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May Pool
Date of Scene: 18 May 2022
Location: Swimming Pool / Patio Deck
Synopsis: A casual little evening pool-side chat'n'play! Tabi is ever becoming soooooo responsible!
Cast of Characters: Rogue, Remy LeBeau, Tabitha Smith, Negasonic, James Proudstar

Rogue has posed:
It's evening with the sun setting, so the sky is just a dimming blue hue. But the lights around the pool patio are on, and the lights inside the pool are on too. It's a nice balmy 80-something outside still, so the pool weather is nice and golden.

In a dark green swimsuit, with a wrap around her waist, Rogue is walking along the western edge of the pool with a cooler of drinks that she's setting down beside it. Along with her phone in a water proofed case, she has some music on bluetooth to the patio speakers playing.

With a exhale, the Belle slips down in to the water with just her feet first, before sitting on the edge of the pool and untying the sheer green wrap around her waist, to lay it back around herself on the stone patio surrounding the pool.

"It's nice out!" She happily exclaims.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy is here too!

All dressed up in a long swim trunks that are tied off around his trimmed and muscular waist. His hair, which is getting kind of long now, hangs all bouncy around his jaw as he takes a quick step towards the diving board and leaps off. There's a series of quick flips with his knees tucked in against his chest, then he straightens out into a dive leaving little bit of splash as he disappears beneatht he surface.

His body wiggles into an upward angle and crests him from the surface, dramatically tossing his wet hair back to slap against his back. The way the sun glistens off his chest, sparkling, it's very majestic.

After his magical moment, he wades over towards Rogue and leans up against the side of the pool beside her with an arm across the stone path ledge.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Warmer weather means less heavy hot clothes. Well warmer clothes so no bulky jackets unless on mission. And just warm enough that the blonde coming in from the direction of the stables can be comfy in something rather tomboyish.

Or at least not so girly as her recent punk rock explosion of color. Just some beat up old cutoffs ending mid thigh in faded blue and a blue old ringer tee with the school emblem.

Workboots on her feet and a smell of hay hinting she'd been out taking Jerome for a walk. The carrot she munches on clearly a gift from her donkey friend. "Well someone's being spoiled for a view!" Tabitha grins as she flits her eyes from Anna Marie to Remy and back. Kinda hard to not linger on either sometimes.

Cat eye glasses leaving her hair away from her eyes while that mane is left untied and looking pretty wild and thick. This is what happens when you shove a healthy scalp into the dermal regenerators. WHy the professor doesn't do it is any one's guess.

Negasonic has posed:
    Thankfully the cursed Day Star is in the process of being banished from the sky.

    Which is probably why there is one of those rare outdoor Ellie sightings. It is warm enough that she has eschewed her scarf. She hasn't ditched the leather jacket, hoodie, or black faux leather leggings..... it all still looks very warm to put it mildly.

    She is absolutely refusing to look like it bothers her though, shocker.

    "Hmm." she notes as she surveys the pool deck and Rogue and Remy frolicking, like some sort of majestic dolphin that cajun. "I suppose." she mutters to herself then meanders towards the cooler that Rogue wheeled out and leans down to pop it open and peer inside.

    She glances up to look Tabby and looks oher over. "I ... am genuinely not sure those glasses go with the rest of the outfit. You look like Applejack and Rarity had a lovechild right now..."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue watches Remy's splash down in the water, and his underwear model style emergence from the pool. She just grins at him as he swims toward her. "ya know it, that's what makes it so bothersome." She teases him before looking over to the cooler of drinks that she cracks open and pulls out a bottle of apple ale, handing him one before taking one for herself.

"I'm glad it's pool weather again. Gonna be a nice summah, I hope." The southern gal says while opening her drink up and taking a sip.

