11102/A Rumble in the Park

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A Rumble in the Park
Date of Scene: 10 May 2022
Location: Flushing Meadows Park
Synopsis: Yara and Valeria beat up bad guys! Yay!
Cast of Characters: Yara Flor, Valeria Richards

Yara Flor has posed:
    It's late at night and Jerry was feeling a little restless. Why would a pegasus be wanting to get out and fly about at midnight is beyond Yara, but the beast is rather persnickety and if she doesn't bow to his whims she knows that she'll never hear the end of it for an entire week. So out they go.

    As always, riding Jerry is an exhilarating experience. It's like riding a motorcycle if a motorcycle was a cantankerous living breathing thing that could fly. After about an hour of flying around the city skyline, they head down to the nearest park to take a break.

    As they glide down further, Yara spies something rather suspicious. A small gang of about half a dozen young men, if that, harassing a lone pedestrian. "What are you doing out here?" asks a tall gent, clearly the ringleader. "Don't you know there's a walking tax?"

    "There's no such thing as a walking tax!" protests the kid, who is around the same age as his assaulters. "And this isn't your territory! Don't you know who I am? You touch me and Mando is gonna kill you all!"

    "Like I care about Mando. He ain't nothin'." The tall guy flicks out a knife which signals the others to bring out various weapons.

    "I ain't what?" Calls out a voice. It's Mando. Mando is... big. Like huge kinda big. Not quite Hulk big but that comparison immediately comes to mind.

Valeria Richards has posed:
The wind in one's gair is a very nice when the weather allows it. Luckily it does and Valeria is in the middle of parking her fantasticar in an empty space. VTOL is great for parallel parking.

Setting the car down, the blonde woman hmms as she kills the engines and hits the clicker that closes the convertible top and engages the central locking. Dressed casually in old blue jeans and a white tank with the mumeral 4 across the front and faded with age. Entirely possible she swiped it from her mom at some point Valeria eyes the group haressing the poor guy just trying to get somewhere safe. A flick of her wristband computer and some light shimmers and flicks. A nice little tech trick she also might have cribbed from her mother.

"So, there are tolls on Eff Dee Arr, it wouldn't suprise me that the city is installing them here but you really don't seem like the sort they hire!" she says teasingly as Mando makes his oversized presence known. "Huh, not as shiny as the name implies either." she states and cranes her neck up with some practice from growing up with many a large person in her family, adopted or otherwise.

Yara Flor has posed:
    "Stay out of this, kid," the tall guy tells Valeria. "This ain't got nothin' to do with you." That minor distraction is all it takes for Mando to act. "You messin' with my kid brother?" he shouts, swinging for the nearest gang member. "I'm gonna rip you limb from limb!" And like that, it's an all out melee.

    Yara spies all this happening from atop Jerry, as they circle down to land. She's a bit too impatient for that and the promise of getting into a scrap is too inviting. She grabs her golden bolas and just /leaps/ off her pegasus fifty feet in the air, shouting her warcry, "ALALALALA!"

    When she lands she already has the bolas whirling ready to strike. "Stop it!" she yells. "You don't want me to get involved!"

Valeria Richards has posed:
The fight starts and Valeria just rolls her eyes. Of course they're going to start a street brawl around her. The blonde can only let a chuckle out as she has to duck and weave, having put some of that martial arts training she picked up from her Uncle Ben or Aunt Jen to work. The forcefield taking care of many other hits she can't quite move out of the way fast enough.

The arrival of Yara gets an impressed look. Brazillian girls and winged pegasi tend to get a lot of looks. Mostly Yara in the case of where Val's blue eyes roam but Jerry gets some d'awwesome looks because she's still a rich white girl andliking horses is built in.

Back to the fight. Val smiles at the other woman. "I'd suggest hitting or tying up the biggest guy in the fight. make it hard and brutal so they know not to screw around. Take the fight out of everyone!" she states and rubs one of the rings each adorning a middle finger just in case.

"I would suggest listening to what she says and knocking this stupidity off before someone breaks someone!" she joins in the warning that might go unheeded.

Yara Flor has posed:
    "You've got to give them a chance to surrender, you know," Yara says, wincing as Mando grabs a hold of one of the Tall Guy's compatriot. "But, then they do and do something like that."

    Like a living thing, one of the weighted ends of the bolas goes flying out and connects at Mando's wrist, causing him to drop the hapless punk. The punk tries to get a swing in with the tire iron that he's got but it just kind of bounces off Mando's abs.

    "I've got Mando!" she calls out to Valeria, the other end of the bolas already whirling around. "You get the rest!" Mando, for his part, is really pissed off, and charges at Yara.

