11121/Dox-M: The Show Must Not Go On!

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Dox-M: The Show Must Not Go On!
Date of Scene: 23 May 2022
Location: A rec center in Inwood NYC!
Synopsis: The X-men and a few valient heroes take down the Friends of Humanity's torture streaming operation. Hannah and other captives were rescued. No no one was high and Kaida is real. The place was leveled and sadly the kids will need to find a new place to play basketball.
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, James Proudstar, Negasonic, Illyana Rasputina, Monet St. Croix, Tynan Ireton, Kaida Connolly, Hannah Montalcini

Tabitha Smith has posed:
For most of the X-Men, the knowledge of what this place did was no longer news. Captured mutants where bound and placed in front of a camera where they were often tortured and abused over live streaming.

Often mutants were obtained and delivered by one cell of the Friends of Humanmity and viewing was hidden behind a paywall for random racists to watch and enjoy in their twisted ways.

They even tried to capture one of the X-Men, Tabitha Smith - Boom Boom. They used a website called Dox-M to track her and many other muutants or suspected mutants. Which often reported what happened to the victims with rapturous glee.

Tabby wasn't happy that she was barred from coming along but her anger was a liability. And the X-Men heading to the site made sure she was not able to attend. They have their methods

The location however was news. Through the efforts of Kitty Pryde and the other hacktivist minded Types like Doug Ramsey, money trails and layers upon layers of proxies where chipped at till they had a location.

An old abandoned recreation center in Inwood in northern Manhattan, not far from Inwood Park.

Other heroes and civic minded folks might have gotten wind of shady goings on by missing persons, word on the street via the homless population, or other contacts. People were being taken here in vans and hauled in. Men and women, adults or teenagers drugged and bound and often never seen again. Some mutants, some suspected to be mutants and that might as well be a confirmation for some bigots.

One victim at a side door being escortedfrom a parked van in exactly that manner they may not be seen.

Unless you buy a subscription and upvote the stream.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar is a firm believer in stealth, in planning and executing. He would usually be all for executing a strategy laid out back at headquarters but today is not that day.

     James lands next to the van and without preamble launches it into the third story of the rec center. One of the people in that group opens up on him. He doesn't even bother shielding his eyes as protects the victim and then claps his hands generating a pressure wave to knock the guards a kimbo. "Remember, hostages, information and shutting this operation down. Hit the infrastructure."

Negasonic has posed:
    Of course. Tabby was barred from coming due to explosive anger issues at Mutants being mistreated and tortured on internet live streams on what basically was a racist social media presence.

    Which is why it makes perfect sense for them to bring Ellie the Negasonic Teenage Warhead on the mission instead. Of course she is one of the most internet connected social media savvy trainees the X-men have on hand, so maybe that is why she is coming along.

    She waits for the all go from the shadows across the street, the call to action if you will, all the while patient and stoic for the moment, blowing a slow bubble with her gum and then letting it pop before sucking it back in to repeat the procedure. All the while checking her phone skimming various goings on in the Net.

    Her outfit is actually her official gear for this one, reinforced X-er jumpsuit, black and gold with solid protection over her joints and stompy boots.


    Welp, looks like James is going right in for the strike and wasting no time. "Roger." she says deadpan, and shifts to tuck her phone away and pops a charge, one one thousand, two one thousand, then launches herself across the convening space to open the front door like a battering ram.


Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Anger can be a definite liability dealing with people who clearly have the means and resources to capture mutants. Not all mutants have world-shaking, Phoenix-attracting powers. Many don't even have defensive abilities that would help them get away. That sticks with a girl who was taken by force, subjected to terror, and held against her will for a decade and a blink of an eye.

That girl isn't a helpless child. She doesn't have to bargain with silence and suffering. She has options.

The option of the rec centre caving in before Illyana even reaches it might get James a *look*. "You leave some for the others, da?" A graceful swivel of her wrist sketches out the dent he probably put in the front. "Or is the plan playing in the rubble?" The Demon Queen snaps her fingers to leave a pinpoint incision in space to let her hear, and promptly falls out of existence before the explosive shockwaves meet.