She looks over to the arriving Tabitha and Ellie, both of them getting a smile, and a wave as they approach. "heya, Sunshines." She tells them both as Ellie sweeps over to crack the cooler open. "Steer away from the alcohol, Savage Gal." She warns the teenage explosive, with a grin. "There's some lemonade and tea in there too."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar is dressed in jeans and tee shirt, stained with the dirt and mulch of heavy yard work, but the landscaping is in tip top shape. Hedges trimmed and pruned, under growth raked, even the planters and annual beds have been planted and while not yet in full bloom and heading in that direction, James heads over to the pool shower and rinses off, releasing his long hair from its leather thong to wet it and rinse it through getting out any residual flora or fauna.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Holy moly, is dat an Ellie?" Remy pats at Remy's arm with the tips of his fingers and motions over at the perpetual goth of the mansion. The grin on his face is friendly as he lifts those same fingers up into a wave to both her and Tabby appearing to the little pool party.

"Oh, dere's some booze?" Score. He floats over closer and levers himself up out of the water to grab a beer, hopefully there's some beer, and drops down to the side to belly flop down into the shallow end.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Tabitha turns her gaze to Negasonic with a look and a lift of her leg like she just saw a spider walk past her with abject horror. "Do not say that anywhere near the bronies in out school. They get some weird ideas especially after Cancun and we rescued Jerome." she states and holds the recoling pose a little before she sets a goof down with the other.

"Better the pool than the lake. Water'snice out there but I hate lake bed mud in my toes." she states and makes an eww face as she claims herself a sun lounge and sits down working the laces on each boot loose.

James showering down gets a giggle and more than a little linger of eyes ex-girlfriend privelages. "How's the most Southern pair of mutants in the school going? Ellie you wanna be a peach and set me up with a lemonade. I may still be hung over after my last trip to Metropolis." it completely flies over the blonde's shaggy haired head that explosive teenager can easily mean her twenty uear old self.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie pulls out a hard cider and then eyes Remy and Rogue. She weighs his reaction which is pretty much what one would do for a cryptid. She decides that seems appropriate and lets the moment pass.

    "Oh sure, risk life and limb in a quasi-paramilitary organization but not be allowed to drink a brewsky." she just sighs and lets it drop back into the cooler with the ice packs. Then she fishes up a plain old lemonade. The only hard part about it is the glass bottle.

    At Tabitha's request she fishes up a second lemonade and walks it over to Tabitha. "We actually have bronies in the school?" she seems surprised. "God help the poor girl who can shapeshift...."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue looks over to the sound of James washing off. She grins at the big man before waving when she has eye contact with him. "Heya, Yard Worker." She teases him. "Got some drinks here if'n you're interested." She notes of the cooler before watching Remy fly by with a belly flop to the water. This, of course, earns a wince before Rogue tilts her head at him, and moves a foot over to poke toes against him undr the water.

Her gaze goes between Ellie, and Tabi then before she just laughs softly at Negasonic. "I don't make the rules, Sugah." She reminds the teenager. "Tell the Professah t'move the school t'London, then you can have at it."

She takes a sip of her alcoholic drink before shaking her head. "No more Mexico trips for me neitha."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar pulls off his shirt and lets the cool water pour over him before, stepping out turning off the shower and shaking himself dry, or some semblance, before grabbing a tea lemonade and hoping into the pool still in jeans and dunking himself. He emerges and then pulls himself up onto the ledge of the pool, popping open the bottle and taking a long slow swig. "That's nice. The quasi-paramilitary aspect is a privilege." He deadpans.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dere no harm in just one, though." Remy says once he resurfaces, brushing a palm back over his forehead to push his shaggy wet hair out of his face. The other hand holds his unopened beer aloft as he wads over back to his abandoned position beside Rogue.

"If any'ting come of it, say it my fault, ses pa?" He holds his beer up in Negasonic's direction, "here you go, mon amie. It give you wings and probably hair on your chest." Beat pause... "Which probably not so good, best to go wit hard cider."

Tabitha Smith has posed:
Those poor abs. Even Tabby winces as Remy's surface area meets the surface tension of the water. "I always wondered if Madrox did that would he fill the pool with dupes." she ponders and hmms.

