11141/Boom Shake Shake Shake the Danger Room

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Boom Shake Shake Shake the Danger Room
Date of Scene: 13 May 2022
Location: Danger Room
Synopsis: Boom-Boom coaxes Negasonic Teenage Warhead into the danger room. There's discussion of power control and offers of training in fine control from the older X-Girl to the other. Those poor simulated robots never stood a chance!
Cast of Characters: Tabitha Smith, Negasonic

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Danger Room. Where everybody knows your code name. And uses it to identify you in a simulation designed to actually hurt you in the name of training.

This brings to of the most explosive mutants in the school to the place. Mostly because it's Tabitha's idea. The hot headed blonde and the younger dark haired Negasonic at the door while Tabby punches stuff into a wall consoppple's touch screen.

"So. I have no idea if this is even safe. What I'm planning totally iisn'y covered by safety protocols. But we're gonna see how much punishment this place can take before it wrecks. Like a rock star in a hotel room!" she states and gets a sim running.

What appears is a single Mark Something Sentinel, fifteen feet tall in it's farish pink and blues that are totally not as cool as the pink and red of Tabby's X-Suit.

"One expendable punching bag!" Tabby states with a grin.

"Halt Mutant!" The sentinel states in it's monotone vocal out put.

"Quiet you!" Tabby orders and points at the robot.

Negasonic has posed:
    Negasonic is actually in her X-gear not her usual dark and spiky outfit. Cause she doesn't want to deal with struggling to replace her own clothes and these things seem to grow on trees or the Professors trust fund or something.

    She blows a bubble slowly and pops it, chewing the pink substance back into her mouth as she watches her partner in crime punch things into the control panel. "I admit, I'm intrigued." she doesn't sound excited or intrigued, but she isn't really known for lying so she must actually be intrigued. "Quite even." she notes cementing it deadpan.

    She glances at the Sentinel and then over at Tabby and her damned cool but Negasonic won't admit X-suit. She had no idea she could pick something other than yellow and black when she was offered hers. Sigh.

    "Nice." she looks back at it. "So... this one of those ones where it will stand there and we see how big we go or full on dodging battle Tabby?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Umm. I never got that far in my plan. I got told I can't boom out on the lake Ellie." There are some extra accessories Tabby kept on. Some cause she needs them, some cause she likes them. The cat eye glasses in red with yellow lenses being all presciption. There's also a spiky pink leather collar which she may have totally bought or stole buying supplies for all the animals around the school last time she was roped into that. She has a donkey in the stables to look after now. And Jerome likes his carrots and hay as much as the bigger horses. The dometic pets in the mansion need foods too.

Bouncing on feet in red chucks Tabby hmms to Ellie. "I heard this place got upgraded after Emma's friend Divine was coming around back around we were dealing with Jubilee's vampire family slash minions. Nothing like a Kryptonian to make your self esteem go in the toilet." considering the woman is a clone of Power Girl in all her 'glory' a lot of the women probably felt all kinds of inadequate.

"So since I know how much damage I can do. Maybe it's finally time to test it. And since you are one of the few people that can stand to be around me when I'm booming. In the sense you won't boom. I figure we can see how much we can boom together and see how much we can output to start one shotting these thiings!" Tabby explains. "I left the vocals on so mad mutants can blast bigger if angry!"

Negasonic has posed:
    "Ugn. Kryptonians. Also Vampires, posers." she actually quirks a smidge of a smile though as she looks at Tabby. "Fair, like you, me, Sam, probably Hisako too." thinking about whom could survive the blast fields of Tabitha or Ellie.

    "That seems like a good drill, are we going to try to synch it up or rotate to charge and give them no relief..." thinking. "I mean maybe try both if the danger room survives the first.... " she grins and steps away from the door eyein the Sentinel "Okay you Big Dumb Baymax Wannabe." she lifts her hands "How much charge... we giving this?" as energy startles to crackle to life around her now as the first couple seconds crackle by.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"There's also 'Beto and Amara. Piotr can tank just about anything. Rogue but I swear Jean switches all her uniforms for flimsy stuff so if she ended up in a blast field she'd be naked." Tabby says and admittedly looks wistful there. She'd be far from the first person to ever imagine that.