She has other work to do, encircling the building at a distance of about thirty meters, setting down a few shapes in the dirt. Scratches invisible to anyone but magically-inclined people, slapped in a boundary that might be spooled up into a protective barrier. Or she's stealing a building for Limbo. Your guess.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix is floating up in midair along with the group as they get ready for the attack. Monet's outfit in this is simply a more durable stylish outfit than she might normally wear, with a badn that has an 'X' over on it about her hips. There's nothing particularly different about it beyond her attempting to make sure it's not quite so much a casualty of war.
    And right when Negasonic goes to blast her way in through the front and James has given the instructions.. Monet is going to barge along in with the other girl to flank her by several meters up in the air and to the side. This gives her room to intercept anyone that's going after Negasonic or to smash and hit them from the side.
    Monet is not being incredibly tactical here beyond 'fly, hit wiht fists'.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty got a job! Finally. Some rich kid ran away from home, and then got caught by the wrong people. And instead of going to the police, they called for specialized help to deal with the issue. The woman takes a deep breath as she checks her body armor once more. "Comm check. This is Dark Caliber, on site. This is a mission log for the purposes of evidence of job completion. Stating mission. Mission is to find a 19 year old woman, recently ran away from home. Stands 5'8, blonde hair, hazel eyes. Recent tracking shows a kidnapping, and taken to this location.", Ty says. She checks the recorder, and nods her head.

    The past day, Ty has been scooping the area. Its got a lot of space, easy to guard, but they don't want to call attention. In a normal situration, Ty would turn this job down. There's something that bugged her, so Ty used some of her contacts, and found out from all sides of certain things happening. The woman starts to pull the hood of her long coat over her head when she notices James...perform a hot entry. "....Well, there goes ****ing stealth.", she mutters. The woman pulls out a half face mask, and secures it to her longcoat to keep the hood from coming off.

    Ty gives it a few seconds before she heads off to the back, and places a small charge on the door. She moves off to the side, and draws two colt 1911s. After about 5 seconds, the charge goes off, hopefully blasting the door open, and gives Ty a chance to catch any guards in the back off guard for quick clean kills.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
It was in the past week that the Tiny Terror of terrible terrorists that tear through the twitchels of timid tramps is told of timeless taking transgressions. So, she made her way here.

Kaida appears on a rooftop nearby in time to see someone being taken inside. She bilnks as she notes that others are here as well. Hmm, hopefully they won't get in her way. Unlike the others, Kaida truly does know stealth. She knows it better than most and can pull it off better than most as well. She leaps casually to a window near the top of the building and with a casual flick of her Amazonian steel she slices the window. No one will likely hear it with all the commotion. Kaida doesn't want the guards or the thugs or any of the ner'do'wells that wish to face off against the team up front. She wants the boss.

"Good job, other people who are here." She grins as she steps inside, "Now, where are the leaders." She sniffs at the air, trying to scent for the finer things that idiots who think they are worth something often dine on and wear.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Other than a baskeball court and a kids playground surrounded by a fence, the rec center is just a single large building. There's a few allegedly homeless people bumming around the corners, one of which is lit by a trash fire. The dozen or so men in ragged clothes but they move too rigidly to be actual homless. The military surplus combat boots in good repair.

There's a couple skylights on the roof above an internal baskeball court and gymnasium and another over a larger carpeted space that's more multipurpose and a couple more guards patroling. The side door with the van closed behind the men taking their victim inside.

A psychic sweep inside will find another dozen or so so called Friends of HUmanity. Logos on their shirts and berets like they were actual military types and not just bros who lift too much and juice up on steroids im the weight room and play Call of Duty badly.

There's also the signs of life in the captives for any one with the means like scanners or noses or psionic abilities. A half dozen captives in varying states of distress. One young woman though seems to be rousing a little earlier. This seems to be a young lady named Hannah who really lucked out with not having hair being a thing and just enough for thugs to have captured her earlier.

The X-men and other heroes all seem to rush in fast and hard. They got some anger issues on their own. Guards are knocked down and the front door blasted open with an entrance Boomie would have been proud of.

Illayana's spell going off without a hitch and forming a barrier to keep things where they need to be.

An explosion set at the back making guards inside panic.

In side, there's a bunch of posters on the walls near what is clearly the appointed studio area. Benches and chairs and lights and cameras. There's blood, fresh and stale all over the place between the set and the green room where the captives are all held.

Posters of past victims lining the walls featuruing many states of beating and abuse. Mostly madly photoshopped like they were previews. Multiple copies. One of them at least to the X-Men is a certain Blonde. They deepfaked Tabitha and she looks like half her face is swolen and beaten with black eyes and blood streaming down her face. A date written under it matching a few days after her attempted abduction. No doubt failed.

In a nearby office there's screaming.

"Screw you Morrison, you should have made us enough money on that bitch you didn't snag we'd have enough to get the resources we need. Try again and don't fuck it up!" the voice ends. It's a teleconference. Of course Morrison hears the commotion outside and joins the panic.