Valeria Richards has posed:
"You already gave them that chance. I'm Val by the way." She ovvers as an introduction and puts her fists together. There's a little click of the two rings as they come together and the words. "Brainstorm Rings are such awesome Bling!" she she calls out.

From her hands on out she seems to glow a shade of blue that spreads over heer arms and down to the rest of her body. Like someone's shining a light and it looks like very clingy but padded blue motorcycle leathers with white gloves and boots. A circle rimmed with blue on a white background amd the number 4 embedded into it signifying just where she's from.

"HEY! I said knock the being stupid off." she states and stops the ground hard enough it can be heard and the pavement rumbles under feet as thing suit tech increases her strength. "Or do I have to teach you what time it is!" she shouts as she looks for a suitable target to rush and emulate her uncle and aunt.

Yara Flor has posed:
    "Yara," the Amazon says, the bolas making a wide arc to wrap around Mando's neck. That doesn't seem to slow him down though, and like a charging rhino, lowers his head to bullrush her. She deftly twists around at the last minute and vaults up onto his back, grabbing on the ends of the rope to try to direct his charge.

    "You can't fight," she grunts, "if you can't breathe!" She tightens the rope around his neck as he flails at her, but arms weren't meant to bend backwards like that so he's fairly ineffectual at it.

    "Somebody teach her a lesson," Tall Guy says, pointing to Valeria. Three of the goons are more than happy to comply. There's Knife Guy who takes a jab at her, Tire Iron Guy, who'll take a swing, and Slurpee Guy who just stands there. Mando's kid brother, has already booked it at this point, and one of the opposing faction has taken off after him.

Valeria Richards has posed:
The three thugs that attempt an education just get swatted back very, very hard. There's at least a class 60 strength output too the suit and it's hardly needed to go with the forcefield.

The motion's are pretty fluid. the corcefield more than enoughto take the hits the men attempt to dish out while she shoves Knife Guy hard enough to send him rolling on his backside and head over heels.

Tire Iron gets blocked as the forecefield barely strains and earns the man a forehand slap while slurpee guy gets backhanded royally. Tire iron crumpling down while Slurpee lands in a pile of trash cans left out near a building.

"I'm one of the smartest people on this damn planet. And i'd be surprised you idiots even know how to read. Yara. Hold him still while I get the car. Think throwing him under a VTOL engine at full blast should remind them that doing this kind of idocy can bring down all kinds of trouble and that they should BEHAVE!" she says in the sort of tone a disappointed teacher has when she starts getting towards actual angry.

Yara Flor has posed:
    "MY SLURPEE!" yells Slurpee Guy from the trash cans. "Aw, man! I got it all over my shirt." Other than that he doesn't seem to be all that rattled by the blow. He picks himself out of the trash and starts wiping himself down. "Dammit, this is gonna stain." He looks up and /glares/ at Valeria. "Do you /know/ how much this vintage Staind concert Tee cost me? Do you /KNOW?/" He looks down at his shirt and starts running towards home, mumbling, "If I get it in the wash quickly enough I might be able to salvage it."

    "Uh, Valeria, was it?" Yara says uncertainly, as Mando's flailing starts to get weaker and weaker. "I don't think blasting this guy's brains out with a jet engine is the appropriate response to this situation." She strains a little harder, pulling at the bolas, and Mando goes down on his knees. "'Sides, I think I've got this guy well in hand." It only takes a little longer before Mando loses consciousness altogether.

Valeria Richards has posed:
Slurpee guy gets a frown. "Better hurry. Cause I will absolutely make sure that you cannot replace it." Benefits of being rich and having access to actual bots that can be programmed to shop faster than a scalper obtaining video game consoles.

"I'll give props to that guy's dealer" she mutters under her breath before kicking Tire Iron guy into a pile with the unconsious Mando.

"I dated someone from Gotham. You sometimes need to be extra with guys like this so they learn their lessons. I could engage the cannons and take legs off. Or arms." Val explains. It's mostly empty threats but the thugs that aren;t out cold might not know. "Medical bills won't cost me that much. But they'll spread word. This is a town full of heroes. Some of whom are actually, very, very much into lethal force." Brainstorm reminds states and aims a very wicked and violent smirk as the passing out Mando. "I'd be more worried about seeing skulls on chests than bats or spiders or square numbers." she adds and chuckles.

Yara Flor has posed:
    Once she's sure that Mando is down, Yara unwinds her golden bolas and starts coiling them into loops that she can hook into her belt. She gives Valeria a suspicious sideways glance. "You're not convincing me that /you/ aren't the threat, here," she says. Giving Mando a rough kick, "They may be jerks and punks, but I don't think they deserve having their limbs blasted off.