"Okay. Start on your easy but hefty go to blast. What is lethal on a human for you." Tabby states and snaps her fingers to let a single bomb the size of a basketball form and float on it's own.

"Then we up till we find one shot sentinel levels. Then we see about obliterating. We can always reset the sim for a fresh bot. Also. These things came before Baymax." Tabby adds with a grin. "That one is totally the best upgrade though, more hugbots. Not quite that Vision Girl synthezoid I've seen out in the world but close." she states and steps up to the preverbial plate and takes the first pitch.

The blast is loud and it hits a shoulder, rippiing massive holes in it and leaving the limb useless. Handy since the beams in it's palm can be lethal to someone squishy like Glass Cannon Boom-Boom.

Negasonic has posed:
    Those are good points honestly, Beto and Amara and maybe Piotr. Then well Tabby moves on to talking about Rogue naked in a blast field. She genuinely blushes a little bit at the thought. Definitely not the first person no.

    When Tabitha says go easy but hefty or well human lethal she immediately cuts it at a few seconds and throws the boom of exposive energy past the Sentinel on purpose letting it hit the back wall with the force of a 3 Ton Nucleokinesis Blast "Crap.... okay I'm going to have to not hold the charge very long if we are starting at human safe..." That was a big boom.

    She tries again putting her hands back up and there is less than a second of build as she hurls about five hundred KG of dynamite into the things knee, BOOM.

    "There is a girl vision now.... how...does that work.. did Vision bang someone?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
That blast has enough power behind it that Tabby can feel enough oomph to knock her on her backside. "Yooou don't have much practive with fine controll do ya?" she asks with a chuckle as she picks herself off the ground and dusts her rump off.

The second blast just enough to get some wind blowing. Tabby's long ponytail flickering behind her. The sentinel drops to one knee and struggles to get back up but does and wobbles. "This might actually mean you need to train the opposite direction from me." she ponders and puts a hand on her chin as her eyebrows scrunch up under the top rim of her glasses.

"Cause now I know you can totallly wipe one of these things to dust. But out and about. Like we gotta worry about our non tanky family in the field. It terrifies me I might hurt someone so I kinda undersell the power sometimes." she states and throws another bomb a little bigger like a medicine ball. This one takes an arm off completely as it clanks to the ground.

The sentinel lookinbg down at it and trying to pick it up like that one guy in Saving Private Ryan but funnier because it's a genocidal robot. It probably would have gotten laughs on screen if it was a Nazi.

Negasonic has posed:
    Somehow Ellie doesn't look sheepish about it, or smug, she does wince a bit as Tabby has to pick herself up though. Still she is laughing so the teenager relaxes. "I am told I need to pratice more fine control yeah..." she frowns.

    "The Genosian fucks mostly used me to dig mines and do demolition work....." she doesn't often talk about Genoshia so this is a rare crack in the shell. She shoves her hands in her uniforms pockets. Yes she made sure it had pants pockets that were functional.

    "When it is urban I usually throw myself at enemies with my blast shield up like Sam kinda... or well toss the explosion the second I can think to so I don't blow up a car. I can ... sort of do a blast that would just blow someone across the street but probably not kill them."


    "I definitely do not want to hurt any bystanders or teammates." she demonstrates what she meant though and shifts her footing and then when the energy field charges around her she uses it to hurl herself fast and invulnerable through the Sentinels other leg. At worst making it faceplant. At best blowing it's leg off in the process.

    She won't admit it, probably, but she is really glad to be getting time with someone who knows explosives.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I was doing a lot of that when I was on Genosha after the House of M takeover. Clearing a bunch of the old buildings that got knocked down. You know the drill, Felt good, got to hang out with friends, let loose with my powers. Theeeen Brainiac. And watching people die in the millions cause I wasn't in one of the shrunken towns. I have enough nightmares. That kinda piled it on. I still boom in my sleep. Luckily Illyana warded my room. They held up even after Jimmy moved out while I was away." she states and hmms.

