the phone a little gentle thwack, followed by a mumbled, "Manual recalibration," after it doesn't show as much as she'd hoped.

She turns and heads back towards the tent, thinking ahead of her, <<Any progress with him, Marvel Girl?>> She's passing by some aid workers, giving them a nod and an encouraging smile,w hen suddenly her phone starts chirping loudly.

Kitty checks it. "Wow, readings spiking. Something's definitely going on," she says. She takes a few moments to fiddle and turn about, trying to get a reading on direction. "This way," she says aloud, then repeats it in her thoughts, as she motions towards where the palace used to be. She starts walking over that way, pulling out sunglasses against the glare as she moves a hand to shade her eyes as she looks that way.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean places a hand on the man's temple, saying simply, "I believe you. Rest now." And she applies a gentle mental sedative to the poor man, seeing what he has seen in her own mind, and giving him the opportunity to get some sleep.

Coming out of the tent, she says over the link, << Okay. He did see something. I don't know if they're ghosts, but it definitely is something we should look into further. >>

She then blinks at what Rachel sees, using her telekinesis to fly up to the air, making her way rapidly towards Rachel's location as she's definitely worried about her after the other night.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    Depressing... wasteland. Berlin after the war. Rachel steels herself. IT also looks to her like New York did during -her- war. But.. she has another power. A power that made her the perfect hound. She closes her eyes and reaches out to feel for mutants. Yeah, she can sense mutant minds somehow. Even she doesn't -really- know how she does it.
    But she spreads out her search area, coordinating with Mom.. er.. Jean. Jean likely hears that thought go through Rachel's surface thoughts, as well as the inner curse at having to correct herself in her own mind. But she is just slowly floating along, searching. Desperately hoping to find even one survivor.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    So.. yeah, focused and obsessive. Rachel does tend to get lost in her own brain. But after a bit, thoughts she heard projected her way sunk in through her layers of self pity and wallowing.
    Kate... Kitty said something. "Oh." Rachel says as she shakes her head. <<Sorry Kate. On my way.>> she transmits as she turns around, stonefaced as she approaches Jean and gestures while informing her mentally of her destination ... Kitty.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Kitty's device would beep warnings as she took off to follow the magnetic blips on her radar. She would find her path repeatedly blocked this way and that, either requiring a flight up and over.. or for her to go through the rubble itself. Either way, as the group moved through the ruins towards the glassy remains of the palace, the would be more and more of those odd shimmers in the air around them, rising up and up into the air.

As the continued they would start of hear snatches of voices drifting in and out.


"The floor... it's shaking.."

"Oh my God.. is that.. a Sentinel?"

"Why are the phones ringing?"

"Oh no!"

"The light! It's... so..."

"It's so tall!"

The voices weren't all clear, just small snatches, all around them.

The two telepaths would pick up on a few mutant minds.. A handful stood inside the giant metal facade of Magneto's statue. Clearly working away on building and adding onto it... while along was a blurred mess. Still a ways off. And hard to pin down.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty is jogging that direction, while Lockheed flies overhead, keeping an eye on her and making sure it is safe up ahead. She runs through a few piles of rubble that block her way if going over or around would take too long.

Kitty looks up as Rachel comes flying over towards her, waving. "See anything up ahead?" she asks. Kitty will slow as she approaches where the monument is going up. "Huh," she says softly then pauses to look down at her phone again, getting another bearing on what is going on.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean keeps Rachel and Kitty connected with her through the link, flying slowly towards the sense of the minds and their presence. She does try reaching out to them mentally, trying to get more information about who they are... or were. Where they might be. As such, she might be leaving a bit of caution to the wind as she tries to figure out what's happening.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    "Care for a lift?" Rachel asks as she telekinetically lifts a large chunk of rubble and floats it before Kitty like it was a skateboard. Easier than trying to grab a wriggling person after all.
    Then she'll move forward along with Kitty. However, the voices and senses of the minds presses in on her and she grimaces as she both wants to tune them out, and charge to their rescue. "Suggestions?" she asks towards Jean.

Lorna Dane has posed:
There were no minds behind the voices. But they echoed through the ruins all the same. They simply were.. and seemed to collect in the shimmering heat like mirages of green magnetic energy that floated up from the ground and into the sky.. toward something just beyond the glassy surface of where the palace once stood.