"Dutton, the fuck is going on? Fucking deal with this gene trash! Fuck!" he yells.

There's a scamble to find a weapon and start shooting like many of the guards but they might have some trouble with their opposition.

"Friedberg, you shoulda lowered the god damn subscription costs we'd have had Dochmur off our backs by now. New I should have gone with the MGH crew!"

Monet St. Croix has posed:
Monet St. Croix looks around rapidly and takes in sight of each and every single thing present. She uses her slightly enhanced senses to make sure she takes in it all. Thanks to her eidetic memory and enhanced intelligence, she has committed it permanently to her mind. She would call out to the rest of the team she was with, "Take care, this all will be required for evidence and investigation>" Yes, she might have it all committed, but having to bother with listing off each and every single thing to someone else would be inefficient and -highly- annoying.
    She ducks from bullets going off and then would twist her head over, "Someone please deal with those things?"

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar raises an eyebrow at the Russian. "The most secure part of the building is the least likely to collapse" James doesn't bother with doors or entrances. He rips his way into the building and starts wading through resistance. This isn't a culling nor is it subtle. He moves with purpose, being large and dangerous drawing the attackers towards himself. He is dressed in black, tee and utility style pants with military boots. His hair is tucked into an intricate braid. There is a knife in his offhand the gleams brighterthan steel and he wields it deftly. He moves with purpose towards the control center, "Playing in the rubble is plan b." He focuses on those who have firearms, biggest guns go down first.

Negasonic has posed:
    Negasonic opened the doors on the front and as hoped managed to knock down the lobby of the rec center's guards in the process.

    "Four BigotBros in the lobby, I'll take right." she calls over comms, then pops another bubble. She appreciates the fact that M is flying overwatch ready to punch asshole racists and have her back.

    Especially because without just nuking the whole lobby taking them all down at once would be hard, so instead she veers to the right and bootstomps the nearest one that was knocked down while charging up and launching an Hadouken of a blast into the other one on that side of the lobby, which isn't enough to vaporize him but it enough to probably send him flying if he is just a Friends of Humanity normal bigot and not amphed up on anything like a reaver.


    "Sounds like more are incoming....." which is when shooting likely starts. Maybe she is psychic or just heard the shouting. Regardless she ducks behind some cover to charge up for the next volley and avoid bullets.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
Illyana has no trouble negotiating with the 'homeless' men outside the building. Military training would make a tough fight with odds of twelve on one, so she bypasses them altogether by walking through a wall. Naturally a portal, the other side opening up two meters ahead of her into a hallway. On ground level, she has to negotiate her way down the aisle.

<<Come out, come out, wherever you are,>> she utters in a Russian singsong. Her native language makes everything sound ominous, even children's songs. <<Come out to play, little brown rabbit!>>

She picks up the pace, dashing through falling plaster and grit in the air that coats her hair grey, making her face harder to see. A skidding turn directs her nearer into the building, headed for the heart of contaminated wrongness. That green area will do, though it's open and therefore dangerous.

The slightly childish tones, bright and high, probably warrant someone looking out. Trained soldiers probably might respond with bullets, but those only wreck her clothes and do little for the armour under the t-shirt and jeans. One that wings her arm causes a silver-black gorget to form. The rest that come flying through face her shield, held up by a fractalized blue-white web of magical lines. <<Come and play! Bad men need to learn there are worse things that bite in the dark.>>

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty rushes in quickly after the charge goes off, and quickly fires a few aimed shots at the guards inside. Its a fairly simple and standard military/swat breach and clear. Once she's inside, Ty taps her foot on the ground. "Brath.", she breathes out. Now while Ty isn't magically sensitive, she has been training for the past year on how to use magic. Brath was one of her first spells. A small pulse of magic slides along the ground, and moves about the building, sending the info back to Ty. Basically, magical sonar. The woman breathes into the comm. "Unknown second party is attacking. Using them to cover my own enterence.", she comms.

    Hopefully, with the info that the spell gave her, Ty moves quickly around the building, taking out the guards in the back half of the building. The young merc pauses a moment, and picks up a poster. She glares at it. Ty makes a very unhappy face. She lets go of the pistols, which disappear into her subspace. The woman makes slashing motion with two of her fingers to open up a portal. She reaches in, and pulls out an assault rifle with a grenade launcher attachment.

    Ty takes a moment to remind herself that the mission comes first. Find the target, get her to safety. Be a professional first. After that...Well, Ty smiles behind that mask. As long as nothing can be traced back...Which is what explosives are for.