The blonde woman moves to the console and resets the sentinel sim so it's shiny and straight from the Master Mold.

"Well that's probably something we need to work on. Muscle memory. I've had to fine tune and dial down my powers since I was a wee lass of twelve. I could take limbs off or kill someone. I did when I was barely thirteen. Not fun, had it coming. Nightmares. But yeah. Think we could work things. You might have a minimum blast power higher than mine so we can at least try." she says in offer.

Negasonic has posed:
    "Yeah.... I tried to just be a teenager after the House of M toppled those fuckfaces. It didn't last." thanks Sentinels, aka Brainiac.

    The sullen teenager stalks back over Tabby as she programs up a fresh Sentinel for the two of them. "They had me working the mines from six until I was eleven." she says softly once she is back near Tabby. "I understand nightmares." also said softly. "I think they did my room too and that is probably why they put Gabby in there with me in case anything bad happens..." she eyes the Sentinel silently letting that morbid thought hang.

    "I'd like to work with you on control and practicing. Safely." she looks at the slightly older woman. Then she snarks. "I think you can probably keep up." pause "Probably." there it is. She was way way to open for a minute there. Gotta bristle.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"We can definitely work on fine control. Low power. Finesse. You might struggle with." Tabby teases and ten resets the sim again. This time it's something smaller. Still a robot but more human sized. The armor around it just enough to give it more shape than a metal endoskeleton.

The console is stepped away from once more and Tabby swishes a finger at the smaller target. More than one bomb charges up in the air, each about the side of a baseball. Orbiting Tabitha like an inverse solar system. Not far off considering the composition of your avereage star.

"So just how fast can you charge your power? That last blast was pretty quick but can you go faster. Like as fast as you can punch or flick a finger?" she asks curiously.

Negasonic has posed:
    "Yeah.. once I start charging it is instantaneous. It charges until I release it... though it gets a little wild if I start to hold it too long." she looks at the small bomb orbitating Tabby. "I don't think I can do that." she admits.

    "When I release the charge I have to either move myself or blow something up as far as I can tell." which isn't true of her gift though it is true as a statement.

    "So yeah as fast as I can think I can cut a blast loose... or feel I guess if we get the muscle memory working to flick charges at something." she eyes the human sized bot and makes a flick gesture with her finger and lets the blast go literally as fast as she can currently manage after the charge starts.

    The boom on the bot is still nuclearkinesis but it doesn't blow it apart, just send it flying backwards. Not lethal. Probably.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The target dummy bot gets knocked on it's own behind while Tabby grins. "Computer, reset target!" she calls out so they can skip the boring animation of the robot getting back up. "I can control a lot more than size or just float the bombs. But yeah my timers get wonky the bigger I go and get super unstable. Biggest blast I did was in space. When we took out one of those labs making clonse of Thunderbird, Jimmy's brother. Leveled the whole building. That was a bomb about the size of Warpath himself. I can go bigger now. Bout twice that size but it does... weird things to me. Drains me for starters and kinda umm, fires along all my fun nerves." she explains. And blushes.

"I can also..." One bomb out of the half dozen or so floats into her hand and is visibly reabsorbed back into her body. "Do that. I have bever actually tried it on someone else's plasma. 'Beto's not around to test. And Havok's is radioactive so I might be able to and then all my hair and teeth fall out. Sunfire's a jerk and the Human Torch is ugh. Good argument for female homosexuality." she jokes and chuckles.

Negasonic has posed:
    "I don't know how big I can go. Beast told me to never go more than like ten seconds without clearance or an emergency and never over thirty." she frowns more at the unknown than anything. She shrugs though. "He said it appears I am doing fission or fusion.. though it doesn't seem to do the whole radioactive thing. Thank fuck."

