1113/Burgers and Trouble

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Burgers and Trouble
Date of Scene: 12 April 2020
Location: Bronx
Synopsis: It's never a lucky night for Alopex and Sally Pride, as they venture forth to the Ground Cow's Knee Automat Custom Burger Shoppe, specifically created to serve people who want privacy while eating a burger. They were moments from ordering when the shots rang out! Heroically saving the day (and probably getting their next meal free), Sally and Alopex put some would-be exortionists in their place.
Cast of Characters: Kainashi, Alopex, Sally Pride

Kainashi has posed:
    There was nothing like a burger joint with digital menus, computerized delivery services and free refills on soda that made it just so you didn't have to worry about tipping the waitress. This Automat-style digitial burger place assigned a booth upon entering how many people you needed to sit. It took a swipe of a credit card (prepaid was fine), and boom. You could order your purger and drink and fries, chips, or any manner of deep fried food item on the menu, and it would arrive via a belt-driven dumbwaiter from the kitchen below.

    It was called The Ground Cow's Knee.

    That's right. A Burger. And a joint.

Alopex has posed:
    And thus it was a perfect place for the more ... odd folk to wander in, get a meal, and not be bothered by the general public. In fact, it said so right on the door! It's why Alopex had given Sally the address for it and told her where to look once she showed up.

    Currently, the fox was at a corner booth, nice and private, and even had her hood down while she nursed a soda for the moment, waiting. The owner was good people, so she felt rather safe, secure, and able to not hide here. It's a wonderful change of pace from most of New York.

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally Pride would of offered to use her work-in-progress car to take a drive-thru but it turns out that wasn't a necessity. The fox says the place is 'safe' for folk like them so she's willing to give it a chance.

That said the lioness is still wearing her sunglasses when she arrives, just because that's become her usual thing for on the streets. But other than that she wasn't bothering with trying to hide anything, which was a nice change of pace.

She spots the fox in the corner. "I'm with her." And she strolls over that way. "Leave it to a ninja to find the most reclusive spot even in a public chow joint."

Kainashi has posed:
    The two are seated... all is quiet.

    *For Now*. DUN DUN DUUUUN

Alopex has posed:
    Once the lioness arrives, the fox just gives a grin, "Hey, it's a nice spot and can seat a lot more than most of the regular tables and booths. I'm just thinking ahead," she replies, but yes, it is the best seat to stay out of sight. She won't even argue that.

    "The menu is pretty expansive. Different blends of burger, lots of toppings, all the works. -Plus- amazing milkshakes. I haven't found someone that dislikes this place."

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally Pride slides herself into the booth and slips off her shades. Maybe some time she'll bring the rest of her crew to check it out. Or most of them. The ones that won't care that it's human run, at least.

"Pretty high end, too." It takes her a few tries with the touchscreen menu to figure out it works better if she uses an actual fingertip and not her claw. Sometimes it's a slight bother those aren't entirely retractable. But she manages. "It is nice not having everyone gawking, that's for sure."

Kainashi has posed:
    It's quite high end. Little beeps and boops, and a little 'Hi there! My name is Dahl, and I'm the Help Desk person below you. Let me know if you need any help ordering or have any questions!' in the corner, unobtrusive.

    A little banner accross the top says the Milkshake of the Day is Peep Oreo.

Alopex has posed:
"Mmhmm. I even had a talk with the owner early on when I first started coming in, still all covered up. They're really nice, understanding, even let me have my first meal free. You can even pay here at the table if you can, but if not the check can be sent on the belt in a little locked thing with a code, and then they send it back with a code on the touch screen there. Super neat." The fox just lets Sally play with the display for now. They could order afterward.

Sally Pride has posed:
That goes on for a few moments before Sally realizes what she's doing, and sits back with a slightly embrassed rrhrrm. "Sorry. I'm use to everything being switches and dials and gauges. The military tech I was trained for still used physical controls, they're more responsive."

A pause. "What's a Peep Oreo?"

Kainashi has posed:
    The two get some time to consider whether or not a peep oreo is a peep that is sandwiched between two chocolate cookies, a chocolate cookie with peep marshmallow flavoring, or some strange combonation of the two, before there's a soft 'pop, pop' sound from underneath them.

    A new banner shows up on their ordering tablets.

"Dahl here! Please exit this location by the front door or any emergency exit in an orderly fashion."

Alopex has posed:
    "Take your time. I had to learn it all too. Same reasoning, if even more so. Ninja training doesn't involve a -lot- on computers. They had specialists for that sort of thing.." The fox points out as she settles back. "A .. what?" Then she eyes the banner. "..I have no idea."