Giant ex-boyfriend getting shirtless an easy derailing of though trains. "If Jimmy did it we'd need a new pool. Oh god yess. Idea. Super power cannonball splash off at the lake sometime. I wanna see who can make the biggest splash in the water with their own bodie. Jimmy or Anna Marie. Piotr. You get the idea. No Ellie we can't play too cuase we'd boom emough to empty the lake. Cheating." she states and grins as boots aand then socks are off and bare feet wiggle burgundy painted toes that have been working in the stable and somehow manage to avoid being stinky.

The lemonade is claimed now that feet are bared and the blonde cracks it open and takes a quick chug. "Normally I do not like disparaging a fandom. I still like Star Wars and Star Trek. But yeah we have all kinds a fans of all kinds here. Everyone is furry for Rahne by the way. Hank's made a few kids swoon every bit as much as Jean, Ororo, or our delightfully underdressed gentlemen present have." Tabby explains with a grin as Remy contributes to the deliquency of another explosive minor.  

"Paramilitarywas a chunk of our training for a while when we were kids. Amazingly I kinda miss that. Easier to focus. But maybe I just got too accustomed to respond to being ordered around at the time." she jokes at her own expense.

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie looks at Rogue, a totally flat expression as she painfully slowly turns the cap of the bottle of lemonade until it makes a small >POP< and opens. Then she sips it, very slowly. "Oh, so good, yum." before arching an eyebrow.

    "Would probably just be easier to bully a teleporter into taking us over to Europe for an evening out." now Rogue has her actually thinking about how to more efficiently break said rules. Good job Rogue.

    She glances back at Remy. "Definitely hard cider. Hops tastes like British Oppression." she does hold a hand up for the eventual toss if Remy doesn't chicken out that is.

    "True.. all the water out of the lake and all those poor dead fish. I for one don't want to kill all those poor fish." and then she shakes her head. "Poor poor Rahne..."

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar shrugs, and nods, "We sort of forced that aspect. We insisted on going out and making our own trouble until they had to teach us how use our powers strategically as a survival strategy. Charles wanted us no nowhere near combat when we started out. It was all power control and civil responsibility. He balked at me teaching you guys basic self defense... then the X-Men came home."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue continues to kick her feet under the water, letting them tread the water gently forward and backward while she listens to the others around her. She laughs softly and shakes her head. "I'm pretty sure James here is gonna beat all'a us. It's a matter'a real estate, isn't it?" She asks then, glancing around at everyone. Even she knows that none of the people gathered here are of Science-aligned nature through, but she might just be making an assumption there.

Rogue just grins at Remy and Ellie's exchange. She doesn't stop Remy from being the one who gives Ellie booze though, almost like he knows the way around Rogue's morality. Which is to say, she's fine with him taking the berating from the authorities around here.

She just sips her drink and smirks a little.

"We're gonna be pretty low on kids this summah too, mosta the kids got families t'go home to this year. Imagine that? Stable mutant households. What a world..."

Rogue sets her drink aside then with a little clink of glass on stone patio, then she throws herself off the edge and splashes down in the under-lit pool water!

Swumming under the water now, Rogue's silouhette is lit around the edges by the pool's lights!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy levers out of the pool to return to the cooler, retrieving a cider for to under-hand toss towards Ellie. "There ya go, don't drink dat infront of da cameras." Seems pretty simple, Remy's rules of drinking under age.

He dives back into the water and rolls over onto his back to float like a dead body in a swamp. Arms and legs spread out to displace his weight on the surface.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"Ellie. Rahne feels guilty half the time because she enjoys the attention because she's human, gorgeous and that should be fine but thinks it's sinful. It's a a work in progress but at least Moira is looking after her compared to  herdad the hypocitical Presbyterian Reverend that drilled that crap into her then had the damn nerve to try and lynch her for being her." Tabitha tends to have a sore spot about abusive fa herfigures.