    She shrugs again. "I don't get tired... and hey girls are way better than boys." she actually cracks a genuine grin there. "I'm not radioactive if you wanted to try to absorb a small blast we could do it... worst case you get ragdolled across the room?"

    "Probably wouldn't blow your clothes off." is she actually teasing. Good call back to Rogue though.

    "I can also fling myself airborne or move really fast with blasts.. though my steering is shit."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby grins and winks at Ellie when there's agreement in in attraction. "Don't I know it!" she says playfully. "Honestly, we should get the science types to compare what we do. My blasts are plasma. Pure ionisation and gathering of electrons within a gas. Fourth form of like matter. Like a side step when you get from solid to liquid to gas." Tabby exposits on her powers, she's had a few years to nail down what she knows. "Lightning creates it. The coronas flicked off the sun are plasma. Heat creates it as does an electrical charge. Electric in my case cause it sparks through my  nervoussystem and is fueled with my metaboliism." Tabby does her best nerding but sounds more like a big sister showiing a younger the really cool tricks in a game.

The rest of her floating bombs fly and one after the other start pelting the target robot. The first has a blast that knocks the robot in the air. The rest bounce it a little further like a gunman shooting a tin can. Not far off.

"Best part is. That fine control. It also lets me emulate other powers like your's and Sam's I may actually get to fly one day. Best I get is rocket jumps and propulsion like yourself. I don't have your protection. So I have to be careful." she adds as the robot finally lands and again Tabitha resets the sim target.

Negasonic has posed:
    "Yeah I seem to have a blast shield like Sam when I am launching myself or charging and exploding around me. Which is good.... cause the big ones would obliterate me." she watches the display on the bot as it gets knocked into the air and then rapid fired like a gunman with explosions "Okay that is pretty cool." high praise from Ellie.

    "The nerds tell me to read a physics book half the time when I ask questions... in the name of science class. Seriously though I don't seem to fire it off myself though like you're saying. I push atoms together or apart with the energy build up... sort of... Hank can't explain why no radiation other than I seem to be ..." she gestures vaguely as she thinks through it, what did Hank say. "Displacing that byproduct of the fission. Clean nuclear power. I'm just lucky that the Genosians didn't put me in a reactor and use me like a battery I guess... short sighted of the slavers." that last part has so much bile to it.

    "Your power is cool." she adds trying to get on a brighter topic. It is said sort of sullen in tone, but that seems to be her default. "Still until we know if you can absorb my booms... probably shouldn't " she gestures to the room "Go to ten or thirty.... Hank said it is a ton of explosive per second .. but it seems to start to ramp."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Despite what some of the others might say Ellie. I do actually study. Did. Do when it's imnportant of it's like oooh, that's awesome!" Tabby states and grins, she might just be enjoying those Kudo based dopamine rushhes.

"So I read up on what I can do. There's math I can't do but I can usually feel out how big a bomb I need. I can control how much it booms too. Compression of gases and all that." At this stage Tabby is showing off but sometimes displaying potential can be inspiring.

The target robot is again subjected to more bombs but these ones go off and the booms are actually quieter like someone popped a bunch of bubble wrap. Almost silenced.

"So what we need to do is work on small speedy charged and blasts. And holding a charge with no growth. Delayed discharge. Time Bombs." Tabby states and grins with a playful tone to ger voice. "And yeah. My powers really are. I'm like a unicorn of versatility!" she admits and lets her ego bask again.

"I'm also classed as a psionic so maybe one day maybe I can start moving other thgings with my mind. If I can kinda go sub atomic myself moving electrons. Can I go bigger? Protons, Neutroins. Molecules. Bigger!" she states and as an added gag lets herself get engulfed in plasma. The aura fans ourt and is distinctly bird shaped. A bird on fire.

The Headmistress' ears and mind are probably causing eyerolls up stairs.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie is listening, she is actually pretty smart even if she is usually checked out and ignoring anything tht doesn't seem relevat. This though seems relevant so she is actually nodding. Just a smidge.