    Pop? Wut? "Please exit- ... what..?" Surprise first, then concern, which gets the fox to peek out of the booth around the burger joint, trying to figure out why they need to leave all of a sudden. "Seriously, not during dinner, what now..?"

Sally Pride has posed:
The 'pop pop' isn't loud, but it's just close enough to the sound of something shorting out in a control to have Sally pushing herself out of the booth on reflex, in a sort of half tumble half roll to get back onto her feet. Like they were just saying. That soldier training is ground in pretty deep.

"I swear, if this is another trap somehow..." she snarls sourly. Though it's not at Alopex, she's expecting it to be a certain raptor crashing the party again.

Kainashi has posed:
    No raptors, but the crowd inside -- some having young kids with them -- are clearing out towards the exists (a few still holding their drinks, one walking out with a pitcher of vanilla shake) and soon, the dining area is just the two mutants.

    There is a door marked EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY nearby, and beneath it STAIRS.

Alopex has posed:
    As expected, a lot of folk are clearing out, thinking 'free meal, nice'. Alopex isn't quite so sure, not after what she, and Sally, both heard. "This is weird, I think if something serious was going on the owner would come explain it too, and I don't see them.." she muses. Spotting the emergency exit, and the stairs, the fox starts to move. . . for the stairs. "I'm going to check downstairs.."

Sally Pride has posed:
"... Unless they can't." That's where Sally's logic immeadiately jumps. Would someone really come after this place just because it was friendly to non-humans?

Yeah, probably. But let's hope its some kind of misunderstanding until proven otherwise.

That said she's still on the fox's heels when she heads for the door downstairs. The noise did come from below, after all, and would explain why it was muffled.

Kainashi has posed:
    Muffled by two doors and thick flooring, layers of tile and sound dampening.

    It's a short two flights of stairs with a landing in the middle that the two mutants find themselves a the lower door. Opening the door, they find that there's classic rock music playing in the kitchen. There's a desk with a bunch of technological do-dads and a 'Magneto was Right' poster in the back, with 'M. DAHL/K. OMENS' written on the desk.

    There is the metallic tang of blood and gunfire here. The kitchen to the left has some shouting going on -- and there is a masked man with his back to the two.

    "Are you SURE we can't just help ourselves to the burgers? I'm STAHVED."

Alopex has posed:
    That smell was unmistakable. Even with the heavenly aromas coming from the kitchen, all the burgers and the toppings that had been cooked and possibly are cooking, Alopex could still smell the others. Gunfire, blood... there was just no hiding it from her nose. It's clear the fox is angry, but for now she stays low, to the ground, and motions at Sally for quiet, trying to indicate with hand signals that there is someone here that doesn't belong. With that message (hopefully) relayed, she starts sneaking further in..

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally Pride's sense of smell isn't quite as honed but gunsmoke is something she's familiar enough with to pick out. She nods to the fox, and creeps after her as she's careful to not make too much noise with her boots.

Until they get to the point that getting close would get them noticed regardless, and that's when the lioness lunges past the fox to grab the man at the kitchen door from behind, arm around his neck to heave him aside in a well trained takedown maneuver to give the quicker fox a chance to dash inside.

Kainashi has posed:
    "Ah-AH... ACHOO! Ugh. One of these damn cooks must have a dog!" the guy begins -- but he's cut off all of a sudden by a lioness taking him down. It's super effective! The AR at his side gives a single rapport, hitting the ceiling of the kitchen.

    The kitchen is a normal industrial kitchen; it has big ol' stainless steel counters. Multiple work stations. Not a whole lot of room to move around -- a giant frialator.

    And the dumbwaiter system that leads to the above booths along the wall.

    Another brigand comes around the corner:

    "Damnit, Rodney, what the hell are you doing? You're supposed ot be keeping watch not snacking on shit!"

Alopex has posed:
    Well, Alopex had hoped to sneak a little more. She wanted to see just how many people they were dealing with, but when Sally makes her move, the fox makes a dash to tackle the next brigand.. right as he's coming around the corner. Perfect. The poor fella: once he rounds that corner he'd have a view of a very angry fox mutant lunging at him, claws out, but uncannily calm. Why. Do. People. Keep. Messing. With. HER. PEOPLE?!

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally Pride takes a moment to follow standard procedure. Which is grabbing the man's weapon, and unloading it so it can't be picked up and used by someone else. Since they don't know how many people are down here, and she's not about to start toting around a gun that can do more than stun for a bunch of thugs. Not worth the potential mortality.