Kaida Connolly has posed:
Kaida's nose sniffs the air and she blinks before frowning. She then takes in a deep breath and puts on her best smile combined with a determined look and rushes across the walls. She's fast. She's faster than she is even now moving but her bursts of speed aren't wise to be used when trying to move to specific places. She rushes along at roughly the same speed as a highway vehicle until she finds what she's looking for. The people, tied up. She tries not to falter at the sight.

"Huh." She says to no one in particular as she zips right up to the hostages. She smiles a little for their sake, shaking her head, "Don't worry, be quiet, I'll get you out! Trust me, I'm a Titan!" She nods and then once she slashes quickly through all their ropes, she races to in front of them, shield out and sword at the ready.

"Run!" She calls out to the hostages before she races suddenly at one of the guards and this time, well, this time there's a sound like a tiny thunderclap as the mouse goes from standing still to roughly the speed of sound right past the guard's leg. She comes to a halt, her shield ahead of her and her sword held out to her side, her aim to take out his ankle in a most brutal fashion.

Hannah Montalcini has posed:
The bloody and beaten Hannah Montalcini, struggling to shake off the sedation, is surprised by the sight of the tiny mouse girl... but right now she has other concerns. Now unbound, she hastily staggers to her feet, lunges to the other guard and slams a fist into his gut, her power quintupling the damage of the blow. It'll heal after, so she doesn't have to worry about holding back.
As he collapses, she removes her gag, adjusts her broken nose a bit, and then takes his jacket to cover herself (it reaches down to her knees) because apparently they thought leaving her with her clothes on was maybe dangerous or something? Stupid bigots. As an afterthought, she rips the Friends of Humanity patch off the jacket.
She smiles weakly at Kaida (showing some missing teeth), silently thanking her for her help, and hurries out to add to the chaos; between her own experiences here and overhearing what these people have done to others they've captured, she's not going to be feeling remotely guilty about the beatings she plans to inflict.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The building and the tech is probably only half the reason certain mutants weren't allowed to come play. Te other half of course being the violence and vengeance thing.

That seems to be more than adequately taken care of. The side door with a van lodged in it making that exit less viable for escape though holes in walls by Apaches might make up for it. Between Warpath and Monet they present solid targets because super strength and speed can be scary via punches and being thrown.

Second Degree Burns probably match the ouch that comes with broken bones as Negasonic's blasts and sooty boot prints add humiliation.

"Fucking genetrash filthy fucking...." theres plenty of screaming and ratial slurs being thrown around to match the people of color being very much vehemently justified in theior dislike of the situation.

From the outside and working inward Illyana. The thugs don't speak a lick of Russian. Which is a pain because threats and taunts from a hot blonde usually work when it's under stood. But they stilll don't like what they see as theyt shoot and ping a rounbd at Magik and earn a ping of armor appearing.

From the back entrance. The thugs find someone actually shooting.

The crap? I didn;t hear no sirens, this the cops?" one asks and start shooting back before forced into cover to hide and try their luck. It's not the cops It's Dark Caliber.

Kaida's infiltration goes swimmingly, sneaking in, releasing the hostages and Hannah from the bindings and taking the lead in getting the others that can move and help those that can't out. All of the people are in a bad state, beatings, slashes and cuts, burns, there's all kinds of pain in the room. And one guard os on the ground missing a foot. The blood spilling making for a very messy mouse and a very bad stain on the floor, the more solid linoleum even slippery for one of the other guards trying to regain some fotting after turning too fast to see what's happening.

"Fuck! The mutiiefilth is escaping!" he yells out while his co-conspirator is having his FoH Patch torn off.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar inserts thumbdrives in various computers as he moves through the base. These let Doug and Kitty along with Beak and a half dozen more non X mutant hackers directly into the system. Letting them have their way downloading systems, and breaking things launching worm and bots and all sorts of nasty things from inside the FoH systems. The man is destructive poetry as he moves, dropping 'soldiers left and right his strength along would be enough for casual mayhem but he is actually is a skilled fighter, "KitKat, you're in. Wait, who?" James laughs and shoves a dozen guys backwards to make room as as he turns now and heads into the spaces near the studio occupied by the hostages. He literally dwarfs any opposition and moves through it with little regard.

Negasonic has posed:
    "Genetrash filth... oh man. That takes me back." she says mock whistfully.

    Then she counts off and finishes a charge and pops up to direct the explosion right into the doorway where the bigotted bullshit was being spouted. She shakes her head. "I didn't want to go back... and yet.. here we are."