    "I ... genuinely have no idea how to hold a charge without it continuing to cascade and grow." she admits. "That would be very useful. Hell all of that would be useful. I hadn't really thought about trying to move stuff other than just explodin' it." which well exploding stuff is cool. "It usually ends the arguement..." she tacks on.

    There is a genuine laugh at the firebird aura of plasma. "Oh.. Jean must love that trick" her eyes are actually a bit more alert, the laugh reached them briefly before she catches herself, ratchets it in and settles once more. The bubblegum is blown and then popped.

    "Hold my beer." she notes then turns towards the bot, and starts a charge. She lets it ripple past ... several seconds.... the air around her starts to crackle and gouts of corona like energy start to flare.

    It might be nerve wracking to be honest.

    She doesn't let loose an explosion though, instead she launches herself, at an angle, up into the air and then arcs down onto the bot ... slamming it with way too much force into the floor and turning it ... flat. If the danger room was outside in the field there would be a crater too.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"You'd be suprised at how handy moving something not fire can be. Some of our enemies are gonna straight up be fire proof. But physics still works and blasting a car at someone still hurts a lot of folks!" Tabby states and nods hands clap and tilt to her right in a show of momentum moving an object.

"If I keep it closer. I can do the Human Torch." said plasma moves inward to a smaller radius and moves with her body. "Or and I really wish we had something not holographic." she says and pouts as the flames go out. "One of the Ghost Riders. Sort of no visible skull but I can channel my power through conductive materials like metals. Fluids too. I could probably light a bomb in someone's lungs or sinuses." she states and grins.

Icky stuff to imagine.

The demonstration from Ellie gets grins. "I drank it. Lesson learned!" she states and chuckles.

Thankfully the danger room does seem to absorb much of the excess energy the women are imparting. And with the safeties on, the room's AI piicks up on any wayward shrapnell is dispelled.

Tabby is again forced to display her lack of blast immunity and is tumbled back with a laugh and a loud hoot as she skidds back coming to a stop on her backside.

"Fucking rock!" she yells encouragingly.

Negasonic has posed:
    "I really am starting to wonder if I could possibly control it ... more than just boom shalacka laka..." she notes as she is back on her feet no problem at all there having done a classic superhero landing into the poor bot. Next she dusts off, well pantomines dusting off there. She has no dust. Not even holographic dust. Then she sketches a mock bow at you.

    "That is what you get for drinking my beer without saving me any Tabs." she walks over to you, there is just a smidge of smug prowl to her gait before she reaches down and offers you a gloved hand back up to your feet. "You do spend a lot of time on your ass." mildest of ego sticks.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
The hand is taken and Tabby happily lets herself up with the assistance. "Pfftt, we gotta work on your snark too. There's way worse and funnier  thingsyou could say about my ass." Tabby points out and wiggles those hips.

"Might wanna wait till you're eighteen. Those are grown up claws to scratch with." she adds and chuckles.

"The underage drinking. That'll just get you chewed out. Trust me. I'll kinda miss it when July hits and I'm double extra superlegal." she adds with a grin about her twenty first birthday.

"So we like totally have us a plan and things to work on with your powers. Big goal is hanging onto a stable blast level without increasing it. Next is finding mininum power and making that feel like reflex." she ponders and counts fingers off with the other hand.

Negasonic has posed:
    "I'm never going to let age hold me back from laying down a sick burn on someone or rilin them up." she rolls her eyes and then tucks her phone out glancing at it before rolling it between her hands. It might be because you mentioned planning and things to work.

    "Also maybe I am holding back my sharpest claws because your ass is nice." she notes, the delivery, steady and deadpan, one arched eyebrow, then she glances at her phone again. "Also edibles are way better anyways." about the beer. "I know you are ... ancient but I'm sure you have heard the hold my beer meme right?"

    Hey Tabs asked for it.