She gives the guy an extra kick in the side to make sure he stays down, and then goes to catch up with Alopex.

Kainashi has posed:
    "RodnE--" the yelp is cuthort as Alopex takes down the other gunned goon, the guy's weapon knocked off the side, the poor guy sliding back about five feet on his back as he's knocked down by the very angry snowfox.

    The first guy -- presumably Rodney -- grunts, but stays down when he's kicked.

    There's a few more guys lingering at the end of a hallway, marked "TOP OF THE HOUSE with an arrow.

    The two might be able to hear knocking coming from one of the stainless steel doors, weakly.

Alopex has posed:
    Tackled, the man would get a quick blow to the head. Enough to knock out, but certainly not permanently put out. That's not her style. Glancing up, the fox motions at the others toward Sally, but her ears prick up when she hears the knocking. She really hopes that door isn't the fridge, or worse, the freezer. She'd move to open it, "Hello?"

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally Pride glances down the hallway, then back to Alopex as the fox goes to investigate. She almost asks what, but then realizes she's seen this sort of thing in the action movies the 'token human' occasionally brings the group to watch so they leave her alone in her science dabbling. Meaning there's possibly someone locked inside there.

She peers down the hallway, but backs closer to where Alopex is investigating. Better they stick together. "I do know some first aid if need be," she whispers over her shoulder, figuring the fox's ears are good enough to hear her without speaking up.

Kainashi has posed:
    It is a freezer. There's a number of people in there, huddled together in their whites, their bandanas and backwards caps.

    "Oh, thank you God-- th-they took the boss back to the computer. S-Something about the c-com-computer banks" one girl stammers, her tears having frozen to her face from crying. "Are they still out there? They have guns. They have so many guns..."

Alopex has posed:
    There's a sigh of relief from Alopex. The kitchen staff, and well, they are as well as they can be given the circumstances. "We took the ones between here and the stairs out. If you're alright, get going, if not, my friend here can help you..." she tells them before glancing back to Sally. "I'll take a look," she quietly tells before backing up and then moving for the hallway. The kama come out now. This is not a pleased fox. If the owner is in trouble, or hurt, these fellas are going to have A Bad Time.

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally pulls off her jacket, draping it over the shoulders of girl with the frozen tears. She looks like she needs it the most. She'll make sure no one is severely hurt, and grab a few dishtowels for makeshift bandaging if need be. Then usher them towards the exit and stairs. "Get topside and warm up. The rest of the occupants left when the warnings went off."

Once that's taken care of she edges back towards the hallway to check on Alopex. Who now has an, admittably non-lethal, weapon out. Someone is not happy. Not that Sally is any happier. But she'll let the ninja do her thing and wait to jump in until she's needed.

Kainashi has posed:
    The girl gives a quiet sound of thanks, not really questioning the whole 'a fox just opened the door and a lion gave her a jacket' thing. That was beyond what her panic response wants to eal with right this minute.

    So the crew is sent out, luckily, other than a couple bruises and being cold, the group doesn't eem too out of sorts. They get themselves out of the way.

    Alopex, meanwhile, slips down furhter the hallway, and around the corner.

    There's a slam of fists on a desk behind a closed door.

    "You are either going to open the repository and give me your token codes, or I'm going to go down the hallway and begin taking out your crew one, by, one. You wanna serve freaks? We get a cut!"

Alopex has posed:
    And there it is. 'Freaks'. Mutants. Non-humans. People that are different. What is -wrong- with people? Is it the innate fear of the unknown that causes it to happen so much? Even with her hoodie on, Sally can probably recognize the fox's posture, getting angrier by the minute. It sounded like some sort of protection racket and just because some gang is racist. .. Speciesist? Meh. Terms. Who needs them?

    One of the kama are put away. A shuriken is tugged from somewhere under her clothing and then the fox sloooowly opens the door. Any reaction from someone she doesn't recognize will earn them a pointy bit in a shoulder or elsewhere..

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally Pride takes her time down the hallway to not disrupt the fox's stealthing. Not that she needs to be at the door to hear the pounding and the shouting from the room beyond. Whiskers slick back as she grimaces, with pretty much the same thoughts. She met plenty of nice people at that fund raiser, why do others always have to be jerks? Especially taking it out and in advantage of other said nicer people.

Now she kind of wishes she hadn't been so nice to leave her stun pistol locked in the car. Oh well, she'll make due.