The minds of mutants that stood on the giant Sentinel's remains.. were familiar to Jean at least, a handful of former Brotherhood mutants stood up there. And certainly didn't seem to notice the group of X-men charging through the ruins. They also seemed to be ignoring the strange presence of the magnetic shimmers in the air that rose from the ground and flew on unseen currents. They were intent on their work, building a monument to Magneto, and using scrap metal from the ruins to do it.

The group passed through and over rubble, and suddenly found a massive dip in the ground. The area around the palace was more than just smooth glass like the landing zone. It went down, dipping like a bowl. And all around it, hidden from previous view due to the dip and mountains of rubble around it... was a large hazy, bubble. It swirled with toxic material, rubble, and the alike. Kitty's device would immediately beep repeated warnings.

Here, it would seem, was one of those areas where radiation had gathered and pooled around. But here it seemed purposeful. Here.. it was all swirling around a vast electromagnetic energy.

And here is where Jean picked up on the familiar mind of one Lorna Dane. She was to put it briefly, mad with grief.. and surrounded, somehow, with the voices of the dead. Carried on the electromagnetic currents.. and she was deep in the center.. trying to do something.. But what was uncertain. She wasn't exactly visible to the naked eye.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty hops on the bit of debris turned into a ride by Rachel, keeping her balance easily enough as they skim forward through the air towards the site of the disturbance. Kitty's hair in the ponytail is streaming a bit behind her with the breeze of their passage as she pulls out the phone again and examines it.

"Hot damn," she tells them. "And I mean that literally. Some of what's up ahead is not very healthy to get close to," she says. "Better set us down short of it."

Kitty doesn't realize who, or what, is in there. She does shade her eyes and look up up at the monument going up. "Is that Toad up there? I can't make it out in the sun very well," she says.

Rachel Summers has posed:
    "I can shield us from energy damage." suggests Rachel Summers. But she isn't really sure how well she can do it. She has no idea of her true potential yet. After all, the Phoenix awoke in her something like three weeks ago.
    "But if you think we should set down, then that works for me." Rachel takes orders from Kitty without question. Even suggestions and voiced thoughts from the girl are treated as orders from a commanding officer.
    "So weird, to -hear- voices but not find minds. Think they are recordings? A Sentinel trap?" she asks.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean notices the Brotherhood presence without surprise, and lets them have their moments to grieve what happened. Even if she fought against them before, well... this is different. Though she does express mental sympathy for what happened, as no one deserves what happened here. Not even the Brotherhood.

Jean lands not too far away from the electromagnetic bubble, reaching out mentally towards the center of that bubble, << Lorna? Are you in there? It's Jean. >> She keeps her telekinetic field up to protect herself, her hair reacting and standing up from the EM force, even though she's shielding herself from the worst of it. She recognizes the effect as definitely Lorna's flavor of magnetic power, but... this just feels off, somehow.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna's mind usually was a tangle mess of magnetic powers and energies. Usually, something too messy for weaker telepaths to bother with. She was quite literally bipolar and swayed by the magnetic fields even in her own head. But there were pathways built there from her trauma as a child, and those were still there.. Which is likely how Jean managed to get through all the chaos that was the magnokinetic's grief, and rage.

The green haired woman was clearly trying to get at something, far, far below the surface of the glassy textured ground they stood on. Her hands were cupped toward the ground, and she floated on the ever increasing magnetic fields. All of which melted down the glassy substance and turned into something hot and bubbling with the raw power she had pouring into that spot.. for who knows how long.

The voices were present again, floating about in the air around the group.

"..I think..."

"Oh my God..!"


"No, don't run that way!"

"I think this is the end..."

Whatever it was that Lorna was trying to get at, was stirring up the voices, and dragging them up into the air around them, carried on the electromagnetic currents she was projecting wildly.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty hops down off the piece of debris that was carrying her. She looks up at Lockheed who darts on ahead to see what it is. Kitty looks to Jean. <<Lorna? Seriously, is she.... Lorna are you there? It's Kitty and Jean! Are you ok!?>>

Kitty wants to ask about her father, but holds the thought back. Just finding Lorna alive would be a miracle in itself. She glances down at her phone, registering what is going on up ahead and staying back. Lockheed though is made of hardier stuff than Shadowcat is. He flies on ahead, circling overhead before returning to land on Kitty's shoulder. He gives a little nudge with his head that Kitty must interpret somehow. "It /is/ her," she says aloud.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean's hair flies wildly about as she tries to navigate to make contact with Lorna, saying aloud to Kitty, "She's... trying to get... something under the surface... survivors, maybe..." The effort is definitely starting to show, as Jean's nose is bleeding, just a little. But it is noticeable as she dives back into the link.