    Still looking at her phone. "Those sound like good things to practice. Do you have any day or time that would be good to turn this into a regular practice?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabby does spot the compliment about her rear end and again lets it sway on the spot for Ellie's benefit while the barbs come out but she does roll a hand. "Keep 'em coming. I am awate of the meme. I mean really I was thinking. I could ruin this whole girl's career and try what's known as a pro gamer move." Tabby states and grins.

"Reset, go back to sentinel." she calls out and once more fifteen feet of robotic death appears and Tabby holds out a finger that shuts the thing up before it can demand the girls halt. "Right dope for the right need at the right time sweetie!" she says and goes back to a big sister tone but more the big sister not letting the younger win.

"I try and book times when I can when we're not doing normal training with the senior X-Men. I'm still a trainee. Most of the time I just jump when I can on any cancelations. Like if someone else had a mission or a date or what the hell ever." she says and extends her whole hand out instead of a finger and a new bomb forms. About half the size of herself in diameter.

It flies and just before it hits the sentinel centermass Tabby clenches  a fistand the bomb explodes.

Shaped psionically again it looks more like a directed blast that circular esplosion. It's bright and loud enough to leave ears ringing and when it finishes the top half of the sentinels torso and shoulders are gone leaving hips, severed arms and legs collapsing backwards.

"We'll get you where you wanna be kiddo. Nothing sucks liike getting benched cause don't get trusted to keep it dialed down." it might seem like a tease to Ellie's much greater output and lack of control. But Tabby's probably talking about her own past.

Negasonic has posed:
    "You do not want to get in a flame war with me." she totes uses the layered meaning there as well.

    Despite the snark earlier Ellie is paying close attention once more as Tabitha starts to demonstrate the new style of bomb. The way it is held, large, and then fired. The shaped explosion before it hits the Sentinal surprises her. There is a widening of her eyes a bit at the edges. She even tilts her head a little. "Okay that is a good trick. I think I saw what you did there..."

    "'I'm a trainee now too." surprisingly before graduating. "How about we both keep an eye on openings when they lark off on dates and leave openings. We DM each other when it pops open and use it to practice. Two sets of eyes are better than one set right."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"I could make it brighter too, louder. Like a flashbang grenade but we both like having ear drums. And I do not want to get my eyes tested again!" Tabby states and rolls her eyes behind her glasses. There is an actual reason for them!

"Traineeship isn't so much age. They let Kitty jump the line when we were kids. I'm like two-ish weeks older than her. I've taken beatings, ran away god knows how many times. I'd probably be proper teaching or coaching if I didn't run to Genosha and kept the training up. Most a what I can do is self taught." Tabby says back in more nicely toned older sister vibes. "You'll probably end up running the whole damn thing by the time you get done with any college type stuff." she encourages.

"And totally like back at ya. More practice, more Cyke and Jean the others will be eager to tap us for more missions. she states and offers a fistbump.

Negasonic has posed:
    "I'm pretty sure my running the show would mean a whole lot of mansions got blown up and we were truly desperate." she says with biting cynicism. "I'm more likely to run the Hellfire club." probably kidding.

    She does lift her hand up and executes a perfect fist bump now as she taps her gloved knuckles to yours. "I do want to blow the shit out of bad guys and bigots." she muses. "Lets blow up a few more and then go get food?"

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Honestly, there's probably more ballgags and corsets here that the hellfire club But you didn't hear that from me!" Tabby states with a tap of her nose and a wink at the younger woman.

"Computer reset!" she states and the blonde gestures to let Ellie blast away. Though she does add a solid blast wall to stand behind for them as needed.

Eventually the bombs do get big enough to obliterate whole sentinels and start shaking things before the energy absorbsion kicks in.

It even manages to handle Tabby's full size fifteen foot wide blast. That she lobs from the outside of the danger room in before closing the door. Which kinda almost buckles and might need a prybar to open next time.

Which leaves the Bomb Ass Squad scampering as if no one could figure out they trashed the room this time. Self repair wiill handle the rest.