    That one maaay have been a smidge stronger than needed. There isn't really a doorway anymore into whatever room they were taking cover. BOOM. Gone now. They are probably just mauled though and thrown into the back wall of said room. Probably some broken limbs. Bleeding. That sort of thing.

    They ab-so-lute-ly aren't shooting at her and hurling slurs anymore.

    "Operation Loud Distraction is a go .... how goes the rescuing and general getting intel?" she asks, over the comms, just moving along slowly.

    Before she gets shot at again though she charges snapping her blast field up in the process and hurls herself very explosively and quickly at the next couple of idiots who thought they could shoot the short punky mutant chick.


Monet St. Croix has posed:
There's a hint of smugness to Monet's tone as the team completes breaking through. She would purse her lips as she would track the position of the group and then sounds from elsewhere. She would send a quick warning along to the rest of the group from Xavier's telepathically <<There are others here. Unlikely to be hostile, I'm reasonbly sure that they're attacking the guards and helping the hostages escape>> But still, a warning to pass along just as they didn't know fully what was going on.
    Then Monet is going to backup Warpath, while also being ready to engage anyone going after some of the squishier members of the team. For her, this is mostly the easy part. Hit and run, let Warpath engage anyone that's too dangerous for her to hit or that has heavier weapons, let Negasonic take them at range..
    And, honestly, Illyana's probably scarier withou tany degree of backup, judging b yall the screaming coming from outside. Monet is alas too smug and self assured in the event that her smugness and supremacy means now that she's virtually guaranteed something to happen. It's keep the threats pinned down while the hostages get out, and secure the area. Smashing in right after James and Negasonic go in and intent on picking off anyone that's still on their feet with enhanced speed.R    "Try and leave the building stable."

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
When it comes to hacking, Illyana /can/ manage to some degree, but better to let those who know how to break down technological back doors deal with it. She has better things to do, like deflect the occasional bullets behind an arcane shield. "Hello, bad bunnies. Off you go."

The guards who haven't taken the chance to run get the unfortunate experience of briefly falling through Limbo in all its vivid terror when she opens a stepping disk beneath them. The other side happens to be the drunk tank for Lower Manhattan, rather than Genosha. No matter how tempting, international jurisdictions still apply.

Monet's telepathy won't reach her. It never does, but that's what standard comms or walls being blown out by Negasonic are for. Her arm rises in time to avoid shrapnel hitting her. Her path plows on for the office proper, assuming Warpath has not already beaten a path to it. Anyone running past on the way not obviously subjected to torture or a familiar face gets met with a smile, and then a pointed fingertip at them. "Stop."

Maybe they will, maybe they won't.

The red-gold bands roaring out from the spell function a lot like a whip, minus the supersonic bit. Wrap around something, connect to the next target, and yank them all with her.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    "Avalon!", Ty shouts out. She lifts her arm, and an energy shield forms. These guys likely don't have anything strong enough to punch through it. The woman takes a deep breath as she secures the Assault rifle to her armor. She then rushes forward. The woman hops over their cover, and looks at the pair. "...Not a fucking cop.", she tells before kicking one in the side of the knee. Hopefully it makes that sweet popping noise of brokenness. Ty slams the butt of her rifle in the face of the other one before giving him a swift kick in the nuts. She turns, and fires on guy at point blank, before spinning around, and finishing the other guy off with a quick burst.

    Ty moves to the next set of guards, deciding that she's not playing nicely anymore. She checks to make sure things are clear first, and the next set of guards to take cover meet mister grenade launcher. She fires the grenade, and waits for the explosion. After that, she rushes to clearn up whats left. After this, Ty takes a moment to start putting up a few charges on the walls, and support beams. The woman quickly moves to where her intel tells her the hostages are...only to bump into a few, and then into those helping them. She pauses a moment, and brings her rifle up. "What unit or company are you with? Answer quickly.", she says.

    Ty knows she probably isn't making the best first impression, given she's carrying military weaponry, in body armor, and covering her face...Hopefully they don't start firing on her...

Kaida Connolly has posed:
A blink as she notices Hannah punching the crap out of one of the guards and collects his jacket, she shakes her head and then looks back to the guy she just cut down. She gestures with her sword and calls out, "You're gonna want to put ice on that!" She then casually leaps up to hit a wall, her tiny feet clinging there a moment before she leaps off of that and lands on the shoulder of another guard.

"Hi!" She declares to him before she casually moves her blade with the practiced ease of someone who has seen battle, "You're ear's gone." She states to him and that blade is, well, very sharp and very fast. And then she is gone. Racing off toward where she heard all that mess about lowering prices and such.

