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Mop mop mop, all day long.
Date of Scene: 10 May 2022
Location: SR-77 Blackbird
Synopsis: Rogue tries to be cute and pretty for her lovely male friend. While smelling like a piggy! It's a weird scene! But cute, in some viewpoints anyway!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau

Rogue has posed:
The last X-Mission had been a muddy affair, and the Blackbird was in need a full scrubbing. This is where Rogue is right now.

Inside the blackbird, she's on her hands and knees with a bucket and a wet towel, scrubbing down the floor under one of the passenger benches in the cargo/hauling area.

She's got her phone on the bench, and is listening to some music, as she scrub scrub scrubs. Her hair is tied back, she's in her green and gold bodysuit, but she's got it rolled down to her hips, with a black tanktop on her upper body. Her leather jacket is hanging from a 'oh shit' handle on the ceiling of the Bird.

Her phone is playing some Meat Loaf, all power ballad-y.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"I would dooo annyyything for love..." Remy's crooning, suspiciously lacking his usual accent because that's how singing works, "Yeah, I would dooo annnyyything for love..." He climbs into the Blackbird wearing a pair of cargo pants, sneakers, and a t-shirt... under his usual leather jacket. His hair is in need a good trimming, hanging almost to his shoulders now because he's been letting it grow out for one of thos epic man-buns that are all the rage.

"I would dooo aaaanything for love..."

This is where Rogue is, so he this is where he slides. Slipping up onto the bench with his elbow thrown over the back of a seat, gripping the wrist with his other hand so he's lazily leaning against it.

"But I wont do that..." Two fingers point down at her scrubbing the mud out of the fighter.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks back over her shoulder at the Gamber Man as he wanders up the ramp singing the tune along with it. She smirks at him as he walks by her side to sit down at the passenger seat beside her phone. She follows his hand with her green eyes down to the muddy wet mess on the floor, and just smirks.

The towel is brought over the bucket and she rings it out.

Driiiiiiiiiiippy muddy water splashy in bucket!

"What if I asked really nicely and gave you puppy dog eyes?" She asks, doing just so with them big pretty eyes of hers, even tilting her head toward her right shoulder some, causing her white bangs to lay toward that side of her face!

Eyelash flutterings too!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy's eyes go saucer wide when she starts fluttering them lashes at him, "Oh you wouldn't do dat to... oh god she would..." His head snaps around quickly, red and black eyes flicking hither and thither, until he has a EURIKA moment and hoists a single index finger to wave in the air. "Tut tut, we do dis by chance..."

The other hand comes out of one long pocket of his trench coat with a half dollar held up in a pinch between his index knuckle and thumb, "One flip.. heads I sit here like a lazy ass an' enjoy da show... tails.. well I do da moppin' for you, an' you sit here like a lazy ass watchin' da show."

It rolls down his knuckles once then balances on the curve of his finger with his thumb ready to flick should she give him the word. "Luck be a lady tonight, ses pa?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches this before straightening her head again, and smirking at him. "Oh forget it." She says then as she dips the towel back in the soapy muddy water. "I know how good you are at throwin' things. That coin will land on whatever ya want it too." She says before taking the towel back out of the wager, squeezing it a few times, then going back to her workd.

Admittedly, for the Cajun, it is a pretty good show from his vantage point too.

Scrub scrub scrub.

"What have YOU been doin', Mistah Work Dodger?" She asks as she moves around on the floor washing where all the muddy boot prints are.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Heeey, I'm a perfect gentleman..." Remy puts on a mock disappointed expression, the corners of his mouth turning down almost comedically into a frown. The coin rolls once over his knuckles and then slides back up to rest over his thumb. One flick and it's turning end over end towards Rogue.

Rather than hit her, however, it lands edge down on the rim of the bucket she's ringing her rag out in and spins. When it finally stops, it's just standing there on its edge.

"Dodging work." He murmurs with a smirk, slipping off the bench to slid out of his coat. It's tossed onto the seat beside her phone and he's down on his knees beside her. "As any good Cajun would. How bout you, chere?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over at the coin when it lands on the edge of the bucket and does its little dance. She smirks at it having an almost sentient level of direction to how it moves. "Show off." She says to him while he descends down to her level as she keeps up the scrubbing.