    Now that the fighting is over, Jerry finally decides to land next to her. She turns and scowls at him, putting her hands on her hips. "And where were /you/ when all this was happening? You could have pitched in, you know." Jerry answers with a nicker and a shake of the head. Yara just rolls her eyes and turns back to Val. "Figures."

Valeria Richards has posed:
Valeria's bad cop to Yara's good cop may or may not be picked up on. "See that's the idea Yara. They need to know thhat you are the soft option." she states and actually powers down with another clink of her rings together. "Brainstorm Rings. This ain't no thing!" she says engaging the Val Suit and returning her to her more casual tank yop and jeans. Benefits of unstable molecules and nanotech. Sure she could have used a single ring but that's a Flash gag and two rings and the code phrase is totally iconic for her family.

"Don't think calling the cops is worth the effort either. Think thse guys might wanna play nice after two very attractive young women kicked the snot out of them. Wouldn't want others to find out would they. Who knows what that might earn them." she adds with that almost evil tone.

Jerry gets more smiles and a huge squee from the blonde. Rich Girls do have a weakness.

Yara Flor has posed:
    As the punks slowly pick themselves up off the floor, they decide that it's better to run away from these two crazy women than tangle with them. Mando, however, remains fast asleep.

    "I don't think so either," Yara says as she watches the punks run away. "Then we'd have to answer questions and fill out paperwork." She looks down at Mando and nudges him with the toe of her Converse. "What do you think? Should we leave him here?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
The large unconscious man gets poked with a toe inside very clean white modern sneakers with blue laces. "Yeah I think he's done. Leaving him here is probably going to be like a known dealer leaving stuff in his car. No body gonna mess with it. Or him. But he'll wake up remembering what happened." she states and nods her head.

"Parked here because there was a banging coffee shop two blocks over. But only because the barista working made awesome lattes. they'll have finished shift by now so the coffee's going to suck. These idiots are getting away lightly!" she states and chuckles as she goes from making Batman seem tamer to more frivolous herself.

Yara Flor has posed:
    Yara wrinkles her nose, "There's nothing worse than bad coffee." A whicker and a nudge from Jerry's nose has Yara laughing and scratching him under the chin. "He disagrees and says that bad hay is worse. Besides, what are you doing getting coffee at almost midnight?"

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Well. I figure by now you know Richards is my last name." Val explains with a grin. Daughter of one the more prominant families in super heroics. There's numerous tabloid covers with her on them. "I spend waaaay too much time in the lab running experiments and forgetting things like time or food. Figured get out and get a cup, a bagel, some relatively fresh air. This is still New York, even if it's not Manhattan." Valeria states.

"Then go back, and watch progress bars and start working on the enxt experimenst and projects. Adams is right by the way. Time is an Illusion. Lunch Times doubly so. Any time can be lunch time!" she points out cheerfully. "Your friend probably would do with something less lawn like a carrot or some celery?" she asks curiously.

Yara Flor has posed:
    "I kind of figured," Yara chuckles, "what with the '4' on your chest and the supergenius tech." She scratches the back of her head and looks over at the Manhattan skyline, "I knew there would be a lot of superheroes here in New York, but I didn't think I'd just happen to randomly beat the snot out of some punks with one one night."

    She looks back at Val, her dark eyes glittering in amusement. "So. Watching progress bars. That sounds exciting. And Jerry is /always/ up for some carrots or celery." Jerry bobs his head as if agreeing with her. "But if you want to give him a real treat, give him an apple. He loves them."

Valeria Richards has posed:
"Apples are my favorite as well! So versatile!" Valeria sgrees with a nod of her head to Jerry before smiling back to Yara.

"New York is always full of superheroes." comes some exposition from the blonde. "Avengers. Fantastic Four, Spider-Man swings about the city. Bunch of us and more every day. But it does mean that it's pot luck on what Heroes a bad guy faces. Some of them do operate with lethal force. So sometimes being all scary is viable because they're too busy soiling themselves." she states and hits the clicker on her keyring after pulling it from a pocket.

The Fantasticar lifts off and gently hovers to pull up beside the woman. "So some of the tricks that can work in Gotham can apply as much as Metropolis' go to plays. Just depends on what your opponents get like. These guys will probably wait till they feel the coast is clear before acting up agaim." the woman climbs into the drivers seat. "It was fun fighting with you though. And your equine friend deserves all the apples. But for now. Better move before someone actually calls the cops on this!" she states and lifts off to fly on home to Four Freedoms and the coffee machine ran by Herbies. Passable at best but Val might be evolving into a coffee snob. As bad as a supervillin really.