Hannah Montalcini has posed:
Hannah Montalcini runs into another guard in the corridor outside. Literally - before the bigot can raise her gun, the small girl drives her shoulder hard into her new enemy's ribcage. She tries not to think too hard about the resulting cracking sounds.
Helpfully, other nearby guards help distract her by firing bullets her way; lacking better options, Hannah grabs the guard she just hit to use as cover while she tries to figure out an escape route. At least her earlier injuries are starting to heal, thanks to the violence she's inflicted.
She unthinkingly shifts her recent victim's head to prevent choking on blood. Is there any point to doing so in the current situation? It sounds like people are trying to blow up the building! Well, habits are habits.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Those guards all sprawled find some extra pain as they get shoved by wearpath's Andre the Giant gimmick. A few rounds of ammunition go off and the only wounds are inflicted on the guards with a few woulds poking through arms and legs and wow that's a lot of blood.

The hactivists on the other end of the comms aggirming that their pulling in data. <<Oh god, they trying deepfakes of some of this video. It's Tabby.>> comes a very grossed out sound from one of the group working on assuring the download is relatively clean

Whatever is left of that doorway under Negasonic Teenage Warhead's assault leaves an outline around the guard much like a lot of those ghost shadows left behind in nuclear explosions. Luckily the guard will just need surgery and skin grafts and booy that's gonna cripple him financially harder than the injuries.

Monet's smugness iis very likely justiifed. The heroes all haviing a blast. Literally in some cases as the dark skinned woman moves to back up Warpath. Human bodies kick about so easy and at this point any one still fighting back is being herded.

Occassionally into a stepping disk and into a jail cell. This is actually amazing restraint for Illyana and the Friends of Humanity should be very thankful compared to those that have faced other heroes.

Tynan staring down X-Men might or might not be a clever idea but they are aware of other heroes on the scene thatnls to Money and filling her teammate in. So it shouldn't theoretioally get her smacked around. the lack of any FoH patch probably a bih help.

It's doing a wonder for Hannah as she;s freed and getting her own licks in as her powers allow a recovery though the force of her hits might speed up the target's recovery but considering how badly a condiition some of these racists PoS types are in.

If they're conscious they're staying down. Bad enough there's super strength knocking people down, cracking bones. There's gunshots and explosions all around and a mouse girl severing ears and leaving the poor bastard even more terrified.

Monet St. Croix has posed:
The back of the enemy seems broken. And then the group of X-Men busting in are face to face over with Tynan. The woman all up in armor an dfestooned with weapons. Monet's eyes flash even as she's not sure whether the other individual is hostile or not. But, given the sounds of gunshots and her enhanced senses noting the figure seemed to have been firing at the guards or at least not the hostages..

But sitll, no sense in taking risks. Monet doesn't go on the attack. She goes to a defensive posture and goes to try and scan the mind of the individual. Going for surface thoughts if at all possible an dtrying to tug them out. Looking to see if the individual was an adversary, ally, or merely indifferent to everything going on and not particularly caring. This does however require her to stand still in the air to fucos on trying to get telepathic information and not attacking.

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty's surface thoughts are simple. Mission first. Find Target, extract target, get target to safety, collect fee, get beer. Sub objectives, blow the building to cover up any involvement. The image of one of the hostages would flash as the target. After that, anger over the posters. And a longing to inflict as much harm to these FoH arses as possible. The woman watches the pair she's looking at. "UNIT OR COMPANY!", she call out again. Her mind is fully military trained, wondering if these people are friendlies. She remembers seeing the guy throw a van at the building, but that doesn't answer her question.

    "I was not informed of other groups storming the building. Not to mention the hot enterence you all made when storming. Luckily there weren't a lot, and we could move quickly.", she says. The woman keeps her weapon trained, but her finger is off the trigger. She seems very professional for her age.

Illyana Rasputina has posed:
The abandoned rec centre somehow remains standing, though holes in the walls, fires, and other debris requires Illyana to move carefully to avoid electrocution or getting entangled by a semi-collapsed entryway. She does one better, perhaps, than use a USB to get information or the studio.

They can sort out the pieces when she literally vanishes parts of the studio away from the building, enfolding them in the cool spring weather as Limbo knows it. That's not an accidental sighting of a demon, were there anyone in the studio to identify what one of the long-limbed, purple monsters emerging is. A shriek emanates from the inhuman throat, along the lines of <<Majesty!>> before he turns tail and flees. The posters, computers, torture tables, and other contraptions summarily vanish to be transported to another place in space. Not time, fortunately. That one of the storage bays in the X-Men base has this pile of garbage is someone else's problem, probably Scott's to assign a detail on detention to clean up.