That makes Rogue's words about less kids this sumnmer earns a big grin. "Such a wonderful future we live in. And the next batch of teachers get their turn at dealing with the kids. We pay the torment forwards" Tabby states having absolouetly no qualification to do more than occasionally coach.

"Yeah Jimmy is right about that. Landing at the school smack dab in the middle of the Brood getting all Ridley Scott on earth and in space and then weird crap kept gappening. Yeah at least now when I get mauled I can go down swinging." she states and tries to not remind folks around the pool they saw her get punked out pretty harshly recently. "Strive for peace, prepare for war, Don't start none won't be none. But iuf you come at me hard, you best not miss yo!"

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie catches the cider tossed to her and sets her lemonade down. "This is why you are the one I tolerate the most around here Cajun." today at least. She very very carefully slices a tiny explosion up to open the cider.

    It takes a bit of the top of the glass with it, vaporizing it with a small bang. Whcih due to how she is standing won't show up on the cameras. Good call Remy.

    "Rahne is damn hot." Ellie agrees and then blinks. "Poor Rahne..." she seems to mean it too, not just a mean comment. She carefully sips the cider not wanting to cut herself after showing off like that, which to be fair was an amazing amount of progress on small booms vs take out the whole bottle and maybe a lawn chair. "I suppose civic responsibility and not blowing up the school on accident is a good reason for training." she lowers her hand to offer to tink her cider with Tabby's lemonade.

Rogue has posed:
Rogue has gone rogue.

Under the water she swims with wide sweeping motions of her arms and legs, then tucks and rolls! Her feet plant against the wall under the water, and she puuuuuuuuuushes off! Swimming quite fast now without even moving her arms and legs, the Belle comes up beneath Remy... uh oh.

The conversation outside the water is casual and calm. Remy just floats there atop the water like a dead body.

Then, out of the water! Splash!

Arms and legs wrap around the Cajun from behind! Rogue's wet face comes up out of the water and she puts it over his shoulder. "Rar." She says before biting his neck and pulling him under the water with her!

Sploosh! The two are gone under the surface of the pool now!

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar shrugs, "So long as the take their go bags and their survival training home with them." He pushes off and drops to the bottom of the pool, holding his breath.

Remy LeBeau has posed:
"Dun nun..." Remy has his eyes closed, but his situational awareness is pretty impressive given the nature of his history. "Duuuun nun..." The tempo increases in length until Rogue wraps his legs around his waist and latches onto his shoulder. He exagerates being pulled under, throwing his arms up in the air with a minor amount of struggle, and gets yanked beneath the surface with a strained, "Oh no, I'm undone!" Before disappearing beneath the water.

He twists around in her arms and weighs her down for a moment to wiggle in mock attempt to dislodge himself from the life threatening attack of the rogue Rogue!

Tabitha Smith has posed:
There's a jaws theme hummed by remy that amuses the blonde when Rogue goes under water. Flying powers can make for stealthy swimming when you don't have to move arms and legs.

"Remy's drowned. Alligator Marie  has himin a death roll." she says in a fake mourning tone of voice before cracking a grin.

"You know they won't yell too much if you get caught being wasted Ellie. It's kinda the worst they'll do cause they gotta seem  like they'reresponsible. Just offer the teachers a drink or a hit of the blunt. Don't do it during class or behind the wheel either. Blackbird training sims either." she states and nods sagely as she advises on responsible substance abuse. "And if anyone asks yes. I do smoke weed because it helps me sleep better. Medicinal!"

Negasonic has posed:
    "Shame that." Ellie deadpans watching the pool shennigans. "One would have thought a Cajun would have been ready for an attack in a body of water." she sips her cider, again carefully. Nothing like bleeding on cutting yourself with your adult drink to look uncool.

    "I would think drunk flying the blackbird in a sim would be better than drunk flying the blackbird. Also I imagine it wouldn't be the first time someone has done that."

    Pause a beat.

    "Wait, weed can help with nightmares?"

Rogue has posed:
Rogue pulls the Cajun all the way down to the bottom of the pool. Her back touches down on it before she sits up and looks over his shoulder under the water. There's James too!