A heavy sigh escapes the Belle's red lips as she does her work. "Oh, you know, goin' to the circus for Jean's birthday, findin' out its that Smiley group again, and then findin' them feedin' mutants to pigs in their Big Top tent. The usual, yeah?" She asks as she glances over at him then.

"School's almost out too. So we got all kindsa preppin' work for that non-sense. But that is one step closer to my graduation."

She grins over at him from past the white flow of hair crossing her face before she looks back to her cleaning.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy flicks some of the loose white bangs from her face with the curl of his fingers, then goes for a rag to help her start cleaning up the mud. "Circus freaks feedin' mutants to pigs, ya mean tha' old tale?" Said with no small amount of sarcasm.. "I'm really startin to t'ink dese smiley folks don't like us."


Is he a show off?

Yes... of course he is.

And he winks at her acknowledging it, then brushes the coin over towards her. "Keep't. For luck, eh?"

Then he's up nodding at her getting that much closer to graduating, "And the house I promise I buy you, too.. I should start working on dat. Farms don't come cheap."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue takes her left hand up to snatch the coin from him and then just tucks it down her tanktop neckline. You know, the safe space.

She grins then at his words, even laughing a little at the bit about the farm.

"Oh yeah, mah dream house." She says with a grin while moving a little on the Jet's floor. Squishy wet towel noises accompany her arm motions.

"Ya know, I've never even priced such a place before? I mean, obviously its outta my price range. I barely make more here than I did at the car hop. In fact, the tips there... may have been way over what I make here." She laments. "But don't tell Jean that. She'd think I were complaining."

Wash wash, scrub scrub.

"What?" Rogue reaches out, grabs something with her thumb and forefinger, then sits back on her yellow boots. "An earring... Huh. Wonder if it's Monet's. Or Bobby's..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Two hundred thousand dollars, give or take a few tens of thousands." Remy says as if he's quoting rather than guessing, "At least if ya want it in upstate new york, dere some cheaper ones out in Montana, but I can't imagine ya being dat far away from the school." This is all matter of fact, well scouted, and precise.

He continues cleaning the floor, humming absently and under his breath to the tune her phone is playing. "Don't tell Jean what, eh?" Truly, he's no snitch...

Snitches gets switches.

Or wind up in ditches with spasmic neck twitches.

"Huh.. look't dat. I didn't even know Bobby wore jewelry. Ice Man gettin' Iced out.. Very classy." He peers at it while scrubbing. "Why is dere so much mud?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just sits there on her heels now turning the earring over and over. "It's diamond. Probably not Bobby's." She says with a sideways grinning looking toward Remy. "Here." She says then, offering it to him. "If nobody asks around in a month, we'll hock it. Gotta pay for that Westchester ranch. I wanna be one'a those fancy snobby Westchester people that ya see at Boot Barn in the mall."

Resting on her right hip now, Rogue keeps her cleaning up. "We hauled some'a the dead pigs back from the carnival tent. They were all mudded up. Well. Mud'n'blood, so don't lick the floor, or your hands." She glances over at him as she wipe wipe wipes the flo'.

"Tabi got beaten up again. That girl has more trouble comin' her way than I ever did even..."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"She definitely need'a learn to duck." Remy ALMOST says it under his breath, but a comment like that requires an audience. Even if the only audience is Rogue. A sidelong glance and a crocked grin as he pockets the earring into his cargo pants and resumes cleaning schmud from the floor of the jet.

"So what ya sayin is we have lots of bacon now? Well fed mutant bacon? Cus if dey gonna eat us, we may as well eat dem right back, ses pa?" This is just strong logic. The keenest mind at work here, Rogue, hard to deny it.

"Oh.. you have to get a Karen haircut and demand to see da manager when dey dont bring your double espresso latte out in exactly five minutes. And I'll carry your poodle."

Rogue has posed:
This has Rogue laughing softly again. "Labra-doodle. Named Queenie. I'm gonna train it t'poo in Scott's room whenever she's here visitin'." She says as she goes back to cleaning the tough spots that the mop didn't reach. "And, I mean, there were a few bacon quips before someone pointed out that Human Fed Bacon may not be the most appetizin'. Which I gotta agree with. These piggies were rotund too! What a shame."