And the next remaining guard to get too close takes a sword through the stomach.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie dusts herself off after crashing explosively into another bigot'd bad guy and knocking him out cold. Also breaking many ribs.

    "Any flatlining mutant hating trash still in here?" she calls helpfully then meanders down a hallway that doesn't involve the path that Monet and James went down and has someone screaming something about Unit or Company yet. They probably have that under control after all and haven't called for help.

    Also not having called for help Illyana, no surprise there.

    She rounds a corner following a sign for administration and ends up coming face to face with Morrison. Of ye old fame of being cursed at and stuff earlier in a cutaway exposition. He also has an assault rifle and knows how to use it.

    For a moment they stare at each other. Then two things happen.

    Thing one, he shoots Ellie in the shoulder as she tries to bring up a charge and spin away. Which to be fair helps her spin away with the bullet hitting her hopefully armored enough jumpsuit. Time will tell.

    Two Ellie having just been shot charges a little more than she probably should have and lets the blast go a bit wild, hitting Morrison on the right side and ... well she may have just sheered off his right arm entirely as the explosion sends him flying to the left.

    "FUCK" is gasped over the comms.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar moves past Tynan casually, ripping open the door to the room the hostages are in, he uses his enhanced sense and speed to triage the hostages in something close to a minute and then has the least injured up and ready for transport, "The mouse is with us." Tjen to his comm, "Magik, we've found the hostages, can you arrange evac?" Ellie's exclamation is met with concern, "Neg? What's your sit?"

Kaida Connolly has posed:
"Unit or company!" Comes a yell from a tiny voice that projects far better than she should be able to as Kaida ends up beside Tynan on the wall, splattered with blood, "Hahaha! I mean, do you hear yourself?" She asks and shakes her head, "I mean, probably go with the people who aren't very human are NOT on the side of the mutant hating people." She then races down the hallway just in time to gasp in surprise.

"Shit!" Kaida calls out even as she brings her shield up and leaps. Some of Ellie's blast slams into her and she goes flying backwards into a wall and thuds before sliding down. She gasps out and peeks out from behind her shield in time to see a man hitting a wall without an arm and then she lets out a huff of annoyance.

"I wanted to do that!" She calls out and then races over to check out Negasonic and peers at her shoulder before looking to the bad guy, "I got a foot, an ear and was gonna go for a hand." She considers, "I mean, he still has one hand and probably doesn't deserve to have either but I mean, at this point it is overkill." She then looks back at Ellie and casually peers at her shoulder again.

"You're gonna want to have that looked at but you'll probably be fine." She nods her head, "Fear not, I'm a biochemist!"

Hannah Montalcini has posed:
These so-called Friends of Humanity don't seem to have any issues with shooting through a human to hit Hannah. Why couldn't she have been one of those bulletproof types? Fortunately for her (though not so much for her impromptu shield), most of the shots lose quite a bit of their force on the way to their intended target.
Hannah's desperate attempts to figure out how to get to the shooters without more injury are, thankfully, rendered unnecessary when part of the ceiling collapses onto her two attackers; thus interrupted, they stop firing long enough for the undersized amateur boxer to rush over, kick the gun from one of them (the chaotic life energy ruining the barrel) and then rain punches on the other. It exacerbates her wounds, of course, but it's worth it.
In more ways than one; she may have been through worse than anything these people did to her, but remembering what she overheard the other hostages suffering... well, turns out she actually CAN punch a little harder.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Data transfers do take time despite the things bad television might say about fancy tech. But there are progress bars on either side showing progress. The pile of unconsious or very agonised bodies piling up as well.

Monet's defensive posture making sure no computers in the process are harmed. Afterwards maybe but for the idots locked up in a jail cell. The evidence is probably going to be needed to keep them in hail.

The staredown between Ty and the X-men still going unanswered but at least the number of people shooting back are dwinding so all that is left is Morrison. Dutton on the floor with a lot of blood poolking where his ankle was pretty much gone. Friedburg in a jail cell after stepping disk dissapearing.

The tech fear all teleports to a storage unit. Thankfully the spell doesn't do any damage and there's only a brief complaint over comms. <<Hey, what happened, the transfer stopped. Oh hey it's done. Awesome!>> It's Beak over the headsets now. <<Guess that leaves the messy parts. Party on!>> he says and does the analyst thing in Westchester.

Morrison gets a hit and his stupid smug grin is soon turned to terror as the retaliation for shooting Negasonic. Thankfully her x-suit has some ability to resist bullets but it's gonna gurt like Monet punched her.