Rogue waves at James under the water before she looks over at Remy.

Soundlessly, she leans over and smooches his cheek before the Belle looks upward.

Hold on to your butt!

The Belle and the Cajun go shooting up out of the water, and now Tabitha, and Ellie are both face first to a geyser of water rocketing up out of the pool as Rogue carries Remy up about 30 feet above the deep end.

Hovering up there now, Rogue holds on to him from behind, and laughs softly before she looks around, down beneath them.

"How many flips ya think ya can do from up here?" She asks him.

Heart beat. Rogue grin.

Then she releases him!

Remy LeBeau has posed:
Remy doesn't have a lot of time to think about the fact that 30 ft in the air against a 15 foot deep pool. The mathematics involved are dangerous to his brain, but the kiss on his cheek assures him that everything is going to be okay.

This is a PG-13 interaction.

He wouldn't be allowed to die horrible or be crippled.

So when she releases him, he does exactly five flips, levels out into a forward facing dive and splashes into the water at an angle that will allow him to use some of the momentum to skim upwards rather than go straight down towards the bottom!

James Proudstar has posed:
James Proudstar watches and shakes his head at the belle but waves good naturedly before the launch upwards. He closes his eyes trusting the twosome to not get too injured.

Tabitha Smith has posed:
"For me it helps a lot. Saves wear and tear on Illyana's magic wards on my room. helps me keep a little more focuses in the mornings because my brain gets rested. And I can still feel like me compared to adderall or ritalin. Not quite as dreamless as blackout drunk bombed but safer/" Tabby explains to Ellie.

This is right as Rogue launches from the water like the Blackbird. The water splashing soaks the blonde and leaves her drenched while she bursts ibnto a laugh.

Remy's high dive gets a golf clap when he resurfaces and holds out nine fingers in score of his performance.

"Wasted sim flying is fine solo or in a flight duel but when you also have passengers cause it's still a dranger room sim, it's dangerous. You've floawn with Scott and Rogue pulling some of their ace pilot schtick. That's murder on the body at the best of times and you don't wanna do that kinda stuff unless you have to. Even I don't grab the stick unless like everyone else is already out cold. I hate that resposibility."

Negasonic has posed:
    Ellie's eyes go wide at the explosion of water out of the pool as it geysers up. She charges up almost by reflex, which saves her from any excess spray, then she does have to direct it up and away over the lake causing a small BOOM over by the lake.

    No fish were harmed.

    That part out of the way she takes another slow unimpressed sip of her cider. Watching the five flips. Then skim and lack of dead Cajun. "Genoshian judge gives that a 7." she notes deadpan.

    Then she looks back at Tabitha. "I might have to try an edible and see if it helps." this is noted softly, only for Tabby's ears. She isn't about to loudly admit she has nightmares. Which she does. Many.

    At a normal volume. "Okay.. I definitely don't want to barf in the plane because I was drunk. Point made."

Rogue has posed:
Rogue is right there with Remy as he falls out of the sky, she just straight up inverts and flies back down toward the water like a Rogue-knife! When Remy goes under, and curves his flow path, she's right there to sweep under him to make sure he's okay! In fact, she gets right up to push her back against his chest and put her hands around behind herself to his hips! The two fly right back up out of the water, with Rogue narrowly avoiding the shallow end of the pool's floor!

Up and back out, the Belle guides them to the edge of the pool now and touches down with him behind her!

Sheeting water like crazy, Rogue turns around to look at him with a sparkling smile.

She leans up on her tip toes, then gives him a peck to the tip of his nose. "Good form." The Belle says before walking on wet feet around the edge of the pool back to her drink where she dips down to pick it up.

"Sorry for the fright, Ellie." Rogue calls across the pool to the younger girl, having seen the explosion sent off toward the lake.

"Lets see what kinda food we got out here in the fridge, yeah? I'll cook us all up some dinner."

Now sipping her drink, the wet wet Belle pads across the patio toward the cooking area.