<< Lorna, it's Jean! Please, let me in... let me help! >> She hears the voices around her, trying to focus just on Lorna so she can help in some way. Even if it's just giving Lorna her willpower as a boost.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Whatever it was that Lorna was digging for with her magnetic power on full blast seemed to finally break through the surface with a loud and thunderous crash. The magnetic powers she'd been unleashing on the ground snapped upward as she tried to slow the climb of the metal object. Just as at the same time, heat and molten earth from the intense magnetic fields burst upward and outward, like a mini, centralized volcanic eruption.

Jean had Lorna's mind, as splintered as Lorna's head was. The green haired woman's thoughts were far too fractured for her to articulate anything in return. Nothing but mental screams, and sharp flashes of emotions. Lorna was going to need serious therapy. Likely of the telepathic kind.

She couldn't, or rather, wouldn't stop whatever it was she was doing. The magnetic energies that had eddied around them blew backward, and knocked further debris and rubble away from the group, bending it all back and away as they dissipated.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty and Lockheed phase, with provides a fair amount of protection for her, though as Kitty knows, not necessarily complete. Magneto nearly electrocuted Kitty to death while she was phased, before realizing she was the same age as his daughter who had died. Though Lorna's EM fields aren't being concentrated on her in that intense of a way.

Kitty looks up to Jean, "Be careful," Kitty calls out to her, not able to sense what is going on like Jean can, but just to her eye something is definitely wrong with Lorna. Kitty looks about, making sure no one else is in the area who might get hurt should anything happen.

"Lorna. It's your friends. Kitty and Jean," she calls over, trying to help get through to her.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean has enough telekinesis that she's able to keep the worst of it off of her. Barely. Her effort is still focused on trying to get through to, << Lorna! Remember when we were at the school together? You kept making doodles of Alex... >> Okay, maybe that's something she's not //supposed// to talk about where Kitty could mentally overhear, but still...

With that, she reaches out with her mind, looking inside the mental object to see what, or more likely who, is inside.

Lorna Dane has posed:
It was decidedly a good thing that both Jean and Kitty were able to block the worst of the heat, the magnetic blaze, and molten issues away from them. Otherwise, the rescue would've ended very, very differently. Either way, Jean made it to the core of Lorna's minds with that final push. Past the horror. The grief. The rage. Lorna was trapped by her own mind, having blocked it all out as much as she could to function on some level.

The green haired woman had survived somehow, through the terror of the genocide.. and then slowly lost the rest of her mind as she wandered the ruins of her home. She'd reached out into the magnetic fields and found herself ..alone.

A lack of food, water, and shelter, had torn away the rest.

Only the driving need to get the little metal box that floated above their heads had driven her on. A little black metal box that her father had shown her years ago.

Her mind flashed to it. Explaining in a jump of gumbled memories what she couldn't articulate.

Magneto stood beside her, in his full regalia. In front of them a blue holographic projection of the palace's blueprint and then... he pointed miles below the palace. Deep within the earth. Past the sub-basements she wasn't supposed to know about. "If anything happens, and everything is lost.. I will activate this, Lorna. If I can't carry that out.. I need you to do so." Magneto's voice was soft, gentle, kind to his youngest as he spoke about the possibility of their end. Magneto was paranoid. But he was unfortunately, right in this case.

Lorna threw up her hands, activating whatever it was in the small black box with a soft click that was barely audible. And collapsed onto the ground. Her energy spent as she fell to her knees, her clothes nearly all burned away into nothing more than rags and tatters, stained and dusty. She sobbed softly, "Jean.. Kitty.. I-I.." She hiccupped.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty turns to Lockheed and points towards Lorna. The little empathic dragonf laps his wings and darts forwards, accelerating the moment he sees Lorna collapsing in the middle of the magma and molten metal. The little dragon doesn't fear the hot liquid. Were the situation different he would probably be rolling around in it, actually.

But he has a purpose, the small purple dragon diving down and popping his wings and flapping to stop, his paws grabbing Lorna by what of her clothing remains. He has to flap hard but he's able to lift her with powerful sweeps of his small wings. Lifting her up away from the molten material, and flying her away a safe distance, near to Jean and Kitty. Kitty runs forward, helping grab Lorna as Lockheed descends, the two of them laying her on the ground gently.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean gently places her hand on Lorna's head, "Hey, stranger..." She mentally slips into Lorna's mind, sensing the pain and anguish, understanding it as she murmurs, "Lorna, we're here. It's okay." Even though it really isn't, her mental presence is enough to take the jagged edge off of the frustration, the rage, the grief... a soothing mental balm for Lorna as she murmurs, "It's going to be okay."