As she's making her way down the hallway Sally clenches a fist up and gives her studded glove an extra tug to make sure it's firmly in place, expression farther creasing with a 'done with these assholes' shit' scowl.

Kainashi has posed:
    The door is slid open. There are five people in the room here, the owner of the place is sitting in her chair, weighing if it was actually a valid threat. She had kept her cooks and runners calm while they were herded into the freezer, and now was seated reservedly in her chair as the four men with guns try to get her to hand over her patrons' personal information! However can she get herelf outta this quandry!

Alopex has posed:
    Five eh? The fox raises two fingers toward Sally, points them toward two goons on the right, then herself, two on the left, and then basically by the time that's all done, they could pincer on the last one. Good plan, right? The fox turns back, takes in the group again, and then she's on the move.

    In fact, the fifth one, likely the leader, gets a shuriken to the shoulder. May as well make sure -that- one is distracted. The two she pointed at? Kama. Claws. Maybe she'll knock their heads together given the chance, but guns? Guns are dealt with the same way Sally did. Arms are attacked, weapons taken, magazines dropped, and chambers actioned before being tossed away.

Sally Pride has posed:
It's Serious Time.

You know it's serious because there's no quippy one-liners or snarky remarks. Just one very irrate lioness storming the room. She grabs one gunman by the shoulder and whips him around. If only so she can see him face to face before putting her studded-glove fist into his face. Followed by grabbing his weapon and yanking while giving him a follow-up kick towards his partner in crime.

"I hope you assholes wore clean underwear, cuz you're about to get the shit kicked outta you." Okay they passed the stealthy moment, now she's feeling appropriately sharp-tongued again.

Kainashi has posed:

    THe shuriken embeds itself in the leader's shoulder, causing him to cry out as the woner ducks down and beneath her desk for concealment.

    The fox's two are dispatched easily enough, taken by surprise as the group turns to the sudden outburst of two dangerous female mutants as they draw in the room.

    The Lioness decides she's going to be hitting a mofo with another mofo, and they might not have worn their brown pants today, but they're pretty scared. The fourth fellow had tried to get bead on the lioness , but as his comptriot is slung into him he gives a cry, the shot going wild and up into the ceiling!

Alopex has posed:
    Crooks dealt with, weapons dealt with, the one that Alopex put a shuriken in is grabbed, hauled, and then planted against the wall, likely lifted an inch or two, as she just glares -death- at the other. "Don't you _EVER_ come here again or you will get more than a sharp bit of metal in your shoulder."

    Thing is about this fox, she isn't dumb, either. The shuriken is taken back and carefully put away in a pocket lined with a plastic bag. Why? She has a very good friend with a -very good nose-. If she can track them, and then make sure they cause NO one harm again? Even better. "Do. Not. Tempt. Me. Cause I -will- find out. I -will- find you. And ... Mm.. You won't like what comes next. Just imagine that actor from that movie. I am. That. Damn. Good."

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally Pride puts her foot ontop the toppled men to keep them in place as she leans down to part their weapons from them. "I'd listen to her."

As she stands back up she gives the rifle an audible cock. Of course it's just to eject the shell from the shot the guy got off so she can pull the clip, but no one has to actually know that. "I'd -really- listen to her." When she turns around she's holding the rifle, despite being unloaded, like any proper trained soldier would. Just to show that she does know how to use the thing (even if she wouldn't on some lowly extortionists). "Or next time you won't be leaving with just bloody noses..."

Kainashi has posed:
    The five extortionists (or would be terrorists, hard to tell) give a couple of confused sounds, and then begin to pull back a bit, muttering something. Up above, sirens are beginning to be heard through the thick concrte of the building nd noise dampeners -- which means the police must be real close!

    The Owner pokes her head back up, and looks at the assorted ruffians strewn around (or shoved against the wall), and whispers "... best get moving. I know when it comes to obvious ones, some shoot first and diagnose later." she murmurs.

Alopex has posed:
    There's a grunt from Alopex as she hears the sirens. She all but throws the 'leader' toward the door. "You'll be leaving your guns here, as well," she informs. The fox knows they can get more easy enough, but, you take what you can. A nod is given the owner, "Mm, I know," then to Sally. "One of these days we will have a -peaceful- night. I swear.."

Sally Pride has posed:
Sally Pride tosses the guns she'd already pulled from the men, already unloaded, in a corner. "I hate to admit it but she's right." Shrugs a little. "This was more peaceful than the time we met?" Relatively. "Let's skadoodle."

Maybe this is why the Turtles always get their pizza on takeout instead. Oi.