Morrison's arm gone and he's csreaming and squealing in pain as he falls. Tthe heat and flame cauterizing the wound instantly.

Another guard facing Illyana slumping as her weapon cuts easily through that FoH tee. The printer for making them now in a storage locker with the other tech.

"If were were flatlining we wouldn't be answe.... No. Nope nobody here!" comes a decreasingly loud reply.

Finally someone answers Tynan and the Mouse though she catches some collateral blast from Negasonic leaving Morrison an amputee. The shield takes most of it but the landing might not be too fun for Kaida. At least when she sees Ellie's hit it's nothing worse than what the Danger Room dishes out.

The collapse of the ceiling above the two guards coinciding with a blast that Ellie have that knocked Kaida into the wall and the thud rocking teh building. The little burst of fire from the second guard that isn't de-weaponed missing wide and pust putting holes in walls where no one else is heart and offering a free path for resuing and rescuees!

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie slumps into the wall on her non-short shoulder "I was shot... I think they may have coated the bullets with something... a mouse is yelling at me about blowing this assholes arm off because she wanted to collect bodyparts or something morbid."

    All of that goes into the comms as she stares at the mouse then reaches up and pokes at the hole in her uniform, at least the upper layer and hissses a breath before grimacing and standing fully upright. "Fuck that stings. I'll be all right. The mouse says so and it's a biochemist evidently..." okay she definitely thinks it is a fifty fifty that she is hallucinating.

    She walks over and kicks Morrison in his cauterized stump. "Quite your bawling like a baby."

Tynan Ireton has posed:
    Ty blinks at the mouse. "...I'm high or something, arn't I?", she asks out loud. Then the flying mouse runs away. "...I havn't even touch any liquor yet, and I swear I'm drunk. Five minutes, and this place is a crater.", she calls out. THe woman backs out, finding her target hostage, whispering in the girl's ear, and starts leading her out while keeping her covered. The woman is a trained professional.

    Its not long before Ty is outside calling in the waiting transport to come over. Its a nondescript bmw with temp tags on it. The hostage girl is put in the back seat as Ty moves into the passager seat. She does wait until she's certain the others got out, and then detonates the charges. She can't leave evidence that she did a job on American soil after all. That and its in her contracts that she makes all evidence of her involvment disappear. After that, its dropping the traget off, and getting that damn beer.

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar takes a moment to look around as the chaos wanes. He rips one of the posters off the wall and shreds it. Jim sends over comms to Ellie, "That's Kaida, trust her. She knows what she's about." James picks up a tablet that was missed and taps it gingerly. He's looking for something. He sees the man attack Hannah while his partner tries to pull him off. James reaches out with casual brutality, shattering the two men against the nearest wall. He nods to Hannah. Then looking hard at Tyn as she so casually condemns anyone unable to exfil. As he starts together the injured hostages, piling them on his shoulders and arms to ridiculous proportions. And making new holes on his way out. "Neg, Kaida, exfil now. you've got Five." James, M and Yana get the hostages out. James nods at Hannah to follow.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Morrison's rifle might have possibly been loaded with tranquilizers when he shot her so maybe just enough pointy needle to nick skin and leave her feeling kinda numb and woozie and wow is this what they shot Tabitha up with?

It's kinda weaksauce though since barely a nick against an armored X-Suit and no drugs for Negasonic.

With the fight contained and the data literally transferred to the X-Men and in a secure locker the clean up can otherwise begin. Illyana dropping the barrier while eventually sirens can be heard taking their time in Manhattan Traffic. And having racists in the cells sometimes works for the people. All cops are bastards but they can often be bastards to other bastards when it's suits them.

Kaida's presence to Ellie and Ty possibly making folks think their hallucinating but they totaly aren't. Being high might help. But if they were. Kaida would totally be able to determine what they were on.

The last two guards that try to assault Hannah find themselves having a very close moment as Warpath vehemently denies them time with Hannah and shves them into a wall hard enough to imprint on drywall.

Whatever info is on that Tablet James wanted is there, between that and the hardware teleported out there's enough information to backtrack a lot of stuff the FoH hand plans for.

Hostages are released and Hannah and those of them that actually are mutants might get a little direction towards some of the outreach programs the X-Men back.

Of course what ever is left is left to be detonated by the charges Ty set. But whether any of the Friends of Humanity survive that it's on them to grag their busted backsides out when they think no one is looking. They are and M and Illyana are dumping the undesirables outside in the park across the street to be collected for police pick up.

The fireworks will look pretty awesome!

For the X-Men when they get home. The work is far from done!