Rogue rolls on to her butt then and sits there with a huff of a breath. She's covered in mud now that he can see her from the front side. She's a right mess!

"The fun never stops 'round here. Last summer it was aliens, this summer I'm expectin'... I dunno, an army'a toy soldiers marchin' on the school, maybe."

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy crosses his fingers, "Zombies." And that's his only contribution about that... but he's dead ass serious. Remy, and maybe the person controling Remy, wants to fight zombies.

"How is a human fed big any less appetizing than a pig thats been eatin shit? Literal, shit. You dey eat poop right? Dey eat anyt'ing, dey're disgusting animals dat roll around in dere only filth because dey don't sweat.. so dey have to cover demselves in filth ta keep from over heating."

His hands go up in a shrug, "But we drawing da line on eatin' dem because dey had a little long pig? I unno... dey 'Alive' soccer players ate one of dere friends on dat plane and dey came out just fine."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue just raises her dirty hands up toward Remy and mimes a zombie at him. Even doing the zombie noises too. Plus with her smudgey skin and dirty clothes, she kinda looks the part. "I'm gonna chew on your braaaaains." She tells him before flapping her hands back down atop her own covered thighs.

"I don't wanna eat people, Remy LeBeau, stop tryin' t'normalize the idea of eatin' people. I'm on t'your methods of persuasions!" She tells him then, peering-eyes at the Cajun.

She looks around at him then before smelling herself and frowning.

"Don't we have a butler t'do this kinda bullcrap?" She asks then before rolling back over to start her work again.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"So ya'll eat a brain, but you going to throw da rest of the person out?" Remy tuts at her, knowing full well she was making a zombie joke, but playing up his usual con man angle with a smirk and glimmer in his red and black eyes.

"Ya know dere starving children in somewhere dat wont get me cancelled for mentioning dem, right?"

Drum roll.

The Cajun settles back and flicks the rag over the edge of the bucket and rubs his hands together, which are properly and completely filthy. "Dere's a few dozen students dat you could con into doing dis by telling dem it extra credit and/or bribes with being on a freaking jet." He points out with a shrug, kind of demure and self indulgent. Same glimmer in his eye though.

"Not exactly a butler, but one of da kids only REAL uses."

Rogue has posed:
The thought of having some of the students clean up the Jet has Rogue huffing out another laugh before she uses her forearm to stroke across the tip of her nose, then up over her eye brows. She shrugs her shoulders lightly at the thought. "Maybe. Though, I have a sneakin' suspicion that would bite me in the ass eventually." She then adds with a sly grin for him as she pokes him with her right boot.

"How about I get cleaned up, and you take me out on the town for a nice dinner, huh? Not involvin' soccer teams bein' eaten butt-first by pigs, or whatever that movie is ya made me watch."


"Though now I do feel like watchin' some scary movies too..." She states before tossing her wadded up wet towel in to the bucket.


Remy LeBeau has posed:
Don't have to tell Remy twice.

Work shift is over, he's practically on his feet before she's even finished telling him they're going out to dinner. "Well, as ya know, I'm something of a savant where it comes to horror films." His hand extends down for her, though she hardly needs his help getting up from her position on the floor.

"It may even be dat I already picked out two or three such talkies for us.. and maybe, if you would indulge me..." His phone comes out in his other hand, "I could get us a reservation at da Quisnos down in Winchester." Flick of his thumb, putting in a pick up order.

"Nothing but da very best sub marine sandwiches for /my/ lovely lady."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has a smile form across her lips as she takes the handle of the bucket. She just 'rises up' off the floor on to her feet without even having to put any effort in to it. "That sounds like a plan t'me." She says then as she gets closer to him, looking up at him with affection clear on her face. "Maybe we drive out t'somewhere pretty an' enjoy such culinary delights t'gether?" She asks him in a sultry voice.

While stinking like a pig in its slop. How romantic!

"I stink." She says then, realizing it before she sighs and starts to walk around him toward the ramp of the jet, snatching her jacket off the handle as she goes. "Time for a shower!" She says, sliding down the ramp on her boots!