She does, however, glance over at Kitty, murmuring, "Whatever that black box is, it's a failsafe that Magneto entrusted her with. I don't know what it's meant to do." She saw that much while in Lorna's mind, and well... she can't really get over her distrust of Magneto, but it's more curiosity as to what that thing actually //is//.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna was more or less dead weight in Lockheed's grip, and the green haired woman slumped where she was guided by Kitty's hands. Even as Jean reached out mentally, and physically, the green haired woman wasn't really //seeing// them with her eyes. Her mind was still layered deep into the magnetic fields, she'd hidden herself in them, to avoid the pain of everything.. It had likely kept her alive, but she was far past her limits. Still didn't move beyond reaching out her hands toward the black box that still floated above them all. It twisted around on magnetic currents and then suddenly.. the voices carried throughout the area again. Hundreds. Thousands. Millions. The snippets of Genosha's last words returned, in a full on roar. Lorna's figure twitched and like a radio adjusting the station, static hung in the air for a brief moment.

"This is..."

"This is the voice...."

"...The voice of the Genoshan Nation. The voice of Magneto. I was Magneto, Master of Magnetism. Now, I shall be not only a memory, but a legend. These people thought they could silence us forever. Instead, we are all unstoppable.

We are magnetic. Our voices will travel around the world, and into space. Traveling without end, to the farthest reaches of the universe. Beyond space, beyond time. Mutants, look upon your world, look upon those who shun you, who enslave you, who cast you in shackles and say you are less than human. We collectively put millions of fists in the air and say: No! They will never silence our voices, and they will NEVER win! For we have become beyond their power to control. Beyond this life, and far...far beyond this death..."

The voice of Magneto rang out all around them, and tears stung Lorna's eyes, trailing down her cheeks and leaving tracts free of dust and grime.

"Dad.. my dad.." She whimpered, biting her lower lip and breaking down into sobs.

Kitty Pryde has posed:
Kitty Pryde looks to Jean and nods. Kitty's face looks a little grim. With Magneto, she wouldn't put it past him to have done something dire. She looks back to Lockheed and motions with her head towards the box. The dragon takes off, flying over to retrieve it while Kitty focuses on Lorna.

The sound of the transmission gives Kitty pause, listening, but soon her attention is back on Lorna. "Lorna... you're alive. You're alive and with your friends," she says. If Loran lets her, Kitty wraps the other woman in her arms, holding her and trying to will every bit of caring and love that she can into her long-time friend. "You're not alone. You've got your friends here still," she say quietly. Tears roll down Kitty's cheeks, and thoughts of her own father will be easy for Jean to pick up.

Jean Grey has posed:
Jean reaches out and places a hand on Kitty's shoulder, staying close to both her and Lorna as she psychically does her best to ease the pain for Lorna, and Kitty too. Also, given Lorna's state, she makes the mental illusion of Lorna in her full costume instead of the tatters she's in now. Just for modesty sake.

Jean murmurs, "Lorna, we are going to go to Harry's, and we are going to get absolutely smashed. Okay?" Because, well, it's been a while since the two of them did anything like //that//.

Lorna Dane has posed:
Lorna sank against Kitty's embrace, but her tears didn't dissipate. She'd been trapped for two weeks with the ghosts of the dead in her ears as she'd dug down miles to retrieve Magneto's black box. The object that had recorded his message and the last words of the Genoshan populace. She'd succeeded in accomplishing what her father couldn't, in what he'd wanted her to do.

Now Genosha's voice, his voice, would be beamed across the stars.. across space, time, and the entire planet.

"He saved what he could." She sobbed, her hands shaking violent as her gaze drifted upwards and she spotted the form of the statue that was being built upon the Sentinel standing before them in a towering shadow. She flinched, icy fear splicing down her spine for a moment before her mind registered what was being built on top of it.

"My dad... dad.." She sobbed, and even though she didn't think about it, her powers.. stretched as they were, reacted. Metal scraps flew up to the statue, disturbing the Brotherhood members that had been at work, as the scrap metal folded into place. Finishing the profile and outline of the late ruler of Genosha.

Jean's gentle touch seemed to soothe her, at least for the moment. And the green haired woman managed between soft sobs a choked 'Okay.'